The final countdown


Holy carcillo! This is what it comes down to: Rangers-Flyers, twice, with everything at stake.

Like the old days of the Smurfs, and the Bullies. Reminds me of the crazy stuff that used to happen at MSG and the Spectrum when these teams played.

One such, and it wasn’t funny at the time as it is now, was the night President Reagan was shot. The Flyers were in town that night, and before the national anthem they held a moment of silent prayer. One leather-lunged professor up in the blue seats hollered over the quiet: “They shoulda shot you, Clarke.”

1) Good for Dubinsky, who had a terrific, strong game, and stuck up for Marian Gaborik. John Tortorella said he wondered if the hit was dirty, because he hadn’t seen it. Well, to me, it doesn’t matter. Your star got run hard. You go after the perp. You kill the penalty. And it’s good for the team.

2) It’s time to stop calling the fourth line “the fourth line” because it is now the third line.

3) Colton Orr is still a fearsome fighter, but he’s a worse hockey player than I remember him being.

4) I still don’t believe Erik Christensen is a first-line player by any stretch of the imagination. But he’s a second-liner, and they’d better keep him.

5) I know everybody thinks Avery’s season might be over … but who would really be surprised if he shows up on the ice during this home-and-home?

6) The Rangers have sure taken advantage of a soft schedule, but they had a big bump the only night they played a good team in the last six games. Not sure where Philly falls, though. Good or bad?

7) If Boston loses to Buffalo tonight, then it gets even more interesting, doesn’t it?

8) John Tortorella said he was shocked by the reaction to him lifting Henrik Lundqvist in Buffalo, at 3-2, in such a big game. To which I say, A) the reaction wasn’t so great … in fact I didn’t see much at all; and B) maybe part of the negative reaction has to do with how the coach treats people.


Here’s this from the Rangers, about the three prospects they have in the NCAA Frozen Four today:

New York, April 7, 2010 – New York Rangers prospects Derek Stepan, Ryan McDonagh and Chris Kreider will participate in the 2010 NCAA Frozen Four beginning (today), April 8, at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.
Stepan, 19, has registered 10 goals and 40 assists for 50 points, along with eight penalty minutes and a plus-five rating in 39 games with the University of Wisconsin Badgers of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA) this season.  Stepan has tallied two assists in two NCAA tournament contests thus far.  He finished the regular season ranked first in the WCHA in assists and tied for fifth in points.  He also led Wisconsin in assists, tied for second on the team in points and tied for seventh in goals.  The second-year player has established career-highs in goals, assists and points.  Ranked 16th overall in The Hockey News 2010 Future Watch, Stepan served as Captain for the Gold Medal winning Team USA at the 2010 U-20 World Junior Championship, leading all tournament skaters with 10 assists and 14 points in seven contests.  The Hastings, Minnesota native was selected by the Rangers in the second round, 51st overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.
McDonagh, 20, has registered four goals and 13 assists for 17 points, along with 69 penalty minutes and a plus-22 rating in 41 games with the University of Wisconsin Badgers (WCHA) this season.  The third-year player has established career-highs in assists, points, penalty minutes and plus/minus rating.  He finished the regular season tied for second on Wisconsin among defensemen in goals, and ranked third in assists and points.  He also tied for the team lead in plus/minus rating.  McDonagh has tallied one assist in two NCAA tournament contests thus far.  The St. Paul, Minnesota native was originally Montreal’s first round choice, 12th overall, in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.  He was acquired by the Rangers on June 30, 2009, along with forward Christopher Higgins and defenseman Pavel Valentenko, in exchange for forwards Scott Gomez and Tom Pyatt, and defenseman Mike Busto.
Kreider, 18, has recorded 14 goals and seven assists for 21 points, along with 26 penalty minutes and a plus-19 rating in 36 games with the Boston College Eagles of the Hockey East (HE) conference this season.  The first-year player was named to the 2009-10 Hockey East All-Rookie Team, after finishing second in the conference among freshmen in goals and tied for ninth in points.  Kreider ranked fourth on Boston College in goals and plus/minus rating, tied for second on the team with three game-winning goals and ranked third with 101 shots on goal.  Ranked 22nd overall in The Hockey News 2010 Future Watch, Kreider captured a Gold Medal with Team USA at the 2010 U-20 World Junior Championship.  He led the team in goals and tied for third among all tournament skaters with six goals in seven games, including a hat trick against Latvia on December 29.  The Boxford, Massachusetts native was selected by the Rangers in the first round, 19th overall, in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. the final countdown always reminds me of that time on arrested development GOB blows up the company boat.

  2. BTW, my two other really fond memories of Rangers-Flyers:

    1) Colton Orr knocking out Fedoruk cold in the first 5 minutes. The Rangers skated circles around them the rest of the game. I think the good guys won 5-1 or something.

    2) Back in the early 80s I think when Thomas Sandstrom got crosschecked to the head by Dave Brown. I think this was a playoff series. The next game at the Garden, during the anthem, at a time when they had just outlawed poster and banner hanging at MSG, someone hunge a white sheet down from the blue seats right below the American Flag (so you know everyone was facing the flag and looking) that said, “Dave Brown Eat S**t and Die.” It was awesome.

    I will be there Friday. The place should be rocking!

    Still I assign just a 30% chance that we sweep both games in regulation.

  3. Carp, I think you have posted before about being annoyed with guys who have good, clean hits being challenged right away. I’m with you and I love Dubi stepping up- but it is something that is debated a lot. I know that Don Maloney, who most Rangers fans respect profusely is against the “hard hits” getting retaliated upon.

    I would love Avery to come back, but I think even if he maybe could at this point Torts doesn’t trust him enough to put him in.

    Would have signed up for down 2 in this spot 2/3 weeks ago. Let’s go boys.

  4. Newman- we don’t have to sweep both in regulation- just 1 in reg and Win the other game either OT or reg and we are in.

  5. Carp, what was Torts like during his first go-round as an assistant and interim? Was it really night and day from the way he is now? What do you think caused the change?

  6. I get the hard hit retaliations when the hit is on a team’s best player. In that instance it’s about sending a message that if you want to throw a big hit at one of our best players, you’re going to have to throw down with someone. The Rangers are not particularly good at this and this is the first time in fact I’ve seen this happen, but it’d be nice if someone had to think twice before going towards the boards with Gaborik. Now if Callahan takes a big hit, you let it slide. Guy works hard in the corners and behind the net, he’s going to get knocked around.

