Off-day? Think again


We’ve all been paying attention to the bottom of the Leastern race for so long, maybe we’ve forgotten about the craziness going on at the top.

But now that your boys have a legit and realistic chance to get in, and have a shot at finishing sixth, seventh or eighth (or ninth), maybe we should look at the top three seeds, too.

Washington, obviously, is first. But the Devils and Penguins are dead tied in points (99) and wins (the Devils hold the second tiebreaker with their 6-0 record over Pitt), and Buffalo is a point back at 98. They are all playing today and tomorrow.

The winner of the Atlantic will get one of the top three seeds, the loser will be fourth. Buffalo, which won the Northeast, could finish second or third in the conference. Ottawa is locked into fifth. Everything else is uncertain.

So, remaining games that matter to the Least:

Today: Carolina-Boston at 1; Toronto-Montreal, Islanders-Devils, Pitt-Atlanta and Buffalo-Ottawa all at 7.

Tomorrow: Boston-Washington at noon; Rangers-Flys at 3, Buffalo-Devils and Pitt-Islanders at 5.

Here are the standings as of this morning.

I’m going to use this off-day to mow the lawn, watch some of the Masters and drive to Philly tonight. Enjoy.

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  1. The Puck Drops Here on

    Carp, you are going to the game in Philly? Woo-hoo! Rangers stink at afternoon games.

  2. Aww, snap. Got Carped. Oh well :)

    REPOST(now edited to make the last line English):

    Excellent day after a HUUUUUGE win!

    Really like Dubi’s quotes about how they haven’t accomplished anything yet. That is the perfect mentality for right now.

    Sunday is going to be a war.

  3. Just woke up too. What amaaaaaazing timing.

    Go Canes!! Go Leafs!!

    I’d love to get the Flowers out of the playoffs, but an you imagine if the Habs blow it? I almost would rather have the Habs miss than the Flowers.

    I don’t care what scenario plays out, as long as NYR is in.

  4. Cally is not skating, nor is Avery. The coach has Boyle & Weise on the vice. He should be thinking Gilroy up front, as 7th d insurance. This is do or die, not mid season bs.

  5. Highly doubt Cally will play tomorrow. But knowing his heart, I would not be shocked if he did.

    Off to niece’s bday party. Have a good one all :)

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Joekuh, (repost…)
    I think you’re right… I just wonder how one board gets a 5min major and game misconduct while the other gets nothing? In my opinion, I would give both of them 2 or 4 mins for boarding and be done with it. Neither were intents to injure and depending on their coach might even be considered good plays for taking the body. Neither Finger or Ovie expect the guy being hit to lose an edge and to viciously fly into the boards either.

  7. The Rangers are actually 7-1-1 in afternoon games this season. I’m aware that I’m risking a jinx by stating that, but I’ve said something similar before afternoon games before during the season and it’s worked out.

    Acknowledging this point will surely jinx them now…

  8. It’s funny how people can watch the same thing and see something different. Sometimes I take what I read here as ‘one voice’ that seems to contradict itself and it drives me nuts.

    For example:
    I’ve read time and again the phrase “lack of accountability” and on the previous post I read
    “Wonder if Tortorella hadn’t been so intent on punishing players over the season”.

    So many characters here with diverse opinions and different degrees of objectivity, some with an ax to grind, some with humor as there prime motive, and some wanting to be “Sean Avery” of the blog world.

    But everyone get’s there say. (except local fan, he he) That’s what makes this place great.

  9. If Cally couldn’t finish the game I can’t see him playing Sunday. (actually I could see him playing because he’s gamer, but not effectively)

    Then you also run the risk of having a short bench if he aggravates it.

  10. I agree, dde. we all disagree. some of us think Avery is overrrated, some think he’s the heart of the team. Some think Staal stinks, some think he’s a future Norris winner. People who loved Torts now hate him. Some of us want people benched, some of us complain when people get benched. We do all agree on a few things, though. I don’t have to mention them.

  11. oh man! carp’s coming to philly! sweet! Tip: don’t go to either pat’s or geno’s. they are both tourist traps. best steaks are Jim’s or south street steaks on south st. You can buy a slice of lorenzos pizza across the street, wrap it around the steak, and eat what is called “A South Street Taco.” Have fun!

  12. ORR- I got Carped with this post, not sure if you saw it.

    I ordered a ZUNE through Amazon, package arrives, I open the box and whaat the…? Inside is a Steakhouse XT.
    Go figure

  13. joey, sounds awesome … but I must say, I love Pat’s. The best part is, you order it, and in five seconds you’re eating it.

    how far from the arena to South Street? Farther than Pat’s?

