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From the Rangers:

April 6, 2010 – New York Rangers 2, Buffalo Sabres 5 (Game #79, Road #40)

• The Blueshirts were defeated by the Buffalo Sabres, 5-2, tonight at HSBC Arena, to close out their season-high six-game road trip with a 4-1-1 record.
• New York has now posted a record of 36-33-10 (82 pts.) overall, including a 20-16-4 (44 pts.) mark in 40 road games this season.
• The Rangers notched one power play goal in three opportunities, and have registered 12 goals in 57 attempts over the last 16 games (21.1%).
• Brandon Prust opened the game’s scoring at 6:57 of the first period to extend his goal streak to three games, and finished with four points (three goals and one assist) on the six-game road trip.  Prust also led all skaters with a season-high seven hits.
• P.A. Parenteau tallied a power play goal at 18:18 of the first period, and has now registered three points (two goals and one assist) in five games since being recalled from Hartford (AHL) on Mar. 26.
• Defenseman Dan Girardi recorded an assist on Parenteau’s power play goal, and finished with four shots in 19:50 of icetime.  Girardi has now registered five points (one goal and four assists) in the last eight games.
• Brandon Dubinsky registered one power play assist to finish the six-game road trip with four points (three goals and one assist), and has now tallied five points (three goals and two assists) in the last seven games.  The assist was his 41st point of the season, which ties his career-high set last season.
• Rookie Artem Anisimov tallied one assist and led all skaters with six shots, tying his season-high for shots established on Jan. 25 vs. Pittsburgh.  He has recorded four points (two goals and two assists) in the last seven games, and is now tied for fifth on the team with 23 even strength points this season.
• Anders Eriksson registered the primary assist on Prust’s goal at 6:57 of the first period, and has now tallied two assists in the last three games.
• The Rangers return to action tomorrow, Apr. 7, when they will face-off against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in the second game of their back-to-back set.  The game will be televised live on MSG Plus and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. The White Plains Batman on

    LOL, Nino is most likely gone by this point at 10-11 where the Rangers win up. He goes 7-8.

    One of the three Russians (Kabanov, Tarasenko, Burmistrov), Connolly (sort of a Gabby clone, he even had hip surgery), Nino’s teammate Johansen, and Bjugstad should all be available.

  2. draft kabanov
    sign MZA
    trade for filatov

    lose the dead weight
    golf it out till september

  3. czechthemout!!! on

    This game was a microcosum(sp) of everything that’s wrong with the Rangers. This team just does not have the horses to compete with the likes of the Sabers and other top tier teams in the league. While it was great that they did not give up,it is also at the beginnig of this streak,it is also obvious that getting fat on the likes of the Isls(twice),Panthers,Lightning and Leafs proves nothing as to wheather or not you deserve to be in the playoffs. It is now unlikly that they make the playoffs yet once again they will probobly draft outside of the top 10 and yet again mis out on top ten talent.

    As for tonights goats-

    LQ –terrible game at the worst time. Three very bad goals. Nuff said.

    Gabby– Did he play?

    Joikennen– Same question as for Gabby! BUHBYE

    Blowzy– I guess the check is in the mail for Sam and Joe. Just sick and tired of these two clowns play this bumb up. He sucked

    Redden– What more can I add about him. He is slow and old.

    Girardi– Was by far the worst dman on the ice tonight and that’s saying alot because Blowzy and Dredden were horrendous.

    Torts– As bad as LQ was, I still would not change him for a guy who has played on six or seven teams in nine years.

    I don’t understand why a scrub like Ericson is playing and Potter who is bigger and faster and better at this point is not.

    And of course Sather sucks!!!

  4. Chris from Buffalo on

    Just got home from the game. Sally, you were lucky you didnt get to go. These people behind were idoits. I dont know who Miroslav Tallinder, Paul Grier or Brian Miller are, do you? The guy next to me was dropping F-bombs like Tortorella with a five year old sitting right in front of us. Some poor guy made the mistake of wearing an Avery jersey,he was mocked throughout the game. A guy had a sign that said “Rangers playoff chances, slim to none, just like Avery’s d&$*” I thought to myself CR9 begs to differ!

