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I will just talk about the game for now, and deal with the season wrap-up and report cards and analysis as we go on this week. Breakup day is Tuesday and I hope to have live coverage of that.

1) I agree with lots of you that it was an absolute slap in the face to all Rangers fans for MSG to not have a post-game show. Though I wonder how critical anybody could have actually been after a loss like that. Still, what if they’d won? Wouldn’t you have deserved to be in that room and to hear all the opinions of all their analysts?

2) Interesting scenes after the game. First, in an elevator filled with Hall of Famers, including Messier, I saw Bobby Clarke, sounding sincere, telling Glen Sather what a brutal way to lose big game the shootout is. He’s right, whether he was sincere or not. And the Rangers to their credit handled it well, though I would have loved to have heard what Jim Dolan told his boys behind closed doors — his entire entourage was in the coaches room afterwards, with Sather and his assistants. And I’m thinking the whole time, no matter what you think of Dolan or the MSG management, that millions of dollars, a team’s fortunes and chance to compete for the Stanley Cup, and people’s jobs, should not be decided by something so stupid. Then I saw Ed Snider, the always-whining Flyers owner, smiling in the hallway, and I can only imagine the carcillo-fit he would have had if the Flyers were eliminated in a shootout.

3) Lundqvist, on this day, was really special, on the ice and in the lockeroom. That’s all I’ll say. It’s idiotic to blame him for this in any way.

4) It looked to me, and to all the analysts in Philly, and I imagine to a lot of you, that the Rangers played for the shootout during OT. And maybe that’s why they accepted the shootout loss so well. They thought they had an advantage in the skills competition. Well, the thing about the shootout is that it’s a crapshoot.

5) Chris Pronger, repeat offender, got away with a textbook blow to Jody Shelley’s head, without so much as a minor penalty. Yeah, the league is going to crack down. What a bunch of bull-carcillo. The league continues to embarrass itself on this.

6) Stop calling Shelley and Prust and Anisimov the fourth line. They got second-line minutes and provided all the offense, and were simply better than their more talented teammates. Have been for a while.

7) No Gaborik in the shootout? If John Tortorella thought Olli Jokinen gave them a better chance — and obviously he did — then he owed it to you guys to say that, and not just a dismissive “No” when asked to explain it. Imagine Joe Girardi being asked if he could explain why he took out CC Sabathia and saying, “No.” Or Tom Coughlin being asked to explain why he went for it on fourth down and saying, “No.”  Tortorella needs to start realizing he’s in New York now. And that his fans are long-timers, not the bandwagon jumpers he had in Tampa.

8) I’m not coaching (thank goodness) and saying Gaborik should have been in, because I’m going to be honest here: When P.A. Parenteau went second I turned to Andrew Gross in the pressbox and said, “This is a mistake.” And he went on and on to tell me about Parenteau’s two shootout goals earlier (I knew about them) and how he’s the best in the AHL, and I said, “But he’s a minor-leaguer and this is a huge spot to put him in, and this could backfire big-time, and I wouldn’t want my whole season to depend on an AHL player who wasn’t good enough to make the team until the very end … etc.” And of course Parenteau scored. And Andrew laughed at me.

9) The Rangers sure missed Callahan and Avery, because their forecheck and wall play stunk. I also realized how valuable a guy like Ian Laperriere is. How did the Rangers let him get away?

10) I was in a foul mood after a terrible trip home, and had to ban some Boneheads at 1:25 a.m. But I cheered up by putting on the Golf Channel and seeing the highlights, and seeing Phil Mickelson and his wife and his kids and his caddy so emotionally celebrate that win in Augusta, and, boy is that a nice family story.

11) Goodbye, Olli Jokinen?

12) I walked around the concourse in Philly yesterday, and while I hate to generalize, their fans are uglier than Rangers fans.

Here’s my column from The Journal News and today.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    REPOST from last night.

    The Rangers made it to game 82 . Im still proud. I love this team. I love all the heart they displayed with out Avery and Cally in the lineup. This team finnaly became a team with 9 games to go…probally the story of the season.
    Inconsistincy. Everyone to blame. Even me. I could be a better fan and so could alot of youse guys too. I appreciate Carp and Momma for making all this work well.
    I thank Linda for being supportive to me and to everyone else on here. Sinse she showed up , this blog has gotton better. No coiniecedence either. Her grade used to be an “A” but has easily turned into an “A+” Good job Linda!!!

  2. Linda says FIRE SATHER on


    Linda says FIRE SATHER April 12th, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    lmao CT!!

    Greg, that was really sweet of you to say, and I appreciate that you feel that way! You guys already know how much I appreciate our lil blog here and being able to celebrate and rant, mourn and vent with all of youse! All this insanity keeps me sane, 950 miles away!

    and to steal a line directly from your post greg

    “I love this team more then any other team ever made”

    i am with you on that 100%!

  3. I think I was more stunned that there wasn’t a postgame show than I was with the result of the game. Unforgivable. At least, in this day and age, make it available online or something. Awful. Really, really awful.

  4. Carcillo Happens: The Story of the 09-10 New York Rangers. Available on hardcover and paper back at your local Barnes and Noble and Borders locations.

  5. 2 things:

    1) this did not come down to a shootout. I turned to a friend after squandering that 1 pt. Vs. Toronto the other week and said, “that pt. just cost us the playoffs”. Maybe not nec. true but it has to be mentioned.
    2) Any chance the nhl could enact a rule like “If game 82 should be a play-in game for both teams for the playoffs, game is played according to playoff OT rules”

    would that EVER happen?

  6. For your enjoyment since I got Carped. Let the off season begin.

    So I’m 23 and currently 3 weeks away from quitting my job and taking the summer off before going to law school. Since I have nothing better to do at work. I wrote this letter to the owner of Tampa in hopes of becoming the next GM of the Lightning. It’s a little lengthy but if you do read it, I won’t forget about you Boneheads when I become the next GM of Tampa. Also Carp – if you know anyone in the Tampa front office, feel free to throw in a good word for me.


    Dear Mr. Vinik,
    I write to you today to express my sincere interest in becoming the General Manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning. I am aware that you are currently in the process of searching for a new CEO who will in turn hire the new GM, however I thought I would write to you directly and get the ball rolling, as I fear my status as somewhat of an NHL “outsider” may prevent me from registering on your future CEO’s radar.
    At first glance, my job application might surprise you, but let me assure you; despite my young age I am incredibly adept and attuned to the nuances of managing a professional hockey team in a post-lockout world. Rather than laughing at what may appear to be a lack of experience, I would prefer it if you think of me as someone who is untainted by the free-spending ways of the uncapped era. Just like Theo Epstein burst onto the scene as the unknown General Manager of the Boston Red Sox at the age of 28, I, too, plan to take the NHL by storm with my original, fresh, and as one employer described my tact, “cunning” approach to managing your Tampa Bay Lightning.
    Now that you and I are on the same page, you must be asking yourself, well Mr. (My Last Name), what is this innovative approach that you speak of? To you Mr. Vinik I say that while your newly acquired team is in transition, it is also a team without identity. You have a roster brimming with talent, yet unbalanced on the age spectrum. You have two superstars, one just beginning to blossom, while the other gracefully sheds his once beautiful rose buds; yet that aging star still has so much potential! If properly utilized, your team has two top lines that can not only match, but in perhaps a season or two, best the Penguins and Black Hawks. With the right coach, the one I have in mind, this team can be molded into one of the most fast-paced, fun teams to watch play in the NHL. And I write to you today to assure you, that I have the vision necessary to equip your players with the tools to make that happen not only in the immediate future, but for years to come.
    Of course all of this dependent on what can be done with the money available to your team at this time. I plan to accept a modest base-pay, fully-loaded with incentive based-bonuses, a testament to my firm belief in the success of my methods. I am aware of the Lightnings’ buyouts of the past, the trading away of promising young players for borderline AHL wingers. Not only do I preach a new system of thought for managing an NHL team to you, but I also plan to do so while practicing fiscal responsibility! Difficult you may ask? Certainly, when you have committed an eighth of your cap space to one declining player. But impossible? Not with me at the helm!
    I cannot adequately put all my ideas in my cover letter and quite frankly I am not comfortable sharing these ideas on paper with you. Full disclosure – I grew up a New York Rangers fan, and if you foolishly turn down my offer to become the next GM of the Lightning, I fully intend to pitch myself to James Dolan and bump Glen Sather out of his part-time job as General Manager of the Rangers/full-time job as a cigar aficionado.
    All I ask of you today is for a chance to interview with your organization. It won’t be long before I punch your, the new CEO, the players, and the entire Tampa Bay Lightnings fan-bases’ boarding pass for the (My Last Name) Express: a one-way ride down the Stanley Cup Freeway.
    All aboard?
    (My Name)

  7. Carp, Their fans are uglier cuz theyre all a bunch of incest riddled rednecks……no offense to any Ranger fans from the area……

  8. Good afternoon all. I’m still in getting over it mode. I think Hanks said it best.

    The season’s over and it sucks.


  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ” Tortorella needs to start realizing he’s in New York now. And that his fans are long-timers, not the bandwagon jumpers he had in Tampa.”

    Carp , I see it now. No Respect kinda thing. Awsome point!!
    That quote really hit the nail on the head . wow.

    “It’s idiotic to blame him for this in any way.” yer take on Hank.

    Ok sure saying its all Hanks fault is like blaming your mother . Hank did get us here and yes if it wasn’t for Hank we have a great draft pick. Hank keeps Dolan happy by giving us a shot every year. Every year . When you own a 7 million dollar goalie , your not gonna be tanking it any time soon is all Im saying. Hank is our MVP but so is our parents but it doesn’t mean they are good enough to get ya there. Our parents are Elite to us but maybe not in the eyes of the whole world. Bias love.

  10. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    Carpy, after seeing some of the pics of the boneheads, I have to seriously defend their looks! We got some nice looking dudes as Rangers fans!!

    Now to the serious stuff:

    Totally agree with what you wrote, except for ugly Rangers fans lol.

    also, we seemed to have gotten far away from RESPECT for you, respect for the blog, and respect for each other last night, and I want to apologize. Yea yea yea,it’s a blog, its mostly guys yadda yadda yadda, who has more testosterone, who’s smarter than the next, who’s opinion matters and who’s doesnt. Still, respect for Rick and what he’s done should always be in the back of our minds, as in a bit of decency towards each other.

    The ASP line surely kicked it up the past few weeks. AA looked comfy, and Prust and Shelley really showed a lot. For them to have been our offense ( along with those 3 goals from Staalsy)in some pretty important games, while greatly needed, was just out of whack!

    We all know Gabby is poopie in the shoot out, and Torts was playing percentages, but it still bugs me that not one guy who’s been here all year got the call to shoot in the first (and only) 3. Orr made a good point earlier, Jokinen pretty much did nothing all game and he gets the 3rd shot? Ya might as well have put Redden or Rozsi in that spot sheesh!

    Pronger is scum off the underside of the barrell. And how did NONE of the sticks to the face that Shelley received NOT get a penalty call??


    now we sit and hope that the right moves are made. we’ll analyze and overanalyze, and probably crash the blog on July 1. Please let common sense rule this offseason!!

  11. AFLY > Great letter! Can’t wait to get those free tickets to watch TB-NYR next season :)

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    April 12th, 2010 at 1:57 pm
    Greg, sorry to break it to you buddy but all teams make it to game 82.

