Good morning, from Philadelphia!


Are youse guys going to watch the game today?

Some of the other writers and I were talking after Thursday’s game. Other than the 1970 game we discussed last week — when the Rangers needed to win and score more goals than Montreal, and both the Rangers and Habs, in separate games, pulled their goalies on the last day of the season — we could think of only one instance where the Rangers went into the final day of the season in a position like this.

That would be 1988, and a night I’ll never forget. John Vanbiesbrouck shut out Quebec to put the Rangers in eighth place, temporarily. Then the Rangers and the staff and the reporters sat around the players lounge and watched the Devils’ game at Chicago, which started an hour later. And of course John MacLean scored in OT to put the Devils into the playoffs for the first time, and the Rangers out.

I’m sure in the last 40 years there might have been another final day that was like today, but I honestly can’t remember one. Can you guys?


Anyway, we’ll check on Callahan before the game, but I think he’s going to be a gametime decision. Boyle appears ready to return.

It’s all pretty simple after Boston won and Montreal got the Bettman Bonus Point. Not many “ifs” left. If the Rangers win, they’re eighth and they get Washington. If the Flys win, the Rangers are done and the Flys finish seventh. Doesn’t matter if it’s in regulation, OT or a skills competition. Winner is alive. Loser is finished.

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  1. I can’t believe this is it! I dreamtlast night that the Rangers lost, but usually what really happens is opposite to my dreams. Hopefully, that continues.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  2. It BETTER NOT end in a shootout (unless the Rangers win lol). Seriously, If it does end in a shootout or even if it doesn’t , they should implement a rule that no game determining a playoff spot will end in a shootout. That would be a pure hockey travesty!

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  3. This is the response I got on that Flyers site

    written by Watchinem Flyers, April 10, 2010
    Rangers Fan – I am typing this with my nose, because I’m giving you the finger with both hands.


    That’s original!!

  4. Will Dubi drop em with Richards today? Is Girardi a marked man?
    if today’s game is anything like Friday’s its going to be a doozie!

  5. Matt R, I want to go to Philly but tix are too expensive and I would have to leave now…..

  6. How exciting is today? Sure, if we win, we get to play the Capitals, but we have the chance to knock out Philadelphia after their collapse! Then again, if we lose, decent draft pick. It’s a win-win, haha! I’m definitely rooting for the playoffs even if they prove me wrong about making it. Coming down to a shootout would be pretty intense.

  7. section 309,

    im so down to go. i cant find anyone to go. i live in nyc so it takes 2 hrs for me.

  8. Even if you are anti-shootout, there’s no argument to say they are worse because today’s game could end in one deciding a playoff spot.

    If there were a rule invalidating a shootout today, shouldn’t points from every other shootout in the league be not counted too?

  9. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    to TOMG – Re your asking me my thoughts on a losing team in O.T. getting a point in the standings…

    I am not too upset by that. What does bother me about the NHL points-award format is the inequity of having some 3-point games and some games being two-point games. This inconsistency cost Carolina a spot in the playoffs, two years ago, as Washington got in, in place of Carolina which actually had a better record, when you factor in, which the NHL does not, points LOST in O.T., as well as points won in O.T.

    So that, to be fair, it has now come to where integrity would be restored if a team winning in regulation got 3 points to none, and a team winning in O.T. came out ahead, 2 points to 1, with all points for and against being reflected and counting in the standings. So that when a team loses in O.T., its record for that game would be 1 point won and two points lost. Of course Buttman’s cutesy math, which makes it looks like most teams in the league have a winning record by not reflecting points lost in O.T, is not going anywhere, because deception and trickery are the core part of his slick, and dishonest personal make-up. He is about “P.R.”, TV ratings, and packaging, and screw honesty and integrity and doing the right thing. He is one of the most plastic, transparent phony bastards in this country who is not actually in politics, where he would be right at home with the rest of the professional scammers who steal from most of the population to kick back to their own little special interest electoral base.

  10. The White Plains Batman on

    This’ll probably be one of those 2-2 one mistake wins it affairs.

    spiderpig, it is a win-win with a 10-12 draft pick as a “consolation prize.”

    Still, they want it, they gotta EARN it.

  11. Can anyone think of a good reason why NBC would choose to show the Bruins/Caps game instead of the Rangers/Flyers game today? (Not you CR9 – I said *good* reason…)

  12. wheres everyone watching today cause every min that ticks is a less of a chance im going to philly. my roommate wont get back from his roller hockey game till 315 330 and im not sure if i can wait

  13. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    I’m just thinking, if the Rangers win today, and Tiger Woods loses at the Masters, today, it will definitely be one of the highlight sports days of this or any other year, around my household. Whatever happens, switching back and forth between hockey and golf, today, is going to be fun and interesting, at least for awhile. If the Flyers and Woods come out on top, things will be awfully quiet and reflective, for quite awhile.