  5. Chris from Buffalo on

    The best thing about the game was everytime Roszi made a little poke check hed smile to himself.

  6. The White Plains Batman on

    Ericson is playing because he’s experienced. I have some issues with Torts, but he even said development is not the priority right now. That’s fine considering he gave guys 70+ games to develop and we’ve seen Anisimov and Del Z grow, a lot of Gilroy, and cameos by Sangs, PA, Locke, Byers, the KHL bound Heikennen, and maybe we’ll see Weise as soon as tomorrow night.

    First line had a bad game tonight, they couldn’t handle the transition rush.

    Tr-Kabanov will most likely be around at 10-11, there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on with him and people saying he has character issues so it will scare some teams off. But if Clark likes him, he’s coming to Brighton Beach.

  7. czechthemout!!! on

    Sorry for the previous incoherent and poorly spelled post.

    As for NINO, No chance we get him at ten or eleven. Stay away from the Russians. I watched them at the WJC and was very unimpressed. NINO is head and shoulders above those three guys. It is a shame they once again will not draft in the top ten.

  8. czechthemout!!! on

    Ericson sucks! This has nothing to do with development. I watched about 5-6 Wolfpack games recently and I can tell you that the best all around dman on that team is Potter. He is clearly a better option at this point because he is simply better than Ericson.

  9. Sad Van to Frown Town and my Pizza gain is riding shotgun. Tomorrow it is win or go home. Good night all.

  10. ive been away for a while and have seen only 2 games with Eriksson but i actually think hes been great from what ive seen…

  11. The White Plains Batman on

    Ericson or Potter should be the 7th next year.

    Czechmouth-How do you feel about Ryan Johansen who is Nino’s center? His stock rises every day and while people say it’s Nino who makes him look good, he averaged a PPG while Nino was playing for the Swiss at the WJCs and Johansen has more playoff points at this point.

  12. ThisYearsModel on

    Another typical outcome this season. Blow the good pick and blow the playoffs. What a mess this franchise is.

  13. czechthemout!!! on

    I have no opinion on Ryan Johanson. I have not seen him play. I only comment on players I’ve actually seen. Have seen him play Batman?

  14. Just happen to stumble upon here. I’m no hockey expert so don’t rip me apart please.

    I’m just curious about this passive Tortorella we’re seeing these days (as in past two weeks or so). I mean, I know him from the highlight reel rants but these days, he seems to just clam up. Makes me kind of miss angry, straight shooter, Torts (but I’m not sure if angry Torts gets through to this team).

  15. czechthemout!!! on

    NINO is a player though. In fact he can step right in next year and really help with the talent level of this team.

    I’m stil shocked at how poorly LQ played tonight in such an important game. Also founf it disapointing that the Sabers had four key players out and we still could not win the game.

  16. The White Plains Batman on

    I agree Czechmouth although at this point, I’m fine with whatever happens.

    My last wish of the season: to see Weise get a game in.

    We had some good Olympic Hockey, saw some kids develop and improve this year, and look if they’re not gonna make it, it’s already mid-April, we’ll be over it in a week or two which by that time, they may have been bounced anyways.

    Que sera sera.

  17. Chris from Buffalo

    i was complaining in previous post about why i don’t see the Rangers in buffalo anymore.

    at one time they’re fans were really cool. they’d hear me gripe about our players and felt that there wasn’t anything they could do. i’d wear my jersey. no problem. we were all there to see a good game.

    last couple times i was there — since the sabres turned things around — they were just carcillos. i noticed tonight how they don’t even get the game either……cheering loudly when miller made a routine save.

  18. Just more idiot New Yorkers fighting amongst themselves.

    Instead of the Bills trying their hardest against the Patriots, they’d rather beat the Jets.

    Instead of Sabres fans getting along with Rangers fans, they’d rather stinksniff the Bruins fan.

  19. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Shock at how poorly a burned-out goalie is playing. Really?

    We better find someone who can start 25 games, minimum, as the back-up goalie, year, or just give Johnson or Auld the back-up job so that the regular goalie has a life in the springtime. I like Torts, but his brutal exhausting of HL from October to April leaves much to be desired.

