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Who needs a post-game show when you have the Boneheads Blog?

Here are some quotes from Philly. I thought Dubinsky’s view was the most honest. I’ll post the Rangers post-game notes late tonight or tomorrow morning. We’ll wrap up the season in the next few days, and probably have reaction from break-up day.

Obviously you know how I feel about the Skills Competition. As I said during the thread, I think it’s a disgraceful way to determine teams’ fortunes, and millions of dollars in revenue, and ultimately people’s jobs. Might as well have a snot-bubble contest or play tiddly-winks.

Or, as I said to someone afterwards: It’s just like the last day of 1988. After the hockey game was over, the Rangers were eliminated.

Here are the quotes. I’ll see youse all much later.


“They were pretty good countering out turnovers. We just didn’t play enough in their zone.”

“Our inconstency throughout the year put us in this spot.”

“Obviously pretty disappointed, to lose in a shootout to get knocked out in the last game of the year. I feel really bad for Henrik … one of the best games I’ve ever seen him play and we don’t get much in the way of offense for him.”


Looked like he was going to cry, and was brief compared to what he usually does in terms of post-game interviews.

Asked if he felt good going into the shootout, given how he’d played:

“Not really. I was dead tired.”

“I can’t analyze. You have to ask someone else to analyze the game. I can analyze me. I’m just so empty right now. I don’t know what to say.”

“We got close. We did what we could the last few weeks here to get back in the race. I think we worked hard. I think they were better tonight though. I felt we couldn’t hold onto pucks too long. Our fourth line was out best line the last two games and they played great, but it’s going to be tough to win two games against Philly when the fourth line’s the best line.”

“I don’t know what to say. It’s empty and tough.”

“They made good moves, but going into the shootout, I was pretty beat up. It was a tough, intense game. It was pretty tight. I was focused, but they made two pretty good moves. They waited and waited and I tried to be patient. But not much to say. The season’s over and it sucks.”


“He kept us in there the whole game. They had so many chances. Hank was just unbelievable in net. It was a game that everybody was excited to play, I think it was exciting to watch. It’s just disapointing the outcome. It’s too bad.”


Thought the Rangers were tentative:

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I can’t put a finger on it. I think that we’ve been in the must-win situation for a while now, and I think we should have approached it the same way as we did every one of those games. But in the end this is Game 7. Nobody wants to make that mistake. People are a little bit tentative. I think that could have been one of the reasons for them having so many chances and shots against us.

“That being said, we had our opportunities. I had a chance on a wrap in the third. It’s tough. We had our chances.”

“No doubt we played well over the last 10 games and gave ourselves a chance, but it should never have come to this. With the way we started the year — with the start and the finish — what really hurt us was everything in between. It’s tough to put it down as one goal in a shootout. We had our opportunities all year and couldn’t get it done. That said, I thought we worked hard and kept fighting and really came together as a team. So hopefully the guys feel what that’s like and come back ready to go and feel that way for the entire year.”

“It sucks that it’s a shootout but that’s the rules of the game. We’ve been playing the shootout for a few years now and we knew it was coming. I like our chances in shootouts. It just didn’t work out our way this time.”


“It’s a tough loss. They fought hard here for the last little while. They fought right to the bitter end. It comes down to a shootout and we don’t get it done.”

“We didn’t have the puck enough. They had the puck. We knew they were going to come hard the first period, and I thought we gathered ourselves in the second and third, but throughout the game we didn’t have the puck enough. … I thought at times we could have kept it. We just didn’t. There are a number of reasons why we didn’t have it enough, and when we did underneath the hash marks, you look at Artie’s line, they were really good under the hash. That’s where we wanted to get to, we just didn’t get it enough from our other lines.”

Asked to explain his decision to not use Gaborik in the shootout:


On losing in a shootout:

“Well, both teams go through it. We’re certainly not going to whine about what the situation is with shootouts throughout the regular season. That’s just the way it is. That’s what it is, that’s what it came down to. In all honesty, when it got to there, I thought we had the advantage. No disrespect to their shooters, but Henrik was terrific today, and I thought we had a pretty good chance there, but it didn’t work out.”

On the run over the last 10 games:

“Things changed in our lockerroom. Look, we’re not satisfied. We didn’t get to where we wanted to be. But you have to find some other things as you’re building your team that are positive and there are a lot of good things that went on in there. Hopefully we can grow from it.”

Thoughts on the late penalty call:

“It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. You get penalties one way or another, good or bad for your hockey team. We lost he hockey game. It doesn’t come down to one specific play. We lost the hockey game.”

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  1. CR9 April 11th, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    Once you get to a shootout, Ted, the one goal in regulation is meaningless.

    It’s what happens in the shootout that matters.

    We got a goal from PaPa, and allowed 2 goals.

    You can say it’s meaningless and arbitrary, but I GUARANTEE YOU…

    Hank, though basically saving us all game long, still blames himself because he understands that when it gets to a shootout, a win and in game, it is HIS TIME to shine. And he didn’t.

    No big deal. Just one time. Our team had but a 5 percent shot to win the Cup anyways. He’s still the greatest and hottest goalie in the league.

    It’s now up to Sather or our new GM to surround the best goalie with actual talent.

    It begins with Rozi and Redden being dumped to the minors where they belong.

  2. If you really think this is Hank’s fault, and not the clowns in front of him, I hear Hockey for Dummies is on sale at Borders. Btw what is so bad about giving up a breakaway goal to Giroux? He is pretty decent actually.

    He isn’t elite? He made 46 EFFIN SAVES with the season on the line! He isn’t gonna keep them all out because this isn’t a damn video game.

    I never knew that to be elite you had to stop every shot of every game ever.

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hank played a great game but could not Finish the great game .

    HANK IS NO CLOSER!!! ( Baseball term)

  4. It’s an excuse to me, Ted. He played great, and it obviously does matter, and i do agree, the game wouldn’t have gone to a shootout if not for him, but none of that matters when OT ends, it’s a whole new game.

    He blew it in the shootout, and just because he played amazing in regulation, it doesn’t change that fact.

    And why do you keep bringing up this “Elite Goalie” carp, I’m pretty sure the only thing i said was “Hank isn’t elite, and i never considered him elite”. Talk to CR9 or Greg aboot that, cause one of them brought that up, not me.

  5. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    “No doubt we played well over the last 10 games and gave ourselves a chance, but it should never have come to this. With the way we started the year—with the start and the finish—what really hurt us was everything in between. ”

    Brandon Dubinsky ladies and gentlemen. Hits it outta the park.

  6. When Hank plays out of his mind good, we don’t show up offensively. When we show up offensively, Hank plays average or below average. This team is a decent team, and not a good team, or a GREAT team. Hank is a Great goalie. He did NOT lose us this game. Changes need to be made, but I hope Hank is a career Ranger. The fourth line showed up. Hank showed up. End of story.

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Like with a UFC fighter, if a fighter blocks all the shots and cant finish his opponent , he loses.

    Tennis, Darts , tiddlewings,dodgeball,cricket,the louge,raquet ball, lawn bowling ,curling can not be won if ya cant finish. A bowler can just pitch 5 stikes and say hes good. Ya have to finish.

  8. Greg – you say “Hank is a great goalie but is not Elite until he win games like this”. I don’t know what the official definition of “elite” is, but he’s been winning “games like this” for the last five years. Now he’s on a team not good enough to avoid ending up clinging on for dear life in game 82 to get in, that makes him a choker who blows it?

  9. I bring it up because I disagree and I think he is elite. Duh. Let’s look at this way. It would have taken a shutout (47 saves), or 1 GAA (46 saves) and an SO shutout to win this game. Since Hank isn’t elite enough for you, Greg, and CR9, please name me a goalie that you think would have a significantly higher chance of posting those numbers for us today.

  10. Elite goalies win Cups. Hank is NOT elite. Miller is NOT elite.

    Some might not think Fluery is an elite goalie, and you can argue that, but he got his team to the Cup Finals twice, and no, Crybaby and Malkin didn’t carry him there, those two don’t keep the puck out of the net. He helped, he did his part.

    Hank won a Gold medal, with a great defense in his rookie year, but look at him this year, he had a damn good defense in front of him and he couldn’t get into the medal rounds.

    Enough of the excuses for Hank. I get the fact that we have a carppy defense, and they really never help him out, so he has that pressure, but it’s not like if he had an affordable capable defense in front of him, he would be able to get shutouts practically every other night.

    Hank has a sh*t load of flaws.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hank played a great game but could not Finish the great game .
    HANK IS NO CLOSER!!! ( Baseball term)

    EXACTLY! Terrible arm, awful wrist shot.

    All his fault.

  12. Greg L – in the UFC, a key saying is “Don’t leave it in the judges’ hands”. The shootout is the judges’ hands, and the defense and offense left it there. Misplaced blame once more.

  13. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    Carpy, at least he gets it. I truly expect huge things from him next year if he’s not traded.

  14. Love the lack of accountability on Tortarella’s part. “explain why you didn’t use Gaborik” NO. Because that would mean taking responsibility for screwing up as coach and it’s always got to “be about the team” You messed up John. Just take responsibility and move on.

    If you guys really think this was Lundqvist’s fault find a hardware store, buy a tac hammer and smack yourself in the face with it. This team came out in the 3rd and tried to kill it off like a 20 minute Penalty kill. He’s the only player to leave it all out on the ice in the most important game of the year.

    Carp I sent you an email.

  15. TheMessiah94 on

    Great post before Linda, about why we aren’t in the playoffs. Too many games where we didn’t compete.

  16. Looks like Nosepicka has real maturity.

    He sounds really wise for his age..


    Too bad he didnt come out and give out Kerry Fraser’s home address and although we lost this season, and lost this game, he could have attacked Fraser (verbally) for being biased against us.

    There was no reason for that interference on papa to be called.

    It was not even in the least bit, appropriate.

    Fraser is what all referees and scumpires are, anti NY. Simple.

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ted , The thing about it is …if we didnt have HANK this year , OUR team would be exposed and miss the playoffs …probally a month ago like the Oilers. We pay a golie 7 million and a 2 forwards 7 million and 2 dmen 6 million. We dont need any of it. If we wanna win , build ,build. Sather will NEVER get fired if Hank keeps bailing him out , got it?

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I stand by my comment on the Previous Thread (Ddebened, Orr, CR9).

    If you put Richter on this team, he has *THIS* team in the top 5… for draft picks! Lundqvist’s career SV% mops the floor with any Richter accomplishment, except the cup. Put this Lundqvist on that cup team and you have a dynasty! Richter lifetime SV% = .9 while Hank’s is about a .918. The position has improved, but Hank did more with this Rangers team than Richter could ever do with a crappy team like this.

  19. Carp,

    Can you believe MSG had no post game…it was treated like a pre season game…sam rosen said thank you ranger fans you are the best then bill pidto came on with Ron for 5 minutes and then bill is promoting KNICKS HEAT!!!

    oh and thank for this quote you brightened my day a lil as the season comes to an end:

    Obviously you know how I feel about the Skills Competition. As I said during the thread, I think it’s a disgraceful way to determine teams’ fortunes, and millions of dollars in revenue, and ultimately people’s jobs. Might as well have a snot-bubble contest or play tiddly-winks.

    Sather’s job hopefully???????
    and Mr Dolan loses a few million today with no playoff games -atleast i can take this to the bank,

  20. GABORIK:
    “He kept us in there the whole game. They had so many chances. Hank was just unbelievable in net. It was a game that everybody was excited to play, *I think it was exciting to watch*. It’s just disapointing the outcome. It’s too bad.”


    Glad you liked watching the game, Marian. Next time try to actually play the game instead of just watching.

    And Torts is the bigger carcillo… no wonder he didn’t want to explain his decision not to use Gaborik in shootout…He cant explain it since he doesnt know what he’s doing.

  21. True Fans

    I never made any comparison to Richter, or said Hank isnt elite. SO LEAVE ME OUT OF IT!


    The officiating does matter, because that was not a penalty on PAPA. And although we dont score on PPs, that’s still 2 minutes extra off the clock normally.

  22. ORR – once again, complete fallacy in logic. If Hank lets in any of the 46 he saves, there is no shootout. Wake the F up.

  23. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    James, i predicted elsewhere that he would not answer a question regarding the shoot out, except mine was why were there NO GUYS who’ve been onthis team since day one out there with the season on the line. I knew he would not answer. disappointment. so much for accountability.

  24. For those who blame Hank for losing in a shootout: Have you actually played the game? On ice? In the real world? With other living people?

    A shootout is a coin toss moment. The guy did his job during the game. The other guys on the team couldn’t beat a goalie who is know to be swiss cheese.