    Those morons applauding and cheering for Tiger Woods at the Masters, would have applauded Jack The Ripper, too, had they been around in those bygone times and had the chance. The human race has lost to the inhuman race, by the way, just in case you haven’t figured it out.

  14. To all you boneheads that wished me a speedy recovery – THANK YOU! Your love is much appreciated. Linda you rock girl ! To all of you that told me this surgery was a piece of cake & that I’d be up & walking in a few days – YOU LIED ! OUCH, OUCH, OUCH !
    I still can’t put any weight on my leg & I’m on crutches & not moving around to well yet. I had 3 incisions, one for the meniscus repair, one to clean up the arthritis in my knee & one to check the ACL, which I found out has a tear. Thank God for pain killers ! Another thing, today was the first day since Wed. that I was able to take a Carcillo !
    But I know one thing for sure, A win today will help me recover faster

  15. “my roommate wont get back from his roller hockey game till 315 330 and im not sure if i can wait”

    Sounds like your going to Philly

  16. staal wart,

    im not going by myself. i dont mind confrontation especially when it comes to sporting events so it wouldnt be smart.

    2 yrs ago at the rock when we knocked out the devs in the playoffs some guy wanted to kill me.

  17. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Good to have you back Arizona Tony. Yes..we do take our Carcillo’s for granted when we’re healthy & mobile. It’s only when you’re laid up do you really appreciate the non-assisted, independant carcillo.
    Let’s go Blue!

  18. LW3H – Unfortunately, there are a couple of good reasons. The Rangers game that was on NBC earlier in the season was their lowest rated game this season, against the Bruins. Secondly, Ovechkin. Aren’t you glad to hear the local announcers instead, anyway (if you can)? I’m gonna have to be watching the Philly feed today, though.

  19. gregm_section403 on

    As a season ticket holder, i’m very conflicted. I don’t know if i want the rangers to make the playoffs, just to face the caps and likely get slaughtered. i’m thinking longer term. i’d rather miss the playoffs to hopefully put a fire under the msg mgmt (ok, stop laughing). but seriously. what does making the playoffs get us (besides even higher ticket prices next year)?

    it gives the illusion that this is a good organization, with a good gm and a good team. this team doesn’t have a good anything, except for maybe the arena in the playoffs. but that’s about it.

    i say, miss the playoffs, have a mgmt stakeup (hopefully) and bring in a different midset to the team. right now the midset is: if we make the playoffs the season is a success. bull. the season is a success when you reach the finals. that’s it. no one remembers who got bounced in the 1st round, or second, or third.

  20. LW3H

    No. That would not be my reason :)

    My reason is NBC is right down there with level of intelligence as the rest of the networks.

    They still employ Mike Milbury, Dick Emrick and Pierre Maguire. Nuff said.

  21. Not everything is some elaborate conspiracy that you all make it out to be.

    It’s all pretty simple.

  22. Oh, I’m quite happy not watching NBC’s coverage either. And I like Ovechkin, but it makes the network look completely ignorant when they’d prefer to (again) pander to the casual fan who wants to watch an individual, rather than the only game with any significant playoff implications.

    Speaking of ignorance, did anyone hear Milbury rip Don Waddell on HNIC last night? Waddell’s clearly a bad GM, true, but Professor Milbury had the cheek to criticise him specifically for “handing out bad contracts and doing nothing for 10 years”. Somebody beat him with his own shoe, please…

  23. LW3H

    I’d be more than happy to beat him with more than a shoe, and land myself in prison ;)

  24. Even though there are many negatives to making the playoffs and having to face Washington…the simple fact of keeping Philly out of the playoffs would be great enough. Not to mention we know we can play with Wash after taking them to 7 last year and they don’t really know how to play defensive hockey in the playoffs. With all that said, we will get destroyed…but…you gotta be in it to win it right?

  25. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Lets Go Rangers !

    Question for youse experts in the details…why does Montreal hold the tie breaker on the Rangers ? is it head to head after wins ? I thought it was goal differential.

    What was the head to head this year results with Montreal?

    I think today is going to be a decisive victory for the Blueshirts today. I am thinking 5-1.

  26. Tonys back!!!

    17 more wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HANKIE Bear will lift the CUP this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. It would be so great to knock Philthy and their tin-foil hat wearing, conspiracy peddling, whiny-ass fans out just so we can hear their age-old “NY gets everything handed to them…” wait that sounds familiar.

    But if we lose, well, we don’t deserve to be there and maybe there’ll be some changes.

  28. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on



  29. Bring Back Prucha on

    Hey guys, I’m in Florida this weeked. Anybody know if there is a way to watch the game online today?

  30. It’ll get better, Tony, stay positive.

    Is everyone ready for the most important game of the season?

    I need more diapers….

  31. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on


    The Rangers are a better team this year then they were last year. I know their record doesnt show it. But they didnt have Gaborik and the lines are finally starting to gel. Not to mention the “4th line” really has been contributing.

