Biggest, best day of the year


I don’t want to point out it could turn out to be the worst night of the year very quickly.

Talk about your must-wins. This is it. Game 7. Against the hated Flys.

Thanks to the Habs — who finish with Toronto at home tomorrow — the Rangers could leapfrog two teams by sweeping Philly this weekend. Actually, it’s possible they pass Boston too, with a lot of help.

But they have to sweep Philly. Have to get two wins. Four points, even if the Flys get one.

I anticipate the Rangers playing well tonight. I anticipate a game that starts out very physically. And if the score gets at all one-sided (hard to imagine, though two goals late is one-sided) in the Rangers’ favor, I anticipate Philly trying to send messages for the rematch.

I also anticipate that we will know right away if Brian Boucher has the you-know-what to hang in a battle with Henrik Lundqvist. We all agree, I’m sure, that this is a mismatch. But we all have been hockey fans long enough to know that even mediocre NHL goalies have their moments, and can shine for short periods of a season or a playoff run.

How do youse see it going?


I’m headed to MSG this afternoon.

By the way, our re-done poll about the Rangers playoff chances is now running just about 50/50. I suspect that will change this afternoon.


Here is the Rangers’ update on their three prospects in the Frozen Four:

New York, April 8, 2010 – Three New York Rangers prospects were in action tonight at the 2010 NCAA Frozen Four, held at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.

In the first semifinal, the Wisconsin Badgers defeated the RIT Tigers by a final score of 8-1, in a game featuring two Rangers prospects, both of the Wisconsin Badgers – Derek Stepan and Ryan McDonagh.   Stepan, 19, registered two goals and two assists for four points and a plus-two rating in the victory.  McDonagh, 20, also tallied an assist and finished with a plus-one rating as the Badgers advanced to the Championship Game.

In the second semifinal contest of the night, the Boston College Eagles defeated the Miami (OH) RedHawks, 7-1.  New York Rangers prospect Chris Kreider, 18, of Boston College, notched the assist on the final goal of the game for the Eagles, and finished with a plus-one rating for the game.

All three prospects will play in the 2010 NCAA Championship Game, as the Boston College Eagles face off against the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday, April 10, at 7pm ET.

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    I want a new post on the sister blog!! Get to work, mama!!! ;)

    HAPPY 25th BDAY TR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You carped me for the FIRST time, Carp. You ba**ard!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  2. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    outstanding that you’re going to be there Rick! I’ll save my best material for later then lol!!

    Personally, i think every single one of the Rangers comes out tonight and plays for each other, plays for pride in the jersey, and yea, maybe for the fans a lil. This is their opportunity, and I really believe they want to grab it and take it, tonight and Sunday.

  3. Linda

    What’s the link again, or how do I get to the Rangers facebook? I just created a new FB recently.

  4. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    nervous as hell but i think some of Tony’s optimism finally reached me! ORR, stock up on those crumb cake donuts!!

  5. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    cr, do a search for boneheads and look for the pic of dubi picking his nose.

  6. Asked this on last post and got Carped….We think game starts late tonight because of “last game of regular season” awards being handed out? Just trying to figure if I can tuck my little Gretzkys into bed before heading out.

  7. Why is anyone nervous. We’re going to win tonight, 100%, since it’s at home (yes, we’ve struggled at home this season, i know).

    It’s Sunday’s game that’s going to be a tough one!!

  8. repost-
    Joekuh – My biggest reason is just gut. I have played a fair bit of hockey. My biggest judge of talent is basically seeing their impact on the game. When you watch Sangs, he doesn’t stand out. Del Z makes you take notice at certain points of a game. I have played with lots of people who are skilled far beyond me, yet when the game is on, they disappear. That is how Sangs comes across to me. When I was watching the recent NCAA tourney, people like Stepan, Hagelin, McDonagh really stood out. Kreider’s speed stands out to me, but I don’t tend to notice him unless I am looking for him. However, he is a freshman, so I attribute that to still learning the ropes. When you watch Wisconsin, Geoffrion REALLY stands out. Stepan makes you take notice. McDonagh is evident during games. Since these are important games, that really means something about who they are as players. Hagelin for Michigan stood out like a man among boys when I saw the Miami vs Michigan game.