  14. I’d rather have a Steakhouse XT than a Zune at this point.

    It’s amazing. I get 30GB Zune – less than a year later it wont play any of the music, and i can only listen to the radio, then i get a 4GB Zune, and less than a year later it doesn’t even turn on.

    Now the latest problem, every time i turn it on, it turns off, and it wont recharge.

    Fugg you Microsoft! I’m never buying a thing from them, even if it’s some kind of Megan Fox product.

  15. as a person who despises microsoft and bill gates my zune has been great.

    2 shorties!


  16. The thought of a Bruins-Devils first round series sends me to…zzzzzz

    It would be, to paraphrase the great Edward W. Olczyk, turgidly turgid.

  17. Good afternoon Carp-

    Do you vote for the various hockey awards?
    Irregardless (for Joe M), how do/would you decide on the winner of Lady Byng?
    It’s so subjective. More than any other award it seems like you’d have to see every player in every game.
    Is it just stats vs penalty minutes?

  18. Orr – you do realise nobody would believe there were three shorthanded goals on the same penalty (a record?) since it’s you who’s posting it?

  19. yes further than Pat’s. I actually live equidistant right between the ballpark and pat’s. each is a mile from me. south street may be another mile north of pat’s (Ironically, south street isn’t so south in philly). you can drive/walk straight up passyunk to south st from pat’s.

  20. I had to rewind and watch it again. At first I thought it was a replay. Cam Ward must feel like garbage!!!

  21. Haha LW, only Olga falls for everything i say, so he skips my posts cause he’s a wittle baby. But, i think everyone knows when I’m joking.

    But, i wouldn’t be surprised if anyone thought i was joking. Who gives up 3 goals on a single PP? That’s un-heard of.

  22. how to award the lady byng trophy…

    step 1 – find out if pavel datsyuk retired. if not award pavel datsyuk the lady byng.

    step 2 – …

    step 3 – profit

  23. Looks like it is an NHL record. Not watching the game – presumably the Patrik Elias Sports Marc Bureau will keep the broadcasters informed before the end. Assuming Jack Edwards wetting his pants hasn’t short-circuited all the electrics…

  24. TR – LOL exactly with step 1 but you got me with 2 & 3
    then again I was a part of MKULTRA

  25. ORR..Supporter Of The Epic Beard Man !!!: “This game’s not even worth watching at this point. It’s over. NYR is gonna have to hope for a Habs loss tonight, or at least a definite win tomorrow.”

    Yes and no. Rangers can’t catch the Habs without winning–if they lose in OT/SO and the Habs lose, the Habs still have the tiebreaker advantage (wins) over the Rangers.

    However, I’m still rooting for a Habs loss because that + a Rangers win = 7th place for the Rangers and a possible 1st round meeting with the Devils and a definite 1st round matchup against a team that is NOT the Capitals ;)

    Wait, the ‘canes have pulled to within 3-2… hmm, interesting…

  26. Joekuh - can we resign Z next year, PLEASE?!?!? on

    True Fans,

    The Ovy hit “looked” worse, if that makes sense. It’s national TV, someone’s down on the ice after big bag AO hit ’em. Plus he stopped immediately after the hit, he knew it was gonna be called.

  27. Carp- “We do all agree on a few things, though. I don’t have to mention them.”

    That you need to work on your short game and that nasty slice?

  28. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Good thing the #1 line of Prust/Anisimov/Shelly is healthy but the #3 line will miss Callahan. Gonna have to plug in Weise and hope he can bring it. Of course that #2 unit of Dubinsky/Christensensennsesnesennsen/Gaborik will have to have a huge game tomorrow. Uh oh, I should not have eaten that fiber bran I gotta take a big carcillo.

  29. carolina almost tied it by boston almost scoring on their own empty net during a delayed penalty…bergeron saves the puck on the goal line…

  30. 911 Responses to “It’s go time!”

    Last game was a must win game…sort of like an emergency…911 comments seem perfect for that game! :)

  31. When Avery is not being cheated, he is the heart of the team.

    When Avery is being cheated, he cannot play his style of game, and very unproductive.

    Basically, the NHL went to new lengths in their efforts to stop the NYR, when they created the Avery Rule. They sent a message to Avery, a message which he still hasn’t forgotten. :(

  32. 3 SH goals in a minute for the Bruins!!!

