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First, no official word on Ryan Callahan. It sure didn’t look good, as if he reinjured the same knee. No idea on his availability for Sunday.

I will put up the Rangers’ post-game notes package later or in the morning.

Some quotes:

John Tortorella:

“You try to ride the momentum as long as you can; when you’re losing you try to end it as quickly as possible. We’re just at a fortunate time of the year. We’re riding it and the guys feel good about themselves.”

“We’re loose. I think the pressure’s on them. We’re just trying to find out way, and we feel very comfortable playing on the road. Again tonight there was still a nice confidcnce on our team, and not being too uptight, even after they scored the first goal. We fight, we win another game and it gives us another opportunity in Game 82 to see if we can get in.”

On his team’s ability to take punches, like the goal at :40, and then losing a 3-1 lead:

“They’re better. I think it is a confidence. We have of late come back, a number of times, losing some games and come back. You’re at the end of the line here, and I really think that changes a mind(set). You’re at the end of the line and so you just let it all hang out and try to do the beat you can, because if you don’t get it done, you’re done. It may sound funny, you may think that adds more pressure, but it changes your mindset. I think the guys have really grabbed ahold of that. And winning breeds confidence.”

“I think we were counted out a couple of weeks ago by a number of people and we just decided we’re not going to count ourselves out.”

Marian Gaborik:

“We weren’t in a good position the last two weeks or three weeks. Now one game left and it’s our destiny, in our hands. I think we’ve accomplished a lot.”

Marc Staal:

“We were in a pretty bad situation a few weeks ago, knowing that we basically had to almost go undefeated. And we’ve played really well, and it feels pretty good to have one game (to win) to get into the playoffs.

“I think the consistency factor, the confidence we have to win games, is a lot different now because of this stretch run and the amount of games we’ve had to win. I think that’s changed in our lockerroom, that throughout a game we stay calm and know we can get it done.”

Brandon Dubinsky:

On Dan Girardi fighting Scott Hartnell, who had rocked rookie Artem Anisimov:

“I think that just tells how our team has been down the stretch here. A lot of people were writing the season off and  we just kept fighting in here for one another and kept going and that’s the way we’ve been playing. We’ve been playing with that team toughness, we’ve been playing just thinking about each other in here, and caring about each other in here, and trying to find a way to get it done with the 25 guys we have in this lockerroom. So, a big play by him, and those are the things that help teams win.”

“We haven’t accomplished anything yet. We haven’t accomplished anything until we find ourselves Sunday night in the top eight there. After that, that’s when we’re going to say we’ve accomplished something. Then it’s going to end there again and we’re going to start over an dhave a bigger goal. But right now, our job’s not done. Like Torts said, it’s just another opportunity. We have another opportunity to play for something big on Sunday, and we’re excited and we’ll be ready for it.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“After the Boston game we talked about never giving up. We showed it a lot of games. Stay in our bubble, whatever happens keep working and good things will happen. A lot of games in the year, we had a tough time to find that, but going down the stretch here we really stepped up. It is pretty cool to be in the last game of the year. It feels like a Game 7. I think we earned it, to be there.”

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  1. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    dubinsky had himself a nice,effective game! good for him!!
    and props again to girardi. we crucified him mercilessly for the gaborik carcillo incident, and now you have to acknowledge him taking down that genetic mutant!!

  2. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    i’ll say this as well, ericsson is worth his weight as well right now!!!

  3. Thanks, Linda.

    I really don’t care if they make the playoffs, but it will be a blast to be here if they do.

  4. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    I have been rough on both those guys for not playing physical enough all season, they both played well and girardi did a good job on hartnell, but they need to keep it going physically.

  5. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    wicky, i have a feeling that they will. they are confident they can sustain playing that way now, they believe in each other, and the addition of prust and shelley really breathed new life into the team. Torts finally has a 4th line he trusts, and the ice time is well deserved, and also a good thing for the ‘top 9’. he’s spreading the wealth, and being rewarded for his faith in these guys.