  20. put it this way.
    i could see a slight bit of rivalry because both teams
    are from the same state but there’s really nothing there.
    same with the pens hatred of the Rangers (yeah, you could back to the Adam Graves slash on mario but i still have it on tape when Kevin Stevens said in a post-game interview that that type of thing happens every game an Gravy just happened to catch mario just right. besides, i don’t believe that it was much of a break anyway because he showed up in less than a week for the boston series as if nothing hampered him)

  21. Hartford Whalerpack on

    H.L. is burnt out, totally sucks. At the beginning of the year the coach said he would play Lundqvuist as much as they did last year…or at least give him rest. Anyone have those quotes?

  22. hank just had 2 days off. what happens if we are in 6th place? we still play hank to get a better position or to hold onto our position. i know he needs a game off, not just a day off once in awhile, but hes been on a roll. hes been hot lately and he wants to be in teh games!! he doesnt wanna sit out now. the time for that was early in teh season. no top goalie like hank sits out a game at this point.

  23. im going to sleep this off and hope for a win tommorow. justkeep rooting for outr team,although i dont know how were gonna win the next 3 if gabby and the top guys keep playing like this. were lucky our bottom 6 are scoring goals now or we are over a week ago.

  24. I’m sick of these excuses for Hank. Wahhh, he’s burnt out, waaahh Torts is playing him too much. Guess what, Torts thought Vally was gonna be able to back him up, but he couldn’t, and Johnson had to fill in, and he’s a fuggin rookie, then Zaba had to come in, another rookie. We’re a sucky team that needed points, and Hank was all we had.

    This guy isn’t 35, he’s what? 27? If he’s getting burnt out so easily, then lay off the god damn Swedish meatballs!

    And don’t bring up the defense excuse either, i didn’t see Hank making teams look like carp when he was with Sweden, which had a solid defense.

    Excuses! Get it together Hank. Don’t even get me started on Gabby.

    Good night!!

  25. You do know that Hank has migraines??????

    Playing with a shoddy defense like we have cant help his migraines any, or his goaltending.

    Also, it’s great that Torts could not leave everything alone. Everything was working fine, w/o Avery and Callahan, but of course, Cally had to come back. Oh well, why change what’s working.

  26. It wasn’t Cally who let in those early soft goals…it was LQ…all by himself. Every one was routinely stoppable.

  27. The White Plains Batman on

    The condensed schedule didn’t help matters at all. Next year it will be easier on Henrik and also either Auld or Johnson will be able to play 20+ games.

  28. i highly doubt having voros in and cally out would have made any difference at all. in fact cally is a much better player i dont understand why u wouldnt want him back in. he layed out myers with a huge hit!! i like voros, but agree with fran. cally being in the lineup had no effect on the goals given up, or rozys penalties catching up with him. or gabby not burying any chances lately. besides his en goal, what has he done in the past win streak we had?? no, i dont buy that. its a better team we were playing, and a better goalie, this year anyway.

  29. and drury was pathetic on the pk again. hes failed to clear the puck numerous times when he gets it.

    cr9- yea hank still has migraines huh? didnt know that, but then he shouldve told sather to take his contract to get a good goalie and he can back him up then. are u kidding me? they make medicine for that ya know. im sure they have his migraines when he gets them under control or else he wouldnt be playing. it would explain the burnt out thing for a guy his age. but still, he gets paid the most of any goalie in the league. if drury had ibs im sure none of us here would say, ohh poor dru, he must have that burning feeling inside right now. no wonder he doesnt say much, hes straining and holding back diahrea!!

  30. look at fernando pisani. he plays !! he has ulcerative colitis. but he’s back living his dream playing in the paradise known as edmonton!

  31. Sabres are to aggressive up ice pressure/forecheck as Devils are to tight and tidy team D. All their players understand and execute their style of play. The 3rd and 4th goals are examples of players knowing where their teammates would be thus their confidence in being able to throw normally risky cross ice and no look drop passes. There’s a reason why the likes of Drury and Briere aren’t nearly as effective outside of Buffalo as they were on Buffalo.