    Obviously, Carolina must have been wearing their anti-Rangers skates today. For those that cant handle the seriousness of that comment, ;)

  33. Thanks Joekuh – I don’t remember that one. Girardi lit Zajac up with a nice hit then served him a knuckle sandwich.
    Dan G seems to play too much on the safe side of the line. I’ve seen enough to show he’s physically strong and can be tough he just needs to realize that it’s OK.It’s desirable. It’s what we want. It’s what we NEED.

  34. I think the refs have been pretty fair with Avery other than a few times early in the season.

  35. Just seeing the last few minutes of last might game. Asham doing his best Lizzie Borden with no response. WTF.

    LQ feeling it. Yeah Baby!

  36. Good afternoon all! My blood pressure has finally returned to normal after last night, and what a happy day today! Hope to still be happy tomorrow at 6 p.m.

    TR, how was b-day night? Thanks for the recommendation on Flying Puck. It’s no warren, mind you, but I had a blast.

    Some notes from the evening:
    •Crowd went wild when they showed Hartnell puking, or whatever.
    •One idiot kept cawing like a bird, another would say “Shoot!” every time the puck hit a Rangers stick. Every time.
    •Couple of people made jokes about Fankist’s tan.
    •Early on, some guy kept calling the woman he was with mama. I kept turning my head. Drove me insane.
    • At one point I called Carcillo a carcillohead. Don’t know why, but it made me laugh.
    • Do you think we won because Torts’ tie was not horrible?

    Carp, I’m so happy you’re going to game! I told Sean he should send you. Enjoy Pat’s. Charge it to the company :)

    At lastly, this will probably tick some people off, but I’m so happy I don’t care :)!/photo.php?pid=4367331&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=240217161646&aid=-1&id=592241712&oid=240217161646

  37. TR- I see that TR-808 is drum machine. Have you ever fiddled with Magix Music Maker? Not to insult you if you’re a musician (I am not). I’ve messed with the free version of Magix and was thinking about buying it. Any thoughts?

    Orr- Bite your crumb cake loving tongue!

  38. Linda say GO PRUST!!!! on

    dde, good post earlier!

    ORR, you need to simmer down with that Season’s Over stuff lol. Crumb cake donuts and apple turnovers

  39. Oh yeah, did anyone else feel bad for the little kid who got Auld’s jersey? I’m not knocking Auld, but the kid was probably like, huh? who?

    If I had been blessed with getting #16 I’d have been a little bummed it hadn’t been worn. That thing would never see Tide in its lifetime :)

  40. It’s working though. Every time i say “Season’s over” good things happen. Too bad it doesn’t work for the posters though. If i can help some of these whiners get a life, I’d say anything to help out.

    Or maybe I’d just eat Crumb Cake donuts, Apple Turnovers, and Steakhouse Burgers and read the constant whining :)

  41. Mama – I think you hit upon a key point: “Torts’ tie was not horrible”. He needs to bring the same fashion effort Sunday. Maybe your boy can help him out.

  42. I’d love to get the #16 worn jersey.

    Agreed, it would never see Tide.

    Id love to drown myself in Avery’s sweat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  43. ddbend

    tr-808 came about from d-nice being “the tr-808”
    ive never tried any music software. especially if you have to pay for it. lol.

  44. Linda say GO PRUST!!!! on

    lmao ORR! you crack me up

    do we know anything official about Cally yet? All I read was it was the knee again. I’m thinking he’s probably done, not that I want that.

    Rick, it’s great that you’re going to be covering the game tomorrow!!

  45. ddeb, thanks. I do bring my own unique analysis to a game :)
    hey, I know! I bet he read by blog comments!!!

    Linda, have I ever mentioned that it makes me laugh when you call Carp Rick? I’m sure his family uses his name (or maybe they all call each other Carp? That would be outstanding!) but personally and professionally I’ve never, ever heard anybody use his first name. As long as I’ve known him, he’s always been Carp. Which, btw, I think is totally cool. Kinda like babs, but way better :)

  46. Linda say GO PRUST!!!! on

    i got back and forth betweek Rick, Carp, and Torts fave… Carpy, which i’ve been using the most lately. I was thinking of tossing in Mr. C, but he doesn’t look like Tom Boseley!

  47. Linda say GO PRUST!!!! on

    Ria, i saw that earlier and forgot to thank you for the information! I get to watch on the HDTV, sooo happy!!!

  48. It’s Seanie boy’s BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I better go out and get some nice…..

    And cook him a cake, since I have him kidnapped!!!!!!!!!