    As another example, take Zherdev. He has skill all over the place, but tends to disappear… especially in big games. So, Sangs can still be a player, but to me, he disappears on the ice.

  9. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    and,of course, i’ll miss the pregame ceremonies, where Cally will probably get the extra effort award gain, and then them giving their jerseys to the lucky fans who were chosen. ARGH!!

  10. Happy Birthday, TR.

    It came down to this. Good. It’s our team. No predictions. I say we need to expose their weakness…for the last hundred years…duh. Shots early and often, no bad angles shots. Don’t warm him up. Go to the net, play the rebound. Bang. And bang again. If they score early, his confidence will be shaky for both games.
    I don’t think I’m nervous anymore.

  11. CR9-

    100% from ur lips to gods ears…LETS GET THIS DONE LADIES AND GENTS LETS GET THIS DONE.


    CAPT CLUTCH SCORES 4 tonight not 100% GUARANTEED!

  12. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    ilb, i am ALWAYS nervous for games like this. Tony passed some of his optimism over, can you spare some of your nerves of steel?

  13. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    CCCP, if the Rangers pull this off, we should parade Shibby around your block like a champ!!

  14. Sally, Thanks for your kind words on the previous post. Things are better than they were last year, but I still miss her, y’know.

  15. Yes, Carp. And bring some crazy glue along, make sure she doesn’t move through the weekend.

  16. Soooo nervous for tonight. Yet I think (hope) that there is enough pride on this team that they will come out ready and hitting hard. Them scoring first and early on will be HUGE.

  17. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    To Carp, The Blogomam, and all my fellow bloggers:

    Just have to say, with two games to go in our regualr season, that this has been another fine year on the Carp-o-riffic run blog.

    We’ve had our ups and downs, our trolls, our 500 post nights, our curse riddled tirades, our Shineboxes, and of course our pieces of Carcillo’s all over the place.

    But this is the best Rangers blog I’ve ever been a part of, and just wanted to tell all my fellow insane Ranger Brothers and Sisters that I enjoy every minute of it, and that this little slice of internet makes being a fan with all fo you mroe enjoyable.

    Now LETS GO RANGERS tonight and get us a win!

  18. Let’s just hope the referees dont decide to make a statement.

    I shouldnt have made the 100% statement, as the referees can always put a dent in well laid plans.

    The best laid plans of New York teams oft go awry…..due to referees. The Rangers will come out tonight like men, it’s up to the refs to not act like mice!!

  19. Nicole Mondrone on

    I just rode Brandon Dubinsky really hard. I dont think he’ll be able 2 go 2night. hahahaha.

  20. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Yes we are in dreamland but if we could move up to the 7th spot it would mean a LOT. We would probably end up playing NJ in the first round, INSTEAD OF THE CAPS.

  21. Linda, i have lsot my mind, went off the deep end after the blues game…was on cloud nine after the devils win, now im so nervous i cannot take it, going to have to sneak outta my office and have a beer during lunch time to calm the nerves

  22. LI RangerFan on

    Mickey – I lost both my parents; it has been many years and not a day goes by that I still don’t think of them and miss them. It gets better, but there are always reminders.

    Hang in there; take support from wherever you find it. The Blog seems a good place to start since all these folks are pretty supportive from things I’ve read in the past…

  23. Can we remove these trolls? Not now, not today. The shineboxes are bigger and fly much faster through the air these days, idiot. Dolboyeb, blyad.

  24. LI

    Sorry to hear about ur losses as well. It’s always tough, but ur right, it gets a bit easier with time.

  25. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Well put Mikey! Great job!

    As always, thanks to Rick, Laurel and the invisiJosh for making it all possible. And, of course, to the Boneheads and ALMOST(lol) everyone else who truly make this a haven for a displaced New Yorker! As I say many times during the year, you guys & girls are the BEST!

    ilb, lmao @ scared carcilloless!