    A dirty hit is a different story and should always warrant retaliation of a sort.

  7. newman, i think if they win one and loose in ot or so the flyers are in cause the tie break is wins and fhilly has 40

  8. chris F. i agree this run started when the injured players went out (and the schedule got easier)

  9. Newman, then that sign regressed into similar, more vulgar and unprintable signs with the same theme.

    Adam, complete 180. He was a terrific person, with whom you could talk hockey for hours, non-aggressive, all about accountability and no excuses. I have no idea what happened to him. I’ve said this before … when he left to go to Tampa, and the NY writers would go down for a game, we’d sit in his office for hours after the morning skate and he’d tell stories on and off the record. Good stuff.

    Fly, I have no problem with taking exception to your best player getting run hard, clean or dirty.

  10. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Crack of Noon!

    Beautiful Day out there. It’s hard to stomach, especially after Tuesday, but…

    Let’s Go Buffalo!


  11. We’re leaving together
    But still it’s farewell
    And maybe we’ll come back
    To earth, who can tell?
    I guess there is no one to blame
    We’re leaving ground
    Will things ever be the same again?

    It’s the final countdown
    The final countdown

  12. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Hey Carp/Boneheads! Good Thursday to all youse! Nice to see you back Izzy!!

    EPIC song lol!!!

  13. Carp,

    I think it has a lot to do with the fact that he won a Cup. Especially with a team that no one took serious for so long and he helped unearth a diamond in the rough with St Louis and finally got Vinny L to live up to his #1 overall pick status.

    He got a couple of years of carte blanche down in Tampa and began picking fights with the team’s front office. There was no old guard in Tampa like there would be in Montreal or Detroit that could point to the fact that they’d built successful teams before his arrival and could continue to do so after he left.

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Two points:
    1) This is the final countdown to Carp being asked (on MSG television) whether he’s ever treated someone poorly?! …the context of the question might be the school bus, the bus stop, or the stop and shop, but Torts WILL NOT like point 8.

    2) Gregzo and Orrzo have quite a bet here, huh? Comes down to the final 2 (or 1?)

  15. Anyone there last night? How was the atmosphere? Seemed to be rockin’ through the TV- hope everyone lucky enough to go on Friday treats it like a game 7.

  16. Morning everybody!!

    hey Carp,
    maybe a little achy breaky heart can replace the
    earworm of the final countdown.

    me, i’m thinking of honky tonk women.

  17. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Orr, i would try to put up something current for you to get The Final Countdown out of your head, but i dont know, i think hearing the same 6 words sung over and over again is way worse

  18. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    thanks ORR, now i’m gonna picture Gabby with two long red pigtails lol, or maybe just as “WENDY”

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    *Noonan* and anyone else who fought for hours over the Ovechkin hit on Campbell…

    How is the Finger hit on Gaborik any different from the alleged “boarding” you called the Ovechkin hit?

  20. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Rick, has the game time for Sunday been decided on yet? on the downloadable calendar, featuring FANKIST this month, it says TBD. I know they choose another game to show on NBC, and I have’t seen a time for the Rangers game.

  21. My quote of the week nomination!
    “Dook-a-do do, Dook-a-doo-doo-dooo, dook-a-do-do, dook-a-dook-dook-dook-a-dooo” -Orr

    TR, definitely one the greatest shows ever!

  22. I would venture to say that we don’t have 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th lines at this point. We just have lines that are solid and producing and getting even minutes for the most part. I believe that is a huge part of the team’s recent streak, along with the soft schedule.

  23. I was there last night. A lot of empty seats but great energy. Not too hard to pick the energy level up when the Rangers score a goal 21 seconds in.

  24. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    thanks Carpy! that’s why you’re the best!

    Orr, he has somewhat of an impish face, those pigtails would be hilarious

    Newman, I hope you bring good luck!!

  25. Hockeyman Rangers on

    1)I still say I liked the Lundy pulling the other night, no matter what he himselve thinks and anyone else he is not perfect. And a lot of times you all should know it is not all about the goalie whn they get pulled sometime it’s about the team and how they respond when your goalie is pulled.
    2) I have been waiting for these FROZEN FOUR GAMES ever since Miami beat Michigan a couple of Sunday nights ago. That was the best game in the whole tourny. But tonights games should be good, it is a little to long inbetween these games and the regional games (kind of like the superbowl) but hopefully they are good games. And I really like to see our drafts right up there with the top players. Glad we don’t have a game b/c I would miss it for these games. Get the Wings and Beer orederd we are on tonight.

  26. “Noonan and anyone else who fought for hours over the Ovechkin hit on Campbell…

    How is the Finger hit on Gaborik any different from the alleged “boarding” you called the Ovechkin hit?”

    I was at the bar last night for pool league so didn’t catch the entire game. If you provide a video I’ll give my two cents.

  27. “8) John Tortorella said he was shocked by the reaction to him lifting Henrik Lundqvist in Buffalo, at 3-2, in such a big game. To which I say, A) the reaction wasn’t so great … in fact I didn’t see much at all; and B) maybe part of the negative reaction has to do with how the coach treats people.”

    I’ll take Tortorella treating my Rangers over Renney any day. While I don’t agree with the benching but he made some good points. Lundqvist wasn’t having a good game we can all at least agree to that.

  28. Jeez, could you stop with the crying over what a big meanie Tortorella is? “How he treats people”? What is this, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood? Did he kick your dog or something, Carp?

    I’m also tired of hearing how Carp would coach the team (were he a coach at all), so good on ya for giving up that tired old line.

    Since Sam left, this blog has descended to the level of the commenters. That’s not a compliment.

  29. I guess a positive here is the fact that we completely dominated Toronto last night. We should dominate them. They are not a very good team. What I mean by positive is that the night before Philly barely beat them. They won 2-0, but I saw highlights from that game, and I wasn’t too impressed. In fact, and it is funny to say, but only Boucher impressed me. So, I am not saying that the Flyers are a walk in the park, but they are definitely beatable. It is going to be tough, and we are going to have to be at our best defensively, but we CAN NOT wait around for things to happen. We need to be assertive and take pucks to the net and throw pucks at the net, and get in to the dirty areas to make plays. Our, should I say, “Battle Level” need to be 100%

  30. If Boston loses out, I believe the Rangers only need one point this weekend to tie them and get in.

    If Boston goes 1-2, then the Rangers need a win and an overtime loss to get in.