    Their one big downfall is that they’re not particularly big or physical (Myers an exception but look he got lit up by Callahan) especially on D. When the Rangers were banging bodies deep in the Sabres end the Sabres were buckling under the forecheck for a bit. Unfortunately a strong performance from Miller at key points and the lack of finish didn’t yield more than those 2 goals from the first. Eventually the Rangers couldn’t keep the wide open game going against a team that lves off the rush. But a team like the Caps that have the personnel to keep the pressure on and execute scoring chances has a good shot at burying the Sabres unless Miller plays Olympics caliber.

  32. Just a Sabres fan here with some observations … IMO Rangers are a puzzle with pieces that don’t fit together…. I see the Rangers and think “what is the idea behind this team? what is the plan?”

    We were ready to string our GM Reiger up for a few years….but now that he made a commitment to core players (Miller, Vanek, Pomminville, etc)…. and a commitment to developing from within the organization, people have calmed down. We see the plan …Ennis is the perfect example… he’s only been up playing a couple of weeks from Portland and wow… and Tyler Meyers of course too….

    Unfortunately as fans, you are forced to live with you situation until a change is made… Maybe we’ll see you in the playoffs…..good luck with the Leafs tonight… although the Sabres have had their number pretty much, they are a dangerous team that plays hard… Brian Burke is building them that way and Wilson is coaching them. that way too.

  33. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Finally, it is correct to say “must win” tonight.
    The most over used, erroneously expression in sports today.
    “must win”

    A “must win” means if you lose you are eliminated.

    Come on Rangers, win tonight !

  34. …if only we had a GM that we could say was “building them that way”…anything other than the hap-hazard group of misfits and bad contracts we have to suffer.

    Slats needs to devote his summer to ridding us of Redden and then himself. Roszival and Drury will be more tradeable next season due to them only having 2 more years left after this one and Roszi’s actual salary is much lower than his cap hit. If we can remove Redden a new GM can at least make an attempt to clear more cap space and sign players in order to build a team to play to a particular style for a full 60 minutes.

    Why do i get the feeling this time tomorrow, i’ll be looking at the draft class of ’10 to see who we’ll be picking at #8 or #9?

  35. I actually think they will win tonight. I don’t think they can/will beat Philly 2 times.

  36. buffgal- were supposed to be a hard forechecking team that thrives on keeping the puck as long as possible and in the oppositions end. we are supposed to have d men pinching in and joining the rush, while at the same time rely on aggressive backchecking from fwds, and when breakdowns occur we have one of the best goalies in the world to stop them.what we actually have is a team that just isnt talented enough to play that way. the scoring chances for and against are always lopsided because we dont have any strong playmakers to hold onto the puck and make great plays to set up chances, so we have been getting by on pure hustle from our workers on the team. our skill guys are few and far between. we do enough to win against bad teams but last night our skill guys couldnt get the job done yet again, and our defense, which has been a problem all year is just too soft. its been a tough transition year for some players that were used to rennys system. and our coach is a buffoon. we still have plenty to be happy about in the growth of some rookies, and our injury happy star actually played basically a full season, even if he looks like he could use a month off to heal from his injuries. next year we have to see improvements with our coach cuz hes had his team he wanted, he implented his aggressive style and we’ll see if he lasts. doubt it though.

  37. i forgot to add to my gigantic 1 paragraph analysis. we dont have another top line player on the team besides gabby. lets saay we had a guy like malkin instead of drury. maybe our pk isnt as good, but that 1 player instantly makes this team a playoff team. maybe not a contender, but we would be in the playoffs most likely. thats all because we draft busts this first half of the decade. take jessiman, or even cherapanov. either one of those picks go to a guy like parise or similar talent, at this point in time, we could bein the top 4 by now. its sathers time to go. the longer he stays, the longer we continue the cycle.

  38. hey uk, 8 or 9 isnt bad at all. it would be our highest pick since montoya!!!! right?? where was jesswoman?? staal was 12th. so in this draft, as long as slats doesnt pick one of those russians that wanna go to the khl we should be ok!! keyword”should”

  39. ilb!! where are you??? i cant start my morning off right without saying good morning ilbzo!1 best part of wakin up is ilbzo in your cup. with cr9, its hanks swedish vanilla cream in his super foamy latte!! whatever the hell that is. why dont people just say, light n sweeet or regular like we used to do at work!! bacon egg and cheese on aroll and a coffee light n sweet!! eff all this starbcks fancy pussy willow carp! were men!! damnit. sally knows im a roughneck lol. wanna see my biceps sally? theyre huge!!! bigger tha dubys nosepickin finger as muscular as that may be

  40. There were games earlier this season where Lundqvist should have been pulled, and Tortorella left him in for no reason. Last night, he pulls Lundqvist. He gives no real reason. Per usual. How did he adapt during game to Sabres style? A style which he should have known about anyway?Coaching is a huge problem.