  25. Guys and Gals, an elite goalie does not win a cup on his own. End of story. I respect the hell out of everyone on here and your comments, but you don’t win on goaltending alone. You DON’T! You need a TEAM effort. This team is suspect in many ways, and we all knows that, so I am sick of hearing this blaming Hank crap. Get over it. We lost. The season is over. You want to go point fingers, point them to the top, at the person who constructed this team. Not at Hank. Not at pigface for missing on the last shootout attempt. Point it at cigar puss himself. END OF STORY!

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hank is the crutch that keeps this team alive. He is our life support , making ME , and everyone keep the faith. Hank lets in too many soft goals. He played a whale of a game. Hank played awsome tonight . I saw it. He did get lucky with 3 crossbars. 3 -1 after one period would have been the score. If a shoot flinches at Hank…HE BITES.


  27. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    April 11th, 2010 at 7:34 pm
    “He kept us in there the whole game. They had so many chances. Hank was just unbelievable in net. It was a game that everybody was excited to play, I think it was exciting to watch. It’s just disapointing the outcome. It’s too bad.”


    Glad you liked watching the game, Marian. Next time try to actually play the game instead of just watching.

    And Torts is the bigger carcillo… no wonder he didn’t want to explain his decision not to use Gaborik in shootout…He cant explain it since he doesnt know what he’s doing.


    GREAT catch there CCCP! how did i miss that ‘it was exciting to watch’ UH HELLO, you’re not supposed to be watching

  28. reginald dunlop on

    The officiating doesn’t matter at this point

    well it does when the officiating is NOT CONSISTENT….if the Shelley high stick, blind side head shot, Prospal high stick isnt called because we’re letting the boys decide it….then how in the wide wide world of sports do you call an interference away from the play in the 3rd period to put a team on the pp???? the officiating always matters, can change and control a game…stop drinking the Jim Jones Kool Aid

  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    yes Ted , Barrasoo ,Ranford and Vernon, pure winners. Elite , maybe..all im saying is Hank has NEVER won the cup.


  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Asked if he felt good going into the shootout, given how he’d played:
    “Not really. *I was dead tired…* I’m just so empty right now. I don’t know what to say.”
    “Our fourth line was out best line the last two games and they played great, but it’s going to be tough to win two games against Philly when the fourth line’s the best line.”
    “I don’t know what to say. It’s empty and tough.”
    *Orr, Greg, CR9*
    Carp should have smacked him before yelling “Elite goalies never get tired, you SOB!”
    How dare he be fatigued after 73 games, playing behind an exhausting defense, and adding a 46 shot game to finish the year! Terrible.

    *Trade Hank for a prospect and rebuild with Auld! Oh baby, here comes the 2011 cup!*

  31. It doesnt matter.

    You guys dont listen.

    I dont blame Hank. I realize we would not have been in a SO if it werent for him.

    I love Hank more than anybody, and I adore every inch of his perfect body….

    but when it got to the shootout, it was not a coin toss. Hank, according to the Philly commentators, is the best in the history of the SO. It takes skill to be a goalie in a shootout.

    So he lost. It happens to the best of them.

  32. Hank played great and i;m always saying we should at least look into moving him, because by the time we get decent he will be shot. In a snapshot that what today was all about,he played great but in the end he was dog tired as he admits,he was shot. The real problem is the Flyers suck and we got massively outshot by them. We are so far away it’s unreal to make a run for the Cup. I hate Rosi but he did play well, maybe a taker out there. Redden is another story, you have to bite the bullet and send him down for good, maybe he quits, he plays with no hockey sense, no shot,not tough, can’t make a pass and on and on… Blow the whole thing up and send everybody packing you can, to get some space and play the youth.

  33. TED

    I was responding to True Fans, not you. I don’t even know who those three guys are, and can care less.

    And i KNOW that if he lets in one of those goals, the game’s over. I already fuggin said that. But, once again you’re making up excuses.

    It’s the god damn shootout, not one of the 47 saves he had to make. Those are over with. Hank never gave the team a shot to win IN THE SHOOTOUT. Forget the damn game for the love of Petr Prucha.

  34. Hank had the most telling thought on this game – you are not gonna win again when your fourth line is your best line on the ice again!

    For a big game…Gaborik, Drury, Prospal, Jokkinen Christiansen and many others came up small.

    I don’t care what anyone says…Gaborik has got to shoot instead of Jokkinen. He could have made up for months of shitty play, but now he should be a goner!

  35. Well which goalie would you geniuses have put in there? How about scapegoating the bums in front of him instead of the guy who played his ass off?

    They played like crap and you blame Hank. Those were good shootout shots, guys. Giroux’s was hard and to an opening, better than you can say for Jokinen. Briere’s was good hands. We don’t have anyone who does that and that’s why we lost. Oh wait I forgot, every goal he gives up is soft, right, Orr?

  36. Greg, and in your esteemed opinion, a guy like Barasso having Jagr and Lemieux on the same team, and Ranford playing on the powerhouse Oilers (albeit minus Gretzky by then) had nothing to do with those cups they won?

  37. TheMessiah94 on

    I’m kinda pissed off about Gaborik’s comments. Does he really care about this team? I can’t tell emotion from reading them, but it doesn’t sound like it really bothers him. And we all know the Olympics are more important to him than the Rangers.

  38. reginald dunlop on

    when will the coach be held accountable?

    well that will be dissected once we look at the film but I’m not gonna stand here and dissect it with you now…..
    HA HA HA

  39. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    Dont think so. LQ has worked on his glove hand and that’s obvious. How many time have we marveled at his glove hand 2nd half o the season.

    He even said he tweaked his game being more upright when he moves side to side. How many times have the Rangers been shut out this season? 4 times in 7 games. PATHETIC. He needed to be nearly perfect in a good amount of games and yes that is exhausting. All that pressure is physically, emotional & mentally exhausting. He’s a freaking horse. Washington, Chicago, SJ all have a ton of firepower, bad goaltending.

    If you want to use LQ as an example in the Olympics. What about Nabokov? He was the backstop of the most dangerous team in the olympics. What did he do? Gave up 7 goals. LOL

  40. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    April 11th, 2010 at 7:39 pm
    when will the coach be held accountable?

    the owner doesnt hold the gm accountable for anything, it would be pretty hypocritical for anyone to hold the coach accountable for anything ;-)

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Raymond Bourque never felt satisfied. He was a norris winner , Canadian hero, All star forever , great pp guy. He never won the cup and it tarnished his carrear. Ray bourque went to Colorado and won the cup…winning the cup is everything . Hank would have been the new Matteau , him and PA . Nope . We lost the shoot out.

  42. Lol, you don’t know who those guys are and you could care less? Sweet jesus, I wouldn’t have even bothered arguing if I realized you were such a n00b.

  43. Linda it’s time for the press to unload on the unaccountable coach, gm, and owner. They have little respect for NYR fans.

  44. I am someone who has called for the King to be traded. Not because of the way he’s played. Quite the contrary. I want him traded because he will be burned out in the next 2-3 seasons and we will get nothing for him. And since we can’t draft for the most part, it is a way to use your best asset to bring in a bunch of top end talent that we don’t have enough of.

    As for the game—
    The King was his regal self today. Anyone who blames him for this loss needs to really stop smoking the funny little cigarettes! He gave his severly undermatched team of mostly scrubs and waiver wire pickups a chance to go to the playoffs to be embarassed by the Caps. This team is alarmingly thin on talent and that is all on Sather the dope. Ten years he has been the GM of this “team” and all he has to show for it is two playoff victories and a bunch of failed first round draft busts and Carcillio free agents.

    As for next year—

    Cally,Gabby,Dubi,Avery,AA,Hank,MDZ,Staal,Girardi(depends on the contract size),Prust,Gilroy,Drury(untradable).


    Rozy,Redden,Ericson,Prospal(too Old),Jokanen,Boyle,Voros(enough already),Lisin(no hockey sense).

    New guys:

    McDonuogh,Weise,Grachev,Volchenkov(fa/Best shot blocker/Hardest hiting dman in the league)Bobby Sangs,Mike Sauer,FA forward with size who can score some too.

  45. “Well which goalie would you geniuses have put in there? How about scapegoating the bums in front of him instead of the guy who played his ass off?”

    None of you get it. You keep pulling all this carp out of thin air, bringing up the regulation, bringing up past goalies, backup goalies, coming up with all these lame excuses just not having the heart to admit what is a god damn fact, and what you just saw in front of your eyes.

    Auld wouldn’t have done anything. It would have been the same outcome. *I’M* not saying Hank is worthless, and we should trade him, and blah, blah, blah. All I’m saying is pretty simple, and it’s clearly evident. Hank did NOT give them the chance to win the shootout. Jokinen is an ugly PIG, who had a chance to help out, FINALLY, and he failed to do so.

  46. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on


    Everyone knew the Avs were going to picked as favorite to win the cup. Boston did the honorable thing and traded him there because they KNEW they were going to win the cup….

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ted , Oiler would have NEVER won in 1990 if it wasnt for Bill Ranford. He was the MVP!!! Ranford won it against Boston …a winner. Barasoo stats are better then Hanks ( seasonal) Barrasso is / was solid ,not like Hank.

    Ron hextall won the conn smythe like Ranford did…but Hextall never won the cup…NOT ELITE.

    Patrick Roy = Elite ( Rookie year proved it) Hank needs 5 more years and 7 more million and a hope in hell if he wants a cup. Today he could of sealed the deal…nope.

  48. First Off, can we relax with the monday AM QBing with the SO decision by torts-i know we are all HOCKEY experts but give the coach a little respect….Christensen has great hands and his been good in SOs, PA is what now 3-3 on SOs, and Oli not sure how he has done in the SO but im sure he has done Ok in the past based on the coach’s decision to let him go…Gabby was a non factor today so maybe that was part of Torts decision and Gabby has been terrible in the SO all year long…who else u want going over OLI, maybe dubi-thats it! so lets stop with the 20-20 hindsight, we lost in a skills competition but honestly once the flyers tied it at one i was praying this game would even get to a skills competition and if your blaming hank at all for this loss than i really have nothing to say to you…..

  49. Shut up about Hank. ThE guy is amazing. I cannot believe anyone who would say he is not a closer. It’s tough to be a closer when your team blows. Jeeeeeez! Move on from this. How about the crappy coach who cannot put a system in place to use the players he has to their potential? Now, I have to go to my hockey game. I actually play so I think I know about this stuff. The team sucks. The goalie can’t win. Look at poor richter. Better than that fatty in NJ but yet doesn’t have records like him. Why? Fatty had a great system in front of him. It worked and he got shutouts. Richter got one year of that. One. Hank hasn’t gotten one year of that yet. And that fatty still has it. Don’t blame Hank. Blame the coach and the gm for putting these bums on the same team as Hank.

  50. TED

    Aww, it’s too bad I wasn’t born in the 70’s so i could grow up on who ever these guys are.

    Seems to me like you just don’t want to admit that a part of you agrees with me because you’re so biased, that you’re bringing up your hockey knowledge to do “battle” with me, in typical Salty Dupuis-like fashion.

    I don’t care who they are, and can care less who they are. I really can care less aboot the past, cause I’m more interested in the future. None of those guys have anything to do with the fact that Hank blew the game.

  51. Just so you guys can compare apples and apples instead of apples and oranges, let me give it to you like this.

    Forget what our loser forwards did in the 65 minutes. Forget about Hanks dominating performance in the 65 minutes.

    Shootout, Its down to the shootout, only the shootout, just the shootout, the only thing that exists is the shootout.

    Now, if our loser forwards scored no goals in all 6 or 9 or 15 rounds of the shootout, and Hank finally gave one up in the 7th, or 10th, or 16th round, and we lose, then BLAME the forwards.

    But the fact is, we got 1 goal, which should be enough to win, and it wasnt.

    CCCP is right. He’s tired from carrying this team all season. I get that. That’s why I dont blame him.

    But he did lose this game, in the shootout. Only the shootout. Just the shootout. And I am 100 PERCENT sure he feels the same way.

    Even though he shouldnt be too hard himself, as this team in front him are a bunch of Sathering buffoons.


    Now, Torts….the guy is absolutely unbelievable. I cant believe he played olli in a shootout over Vinny or Gabby or heck, even Lundqvist. Olli is the biggest piece of crap to wear the Rangers uni in a long time. At least orr and hollweg tried. At least Zherdev tried occasionally, and actually had skill.

    I cannot believe Torts would entrust an entire season on a lowlife like Olli.

  52. Yeah, and stupid Gaborik did NOT score 212 pts this season, which did NOT give us a chance for a solid playoff spot!

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Mako , im saying is Bourque never consider himself a winner until he won the cup. Hank is NO winner.