    Minus Gomez ego
    Minus distention probably with Brashear
    Drury chipping in from time to time
    Dubi starting to “get it”
    Role player in Jokenin
    Lundqvist playing on the top of his game….

    I just wish Avery was healthy…

  32. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on


    (how’d ya like my Mad Dog there?!!)

    Good to see our brother Tony back on the blog! Hope that heals up for you quickly Tony. Did they not know about the ACL until they went in???

  33. im off to gristedes to create the true blue sandwich. what should i put in it? jam will of course be one of the ingredients.

  34. Tony
    haven’t been on the board much lately so i was unaware of your surgery. glad you’re back home and wish you speedy recovery.
    enjoy the painkillers!

    have to work today so i’m miss the game
    for anyone of a superstitious nature
    i worked the past two games/wins so
    here’s hoping that history repeats!!

  35. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Originally I was for our boys missing the playoffs so we’d get a decent draft pick, put the heat on Sather, & not get pummeled by the Caps. But then the thought of sending the flygirls to the golf course early & getting DZ & the younger guys get playoff experience I’m starting to come around. Would also like to see the King stone AO & send him & his boyfriend Semin packing. PLUS…I need more Linda comments!

  36. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on

    Hey Tony!

    Sorry to hear about your knee. Havent been on the boards much either. Hope you recover quickly!!!


  37. Linda, they probably didn’t know about ACL until they went in. Doctors stink! ;)

    The Rangers need to get to Bouche early and often. Get to the rebounds. If he bends, the Flyers are done. They know it’s their weakest link.

  38. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    lmao headzo, you’re hilarious

    i think it’s time for Dixie Avery to get to a safe place. She freaks out when I scream at the tv, poor cat!! The man will be a the gym, so for 3 hours its just you guys and the Rangers…


  39. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on

    Hey ILB!

    How are ya today?! We missed you Friday night! Did you watch the replay?

  40. Definitely feeling the heat wearing my gaborik jersey around today, but I expect a rangers victory so I can ride around on my bike and rub it in to my south philly neighbors! go rangers!

  41. sadly i have to work today. the one game of the year that i get stuck with game day duties (cavs fan appreciation day) just so happens to be the biggest rangers game of the year.

    just my luck. here’s to hoping the cavs game is over by 330 so at most i only miss the first period.


  42. MAKO – “…distention probably with Brashear”

    I’m assuming you meant “dissention” but that would explain why Brash was always suffering from soreness and lumbered around the ice.

  43. Carp, I know this is sappy but I do remember that dam OT game for the Devils which is one of the many reasons I hate them. I had a great ticket connection back then and I planned on taking my girlfriend to a nice place to eat and ask her to marry me and then we would go to the 1st home playoff game and of course that did not happen. (we used to attend 15 or so games a year back then)

    Hopefully today will have a better turnout.


  44. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    too many hardcore fans having to work today. ARGH

    yea ilb, kinda like going in for an appendectomy and they cut off your right foot instead lol ;-)

    Matt, some genoa salami

    any minute now the man is gonna come down here and tell me he needs the computer. argh him and his damned education! LOL

  45. Mr. Baseball,
    I am with you 100% on Buttman, can’t stand the guy and like you said is a big time phony.

  46. Not yet, Mako. Driving back. Will get in right for the game time. Mrs offered to drive again. She said I’d probably like to be on the blog. Imagine? You think, honey?

  47. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    good morning/afternoon all!

    Just a bit off topic on this big time gameday, but does anyone else think that colby armstrong would be a good fit on this team? I mean he was really good on crosby’s line when in pitt, and I think he would be a very very good fit with gabby! We need to get the Russian Hammer bad, I hope the sens don’t resign him before we get a shot!


  48. Ah…prediction time! I say…

    Rangers 6 Philly 0

    Philly collapses and fans throw garbage on the ice!

  49. CraigWeather on

    Okay….somebody please tell me why CENTER ICE isnt showing the game today??!?!?!?!??! I live in Florida, have the package… yet, this game is nowhere to be found!!!!!!! Freaking out if you couldnt tell! Does someone here know something that I dont know…. AKA the game on another channel besides MSG????

  50. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    That’s ok. I just sent you a harrassing email anyway!

    PS – First piece of bad news of the day: Uncle Larry reports Callahan is out – Boyle is in for him. BUMMER!

  51. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    i knew Cally would not play today. SIGH!! i think the last time all my men played in a game was in mid march lol

  52. MAKO says "WIN & IN" on

    what’s going to happen with the “4th Line” Torts better not break them up!

  53. CraigWeather on

    thank you both so much for that info!! Yeah, I have to DVR the game today since I have to work all night…SO pissed, but… such is life. Oy… dare I even say I had a dream we lost 9-8? LOL if we score 8 goals and lose…with Hank getting bombed for 9, I’m clearly in the wrong business and should just change my name to MS Cleo… Ahahahahaha “Call me now for ya free reaaaaadin’!!” ;)

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