    If Boston is only able to salvage one point, then the Rangers can split in regulation or OT and get in.

  31. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Good post Nasty! I have a feeling motivation and battle level will NOT be a problem the final two games. They know if they all perform as they KNOW they can, they will grab that playoff spot. Nobody can take a shift off the next two games, and Hank has to be out of him mind incredible. It won’t be easy, but if they really want it, they will do what they have to do to TAKE it!

  32. I am all over the Frozen Four this weekend. I can’t wait. The Miami(Oh) v Michigan game was awesome. I wanted Michigan to win because of Rangers prospect Carl Hagelin. He was a monster in that game. All over the place. He and Stepan are the two players I am most excited about.

  33. YES! HAHAHA, Carp, you beat me to the punch. I was waiting for a response so I could then say, “Well, you can start by getting your shinebox.” HAHAHA

  34. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Good point, CT.
    Zeus just insulted himself.

    He’s the moron for reading the posts if he doesn’t like them.

  35. sally
    even better
    met will arnett w/ shanny @ 77 one night. down to earth guy. cant get past his “stare”, its quite scary, lol.

  36. good afternoon everyone!

    Carp, if you think Orr is that bad watch some tape of ryan hollweg in his glory days-the sad thing is that ryan was a pretty good skater…..and blair betts was stuck between these two for two years!!

    the garden was relatively quiet last night for such a big game, plenty of empty seats and they announed atleast a couple times that tickets were indeed available for the flyers game….

    anyway solid win, same recipe for tomorrow, need to score first, need to score early!

  37. I can understand why Orr went after Shelley the way he did. He was probably pissed that Shelley refused to fight him in the last game, and he wanted to get a little revenge for the knockout.

    I don’t like when Shelley turns down fights, unless at the right time, but he has been playing really well, so i can’t complain. Smart move last night though, cause we came out strong, and Orr tried to turn it around.

  38. the college final four games are on ESPN2 at 5 pm eastern and 8:30 eastern

    Wisconsin-RIT at 5

    Boston College-Miami Ohio at 8:30

  39. >>Since Sam left, this blog has descended to the level of the commenters. That’s not a compliment.

    That’s for damn sure.

  40. So i just got a ticket to the game tomorrow. Someone told me that people go to the bar after the game. Just want to know what the deal with that is. Can’t wait for tomorrow night

  41. that is somewhat ridiculous when Derek Morris is 10th, and Poti is on the list

    for ALL dmen, the number of goals allowed depends quite a bit on who they play with a lot. iow, if you have the top line on with you, controlling the puck and keeping the puck in the opposition’s zone, well then your job is easier and you will give up fewer goals. the malik factor

  42. Does anyone know of a good site to get decent street hockey sticks, nothing too expensive? I live in the DC area and the sports authority-type stores around here are lacking in that department. Thanks for the help.

  43. Who are those intestinal parasites crawling out of their homes and trying to insult us? Get back inside where you belong. Don’t forget your shineboxes, you douchenozzles.

    Good, I feel better. Now back to work.

  44. Buffalo update: It might be tough for the Sabres to beat the Bruins tonight… word is Lalime will start unless his flu recovery prevents him. Hecht is now out, as are Vanek, Connolly and of course Kaleta. Don’t bank on the Bruins losing, but you never know if Miller has to go because Lalime is unable to play.

  45. Would love to see either Miami Ohio or RIT win it. Kinda like Butler nearly winning the other night.

  46. So the Sabres can muster up the strength to beat the Rangers but not their division rivals? Thanks a lot.

  47. “Does anyone know of a good site to get decent street hockey sticks, nothing too expensive? I live in the DC area and the sports authority-type stores around here are lacking in that department. Thanks for the help.”

    I use the Forsberg Synergy for street hockey. It’s a real piece of crap but works. Usually less than $20 online.

    The blade also doesn’t splinter.

  48. The Rangers game clinched the division for them. Not that they aren’t motivated for this game. They are trying to move into second but injuries are making it tough and they want to rest Miller… that’s all I meant. Boston is banged up too so it may be a wash.

  49. Punked…sadly, warren is going to be closed tomorrow (argh) but some of us are gathering at The Flying Puck right by the Garden on 7th….come on by.

  50. Yikes, the Sabers record against the B’s isn’t too convincing either. Not bad, but not dominant either.

  51. Hi BuffaloGal! Do you live in Buffalo too?

    Mickey, I’m also rooting for those teams! I think it’d be so sweet if Miami won, considering everything they’ve been through this year.

  52. Staal, i wouldnt be surprised. either way actually lol ;-)
    but if they play like they want it, and not have any mental lapses, my humble opinion would be yes.

  53. Staalzy has been playing great hockey IN HIS OWN ZONE lately. And Girardi is playing like the player we all thought he was a few years ago.

    How did Wideman make the cut and Fedor Tyutin miss? Also Derek Morris seems a little high.

  54. “So are the Rangers gonna beat Philly twice?”

    If they do I can’t wait to hear the “Philly beat themselves” excuses ;)

  55. Adam: google Easton Synergy forsberg and click on “shopping”

    there really isn’t much markup at all compared to your local sports shop. i barely ever order hockey equipment online anymore unless there is a great deal on sticks or something.

  56. Mama, I have been with Sprint for 12 years. They have always treated me right. Have to stick with them. I am very loyal, what can I say. Hell, I am a Ranger fan too, right?

  57. Staal, If they play with absolute desperation, Hank plays his best and they play smart, then yes, I do believe they can play Philly twice.

    I’d love to see them dress Cote like they did in the last game. One less skill player to deal with.

  58. LOL @ Orr. True fans, the Ovy hit was different because Campbell was in an EXTREMELY indefensible position.

  59. I hope Boston U or Boston College aren’t in the Frozen Four. Probably are, though.

  60. they need to throw everything at the net from every angle and distance. Boucher is often shaky, and to get to him early and disrupt his confidence early in game 1 is important. dump it, lots of playing behind their net, with quick passes into the crease at his feet, and some wraparound tries as well. all of that will test Boucher early, and don’t let him get comfortable

  61. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I don’t think Campbell nor Gabby were in indefensible positions. Gabby either lost an edge or got tripped up, then spun around and slammed into the boards. Campbell tried to avoid his hit by leaning in and attempting to go around the net… he also hit an edge due to the *PUSH* of Ovechkin. One a check, one a push. To me, both are boarding… or they’re not. But they are the nearly same dangerous play about the same distance from the boards.

