It’s go time!


Go on, or go home. 

By the way, I didn’t mean to give you the idea that Torts didn’t answer any questions before the game. He did talk about whether the mindset was any different today that it has been lately.

“They’re loose, they’re confident, and they should be,” he said. “Again, this isn’t the playoffs. It has been kind of our playoffs the last little while, just trying to climb the hill to get to the game where you have the opportunity to get in. To me that’s the most difficult time to try to get yourselves through. They deserve a lot of credit for grinding through and getting to this opportunity. Now they just need to go out and play.”

Oh, and before he stormed off after the last question, he added a “My God.”

Could have been a lot worse.


I was reading that 88 points will be the lowest total to qualify for the playoffs since the Bettman Bonus Point for losing a skills competition was instituted in 2005. And two teams will have 88. I told you it was the Leastern Conference.


Just had a nice chat with the Captain, and by Captain, I mean No. 11.

Also  spoke to Dave Brown. The perfect example of how the toughest, meanest hockey players are almost always the nicest, most polite and respectful people in the game. Man, he was a monster when he wore No. 21. Such a good guy now.

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  1. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on



  2. billybleedsblue on

    Pregame, Voros said “…a fighter’s chance…”

    I don’t know about 8 gloves down at the drop, but how ’bout 4?

    Kill the Flyers!

  3. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on

    Rick – I didnt think you meant Drury when you said that LOL


  4. somerset says BOYCOTT THE BEARD !!! on

    CARP …

    Mention the 1994 BEARD BOYCOTT to the boys and Torts if you can

  5. Nice Linda!

    Flyers need a miricle!

    How’s that for positive thinking?- thanks Greg

    Grabby don’t bite my face off.

  6. Torts tie and shirt combo… Ehh, not too bad. Not great, but not awful. At least it’s a solid color shirt. Red though- taking a page outta Tiger’s wardrobe possibly.

  7. oh dear. Torts. welllll, it could be worse I suppose, depending on the jacket…..oy vey. my tummy hurts and my hands are a shaking…..come out first boys!

  8. Well I got carped so ill say it again! Let’s go rangers!! I’m off to watch it so I’ll talk to u guys later. No way Hank loses to boucher in a must win! I’m not ready for season to end bring on ovi!

  9. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    love the comment on the last thread

    i’ll send diapers and no to the t shirts, superstition!

    Love shelley’s pregame comments…takes no credit at all and gives it all to his teammates…sign that guy now!!!!


    See you guys after the game!!

  10. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on


    No when I googled his name – it was the first one that came up LMAO

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on




  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ok ORR , this is GAME 82…our bet comes down to today.

    Its been a ride everyone. I cant wait to go for another spin!!!!

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on



  14. Darn modem is dead. Will have to do it with iPhone.

    It’s go time! Let’s do this, boys!

    LGR!!! LGR!!! LGR!!!

  15. >>…the toughest, meanest hockey players are almost always the nicest, most polite and
    >>respectful people in the game.

    I often hear the same comment about me as a soccer player.

  16. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on

    Right on Seth! That’s how they have to play it! BIG EFFORTS FROM EVERYONE!

  17. of course, on the big board, they put a picture of that Piece of Carcillo landing a punch on Avery’s mug.

  18. Mr. Noremry says he hasn’t been this nervous about a game since Game 7 in ’94. Major butterflies!

  19. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    this just sucks, no rangers stream ANYWHERE where i don’t have to download something gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr

  20. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on



  21. >>hmmm, Flyers was playing U2s SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY yesterday after their training…

    They might be playing “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” later this afternoon.

  22. Linda Ive downloaded sopcast many times. It wont hurt you.

    the feed is awesome and it is MSG.

  23. said another little prayer to Mom, asking for some help. Hope she comes through again.

  24. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO , Linda find the game !!!!

  25. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sure is a whole lotta MSG Network hype for a fight for the last playoff spot. Sather should be strung up for building only an 8th place team after 10 years of “building” the team. Instead he will be Dolan’s Hero when they squeak into the playoffs today.

    Oh, and Kerry Fraser? Go get your shine box!