    I don’t feel sorry for the team.. like Dubinski said ,it never should have come to a shootout..
    They slit their own throats

    The rangers somehow get themselves into these must win fiasco’s to make the playoffs its a disgrace.
    What can you say about sather?
    The big dollar boys did nothing except for Hank its always Hank . But the guys with the big hearts came through Prust, Asominov and Shelley, give us 3 more players like these guys and the must wins will be in game 7.

  55. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    bklyn, that would be outstanding! he needs to be held accountable, he needs to answer some of these questions!

    catch you guys in about half an hour

  56. Orr…please stop, you’re embarrassing yourself as a hockey fan and a debater.

  57. Boston did the honorable thing????????????????????

    Please, those sick loser fans celebrated in Bourque’s victory as if it was their own victory.

    HATE THE BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEIR FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope the Devils or Sabres shellack them 4 games to none!!!!!

    Hopefully, nobody ever loses track of history, otherwise the Red Sox fans (since there are no Bruins fans) will try to claim that Avs Cup as the Bruins Cup.

  58. TED

    How so? It’s funny, cause when people normally say that, they never even attempt to elaborate.

    Just because i don’t know who three people are, that makes me less of a hockey fan? Just because I’m not biased and can admit things that other fans can’t admit, that makes me less of a hockey fan?

    Get a life. You really do sound like Salty Dupuis, it’s a bit eerie.

  59. Renney was better than the present guy….you are what your record says you are…….a loser not in the playoffs with 87 points.

  60. Right on sho. He is the only solid player they really have. Stall and dz are solid I guess. This guy doesn’t know hockey if he thinks Hank blew it. He wasn’t great in the shootout, but nyr doesn’t have ANY scorers!

  61. All–

    Stop dumping on Gaborik. He was worth the money we signed him for. Career high in pts and tied career high in goals. He like LQ is in the same boat. He also gets no support from any of the forwards. Everyone knows that if you stop him, You have a chance to win because no one on his line or the rest of the team is much of a threat to score.

    He like the King is NOT THE PROBLEM on this team.


    COME ON. Everybodys angry, let’s not attack one another.


    Let’s get the home address of Kerry Fraser, and attack who deserved to be attacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on


    Im talking about management did the honorable thing by trading him so he could win the cup right before he retired. I never said anything about the fans. I dont give a s*** about their fans. I was happy for a legend who deserved to win.

    LQ gives his heart and soul every time he skates out there. He deserves to be on a team that wants to WIN. Not win when their backs are against the wall or when they FEEL LIKE IT.

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Shory , Hank cant be considered solid if he always lets in soft goals. If Hank was too tired to do the shoot out , how is he worth 7 million??

    Hank is worth 3 .5 million tops.

  65. BKLYN

    Renney had a more talented team, and when Renney DID NOT have that same talented team he couldn’t get them to the playoffs, and Torts DID. This team, despite would some people are saying, is just the same as the team last year, if not a little worse.

    Don’t blame Torts because he inherited a garbage team, that he couldn’t take to the playoffs. Nobody could get this team in.

    How’s Renney doing as Assistant coach in Edmonton?

  66. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    LMAO are you kidding!?!? Fluery doesnt let in soft goals? Fatso hasnt sucked at times this year? Luongo has, Miller has. All goalies cant be perfect. Roy has as well. ALL GOALIES LET IN SOFT GOALS FROM TIME TO TIME

  67. ORR- here’s another thought. Maybe as a coach you say to yourself ‘my goalie just carried this team for 60 minutes and may be worn down. perhaps I should START THE SHOOTOUT WITH MY BEST PLAYER instead of leaving it up to the goalie as usual. Torts screwed up and the team in front of him screwed up. Should he have made one of those stops? maybe, but a lot happened in regulation and OT (and for that matter the other 81 games) to have to depend on him making those 2 saves to save our season. Let’s leave it at that.

    Linda- I know. I don’t think anyone assumed Torts would come out and say “hey guys. how bout that colassal screw up on my part? Yeah I don’t know what I was thinking. Hey Larry- nice tie!”

  68. MAKO

    Agreed. That’s why Jim fa***t boy Dolan needs to get his head out of his arse and Fire that scumbag old man Sather. Either put him out to pasture by firing him, or by a hunting accident.

    This team shows no support for LQ. It’s sickening. I mean, Torts put out Olli instead of Vinny. Vinny was an actual contributor all year long, and who does Torts stick out, a loser like the Joke who didnt even care to take a shot.

  69. Tank The Season on

    If trading Hank is the only way we can have an NHL caliber forward unit, we may have to do it and sign Nabokov.

    Only way I’m trading Hank is if it gets us Bobby Ryan or some of Chicago’s guys.

    Paul Kariya may not be a bad guy to give a reasonable 1 year deal to.

  70. GREG

    How do you know that? Anybody could have scored, it’s a one on one, maybe Gabby could have scored, maybe Vinny, maybe Dubi, Staal, Artie, Del Z, anybody.

    The point is, we never had the chance to find out, cause Hank didn’t make that save.

    Just because I’m saying Hank blew it, doesn’t mean I’m saying he’s garbage, and he should get traded, and he’s “the problem”.

    Where are you people coming up with this carp? Quit assuming all of this.

  71. Greg

    Come on man.

    Any elite goalie would get tired in front of these loser forwards and defenseman.

    Hank is worth anywhere between 6 and 10 million a year.

    Brodeur probably wouldnt even win 25 games with this team and its coaching style.

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on


    HANK IS ,




    He over-saves pucks too.


  73. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    What is Torts supposed to do with players like Redden & Drury who suck up $14mm in cap space with NTCs? What is he supposed to do with Rozi? He cant fire them off of the team. They have contracts that Sather gave to them. Im sure if it was up to him he wouldnt have those players on the team….He knows what he has.. what he is supposed to do with garbage like that… he has to work with what he has.

  74. I hate when fans know how much guys were signed for. It just proves those who can and cannot play. I have no time for numbers. Just results. And gaborik scored. He is the only one who scored all season! Get all new players. That’s it. Get new gm and coaches. Get a new janitor. As far as I am concerned start from scratch on all ends. Who cares about their salary? I know I don’t.

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , Hank is more usefull as a GQ model then a goalie!!!!
    Hahaha just kidding!! Im almost calm down….

  76. I am so tired of the inept mismanagement of NY teams.

    Finally the Yankees have proper management in place, and a plan for the present and future.

    The Knicks are going in the right direction, with a great basketball mind as our GM.

    The Giants have excellent upper management, and the Jets have great management.

    When is the time going to come for the Rangers to fire or just plain commit first degree ****** on Sather.

    And forget about Mess. I love Mess. But let’s get a real GM in here and let Mess second in command that GM.

  77. I’ll elaborate. I don’t know what this “bias” is you keep carrying on about. I have no bias, I just think you’re dead wrong. In my opinion, you couldn’t be more wrong even if you suggested that JFK was killed by a team of highly trained chimpanzees.

    I gave you 3 examples of goalies who were never considered elite, all of whom won cups, in response to you saying that elite goalies win cups. All 3 played in the 90s and not in some bygone era. You have no clue who they are – sorry, but that just suggests that you haven’t watched this game long enough to understand it on a real level. You still view it as an individual sport, whereas the more seasoned people on here understand it for what it is – one of the truest team sports out there. Players directly affect each other’s performances. That’s why chemistry and team character matters. That’s why a goalie can’t get it done on his own no matter how good he is. A goalie being a cup winner is not necessarily a reflection on his talent, it’s a reflection on that particular team’s ability. I brought up those names to try to make you understand that fact.

  78. So… that’s all Gaborik can say? “That’s too bad.”

    Sure would have been nice to get even a modicum of effort out of him during the most important game of the season.

  79. Wow. I am shocked at the anti-Lundqvist stuff.

    But I will say this. I completely disagree that he’s in Richter’s class yet. If he has success at some point, then he will be. His regular-season numbers will be better. But he’s not Richter. Not yet.

  80. Renney isn’t doing too good in Edmonton but our old friend Perry Pearn is going to the postseason with Montreal. You remember Perry. He was the architect of our brilliant powerplay and was the guy who recommended signing Redden. Thanks Perry.

  81. MAKO

    Redden and Rozi do not have Notrade or Nomovement clauses.

    They both can be dumped to the minors where they belong, like Brashear.

  82. A couple things:
    1. Torts is a jackass. Just answer the damn question about Gabby. You’re in New York moron, those kinds of answers don’t fly here. Jokkinen in the 3rd spot? Are you freaking kidding me?! You have one of the best players in the NHL on your team, and you didn’t put him in.

    2. Make the 4th line the first line from now on.

    3. We REALLY missed Avery and Callahan

    4. Carcillo is a clown

    5. GIVE LUNDQVIST THE “C”!!!!!!!

    …. oh and Fire Sather

  83. JAMES

    How many goals does Gabby have in the shootout?? Unless i missed a few shootouts, I’m pretty sure it’s just one, all year. Maybe Pigman was good in practice, maybe he was good with Calgary, Phoenix, and Florida. Think aboot that. Some people just are NOT good in the shootout.

    I blame Pigman for the loss as well, like i said, but that doesn’t mean Torts should get the blame.


    Were you responding to me? If you were, i only brought up his name cause he won a Cup. So, i don’t care what Hank has done or might do, he hasn’t won a Cup, and MAF helped his team to the Finals twice, winning a Cup. I don’t know where the whole “soft goals” thing came up, if you were talking to me, that is.

  84. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to Pat’s then go sit in NJ Tpke traffic for several hours.

    Good night, Sally!

  85. for the record, Oli was 5 for 9 in the SO for Calgary this year….also guess who scored PA, the guy played 6 games as a Ranger so relax with the skills competition, we had a 50-50 chance, a coin toss w. the better goalie but we did not get it done, like dubinsky said – what was in between hurt us! think about all the brutal losses at home, i posted them the other day, twice to carolina at home, twice to the isles, the blues three weeks ago,twice to atlanta at home, the minor league ottawa senators when they came to town, it goes on and on, every night you have to show up in this league, the rangers took quite a few nights off and it finally bit them in the a–

  86. Czechthemout!!!!! on

    Greg L–

    Hank played 73 games this season plus 4 Olympic games and three preseason games this season. That’s 80 freaking games!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of those games he is under seige with this slow swiss cheese defense of theirs that does not take the body.

    I know your probobly angry as am I, but you have to understand that your goalie has to give you a chance to win a game which Hank clearly did. They just don’t have enough talent to compete with any of the playoff teams. The Flyers are a good team and were only here because they also have a dope of a GM who does not understand the value of a good golie. I can assure you that if Hank played for the flyers, they would probobly be competing with the Devils and Caps fpr tops in the league.

    Have a great off season dude. Check back during any kind of team news Like Sather hopefully getting fired,the draft,and free agency.

  87. elite poster on

    you mean like our “elite” GM who has won so many cups, or our “elite” captain who has a cup

    sorry, but hockey is a team sport, and the Rangers team is not good enough.

    thanks to stogiepuss Sather, our “elite” GM

  88. The fact of the matter is……

    I want Kerry Fraser and Bill McCreary’s home address.


    You’ll never see me on this blog again…unless they have internet access in prison….


  89. TED

    I stopped reading your post after the word “elite”, so I’m going to tell you for the fourth time, I DIDN’T BRING THAT DISCUSSION UP!!

    Why do you keep getting me involved in it. Go make long posts for DD, he brought it up. Jeez. Weren’t you the one who said i was “grasping for something”, it seems like that’s what you’re doing.

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Team unity does win cup , yes Ted …but they hand out the Conn smthe for a reason. Mostly goalies win it .
    Hank style could never win him the cup. Hes a shoot out goalie who plays too far in his new , never challeging shooters…hes a 7 th round pick who fluked off a 7 million dollar lotto ticket called the New York Rangers.

    Tell me this , would you retire hanks jersey in 8 year if he still hasnt won the cup…NOPE.

  91. ddebened is ELITE in his own mind on

    Sally I have a nose to pick with you.

    1100+ posts, I got Carpy tunnel syndrome

  92. Please….I saw that piece of garbage Fraser go over to Carcillo and I knew exactly what he was saying.

    He was telling him I’ve got your back..

    That piece of carcillo.

    PLEASE help me destroy him……I just want to make him pay

    Just one referee or scumpire has to pay the price for others to learn.

  93. It’s not Torts’ fault he has to coach Redden Rozsival or Avery. The rest of the team was basically put together since he’s been here. Don’t make excuses for him.

  94. Somebody has to know Kerry Fraser personally (and despise him)!!!!!


    $5,000 for his home address…….PLEASE!!!

  95. Orr – nice, way to weasel out on a technicality again. Sorry, but you said in this thread “elite goalies win cups”. I responded, but because I used the word “elite” in my response, it’s not valid for you right? I have said everything I need to say, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone here to take your side. Like I said before, learn up, son.