    HAHA , yeah but I ment , The Rangers were not mathematically eliminated untill game 82. If yer gonna get eliminated from the playoffs ( math ways) losing in a shoot out is taking it down to the last shot . The Ranger were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close. Rangers deserve to be in the playoff this year. PERIOD!!!! Now Im getting upset…..This team took it to the bitter end!!! Im proud of everyone .

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on


  14. RangersSwede – I’ll hook it up buddy…I promise. Our first promotion will be Free Boneheads Night! when the Lightning play the Rangers.

  15. AFLY …. AWESOME !!!

    Parenteau deserves a spot on this roster next year—FULL TIME !!!

    We gotta cut-ties with some players if we want to make real change to this roster next season. Dubinsky has to go (especially in a trade packaged with R or R)

    I can honestly see us trading Dubi + to TB for Vinny.

    If not, then Marleau or a trade for Sharp from the “Cap-Disastered” Hawks is the way to go.

    1st line Center and a Super tough D-man is all I’d like to see happen this summer. The rest of the open spots should go to the kids

  16. Carp,

    I already called MSG And blasted them for the disgrace involved with the post game. Bill Pidto for two minutes and then your NY BRICKS….I encouraged all ranger fans to call MSG/EMAIL THEM…MY dad is casual Ranger Fan and called me immediately knowing how heated I would be. Tough way to market your team when you do not get a chance to see the post game comments from ANYONE but Bill Pidto…I am hoping they do a good job on Saturday night on Hockey Night before they go into the Devils and the rest of the playoffs but overall a major major slap in the face and this will take a long time to get over…

  17. Puck Control on

    this is NOT about last night’s game. it is about the 60 mediocre games in between the good start and the end.

    the new nhl game is all about speed, mobility, puck control. and especially the dmen must be part of that. the Chi Blackhawks are not the same team since Campbell got hurt, not because he is any great checker or shot blocker, but because he was a big part of them moving the puck from their zone and part of a 5 man unit distributing the puck and controlling the puck. now they are more like any other run of the mill team in the sense that they just slap it up the boards

    the Rangers need mobile, puck moving dmen, and a coach who will encourage that and live with it. instead, you’ve got a GM and coach who are into the Redden type player who is slow, plodding, and a stay at home slap it up the boards do-nothing once the rangers get control of the puck. Gilroy was a key part of the team early on when he had the freedom, but when Torts began benching him and sending him down and trying to make him into a stationary, stay-in -position-at-all-costs redden type dman, well that is where he became useless because that is not his game. Herb Brooks believed in PLAY YOUR GAME for individual players, but Torts believes in PLAY MY GAME, which changes with the wind, used to be safe is death, now is a jumbled mess that no one can figure out, and he refuses to discuss or explain.

    the coach should not be benching a puck mover like Gilroy, he should be giving him more free rein to go with the puck , and live with the mistakes, not go to another old slow plodding Erickson type who cannot be part of a puck control unit. how ironic that the coach who used to preach safe is death, who won a cup because of guys like Dan Boyle carrying the puck from the dman position, now Torts is nothing but safe and cautious like an old fogey, and he got death all right. no, he is going in the wrong direction with the style he is using. the Wings and other good teams don’t play (let the other team have the puck and hope) hockey

    and the fans too need to wake up. you cannot jump on guys who try things and make it happen most of the time, but occasionally a turnover will be made. you have to live with the mistakes if the freedom results in more Ranger puck control, because folks THAT is what was missing yesterday. the flyers controlled the puck, not the Rangers

    the team needs more Gilroys, and fewer Redden, erickson types who cannot be part of moving the puck in all zones

    I am NOT talking about the result of yesterdays’ game in this post. I am talking about the general, over the course of the season development of the players and team into a mobile, puck control, cohesive unit that uses all 5 guys, not a bang-it-up-the-wall bunch of stationary statues who chase the puck and the opponents instead of controlling it.

    the rangers would have gone nowhere in ‘94 without Brian Leetch and Zubov, but now you’ve got coach and mgmt thinking that puck-hot-potato plodders like Redden is the answer. obviously he is not, even more so now since the rules changes.

  18. GregL- not only the team will be right back soon, we also aren’t going anywhere, bud.

  19. I don’t think Dubi is going anywhere. He was one of the better players down the stretch and I’m sure the organization will take into account that he hit 20 goals this year (which I think is a modest total but they made a big deal of Callahan scoring 20 last year). He’s still affordable and plays in all situations.

    No to Marleau. He is another Drury waiting to happen. His numbers before Joe Thornton arrived were very much like Drury’s. Take away one of the premier passers in the league and Marleau is a 60 point player.

    There is not much on the FA market, even if they shed salary cap space (Phoenix, Nashville, Edmonton and the Islanders all might need help to hit the salary floor next year) there’s not a lot of dynamic players past Kovalchuk that are available.

    I don’t think Parenteau offers any more than what someone like Grachev or Weise could offer in terms of production. He’s an average NHL skater, not terribly strong on his skates but with decent hands and a weak shot. Aside from his shoot out goal yesterday he took two penalties (including the crucial one that set up the PP that tied the game) because he was unable to keep up with the play.

  20. Hmmmm. Sounds like I make the right decision by signing off last night.

    AFLY, good luck. I’ll take a high-paying job with no stress. thanks.

  21. Somerset, trading Dubi would be a huge mistake, especially for Vinny L. Have you seen him play recently? He was totally invisible in our last 2 games vs. TB, I was at the one in the Garden and specifically watched him. It was totally not awe inspiring. And his contract is a nightmare worse than any of the ones we have now.

  22. MD Ranger Fan on

    I looked at the replay a bunch of times and really cannot find much of the interference that was called on PA. With limited ability to see because of camera angles, did anyone there see something that we could not see on TV. It seemed like a pretty soft call and the reason that I raise it now is that I do not see that being discussed much. I am not looking to gripe over the refs, but am more curious why that is not part of the story.

  23. I’m sorry – the Rangers didnt “deserve” to be in the playoffs. I really hate that term thats used at the end of every season from teams that miss the playoffs. Just because a team plays great is last 10 games (and its first 8 games), especially means how bad they actually played all season.

    Think about it … 20 some wins in 60 some games is downright horrible for a team that spends to the Cap Limit like the Rangers do.

    The only solace we should take out of this season is …

    – MDZ, AA, Gilroy, PAP, and Boyle got a chance to make an impact in their first years (or first full years)
    – A Career year for Gaborik
    – A Career year for Dubinsky (in only 69 games)
    – A Career year for Prust
    – A “would-have-been” Career year for Cally barring injury

  24. Just some food for thought:

    If this game didn’t end in a shootout, it would have ended in a tie, as per the old (real) rules. And if this game had actually ended in a tie, the Rangers still would not have made the playoffs based on the tiebreaker rules.

    It actually would have been more unfair for Philly to lose the shootout because they held the tiebreaker.

    All that being said, if one goes back and removes all the extra points from the OT/SO games for each team in this league (I have yet to do this), but teams like Boston definitely would not have made the playoffs, the Flyers would have the 5th or 6th spot, and the Rangers might have actually made it in, despite yesterday’s loss.

    So, yes, I agree with Carp and all others who are on the same page. The shootout is a load of carcillo.

    Here’s an interesting proposition:

    Keep the shootout for the fans–all shootout games end with both teams only getting a point and use shootout wins as the second or third tier tiebreaker for a playoff position. Also, get rid of the point for an overtime loss. You don’t get any extra points in the post-season for losing in OT.

  25. Torts doesn’t have to explain sh*t. Look at Gabby’s stats. These reporters know why he didn’t put him in the top three, and this isn’t the first time he has decided to take him out of the top 3. Honestly, what’s the point of asking him a question that everyone knows the answer to? That’s probably why he didn’t answer. It’s almost as if they only asked him that question to rub the loss in his face because they have a personal problem with him.

    I mean, gimme a break. He wouldn’t have scored anyway, and he never had the chance to prove himself because we didn’t get out of the 3rd round.

    It was a smart coaching move by Torts. I don’t care how many goals this guy scored, the fact is he sucks in the shootout, and we needed guys that have a good record in the shootout that can help win the game. Pee Wee has a good record, PAP has a perfect record with us, and Jokinen apparently had an above average record with the Flames.

    It’s like the trolls who come in here bashing Carp cause he doesn’t offer the same stuff as Zip, Gross, etc. What’s the point of coming here if the info is in all these other places, and what’s the point of asking a question that everyone knows the answer to? Makes no sense at all.

  26. I say go to European soccer points scoring (with some adjustments). 3 points for a regulation win, 2 points for an OT/SO win, 1 point for an OT/SO loss, 0 points for a regulation win. You still keep the shoot out for the casual fans and probably get more urgency to win in 60 minutes.

  27. Orr,

    I’d rather they get someone to score legitimate goals in regulation so they wouldn’t have to worry about a shoot out in the first place.

  28. “Carpy, after seeing some of the pics of the boneheads, I have to seriously defend their looks! We got some nice looking dudes as Rangers fans!!”

    Why thank you Linda haha.

    So when do Brandon Prust T-shirt jerseys become available?

  29. Here’s an interesting proposition:

    Keep the shootout for the fans—all shootout games end with both teams only getting a point and use shootout wins as the second or third tier tiebreaker for a playoff position. Also, get rid of the point for an overtime loss. You don’t get any extra points in the post-season for losing in OT.

    I have to admit that I like this idea a lot. I will say though, that without the skills competition and extra points, we would not have made the playoffs the last few years.

  30. Carp, Excellent Point #7. Tortorella has created a us vs them mentality with the media. Great way to show example to the young players on the team.

  31. I’m not a regular contributor to this blog, but I read it every day and really enjoy and (most often) agree with Carp.

    I think the game yesterday showed us which players should get the joy of playing in NY next season and who shouldn’t. In a big game like this you can see the mentality of a player (and of a coach). So here’s my judgment:

    Definite stays F:
    Dubie, Cally, Drury*, Christensen, Shelly, Prust, Anisimiov, Avery, Gabby**
    Definate stays D:
    Staal, DLZ,

    Maybe stays F:
    Boyle, PA, Voros, Prospal

    Maybe stays D:
    Girardi, Rozie, Erikson, Gilroy

    Defenate goners:
    Jokinen, Redden

    *= Too much money, but is untradable
    **= Get’s the team to the playoffs by scoring 40 goals, but not to a SC

    Now… if we could for example get rid of Redden, Voros and Jokinen that frees up a lot of cap space. Add one good forward and one good defenseman next season and fill up with young hungry players.

    That alone will make the team so much better with some secondary scoring from unknown guy plus Cally, Dubie and Artie. The defense will be better because Redden is gone and maybe Gilroy, Sangunetti or some other young D man will improve.

    Go on, make the playoffs as a 5-8 seed and then continue the same way next season, change 3-5 guys each season and wham, you have a SC contender in 2 years… that is of course if you choose the right guys skillwise and mentalitywise to bring in…

    About the coach I’m not sure yet. But maybe changes should be made on the bench that do not involve the head coach, but I’m to far away to know what goes on in practices and the dressingroom. So keep Torts and give him another shot, if he’s not improved the team by christmas time, show him the door.