  26. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    for some reason, i refreshed the screen, and it came on without having to download anything!
    NO I AM PSYCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAM AND JOE!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Bob Sacamano on

    Why the hell do some singers have to change the way the song is sung…its sounds terrible!

  28. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on


  29. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    BRUTAL!!!!!!!! BRUTAL!!!!!!!!! my goodness my cat just smashed into the wall on purpose! (kidding)

    TORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man lol

  30. VanRiemsdyk is from my home


  31. >>I bet Lauren Hart is a VanRiemsdyk

    CLASSIC! If we lose today, I’ll still laugh every time I remember this one.

    Pete strikes AGAIN! 1-nil.

  32. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    SHELLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH BITCHES!

  33. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    lmao @ SHELLEYSTEIN!!!

    4th line = SNAKE STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  34. sweeeeeeeeeeeet defelection

    VanRiemsdyk is from my my hometown

    nice start team looks loose

  35. The Flyers must be regretting not dressing Riley Cote, the only man who can match Shelley’s goalscoring prowess.

  36. Watching on Comcast sports net in central Pennsylvania. The call for Shelley’s goal was “you’ve got to be kidding me!”

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    As Pirre Magwire would say…”He’s a MONSTER!!!” geeze That guys a tool!!

  38. Got to kill this one.

    LMAO @ carcillo with the puck.

    Eriksson looked like was having sex first time on that turnover. At 35?

  39. oh dear.

    Fozzy, thanks. That makes sense for them I guess.

    I’m with Sam, I want Nettles too, but I bet it goes to A-Rod…phooey. (that was the last era I actually cared about baseball…..)

  40. They just showed a whole clip of Flyers beating up Rangers, going back to Schultz-Rolfe.

    Mama, don’t make fun of Lauren Hart or I will ban you.

  41. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    the tv is 15 seconds ahead of the computer lol its making me nuts!!


  42. HockeymanRangers on

    Hey I am here, but probably won’t chime in to much. Don’t want to miss a play. Yes 1 goal already YES YES YES let’s do this, SHELLY SHELLY SHELLY.
    Hi Lindi, FYI sorry but every Linda I know becomes a Lindi. Who’s our wild card today?

  43. Carp – did they show that video of “Great Flyers Goalies of the Last 25 Years”? If you blinked, you might have missed it.

  44. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    lets go boys, puck possession and shots on boucher!


  45. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Holy Carcillo! I almost PA Paranteu’d my boxers on that one…

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ALRIGHT BOYS , Bounces going OUR way , lets keep it up , no quit …lets go ,lets go!!!

  47. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    we can’t have that Krisy!!!

    lets go, we gotta take advantage of the PP, it may be the only one we get all game!!!! LETS GO CLUTCHNESS!!!!

  48. jagrforgovernor on

    yeah…. gotta watch this one.

    Staal has been playing badly as of late, still manages to draw danny boy into hooking him down.

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    This game is why we watch Hockey ….It controls our body functions!!!

  50. This game is why we watch Hockey ….It controls our body functions!!!

    I just ‘body functioned’ mt pants!

  51. Asham is trying to scare Shelley. Someone needs to step in and protect our goal scorer

  52. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on


    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!, this is why i bleed blue, i live for this!

    lets go BOYS!!!!

  53. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    exactly! he needs that orange glow back, it’s weird seeing him this light!

  54. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    i mean i get it with the KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID but this looks like SAFE IS SAFE that might result in DEATH

  55. 3 posts and too many shots on goal for them lets spend some more time in thier zone

  56. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    yes shelley ‘i got a stick in the face’… bleedin all over… too bad they won’t call anything after the fact

  57. 20 down. Hank was great. They need to pick it up offensively for the rest of the game.

  58. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    lmao headzo…omg freakin chris drury interview…WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ( in my best nancy kerrigan voice)

  59. I want Prust to get the next goal, assisted by Shelley. Then Shelley completes a Gordie Howe hat trick by beating the snot out of Richards.