  6. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Carp, it will definitely be awesome for us, and great for the blog if they get this win on Sunday. Even though those extra gates mean another season of sather. ;-)

  7. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    never thought i’d say this after malik, but I need to get a #8 rangers jersey!!!

  8. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    previous post comment total: 911 wow

    you and me both wicky!!! I’d love to style the PRUSTness in bama!

  9. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    i had the stupid flyers feed on versus and no msg, man the announcing sucked….makes you really appreciate the msg guys!!

  10. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    wicky i muted the tv and listened to the Rangers radio broadcast! the audio was about 3 seconds ahead of the video, but i was NOT going to listen to those toads!

  11. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    i know a lot of you guys don’t like Joe M, but I absolutely love his enthusiasm when he calls the games, he honestly sounds like he wants to go down on the ice and get involved!

  12. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    you make me blush wicky!

    it would be pretty disappointing if these guys were not on the team next season. i know there are those who will disagree, but they really have brought energy and grit.

  13. Seriously, If Gabby had a Center he’d be at 60 goals this year.

    Ovi has Backstrom

    Stamkos has St. Louis

    Crosby is Gay

  14. I like how Dubinsky set the tone early testing Boucher from all angles. And he got his 20 goals YIPPEE!

  15. Gabby doesn’t have that many less goals than Crysob.

    Oh and Gaborik > Kovalchuk. They are both floaters I’ll take Gabby at less $/years

  16. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    somerset, don’t rule out richards from dallas somehow.

    I wish I had time to go back through all the posts from a few weeks ago to find mine about the last couple games of the season and prust and shelley!! They have been HUGE!!!!

  17. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello Ranger Fans from the World’s Most Shameless Arena! Rangers WIN A BIG ONE! What did I tell you? We ARE going to get in the playoffs! Don’t you ever doubt Uncle Glennie again! I promised you eighth place and like Drury’s Pizza place, I’m going to deliver.

    I have to admit; this year has had its problems though. I started drinking a bit too much early this season, so I made a New Year’s resolution. I’ve gone 100 days without drinking. Thank God for nights, though…

    I saw Keenan doing the between periods analysis. Say Mess, didn’t he used to be a coach somewhere? I wasn’t sure- he used to have hair. You say he coached for both teams on the ice tonight? No, I don’t think so. The league wouldn’t allow him to coach BOTH teams on the ice…

    (ringing) One Ringy-Dingy. Two Ringy-Dingy… That’d be Dolan’s ringtone. I better answer; Hey there Big Guy! We did it! Another sellout! How DO I do it? Sure, we’ll get in the playoffs. Tortorella says he guarantees it. I see the Knicks lost tonight. Are THEY gonna make the playoffs? (click)

    Muck! Hey Muckler! What Arena Show am I thinking of when you and I stroll down the hall together? Give up? Answer: “Walking With Dinosaurs!”

    One more win and Dolan extends my contract.
    Sweet Dreams, Ranger Fans.
    Uncle Glennie

  18. 31ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im flyin’ high!!!!!!!!!! 17 more victories on the back of Hankie and the Cup will be ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    They have to be signed before 01 JULY!!!! Imagine how good we would be now if we just added a couple of guys on the blueline like prust and shelley. I mean a jack johnson and volchenkov, or witt, or some really physical guys.

  20. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    wow, even E J with a compliment on twitter

    Loved Brandon Dubinsky’s big-game effort for the Rangers tonight.

  21. So does Lisin come in for Voros after his horrible game tonight??

    Or do you just leave the roster as is (aside from Cally maybe)??

  22. ZzZz : ) ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    high five {{{Linda}}}!!! The emotional part was that EVERYONE was contributing and the passion was there. Tonight Im the most proudest Ive ever felt being a Ranger fan. To play like we did and have Hank make outstanding saves ,Dubinsky making moves and Prust doing his best Sean avery impersonation but without the lip. Shelly is a great hitter and plays hard. We have seen tonight what great teams are made of . Tonight the Rangers proved they are for guys hear that?…the Rangers are comming!!!