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It’s not whether either player can “defend themself” that’s the issue… it’s that distance from the boards, the speed of the player, and both losing an edge which make it dangerous. I still don’t see them as very different from one another.

  63. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    CARP –

    This is for you.. re your statement “…How the coach treats people.” The coach treats people, meaning the players, not the media, like highly paid, skilled, responsible athletes who have a job to do, including doing the things which lead to winning, and not doing the things which lead to losing. Vince Lombardi would be hated today by the idiot softies who run our country now. They would be suing him for “verbal assault” on his players, and other masculine leadership traits. Lombardi’s was the time of discipline, hard work, playing with a team first concept, and WINNING. And you did what he told you to do, and if you did not, you were gone, no matter what your salary or ability level.

    Christ, Carp, on the heels of that soft ice cream Coach Renney, I would think a man who comes in here and treats the players like they are men, not children, and kicks ass, and yanks players having an off-game off the ice, would be like Christmas, every day of the year, for Ranger fans.

    We are blessed to have Torts, and we should acknowledge that NOW, not after Sather has made him a scapegoat, and fired him.

    So tell me coach Torts is out of touch and out of date. I don’t care, because some of us, including yours truly, are not buying into this age of pampered, spoiled, overpaid players who have to be patted on the back and hugged and all that crap that the media can’t feed our population enough of, to make a psychological woman out of ever last man on the planet.

  64. Renney and Stimpy on

    timid tommy renney. adjusts glasses like nerd. consults his big dictionary for multi-syllabic words to suffice the situation. leads his Edm team to league cellar dweller status with his famous hangback trap. chews gum as fast as his oldtimer hc, pat redface quinn. is loved by media, hated by everyone else who knows hockey, especially the players, who sing sweet caroline when they hear he is fired. did not get one single vote from any player in poll for best coach a couple years ago. oh tommy boy, the pipes, the pipes are callllin’

  65. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And to think the “top” guy on this list started the season as a walk-on at the Flyers camp while the “Bottom” guy (#30) was at the bank constructing his financial plans for the $7.35million he’ll make this year.

  66. hey Carp!

    why did my comment with a couple of links from a site
    that has been used here on numerous occasions
    get this?!?!?!?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    is it because i put 2 links in one comment or…?

  67. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    I always liked orr when he was here, but I thought the fact that he “jumped the gun” with shelley seemed like he was a bit worried that shelley would put him down again. The time this season that he went after carkner in a big pile when carkner was at the end of a long shift and not looking makes me wonder a bit if he has lost a little and has to cheap shot a few guys to still hang in there.

  68. If ya were gonna give a song title to discribe the Rangers this year what would it be? The first thaT pops in my mind is THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD

  69. True Fans, mama beat you to that link hours ago :) But I like your comment on it :)

    ACD, I think Tony and I and others of our ilk would like (and I apologize in advance for this earworm), Don’t Stop Believin’!

  70. CR, it took you way longer than I thought for you to respond!!

    what the heck is your 5 list?

    Hey, I told you a while ago. I have family in Boston, I went to BU and I love the city. People from there drive like carcillo, but other than that, I can’t share your sentiments toward Beantown. Go BU!!!
    (if it’s any consolation, I hope BC gets creamed)

  71. Hows this song…

    A New Day has Come….Yes, I like Celine Dion. How queer (odd) of me!!!

  72. ilb, i’ve been meaning to tell you, CR is kicking the carcillo out of you on sister blog. he’s become a very good poster and even behaves himself in the fluffy friendly place!
    You and Mandelbaum are being shamed!

  73. Carp- how do they keep Christensen next year? With Drury, Boyle, Dubinsky and Anisimov? And still no first line center?

  74. S list is supposed to be sh*t list. It was joke anyway!!

    I know you’ve got family there…And I dont share the sentiment toward everyone from there, just mainly the athletes and the obnoxious, harmful fans.

    And Boston U is not in it!!! Only BC is in it, so your rooting against BC is a nice consolation. You’re off my S list!!!


  75. I noticed, mama. I’ll catch up, I promise. But not with the day i had at work today.

    Hey, any news from Tony?

  76. well, that will teach me to read here without my glasses (ugh, age). I thought your S was a 5!!!! don’t they look similar?

    dang BU!!! Oh well, there’s always the Beanpot.

    ilb, I’m gonna lose Vinny, aren’t I?

  77. ilb and Mama

    I was just making a Boston joke, not any antiBoston rage!!

    But other than the Rangers making it, I could care less if Boston gets in or not. They should go down, fairly easily. Their team is a bunch of losers with 2 loser goalies.

    But thanks for the anti-Bruin support!!

  78. Mama, when it comes to animals, I always behave myself. The fluffy furry human beings bring out the best in me!!!

    I know it shouldn’t seem like a big thing, but I have never missed a NY playoff, even for my ex wife’s grandmother dying, but for only one time.

    But I did, however, miss 1 Yankees playoff game in 2003, because my little Tiki was having some kind of panic attack, so I took her to the ER!

  79. ilb, hope it was bad busy, not bad “bad.” no news from Tony that I’ve heard. I’m guessing he’s inpatient or, being immobile and maybe sans access, hasn’t been able to report. I’m sure he will. Honestly, day of surgery, I’m not sure I’d check in either. Takes me ages to sleep of anesthesia (but what a peaceful, deep sleep!)

  80. thanks CR, and we (me) at sister blog appreciate it. It ain’t the same kind of chat room as here!

    You made the right choice on Tiki, but I have to say, with mama love, I’m not really surprised you’re divorced given that other story :)

    ilb (since no one else is here. I’m just waiting on a work e-mail or I’d be outside)…I’m gonna assume you’d miss a game for your pups or Dr. Mrs. ilb…..:)

  81. Mama- in terms of Vinny, I’m afraid so.

    Orr’s play- it was selfish. Plain and simple. He was gone for 17 min. He knew he would. And what did he prove? Nada.
    I don’t recall him exhibiting such selfish behavor when he was a NYR.

  82. It was only when she was gf; she called me during a WS game in which Jeter hit a walkoff home run. She was balling her eyes out, crying uncontrollably, and Jeter hit the walkoff HR while I’m on the phone with her, and I start running around the house pumping my fist in silence so she doesnt hear my excitement!!