  60. Hank’s not only standing on his head, he’s spinning on it, too….Come on guys! A little help please!!!

    this is going to be the next longest 40 minutes of my life…

  61. Hi Hank, thank you for showing up. Rest of the team, Red Bull and cocaine between periods. That was NOT a good first period. Let’s hope that the posts and Hank’s good play got in their heads a bit, because if we come out with another effort like that, we are screwed, BIG TIME!

  62. lucky to be up 1-0, no shots on goal for 13+ minutes ., disgraceful safe is death hockey…..

  63. They need to put more shots on Bouch-pussy-willow. He let one in, his confidence isn’t that highg to begin with.

  64. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    ok, now come out for the 2nd and get that puck possession and shots on goal workin boys!! oy vey. we’re nervous enough without you NOT getting shots for 13 freakin minutes

    and no mako, its that lifesized mako cake-o hehe

  65. >>lucky to be up 1-0, no shots on goal for 13+ minutes ., disgraceful safe is death

    No one said it would be pretty.

  66. HockeymanRangers on

    Whew! One down two to go. Hank and the post’s are keeping us in it. Got to keep their shots down. There is room to step it up a notch boys.

  67. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on

    I knew what you were talking about silly ;)

    Im wearing my foil helmet !!!!

  68. Holy flying golden monkeys.
    Two more periods of this in going to be tough.

    bklynblue – why always so negative?

  69. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on

    LMAO! Shatten

    I was thinking he paid off the team to vote for him. Why doesnt LQ win any of those awards. He deserves it more than anyone!

  70. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on


    Wild First period , we have the lead. Time to build on it.
    We know we were out shot and maybe out chanced. We own the score and I know we can chip in another goal. Hank wants this game …let’s go get for him!!!! Our team gets stonger as the game goes on , take it to ’em boys!!!! Flyers are just as desperate as us…maybe more. We are the beter team , so let’s get out there and …


    Get out there and make yer Momma Proud!!!!

  71. that was hilarious. on the flyers tv cast, they had a clip of Rob Ray of the sabres tv team grabbing that idiot Coatesy of the Flyer broadcast team, and slamming his head against the glass repeatedly. great stuff

  72. HEY BONEHEADS, two things:

    Do youse want a new thread at some point … this one’s getting long already?

    Also, I’m going on the radio after the second period! Boneheads shout-out … Maloney always mentions you guys.

  73. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    no Rick, lets keep it going, and thanks for letting us know you’re gonna be on with dave! AWESOME

  74. I can’t see Redden and Eriksson getting much ice time this period. They looked nervous and the Flyers were putting them under some pressure. So far i think the Drury line and the 4th line have been our best, but Hank is definately keeing us in it…

  75. somerset – I think it was you who wanted the Baby Glenn Anderson. See my post at 3.00pm if you missed it.

  76. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    lets get to atleast 1000 posts today!…40 more minutes, gonna need to take a few shots of vodka! the beer is not calming the nerves

  77. Only if the numbers here count to the total :)

    1050 AM in NY all!!!! Carpy, Davey, and a boneheads shout out….whee! hey Carp, think you can work in the word mama :)

  78. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    I’d rather have a Carcillo burger than a south st cheese steak…

  79. ok, was able to move and got feeling back in my foot that I was sitting on. lol. back to the same position.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    In Prust we trust! He’s been playing GREAT. But, the team can’t win playing like this. Two crossbars are all that separates this from being 2-1.

  81. TheMessiah94 on

    We need to step it up here in the 2nd. Shelley, Prust & AA were the only ones to have any sustained pressure on them.

  82. somerset says BOYCOTT THE BEARD !!! on

    CARP …

    When the Rangers won the Cup in 94 they boycotted the Playoff Beard since its rumored to have been started by the Isles.

    They should do the same this year

  83. I used to be able to get WFAN at night down here in NC and would be able to listen to Ranger games every now and then. After they moved to 1050, forget it. Thank goodness the internet comes through with video streams.

  84. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    i think Shelleystein is going to absolutely WRECK pennywise at some point

  85. Too bad we didn’t have this fourth line earlier in the season. We wouldn’t need this game if we did.

  86. Did they show what Sheley did to that piece of Carcillo? They didn’t show it on the Flyers feed. I don’t know if it was an elbow or a shoulder, but Carcillo looks pretty wobbly.