  49. Linda say GO PRUST!!!! on

    CR, i’m surprised you didnt encase yourself in a cake to pop out of for him! I think maybe laurel beat you to that! ;-)

  50. Carcillo!!! (yes, still here, was about to sign off but doing e-mail)

    I can’t believe I forgot Aves! b-day! And I knew it, too!


    ddeb, you are now mama’s favorite!!!

  51. Linda, not exactly the first impression I want to make :) Besides, popping out of a cake in little attire when he’s dating a model? Methinks not….:) mama only likes to think she’s 26!

  52. Anytime Linda I also get to listen to Kenny & David aka Dave Maloney. I thought LaGreca was going to have a heart attack on the radio last night calling the game

  53. Linda say GO PRUST!!!! on

    lmao Ria! i was listening to the radio cast, he was killin me! TOO FUNNY! i thought his larynx was going to explode!

  54. off topic:

    anyone watching the masters? tigers a bit off his wagon, westwood can’t miss, and phil is coming up strong after that nice eagle at 13.

    great golf so far.

  55. I’m watching Duker.

    Good stuff.

    Poor Tiger.


    I look good in little attire, so popping out of a cake might just be enough to entice Aves!

  56. Tiger trying to be the good cowboy? – wearing white hat and shoes looks a little odd. Is it me?

  57. dde, I used to vote when I was on the beat. No more. And the Lady Byng voting is a joke. Look at the PIMs and the points. Dumb. Dumb.

    and, see, we do disagree. my short game is fine (or it was when I last played, in the fall). the slice needs work, and I’m not talking about a pizza slice.

    Linda, just don’t call me Late for Dinner, or carcillo-head.

    Laurel, in my family, one cousin was Carpy. How stupid is that? Everybody calls him Carpy. But when I got to the paper I became Carp, and the Rangers’ brass and employees made it Carpy.

  58. did youse see Mickelson just go eagle-eagle-birdie? He made a regular par-5 eagle, then he holed out from 139 on a par-4, then on the next par-5 he had a wedge and nearly holed that. Only two players in Masters history had ever made consecutive eagles.

  59. I hope Elin chops off Tiger’s weeny, then flees the country and hides in Hanks home in Sweden, and they both have a secret baby that plays goalie like his dad, and gets drafted in the 8th round by NYR and he becomes the greatest goalie of all time!!!

    Then i wake up from this amazing dream and eat Apple Jacks.

  60. carp, it was incredible. i jumped up from the couch, i thought for SURE he was going to drain that third eagle.

    pretty awesome stuff.

  61. OK, now it’s laureling, I admit it.

    Carp, a Carpy cousin is silly! I can see why the Rangers folks did that, though, adding the y….that’s how most of their nicknames work (Gravey anyone?) But I love Carp, the name and you :)

    ORR, that’s a great dream!!! if only….

    Go Phil! A great golfer and human being, unlike, um, another on the tour…..:)

    Can I go now? ……:)

  62. Linda say GO PRUST!!!! on

    Carpy, could NEVER ever call you a bad name!!

    thanks Lev! we’re on the clock!!

  63. No- Mama you are like Columbo to this blog. :P sans the wrinkled jacket and glass eye

  64. Funny you should say Frosted, because Elin probably would have stashed his weener in the freezer so it’s not as messy to carry around when she dumps it in what ever place she decides.

    I heard some guy in a plane keeps flying by when Tiger is golfing with sarcastic signs. That’s the idea!

  65. hey all. stopping by to say my grams is doing better. shes all loopy though. lol. it went to see here again today and it was like a moment from the movie ‘wheres papa’?? she totally thought i was her son and said”hey carl, get me some mcdonalds this hospital food sucks!!!” she is totally funny as hell since they got her on heavy meds. she keeps getting up and walking around aimlessly and the nurses keep putting her back in bed. then she yells at them to leave her alone. these iowa girls just messed with teh wrong italian granny!!!

  66. Linda say GO PRUST!!!! on

    Grabby, good to see that grandma is doing better, and hope she’s back to her awesome self quickly

  67. then while the nurse is trying to talk to her about staying in bed, she interupts and tells me to put on the kardashian show. then shes like, michael!! i want my towels washed and make sure you put them on hot water so it kills the germs!! mind you shes yelling at me not meaning any harm but these nurses arent used to that i guess.

  68. LOL Linda – Neither really except for one out of control swing I’ve never seen from him before

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Im kinda superstitious. I usually change my name but the “Just win,baby” is the ticket to success!!!!

    Very emotional win , it choked me up . Alot of things have been going through my mind and to have our Rangers come through like they did …was pure jubilation.

    Tommorow’s is game 7 , this time we come out on top!!!