    That’s just the Swedish way to do it, who knows, maybe I’m crazy…

  32. Nasty –

    Absolutely right. The whole standings are completely skewed because not all games are worth the same amount of points. But honestly, would not making the playoffs a few times in the last few years made your life worse? Maybe the Rangers would have some better prospects already playing for the big club without those extra points.

  33. I like what the Columbus Blue Jackets proposed although it got shutdown quickly…Shootout winner gets 1.5 pts, Shootout loser gets 0.5pts…..when the game is tied with ten minutes to go you might see some teams take some chances when then just sitting back (of course if your playing the rangers in MSG and its tied late your in GREAT SHAPE)

  34. stuff the bettman points crap. they ask the players all the time on those shows on NHL network, like nhl live, power play etc, and the players mostly all say the same thing

    the PLAYERS say that you should just have wins and losses like other sports. that you should get NOTHING for losing, at ANY stage of a game, reg, ot, or s.o

    2 column standings period. wins and losses

    the OT and s.o. results could be used as a 3rd tiebreaker at the end of the season or something, yes, fine, but in the standings, no. just wins and losses baby. THAT is what most of the PLAYERS want, and that is good enough for me.

  35. MD > Sure it was interference, but then again there where 8 interferences exactly like that one on the Flyers afterwards. I actually counted but lost track after the first 5…

  36. the question is when july 1st comes all the big wigs at msg will be fixated on lebron coming to new york. if u think dolan cares about the rangers this off season u are nuts. sather and torts both losers will be back. its about the knicks and i hate the nba.

    we should just let the contracts run out on dru and r and r. we all know they will not send them to hartford and admit there mistakes.

    we are stuck in the middle of nowhere. not bad enough not good enough.


  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    somerset , The Rangers were finally eliminated from playoff contention in the shoot out on Oli’s final shot. That is as close as you get. YOU CANT GET ANY CLOSER!!!! close , so close ….too close!!!!

    Its probally gonna drive me insane.

    No excuses , we played for the shoot out and blew it.

  38. MD Ranger fan

    It’s not part of the story because nobody wants to blame the refs, and acknowledge that sports are not fair.

    Clearly, Fraser and his cohorts had an agenda. It’s not the reason why we lost, but I think their agenda was fairly obvious.

    Carp says he knows Fraser, and that Fraser is a fine, fine man, the best he’s ever met in hockey. I can believe that. However, he is just not a very good referee.

  39. exactly. and they showed it in the recent games when they put the rangers on the backup channel so the useless knicks could be on the main channel, and they cut off any post game show so they could go to basketball

    Dolan apparently went in and gave Sather a big kiss and Torts too. I mean that symbolically speaking. he is satisfied with a loser in hockey as long as he keeps making money. THAT is the only way to force changes, to not buy tickets or merchandise or watch games. that won’t happen, he knows it, and thus he has NO incentive to do anything different

  40. Maybe someone can help…

    I am trying to make an HTML image tag….

    my formula is…

    The name of the picture is ‘me’ and it’s a jpg file.

    But it’s not working.

  41. MD Ranger Fan on

    I am neither a conspiracy theorist nor someone that dislikes Fraser as a ref. In fact, he always seemed to have a good feel for the game and letting the players be the game rather than the refs being the game. That is why what seemed like a soft interference call caught my attention. Fact is, the Rangers did not deserve to win that game and they do not deserve to be in the playoffs when looking at the entire 82 games.


    I have seen a lot of coverage about a lot of calls in various sports, so I remain surprised that it was not mentioned in most of the articles I have read about the game.

  42. I don’t like what I’m hearing from Hank. I know being a goalie is hard work, but how do you get “tired” after a 65 minute game? Like i said, i know it’s a lot of work, but he’s young, and he was making it seem like he was half dead.

    This is something that I’ll worry aboot. He needs to cut back on the Swedish meatballs.

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , Kerry Fraser is the best Referee , man. Kohorski ,and Ray scampinello( bad bad spelling , i know) were all top notch. Kerry Fraser’s hair will be missed and if the Rangers never lost I’d be more disappoint about losing a great referee. Kerry Fraser will be in the Hall of fame. The guy is a legend.

  44. Ha! Carp called Orr an idiot (see #3) like some of us have been saying for a while now.

  45. MD

    I agree. This season was poor. The game was not mainly about the referees.

    You only see poor refereeing calls in the media if they happen to go in a NY team’s favor.

    If they go against NY, as did 3 key calls in yesterday’s Yankees game, you wont hear a mention or a sniff of it.

    Thems the breaks, when the media’s agenda is anti New York.

  46. MD Ranger Fan on

    Carp is right on with #3 about LQ. I think there is a lack of appreciation about how mentally exhausting it is to be the backbone of the team for so long and then to put on the kind of performance he did in regulation and OT and still not come out ahead. We should feel blessed to have him between our pipes and I hope it is for a very long time.

  47. Perhaps facing nearly twice as much work as his opposition got him a little tired? Facing the pressure of defending more PP’s?

    I don’t think even a relatively in shape average person could keep up with the intensity of a normal game for an NHL goalie, let alone one where they were forced to make as many saves as Lundqvist did last night.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ChrisOD that was really smart , I like it.

    Ranger swede , I know your saying its Gaboriks fault but he carried this team on his back all through the start and after xmas to the Olympic break ( same can be said about Hank) Gaborik is NEW , brand new to this team. He had Chrisesen as his center and an ol Prospal. Gaborik’s groin gave out like Avery’s spleen when he carriying the team last year. To Say that about Gaborik , sounds like yer trying to get me back for talking about yers sweede Hank…hmmm. yip.

  49. I have to say, that I’d keep Prospal if he can be signed for a reasonable amount…if not…bye bye…

  50. Reginald Dunlop on

    Ed Snider, the always-whining Flyers owner,
    except when he makes a backroom deal with the commissioner to put NHL games exclusively on Versus…..Versus which is owned by Comcast cable…..which is owned by Ed Snider….who was seen as a bump in the road for crushing the season, but somehow went along with the small market owners…which made no sense then, but alot of sense after the Versus Deal…..

  51. Yes, Staal, excellent write up by Rodent. Except that bull carcillo theory about Fraser. And even he mentions that they didn’t lose the game because of referees. The team didn’t have it. All year.

  52. “Did I not warn y’all about what Kerry Fraser meant to NYR’s chances today? If there is anything to smile about, it is that he will never referee another game involving the Rangers. My former hero turned rotten about a dozen years ago. And the Blueshirts have paid dearly for his selective enforcement tactics during the Sather regime. ”

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Somebody else sees it!!!!!!!!!! It’s not just me!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!


    I agree, that our season was not wasted due to referees, and also that we did not lose yesterday because of referees…but with that said…




  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Me being torts:

    Hank got us to the Shoot out , then he lost it for us . Next question.

    Why didnt I use Gaborik in the shoot out? Cuz when I looked his way he quikly glance away looking up at the rafters..that told be , he wasnt into it..

    Why did we play for the shoot out? …Cuz we have the best goalie to win it and our team was outplayed in the 3rd period.

    Yo Brooksie …I see you peeking around the corner , get outta here you moron!!!

  54. I agree with the puck control sentiments. the rangers need to get rid of sather and torts, and start over with mgmt that wants to use the chi, det, sj, wash model as the way to go as far as 5 man puck control

    you cannot win in today’s nhl with dmen used as nothing but dzone defenders and shot blockers, and 3 man offense. no, they must be part of the puck control and puck movement as a full 5 man group in all zones.

    just clearing the puck out and dumping it in are nothing but surrendering possession of the puck to the opponent. that won’t fly in today’s nhl game.

  55. CR9:

    I couldn’t agree more about Fraser.

    The world is full of fine men – that’s not the point. The problem is a lack of competent talent in the pool of NHL officials. I don’t think that I have ever seen so many blown off-sides calls as I have seen in the last few years. Can’t they find a few linesmen who understand the off-sides rule?

  56. I say…

    2 points for a regulation win
    1 point for an OT win
    0 points for any loss whatsoever

    Abolish the shootout and play 10 minutes of 4 on 4 overtime (Gotta keep the league happy with something)

  57. Oh, my post doesn’t take into account what happens if they tie…well, haven’t figured that out yet lol

  58. Zzzzz >> I don’t mean we should get rid of Gabby. He’s going to give us atleast 40 goals per season. I just don’t think he’s a big game guy, but maybe it’s because of the injuries and what not. But I’ve never seen him excel in a big game…. I could (and hope) be wrong

    What I don’t want to see next year is another big overhaul and changing 9-10 guys… build on the few positives we have…

  59. ” And I’m thinking the whole time, no matter what you think of Dolan or the MSG management, that millions of dollars, a team’s fortunes and chance to compete for the Stanley Cup, and people’s jobs, should not be decided by something so stupid. ”

    Agree with that particular sentiment, Carp, but this is really about a whole body of work. Just the same way that Hank wasn’t superb in the shootout but was in the game and so is not to blame here (not to mention how he carried the team all year), Sather and Tortorella have produced a large body of work that culminated in this particular moment (ironically, while the players all maintained before the game that the last 3 weeks would be meaningless in Ranger history if they didn’t make the playoffs, them being eliminated in a shootout in game 82 will be talked about by Ranger fans for 40 years, whereas getting bounced by the Caps in the fuirst round would quickly be forgotten).

    The Rangers should not have been in this position in the first place. Whether you espouse the view that they had no business even playing for a spot yesterday given the poor level of talent on the team or the view that they underachieved for most of the year, neither speaks well of the general manager, though the former argument would speak well of the coach. Live by the sword, die by the sword – if Sather’s MO has always been that we may not win the Cup, but we’ll always make the playoffs, then when they don’t make it he’s even more accountable. And his 10 year body of work is atrocious: In 10 years:

    2 playoff rounds won
    5 years with no playoffs at all
    no division titles
    no conference finals appearances
    no Cups obviously
    Finished 5th in the conference once, sixth twice and seventh once, but never any higher.

    It’s a terrible body of work, and yesterday represents the final nail so to speak.

  60. I am actually OK with torts backing away from his safe-is-death style with this team. He realized that he didn’t have the horses to run with that, so he went with the strength of the team– the goalie. This is Sather’s fault for hiring a coach who wants to push the puck up ice and then not giving him the players to do so.

    If Torts continued to force his style of play on this team, Hank would have burned out by November. You can’t make turtles run a horse race.

    How Torts deals with the media is another issue. He expects his players to be professionals and deal with the stuff that comes with the job, he needs to do the same and lead by example. Media is part of the job. LEAD your team in every area. If you want your players to be accountable, you need to lead with your accountability in all facets of coaching.

  61. BTW great letter AFLY…Doubt you’ll get a response from anyone but his assistant, but we should all edit it and send the same letter to Dolan. Just flood his box.

  62. I thought Gaborik played pretty well Friday night. Set up Dubi’s goal, scored one of his own. That was basically an elimination game.

    He’s a sniper, not a set up guy playing without a bona fide playmaker (Christensen has had his moments but most of the time it was Gaborik feeding Christensen and not the other way around). Philly had the luxury of matching whatever D they wanted most of the game on Sunday.

    He was also scoring when nobody else on the team was in the middle of the season. But he’s one top line player with no one else for now. Every team that’s predicted to go far into the playoffs has at least 2 if not more All-Star quality skaters. Depth has always been important in the NHL because even the best players play less than half the game.