  87. Carcillo was trying to draw penalty and injured himself falling down on the ice. Classy!

  88. careful guys…I hear that since Carcillo beat up Gaborik, Sather’s trying land him in a trade…sort of like Brashear.

  89. Linda, trying, not working….and my radio and home won’t pick it up…I’m gonna have to go to my car unless you can find it for me….ha ha carcillo!

  90. Carp, I was hoping it was an elbow too. He should have got at least 2 penalties on the shift he had when he came back.

  91. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    maybe we need to start being mean to gabby again. he shut us up friday night lol

  92. LMAO – Too bad. I was hoping it was an elbow.

    LQ has been big but 35 nice saves and 1 softie might not cut it.
    He needs to close the deal.

  93. That was an awful penalty to take right now. I said before this game, if we lose it, it will be because of their PP. I hope I am wrong.

  94. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Nice job by the King. I think we officially miss Cally now…

  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey Carp! If Carcillo gets in a fight with someone in the stands, you’d be able to say you were there when the Carcillo hit the Fan.

  96. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    pleae fellas lets KISS it on the PP shots towards bushleague lets GO think!

  97. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Did Douche-hay try to imitate a LQ header? What a Carcillo head

  98. Orr don’t ask questions like that…
    Who cares its Hollywood
    Does anyone care about Hollywood?
    Bunch of people with no concept of the reality.

  99. either it’s my computer (possibly) or is just carcillo. I’ll miss you during break cause I wanna hear carp and have to go to my car. this is 2010 right? argh.

  100. Redden must be gone after this year. MUST! If that is the only thing we do this summer.

  101. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    good thing Redden has a cannon of a shot! He must be fully limp wristed today

  102. Linda, CR is missing since joining FB ? Did u send him the story link.. cause then he might be missing for a while, writing new chapters! :)

  103. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    lmao i think he got hypnotized by those pics of hank and his bro lol

    dde i figured the lame call on FIM would have fired him up. i’m worried about him now lol

  104. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    hartnell looks like the freakin unabomber


  105. Olga Folkyerself on

    They better get Lunker an insurance goal, I don’t know how long he can keep this up…

  106. Dubi set up Prospal and Redden for wide open chances in that period, and they both flubbed their shot

  107. that was a freakin head shot Sam!
    If you don’t see it coming…its blindside…moron.

  108. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    wow seriously not breathing that well!!! i know i know in through the nose out through the mouth!! 20 minutes FELLAS cmon!!!

  109. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on


  110. that means Shelley is in Pronger’s head. he is not thinking about the game, he is trying to get even with Shelley. good job, Jody

  111. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    dont forget, blogfather on the radio!!

    it would be absolutely AWESOME if Shelley scores again! we’d all be wearing Shelley shirts by the end of the week!

  112. I like how they are letting them play. Like the umpire calling it by the book in his last game. haha. way to do it for reals Fraser

  113. Got the beers flowing, I’m not moving from my position, I’ve got a folded bottle cap in my left hand. All of the playoff quirks are in motion. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!

  114. blatant hit to the head ! wtf is sam talking about it wasnt blind side . i thought hits to the head wasnt allowed period

  115. Clean hit, Hammerhead. It was from the side and his head was down. Keep your head up and defend yourself.

    And the Flyers had so much dirty crap last Friday I don’t even want to get into it. Would rather see them lose at home ice to the better team.

  116. Jody got freightrained and just got up, shook it off, and walked away. Some people just have rocks for heads, and he clearly is one. I love it! Good for him… What was that on MSG? Imagine you heard Sam say to Joe “Man, I really have to drop a serious carcillo right now, this cheese steak is talking back at me.” HAHAHAHHAAHA

  117. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    550 posts after 2 periods! omg i cant even imagine how many we’ll hit by the end of the game! GOOD JOB!

  118. somerset says BOYCOTT THE BEARD !!! on

    seriously i’m on my 7th beer. By the end of this game i’m gonna be tanked.