    I was playing xbox last night and some guy had a funny quote on the back of his said” Flyers need a miricle” , I instantly laughed.

  70. Carp

    Unbelievable stuff from Mick. And he loves the state of NY and is not a Sox fan.


    Laurel, this is the first time I’ve disagreed with you. Tiger has problems, like many other people. Sexual addiction is as real as anxiety, depression, etc. I dont agree with his acts, but let’s not condemn him because he is human (unlike referees!!!)


    On that note, I could care less about a no hitter and was actually hoping the Rays would get a hit so CC would be taken out due to his pitch count (I would care about a perfect game), but CC could not complete the no hitter, because the HP umpire was cheating him all game long.

    It was unbelievable. The guy was cheating him on pitches right down the middle, but striking our guys out on pitches way inside or outside. It was happening all day.

    As Joe West put it, ‘disgraceful, embarrassing, and pathetic.’

  71. Yankees must be pretty damn good since they were cheated all day by the HP umpire and still won 10-0

    Frozen Four final on ESPN now

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Umm ddebened , your name is crazy hard to retype!! It kinda makes me go “what is she on about!!??” Its some bent up name or bend up name …do ya care to lighten me up on what im reading?

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Grabby’s Granny!!!! Give ‘er good ol hug from all of us!!!
    Just don’t squezze her too tight!!

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 said;
    “Laurel, this is the first time I’ve disagreed with you. Tiger has problems, like many other people. Sexual addiction is as real as anxiety, depression, etc. I dont agree with his acts, but let’s not condemn him because he is human ”

    This is comming from the blog pervert!?? ]

    HAHAHA just kiddin :0

  75. “what is she? on about!!??”
    D fer Dan and beginning of my last name

    LMAO No more Defrancos for you Linda

  76. The reviewed it in about 20 seconds and allowed it. After the fact replays from multiple angles showed it wasn’t in.
    But they counted the goal. Wisky coach was nearly ejected.

  77. Of course. How can people deny that Boston teams get handed things.




    Now Im angry.

  78. ok real quick. does this TO vs Mont game count for anything now that boston won? do i have to watch this?

    thanks to all the mathematicians in advance.

  79. I hope Stammer gets a few more in this game. I would love to see him beat out Ovie and Cindy. I actually like Stamkos as a player and a person. Good for him and the year he has had.

  80. If Montreal loses in regulation (they won’t – the Leafs stink), then they can still miss out on the playoffs if the Rangers get two points and the Flyers one tomorrow.

    It doesn’t change the fact that the Rangers need a win.

  81. P.S. I just got back from the store with some Molson XXX and some Molson Canadian Light. The Light is damn good, for those that aren’t ashamed to drink a light beer, like I am, give the Molson Canadian Light a shot. Good stuff.

  82. The Big City Classic – A lacrosse triple header is being held today at the new GIANTS stadium. Is this the first event to be held there?

    CR – You know that I know that you know that I’m pulling your leg. (please no silly remarks)

    TR -We win and Habs lose I believe we get #7 spot
    We have to win ‘irregardless’

  83. LW – Regulation win for Rangers and Habs are still in at #8-right? OT win for us with Habs loss and Flyers get #8

  84. Went to the game last night. Here is the deal. Flyers stink and their goalie is worse, no way we should lose if Hank plays like he’s capable. We had some issues coming out of our zone early and the PP did turn the momentum thanks Carsillo, but if we skate a drive to the net like they will do to Hank we should win no doubt. I’m telling you the Flyers are bad, we just have to play all out and skate, not stand in our own zone and we will be fine. It’s all on Hank as always, can’t lose to these guys, they will get swept if they(philly)adavances.

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Thanks for the clairification Dan , I was using the saying , what is she on about …no offense , I wasnt calling you a girl. Its just the way the saying goes.

    I really dont cares who wins outta Montreal and Toronto . Im sick of scoreboard watching. Rangers get in …Then I’ll worry ’bout who there playing.

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , I remeber you saying that the Flyers are good now after that dibockle of finishing last a few years ago. I said it takes years to rebuild. You said , Look at the Flyers , there good now. HMMMMMMM….are they really? Takes years to recoop ORR and Filthy PHilly is still recovering. That team sucks.

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rangersssssssssssssss!!!!!!! Wohoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  88. This is the way it should be. No backing in. No scoreboard watching.

    One Game. Whoever wants it most gets it.

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    YEAHAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Goy boys go!!!!!

    Every game this year had meaning. Every loss and every win has put us where we were right NOW.

    We are not over confident , nor or we Cocky.

    We are not scared , we are confident.