  63. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    2 playoff rounds won
    5 years with no playoffs at all
    no division titles
    no conference finals appearances
    no Cups obviously
    Finished 5th in the conference once, sixth twice and seventh once, but never any higher

    Peter great stats!!

    IF this isn’t a testament to the Failure of Glen Sather, and that 98% of his moves and decisions have resulted in nothing more than a losing product on the ice then I dont know what is.

    Honestly, if you even try to look at the situation from a total ass faced morons point of view like Dolans, why would you want to keep him as Gm & President when you could make so much more $$ with another competent Gm who could get you further into the playoffs and possibly even the conference finals if not the SC finals?

    If Dolan is all about money, and this season he’s losing alot by having neither the knicks or the Rangers in the playoffs, and you’ve already made coaching and Gm to the Knicks, isn’t the next logical and finanicailly prudent step to remove Glen Sather from his position, or to let him save face, “MAKE” him retire?

    Seriously, I know Dolan is a total Schmuck, but dollar bills yo!! IF losing all those millions doesnt affect him, nothing will and were all screwed til someone assasinates James Dolan while perfomrng one of his god awful margarita ville performances

  64. About the new poll to the right…..

    Torts should NOT be fired. He did what he could with what he had. He tried different things, some worked, others didn’t. So he is not the most charming coach in the world, but why should he have to answer the same question a gazillion times?

    I think that Sather should go, whether the rumors that we heard are true or not, retire, or fire, just go….

    Carp, I have totally enjoyed reading your blog everyday. I rarely post, but ALWAYS read! I know that things will slow down, but hope that you can keep it going thru the summer.

  65. I can’t see Joke inen coming back. I don’t think Torts wants to deal with that guy for a full year. Especially not for what the asking price will probably be. I sure hope he’s gone either way.

    I do agree that Torts owed us more than he gave in the post game interview. We were here before him and we’ll be here after him. The fans shouldn’t be an after thought. He’s gotta step it up in the character department next season. Doing so in the coaching department wouldn’t hurt either.

    I was too busy throwing stuff around to watch the post game. With my anger level cranked up to about 100,000 I don’t think it was a good time to hear Duguay talk about how they gave it their all down the stretch. Probably wouldn’t have done anything for my blood pressure.

    Now it’s time to worry about the draft and Free agency/trades. I for one hope they correct the log jam of centers here, and find a way to weasel out of one of the horrid contracts so they can bring in someone to help Gabby out.

  66. Would have liked to have heard Dave Maloney’s post-game analysis. He is usually spot-on, and has never been intimidated about criticizing Tortorella all season. In fact, since the fall he has talked about Torts not “putting the team in the best position to win”. Will he be on Hockey Night Live next week?

  67. Doodie machetto on

    Carp, I don’t think you can say that the rangers lost the playoff spot in the shootout and what a terrible way to decide it, etc. because the shootout only benefitted the rangers. Had the game ended in a tie(pre shootout days), the rangers would have missed the playoffs because Philly had the tiebreaker. Now, had the rangers won in the shootout, the flyers would have had something legit to complain about. But they didn’t. All the shootout was for the rangers was the second bite at the apple that their mediocre season didn’t deserve in the first place.

  68. STAAL

    Miller played 69 NHL games, and more Olympic games than Hank. Their stats look just a little bit similar, despite the difference in their D and NYR’s, and Miller doesn’t look tired. Of course, he has a few games here and there where he’s not at his full potential, but he doesn’t seem to be “tired”. He’s only a year older than Hank.


    He didn’t call me an idiot, he just said the *idea* is idiotic, which is his opinion. I doubt he thinks I’m an idiot, but i get a laugh at how excited you got, haha. Learn how to read.


  69. I would never call Orr an idiot. Although we have had a few private tiffs, I like the guy. He’s one of our best Boneheads.

  70. Carp –

    Dead on correct. Cally and Avery were missed more than we all know – and of course, per my post yesterday, I agree 100 percent on Henrik – he played and unbelievable game. He IS AN ELITE GOALIE – period.

    I think that if I take away how up-set we all are given that we lost a playoff shot with a skills competition, I do believe that it is here to stay (via NHL). So, that brings to bear a second thought: we should have never had our season come down to a shoot-out. That is I think a mistake – so others have mentioned it above – what about the 60 mediocre games in between?

    And to re-empahasize: How about the play of Marc Staal over the past 10? Un-real – this is a solid kid who will be a hall of famer over his career – bank on it!

  71. MsMuds, I agree … but it would have been too easy to have a poll: Should Sather be fired. Plus there’s no reason to think that will ever happen.

    Doodie, but the shootout DID decide it.

  72. on Torts being fired: Name one coach who could have gotten any more out of this team? At the same time- he had a hand in assembling this roster last summer. This wasn’t just an inherited mess. But he didn’t have much to work with considering the 3 big contracts that continue to haunt this organization.

    I mean everyone saw the stats today I’m sure. 7-1 to start. 7-1-1 to finish. 24-64 in between. I mean that’s probably only rivaled by the Oilers and Toronto. Inexcusable. Now i’ll admit that there were times where it looked like they didn’t want to play for the guy but overall, this team just was what it was. A mediocre crew that just couldn’t be successful when it needed to be.
    And that’s what they’ll continue to be until they have the financial capability to bring in the kind of help they need.

  73. Orr…I can’t compare the team in front of Miller with the one in front of Hank. There ain’t much of a comparison.
    I don’t have time to research this but how many one goal games did Miller have compared to Hank?

  74. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    These Rangers miss the playoffs… and a bunch of former Rangers are going in. Mara, Morris, Korpedo, Prucha… and more.


    The team put themselves in a position where they HAD to play him almost every game.

    Hank won 35 games this season. How many games did we lose by 1 goal this year? How many more would they have lost if Hank wasn’t playing out of his mind for most of the year?

    Sather’s body of work(courtesy of Peter) makes me want to violently throw up. How does he still have a job?

    Dolan better wake up and smell the greenbacks he lost from no playoffs. The team needs a change… and not the coach. Yes some players… BUT WE NEED A CHANGE AT THE TOP. And i don’t know if Messier is the answer.

  75. MD Ranger Fan on

    I also agree that Torts should stay on. While there may be much to second guess throughout the season (not to mention his poor media relations), I keep coming back to the fact that he basically had a team with two top six forwards. You just can’t do much with that. I would like to see him have the opportunity to coach a team with at least mid-level forwards talent to see what he can do. Of course, it remains to be seen whether that sort of talent increase can be achieved during this off-season.

  76. Johnny LaRue on

    Phil winning and Tiger losing made the day. Rangers got what they deserved.

    Yesterday wasn’t the game that blew it for them even though they played timid and scared. It was any one of those games in the middle of the season where they failed to show up. Like a golf tournament, that final putt is no more important than a putt in the first round. They all count equally.

  77. Coach, I said that it shouldn’t have come down to a shootout in my column, and said it yesterday, and Dubinsky said it too.

    But Staal a Hall of Famer? Might be a bit premature for that. Let’s see him put together one great season, start to finish, first. I don’t think he’s ever going to win a Norris because he doesn’t have the offensive skill (and he doesn’t get a sniff of PP time; what Norris winner doesn’t play the PP?). But there’s nothing wrong with him being a career Kevin Lowe type, is there?

  78. STAAL

    I’m not sure, and i wouldn’t even know where to look, besides asking Sabs fans.


    He would have gotten the rest if Vally lived up to Torts’ expectations, but he failed miserably. If you want to make the playoffs, you can’t put that pressure on rookies to help out Hank. Slats should have gone after a guy like Auld or any Veteran backup way before the trade deadline.

  79. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Imagine for a minute(with excpetion to the last game) that the Rangers played with the fire they showed in the last 9 games. Girardi fighting, Staal hitting everyone in sight, Prust and Shelley (great fits in my opinion) for the second half… ahh if only….

  80. sorry but I don’t want a coach who is happy with guys like Redden, Drury Rosival etc

    and torts defended Drury all season, even when he was stinking up the place, and his benching of Redden was so mild, so non-effective. and redden threw a fit, and Torts basically caved in to him, instead of keeping him out and forcing sather’s hand

  81. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    I’m with you on that one… Vally crumbled this season. But Hank has to get more rest. He took a beating down the stretch, lot’s of contact and LOTS of shots. He can’t do it alone. As we have seen year after year.

  82. Montreal, Philadelphia, Buffalo & Boston all were playing without some of their best players who had major injuries. Yet they made the playoffs.
    Tortorella loves to blame the players for every mistake, yet has he ever once accepted responsibility for anything? Renney would always take blame upon himself. Tortorella is a typical bully who takes responsibility for nothing. And everyone is afraid to ask him questions, thereby letting him off the hook. Bully tactics should not be tolerated.

  83. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    The worst aspect of this flawed roster is they actually brought us to the brink of the playoffs…. got our hopes up… and then crushed them in an unexpected fashion. Finished bad enough to miss the playoffs, and just good enough not to get a top 5 pick.

    That season could not have ended any worse. We got doubly let down.

  84. Doodie machetto on

    Carp, yes, the game was decided by a shootout, but you can’t use this as something agaisnt the shootout because the alternative would have yielded the same result.

  85. I’m not against letting Torts getting another run at it. But when we trash the players here we need to stop and think about teams like Nashville, Phoenix and Colorado. Are those teams filled with much more talent than we have?

    It should at least be up for debate what our organization and coaching staff does about getting the best out of each player. We’ve seen good glimpses of almost every player this year but not a constant performance, whose fault? Only the player, or other stuff?

  86. Glad you guys enjoyed it. I’ll let you know if I hear back. I expect nothing short of becoming the next Tampa GM.

  87. it is odd that Torts had no problem publicly stating what he did not like about Lisin, but refuses to say anything about what he does not like about Redden, Drury, and Rosival. in fact , he has never publicly criticized them except in vague, general, nebulous terms.

    he is about as consistent as his “safe is death” philosophy, which apparently never applied to this team, as he coached safety first like he was a Sutter brother

  88. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, good column, and great stuff keeping this site going, as usual…

    The Rangers were once again taken advantage of by a bad call in Philly. It seems to me that through the years, the Flyers just get the calls at home. Part of me wants to go back and dissect that play, but I know what I saw, and it wasn’t interference. It was nothing.

    You can’t blame Hank. ‘Nuff said about that.

    For all of you boneheads saying that “Had the game ended in a tie, the rangers would have missed the playoffs…” please use that thing between your ears that some may call a brain. If that was still the format, the Rangers would have approached the extra time A LOT DIFFERENTLY. Man, talk about missing the point entirely.

    I personally would have liked to see the Rangers try to do SOMETHING in the OT…and also, before the shootout I called “P.A., Christensen, and Gaborik.” Seemed like a no-brainer to me. I agree that P.A. is young and it’s a high pressure thing, but isn’t the shootout one of the reasons why he was called up? And putting Jokinen out there…is he really the best guy? Is that what Torts was saying there? *Shrugs* What a terrible way to end the season; it’s all water under the bridge now.

  89. Two things:

    -Torts should be fired. Not because the team didn’t make the playoffs, but because he didn’t execute any of the things he claimed he would, and that were supposed to make him a good coach. (i.e. safe is death, not overplaying Hank, accountability, a killer, reliable PP).

    -Who who would have believed the man we needed last night was…Marek Malik.