  26. LI RangerFan on

    Newman – if I remember correctly, the only pre-game award is the “Extra Effort” award; so I wouldn’t expect game time to be any later than ~7:15; just a guess…

  27. Ah, another troll banned. I’m starting to feel like Clint Eastwood with these idiots. Make my day.

    So, troll, go get your shinebox.

  28. By the way, not only is it TR’s birthday, but it’s also Josh’s. Seriously. He’s probably playing golf somewhere. I hope he stops by. I think he’s 26 today.

  29. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY JOSH!!! LIVE IT UP! and beware of albino pterodactyls

  30. Oh, good, thanks Carp for pulling the flush handle.

    Now I can say what I wanted to say. Thanks everyone, including people who run it and the REAL boneheads. I’m very happy to be here. But let’s not sound like we are saying goodbye, eh?

  31. Mickey I know the feeling of your loss its been over 25 years since my mom passed but if you keep her in your heart she will always be with you & watch over you NOW LGR I so lov this place makes me smile when I feel like crying at times


    I’m on my 3RD ZUNE, and ONCE AGAIN it is FUGGED UP!!

    Three Zunes, Three different problems.

    I hate you Microsoft, i hope get your weeners chewed off by Pitbulls!

    This is why I wouldn’t even consider buying an X-Box.

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Carp, you can now remove my comment from 12:17 if you want. Those two Russian words were not used in any of Tolstoy’s books, if you catch my drift.

  34. ilb

    Goodbye aint for another 2 months, when Henrik is hoisting his Conn Smythe and Stanley Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Haven’t gone on yet!

  35. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    ah ok CR, just let me know you’re name so I know to confirm you. We try to get the names first so we’re not accepting trolls lol ;-)

  36. Thanks for the kind words everyone. They mean a great deal to me, especially from those who have been here/done this. Just a harder day than normal today.

    BUT, there is a huge Rangers game tonight and tomorrow is my niece’s bday, so there are good things to look forward to.

  37. LIN

    I have an iPhone, but i don’t like putting music on it, and i heard bad things aboot iPod’s.

    I just can’t win with this Carp. All of these damn things only last a year or less.

    Plus i bought all three off Ebay, so i couldn’t get a warranty. Damn it!

  38. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    ORR, the only trouble i’ve had with my iPod is sometimes it takes a minute for me to turn it off, i’m a bit spastic at times. I still use that for the gym even though I have the Touch now.

    Hey Krisy, I still have to read that story! I’m kinda waiting on it if you know what i mean lol!!

  39. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    My pleasure. There well deserved compliments to the BLog Father and the bolg bretheren

    These trolls msut be making your day, You can shoot em all down with the touch of a button

    Sally – It has been a wonderful, year could have been a better season, but it aint over yet.

  40. Awww, thanks all! My heart’s all warm and mushy now :)

    CCCP, I’m busy!!!! give a gal a break, you’ll get one later today.

    I think I’m gonna be 26 today too.

  41. Lin.. hehe about storytime.. Maybe not so fun now that u dont have to see Miller tonight but I am NOT looking for a story with any of the flyers in it. THAT would be TOOOO much. LOL

  42. ilb is right.

    All youuuuse are acting like this is goodbye!!

    If the referees do not cheat us tonight, I guarantee youse all we will win!!!!!

    This team may be fickled, but they are NOT going down QUIETLY!!!!!!





  44. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Krisy, with out luck it would be Pennywise Hartnell!

    Noone’s acting like goodbye, just a lil prop giving for all Carpy’s hard work keeping the blog going!!

  45. I was so hoping for the headline, “Carcillo will hit the fan tonight”. You let me down, Carp.

    Oh and Seth, I think something is wrong with your keyboard.

  46. I thought I’d confess to youse all that I have Avery kidnapped and in my possession!!

  47. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    that’s a bit disturbing, ‘in my possession’ hmmmmm
    watch out for the flying shoe from Laurel any minute now

  48. So much love on the blog today! Interesting…I’m pretty freakin pumped for tonight…I’m not expecting anything less than a hard fought victory and the Garden better be ROCKING!