  96. Get outta here, without Hank we wouldn’t of have this opportunity. Let’s hope he doesn’t demand a trade, we need him!

  97. Anyone remember the Fraser sucks! Fraser sucks! chants that used to come down from the stands. Those were the days. But McCreary was the worst.

  98. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on


    No worries. Why do you think we get on them so much. TOO MUCH MONEY, BAD PLAY, CANT BE MOVED – pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Orr, so Torts has an excuse, that he has a bad team, but LQ can’t use that one? And quit with the Renney-bashing, he’s an assistant coach for Christsakes on a terrible team. No team is where they are because of assistants.

  100. MAKO

    But they can be sent down to the minors, correct?

    Since they do not have NM clauses?

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carp knows as well , Hank is NO Mike Richter. Mike Richter saved Pavel Bure on a PS and on a break away!!!Richter’s number hangs retired for a reason . Have some respect for the goalie who actually won something for the Rangers…a USA gold medal too. Saying Hank is better then Ritcher is ludacris.

  102. This blog would actually be interesting to read if most of the people that posted knew what they were saying, or in fact, anything about PLAYING hockey.

    Hank is an elite goaltender – period. He missed two because he stood on his HEAD for the entire game. Any of you ever put on the pads and goaltend?? I didt’t think so. He was and still is the best player on the ice for the Rangers. Staal is another one – unbelievable game. DZ is gonna be a good d man as well. We really missed Cally and Avery.

    Fourth line was GREAT – Shelly and Prust are a keeper for next season, as well as Christiansen. They are HOCKEY players. I am really not sure about some of the other players – when your fourth line is your best line, you have some holes to fill.

    I am just as disappointed as everyone else – but to beat up on Hank for that lose is ridiculous. Try beating up on the whole season – without Hank, this is a team at the bottom of the East.

  103. I blame this loss squarely on Kerry Fraser.

    He cheated us on that final penalty.

    And you could see him talking buddy buddy with the Flyers players….because he was letting them know what he had in store for us.

  104. LMAO at endless Hank story. The only real thing is he isn’t going anywhere. And that’s good news.
    May I remind you that he has an Olympic gold under his belt. Won it with a very good team. Not the best team, but very good one. That’s what makes him an elite goalie.

  105. The Russian Rocket….I touched his face once when he was with the Rangers…he was leaving the ice through the middle, and I stuck my hand over the railing and got my hand right on his cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. and I understand the concept of certain players not being good in a shootout ORR. You can’t tell me that with the season on the line you wouldn’t rather see him take a chance with Gaborik against Boucher if it’s score or go home then to use Jokinen. Don’t really care about the stats at that point.

    Here’s another one for you- they pay Drury an insane amount of money to be here because he’s so clutch. How about using him? again, dont try to explain to me what the stats in mid season practice are when it comes to his shooting percentange in shootouts.

  107. Lets all unite against referees and scumpires!!!!

    To HE** with REFEREES AND SCUMPIRES!!!!!!!

  108. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    Yes Redden can be buried in the minors, but they will be on the hook for I think $2.5 for 8 years. I think … Dont quote me on that.

  109. Reading Hank’s quotes made me tear up. *sniff* I feel bad for him. He carried this team on his back all year long, with little to no help from his teammates and to lose this this has to be killing him.

  110. Orr – granted, I wouldn’t say you were hurtling quite as fast to Planet Insania as Greg or CR9. If you’d just said Lundqvist played a bad shootout, as you are claiming, fine.

    But you repeatedly stated that he “blew the game” due to simply not stopping Giroux – arguable at best – and made the clear implication that no goalie can be considered among the best (I’ll avoid the “E” word) if they haven’t won a Cup. You can’t just play the ignorance card if someone tries to engage you in discussion on that point.

  111. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    The Rangers made it to game 82 . Im still proud. I love this team. I love all the heart they displayed with out Avery and Cally in the lineup. This team finnaly became a team with 9 games to go…probally the story of the season.

    Inconsistincy. Everyone to blame. Even me. I could be a better fan and so could alot of youse guys too. I appreciate Carp and Momma for making all this work well.
    I thank Linda for being supportive to me and to everyone else on here. Sinse she showed up , this blog has gotton better. No coiniecedence either. Her grade used to be an “A” but has easily turned into an “A+” Good job Linda!!!

  112. Good night, Carp! Have a safe drive home. And again, thanks for everything you do for us!

    ddeb, my nose knows no limits.

  113. Yup, Hank is an elite goalie. Elite goalies can win one playoff series and be all elitish!! Right? Jimmy Howard is elite! The “Moose: Hedberg is elite!


    Yeah, I stand by my comment. You can’t be considered elite if you have never won a Cup. International carp doesn’t even count. Still, i don’t understand why you’re bringing up goalies from the fuggin 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or what ever, goalies that have nothing to do with what *I* said, and bringing up Ovechkin, and blah, blah, blah. And, I’m not an immature little baby that needs to get people on “my side”, maybe that’s what you’re trying to do here, by bringing up your “magnificent hockey knowledge”, but I’m not. This is a blog, last time i checked, and I’m expressing my opinion on the game. Is that a problem?


    That’s my point, he’s an assistant coach for a reason. And no, Hank can’t use that excuse IN THE SHOOTOUT. Everything I’m saying has to do with the shootout, and some people can’t get it through their thick skulls. I’m talking aboot Hank in the shootout, NOT in regulation. Two totally different stories. I do feel bad for Hank, but he has no excuse. He needed to come up big in the shootout and he couldn’t do it. And he couldn’t get the help from the top 3, but he didn’t give anyone else the chance.


    Apparently Jokinen had a decent record in the shootout this season. As a coach, you go with what works. He did that, and you can’t fault *HIM*.

  114. ddebened is ELITE in his own mind on

    Coach- “best player on the ice for the Rangers” doesn’t matter. I’m not saying he was a negative and not saying he wasn’t a positive. He had the chance to win that game in its simplest form Mano a Mano

    He didn’t get it done.

  115. Mako – yeah, I hear ya. I read the comments frequently, and often want to get in these debates, but hold off to avoid arguments. This time, I guess it was the loss and the way they did it that made me snap. I can’t believe I just spent so long arguing this either, :)

  116. And for what it’s worth, as Sean mentioned, I thought Staal was outstanding today. He’s not at the level Sam and Joe think he is already, true, but if he can consistently play up to this standard, then we won’t be disappointed.

  117. No ORR you’re right. There were 500,000 things that you can fault for it coming down to that attempt and that was number 500,000. You want to stand by Torts for using Joke inen then we’ll just agree to disagree. It shouldn’t have had to come down to that shot, the save on Giroux or todays game. Now let’s see what the do to improve this squad over the summer.

  118. correction 500,000 things you can blame for the Rangers not making the playoffs and Joke inen’s attempt was last.

  119. Well…….have you allo had enough of this make believe team that doesn’t know how to make or receive a pass no matter how slowly they do it, whicvh are easily picked off, or in

    Roszival’s case given away..( he put at least 5 passes this game directly on a Flyer’s sticks).

    This game was a joke to start with and it finished the same way. The entire game resembled nothing less than a 3 period Flyer PP. Rangers were so badly outplayed in every departmemt but goal that it became a laughable exercise. When your put together supposed 4th line is the only line showing aggressive attivity. Redden did his usual impersonation of “the thin man”….( he could get a good job acting as a silhouette).

    And then we come to the most immortal shoot out that one could ask for and displayed Tortorella’s strategic decision makin in all it’s brainlessness. ( He puts Jokinen in and leaves accomplished players like Prospal,Dubinski, and yes Drury) on the bench.) What a performance. I for one am glad this season is finally at an end and hopefully with the possibility of some real change in top to bottom personnel next season.

  120. LW

    “You can’t just play the ignorance card if someone tries to engage you in discussion on that point”

    What do you mean by that? Everyone keeps mixing my posts with CR9, and Greg, i don’t even know what most of these posts have to do with what I’m discussing.

    Apparently i look at things a hell of a lot more differently than others here. I just don’t think you can be considered an “Elite” goalie if you have never one the Cup. It doesn’t make sense to me.

    Like i said, i pay attention to detail. When it comes down to it, Hank did in fact blow the game, along with Pig.

  121. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    A few wins over “fatso” and a gold medal.

    Hank is not Elite. Period. Elite fighters, elite goalies can cope with fatigue. thats what make them elite.

    Put Hank in a triple overtime or a game 7 far he has Choked.

    Not Elite.

  122. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on


    LOL I know. Ask Linda, I avoid these debates but I couldnt let this one go LOL You made excellent points. Dont be a strangers around these parts.

  123. Mako

    I’m sorry to sound so “negative” but really…what positive things can be brought from this fiasco for next season without a major shakeup?

  124. orr let’s agree to disagree, there are at least 10 players on this roster that weren’t on last season’s.

  125. “Orr – granted, I wouldn’t say you were hurtling quite as fast to Planet Insania as Greg or CR9.”


    What are you even talking about????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I didnt bash LQ ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Try getting your facts straight before feebly attempting to insult me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the cooperation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Orr – your point about Cup-winning goalies. Not saying it’s entirely invalid, but “I don’t know who they are and I don’t care” isn’t the strongest argument you could come up with.

  127. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    LW , try me . As insane as you think I am….try me , just do it.

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t think anyone can complain about the shootout knocking us out. If they didn’t have a shootout, the game would have ended as a tie, and the Rangers get knocked out by tiebreaker of most wins. The shootout, if anything, gave the Rangers a chance they didn’t deserve.

    That said, they were terrible today. LQ and the 4th line were the only guys who showed up to play.

  129. Quote by Jamie Langenbrunner on Rangers loss

    “I don’t think that’s what the NHL is all about,” he said. “I think you play this game as a team and you battle to do certain things and for a skills competition to decide a playoff spot is a little tough.”

  130. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Trade Hank = More goal allowed = losing more games = Awsome draft pick = more young players for Stepan and delzotto to play with = younger team = A solid future.

    Get the picture?

  131. Mako- nah, buddy. If Redden is sent to Hartford, his contract is fully off the books. He gets his full salary, but no cap hit. If he is bought out, it’s a different story

  132. CR – my brain will hurt if I try to understand what you regard as facts again. Must’ve been somebody else who said that Lundqvist simply *has* to beat Boucher in a shootout and *has* to stop Giroux though…

  133. ddebened is ELITE in his own mind on

    “The funny thing is, i can almost guarantee that if Gabby went in the shootout, and didn’t score, then everyone would be here complaining that Torts should have used Dubinsky, or Prospal, or Artie, etc”

    I asked with about 3 minutes left what the SO line up should be. Got no response.

    Jokinen’s spot is as tough as it gets

  134. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on


    Its all good. Im looking forward to a big shake up as well. There are a few bright spots like Gaborik staying healthy putting up some major points, but he needs a passing center to make room for him. He’s not really a puck carrier, but pure sniper.

    Staal has regained his form and MDZ is really going to be a monster next season if he trains hard. Most surprising is Prust & Shelley. I think they found their “4th line”

    AA had himself a ok season.

    Most important is they ridded themselves of Brashear, Kots, Higgins & Gomez. If Sather is smart he’ll continue on shedding his mistakes. That is, if he isnt fired LOL

  135. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on


    Thanks ILB!!! Thanks for that…. I was going to look that up because it sounded a bit strange to me a few min after that!!!

    And that was supposed to be only 1 Fran LOL

  136. scholars who do you ahve taken the sot instead of jokinen???? SHelly, prust, boyle, etc…

    you ladies whine enlessly about garbage.

    1 and 7 in OT, 3 and 4 in SO’s….Can you add bozo’s………….

  137. LW

    I said he lost the shootout, and Im 100 percent sure he blames himself. But it happens to the best of them…and like CCCP said, the guy is tired from playing 73 games with a bunch of losers in front of him.

    Understandable, easily forgivable….

    It’s Glen Sather that needs to be taken on a hunting trip and a hunting accident to occur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Kerry Fraser and Bill MCCREARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. Two people who fans seem to be blaming are Torts and LQ. Torts played percentages. LQ played like a goalie god. I can’t see how this works.

    Sure, LQ could/should have stopped the SO goals, but he stopped ~30 shots by the end of the second period. Any other goalie would not have kept their team in the game like him.

    Maybe I’m wrong but there’s really nobody to blame but Sather… You can’t go anywhere with a team that just doesn’t work.

    Torts could explain to the media but with that strained relationship he has with the NY media, I’m not surprised he just shut down. He’ll explain (what everyone is thinking) if he gets interviewed again a few days from now.