    She never knew about that!! And I am at peace with our/my decision to end things. Separated for final time in 07, Giants Super Bowl in 08, Yankees WS in 2009, that’s 2 championships that I never got while with her!!!

  83. I’d have a tough decision if it was a win or go home World Series game i.e. or one of my pups.

    Tough decision, let’s hope it never comes to that. Because I’ve gotta bad feeling I’d go with the Yankees, Rangers…

  84. The White Plains Batman on

    ilb2001-Christensen is a versatile guy and can play wing too. He’s an RFA not a UFA, so all they have to do is tender him an offer. Remember, that there’s a chance the entire Paranteau-Jokinnen-Prospal line doesn’t come back and maybe Boyle gets moved in the offseason as well.

  85. Prust, btw, is an RFA too. If he isn’t tendered, than our GM is a complete schmuck! Oh, wait…

  86. ilb, I agree, but maybe he figured they had no shot anyway, so he’d go for it. I know fights have been debated since the start of time, but those are the kind I don’t like at all. At least wait for a “respectable” moment in the game.

    also, good point about Tony. You would know that!

    Hmmm. how many players do think will be here next year? I’m thinking we’ll have lots to talk about over the summer!

    CR, whooooooooo. Go Livpl!!!

    I am exclamation pointed out…

  87. Batman, why do you never answer me when I ask if you’re from White Plains? If you’re not, I sure would like to know what your name means, cause if I should, well, I don’t….:)

  88. go stepan!!! oh wait he didnt score but he assisted. anybody watchin him play on espn2?? not gonna read all the posts to catch up so sorry if u guys already know about the game

  89. It’s okay grabass. we all know about the game, and are all intent on rooting against BC later tonight!

    Get with it!!

  90. ” maybe part of the negative reaction has to do with how the coach treats people.”

    to this I say – maybe it is the insensitive personal reporting of some of these called ” elite hockey writers.”

    here you call Boucher -bush league. Look, he is an average NHL goalie who has had a bad nite or two. They ought to send some of you reporters down to Hartford or to making pizza.

    And I am not a Torts fan.

  91. Um, CR, we call him Grabby here. and we don’t all know about the game (I didn’t)….bring a little sister blog love here, ot maybe take a computer break :) said with mama love, but don’t go all Orr (not ORR) on folks. K?

  92. it was a funny twist on bush league. bouch-league or whatever he called it. it was cuz miami pimp kept bugging him to use bush league in his posts. no big deal

  93. Sorry, I disagree about Christensen. I think he’s a guy that you keep if you want to stay a mediocre team. If they can’t replace him with somebody better then the team is in big trouble.

    To the guy who was wondering about hockey sticks – try Sometimes they have good sales. They have a few stores around the country, but I’m not sure if the do in DC.

  94. thank u babs!!! i just got here so i didnt know. in fact i already said im not reading hundreds of posts to find out if u all knew about teh game.

  95. Mama,

    I was just screwing around. I see others calling him grab*ss for fun, just thought I’d join in!!


    How come all the good ones are always taken, Grabby?!

  96. Bob Sacamano on

    McDonough and Stepan look great, but out of the four big prospects i like Hagelin the best(who should be playing against BC tonight).

  97. leetchhalloffame on

    Foregone conclusion that the Flyers will pull out the “God Bless America” rendition by that carcillo Kate Smith should the game have meaning on Sunday.

  98. I guess typing isn’t the best way to communicate jokes.

    I looked back, I guess it could have come across as a douchenozzle comment.

    Sry, Grabby!!! Now, join the anti-BC bus!!!!

  99. Sorry CR. You are excuuuused then. But who calls my Grabby that other name!? Newspaper to nose for them too!

    So Cross Check, does that mean we keep Vinny!

    CR, I’ve been asking that question for years :)

  100. Bravo CR! yes, it is a slippery slope between what you hear in your head and what comes out in print…

    leetch. I will keep the tv on mute then until faceoff. thanks for the tip.

  101. Sally, LOVE the comment, but are you channeling Greg? What the heck’s a ninny-muggins!

    Grabby, he apologized. life is good.

  102. Cross Check, bless you! I can’t quite explain why, and I have nothing against Christensen. In fact, I’d like to keep him, too. But I just have a thing for Vinny (not in an Aves way:)
    I would be very sad to see him go. I think he’s more clutch than Clutch.

  103. Oops, looked like you called yourself it once, and I remembered it!!

    # Grabachev in IA March 19th, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    ok ok thats about enough of that. back to more serious issues at hand. like trading lundqvist. so, ilbzo, you think if we sweeten the deal by tossing in dz we could snag a stud winger like tkachuk and a 6th rounder?? at least wed get rid of that horrible minus 22 del zotto!! my god hes had almot a full season to get his act together and i just hope he has some trade value left after a dismal season. for rying out loud, hes gonna be 20 soon!! he should know by now after playing with girardi the whole season!! and i think he may actually be from boston. that did it for me. and gilroy, didnt he play for boston university? no wonder he is bad. hes probably infiltrating the rangers and reporting back to the bruins and telling them our weaknesses. which arent many. no wonder everyone knows to shoot high glove on hank!! and ya never can trust teh boston duo torst n sully. an italian and irishman working together? whats next, cats and dogs living together? eddie van halen becomes a flesh eating zombie corpse? orr what is it good for denouncing the fox and becoming a monk? izzy not being first anymore? mike in ia moving to la?? cr9 changing his name to grab-ass-achev 9? boston getting 2 very decent first round picks in this next draft?? oh this game is a game of inches, and cr9 has just broke out his tape measure. god help us all!!!

  104. is it me or does brian leetch look like he never wants to be on tv? or anywhere for that matter?

  105. ec is good. but theres just too many prospects knockin on the door and this guy has had plenty of time over his career to prove his worth. if he wouldve scored some more goals, id like to keep him, but at this point, theres no reason to believe he will all of a sudden becom a 20-25 goal guy, and we dont need any more depth type players. we have enough. we gotta make room for at least 2 more rookies next year. hopefully weise and sangs,williams/mcdonaugh??? dont know about byers. prust is better. hes got skill but we need more firepower than christensen. if he can be had real cheap, but i just dont see where we will fit him after thsi season.

