Pre-game with the coach


Some pre-game stuff from John Tortorella’s presser:

Ryan Callahan is fine. Same lineup tonight. Avery hasn’t even skated since he had his blood-spinning procedure. Tortorella said he and Boyle haven’t even gotten on the ice yet, although Boyle has skated twice.

On the situation:

“Again, not looking at the whole set. We have to win a game tonight. Then we’ll worry about tomorrow. We (had) a good six games, a good road trip , through it all trying to keep us climbing this hill. We lose one last night, we have to come back and answer with a win. Then we’ll see where we are tomorrow.”

On lifting Lundqvist in Buffalo:

“It wasn’t a difficult decision. In fact I was surprised how many questions were asked about it last night. As it turns out, Hank gives up three goals on six scoring chances, two of them at bad angles, and as I’ve said about all players, I need to make an assessment on the player each and every game. I didn’t think Hank was sharp. Even after the first period, I said, ‘You know what? He deserves (the chance) to battle through this.’ I just didn’t think he was sharp. So it wasn’t really a difficult decision. I felt that at that point in time that Alex Auld would give us the best chance at that particular time in the game.”

He said he doesn’t believe in removing a goalie to shake up the team.

“I don’t do it much. I just make an assessment on the play. As you go through your career, I know I’ve taken a goalie out just to get some time when you’ve taken your timeout. There’s all different ways. But to change it to get your team to play, I’m not a big believer in that. I took Hank out for one reason: That I thought he was struggling, and I thought that at that point in time that we had a chance with Alex Auld to give us the best chance in that game.”

He doesn’t believe in the first game back after a trip being a problem, even though it’s pretty well documented that it’s reality and not theory, and said he thinks it’s more of a case of coming back from a Western trip.

“But if it happens, we’re in trouble. Let’s face it guys. We need to win the hockey game here. There’s no more time. There’s no more time. But if you get a w in, things change quickly. The pressure goes somewhere else with some other teams.”

Is he confident?

“Am I confident? Absolutely. I think we’ve handled ourselves very well here, and with the pressure of every day having to win … I mean you’ve got to win all your games. We’ve put ourselves in that spot at this time of year because of our inconsistency during the other part of the year. And it drains on you. It grinds you. But I think they’ve kept themselves together and I believe they’ll bounce back tonight and find a way to get a win.”

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  1. was it Tony who was talking about the Fat Lady? I saw her outside MSG. Not sure if she’s getting into the building, though.

    Good evening, Sally!

    CR, don’t press your luck.

  2. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Tony, could you please send me a little bit of your optimism?

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LW3H

    Maybe Liverpool can beat Chelsea to help us out.

    Joke taken! Carrick is the worst midfielder among the top teams in Europe. He can’t possess the ball, only passes or leads players with his passes well in some games, can shoot maybe once every 10 games and actually hit the net. And he can’t play a lick of defense. He COST us both goals tonight, the 2nd goal less his fault than the first one.

    Carp, Im really trying to maintain composure.

  4. Tony

    Yes. Im talking soccer. My other team just lost it’s biggest game of the season.

    Do you have any more rules you’d like me to abide by???

  5. Tony

    It’s games like this that should make you become a referee, because you’d actually do a referee’s job with class and integrity. Hopefully :)

  6. Ilbinski2001 on

    Linda, Sally- is my new name good enough? And what’s with those Russian names? I can do it all day lol

  7. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I think a blow out win, with Henrik playing real well, like 1 or none goals against, our top snipers scoring (Gabby, Jokinen, Christensen, Dubie), will out us all in the right frame of mind for Friday night. Then repeat.

  8. LMAO, Carp! You know it. I drive through Brooklyn. I sit on red lights more than I move.

  9. Tony

    Good luck again with your surgery tomorrow (I think it’s the 8th, but have a terrible memory sometimes) :)

  10. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    TONY!! GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!! you should be back on the ice in no time!!! ;-)

  11. CR, thanks for remembering. I’d love to get to the hospital with a smile after a win tonight.
    I’m at the hospital at 6:00 AM – who does surgery at 6:00 AM ?

  12. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    thats good! you’re in, you’re out, and you can enjoy the 88 degree weather like nobodys business!

  13. Best time to get it done, is the morning.

    You dont eat during the night, flush your system if that’s required the previous day.

  14. We need to be better in our own zone tonight, because we were bad last night.

    Bold predictions: Rozy will take a penalty after giving the puck away in the corner, whiffing on a pass. And Redden will skate around like he has a drink he doesn’t want to spill, as always. But we’ll win 4-2.

  15. Is Prust under contract for next year.

    The guy is the best 4th line player that we’ve had in a really long time.

    Maybe Blair Betts, because he was an excellent PK.

  16. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    Shor, come back off that limb you just went out on, its dangerous!!!

  17. Hi Linda
    Yes the “digit” is probably as recovered as its going to get. It will never be the same…but who couldn’t see that coming…a 30ton log splitter will do that to a finger…lol

    Shoryuken…How do you know Rozi will take a lazy penalty…its…its so un-Rozi like…lol

  18. Linda! Ha! if ORR had said that, I’m chastise. But girls can say those things with immunity!

    Tony, good luck tomorrow. Honey, surgery ain’t at 6. They tell you when to get there, then enjoy your hurry up and wait on the gurney! If you can, let us know how it goes. Outpatient?

    Staal! My long lost buddy!

    Speaking of Lost, Sally (or anyone), help me if you can. This season has me byfuglien’d.


  19. ARGH! I hate when I forget my real name. stupid home computer that isn’t set up right. Ignore the girl behind the curtain!

    OH yeah, I love when Carp’s at a game!!! I found Torts’ comment about Hank interesting. (at least he spoke)….anyone?

  20. Linda says GO PRUST!!!! on

    good to see you back Staal, even missed the O’Callahan name too! and hey, as long as you can type, it’s all good!!!

  21. Hey Blogmamma, I have a bad story for you…
    one of my cats the pretty girl…Natty crawled up in my engine a few weeks ago…
    and I started the car…

  22. Double oh yeah (early wickying)….CR, dude, you know I love ya…just stay away from the limb OK….all’s good, just mind the parameters. Pretend you’re on sister blog (been great, thanks!) with a just wee more leeway.

  23. Staal, NOOOO!!! Oh please tell me that’s not true! Are you OK?

    Sally…about Desmond, um…. (licking lips like cat that just had cream…:)

  24. Nore….har de har…it’s more a crisis of computer stupidity and lameness. I keep forgetting to set my defaults. But if it makes you happy to think of me as Sybil, rock out….:)

  25. Staal

    Oh no! Is the cat okay?

    Mama, I didnt even do anything! I called referees subhuman, that’s it. I am trying so hard, but referees always get the best of me.

  26. Oh yes Linda and Mamma,
    Its wasn’t pretty…
    believe it or not she’s alive!!!
    I relive the sound over and over…it was horrid. She took off into the woods and I thought she was gone…
    but my wife said she prayed that if the cat came home, we were meant to save her…so…
    She came home the 2 nights later with a mangled broken paw…totally broken and hanging the wrong way…I wanted to put her down but the wife would have none of it.

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