    Apparently, I drink when i’m nervous??

    Score a damn Goal … my Liver is begging you

  119. Meaning he hit him in the soulder his head happened to be bent down right next to it.

  120. Rangers need another goal. you can’t expect your goalie to pull off a miracle over and over. they created a few chances that period, but Prospal and redden both blew wide open shots.

  121. Philly announcers kept saying what a tremendous hit it was by pronger and went as far to say it wasn’t dirty but their replay mysteriously didn’t work so I didn’t see it. What’s the verdict, was it clean or carcillo?

  122. If you don’t see it coming…its blindside…moron?????????????

    JS’s looking down hence he didn’t see it.

    He did get hit in the head maybe a penalty with the new rule. But not dirty.

  123. Also got the TV volume set at 57. Don’t know why but it felt good before the start of the game. Hope I don’t I have to change it.

    Lets go boys!

  124. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    lmao Staal, i dont think him updating will help

    Chris Jericho = man candy!!!

  125. The Rangers do need another goal.

    How long have people been calling him Dugay for? 27 years old here and been doing it since I saw his first interview.

  126. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    OMG GUYs , I told my neibor buddy to leave and let me watch the 3rd period alone….Was I rude?? I said I didnt want him to see me all nervous. I said dont wanna watch the 3rd now..he sad , Yeah!!! I said , sorry ya have to go..i’ll call ya when its over.

  127. flyers honor and build up Fraser on TV, then how does he not subconciously give them the benefit of calls today. I fear for his calls costing the Rangers in this 3rd period.

  128. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    LOL i got the volume at 83 hahahahahahha, BEER ME TIME

    20 minutes 2o minutes!!!!

  129. HockeymanRangers on

    I would like to see DelZotto get one, he started the year out so well he needs to wrap the season up with one.

  130. Big third here boys. Stay out of the box! Let’s go Rangers! This is not the time to go after Pronger or to look for retaliation, just play a strong, smart third, and get it done! Let’s Go Rangers!

  131. Not very impressed by either team’s determination today, especially and thankfully the Flyers’.

  132. One more period. Expect the kitchen sink from the Flyers. At the same time they have to open up, so we should get some chances.

    I think I already had a heart attack. I’ll deal with it later:)

  133. somerset says BOYCOTT THE BEARD !!! on

    I’d rather win in regulation but …

    We do have PA “shootout” Parenteau in the lineup tonight

    …. I’m just saying

  134. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I just wantthis period to end and Us win by a 1 -0 goal. Too much pressure from the Flyers..we need Hank to reddem himself for the year. Right Now.

  135. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    i agree somerset… a regulation win, on their ice, would be a freakin great way to end the season and …well, i dont want to get ahead of myself


  136. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Come ON START THE PERIOD ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    COME ON TIME KEEPER , dam time keepers a joke.

  138. the Rangers better not play like they’ve had the lead like they have been doing for a while since the first. give The King a break and play, boys. No more SLOP and get that first pass through the neutral zone crisp or carry it in and dump and chase!


  139. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jody Shelley, do it man!!

  140. Carp -Prefer the radio for this one. You sounded great on the 2nd half intermission interview.

  141. Rangers need to play good defence and exercise some patience; Flyers will start taking risks eventually.

  142. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carp was referring to all the orange jerseys in front of Lundqvist. Said it looked like a a pile of cheetos out there.

  143. HockeymanRangers on

    Lets do this b/c I think it’s about time

    Where is Jokinin??? (sorry for spelling but it is bonehead spelling)

  144. Philly announcers defending carcillo fighting with gaborik. Everything about the organization is carcillo in nature

  145. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    lmao Krisy

    maybe the 4th stick to the face shelley takes will actually be called

  146. I was just about to rip Roszi for holding, but i missed Pappy’s interference – i think even Roszi thought he’d been called for it…

  147. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Tried to get fancy…when you ain’t. Dump the f’n puck next time


    The biggest game of the year, and Kerry Fraser is the head referee.

    Obviously, the NHL knew what it was doing.