  106. lmao!!! good call cr9!! i didnt call myself that i was calling u that!! but hey, whatever man. its cool. im not mad at ya. i knew you were jokin!!

  107. CR, did you really expect anyone to re-read one of Grabby’s one paragraph essays for one word? :) ‘
    Glad you guys are cool.

    anthem. John Amirante is a Rangers treasure! When Sam (yes, THE Sam) used to do this blog, he posted a pre-game post about hearing Amirante practicing in the men’s room. He showed respect!

  108. Mama, “cotton headed ninny-muggins” is from Elf, one of the funniest movies ever.

    Blah! My plans just fell through. Again.

  109. Aww Grabby, if only more people felt like you! Thanks! Enjoy the nap….I’m outta here tonight.

    Reminder. Any local NY heads, we’re gathering at The Flying Puck on 7th by MSG for game, and post game (fargin warren closed). Come join. If you’re new and don’t recognize heads, just shout out, or ask people, heads!? mama?!

    silly, but it works….right Nasty!


  110. Stepan had a great game. 1 goal and 2 assists. I did note one thing I hope he corrects. He tends to look for the pass first. Not a bad thing in itself, but there were a couple of times that taking the shot would have been the better play. Even if he didn’t score, the chance for the rebound goal was there. Instead he was trying to thread a needle to a couple of guys who were covered. Still, he is going to be a good player for the Rangers in a few years. Very creative with the puck.

  111. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy having your plans fall through.

    or something like that

  112. Thats perfect, Mama!

    I just wanted to send the email now before I forgot or stalled!!!! Answer whenever you get the time!

    I was supposed to get you pics of the 3 pups like 5 months ago, but I always stall!

  113. The White Plains Batman on

    Blogmama-I grew up like 10 minutes from White Plains and it’s the whole “what if a secondary city had a superhero?” joke my friends and I started going by.

    I’ve become a pretty private person at work so I started telling a few people I was a vigilante when they asked what I do on my weekends :)

  114. I thought Melrose wanted to carry McDonough’s children the way he was gushing about him. I would like to believe he will be as good as advertised, but I think he will eventually be an upgrade over Girardi, not the second coming of Ray Bourque.

    I didn’t watch the last half of the 3rd, so I didn’t see Stepan’s second goal. It was the last one, so it was probably a garbage goal. Stepan, at worst, will have a Scott Gomez career. However, I think he is probably a better goal scorer than Gomez, so add a few more points. I can see him as a 20g-25g and 50a-60a (assuming he has a finisher) per season player. Not a top-flight first line center, but much better than they have had. At worst, he will be 15g and 40a per season. He is too creative and has too much vision to be worse than that over his career. Next year will be more telling when he becomes one of the teams leaders and probably a tri-captain.

    Still, I can’t help but also say nothing but good things about Carl Hagelin from Michigan. He was everywhere against Miami a couple of weeks ago. Involved in every dangerous play, buzzing all over the ice. I saw him and thought Zetterberg. Put him and Stepan together and it could be a very nice tandem. If Kreider pans out as well, the Rangers have a very bright future.

  115. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on


    Hair bands ruled the world in the 80’s!!!!

    Thats it everyone , get it in yer head again!!! HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

  116. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I heard from Tony’s son, and he said that the surgery went well and that Tony’s resting, and appreciates that we were thinking of him!

  117. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Grabby, how’s grandma doing???

    I’m watching the Pit/Fishsticks game. I’m wondering if a major alien abduction could occur before the end of the game.

  118. Man, every time I see Streit, I think of how the Rangers could have had him instead of Redden. AAAAAHHHHHHGGGGG!!!!!

  119. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    stop doing that to yourself dshea! you’ll go gray before your time! WOOO HOOO PANTHERS!! lol

  120. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    lmao @ your joey tribiani Sally! things are much better! and i might be baking tomorrow lol!!

  121. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on


    Tony is Awsome!!!! He is soo loyal to the Rangers and hes been optimistic all along!!! Tony , get well bud!!!! Ranger fans like you make this blog rock!!!

  122. WOW!! Kreider has WHEELS!! That boy can flat out fly. He is listed as 6-2, 201. Size and speed. Sather has bombed with free agents, but I will give him SOME credit for a few recent years of good drafting. It might be too much to hope that Hagelin, Kreider, Stepan, and McDonough all turn into real NHL players, but they all have a realistically solid shot at doing so. That is pretty amazing in itself.

  123. Add Grachev to that mix, and then count DelZ, Dubi, Cally, Staal, AA… isn’t this what we have been looking for the past decade or so? It really is slowly turning into a home grown team. If only these horrible contracts weren’t hanging over the team, the Rangers could be really dangerous for the next decade.

  124. Chris Says SELL SELL SELL on

    Remember when ranger fans didnt want Chara and we waited an extra season for Redden

  125. I just want everyone to know I really appreciate the Sabers starting their backup vs. Boston and their NUMBER 1 vs. us.

    Bring on Philly!

  126. do you guys think Keith Tkachuk will get a proper send off in his last home game tomorrow with the Blues?

  127. Hope Ktchakuk does get a proper sendoff.


    Why would we want Chara. Not only is he a loser, but a scumbag to boot.

    At least Redden is a decent guy.

  128. I think I might hate the Flyers as much as I luv the Rangers, so all i;m asking simply, we beat the injuried Flyers 2 times in a row. It’s really not asking too much. Hank I love but he cannot let even one soft one in this weekend, he has to step up and be the best player on the ice. He has not carried us to a playoff win that we shouldn’t have won in the first place and now is the time. I’m not asking him to beat Wash in the 1st round just knock out those scumbags from Philly. If not, he’s not all the way to elite status yet, that many believe.

  129. in the playoffs you need to be able to win a couple games in a row vs the same team. so, if they can’t do it themselves over philly, then they have no one to blame but themselves.

  130. it’s sad that Gilroy has more points on the season than Redden …. What a Waste of Space!!!!

  131. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    No prayers are needed. We win on Friday , both clubs have the same points ( Rangers and Flyers) and the game sunday, CAN’T go down as a tie. No tie breaker is needed if we win on Friday. If we lose or win in Ovetime on Friday , we are out. Time to pull the goalie with the scored tied on friday…that would be freaking crazy. Like that one game Carp was talking about . Scary game comming up . I love it.

  132. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Pull the goalie…put him in , next whistle pull him , put him back. We could find ways to get goals if we are tied on Friday with Philthy Philly.