  90. -“Torts should be fired. Not because the team didn’t make the playoffs, but because he didn’t execute any of the things he claimed he would, and that were supposed to make him a good coach. (i.e. safe is death, not overplaying Hank, accountability, a killer, reliable PP).”


    totally agree with that. but only if Sather is gone too. you cannot build a good young team with either of them.

  91. billybleedsblue on

    The alternative to the shootout, i.e. skating 5 on 5 sudden death 5 minutes (the old way) would have found a winner IMO.

    Either the Rangers would have found the back of the net, or the Flyers would have broken out on an odd-man to bury the Rangers’ season. Think about it. I could even see the Rangers pulling the goalie with only seconds left in an Offensive zone draw situation.

  92. I’d imagine that Yzerman is getting groomed for a job with Detroit.

    So he won the Olympic gold, choosing from the deepest talent pool in the world for a short tournament.

    Gretzky won an Olympic gold as GM in 2002 and look what he did in Phoenix.

  93. Doodie machetto on

    Carp, great work this year. I’ll be reading the blog to help keep your traffic up, but barring any major news, I’m not gonna bother boneheads bantering. See you in June.

  94. RangerSwede, that’s a great point…how much more talent does the roster of PHO have then us and how much tougher of a schedule did they face?

  95. bull dog line on

    interesting discussion on Hank last night.
    Hedberg and I have been at the forefront of the trade Hank to upgrade the talent debate. last night as I read the the posts defending Hank, and giving reasons to keep him, I thought 1 thing, these posts are making the point for trading Hank. soft D, and lack of skill up front. maybe they sign Kovalchuk, or Marleau, but chances are this team is going to be similar to the previous years teams. they are going to be soft on D, and lack skill up front. trading Hank is still the best, and fastest way to improve the skill level. I don’t believe trading Hank is ever going to happen, but I think trading him for the right package is the smart thing to do.

  96. Chris from Albany on

    Hey Carp, you do realize that if there was no shoot-out, we still would have “lost” this game. If the rule was that if a game goes to OT, then which ever team scores in OT gets two points and the loser gets none. If neither team scores in OT, then each team gets a point and the winner of the shoot-out gets the other. But in the case of yesterdays game, the Rangers still would have lost.

  97. NYRGuy, it needs to be debated… Especially since we’ve seen a little from everyone, although not often at once…

  98. Doodie machetto on

    “For all of you boneheads saying that “Had the game ended in a tie, the rangers would have missed the playoffs…” please use that thing between your ears that some may call a brain. If that was still the format, the Rangers would have approached the extra time A LOT DIFFERENTLY. Man, talk about missing the point entirely.”

    in response, I’d like to state that I had used my brain and already considered that. My response to that considereation is that nothing stopped them from approaching OT like there was not going to be a shootout. They chose to play it safe and let it happen in the shootout. If they really didn’t want it to be decided that way then they should have gone for it full tilt, pull the goaltender late and take your chances. They didn’t. Can’t blame the shootout for that. Would it have rem any better if they lost in OT on an empty-netter because a tie would have meant elimination?

  99. funny that Tippett can win with little offensive firepower, funny that Tippett can win with Prucha and Korpikoski but Torts could not

  100. Well you’d have to recalibrate the points for all the teams in the NHL if you’re going back to the 2 points for a win, 0 points for a loss, 1 point for a tie scoring system. So who knows how many points each team would have had. The Rangers would have had a bunch less than they did this year because of all the OT games they lost.

  101. Doodie machetto on

    Bull dog, I reviewed potential trade packages for Hank last month. A deal that would make it worthwhile really can’t be made right now.

  102. bull dog line on

    the Rangers roster, from top to bottom, is not a playoff roster. while there were many scratch your head moments from Torts, I think he did a very good job getting them where they got, to the last game being a chance to make the playoffs.

  103. Torts, Keenan, Quinn, Sather, Sutters, etc

    guys who are washed up, whose style of play and style of dealing with people are in the past, guys who should not have a current nhl job

  104. Yeah, I’m starting to move away from this “Torts did what he could with this roster”

    Nashville and Phoenix made the playoffs in a ridiculously hard conference with an average roster. Yes, Nashville has a great D but they have had goaltending problems and scoring problems.

  105. what do you guys feel about replacing the shootout and 4 on 4 ot with a ten minute 3 on 3 ot

  106. Bull Dog > I’m a bit bias here, but how can you say that a goalie who’s won +30gms per season for the first 5 straight years in the NHL and won the Olympics is not an elite goalie? Sure thing Bryzgalov doesn’t need to play 70+ gms every season but how is he an elite goalie and LQ not? That’s just plain stupid IMO

  107. April 12th, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Maybe someone can help…

    I am trying to make an HTML image tag….

    my formula is…

    The name of the picture is ‘me’ and it’s a jpg file.

    But it’s not working.

    WHy is my formula not working……

  108. bull dog line on

    I was all set to disagree with you on the phoenix, and Nashville rosters, but then I looked them up. holy crap are they weak leading scorers with 54 and 51 points. Rangers still have a poor roster, but you can make the argument that there roster is as good as the other 2 teams.

  109. If anyone here thinks that if we had a different coach this season, Blwzy, and Dredden would see less time, if any at all, then you’re sadly mistaken.

    I’ve said it many times before, i really think Slats forced Torts to play those two as much as he did. Torts doesn’t like dealing with players that half ass it, so why would he put up with them all season long?

    It’s pretty obvious to me. In fact, i wouldn’t be surprised if Torts resigned, just to save face. I feel bad for him, this team is ruining his reputation, and it’s not his fault.

  110. with the greater than and less than symbols on the ends.

    Apparently, the do not show up.

  111. what a joke of a franchise when you have both a GM and a coach who will not talk to the media, who are arrogant and secretive and devious, who are unreasonable and explode over the littlest things, who are incompetent in the current NHL, and who are loved by the equally devious, arrogant, clueless owner

    what a trifecta. only the 3 stooges could put together a more idiotic trio, and in fact I would rather have Moe, Larry and Curly than these 3 morons running a team.

  112. To me, the rules of overtime should be changed. 5 on 5 hockey, continuous 20 minute periods, first one to score wins. Baseball plays almost everyday and they don’t have ties or a home run derby. Basketball doesn’t go to a dunk contest to determine over time. Then as far as points go…

    Win – 2 Points
    Over time loss – 1 Points
    Reg time Loss – 0 points

  113. FIRE RENNEY!…Oh wait…ummmm… FIRE SATHER!…oh wait he’s retiring….FIRE TORTS!…yeah..lets go with that.

  114. Carp –

    If you watch Staal, I think he really is beginning to feel comfortable. While a Norris may be out of reach now, my guess is that you will see his production rise. He is still very young, and is still learning. Remember he is working in a system not really designed for d-men to take a chance, regardless what Torts tried to implement or preach.

    When you look at some other d men who have come into their own (the name Green or Webber, for example) – I am not sure he can reach those levels, but my guess is that he is close. And dont forget, if you watch tape, he is all over the ice trying to clean up mistakes by his partner as well as the line in front of him. This kid is gonna be something really special with the right coaching and players.

    The other surprise is the play of MDZ. This is another kid who can really grow into something special at this level. We build a core aroud those two, and our D looks as good as anyone else. Now, about cutting our losses with some of the other D men ……

  115. Bull > Sorry, it didn’t translate to swedish :)

    ORR > You may well be right, but I guess we’ll newer know for sure…. I mean, I’m a soccer coach at a reasonable level and if the director told me to play someone I didn’t want to play I’d quit. It has to do about pride to the profession and personal belief of your own skills. But that’s just me, and I don’t receive the paycheck Torts does :P

  116. Orr

    I’m sorry but I just don’t buy that about another coach than Torts would have had the same results…or the intimation of that. Torts has made faulty player assignments for months on end now and some of the Rangers worst moments this season came from his maneuvering of players. I was aghast when i saw him nominate Jokinen to shoot when he left Dubinsky and Prospal on the bench. I also would have liked to have seen Del Zotto get a chance. Even the much maligned Drury would have fared as well, because although he has slowed down somewhat, he does have good hands and has done fairly well in shoot outs. But Jokinen hasn’t done a bloody thing right this season..even some of the goals he did get were accidents.

    I will take wagers on Torts coming back.

    ( I’d like to see Betts back here.)

  117. The best thing to come out of this season was that the young players got either more experience or just plain their first experience at the NHL level.

    AA, MDZ, Gilroy, all players who figure in the long term future of the team (for right now, things could always change, of course) all got their first NHL year under the belts. While there were plenty of bumps in the road and mistakes along the way, they all each had decent to very good rookie years. They each need to work on certain aspects of their respective games, but for the most part I would consider their year’s a success.

    Dubi,Cally, Staal, Girardi. While they each have a few years in the league, they are still young players. Another year of experience is good for each of them. Dubi- missed a number of games with the injury, had plenty of times when he was AWOL during a game,was yanked from center to wing back to center and then finished the year on wing, and yet still managed to get a career high in goals and points. Cally- heart and soul player no questions, missed the time at the end with the knee, would have hit career highs in points and goals if not for the knee, played a lot of the year with Drury, showed that he will be a leader for years to come. Staal- brutal start to the year, went back to his roots as a defensive defensemen and then started incorporating his offensive skills towards the end of the year, still the best defender on the team and logs huge minutes. Girardi- a down year, didn’t stick up for Gabby in the Philly game, but picked up his play over the last few months, not as good as 2 years ago, but still a steady, reliable player. Do these 4 need to work on their games, too. Absolutely. But with another year in them, they’ve each grown and learned more about being in the league.

    These 7 players, if given the chance, will form the nucleus of the team for next few years, IMHO. With Hank, obviously. And that is the best part about this season.

  118. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    From Darren Dreger on Twitter:

    DarrenDreger Lots of speculation in New York about Sather’s future. Only Slats knows what’s going to happen. One scenario includes Risebrough staying.

  119. DarrenDreger

    Lots of speculation in New York about Sather’s future. Only Slats knows what’s going to happen. One scenario includes Risebrough staying

  120. sorry but I don’t want to look at positives because it gives cover for jackasses like Sather. it needs to be all negativity so that he is forced out of the GM job, to at the very least move upstairs. he should be fired but we know that will never happen.

  121. Have some of you forgotten that Slats was actually the guy who got rid of some of our dead wood and brougt in Shelly and Prust? While Jokinein did not show up as promised, those are two pretty good trades. As far as the summer – remember the deal to rid the team of Gomez?? He did that one too – not to bad really. So – lets play this out – Slats goes – then what do you get and how do they fix the problems already in place?

  122. Dreger’s “only Slats knows what’s going to happen” line tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Dolan’s hands-off approach to Rangers’ management issues.

  123. Coach Sean, you have to remember that Sather brought the “dead wood” (Kotalik and Higgins, in this case) in the first place.

    Our new GM needs to be willing to do two things: demote Wade Redden, and not give out monster contracts to aging veterans who can never live up to them. The rest is just details.


    It’s in his hands. Maybe the ole a****le will have a heart and decide to retire.

  125. puhleeze. Sather was the one who SIGNED Gomez and Brashear. and you want to give him credit for correcting his own blunders? no, I want a GM who makes the right decision the FIRST TIME, not after the damage is done.