    We are excited.

    We are patient.

    Right now it is our time.

    we are all ,one.

    We are Rangers.

  90. If you get the chance, check out the fight between Evander Kane and Matt Cooke from tonight. After one punch, Cooke ended up in what you might call the Marc Savard position. (Looks like he got knocked out, stretcher came out but he was able to skate off. Unlike Savard.)

  91. ddebened



    Anybody see the rumor on ESPN that the Bruins will trade for Iginla, with the Flames only receiving the Bruins draft pick in return.

    First, not even the Maple Leafs draft pick (owned by the Bruins) and get this: The Bruins would need more value than Iginla in order to “digest his 3 years of 7 million remaining.”


  92. Had to chime in for a second.
    Glad to hear your grandma is ok, Mike..

    LMAO @ “miricle”. Flyers are looking for “miricile”, bit they will get a “dibocle”

    Still no comments from Tony, eh? Hope he is OK.

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    wow ORR , I..I..Didnt believe you!!! It is true!! wow what a KO by Evanderrrr “the real Deal” Kane!!!!!

  94. 50 for Stamkos. 5-0 for the Devils after two – the Isles sure know how to tank hard after all these years of practice.

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ILB , sorry dude …I never full understood that ya wanted game by game play by play announcing. I read the parts you said “talk to me,talk to me” but I didnt realize ya couldnt see the game. I see it now and I dont watch the game in the same room as the PC so I dont usually type while I watch. Only to type stuff outta “freaking out” I come to type. …um I did give you a Coaches corner.

  96. From that Flyers site that morg posted yesterday….

    This is the guy’s response to me, and then mine to him.

    “written by Watchinem Flyers, April 10, 2010
    I, on the other hand, completely get Philly’s hate for NY. Your team sucks, your fans are douchebags (yes, that includes you), and you have better restaurants than we do, which pisses me off even more.

    I hope every time Mike Richards scores on Sunday (which will be, like, 50 times), you throw up on your ji**-stained Messier jersey.”


    “Come on man. I got nothing against the FlyCrew!! Can’t we all just get along…..And hate Bostonians. They are the true evil in this world (and referees of course). HATE BOSTON!!!! HATE BOSTON!!!

    I did thoroughly enjoy the Yanks World Series victory last year. You guys are lucky the Phils didnt face the Sox, or you would have been swept away like swine!!!!!!!!!!”

  97. this blog sucks no

    is there news in the ranger world that i am unaware of?
    what did i miss?
    what should be updated?

  98. Joekuh - can we resign Z next year, PLEASE?!?!? on

    u watching the game too dde? kreider scores (yay!), stepan loses an edge n faceplants into the boards (nooooooooooooooooo!!)

  99. Joekuh - can we resign Z next year, PLEASE?!?!? on

    Orr, Fatso’s usually on all fours making snow angels making saves. He should be used to it by now!

  100. Ilb – Pretty sure Linda got word from Tony’s family that he was doing fine.
    I think he’s going to do a Willis Reed for the big game tomorrow.

    Orr- Besides a Habs loss, the Flyers would need a point which means the Rangers would need to win in OT.

  101. Kreider is a freshman so he’ll be in college at least two more years

    McDonagh and Stepan will be Wolfpackers next year

  102. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Evander Kane= the hero of the day! WOW!!! Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving dirtbag!

    dde, why are you punishing me??

    ilb, heard from Tony’s son yesterday and he said the surgery went well. I’ll check to see if there’s an update!

  103. Hagelin should be a Wolpacker too.

    I think he doesnt get enough credit and kind gets overlooked because of the other 3 really good College guys we have

  104. Cooke probably don’t even remember the fight. The game could do without garbage like him.

  105. When Cooke realizes what happened, he’ll never be the same. It doesn’t matter how much of a pest you are, the worst thing that can happen to you is getting the carp kicked out of you, and he got it even worse. Not only was it a knockout, but it was a knockout at the hands of a 20 year old rookie.

    How embarrassing.

  106. I cant stand College Hockey. I am so tired of Boston teams getting those easy championships, and they even invented a STUPID title called the Beanpot so Boston teams can have more titles.


    I wish they’d do away with the Beanpot.

  107. So, *if* the Rangers get in, they will be playing the Caps again. They can’t finish 7th now.

    Pens-Sens is also set after tonight.

  108. Fugg the Craps. They have no goaltending, and their D isn’t anything special either. Staal needs to play like he’s a Canadian GOD and stop OV, and someone needs to stop Semin, which is something they couldn’t do last year.

    And Hank needs to try and play a whole series instead of half.