  133. wrong Z. a win in OT on fri would leave the rangers one pt behind, and then a win in reg on sun would give them the 8th spot.

  134. Top Ten Flyers hated in order-1.Boobie Clarke 2.Ken Linesman 3.Dave Schultz 4.Ron Hextall 5.Behn Wilson 6.Mel Bridgeman 7.Brian Propp 8.Hound puppie Kelly 9.Dave Brown 10. Glenn COCKran what do you think? missing someone?

  135. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    db …your right , so on Sunday could be a tie game goalie pulling hope it doesnt happen day.

  136. The White Plains Batman on

    hedberg-Trent Klatt, hated that dude when he played for the Flyers. Bill Barber? Brad McCrimmond?

    Hextall I never took seriously; maybe it was the stache, or when the Rangers used to light him up when he was in Quebec and on the Islanders for a year.

    I was disgusted when the Flyers got Handzus, but happy I’m able to root for him again since he’s doing great things in LA and was great in the Olympics for Slovakia.

  137. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    a handful as always, but doing great! How is buffalo treating you?

    get the droid by motorola, that freaking thing rocks!!!!!!

    You guys doing ok?

    Grabby and zzzz
    brothers, how ya been?

    I still think it was a little bush league, but I always liked orr!

  138. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    My Top 10 hated flyers.
    #1 Eric lindros
    #2 John Leclair
    #3 Renberg
    #4 Carcillio
    #5 Bobby Clarke ( new and old)
    #6 Hospitar
    #7 Carcillio
    #8 Owner
    #9 Fans
    #10 City.

  139. >>At least Redden is a decent guy.

    That’s been one of our many problems for years – too many nice guys.

  140. Barber made me puke, diving all over the place, it was great when Clarke fired him to save his own ass Tochett was a real spot picker as well. I did like Rick Macleash as a kid though, but let’s not start saying which flyers we like because i’ll most likely gag. How about when Andres Hedberg beat up Brian Propp after Propp started it then admits after the game “those swedes are tougher than I thought” smurf yr.

  141. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Doing well Wicky , been using yer name in the form of , “that guy has a wickyed slapshot” hope ya dont mind Ive done it a few times lately. Kinda plagurism but I didnt make any money from it.

  142. As for Tkachuk (the Boston guy) … maybe somebody will set off a few fire extinguishers and wreck some hotel furniture in his honor.

  143. City, fans are good one’s, there owner can stay as long as he likes, he kept Clarke as a trainwreck gM for god knows how long. Mike Richards is creeping into the top ten as well.

  144. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    I hate briere for some reason, not sure why, I think it is because he is shifty and I wish someone would just lambaste him! I always hate svobda (sp?).

  145. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    no worries at all bro, if you do make any money off of it, well good for you and drink one for me with it!!!

  146. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hedberg , Renberg rounded out that “Legon of Doom” line …that was doom for us , many many times.

    Tocchet and Poulin , yeah I though of ’em Carp and Brown was a goon. If I said I hated him , he’d get the best of us. He beat up other teams ,we did ok against him. Plus Dave brown was an Oiler , I liked him a bit back then.

    Hextall is more hated as I think about him now. How he would Wack guys. I didnt wanna give him respect but yeah hes is definatly hated by me. I cheered on the Oilers when Hextall won the conn Smythe. The Rat was a Oiler too so I liked him. Sutters are NHL historic familly of brothers. Hard to hate them.

  147. No no no repeat after me very EASY to hate the Sutter family. Cheap, spot pickers, fugly, bad GM’s and Coaches. One of the rodents was sitting out a game in the old press box in the early’80’s at the end of the old green seats and the blue section was chanting Sutter,Sutter..Sutter SUCKS his Mutter, priceless

  148. Greg

    How can you hate Carcillo, not once but twice?!?!?

    He’s like a piece of dirt. He probably has zero hockey skill, and so he attacked our star one time…Did he injure him.


  149. The White Plains Batman on

    I never minded Renberg, he was just kinda there.

    I’ll tell you about Lindros; hated him as a Flyer, hated him as a Ranger much more because I thought it was a stupid trade, but to be fair, I met him while he was eating dinner in DC with the Rangers and he was a very gracious and kind person so I give him major props for that.

    Steve Duchenne used to make my blood boil a little; when the Flyers bottomed out in the late 80s and had some bad teams, he’d always seem to score on the PP against the Rangers.

  150. The White Plains Batman on

    Well baring some minor miracle it looks like it’s gonna be Stepan and McD vs. Kreider on Saturday night for the NCAA Championship; cool stuff.

    In other news although it stinks the Bruins won, Anaheim and Dallas are now in a shootout which is great because if the Rangers don’t get the job done, both these team will hopefully have more points and give our heroes better draft positioning.


    The Number 1 overall seed just got beaten like b****es by BC.

    What a joke!

    Cant wait to see how much of a role power plays played in the outcome!

  152. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Car-silly-o is one ugly puke that I can’t stand. He needs a beat down by the Prust-nator!!!

  153. Soooo if we make it in and Toronto beats Montreal on Saturday in regulation, we could be playing the Devils in the first round and might actually have a chance to make it to the 2nd round! Then Boston can beat Buffalo, Montreal can beat Washington and Ottawa can beat Pitt. Then we should be able to beat Boston while Montreal beats Ottawa. Then we can beat Montreal and go to the Finals!!!

  154. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Biggest game of the year tommorow , I can’t sleep.


    This is what we all wanted . What I wanted . Our own fate in our hands . If I could play in that game , I would .


    GO BOYS!!!!

  155. i remember orr used to wish carcillo was a ranger!! i cant be sure but i think when philly got him, orr was pissed and said he wished we had signed him instead

  156. well then. guess everybodys sleepin still. how can anyone sleep at a time like this??? truthfully now, who would rather us lose and get a higher pick, or get in and lose in the first round? i know it makes it more satisfying to spoil filthy’s playoff hopes.

  157. good am all! how is everyone feeling/doing this am!
    score early score often -ONE Shift ONE CYCLE ONE PERIOD at a time lets go boys


  158. If our boyz dont come out of the locker room fired up tonight, ready to take their own lives in their hands, then everyone on this squad should be fired, released, sent down, or whatever you have to do to get rid of them. EVERYONE, I repeat EVERYONE needs to and should want this more than anything at this moment and time. Not only because we need to win in order to make the playoffs, not only because if we beat them we knock them out, but because of what that trailer trash peice of Carcillo did to Gabby.