  49. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    whoa… sixty bucks for that tshirt??? i have to pass on that for now! WOW, for sixty bucks Aves better be here to put it on me and take it off! SHEESH!

  50. I have to watch Fringe, I’ve watched the first 5 episodes of the 1st season on BD, GREAT show, but all the “Massachusetts” and “Boston” and “Harvard” across the screen at the beginning of scenes really annoys me!

    At least no mentions of the Red Sox yet!!

  51. ‘in my possession’ is up for interpretation, and it’s up to ur imagination as to what it means!!

  52. from–

    Rangers start do-or-die home-and-home with Flyers

    FLYERS (40-34-6) at RANGERS (37-33-10)

    Last 10 — Philadelphia 3-6-1; New York 6-3-1

    Season series — The two teams have split the first four meetings this season, and Friday’s game is the start of a season-ending home-and-home series.

    Big story — This game could decide the final playoff spot in the East. It could also set up a winner-take-all showdown Sunday in the finale in Philadelphia. Just about everything is riding on this game for both teams.

    Team Scope:

    Flyers — Yes, they’ve got just three wins in their last 10 games, but they’ve won two in a row. Brian Boucher has been shaky since taking over as goaltender, but he’s allowed just four goals in his last three starts, the last two victories.

    A regulation win at Madison Square Garden gets the Flyers into the playoffs. That’s the only thing they are focusing on right now.

    “It’s clear as day now,” Daniel Briere told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “We all know what’s on the table. Our confidence is high, we’ve played the right way three games in a row now. If we play the way we have, we will be fine. It will be a lot more satisfying to do it ourselves.”

    Rangers — They control their destiny. Two regulation wins, and they will return to the playoffs for the fifth straight season. But a loss to the Flyers could be devastating and perhaps season-ending.

    No matter what, it’s in the Rangers’ hands.

    “You don’t have to look at the board anymore,” coach John Tortorella said, “because it’s right in front of us.”

    The team has played extremely well since what looked to be a season-crushing loss in Boston two weeks ago. They’ve ripped off a 6-1-1 streak that has them right where they need to be. But whether the Rangers have enough left in the tank to push all the way through remains to be season.

    Who’s hot — There’s been no one hotter on the Flyers of late than Boucher, who has stopped 79 of 83 shots (.952) in his last three games. … Marian Gaborik has been the Rangers’ best player when it’s mattered most, posting 2 goals and 3 assists in his last 5 games.

    Injury report — Flyers leading scorer Jeff Carter (foot) is a game-time decision, but he could be declared ready by Thursday’s morning skate. Backup goaltender Johan Backlund (groin) is getting closer to returning. … For the Rangers, Sean Avery (knee) is done for the regular season. Brian Boyle (ankle) is healthy, but unlikely to get back into the lineup.

    Stat pack — The Flyers’ PK has been clicking of late, having killed of 19 straight penalties. … Getting a lead after one period could be huge for the Rangers. The Flyers have won just 21.9 percent of games when losing after one period, the third-worst mark in the League.

    Puck drop — “It’s fun to be here. A couple of weeks ago I thought we were out, but we never gave up and we’re back in the race. The whole season comes down to the last two games.” — Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist


  53. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    lmao CR, i think they will have one episode where umpires and refs will spontaneously combust all at the same time at a convention at Fenway Park lol

  54. YouveGotGold on

    Let’s do this! I was at the game on Wednesday night and it was electric. I can only imagine tonight will be even better. I purchased playoff tickets (center 300 – 333 row n) and I wanna use ’em! I am a season subscriber next year (232 row a) too! I’m excited as all hell. Let’s do this!

  55. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Krisy, i am sure my brain would melt and ooze out of every orafice in my head if that were the case!

  56. Linda

    I dont know who the creator/writer/producer of Fringe is, to know if they’re a Sox fan or Yanks fan…..

    but Im holding out hope they dont use ur scenario and have the Yankees team exploding in Fenway!! :)

  57. Seth, we never close, here year round.

    Krisy, I love you, and as soon as I finish some work chores, I am ordering one (ya’ll knew I would!)