  139. shelly is as slow as roszival the guy is 35, only shrewd talent evaluators like the bloggers here wan to bring him back.. 17 goals in his career, I forgot he is finding his scoring touch after 13 yrs in the league..

    gone; prospal, jokinen, erickson, shelly and if possible; dredden and roszival…

    paranteua and christenson can be back at right price… they need 1 addtl. offensive stud minimum……………………

  140. I said if the team was going to win, then he has to beat Douche in a SO and cant let a loser like Girpoo score on him….

    But what does that mean….Everybody makes mistakes. He’s human (unlike referees), and is the best goalie in the league. Happens to the best of them!

  141. Torts, went with pure stats for the SO, he went with the guys who have good SO percentages end of story….

    Prust is definitely a guy we gotta bring back, i think he really enjoyed playing in NY, he was great the last couple of weeks, he plays tough and has some skill and can skate… we will find a way not to sign him IM SURE!, Shelley was good down the stretch and he is a team player-his pregame comments meant a lot as he said he was just part of a team with a great bunch of guys and did not take credit for the late season surge

  142. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Maybe Sather is to Blame but excuses are for losers. We Rangers are NOT losers. We lost cuz we played “safe” for the shoot out. Its a smart tactic in a game like this because we have the advantage , so I thought. We lost cuz Hank was too tired , pay someone else 7 million dollars for 6 months who wont get tired. Hank is either greedy,gulibull or not smart enough to DEMAND rest cuz he needs it. Cleary Hank is not Elite cuz Broduer never uses the ” I was tired excuse” pitifull really.

  143. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ask the defense men if they were tired…they sure were!!!! How come they held on to thier end? Hanks excuses are as weak as him Modeling carreer. Hank played a whale of a game but NEVER saved anything for the shoot out. Rookie move.

  144. Someone mentioned before that they shouldn’t resign Shelley because he is 35. Nope. He just turned 34. And he will still be 34 at the beginning of the next season. Prust is an RFA, all they need is to qualify him. Not sure if AA belongs on the fourth line, but with Boyle as their center, it could be one of the best fourth lines. Prust and Boyle can also kill penalties. Of course, we have get rid of all other third liners….

  145. What a touching moment for Phil and his wife, Amy.

    Golf, now there’s a real sport. Where referees and scumpires cant steal away moments like todays moment.

    That’s what’s so sickening about referees and scumpires.. They have no problem stealing away moments from the players and from the millions of fans.

    Does anyone think that Kerry Fraser cared one iota about the fans of the Rangers today. Nope, he cared only about his own bias and to cheat our team of what could have potentially been their moment.

  146. You can have a great goalie and not win a championship.

    You can have great players and not win a championship.

    You have a great team and you have a chance.

    You can’t blame Lundqvist for this game. You can’t blame the shootout. The nhl season is long and you’re going to have ups and downs but not you can’t suck the middle of the season and expect to win anything.

    Richter is the number one reason I’m a Rangers fan today, but I don’t really think he could have gotten this roster any further.

    The question is, ‘can you put a great team around Lundqvist within the next couple years?’ I’ll be pretty surprised if the management of this team, Sather or anyone, is going to take the view point they aren’t close and going to blow the team up again (trading guys like Henrik).

    Really the only hope for the team is if their draftees hit their upside potential and the next veterans they sign prove to be more like Adam Graves and less like the career graveyard.

    Where they are going to get a Mark Messier in a trade, I have no idea.

  147. Leetchhalloffame on

    I’ve hated the shootout since day one, but that being said, how is your best offensive player not in the top 3 chosen by Torts when the situation is do-or-die? Past shootout history notwithstanding Gaborik not getting a shot with the season on the line is just plain inexcusable. Ironic that Jokinen’s last time touching the puck as a Ranger brought on the end of 2009/10. On the bright side neither of these teams would give the Caps a tussle, and the good part is that the true Ranger fans will not have to shell over more of their hard-earned bucks to the idiot Dolans for playoff tickets.
    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Do folks think PA makes the team next year? He doesn’t sound like a Torts favorite, but everytime they call him up, he seems to get on the score sheet. He’s not flashy and fast, but he does get points.

    I thought that interference call on him was pretty lame considering all the other missed stuff that went on.

    Still, the refs didn’t lose this game for us… we didn’t have the puck enough and when we did, we didn’t shoot.

    This year was a transition year – we made some mistakes in personnel (Brashear, Kotalik, Higgins, Lisin) that hampered the team. We still have some mistakes (overpaid for production) that need to be rectified.

    Get younger and faster – I can live with kids making mistakes because they have upside. Lets see how MDZ does next year now that he’s experienced hockey at the NHL level for a full season. Hopefully Gilroy as well…

    Sign Prospal – the guy plays his butt off and gives an honest effort – and as a fan, I like that he shows emotion.

  149. Even in tennis, referees and line judges are sometimes the focal point. Instead of on the great athletes like Serena Williams.

    Nope, even tennis.

    I wish there was a NY team in tennis. I wonder how they’d get cheated.

  150. Im sorry. I wish there were teams in golf, and a NY team in golf, to see how they’d get cheated.

    Not tennis.
    There is a NY team in tennis. I think 2.

    The Buzz, who I’ve seen get cheated, and some other team.

  151. I didnt say it’s why we lost.

    Im just saying that Kerry Fraser tried to screw us, because is the biggest filthiest dirtiest scummiest piece of ever living sh**.

    It did not cost us the game, but he needs to pay a price.

    $5000 for anyone with personal information on Kerry Fraser!!!!!!!!!!!!


    or Bill McCreary.

  152. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on


    Excellent post! That is what they NEED to wake up and realize. They have a very soft back end. They should have picked up Chelios at the very least he would have been VALUABLE to mentor Staal, Gilly and MDZ to become great defencemen. Its the little things (no not Drury’s little things). This team needs to be brazen. Look at the majority of success that Messier brought until he played injured. Avery belongs in NY, Lundqvist belongs in NY, they need more “swagger” players to play HERE IN NYC. I was born and raised in this city and all I know the most successful teams have that snarl & swagger. Drury dosent have it, Renney didnt have it. Sather has to get the dead weight off of the team & find it.

  153. bull dog line on

    The Rangers did not lose because of Hank, but they did not win because of Hank. is he an elite goalie? I would have to see him play on a real good team, and get past the 2nd round to say that. I do not see where the talent upgrade is going to come from, maybe Marleau, or Kovalchuk as free agents. I still believe the fastest and best way to upgrade the talent level on this team is to put Hank on the trade market, and see what you can get for him. root for Chicago to lose early in the playoffs.

  154. LW

    He brought up those three players before i mentioned that, if i remember correctly. I have no idea why he brought them up, and he kept confusing me with DD, CR, and Greg for some strange reason.

    And i said that elite goalies win the Cup, and there are those that won the Cup that you can argue, like Fluery. But, the fact is, he’s a solid goalie who gives his team the chance to win each night, but is able to take his team to the next step, which Hank has yet to do, and has yet to even come close to doing.

  155. bull dog line on

    Chelios? really? I do agree with you about swagger,and snarl. it has been lacking on this team forever.

  156. i am so upset i have been staring at nothing but this blog and my eyes teared up.

    this team will always break your heart.

  157. I think all of you can agree…

    Sports is about moments….

    And the fact that referees/scumpires change complexions of games and alter the endings and the potential moments for teams/individuals is SICKENING!

    Poor College kids at Rob Morris in the NCAA tournament. The refs gave Villanova 10 straight free throws at the end of the game.

    They stole a moment away from a school, Rob Morris, that might not get another chance at one.

  158. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    Bull Dog

    Sure he could have taught the kid things they needed to know. Things that, even though I play… I wouldnt know. He was available but he signed with another team. He did say he wanted to play here but management didnt want him.

  159. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Mako , Malkin is not elite . Hes talented , he won the cup and hes a star in Russia BUT untill he gets out from Crosbys shadow, he’ll never be elite. Just ask Mark Messier how he became elite…wasnt untill Gretzky was traded to LA when Messier became a true elite forward.

  160. your boy Malik on

    Can’t believe anyone can be down on Hank – he kept us in so many games with no help in front of him. This is so disappointing for him but hopefully lots of changes to come – starting with the a***ole coach.

    Thanks Carp – you did an incredible job this season!!!!

  161. eric

    It’s not the team that will always break your heart.

    It’s Glen Sather and the referees, along with the commissioner of the NHL.

    Dont let this get you down. If Sather is fired, and Redden adn Rozi are dumped to the minors, there is enough cap room to make substantial improvements.

    Also, with Fraser and McCreary retired, the refereeing should be more fair (unless the 2 carcillos trained the rest of the referees how to cheat the NYR).

  162. One day, NY teams will experience fairness from the referees..

    And when that day comes, God help the rest of the teams in each sport.

  163. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    Im expecting Dubi to turn into an Adam Graves “type” now read close I said “TYPE” not Adam Graves.

  164. ddebened is ELITE in his own mind on

    Orr – While I was the first one to bring up the ‘E’ word and I agree with a lot of what you say about LQ I did not say LQ ‘blew it’ as I think both you and Greg have. He did not seize the win as I think an elite goalie would.

  165. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    *ORR, Greg* (and Ddebened who may or may not have brought the “E” word into play…)
    Here’s the ESPN headline! I thought it was classic.

    “Playoff Picture
    Despite Henrik Lundqvist’s regulation and overtime *heroics,* Daniel Briere and Claude Giroux scored in the shootout to give the Flyers a 2-1 win over the Rangers and the No. 7 seed.”

    They never mentioned his “elite-ness” so you guys must be right.

  166. OH, I get it now. The past few weeks have all been an April Fool’s joke by the team.

    Haha guys. NOT amused.

  167. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    Oh now that YOUR back you want us to turn into GOLDEN MONKEYS for your entertainment eh lady?!!?!??!?! LOLOLOLOL

  168. eric

    one more small piece of advice….dont ever stop being a Rangers fan.

    That’s another bonus thing that the referees like Fraser want. To make NY teams lose fans.

  169. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    No actually – but something along the lines of “how much can hank save” its the team blahblahblah…. typical veral poopage….

  170. I don’t get how some hate on Hank or on the refs or anyone…
    This team put themselves in the position they were in. Hank has little true talent in front of him. Yet somehow he’s supposed to stop every shot that comes his way? Unbelievable!
    I’m actually happy tonight, this team didnt deserve to even make the playoffs…
    If anything we have the “Elite” of the bad hockey players…we are stuck with Redden and Rozi and Drury etc.

  171. ddebened is ELITE in his own mind on

    It’s up to Dubi how good he can be. He’s solid now, but so much potential to be even better. He’s always been good at protecting the puck with his body but it seems like he’s taken a step in being able to get the separation to make a play. He’s got to bring it more consistanly. His hits per minute played are about half of what they were last year. One of my favorite players though prolly cause he’s a nose picker.

  172. Regarding the shootout. Gaborik, according to stats I saw is 2 for 18 career in shootouts, Olli 14/35, Christensen 18/34, Parentau 2/2, now 3/3. Gaborik is not a good pick for the shootout, similar to how Jagr was not. Now may of you will say you need to put your best players out there, but if they are not successful at it, why bother. If you are down 3-2 with 3 minutes to go killing a penalty are you putting out Marion and whomever with Del Zotto and Gilroy? No you put out your best PK’s. The coach put out his best 3 shootout specialists, and unfortunately the puck did not go our way.
    Bottom line is this team, as constructed, regardless of head coach, did not deserve to make the playoffs. Now we can watch real teams with depth, defense, and power play skills compete for the best trophy on earth. Maybe someone in Rangerland will watch and learn.


    So a team that had no business being in a playoff spot with could not purchase one as again with eighty odd points while Fatqvist came up soft when he pucks were not hitting posts and crossbars.

    Give us one of those Me-$$-I-ER I can’t lead 80m dollar teams to playoff speeches Ted Drury.

    And Carpinello’s selling mellon-head Richter who’s ego could not take 80 million dollar teams to a playoff because he was as selfish as Fatqvist and gutter drunk Leetch with his big ego and payday.

    Looks like Carpinello’s grocer has been feeding flabby Fatqvist who can’t raise his glove to make any saves so the Rags have to trap every game.

    Laughingstock Rags, have a nice long summer before being contracted, New York did not care win or lose today.

    One bought cup since 1940.


  174. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    good post Staal. actually, there have been a lot of good posts over the past few hours. Unfortunately, management will just keep on keeping on, the changes that need to be made will NOT, and we’ll just get on this ride again in 6 months.

  175. It’s just another sad day for realization.

    Realization that this organeyezation is not headed in the right direction.

    Realization that Kerry Fraser asked to referee this game, for the sole purpose of trying to screw us.

    Realization that there is no such thing as fairness or professionalism for referees.