  126. OK, to those who argue that in another format, minus the skills competition, the Rangers would still have been eliminated, I’m OK with that. I am OK with any team being eliminated by any means, so long as it is done during a hockey game. The skills competition is not a part of a hockey game. They are not playing hockey when the game is decided, and in this case, when the playoff spot is decided. And I feel that way no matter if the Rangers or the Flyers had been eliminated by the gimmick. I don’t care if it’s declared a tied game, or if you play OT forever, or what. Decide it by playing hockey, not something else.

    That’s my point.

    Coach, I’m not arguing with you about Staal. I think he’s going to be terrific, and he was terrific most of the second half. As I said, if he turns out to be Kevin Lowe, that would be spectacular.

    Doodie, sorry to hear you won’t be dropping in to comment. We’ll miss your voice.

  127. Coach Sean > Have you also forgotten that Sather was the one who got Gomez in the first place and all of the other dead wood contracts that are killing this team. So….. FIRE SATHER!!!

  128. It’s amazing to me how quickly the stock for the shooutout has fallen since the lockout ended. Coming out of the work stoppage, it headlined the league’s attempt to listen to fans and put a more exciting product on the ice. Now, just a few years later, a lot of people have soured on it.

  129. Aww Doodie, don’t go!

    This has nothing to do with yesterday, but I said the other day, goodbye Fraser. maybe he’s a wonderful and dotes on his grandkids, but he’s been a thorn in my side ref-wise for ages.

    And I missed Aves a season’s end. And not just in the way you think….:)

  130. FRAN

    The majority of the 29 other head coaches in this league would have probably passed up Gabby. Torts is not the only one. Putting Dubi in would have been done. Actually didn’t he miss the net on a wrist shot in his last shootout attempt? I could be wrong, but you can’t trust him in the shootout, you can’t put the season in the hands of a rookie like Del Z, who hasn’t had many shootout attempts.

    You have an argument with Vinny, and Dreary, but i don’t know what their stats are in the shootout. You have to go with what works, and that’s what he did, he made the right call.

  131. IMO the right thing would be to keep the shootout but change the point system to 3p for a win, 2 for shootout win and 1 for shootout loss….

  132. Thanks for all the great early morning entertainment before work. Love this place, and for those leaving for the season, have a great summer!


    A small bit of fairness and competence has been restored to the pool of NHL referees!!!!


    Do you put the pictures on the P & C blog? If so, what is the HTML Code that you use to do it? Please help!

  134. Carp

    I could care less about shootouts in the NHL, but since you think that the skills competition is no way to decide games in the NHL, what are your thoughts on the SO used in Olympics?

    I cant stand the thought of gold medal games being decided on a shootout.

  135. Enough with a point for losing. In what other sport can you improve your standing by losing in a certain fashion? It’s completely ridiculous, under all the different iterations under which the NHL has attempted to work it into the standings.

    Honestly, I couldn’t care less what system ultimately emerges, except to say that if you lose the game, you should get nothing.

  136. For everyone who continues to come up with scenarios under which a team would receive a point for losing the game, please explain the rationale. Why should a losing team be rewarded?

  137. If the Flyers lost yesterday, Snider would be campaigning to ban the shootout today. What a whiny selfish bastard…then again, I’d expect nothing less from the man who cofounded the Ayn Rand institute, of all things.

  138. Adam z. You are right to say that a losing team should not get any points. Remember though why they went 4 on 4 and each team gets one point when going to ot in the first place: alot of ties. OT essentially after being around for two decades was just 5 minutes of potentially blowing a game where you should have just tied and got a point. So teams were treating those 5 minutes as 5 minutes to prevent losing a point. So therefore, if you really are anti-losing-team-points,then you should do away with overtime completely. ends in a tie if scored is tied after 3 periods. to me, the system they have now is good. I understand that people hate the shootout, but it’s nice to end the game with a winner or loser. I think there should just be 3 points per game. win in reg you get 3 points, 2 for a win in ot or so, and 1 for losing in ot or so. This way you get best of both worlds: no ties and boring ots with no action and you don’t reward teams too much for waiting till ot to win the game. They lose a point for doing so! thoughts?

  139. hey Carp,

    watched a bit of Tortorella’s press conference and wondering if when he answered “No” in regards to Gabby not being in skills competition and other times where he will not discuss a player
    do you think he’s trying to protect the player by not discussing the situation? (as in not letting it balloon into a controversy ala Jagr not wanting to do skills competition)?
    you spoke of how Torts was outgoing when he was in Tampa, have you spoken to any beat reporters there as far as if he changed near the end of his time there
    any rumblings that he feels it necessary or has been instructed to keep it close to the vest, otherwise the media is going to run with something and make a mountain out of mole hill?

    i’m not apologizing for the guy because i know how difficult it can be when an interview subject isn’t talking but just trying to figure out if there’s background or reasoning to it.

  140. But Orr…then you are punishing the team for losing in a skills competition…

    You don’t get a point in BBall or Soccer or Baseball for going to extra time and you don’t get a win for tying in football…I don’t see why you have to get a point for forcing overtime..

    And Bulldog, Nash and Pho were in a much tougher conference also, which makes it even more impressive

  141. How about this for an idea nobody has ever pitched: if a game is still tied after 60 minutes and a 5-minute OT, neither team gets any points.

  142. Carp…if Sather ever did get fired as president and gm…would this blog crash? How many comments would you expect for the Fire Sather post?

  143. 3 points for a win in regulation.

    2 points for a win in OT or SO.

    1 point for a loss in OT or SO.

    Like the Olympics. I agree with that point format.

  144. Under my system, 1) teams would no longer get points for losing, which is asinine, 2) shootouts would never decide games, much less playoff spots, 3) the problem of boring OT’s is solved, because both teams retain high incentive for going for the win.

  145. Adam…that’s the same though as getting 1 point for a tie technically…it would all add up to being the same…

  146. Is Riseborough going to be the new TB GM? OH no…if that happens you know he would work out a deal sending Vinny here for others…he better not become TB new GM

  147. Adam, I agree with everything you said…we could keep the same system…2 points for wins, nothing else, and have a 4 on 4 10 minute OT?

  148. Darn, can’t chime in. Busy at work.

    NYRGuy- we would crush the blog for sure. I bet it would be 2000 comments. But most of them would be incoherent woooooooooooooo, yeaaaaaaaaaaahhh, baaaaaaabbbbbyyyy, etc.

  149. Sather’s been fired!!





  150. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    AWWWWW Momma let Doodie go. All he is , is a negative guy who always slams the Rangers. Ever sinse Doodie did the guest blog , hes been a jerk. Flat out. Everytime I read his posts ..I wanna tell him to shut the ‘el up!!!

    From Doodie ;”Carp, great work this year. I’ll be reading the blog to help keep your traffic up, but barring any major news, I’m not gonna bother boneheads bantering. See you in June.”

    Don’t let the door hit you on the wayyy out!!!

    Shine my shoes too while ya leaving.

  151. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Even Truefans,Salty,Olga and Izzy support the Rangers in some way. Doodie’s support this year…. Stunk.

  152. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    BTW I said he was being a jerk , not that he is a jerk…he really is a good guy who suddenly turned super sour. I think its a personl stab at the boneheads when he says hes wont bother with the comments. Oh well just my opinion , i’ll move on.

  153. It's about hockey on

    Balcony Bob agree with your statement. You should see how bad the referees are in the AHL and ECHL developmental leagues. They’re so short of offcials in the NHL, that they move the officials up as quick as possible, whether they’re ready or not. It doesn’t matter their ability to call a decent game. I will say there are a handful of officials that should be moved up, but not the majority.

  154. Chris says sell sell sell on

    Del Zotto

    are the only players who deserve to be back

  155. Would anyone be against trading Dubinsky? Anisimov is going to be the better player offensively. Dubs may get good return fresh off his first 20 goal season.

  156. Agree Orr…never understood why you got a point for losing…beats the hell outta me

  157. Carp…you are right about Philly fans…in more ways than one. I have a friend, who is a Flyers fan, score 2 free lower level tickets to the season-ender last year in Filthy. I have never been so happy to get home in my life, and the Rangers won the game! Suffice to say, I will not go to a Flyers home game again. What a bunch of jerks.

  158. is sather gone yet?…. and who did the coach challenge before yesterday’s game, Shelley?…..great job by both, can’t wait to say goodbye……is the coach gone yet? ….

  159. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    We are going to disagree, a bit, on Tortorella and the “No,” response thing. I mean, why cannot Torts be his own man – as he assuredly is? Don’t you just depise, I certainly do, slick public figures, from politicians to coaches, who try to be all things to all people?

    And, dammit, anyway, what is with the Mike Francesa “This is the New York, The Big Town, that doesn’t play here,” mentality. Too many sports media guys in this town think along the lines that you have to say and do things the New York way, or you are a reject from Green Bay.

    John Tortorella is his own man, and he doesn’t kiss anybody’s beezer, whether he’s coaching here on in Tampa. Sorry the New York media doesn’t like it, but it just makes me appreciate our coach, even more. Media expectations of titillating quotes do not run this coach’s life.

  160. bring back Boyle but not Dubi? that is outlandish. Boyle could not shine Dubi’s skates. Boyle is strictly a Voros type depth forward, a dressing room cheerleader etc

  161. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Adam Z. I think you have got something there, with your “no points for a tie,” proposal. I like it alot.

  162. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Baseball, I think because our GM hardly ever addresses the media, and in turn the fans of the team, we look to the coach to fill in the blanks. He is good theater, but sometimes, even if he’s annoyed, an answer to a tough question is the lesser of two evils. I know he has to get perturbed being asked the same question in 8 different ways (believe me, i know how that is)in that case a quick ‘asked and answered’ would be hilarious.

    I am NOT a Yankee fan, but the owner or the GM or the coach is always available for comment. They may not like questions, the may not give an answer, but to me, it seems they understand best the give and take, and that the guys asking the questions are kinda like the middlemen between the organEYEzation and the fans.

  163. it ain’t about how he treats the media. who cares?

    it is about how he ran the team. the point was well made earlier that he was a total liar about how his team would play when he came here.

    -”Torts should be fired. Not because the team didn’t make the playoffs, but because he didn’t execute any of the things he claimed he would, and that were supposed to make him a good coach. (i.e. safe is death, not overplaying Hank, accountability, a killer, reliable PP).”

    a forechecking team? hah. nothing but dump and chase and hang back and play safe. Renney lite, with all the warmth and expression of Sutter

  164. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Tort reform….

    we’ve discussed to death the accountability factor. He was all blustery about it when camp opened. How it was the name on the front of the sweater and not the name on the back. How ice time was going to be given to those who deserved it.

    argh ya got me going again! i gotta stop, my blood pressure is going up!!

  165. What Linda meant to say was…..

    “I am a Met fan, and also a Yankee fan”

    Glad we have that cleared up!


    Carp, Ugly? ugly how? behavior or looks
    Which cheese steak is your fav geno’s or the other guy.

    The team is a joke will be for a long time
    And the shootout is bush league and the NHL is a step above the X games , the NFL MLB and even the NBA are head and shoulders above bettman and crew imagine free throws to decide a game , home run derby etc.