    TR! No thanks for mama!! How do you think everyone knows it’s your b-day!

  58. Linda,

    I’ve only posted a few times but I’ve been following for months. Sent you a FB message. I was first on April fools!!

  59. Blogmama,

    I know I know i came on board last year, i was around all summer, the guest blogs were fantastic!

  60. >>JB!! did you like FRINGE last night?

    I sure did, Linda! There was plenty of Liv to keep me happy. I just love seeing her sad pretty face.

  61. iDoodie machetto on

    Three points willget them into the playoffs if Boston loses it’s remaining two games in regulation.

    If the rangers lose in regulation tonight, they better sit gaborik, Hank, and cally(becuse of his injury) while dressing Shelley, prust, voros, brashear, byers/anybody that can hit or throw down and send a message for next year.

  62. Mama, I know… u and me have the same taste in clothes and hockeyplayers! LOL ! Writing this while wearing my Avery #16 black hoody. Hihi

  63. iDoodie machetto on

    Carp, this is more of a game 6 than a game 7. A game 6 in a series they are trailing 3-2. They need to win twice to move on, while Philly would go home.

    We need a messier game six guarantee!

  64. iDoodie machetto on

    I hate that Boucher is hot right now. He’s one the alltime streakiest golatenders. Doesn’t he have the consecutive shutout streak record? Figures he heats up just in time to knock us out.

  65. >>do you have a feeling that peter already knows?

    Peter is brilliant and likes to snoop around. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he already knows.

  66. thank you mama!
    i dunno. havent been doin much thinkin today, yet, lol.

    pretty much staring at the clock waiting for this game.

  67. Of course, JJ Abrams. Red Sox fan.

    I think he does Lost (another great show). Lost has had quite a few Red Sox references in its 6 seasons.

    Can’t a Red Sox fan/creator of a tv show just make a show without mention of the Sox or any Boston team? Is it so hard? Or to not have “Boston” across the screen every 10 minutes?


    My favorite part of a movie was I think Transformers, at the beginning, the Red Sox fan gets killed!!!!

  68. Frozen Four Tournament had 34,000 show up in Detroit for the semis on Friday. Not bad for a college game.

  69. rcm

    Thanks for the accurate information.

    Boston Buccigross on Sportscenter said that the environment was terrible, and there are many better places to play than the Lions field.

  70. >>Burnside says we will get in…LeBrun says no

    I also hear they have the next Powerball numbers.

  71. I disagree… I look at tonights game as Game 6. We are down 3-2 in the series it is a must win. But game 7 would imply that a win makes us move on. Lets get it done!

  72. Linda, late response, but if I thought that were true do you think I’d still be here? Now, gotta go order my shirt…..

  73. I don’t know why but I am PUMPED for tonight…I just want to see the carcillo kicked out of the Philthies…
    Oh and then I want to see the same carcillokicking on Sunday

  74. you have to be pumped, everything is on the line but at the same time you have to be nervous…the only thing you know from the 2009-2010 rangers is that they are Inconsistent…which gabby which prospal, which girardi, etc etc wtc will show up tonight, will they keep it simple and get pucks to the net and get the puck deep or will they get caught playing catch in their own end!

  75. True, Seth. And if it ends it ends. They’ve brought this situation on themselves but at the same time it was great to see them show some heart and fight over the past 8 games or so.

  76. I honestly am not nervous at all…I try not to let it affect me…especially after this season.

  77. Shoryuken-

    true, i posted some of the brutal losses at home this year the other day some BRUTAL ones….but agreed a 6-1-1 in the NHL is a very nice run….but see thats my issue is just does not END for me, i wont wake up and watch the mets/yanks (not a baseball fan) its depression for a few weeks than its the countdown until the draft then ranger preseason hockey, yes i am the trueblueSUCKER that will keep on giving and giving to uncle glenn and dolan and co….