    The only positive that came from today was from watching a sport not affected by referees, and watching Phil have a special moment with his wife. Oh, and seeing that the Yankees are good enough of a team to overcome 20 cheatjobs in today’s game.

  176. Islander fans are hysterical…
    Hey will Hank was doing everything to keep his team in it, your franchise goaltender has been collecting a paycheck and only played 5 games last season and how many this season? haha…now that my friends is funny…Nice job signing him to a 15 year deal…Yup the Islanders matter.

  177. All this talk of an elite goalie is so not the point. hockey is a team sport in case any of you forgot. hank plays well enough to keep his team in the game more times than i care to remember. we have turned this team over now four times since the lockout and still have not found the right players to get the job done. the blame is solely on the management of this organization for consistently bringing in the wrong type of player. we have some basis of a core that should be built upon. adding another scorer should be paramount in the off-season rebuild, and that guy is biding his time across the hudson until his season is over, which no doubt will be shortly (go flyers). fatso hasn’t been good in a while in the PO’s and on the other global stage he was on this year, and kovy has to want to play in nyc. gabby was obviously hurt in the olympics and never regained his shot, and he was only effective as a playmaker during this last stretch of games. any of you who think he should have been placed in the SO must not have watched the few we had before the olys as he was awful. Eric and PA were good choices. Olli? while he had a good record on his other team, how does torts put him out there when he benches him for shifts during every game. is there no one he trusts to put out there? besides dubi or maybe AA, who else do you put out there? i have no answer. i just hope when next year comes around i will never ever have to endure the sight of #6 playing for us, as well as 34 and if i’m real lucky #23. hopefully girardi will be gone as he’s just not worth the money he probably thinks he is and we need to play Sangs and Gilroy and Sauer or Potter, maybe even McDonough if he surprises in camp. I would keep shelley and prust. prospal ran out of gas and was ineffective for a lot of the second half. i would keep Eric but not for a lot of money. i wish lisin would get another chance and hope he stays. my dream is a line of grachev, AA and kovy. dubi i think deserves a lot of credit as i had my doubts he could contribute much offensively but him and gabby, like him and jags before, actually work together.
    we have at least the 10th pick in the draft, maybe can move up during the lottery next week. maybe this time the retooling will be the one that gets us among the league’s elite.
    sorry for the ramble. i still am pretty bummed but am beginning to relish all the money the dolans will be losing this summer. maybe that will open their eyes about why this team just doesn’t have what it takes. but i hope they don’t think bringing back mr. 1994 to run this team is the answer either.

  178. CR you sound ridiculous give it up on the refs already…
    If this team played better all season the refs would never even have entered the picture…its the fault of the players and Sather who built this mess.

  179. Linda, we’re going to wander around the amusement park for the next few months, drinking heavily at the beer garden, playing skee ball, talking ORR out of going on the roller coaster for the 12343th time in a row. Could be fun times until September.

  180. Staal

    I know the team is where it’s at, not because of the referees, or at least not largely due to.

    But that’s just what I do.

    Kerry Fraser is what he is, the same as Bill McCreary…pieces of carcillo!!!!

    The world needs to be rid of referees/scumpires!!!!!

  181. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    excellent post alan. I don’t think Torts gets the boot right now, but I hope they dont try to dip in the well of 94 and bring in keenan. Don’t go backwards. as i said earlier, FRESH BLOOD with new insights and the ability and DESIRE to instill a winning attitude.

  182. goodnight folks!
    See youse later…Thanks Carp! your blog rocks and it had a great day today! Tons of posts!

  183. lulz @ anyone blaming Henrik. Get a life.

    Yall probably booed Jagr too

    Anyone bugging out about Tortorella whatevs. He’s our coach.

  184. This team hasn’t been headed in the right direction for a while now. Continuing to hand out multi year multi million dollar contracts to unproven players is not the right way to go aboot building a competitive team.

    And this is what we’re stuck with for another two to three years.

    Forget waking me up when September ends, wake me up when Dredden, Blowzy, and Dreary are all gone. And I’m not impressed with Gabby at all. I don’t care how many goals and points he scored. We signed him to help, and he didn’t show up when we needed him the most, which was not just tonight, but a ton of games down the stretch. Not to mention the BS decision he made to play injured, just goes to show you how much he really cares. Tonight just confirms that.

  185. Tank the Season on

    Great post Alan – my sentiments exactly but I’m not sure Kovalchuk is the answer either. We have to upgrade at 6-8 forward positions not just one.

    I think he means Messier as “Mr. 1994”.

  186. Why fire Tortorella? He’s what this soft team needs. A fourth line like that setting the example and benching players who need to be accountable is what we need IMO. I’m tired of the self-entitlement babying crap

    Tortorella is the anti-Renney

  187. According to Larry Brooks, Chris Drury was spotted walking back to the hotel in Philly @ about 9 pm. When asked to do an interview he declined but he did have one thing to say.

    Chris Drury : “I’m not going to let the fact that we didn’t make the playoffs ruin my offseason.”

  188. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    Tank, i agree on kovalchuk, i dont think he wants all the scrutiny a big city will bring.

    You’re probably right about Mess also, and I think that would be a mistake too. at least for now. If Yeti gives up the GM reigns he’s STILL the pres and will still be the puppet master. There needs to be a total divorce there.

  189. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    noonan, he didnt do the accountability thing that great during the season though. if they need a sacrificial lamb though, it will be Torts. Not saying I agree with it now. I want to see what moves are made in the offseason and see the makeup of the team and see if Torts also has learned from this season. He’s a stubborn guy, which sometimes is NOT good ;-)

  190. got that right, tank. kovy may not be answer, but we need that scoring combo to keep the opposing D honest. and they have to be on two separate lines. i think having to fit in players on the top two lines, on the wing with dubi and gabby, and on the wing with AA and kovy, and then keeping the fourth line intact with prust and shelley with boyle in the middle, and finding a center for sean and cally is not an insurmountable task.

  191. ait 4-1 or 3-1 who cares. you had more to do with this team losing than Henrik did.

    im going to go take a walk

  192. Ryan in Saratoga on

    As the typical fan was tonight, I was pissed. But then I realized that we would have gotten shelled by the Caps even if Hank played out of his mind (as he usually does).

    The Rangers have two elite players on their team: Gaborik and Lundqvist. The word elite has nothing to do with playoff success, it has to do with playing ability. Both of these guys can take control at times and single handedly win games.

    The Rangers have absolutely no depth at forward after Gaborik. Every legit playoff contender has AT LEAST TWO forwards with huge numbers and the best teams (Washington, SJ, Chicago) have 3 or 4.
    Yes, Dubinksky, Christensen, Prospal and Callahan are good hockey players, but are simply not top-line players.

    We need to get rid of the huge contracts and sign/aquire a big-name center during the off-season and another fist-liner, without trading away our youth (this could be difficult!).

  193. Tank the Season on

    Getting Sharp and/or Versteeg and/or Byfuglien out of Chicago may be worth Hank.

    Getting Bobby Ryan and Jonas Hiller out of Anaheim may be worth Hank.

  194. Haha, i need a life? Buddy, you desperately need a life if you get so emotional when you can’t agree with someone. You’re a joke.

    Yeah, i agree, if not for him, the game would have been 5-1 or worse, *but* if not for Hank we would have potentially won the shootout.

    You, my friend, need that life. I’d try and help you out, but i have my hands full trying to find lives for Olga, and Salty Dupuis. Such hard work.

  195. Tank the Season on

    To me Kovalchuk is a guy who’s never won anything in his life and clearly is concerned with getting the $$$ – exactly NOT the guy we need – we witnessed firsthand his one and only playoff experience thus far in his career and we all know how that went (ask Sean Avery). He’s not a winning player.

    Ditto for Marleau.

    I’d steer clear of this year’s free agent crop. It is absoulute garbage compared to who was available last year.

    The one worthwhile player is Bobby Ryan and he’s an RFA. I’d like to see us try to get him somehow.

  196. I drove 11 hours to support the Rangers, and am crushed that they came up short. I want to thank the players who gave a crap out there, like Henrik, Prust, and Jody Shelley. It’s too bad we came up short, but these last three weeks have been a heckuva ride.

  197. ddebened is ELITE in his own mind on

    Tikk- you drove 11 hours to go to the game? where are you from?

  198. reginald dunlop on

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that was good. Gotta love Islanders fans

    yep all 56 of them……..ha ha ha

  199. Well I’m glad this crap about LQ is done being talked about…

    Since there really is nothing else to say about the horrible job Glen Sather has done…we can talk about this year’s playoffs…

    The series I’m most excited for? Vancouver vs LA…with PHO/DET coming in a close second

    OH and on ESPN Bottom Line they had Red Wings/Flames as a playoff matchup…and that’s why ESPN should NOT have hockey

  200. thanks guys. I drove from Kentucky. The atmosphere in the arena was like a true game 7. I knew all was lost when the Wachovia Center played a highlight reel during a commercial break that ended with Rocky running up the art museum steps. It may be hokey as heck to the rest of us, but that place erupted like crazy. lol!

  201. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    holy crap kentucky, i should’ve drove 6 hours from alabama and hitched a ride with you

  202. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    yup wicky, they are gonna play tomorrow at 7 on veeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuus

  203. Im not going to put down anyone’s opinion, but Hank is definitely an elite goalie. You don’t get nominated for the vezina if your not elite, plain and simple. Henrik has been the best player on this team for years. Just because the rangers haven’t advanced past the 2nd round is not hanks fault. He is the reason we got that far. Jeez he almost stole the serious vs the sabres when they were one of the best teams in the league, and he almost stole a serious from the capitals a year ago. Those two teams were way more talented than the ranger teams but hank did play out of his mind.

    And for the record every elite goalie lets in soft goals. See patrick roy, marty brodour.

  204. anonymous

    sorry to poke a hole in one of your theories, but Jim Carey won a Vezina. He AINT ELITE!!!!!!


  205. Where is the logic? you get nominated or win the vezina and your not elite?

    The Vezina Trophy is awarded annually to the National Hockey League’s goaltender who is “adjudged to be the best at this position.

    doesn’t that resonate, or am i missing something here?

  206. You’re both right…

    One great season in a mediocre career doesn’t make you elite


    Hank has been nominated for the Vezina multiple times…it isn’t some fluke

  207. NYRGuy

    I agree about Hank.

    I was just prodding the theory that a Vezina nomination makes you elite!

  208. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    good night boneheads and everyone. Carpy, I hope your trip home was safe and uneventful!!!

  209. the rangers with a huge offensive addition like ryan and 1 huge d man can be a ver ygood team. they simply do not have enough offense. DZ and staal are young and are studs for years. Staal really played well down the stretch he is very very good. GIlroy should be better next year, bye to erickson and they need to try to trade Roszival. He has 1 yr left on his deal he is tradeable. Do the redden to the minors and take 1/2 his contract as the cap hit.

    christenson and paranteau are possibles for next year of course at the right price which should be $1 mill or less. They need to see if byers, wiese, grachev or others can contribute. Kovalchuk at $7 mill or less is worth looking into, no way he gets $10 mill. per yr. he wants..Bobby Ryan would be huge…..Stepan needs to be signed and sent to hartford….

    they have more good young players then they have had in many years, the problem is none of the forwards are difference makers. jokinnen, prospal, shelly are gone. old and not worth it. Prust is a good 4th line player with some skill. Voros is not a NHL’er no matter what a good guy he is…the little moves matter a lot; ie… brashear, kotalik, etc………

  210. Leetchhalloffame on

    Except for Gabby and (stretching it) maybe Dubi & Prospal (and he’s a geezer) this year’s team was a roster full of third and fourth liners with a soft, garbage defense but for Staal. We just need more talent, period. FIRE SATHER!!

  211. lundqvist is not elite…………

    the rangers can trade him tommorrow to about 22 teams for at least 4 good players.. also lebron is not elite he has won nothing…………

    sounds ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!

    because it is …………………

  212. ddebened is ELITE in his own mind on

    anonymous -appreciate your respect of other peoples opinions but your theme seems to be “almost”. Is he handicapped by a team with mediocre talent- yes, but ‘git er done’. Then you shall be KING.

  213. KingLundqvist30 on

    1. Clearly, Anisimov/Boyle shorthanded play trying to go for it was the killer as it led to an odd-man rush the other way. Anisimov missed his check (Carle) and we all know what happened from there.

    2. What more could Lundqvist do? Outshot to death and standing on his head all game. Sure, the Giroux goal in the shootout looked weak, but was it weaker than Jokinen’s effort on the final Rangers shot?

    3. Remember when they blew that lead in Toronto Saturday night a few weeks back? Things like that come back and haunt you in a bad way.