  167. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    For those who are Monday morning quarterbacking the coach’s selection of shootout players, remember one thing – in the NHL (and I did the math over the first half of the season), players score on 37 per cent of shootout attempts. So that, when your goalie allows two out of three shots to register, he is putting his team at a major probability disadvantage. To need to score two out of three attempts, just to be tied and keep the shootout competion alive, is really stretching the law of averages. So that, when Hank allowed two out of three SO attempts to score, he put the Rangers down to about a 25% chance of eventually winning. Hank gave Philly about a 75% chance of winning. That is not the coach’s fault.

    And Hank gave us one of the best regulation goaltending performances, ever displayed by a Ranger goalie. Anything less and we would have been blown out, 4 or 5 to one. My thanks to both Hank and Coach for their contribution this year. Now let’s move on, with some optimism that we will have a more mature and deeper, and more talented roster in the Fall.

  168. omg breaking news francesa was talking hockey-was he choking on his diet coke and typing into google t o r t e l l a- that guy cannot spell hockey!!!! i dont need that guy bashing our team, we have enough knowledgeable hockey covergage in ny to bash our team!

  169. linda, 24 hrs later still apparently im very angry, bitter, etc lol! 145 days until RANGER HOCKEY! but dont get me started with MIKE FRANCESA……actually i have to thank mike and the ANGRY PUPPY for making me such a big ranger fan, i tuned them out at an early age and turned to the overnight show with benigno and knowledgeable ranger fans that were actually allowed to speak!

  170. chairman__mao on

    i thought christensen played a very lazy game with the puck and in chasing it the last few games. He has deft hands, but lazily finishes a play or pursues. In the home game with the flyers he fell on our goalie and lounged there as if in somewhere in the south of yucatan. Henrik had to jam him with blocker to get off. Propsal who played with so much fire thruout the season seemed to run out of gas, but prolly due to being overplayed earlier in season way beyond what should be a player of his age. I thought he along with Callie had two of the best overall seasons away from our all-world netminder.I think the story of the year for us was the emergence of CAllie via his u.s. olympic pick, and the validation thru U.S. exec brass of the importance of a player of his style, skill & grit. Would love to add a Bobby Ryan style player to this team. Post Olympics i thought Drury really showed us the intangibles that he brings, but he wears the albatross of that contract which, in our minds, should be the second offensive threat this team needs. Lastly, you can’t give enough credit to Del Zotto for assimilating to the nhl so quickly. I do think, however, he needs to work on his skating. Im sure as he further develops his body and skating this kid can be one of the great Ranger D’s. Even if he is more of the stature of a James Patrick than a brian Leetch we would have a power play qb for a decade. As far as this blog I think Carp made the coverage here feel like an era of great sports coverage.You know, the guys with fedoras at ol’ boxing matches.I always found it incredulous that Sam was writing here. His newlyfangled style was banal and lacked substance. If I had to hear one more time about him skating at some random rink I was going to ask the higher ups to shut off ‘these here internets’. There is no denying our passion for our hockey team, and it shows in the enthusiasm of the blog. fwiw i used to post as alamo here….i miss graves9 and the humor of bob the hyena’s posts.


  171. chairman__mao on

    to the guy trying to be GM of tampa bay…instead of telling them how great you will be for them you should have focused on administering to them a plan of action that you would see fit for the team showcasing advanced knowledge of contract situations and personnel rather than just flowering praise upon urself. I like your thinking big tho, and hope you pursue ur dream. Good luck!

  172. chairman__mao on

    ty linda…i was more of a spectator this year, but you really brought a spirit to this blog that was embraced by all and its nice to how the blog remained focus on positivity and respect for each other’s opinions.

  173. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    well thanks for that chairman! please post more, i’m sure everyone would appreciate it!

  174. I only occasionally visit the comments section, but would have no regrets seeing a way to dump or move:

    Redden (Obviously)
    Sather (Another obvious one, but is Messier ready, and if so, did he pick up some of Sather’s insanity?)

    As for Tort’s, there was only so much he could do with an uninspired team that didn’t get it’s spark until Prust (a KEEPER) and Shelley got here. You can only do so much with a pile of Carcillo. He had a season of injuries to key players. I can’t stand his smug, holier than thou attitude and the way he treats the media and ultimately the fans by not responding to questions, but I’d give him at least a 1/2 season more and see where he gets.

    I hope that these guys stay with the team a while:

    Callahan (How much did this guy alone play every position at least once this season? F, D,Enforcer, one game when they pulled Hank he made a great save and is the guy that should be wearing the C)
    Avery (as long as he reverts back to his old Avery ways like as of late)
    Gaborik (as long as he stays healthy and team defends him)
    Dubinsky (with the money we invested in him, but he got 20 goals and was out part of the season)
    Del Zotto (think he will can only get better, especially with PP)
    Staal (he’ll hopefuly continue to excel)
    Prust (The new Sean Avery? He sure got the fans going in my opinion)

    Players on the bubble I’d like to stick around:
    Would love to see Prospal back, but how much will he ask in the off season? TPA is still paying him from his buyout.
    Shelley?(He doesn’t take the dumb penalties that most other goons do, fights well, but depending on what enforcers are on market)
    Voros (okay, okay. I know there’s a lot that don’t like him, but I think if he took some boxing lessons and did some hardcore training in the off season, he may become productive again. Let him fight his way onto the roster next season. Don’t think we’d get much if we traded him since he was Prucha’d most of the season)

    Players I wouldn’t care if they stuck around or were traded:

    Girardi (RFA)
    Christensen (RFA)
    Lisin (he has speed but no desire it seems)
    Drury (I know, Sather contract)
    Gilroy (This is touchy but he could be a great trade chip)
    Auld (What was the point of getting this guy if we weren’t going to use him? Should have kept Johnson. I think he will be a solid Goalie for NYR)

    Valiquette- Nice guy, but sorry. It’s time to go to another team or stay in the AHL. Again, a nice guy but his NYR days are over.

    But these are just this one guys opinion. See what happens during the off-season.

  175. Some random thoughts the day after: Sorry carp- but by the time Torts figures out this is NY he won’t be here anymore ( and with good reason- who bears responsibility for the numerous NYR shortcomings that never got fixed through 82 games: pp sucked all year, defensive zone coverage sucked all year, and most noticeably this team had no clue how to play 4 on 4 in a league in which like half the games end with OT). Very few guys on this team bleed red white and blue and all but one of them (HL) was born on this continent. Let’s face it Gaborik playing in the olympics cost the Rangers a playoff spot – no question- anybody think differently? He was never the same player after. Of course, on the other hand it’s a bright day today- no more shootouts this season for anybody. (Don’t fool yourselves there won’t be too many more shootout-free playoffs…just watch and see). Could have been worse- could have lost the gold medal in a shootout (ah, Peter Nedved) instead of a playoff beating which we really didn’t earn.

  176. Good night, Carp!

    “I walked around the concourse in Philly yesterday, and while I hate to generalize, their fans are uglier than Rangers fans.”


  177. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    another good post by BigBlue D.

    i had mentioned a month or two ago that Torts would probably get half a season next year. I am wondering if ANY coach would get ANYTHING good consistently out of our albatross brigade.

    I think just about everyone would agree with your keepers and dumpees!

  178. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    seth, i used to get a kick out of steve sommers. and he always had pat verbeek on.

  179. czechthemout!!! on

    What is it with some of this Dubi bashing? The kid is 23 years old!! He just finished his third season setting career highs in, goals(20),and points. Next season is when he will go into his prime and I expect him to get 25+ goals and 30+ assists and 60+ points. Why would anyone want to get rid of someone like that? He will never be a superstar but will be a darn good top 6 forward for many years to come. He is also one of the few forwards on this team capable of holding the puck down low and in the corners.

    As for Torts, I don’t think he should be fired. He was able to ride seven or eight quality players into the final weekend of the season and battle for a playoff spot.

    This a terrible team as far as talent goes and would have been bombed out of the dance by the Caps in four games. What they should have done was to sell at the deadline and get as many draft picks/prospects as possible. This of course would require a GM with a vision and plan on how to build a long term quality team that can compete for the cup for more than one run like Detroit. Which brings me to my next point.

    Sather must be fired!!! If ne’s not, we will NEVER get anywhere near a Stanley Cup again! 10 years,2 playoff series wins,5 missed playoff seasons. As a great coach around these parts once said: “you are what your record says you are” and Mr. Sather, you SUCK big cigar!!!!!!!!!!

  180. im glad to see PRO DUBI people!!!! he had some mental breakdowns on defense this year no doubt but with his size he will be compete with callahan to see who our best 2 way forward will be next year…he can skate, has some skill and has some size….he coulda scored 30 this year if he did not shoot the puck right into the opposing goalie’s chest a bunch of times…im definitely a dubie KEEPER

  181. Interesting Job Posting:


    The successful candidate must:

    Be available to respond to media questions on Leap Years

    Be prepared to guide the Franchise into the Playoffs about half the time, never getting past the Quarter Finals

    Be adept at blaming failure on anything and anyone excluding the GM

    Be willing to hire a coach just as media friendly as the GM

    Possess the ability to pass over excellent draft talent, draft numerous busts, while over paying has been Free Agents in order to stifle Team Flexibility

    In exchange for the aforementioned, the successful candidate will have unparalleled job security, be able to go on fishing trips as often as he desires, and receive millions of dollars per year…

    Submit resume to: DOLAN, WAKE THE F UP
    PO Box 1994
    New York, NY 10001


  182. Nobody is untouchable if it’s going to get us some cap space including Dubi, but i’m clearly in the Dubi camp as a player. As a grown up he still has a little ways to go. Dubi uses his body and backside extremely well, he’s not afraid to go into bad spots on the ice and plays both pp and pk. The biggest thing is he has gotten better each yr. A lot of our players we love or hate were worse this year: Avery,Hank,Redden,Rosi,Drury,Dan G,Vally, and players who were new that we don’t want Boyle,Brash,Ollie and boardline keepers in Vinny and Shelly. Boy oh Boy that’s a lot of people to concern turning over AGAIN. For the Turnstiles.

  183. I wish we would have traded Dubi, and who ever else was a part of that Stamkos NHL10-style deal.

    I still can’t believe that. How can anyone consider trading their number 1 overall pick in his rookie year because he’s not scoring as much points as Crosby, and goals as Ovechkin?

    Just sounds so damn fishy.

  184. I speak for all NYR fans since it’s quiet out there and we will root for the Caps 1st, just so Cindy doesn’t have anything on Alex the Great and 2nd will be the Sabres, just because of the Ryan Miller factor. USA! Forget the west so that’s what we are all to do. Thanks for your consideration

  185. Dubi played ok, he setup christensen who whiffed twice early on, he setup Redden from point blank range midway through the second…..hedberg go CAPS go but i cannot fathom LETS GO BUFFALO, it is C A P S CAPSCAPSCAPS then GO SENS GO sorry in advance!

  186. Baseball, this IS New York. This IS the big town. This ISN’T Tampa. This ISN’T Green Bay. It’s different here. If you can’t deal with it, go back from whence you came. Simple as that, bud.

  187. Slats needs to dump Redden and acquire a #1 center, period.

    Put Dubi at wing with Gaborik.. that or trade Dubi in a package for a #1 center.

    Resign Christensen as a 2nd line center and possibly Prospal as 2nd line W/C (he and #26 can alternate).

    Sign Volchenkov.

    Rozsival definitely increased his trade value, but we still could use his vet-ness.. sorta..