  78. Boucher may be hot now, but he beat a cold Chris Osgood and a Toronto team that struggles to score. Also, all of the Fliers pests got under the skin of Detroit. So, as long as the Rangers stay focused and solid, they should do well. They have played better than their season record the last two weeks, so it isn’t beyond impossible. If Boucher returns to form, there is no reason why the Rangers should lose. However, the Rangers need to ram this game down their throats to get in Boucher’s head for the next game.

  79. what’s with the hair on Buccigross? it looks like a dead squirrel glued onto his pin head

  80. Seth – I am all about the Rangers as well. However, if they lose tonight, I am going to wake up and take my son to the roller hockey rink, have some fun, go home to my wonderful wife and other fantastic kids, and have a good day. Although I love this sport, I have to keep things in perspective. No depression. None of the Ranger players are going to get upset if something bad happens in my life, or if something goes wrong.

    Life is too sweet to waste getting thrown off track by what the Rangers. Win or lose, I still have to go to work on Monday.

  81. dshea19-trust me i do hear ya, ill be ok i just bleed the blue…i think their failure makes me a bigger and more of a diehard fan everyyear…i dont know how it feels to be a yankeee fan it must be great but they win so much it cant be as good as if the jets one or the mets one or if our rangers one….i already have tee times for sat am then ill take my wife out for a nice relaxing meal tomorrow night but trust me its gonna hurt for a while, i dont know why i dont know what it is but ever since my first ranger game at MSG when i was 12 two years before 1994 i became HOOKED for life, i will be that guy holding up the next “NOW I CAN DIE IN PEACE” sign

  82. nostrildamus on



    Rangers 4-flyers 2

    on sun.

    Rangers 3-flyers 2 in OT

    Rangers face Wash again

  83. I was that guy too. Being in the military and then having kids tempered it quite a bit. I am a Rangers first guy, but I am also a huge hockey fan in general.

    It really set in after the Rangers won the cup. I remember thinking, “this is really awesome… now what?” It was so cool to have them win, but nothing else about my life changed one bit. That year, Mess was hero for life. Three years later, he is pushed out the door and he is wrongly made enemy #1. I just learned to enjoy the Rangers, but that kind of happiness is really just a roller coaster ride.

  84. btw, tonight’s game is on MSG+ and Versus. I hope that Versus will carry the Rangers feed with Sam etc, not the Versus announcers.

    also, what does it say about Dolan empire inc that they have the useless Knicks on the main channel, and the Rangers in their biggest reg season game thus far this year, are relegated to the backup +plus channel?

  85. Bob Sacamano on

    Well said dshea19…
    And I totally agree.
    If the Rangers don’t make the playoffs…I’ll just watch the other teams and root for whoever is playing the Devils, Pitt, etc etc.
    Then there will also be more room on the DVR for other things…namely Seinfeld…

  86. Dolan is a disgrace. putting the Ranger game on the backup channel tells me all I need to know about how he regards his hockey team. as a poor cousin redheaded stepchild. he could not care less about the Rangers

  87. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    thanks guys for mentioning the versus thing! BIG SCREEN AGAIN!! i hope that doesnt mean the man wants to get on the computer!

  88. Aside from the must win factor of tonights game etc… i’m looking for:
    Cote vs Shelley
    Carcillo vs Prust
    Voros vs Asham
    and maybe a Richards vs Dubinsky rematch?

  89. doubt that anyone would risk a penalty that could cost his team their entire season. I expect it to be intense, but not penalty filled, unless the score gets one sided. then it will get nasty

  90. if carter does end up playing shelley/prust/voros/callahan HIT EM HARD EARLY AND OFTEN

  91. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    Happy Birthday from all of the wicksters!!!

    Hank needs to play like the KING tonight and Sunday…..ZERO SOFTIES, and we will win….I wish Avery was playing though, he really gets under the Flyers skin!!

    This will probably be my only post until after the game so LGR!!!!!!!

    Oh, and happy birthday josh!