    4. Do we have one more year of Roszival? next year cannot end soon enough.

    5. Avery was sorely missed as was Cally. If Cally plays, Boyle is riding the bench and the Flyers regulation goal doesn’t happen.

    6. To all the people saying trade Lundqvist now and sell high…is there someone in the wings? Zaba? Johnson? Auld? No way in hell…46 saves and all you muster is one goal from Jody Shelly? There are 17 other forwards on the depth chart above Jody Shelley who failed to step up today and you want to use Henrik as the scapegoat? That’s just wrong!

  214. Jarret - Fire Sather on

    The answer of “No” on why he didn’t play their star player during the critical shootout is unacceptable.

  215. Wow Orr, that statement is borderline Trolling, and Thomas also made team usa. Where all the non elite players go I guess.

    I guess leading team sweeden to a gold medal is just good too lol.

  216. So, you’re saying DiPietro is elite? I mean, he was USA’s starter in 2006, so i guess Mr. Bionic Hip, Leg, Groin, Abs, and Shin is an elite goalie.

    Make sure you tell him that when he’s in a wheel chair at age 32, cause that will probably keep him from taking a dive out of a window from all the depression he will deal with.

  217. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    For those who want to hold the coach responsible (like there is some other coach out there who would have gotten this team into the playoffs), I must ask the question – who saddled the coach with TWO potholes on defense, and gave him just ONE high-scoring forward to deploy?

    If Sather stays on, and dumps Torts, to cover his own lard ass, it will be a black day in Rangers history. This organization desperately needs to turn the corner and take a new, breath of fresh air direction, starting with a house-cleaning in the executive suite, where it is more stale than just last week’s cigar smoke. For those patiently waiting for Glen Sather to die, because he will never leave us any other way, it is no solace that his brain cells are already dead.

  218. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Noonan , Hank played a whalee of a game but got tired and fizzled out. Tank is a 5th or 6th round draft pick…must be a reason….hmmm???

    Over-rated. pritty much. Let kevin weeks play as many game as Tank…maybe well get a real draft pick. Tanks a teaser goalie,makes ya think yer winning , then…teases ya ,,plop plop , soft goal!!!!

  219. anonymous

    I can only take so much.

    Tim Thomas is the BIGGEST PIECE OF GARBAGE GOALIE to exist on this planet.

    He is a worthless hockey player and an even more worthless human being.

    He did not belong on the USA hockey team, but unfortunately there wasnt anybody better.

    And if you notice, the USA coach recognized what a loser Tim Thomas was, by not playing him but for 10 minutes in a blowout game!

  220. I stand corrected. the rangers lost tonight because lundqvist is not elite…

    sounds moronic!!!!!!!!!!!it is.. henrik, staal, gabby, DZ, dubi, cally,girardi(picked it up dow nthe stretch) and a few others can play that is it. roszival is not horrible but he plays 2nd pair minutes…..

    they cannot score einsteins…….for all the talent evaluators who say they should sign jody shelly are you out of your minds…………….sloe, old, and lack of talent is not a good formula for success. See if Byers or wiese can play. Byers is prtetty tough with some skill……………………………………………..

    the grades for the players I see on blogs are hilarious. staal, gabby, lundqvist get A’s………

    Valiquette, redden, brashear, kotalik, higgins, etc get F’s.

    Drury gets a D>>>>>>>>>>>>Redden gets a D, Voros gets a D>>>>

    Roszival gets a C or D+….

    Prust gets a B(he is a 4th liner)…this team needs to cut ties with any of the old stuff………..

  221. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hank may be fooling some of you , but the rest of us see our momentum slipp away time after time when Tank lets in a softie…its brutaly. Nobdy , I mean Nobody has the GUTS to tell Hank , you sucked..Torts benched him after that 3rd goal cuz Hank cant handle this “so called Elite label”
    Hank is a shooters dream , low in the net and over reacts.Dump this guy already for a real draft pick , that would be a steal.

  222. Carp…there isn’t alot of anti-LQ here tonight…it’s just a few people saying it over and over

    I’m headin in for the night, everyone knows Sather and Dolan are to blame for this mess, so try putting the blame on them guys…not the goalie that plays his @ss off all season just to put this team in a position to win.

    Talk to ya all tomorrow

  223. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Stuart , Rangers lost cuz Hank fizzled out and blew the game..didnt you see it?

  224. ddebened is ELITE in his own mind on

    Damn wish I could have gotten trademark on ‘Elite’. Could have made a mint in royalties tonight.

  225. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    I say Prucha skates the cup…you heard it here first ladies and gentlemen.

  226. Torts was outcoached all season. Lundqvist was exhausted. Gaborik was exhausted — it’s not too hard to shut down the offense when the offense is one guy. Torts’ benchings, temper tantrums, rantings over penalties, had this team floundering most of the season. 2 wins from the playoffs. This team was not good in OT or shootouts this year. Isn’t Torts responsible for that?
    Any comments from Sather by the way, or doesn’t the GM speak to the press at the end of the season?

  227. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Tim Thomas is a sham . I saw that the first time I saw him , then he had an EXCELLENT season..then he was normal again. Funny how teams covet players that are really garbage.

    Rangers will always be the best in my eyes . I love this teams young players comming up!!!

  228. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ddeb , you did start all this, I actually was sticking up for you. HAHAHAA!!!

  229. Nobody has to tell hank he had a bad game, he knows it himself and is his worst critic.

    My god ranger fans are shot. Now your blaming your best player. Yea…run him out of town too like renney. The team will be so much better. only thing worse that the rangers managment is the whiney ranger fans.

  230. The Old Ranger on

    NYR Guy- you’re right there are just 3 continuous cretins here- Orr. Greg and CR9 that have to pin this excuse for this sorry team on one of the few real players on it.

    Not Drury, not Redden not Rosival, not Brashear, not tortrella, not Sather not Dolan.

    It’s Lundqvist’s fault? Stupidest posts I’ve ever seen on this blog.

  231. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Whos fault is it that Tank was so tired? Torts? I doubt that. Gaborik has to play every game at full speed Tank should volenteer to rest. A smart goalie would. Only Elite goalies can handle such a work load and NOT USE IT as an excuse.

  232. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    old Rangers , read ALL of my posts , cuz yer missing the point , sharpen up!!

  233. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " No excuses!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I love Hank , dont get me wrong , he just does NOT fit in our future plans. Time to trade him. If you Hank lovers think were on pace to win the cup then I wanna keep him too!!!! Geeeze!!! This team is oviously 3 – 5 years away …Hank will be old by then and will prolong our medeocorcy. (HAHAHAHA nice try mr speller!!!)

  234. It’s Lundqvist’s fault for not volunteering to rest more during the season with a team that desperately needed wins? How insightful. And I foolishly thought the coach decided who was playing.

  235. The Old Ranger on

    Jeez maybe it was the team that let the flyers get 47 shots on him that tired him out? Maybe it was the team that played so lousy this year that LQ had to play the last 10 games or so to keep the Rangers in it as far as they did go?

    You moron- you have to play the full 60 minutes if you’re a goalie. Gaborik gets to play 1 minute then skates off to rest. You can’t compare them.

  236. ddebened is ELITE in his own mind on

    Greg- I can’t believe you of all people are so harsh on LQ. but I have to say the same thought of “teaser goalie” has come to mind before. He’ll make a ton of nice saves then give up a softie- just enough to lose. He played well today. It was not his fault that we lost but he failed to WIN to game.

  237. The Old Ranger on

    Your missing the point greg ol’boy. It’s not the goaltending that is the problem on the Rangers. And you want to throw away the good parts for what? Trust Slats to trade for someone better, or get draft picks to corner the market on Jessimans?

    Wake up stupido. Sather stumbled onto a gem somehow, and you want to trade it for whats behind door #2.


    Garth Snow wants his 200lb chest protector back from fatqvist.

    Get those billboards off his legs before Dolan adds virtual ads to them.

  239. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” No excuses!!! ” … says Greg L.
    April 11th, 2010 at 11:58 pm
    Whos fault is it that Tank was so tired? Torts? I doubt that. Gaborik has to play every game at full speed Tank should volenteer to rest. A smart goalie would. Only Elite goalies can handle such a work load and NOT USE IT as an excuse.

    This is, by far, the most idiotic post i have ever seen you put on this blog … and you know I’ve been reading your posts for years, bud. It makes no sense, i truly hope you realize that.

  240. Well I’m disappointed the game ended the way it did, it would have been easier to to accept it had they been eliminated a week ago.

    I’ve scanned some of the discussions about the game and it’s pretty shocking to see people blaming a guy that gave them a chance to win a game they had no business winning today. Man for man the Flyers are a more talented team and when they feel like playing well they are a pretty good team.

    I believe today was the 11th game this season that Lundqvist gave up 2 or less goals (I think we can agree that 2 or less goals is generally accepted as strong goaltending) and the Rangers lost. There are also a few games this season that the team gave him 3 or more goals of support and they lost. Goalies like Miller and Brodeur have similar stats, so now we’ve cleared up any notions that there’s a perfect goalie.

    I said it the other day, it took Brodeur having 2 HOF caliber defensemen and a defensive minded team to win his Cups. It took Hasek playing on a team with at least half dozen HOF players to win his only Cup where he was the starter (not counting his along for the ride win in 2008).

    As for the off-season, I really hope that they don’t hamstring themselves again with signing B-level free agents for long term deals.

  241. The Old Ranger on

    ddebened- Richter gave up quite a few softies in his day. He wasn’t very high on the Rangers shutout list. But he had a team in front of him that took care of business. Grant Fuhr gave up a few goals in HIS day. But when the Oilers were scoring 4-5 goals a game he could afford an occasional lapse. This team of overpaid under-achievers gives LQ little room for error.

  242. The old Ranger is probably one of the very few posters who actually has hockey knowledge.

  243. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    This was posted at Bleacher Report, great post…

    Looking at a few numbers:

    Richter: 5 top 10 finishes in save %, 1 in top 5
    Lundqvist: 2 top 10 finishes, 1 in top 5

    Richter: 3 Top 10 finishes in GAA, 1 in top 5
    Lundqvist: 3 Top 10, 1 top 5

    Lundqvust already has more 1st place Vezina votes than Richter did his whole career, double the total points and has picked up Hart votes as well.

    Given that Henrik should only improve, it’s hard to imagine Richter being better.

    Richter was one of the most important players in Ranger history. His impact there cannot be denied. But it’s key to remember that “Best” and “Important” or “Significant” are two different aspects. Richter was a very good goalie who led the team to the Stanley Cup. But on a pure talent level, Henrik shines.

  244. The Old Ranger on

    anonymous- there are actually quite a few good knowledgable posters here. ORR Greg an CR just aren’t any of them.

  245. ddebened is ELITE in his own mind on

    The Old Ranger – I hear what your saying -but I could give two Carcillos about shutouts- just do what needs to be done.
    I’m not trying to make LQ a scapegoat. But he had his chance to shine and failed.

  246. The Old Ranger on

    ddebened- Lundqvist DID shine during that game. Weren’t you watching? 47 saves. What did you want from him?

  247. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It just makes no sense. It’s like saying that Roberto Luongo is not elite because the Panthers never won a cup with him.


    Luongo is definitely elite, top-3 goaltender over the past 10 years. He just had such a crappy team that five (5) 50 save games per season was still not enough to win the cup! Get it, i hope so…?

  248. Old Ranger – Anonymous = Same person.

    I used to get a laugh out of people that would come here, and make another name so they can make it seem like someone likes and agrees with them, so they’re not left out of any discussions or feel like a loser, but it’s too depressing for me to handle.

    I need to worry aboot more important things than the lives of cry babies with no lives. What can i say, I’m just an all around good person ;(

    Seriously though, make some friends, and leave your house from time to time. It could be a revelation.

  249. ZzZz you are just wrong and no matter how times you say it your wrong. The team was outplayed and that’s all there is to it. Get over it I have. May be some good things will happen now but I doubt it until Sather is gone. I’ve been a Ranger fan for 40 years. It hurts whenever the lose but to put the blame on Hank is juevenile.

  250. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What did you want from him?
    A WIN.

    Too bad he didn’t get a 49 save shutout or score a goal in the shootout then!

    Absurd, you people.

  251. The Old Ranger on

    I think these guys are all fixated on LQ because he made the LAST mistake of the game and the season. Gaborik didn’t score. Where is his criticism? Drury didn’t score- he didn’t do much all season long for his 8 million. Redden played like s— out there- why does Hank get all the abuse? You are being entirely too critical of Lundqvist. Where would the Rangers be without him?

  252. This elite discussion is like a male or female dentist calling themselves doctors, when they’re not actually doctors.

    Hank, Miller, Luongo….they’re all just dentists, very good dentists, but they haven’t passed the test to become Doctors. You need a shiny silver Cup to be a Doctor.