  149. Anisimov telegraphed that one – he should have chipped it to the corner and gone for the line change

  150. Where IS Gabby????
    C’mon Rangers, Boucher is 8-18-3. Just get some pucks to the net!!!

  151. Rangers trying to sit on a one goal lead Renney style far too long. Hasn’t anyone told them they stink in overtime/shootouts this year?

  152. Yeah, call a timeout. Something. We are scared now. Someone other than Shelly needs to score too though.

  153. good thing there are no tie games or philly would just play for the tie

    so shootout is good right carp

  154. why would you risk a 1-0 lead for a potential shorthanded chance in the 3rd period???? my god this team is killing ME

  155. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Its our turn to Attack!! Lets go for Broke!!!

  156. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    lets go guys, get another goal FOR Hank, he’s kept you in this game, now effin win it for him damnit

  157. We need something to change momentum, Shelley needs to level someone with a big hit or fight Pronger

  158. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Keep the goon line out the rest of the game!

    Don’t worry all…Pronger will f up & we’ll score the game winner! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  159. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    at this point it looks like the strategy is hopefully hank can win it for us in the SO!

  160. They are playing scared. Scared to hit, scared to play physical and take a penalty. Philly really is getting away with a lot of non calls today. I realize that some of our penalties were actually penalties, but Philly could have been called for like 5 or 6 more today.

  161. we’re sitting ducks. a time bomb.

    no offensive pressure. god this sucks.

    are we really 10 minutes away from shifting all focus and talk to the draft?


  162. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Seth, what else is new?! Sheesh they should win this game outright no ot no shootout… just effin win

  163. As much as it pains me to say, Carcillo has been better offensively today than Gabby has.

  164. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    after that, how couldyou NOT go out and score a goal for your goalie?????? GET IT DONE DAMNIT!

  165. Anyone who says trade Hank after this is mad as Slats when he signed Reddens contract

  166. I think I’d be happy to get to a skills competition. At least they would have a chance. This is nauseating!

  167. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Next Ranger who scores is the greatest Ranger of All Time!!!!!

  168. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    NY RANGERS, who is going to step up and be the offensive hero today?????

  169. HockeymanRangers on

    Not sure how I am going to get my yard work done after the game I am going to be completely drained.

  170. I think if Gabby had had the openings Carcillo had he would have had a hat trick by now

  171. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Come on Drury!!!!!!! AA is gonna get it!!!! LETS GO GO GO GO GO!!!!

  172. Looks like the Flyers are only using two lines now: Carcillo, Briere, Carter, Richards, Hartnell, and Gagne are their only forwards.

  173. You know, as ****y as the Rangers have played, Philly teams have been none to choke in big moments.

  174. maybe not fair to put this on Hanks shoulders but as a player how could you not want that?

  175. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    lmao Mess!!!!

    our season comes down to hoping someone on the ASP line gets a goal… SNAKE STYLE BABY!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. Olga Folkyerself on

    Obi-wan, please help us! What line should go out there?

    “Use the fourth, Luke!”

  177. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Keep believing guys…we have this game!

  178. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    barely ilb, i think my hearts about to burst out of my chest if i dont throw up first

  179. Come on, Captain Crutch! No need to wait for 7.7 seconds. Some folks here cannot handle that kind of suspense.

  180. Once again this game is a reminder of how little talent there is on this team outside Hank and Gabby. And Gabby’s barely shown.

    How classic if it had gone in off Redden’s skate?

  181. Ugh, I can’t even frigin believe this carcillo. I can’t even take it. Wife and kids have been banned from the room.

  182. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    YO CARP …THIS WILL DESIDE THE BETTER TEAM , Nothing like the good old Skills compitition.

  183. what a firetrucking disgrace this is. Imagine teams’ fortunes, people’s jobs, and millions in revenue decided by a snot-bubble contest. or tiddly winks.

  184. bettman skills comp for all the marbles. love it if they win, hate it if they don’t

  185. Really, it’s gonna come down to a skills SO!? OMG


    mama hardly never uses capital letters. she is scared. Fargin game!! Why do I love you so much….