  23. I know it was set up by Bouchers mistake, but that diving save was one of the greatest saves of the year.

    Rangers still are in control of their destiny.

    Go time or go home.

  24. Orr

    Its probably one of the most important saves of his career but not his best :) That glove save on AO was one of the best Ive seen in a long time. That was a laser to top right (our right) corner.

    Im laughing my @ss off there’s a porn award ceremony on Showtime LMAO

  25. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    good night boneheads~ rick hope your trip home was safe and uneventful!!! now we await Sunday!!!

  26. The AVNs are awesome.

    Porn Star conventions are awesome.

    Orr and Mako (if you’re not married, or even if you are), you know they provide, right?

  27. I still cannot get over how professional the Philly booth was!!


    It was actually enjoyable to listen to a game commentary for the first time in ages.

    And I watch nearly every Yanks game, all Giants/Jets, nearly all Rangers.

    Knicks when they were good!!

  28. Hartford Whalerpack on

    Ok I’m patiently waiting for another negative blog from this blog…yawn.

  29. Good night, John-Boy. Good night, Mary Ellen.

    Good night, Sally!

    Keep me posted on what we discussed, OK, Sally?

  30. Wow did I miss a great night on the RR…almost 1000 game posts jeez.

    Dubi hit it right on the head when talking about Girardi…this team finally realized how to play as a team, how to stick up for one another…they finally get the team concept and now they are on a freakin roll.

    Sunday, we get to send those punk-@ss Flyers home…I think we come out flying and they completely collapse…I’m smellin a 5-0 or 7-0 win, something like that.

  31. ZzZz : ) ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    whooaaa , ease up NYRguy , Id love that kinda game but in reality , we win 3 – 1.

  32. I can’t believe I had to bail in the middle of the 3rd to go to a game of my own.
    And don’t you know it ESPN radio craps out with about a minute left in the game.

    Got some catchin up to do blogwise.


    I really like some of the things Dubi said about playing for each other, maybe they’ve taken some steps recently towards becoming a ‘team’

    also liked:
    We haven’t accomplished anything yet

  33. Z

    I know it sounds unrealistic…but even Patrick Roy collapsed in a must win game vs the Red Wings

    I just have a weird feeling it’s not going to be close like we think…and it will have more to do with Philly than us.

  34. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Dubinsky calls his coach “Torts?” I find that hard to believe. All athletes, amateur and professional I hear making public reference to the coach or to the manager, in the case of baseball, use a respectful title such a “Coach,” or “Skipper.”

    One of Coach Tortorella’s many strengths, in fact, is that he doesn’t go out of his way to be “one of the boys.” Nor does he care which players like him and which don’t. You like him but play like crap, it won’t help you with this coach. You don’t like him but play your heart out and help the team, that keeps you around much longer.

    Either that quote is fabricated “journalism,” or Brandon Dubinsky needs to mature and stop treating his superior as though they are equals in the organizational pecking order. John Tortorella is not Tom Renney. This is not a man who needs friends or the players’ approval. This is a businessman, not a drinking buddy to those who answer to him.

    So which is it? Because if Brandon Dubinsky did not, in fact, refer to his coach in public as “Torts,” Dubinsky is owed an apology.

  35. what do you say we tell the guy who writes the uncle glennie commnets to take a vacation till next october…it is getting old and not timely at all!

  36. Amazing what scoring goals does for a team. The Rangers gave up three, and it the past would have scored 1 or 2. Then, everybody would have been picking apart every mistake. Now they give up three, score four, and everything is cool. I have said it before, I will say it again, defense is important, but scoring goals cures a lot of ills and covers a lot of mistakes. I think I can say this for the first time all season: they are a team. Stick up for each other (two games in a row for that one), go to the net for goals, do the little things. They might actually take Washington to 7 games if they finish off Philthy tomorrow afternoon.

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