    Win and WIN BIG my friends.


  159. Good game morning, boneheads!

    Down to two games, win or go home! Let’s do this, boys! Show us who you really are.

  160. WITH THE FLU!

    Patrick Lalime, who played with the flu so No. 1 goalie Ryan Miller could rest up for the playoffs, made 31 saves for the Sabres. Derek Roy scored for Buffalo, which clinched the Northeast Division title Tuesday night.

  161. GOOOOOOOOOOD morning ‘heads!

    Ready for the big game tonight! Win at all costs.

  162. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Excited and nervous for this game

    But fate’s in our boys hands tonight.

    I know we dont realistically have a shot to get out of the first round in the playoffs, but to squeeze in, and by pushing Philly out, would be worth it jsut to stick to the freaking flyers whoa re one of my top 3 hated teams (SHittsburhg & Devils)


  163. I told you guys Philly would not make the playoffs.

    SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP)—The biggest indication of how chippy the third period got between San Jose and Vancouver came when the referee screamed at Ryane Clowe(notes) to sit down in the Sharks penalty box.

    When Clowe yelled back there was no space left because five of his teammates were also in the box, he was told: “Sit on the guy’s lap.”


  164. I am not talking about his skating speed, but his ability to play and process the game at high speeds.

  165. TR’s birthday? Happy birthday, man!! You share a birthday with a very special lady- My Mom’s 62nd would have been today(she passed away last June).

  166. I don’t know, I think Sangs hasn’t gotten enough of a shot at the NHL to see whether he’s capable of playing the game on a nightly basis. That’s why in some ways it could have been a mistake to sign Gilroy. Is there anything that Gilroy was going to do that much better that justified a free agent contract and taking up room on the depth chart?

  167. Staal, Thanks. Goes without saying it’s going to be rough day today. :( A Rangers win tonight would help make it a little easier.

  168. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Happy Hockey Morning kids!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TR!!! Drinks on the house for the bday boy!!

    It’s only 25 to 10 and my stomach is killing me already!!!
    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone should do the jersey proud the next two games!

  169. Gilroy can always be sent to Hartford if he doesn’t work out. He was worth a shot. His contract is something that can be moved to accommodate other players who move up. I would like to see Sanguinetti become a prominent two-way force for years to come. He may still be that. D players take longer to mature, so the book isn’t finished on him. Statistically, he seems to have regressed this year. Since I haven’t seen him play much at all (don’t live in CT, so I can’t judge his AHL play), I can only go by the little I have seen. I think he is a prospect for two more years. If he doesn’t make a jump by then, I am willing they cut him loose. McDonagh might pass him on the depth chart this year or next.

  170. ZZZ…Don’t take this the wrong way, but how old are you? Must be max in your 20s…I would say low 20s too. You left out a ton of older scumbags….

    Ron Hextall
    Dave Brown
    Dave Schultz
    Mel Bridgman

    To name a few….But we all agree…We hate those pr*cks.

  171. That they would be willing to cut him loose or that the NHL may be too fast for him?

  172. Remembering Dave Brown cross checking Tomas Sandstrom in the head just starts my blood boiling for tonight’s game.


  173. For the people who wanted the team to tank (I’m not judging) but at this point they probably cant get higher than the 10th pick so …..

    Do you root for them to get in and pick 15th or still hold out for the 10th pick???

  174. I think Sangs is a bust. McDonaugh will be in Hartford next year, then the Rangers the year after

    If Heikkinen re-signs, He may be a Ranger next year, and that puts Sangs down with Potter and Sauer.

    Gilroy has 1 more year to solidify his spot before Heikkinen and McDonaugh take it from him

  175. After the first 3 picks, it becomes more hit and miss. So, at this point they should probably just go for it. Even if they lose, heart and character need to be developed.

  176. Sauer and Potter might have more life than Sangs. Defensive D playing in the 6th and 7th spots really have no shelf life. Sangs is supposed to be a top 3 d-man. If he can’t make that, his defensive game isn’t strong enough to fit in to other roles.

  177. At this stage of the game, I want them to win and get in the playoffs. They may get steamrolled by the Caps, but knocking Philly out AND getting to see at least 4 more Rangers games this year would be nice.

  178. DShea19 …

    Very true.

    in the next year or 2 – Girardi and Staal are the #1 pair and say Redden and MDZ are the #2 pair.

    And probably McDonaugh on the 3rd pair that leaves Gilroy, Heikkinen, Potter, Sauer, and Sangs to fight for that last spot.

    I’d Trade Sangs during the draft in a package with Rozy or for a 2nd-3rd round pick straight up

  179. Dshea, I meant in your analysis of the game being too fast for Sangs. But in a couple of your posts you’ve explained your thinking on it. I was just curious to why you’d say that.

  180. Dallas needs Defense and is rumored to want to trade Ribeiro since Richards is the #1 Center now and the Young guys like Benn and others fighting for #2 Center.

    Maybe a Rozy/Sangs package for Ribereio can be had

  181. I want a new post on the sister blog!! Get to work, mama!!! ;)

    HAPPY 25th BDAY TR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. hey guys…carp pls chime in if you know…tonight’s game being last of the reg season (and let’s face it, 75% chance it is last game of season) will probably start closer to 730 right? i mean they probably have to hand out a few awards and stuff. yes?

  183. Joekuh – My biggest reason is just gut. I have played a fair bit of hockey. My biggest judge of talent is basically seeing their impact on the game. When you watch Sangs, he doesn’t stand out. Del Z makes you take notice at certain points of a game. I have played with lots of people who are skilled far beyond me, yet when the game is on, they disappear. That is how Sangs comes across to me. When I was watching the recent NCAA tourney, people like Stepan, Hagelin, McDonagh really stood out. Kreider’s speed stands out to me, but I don’t tend to notice him unless I am looking for him. However, he is a freshman, so I attribute that to still learning the ropes. When you watch Wisconsin, Geoffrion REALLY stands out. Stepan makes you take notice. McDonagh is evident during games. Since these are important games, that really means something about who they are as players. Hagelin for Michigan stood out like a man among boys when I saw the Miami vs Michigan game.

    As another example, take Zherdev. He has skill all over the place, but tends to disappear… especially in big games. So, Sangs can still be a player, but to me, he disappears on the ice.

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