    It’s do time!

  109. Habs lost 3-4 in OT. What a way to clinch a playoff berth, eh?

    I don’t care for the way teams are picked for the NHL playoffs. How fair is it that a team like Calgary, with 90 point, won’t make it, while a bunch of sub 90 point teams in the east will?

    I think they should go with the top six teams of each conference, then the next four best records, whether they’re from the east or the west.

  110. Why does Montreal have the tie-breaking against the Rangers if they Rangers win tomorrow. They have the same record.

    Please inform.

  111. James – it was already win or bust. Nothing today really changed what the Rangers had to do.

    Orr – like I said earlier, Bruins-Devils would be tedious in the extreme. Neither team would dare cross the red line.

  112. The White Plains Batman on

    Hopefully Stepan’s ok, that was a pretty hard hit. what’s even crazier is those two could be future linemates.

    Stepan should stay at college another year, gotta keep bulking up.

  113. I like the chances of rangers vs caps. Caps havent played under any adversity, and rangers have for 10 games already. If they get in, it’ll be a good battle. Caps haven’t been tested yet. If rangers make it in (which I think they will) they will give the caps an epic challenge. Caps don’t wanna see a team that’s on a roll. They wanna see the flyers.

  114. Jeffrey – tied in wins, so it goes to head-to-head record between the teams. Rangers went 1-2-1 against Montreal.

    If the Flyers win tomorrow, they pass Montreal, so they wouldn’t meet the Caps.

  115. If we assume the best.
    Someone explain if we can pass Montreal.

    x – Montreal 82 39 33 10 88 20-16-5
    NY Rangers 82 39 33 10 88

  116. Joekuh - can we resign Z next year, PLEASE?!?!? on

    Yeah I’d rather both Mc and Step stay another year. Same with Kreider. If you’re gonna come out, come out as a junior. Win or bust tomorrow. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  117. Call me insane/stupid but I don’t mind a rematch with Washington if we can pull off a win tomorrow. We have the better goalie still, and we have more firepower than we did last season. Of course Gabby and Joke inen would have to show up for the post season.

  118. Education aside I really don’t have a feel for how a player chooses college as opposed to a minor pro league or vice versa. Anyone have some knowledgeable input?

  119. You’re insane. They have no shot against Washington. Henrik can only do so much and the defense in front of him will be undressed in this series.

  120. The Rangers can win a series against any team. Washington’s goaltending is suspect.

    The Rangers can win it all, we just have to BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always believe that the referees will treat us fairly……hmmm, that has not worked out so well for me….

    But anyways, just keep believing!!!

  121. Didnt mean to sound like I’m looking past the Flyers. that was just ‘for arguement sake’..

    Tomorrow’s going to be intense. I can see it being close or being a blow out if one of these teams isn’t geared up to their highest level to start. Rangers need more of the same as they had last night.

  122. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Miricle …umm I saw that.

    Rangers need to show that they are the better team and that they DESERVE to be in the playoffs.

  123. and that’s just it at this point zzzzz. If they win they deserve to go to the dance, if they lose they deserve to go home.

  124. Doesn’t it seem like 10 years ago the Rangers started the season 9-0-1? Actually, now that i think aboot it, it seems like it never even happened, as if it were a dream.

    It’s sad, really. This team looked so promising to start the season, and who knew it would end up like this? The team that started 9-0-1, is one win away from clinching the final playoff spot available in the whole league. Wow!

  125. ORR

    Come on, man.

    Our season doesn’t end until mid June, when my Hankie Bear is carrying around the Stanley Cup in victory.

    The whole beauty of sports is to put your faith in something you have no control over (but the referees have control over, but that’s besides the point) and BELIEVE!!

    In this case, I BELIEVE that the Rangers will go 17-0-0 over their next 17 games. It’s just up to the players and the rest of the fans to believe it too.

    If any one player can lead us to the promised land, it’s Henrik!!!!!!!!!!! Not even my JAROMIR could carry us singlehandedly, but Hank can!!! BELIEVE!!!!

  126. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    The NHL (and NBA) playoff formats are so tiresome, this playing the same team possible seven times in a row. They should have a pair of four-team round robins in each conference, matching in one bracket, 1-6-7-8, and in the other bracket, teams finishing 2-3-4-5. So that winning the conference really means something, plus for the variety of playing each team in your bracket twice at home and twice on the road. Notice, odd-game home ice advantage, you play six games at home and on the road. The advantage accrues to the team winning the conference getting a softer schedule than the teams finishing 2-3-4. Instead of the team finishing 2nd getting the 7th seed in a best of seven game series, it has to contend with the teams finishing 3-4-5, putting a premium on winning the conference.