    Slats WILL dump salary to re-sign Staal (who will get at least 4m).

    Girardi could be upped for 2-2.5m, but I’d rather package him away.

    Dubi – UFA (Koivu?) – Gaborik
    Prospal – Christensen – Callahan
    Avery – Anisimov – Prust
    Shelley – |||||||| – Byers

    Staal – Girardi
    Volchenkov – Del Zotto
    Sauer – Eriksson/Sangs/UFA

    I’d love to say throw the bank at Kovalchuk, but that won’t happen.

    Yes, I left out Drury because I hate him and his awful contract.

  188. Good evening, ‘heads! Crazy at work and the effing modem is still down at home. Didn’t have time to pick up the new one from TWC. Tough to post insightful comments using your iPhone. Read most of the posts. I like the spirit today. And I like that we maintained respect for each other today. We will have enough time to talk plans for the next year.

    GregL sounds devastated. With his passion, I understand. Hang in there, bud, they’ll come back strong next year.

  189. I dont understand how everyone says “If the NHL were under its old format, where the game ends in a tie after overtime, then the Rangers would have been eliminated.” Yea, so thats saying the rangers should be thankful for the shootout bc it gave them a chance to still avoid elimination yesterday.
    Well if the NHL was under that format still, then there would be alot less points gained by all teams this season and the standings would be completely different, you cant just say it for one game, the whole season would have been different, it is a flawed argument in my opinion. I understand the basis of it for yesterday alone but the entire season would have been different if the NHL was still under that format, at that point the rangers may have already been eliminated long before that, or clinched long before that, nobody knows.

  190. Just SICKENING!

    MOre evidence of the league against NY teams.

    The Jets traded for Santonio Holmes yesterday, and the NFL suspended him today for 4 games.

    How convenient, just wait til he goes to a NY team, then suspended.

    However, I knew there was a reason why I respected the Steelers’ organization. They could have gifted Santonio to the Patriots, but gifted him to the Jets. Nice to see once in a while in this day and age of gifting things to Bostonians.

  191. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Come on, all this Big Town self congratulatory patting on the back in the media. All I said is that Torts is his own man. Interesting how so many think he should be a warm, fuzzy, personable boot licker to the media. That, somehow woudl make him a real New Yorker. HAHAHA.

    And by the way, I live in NY State and am a REAL Ranger fan, but root for all the other Philadelphia professional teams, stemming from my roots growing up in Suburban Philadelphia, years ago. Not many Ranger fans are from the Philly area, and I am proudly one of the most loyal, passionate and long-suffering Ranger fans, as much as anyone here. AND I happen to immensely like and appreciate Torts, almost as much as I truly admire Emile The Cat, finest Ranger coach and GM in the club’s history, to my thinking.

  192. and we’re all happy for you.

    this has nothing to do with self congrats or if Tortorella likes me (he does) or whatever.

    it’s part of the job.

  193. So, please tell me if I’m mistaken…but the Rangers can move up to as high as 6th tomorrow but no worse?

  194. The White Plains Batman on

    As far as the shootout goes peeps; look it is what it is. Under the Renney era they won many games this way. They maybe don’t even make the playoffs in 05-06 or stay in first place nearly the entire year without it. So it has benefited them in the past, and this time it didn’t.

    For the draft pick-I know many people are upset that it’s ONLY going to be 10 or 11, but that’s when Tyler Myers went. In 05 a man by the name of Anze was drafted 11th. This is a deep draft, just let Gordie do his thing (cough Johansen or Nino cough)

    And that was a great move by the Jets but the reason he was suspended was either he got caught smoking the mean green or he declined a mandatory drug test. Still, if that team stays healthy, they should win the AFC East and PRAY that Nick Folk doesn’t lose them any playoff games.

  195. Ok, I think I figured it out…out of the 14 balls in the lottery, only 1 is selected and the team selected can move up a maximum of 4 spots…so the Rangers won’t move from 10th unless they are selected (where they will be 6th) or a team behind them is selected, where they would be 11th…

  196. Correct, NYR.
    The percentage chance of a team being selected in the Draft Drawing:

    Edmonton 25.0%
    Boston (from TOR) 18.8%
    Florida 14.2%
    Columbus 10.7%
    NY Islanders 8.1%
    Tampa Bay 6.2%
    Carolina 4.7%
    Atlanta 3.6%
    Minnesota 2.7%
    NY Rangers 2.1%
    Dallas 1.5%
    Anaheim 1.1%
    Phoenix (from CGY) 0.8%
    St. Louis 0.5%

  197. Hmm Well I hope Columbus wins the lottery and gets the #1 pick so Boston doesn’t get Hall or Seguin…and Florida doesn’t deserve one of them…so go Blue Jackets!

  198. Haha it’s simple Linda once you figure it out haha…one of the 14 teams is selected and you can only move up 5 spots.

    So if a team in the top 5 is picked, they have the #1 pick and everyone else in front of them just slides down.

    If a team outside the top 5 is picked, they just move up 5 picks.

  199. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Linda –

    Re your Steve Sommers reference, I wonder what you think about him? I find him to be a pompous, hot-air balloon, what with his incessant “New York Metropolitans” nonsense.

    Where Sommers really lost me, well, he never really had me as a fan of his, was in 1994, when the Red Sox were down, three games to none in their playoff series with the Yankees, and he came on the air and said: “The Boston Red Sox will NEVER, EVER win anything in our lifetime.” It’s ok to take a position and be wrong in matters like that, as he was in this instance, but what vexed me no end, was when, when that year’s World Series was over, Sommers came on the air and said: “I picked the Red Sox to win it all.”

    I mean, come on, politicians are two-faced like that, all the time, but I figure our sports talk show hosts can be a bit more humble and convey more integrity than the lowest element demagoging the entire country. I despise anyone in in the public sector who is a plastic, self-promoting phony and Steve Sommers is among the biggest blow-hards out there, in that respect.

  200. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Baseball, back in the day, when he was on the overnight, he’d make me laugh. It’s been 4 years since I’ve listened to the FAN, since I moved down to AL, but his captain midnight days just made me laugh, and he was pretty much the only guy I remember who talked hockey, until Joe came along.

    LMAO @ that Red Sox story, totally bizarre to have come out with that statement after the series.

  201. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    thanks for that NYR!! so it IS possible for the isles to get another number one pick…hmmph

  202. by the way someone called out anisimov as being the one who should have had carle marked cutting in from the point on the flyers goal, that was not the case, boyle was on carle’s side of the point and boyle followed the puck where wade redden had carter covered where the puck was, boyle missed the puck of course and carle came into the slot where the puck bounced to after carter sent it toward the net off of reddens skate

  203. Leetchhalloffame on

    Bring back Dubi – he’s young and will only improve. Don’t forget that he missed a bunch of games this year with a broken hand, and so it’s likely he could have had 5 more goals/10 more points on the season. Also, you KNOW that if we let him go he’ll burn us for years to come. Oh, I almost forgot – FIRE SATHER!!

  204. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ” GregL sounds devastated.” – ilb2001

    yeah , good choice of words. I am devastated…extreamly.
    It hurts to not watch my team in the hurts … really bad. The Rangers are my life and them not making it is the worse feeling possible. I even get tearing talking ’bout it right now. This loss is awfull.

  205. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I hate Ovechkin for what he did to us last year , watching our practice and mocking our salute. I hate him for that and I’ll never cheer for Washinton as long as I live.

  206. Originally posted “Belated Post Games Notes” 221pm

    April 12th, 2010 at 2:21 pm
    “THE CINDERRANGERS ARE HOME FOR SUMMER” per Larry Brook’s in todays Post. Final Observations: (1) Kutos to you Carp. A great job in providing a forum and making an unbearable season for devoted Ranger Fans somewhat bearable.,(2) It’s really ironic to have Lunqvist play one of the greatest games I’ve seen him play and yet fail at what he used to do so well; The Shoot-out. (Fact of the matter is we didn’t deserve to win. The Flyers wre the better prepared and the more talented team., (3)Everyone says we wre starting to jell as a team, but why does it take 82 games for that to happen. Coaching alone cost this team quite a few games. Torts and Sullivan with late line changes resulted in too many odd man advantages and subsequent goals.Sullivan was to the Rangers what Razor Shines was to the Mets when he was their 3rd Base Coach. (4) What was Torts thinking about when he had Jokinen shoot 3rd in the shoot-out. Why not use one of the kids that shoot between periods at the Garden. Jokenin’s a joke. Where did he and Pospal disappear to. Anisimov, Drury, Dubie or Rosy would have been better choices. (5)Time for massive changes including Tortorells (Who was run out of Tampa)&Sather ( He does have nine lives)to leave. A trinity of Messier, Graves, Schoenfeld along with maybe Keenan and Maloney in some support positions. Bring up the (3) young kids listed in the (5)) prospects Kreider, McDonough and Stepan. Keep Henrik (Unless to can get alot for him), DZ, Girardi, Prust Gabby, Avery, Dubie, Staal (After Hennrik probably the best player on the team)Callahan, Anisimov maybe Christensen (Soft hands too timid) and Drury (If he could re-invent himself and lose that attitude) And keep Shelley because he gives a crap. A modern day Fotio that makes a team better just by his mere presence. Have a nice summer everybody.

  207. Any Steven Seagal fans still around? Check this out…

    “A 23-year-old former model claims she interviewed with Seagal last February for the position of executive assistant. Kayden Nguyen says she got the job, but when she showed up for work, she learned, “Mr. Seagal had been keeping two young female Russian ‘Attendants’ on staff who were available for his sexual needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

    Nguyen alleges in her suit, one of the ‘Attendants’ had recently quit and it was this job — not executive assistant — Seagal intended her to fill.

    Nguyen claims the very first night on the job, Seagal treated her “as his sex toy.” Nguyen says in the lawsuit Seagal, pushed his hands under her skirt, tried fondling her breasts and forced his hand down her pants.

    Nguyen says she complained the next morning — unclear to whom — but nothing was done.

    Nguyen says the next day Seagal did it again, sexually assaulting her and forcing her to consume illegal pills. And she says there were other sexual assaults that followed.

    According to the suit, Seagal said, “My wife wouldn’t mind if you and I had a sexual relationship.”

    Nguyen is suing for more than a million bucks”

  208. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Linda, of course you can catch The Fan on I-Tunes. I enjoy The Fan, that way, as well as as much as I can stand of Philly’s well-informed but ascerbic and difficult to suffer for any extended period of time, one Howard Eskin, the afternoon man. He is Mr. Philadelphia sports, but his ego and vanity make him a depressant, more than a stimulant. And he boot licks Charlie Manuel, who is down to his last two brain cells, while taking Andy Reid to the shed, all too often. Figure that.

  209. Carp – female Ranger fans are hotter then the rest of the leagues’ hands down. It’s really all we got going for ourselves.

  210. You can get WFAN live if you download AOL Radio application. I listen to the show on my phone cause AM radio has too much static for me to listen to at 6am. It’s crystal clear on the AOL Radio application. Carton had me cracking up this morning when he spoke about how the Mets “embarrassed themselves” losing back to back series against the Nationals and Marlins.

  211. Cut the crap about the shootout being why they missed the playoffs. They missed because they couldn’t buy a goal or a win in the middle of the season. (Y’all know the record.)
    Considering the money spent, that’s just awful management and player performance. Again.

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