    I think all three will get it, because they’re too good not to get it, but until then, they’re just good goalies who can help their team win.

  253. The Old Ranger on

    Orr- I’m not anonymous, or olga or anyone else here. if this is all you have to add to the conversation go take a nap. If it’s too depressing, eat a bullet, I dont care.

  254. The Old Ranger on

    What did you want from him?

    A WIN

    Gee, sorry you were so inconvenienced! There were 20 other players on that team how about you give some of them the “credit”?

  255. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Hank, Miller, Luongo….they’re all just dentists, very good dentists, but they haven’t passed the test to become Doctors. You need a shiny silver Cup to become a Doctor.”




  256. “Orr,
    You’re on here more than they are/he is! Lol”

    Yeah, of course i am. I’m always on here. I stole the password to my schools internet connection just so i could post here during Math class back when i was in school back in the Weiner days.

    Dedicated bonehead. Always have, always will.

  257. The Old Ranger on

    True fans, I think it’s because orr is getting “boring” and wants to play doctor with megan fox.

  258. The Old Ranger on

    orr you should have studied math. Then you wouldn’t be unemployed and living in mommy’s cellar. Bonerhead.

  259. “The Old Ranger April 12th, 2010 at 12:38 am

    anonymous- there are actually quite a few good knowledgable posters here. ORR Greg an CR just aren’t any of them.”

    Clearly, anonymous = Ole Ranger.

    Why dont you go back to Boston, where you belong.

    Greg and Orr are just angry about how this team is run, so they overreact about LQ. I dont think they really blame him for anything.

    I believe LQ is one of the best 3 goalies in the league, as do probably Greg and Orr.

  260. well that sucked. So my friends tonight invited me to a bar in south philly. Who is the first person to say hi to me? Danny Briere. They were really nice about the fact that I was a rangers fan. I talked to him, the goalie, carle, gerioux (wouldn’tdrink a jim beam shot my friend got for him), and cote and they honestly said they were afraid of the rangers and were really surprised they pulled it off! good guys. I told them to beat the devils and they seemed pretty confident that they could do so.

  261. sorry. i am still drunk a little. so to complete my post, I was tricked to going to the flyers after game bar with my rangers jersey on. fun stuff

  262. The Old Ranger on

    So, orr. All you have left is pathetic posting as someone else?

    Like Niel on Seinfeld- George? I win.

  263. The Old Ranger on

    Well CR I guess I stand corrected. Why do they rag him so then? If they’re drunk or stoned I can believe it. But give the guy a break, I don’t think he wanted to lose that game…

  264. I’ve only read one more of your posts, and that the rapist post, and i knew you would put the blame on me, haha, nice try. Carp knows who it is, or at least would find out.

    Don’t flatter yourself, maybe you might get the “hots” when posting as random people, but i don’t.

    You need a hobby.

  265. Old Ranger

    Hmmm… I guess it’s because our season just ended. So they are angry. People sometimes forget the positive and remember the negative. It’s natural human instinct to do so. Of course he didn’t want to lose, he singlehandedly kept us in the game. All he needed was 2 extra SO saves to win. Im sure he blames himself for the loss. Doesnt mean we should blame him. He is “our everything.” Without him, we are looking at a top 3 pick in the draft. I got angry when it happened too, but after a few minutes, I realized that the guy stands on his head most of the time and is one of the best in the league. Happens to the best of ’em.

  266. The Old Ranger on

    Orr- Is this a hockey blog or are you the social director in charge of goofy posts? You don’t seem to be blaming Lundqvist so much anymore. Are you sober or just too eff’ed up to keep a train of thought anymore?

  267. Oh man, seriously, it’s come to this? How pathetic. This has become a pointless argument. It’s impossible to debate with people who aren’t reasonable or knowledgeable, and yet are willing to forcefully assert their backwards opinions over and over again. Some of us here try to make points based on available information and experience, and others are just content to repeat the same nonsense over and over again, just to outlast, and get the last word in.

  268. Hey Old Ranger, I just got back from a long day in Philly and a nasty ride home, and the last thing I wanted to do was find some moron doing crap like that on my blog and to have to deal with it at 1:25 a.m. So you really pissed me off and you got yourself banned.

    now go get your shinebox.

  269. And for the rest of you children, I don’t even like typing this word, but I’m typing it because it has now become the magic word to be banned. If I ever see douche on this blog again I will ban you. I swear to god. I don’t care who it is. Understand? Capice?

  270. Dont know if showed the entire press conference but wondering if you asked tortorella anything at it? i didnt think i heard you ask anything in what the site showed, thanks
    I really think he should have at least said something in response to the question about gaborik being left off in the shootout, whether it was a quick reply as in “I didnt feel like he was one of our top 3 guys that was going to give us the best chance to score” or something like that, but dont just say “No.” he really is so nasty sometimes, most of the time

  271. Again, instead of Rangers fan uniting and disagreeing peacefully, all of you fight amongst each other. Cant anybody understand how one might be angry today.

    Especially after the great start and finish to the season that the NYR had.

  272. No, Rob, I didn’t ask a question. I felt he might be in one of those snippy moods and if I asked something he didn’t like it would give him reason to do something stupid again. So as long as all the questions that needed to be asked were asked, I didn’t bother. But he should have at least given a bit of an answer about Gaborik.

    And CR, speaking of disagreeing peacefully, I know Kerry Fraser and he is a fine, fine man, one of the best people I’ve met in hockey. So put away your theory and your paranoia when you’re talking about him, OK?

  273. ddebened is ELITE in his own mind on

    Damn that’s one of favorite words! That’s d#####! Would that be considered a adjective? Carp thanks everything you do. You da man!

  274. oh yeah carp since you are here too, I told the flyers about this blog. so you may start even getting some flyers reading the bonehead comments too!

  275. Thank you for the quick reply, and not just giving a quick “No.” like torts did, hah

    I was at work all day but ill make two comments, isnt it EPIC how on the rangers possibly and most likely best scoring chance of their last game, that the guy breaking down the middle of the ice into the slot was WADE REDDEN, and i think for maybe one of the first times of the season this inept fool tries to one-time the puck, when all he had to do was catch and shoot, and he fans on it sending it wide, anybody but him, ANYBODY, shelley, anders eriksson, give me anybody but him with that same opportunity and ill take my chance, guy is a waste and i really think these past 2 seasons is enough to prove that he does not belong on the rangers or in the nhl, send him away about 100 miles north on i-95 to i-91 to hartford, connecticut, and never look back

    Lastly, anyone that gives henrik lundqvist an inkling of a blame should really reassess that opinion and really watch the full game over again in entirety, matter fact watch all 82 games over again, and tell me who the best player was in about 70 of those games on the rangers, he would be the answer to that, the guy is a beast how unbelieveable he is, he let up 2 goals in the shootout, the guys made good moves and he guessed on one of the goals he let up, but that kid giroux showed excellent patience, give credit where credit is due, the rangers were shooting on a backup goalie they should have score 2 of 3 at the least
    Henrik Lundqvist is the heart and soul and captain of the new york rangers, he cares more than anyone on the team, anyone, i love callahan i love dubinksy i love staal they are the future but lundqvist cares more than ANYBODY, the guy is so determined, shows so much emotion and has so much passion for this team and this game and nobody feels worse than him, even though it is nowhere near his fault for losing this game, i luv the guy to death and i hope he is a ranger forever and i count on seeing a number 30 in red white and blue hanging in the rafters in the worlds most famous arena in about 15-20 years

  276. joey

    great story!!!

    And if that’s the case…..

    Philadelphia Flyers, if by some chance you happen to meet the Bruins in the playoffs, will you please not lay down and die against them as every other Philly team lays down and dies against every other Boston team!!

    Oh, and please have Carcillo take out Zdeno the way Matt Cooke took out Savard!!!!

  277. Chris Says SELL SELL SELL on

    Greg you are a bigger moron now than last year when you supported Zerdev all year

    The only reason this team had more than 40 points is because of hank

  278. CR

    Sadly, that’s just the way most New York fans are. If you have an opinion that they don’t agree with, they’ll keep whining constantly until the make you agree with them, and if not, they act like little brats. It’s quite pathetic.

    I’m sure it’s not the only place where fans act like this, but it’s the only one I’m familiar with.

    So, with that, I’ll say this one last time in hopes of this particular topic being dropped…In *MY* opinion, Hank blew this game, along with the ugly Pig who is worthless. If you disagree with it, that’s fine. Move on!


    You don’t have to say the “love” words, I was only joking aboot that. I wasn’t taking the bet seriously.

  279. Orr


    I am all too familiar with it.

    There is one group of fans that unite no matter what. Boston fans!

    I’ve been on SOSH (Sons of Sam Horn). I was on there during the Yankees 4 game sweep at NYS last year. One guy talks about how he wishes death on MFY (mother f***** Yankee) kids, and also hoping that the Sox pitchers would put the ball in one of Alex’s ears and out the other. Same with Teixeira.

    And you know what all the Sox fans on the site said (despite the sick nature of the first Sox fan’s comments)?

    They all jumped on the bandwagon, wishing death on Yankees children in the crowd that looked one way or another; wishing death on Mariano.

    It’s just what Boston fans do. They stick together through and through, even when they sound sick and disturbed. It don’t matter to them.

    When I was at Fenway Field in 01, you’d think a Sox fan or two would have taken my side and gone against the 9 / 11 bashers, but nope. Was never gonna happen.

  280. When Prust, Anisimov & Shelley are your best line during the final two weeks of the season with the Playoffs on the line, you’ve got problems. Hopefully this will be the final page of the Sather Era as Rangers GM- a failed era by anyone’s measure. Let the Messier Era Begin!

    I like a lot of things about John Tortorella, but I don’t think he is a good fit in the big town, for whatever reason. I’d like to see Messier be the driving force behind whoever is chosen as the next Rangers coach. Craig MacTavish is one obvious possibility. Regardless, a clean slate would signify a fresh start.

    Who wouldn’t I keep from this years’ team? In the Salary Cap world of the new NHL, it’s tougher to turn over your roster, but my 2010-11 Rangers would no longer have Rozsival or Redden on D or Jokinen, Voros, or Boyle up front. I don’t see a way the Rangers can jettison Drury & his hefty contract, but it would be a good idea. Somehow, the Rangers must conjure up some more goal scoring, something that is easy to say, but a most difficult task to accomplish.

    Despite what many folks have written, Henrik Lundqvist is a World Class goaltender, I don’t think there is any question. He may not have a long career as a top star because he relies so much on his quickness, but he has several more high quality seasons ahead of him. One thing I can fault Tortorella for was his obvious strategy of trying to win the game in a shootout rather than pressing for more offense in regulation or overtime. Clearly, shootout results are almost random events–not surprising because everyone in the NHL is an excellent hockey player. Often times, shooters do everything right & don’t score while goalies are perfectly positioned & pucks hit the twine. Having the better goalie would be an advantage in a 10 shooter competition, maybe even five…but three? It’s a 50-50 proposition.

    Happy Baseball Season to all!

  281. Anyone saying Lundqvist blew this game is clueless. Anyone saying you aren’t considered ELITE unless you win a cup is clueless..lets talk about Dominic Hasek on the Sabres! I guess it wasn’t until he joined the Wings that he was considered an “ELITE” goalie.

  282. Here we go again. Poor Lundquist is tired. Fatso is 10 years older and this season has played more games, more minutes, has more than twice as many shutouts and is going to the playoffs AGAIN…

    and Poor Henrik is tired…..

  283. While I do think the Rangers themselves are to blame for not scoring enough to get another point in the entire season, I do think the refereeing did play a part in this game. P.A.’s penalty was a ridiculous call considering Shelly was high sticked twice drawing blood, no call, Carillo hooked Dubinsky while driving to net, no call, Carillo took a couple of charges, no calls and also took a dive that was called against the Rangers. And best of all Shelly take a lateral/blind side hit the head from Pronger, no call. That’s 4+4+2+5=15 minutes of powerplay time the Rangers should have received and minus -4 of penalty kill time. If half of that was called it would have been a different game. Imagine if Avery was playing, it would have been worse!

  284. Hey Uncle Paul,

    Fatso’s team plays defense in front of him and actually plays a system that prevents the goalie from having to work too hard. If Brodeur was on the Rangers, he’d be dead already.

  285. The Rangers didn’t lose this game on bad officiating. They were outplayed all game long.

  286. Franklin Kistner on

    Wife and I rooted against Blueshirts for the last couple of weeks. We need Sather out now! We felt that if no playoff might mean no Sather. We hope.

  287. There is certainly one turn in Texas Maintain His or her speed
    about his fastball continues to be on the rise, but the amazing factor along with Jenks have been his various other pitches, in particular his
    or her curveball.

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