    Then I would have the four survivors of this first round competition also play a four-team round-robin for the Stanley Cup. So that the Rangers, if they get in, would be playing Washinton, Montreal, and Boston, four games each or until one of these teams clinches a spot in the Stanley Cup round. Variety of competition, a certain freshness and stimulation the current format is badly lacking. And no one gets bounced out in four games, each bracket would last for all four teams from 10 to 12 games, so this way the league and TV get more games in, something they can’t get enought of, as we know.

  127. Baseball The 4-6-8 was it you that thinks pulling your goalie is cheating or was that CR9

  128. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    To the jerk who said he despises Bill Gates and Microsoft, you should have added how much you love Communism and detest full employment. Christ you morons and subversives are so tiresome with your constant belly-aching and cheap shots at those who produce goods and services and keep the engine of our economy running, which is how millions of hard-working people are able to support their family.

    You are out of school, now, so you don’t need to kiss your professor’s Leftist ass to get a good grade, anymore. One can always tell who is a Commie-dupe in this country by simply surveying who hates Microsoft and WalMart.

    One would think the real world would be your wake-up call, but for those who are high on airplace glue and demagogic bullcrap about how evil America is, the wake-up call may never come, since all you learned in school was how the world owes you a living. Pathetic, immature, and definitely fantasy-world based, you are. But take your time growing up, so many like you never do.

  129. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Yes, I am the only hockey fan in the world who thinks giving a team trailing on the scoreboard a free power play, via pulling the goaltender monstrosity, should be abolished from the rulebook. An island of one, I am, but not changing my position to be popular or accepted by the crowd. Ok, now tell me what a schmuck I am, heard it all before. Like it means anything.

  130. What are your thoughts on rewarding a player a free base after striking out because the catcher can’t catch?

  131. Mr Baseball…

    I don’t know if you are the *only* fan who finds the concept of pulling the goalie so abhorrent, but I can’t say it’s an opinion I’ve ever seen anyone else come out with. No, that doesn’t make you a schmuck. Any more than it makes anyone who disagrees a conformist sheep.

    And – spurious analogies to other sports aside – you can’t seem to get past the point that the odds of pulling the goalie working aren’t very high at all. It’s hardly a “free powerplay” – if it was so advantageous, why doesn’t the other team do it too? (Yes, that’s rhetorical.)

    What is wrong with the playoffs as they are? There might be a lot of things wrong with the NHL, but to me and a lot of other brainless conformists, the playoffs are one of the best things in sports as they are. Cramming in a load of potentially meaningless round-robin games, removing most of the intensity built up over a long series and possibly any need for a Cup-winning game achieves what exactly? And finishing 6th is more deserving of an easier route to the Final Four (to coin a phrase) than finishing 3rd?

  132. This made my day.,233404

    What could be better than watching a guy who KO’s people with blindside dirty B.S. cheapshots, challenge a rookie (because he is a bully) and get put to sleep by said rookie with one gorgeous punch?

    Not that he had any credibility to begin with. I mean who the hell tries to fight Drury? But I bet Cooke has to fight a lot more now that the rest of the league has seen his glass jaw.

    Could be the end of an era for Cooke.

  133. I’ve got the nervousness of a game 7. This Firetrukin team, I even had a dream about today’s game. Only 1 payoff in my lifetime but they’ve still got me. LET’S GO RANGERS !

  134. Oh by the way,
    I posted that when Dubi and Gabby went to the papers and said how great it was that they were standing up for each other in Toronto, that that message was a big FU to Girardi. Is it a coincidence that Girardi dropped the gloves with Hartnell at the first opportunity?

    I don’t think so. I also think Girardi played better than he had in quite a while. That is something Drury shoulda taken care of a long time ago, but what ever works. And better late than never.

  135. Mr. Baseball,
    What’s your thoughts on a losing team getting a point in OT. The flyers have a better record than the rangers even if they lose today but because of the nhl rewarding a team who loses in overtime a point that is the reality.

  136. Good game morning, boneheads!
    So this is it. Win, we’re in, lose- go home.
    Again, as on Friday, I’m not nervous. I’m scared carcilloless.

  137. I’m having a vision of a flyer getting a hat trick today. It’s gonna be his first goal of the season to start it off. YES, the Flyers very own, Brian Boucher will be the leading scorer tonight.

  138. Almost scored a beauty on friday. Round the back spin’o’rama and just scratched the post!! Sooo close!!

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