  92. Something came up, heads. I’m going to start driving. Actually, mrs agreed to drive since she knows the importance of the game. I’ll have to depend on your comments tonight. So give me a little insight on top of woooohooooo and yeaaaaaaaaaa. Appreciate.
    The other option is, if I drive through strong 3G signal, I may be able to connect my iPhone to my Slingbox. But that’s unlikely.
    So, until the game. LGR!!! LGR!!! LGR!!!

  93. ThisYearsModel on

    Time to kick some Flyer butt tonight. We need the Canes and the Caps to step up vs. Boston this weekend.

  94. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    OY VEY ILB!!!! you know everyone will keep you posted as to what’s transpiring!

  95. Yeah, I know Linda. Yeaaaaaaahhhhhh, baaaaaby!! Yeah baby my foot. At least mention which baby scored lol.

  96. Tony, before I walked into the building I saw the fat lady walking around 34th street. And the cops were putting down scales. Don’t know if she’ll get on one, or sneak in.

  97. ARGH! This afternoon has been crazycakes! But I am just about to head out the door, swing by the local wally world to a few things, then it’ll be home, dinner and THE game.

    So you all then!


  98. Ok kids, I’m heading out (no pun intended)…..pray, cross fingers, whatever it takes! I’ll have to catch you all tomorrow, but LGR!!!!

  99. Alright, I’m ready. I’ve got Stevie Nicks on the record player and a beer in my hand. I am ready for ANYTHING. Bring it on!

  100. You know, I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but some of you folks have verrry short memories. Old folks like me recall things from back when. I have vivid memories of a
    number of folks deriding and chastising Betts and Orr and demanding their trade…well they got them. But is this a better team by their departure? Hardly.

    Now it seems that some of the same folks want to shove Drury and Avery under the bus. Bum stuff. Keep in mind that Drury was never intended to be a high goal scorer, for he was not for most of his earlier career. He put up some great offensive numbers a few times, but always with outstanding powerhouse scoring teams. But he gives his all all the time, whether it appears too be so or not. He is in fact a very fine defensive forward, something every team needs, excellent on face offs,and he does have a gift for scoring IMPORTANT ( read game changing ) goals.
    Avery creates a lot of space for his line mates on the ice by disrupting the opposing team’s comfort zones and keeping an attack going in the offensive zone. Now and then he makes a mistake. ( And of course this is something that just isn’t tolerated on this team of potential HOF candidates.) He also takes enormous physical punishment for his endeavors, but he doesn’t complain. You could put him out there with a top line or with the Prust Shelley line and he would bring the same vigor to both lines. And even though his labors GO UNREWARDED OR ACKNOWLEDGED,
    he goes about his business as best he can, with no crying,
    or sulking.

    This team is lucky to have both of these guys because just stop and think where they would have been this season without them. Let’s see some common sense appear once in a while here.

    I’m telling you all that you are lucky to have both of these guys because without them this team would really stink out the joint.

  101. Fran Aves has a ton of fans here,some even like him for his hockey skills,but to count us lucky for Dru?come on Franster,the dude is a chump,his shift could be filled with any of the other third liners we have.
    Anyway,im PUMPED for tonightwanna crush the flygirls send them back to that hotbed of pickles and V.D. for another wamping on sunday
    *Lets* *Go* *Rangers!*

  102. Drury was never intended to be a high goal scorer? What was he intended for then? I’ll tell you… he was intended for a game like tonight… so he better “intend” all the way tonight or another bad chapter will be added to his already wounded NY legacy.

  103. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on


    Yo New Newman , me in my 20’s??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA tytyty , there is a reason my hated Flyer picks are of the newer variety .Its not because of my age thats for sure.


  104. You’ll never believe what i saw today. I went to the mall, and so some guy in a Dredden jersey!!!

    I didn’t have the heart to go up to him and ask why. I saw from an angle, and thought he might have had an Avery jersey, but i did a little Izzy-style stalking, and saw it was a 6.

    Poor guy.

  105. Here here, MikeyNJ

    Hang in there MickeyM

    ORR – I ordered a ZUNE through Amazon, package arrives, I open the box and whaat the…? Inside is a Steakhouse XT.
    Go figure.

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