  41. Grabby good post @834,almost thought it wast you for the lack of “teh” in place of “the”,then at853 you reconfirmed yourself,ha.
    kc,100% right.

  42. good morning everyone!…shud be interesting tonight at the world most famous arena….we must score early or else i think this team is going to buckle under the pressure tonight, they have been horrendous at home all season long and in the end that is what will bite them in the a– when they look back on this season….if they somehow found a way to maybe beat the folowing teams at home earlier in the season instead of not showing up we could have been talking about our 1st round matchup this am but it looks like it was not meant to be…forget the loss last night, they were out matched by a better team in a tough arena with a great goalie but the ones that hurt IMO are the following:

    1) Islanders earlier in the season-twice a no show at MSG, one game was a total no show a fluke goal midway through the game then an insurance goal late in the game for a 2-0 islander win…then a complete no show for 50 minutes then we managed to salvage a point by scoring two third period goals but failed to get the bettman point after kyle okposo shot one that deflected off staal for a brutal loss

    2) A saturday afternoo no show against the Canes in which again we found a way to score a third period goal but then failed misreably again with a horrendous 4 on 4 play in our zone and again failed to pick up the additional bettman point and then a total flop by giving up 3 1st period goals to the canes in their 2nd visit to MSG

    3) Two brutal losses to the trashers at home, i cant recall all the details off the top of my head but kotalik whiffed in the SO and that was it for him as a ranger, his benching began shortly after that!

    4) A brutal loss to the senators who had all sorts of injuries and Carp stated in the blog that day that is was a dangerous game…Brodeur’s distant cousin shuts us out in a game they played without alfreddson, spezza, etc and end up beating hank with a minute to go and allowing us no points in a brutal 1-0 defeat

    5) The blues game two weeks ago in which their goalie was clearly off his game when gabby scored on a floater from just inside the blueline but somehow we decided not to take the gift and give up 2 early goals in the 2nd period and then a typical all season long goal midway throught the third period

    we have been brutal at home-there are other games that come to mind (pittsburgh, the caps, etc)but this in my mind will sit wiht me all summer long while i count down the days until RANGER PRESEASON hockey 2010-2011

  43. home sick today(double ear infection,fuuun.)was sick all day yesterday,watched the game on the ol dvr this morning,now i feel even worse,Torts is an absolute tool.kc had it right,you let Henrik take a beating in meaningless games,but pull him in the most important game of the season(to date,maybe all together)then THEN he gives that bs answer to SAM of all people,”im not gonna dissect it with you guys”no, why do that you un professional piece of carcillo.

    i would pay a weeks pay to get a chance to drop the mitts with Johny “tough guy” Torts.

  44. What a great reality check game that was… back to earth boys and girls!

    Is it safe to say that Torts has cost us yet another season? I think so!

    Buffalo is fun to watch… I’m gonna root for them in playoffs.

  45. CCCP,
    I was thinking the same thing…Buffalo is damn fun to watch…like Chicago.

  46. I was in the pool!! on

    I really thought at the beginning of this season that Tort was going to make these guys accountable. I thought the lazy poke checks, the feelings of entitelment, never crashing the net and the overall lack of fundamentals was going to be addressed and FIXED. Tortarella has proven (please don’t tell me he just needs a little more time) that he is not the right coach for this team. The problem is bigger than him though. Obviously Sather must go. The lack of heart permeates the whole organization. I feel bad for Shoenfeld. He should be the GM in my opinion. Messier should work under him for a few years and learn what it really takes.

  47. Fatso is 10 years older, has played more games and more minutes and has 9 shut outs and all you can say about Hank’s poor play is that he is burnt out? at close to 7M a year?????

    Look at the bright side, not making the playoffs is a good thing. Washington and Ovechkin will roast Lundquist in the first round. This is not the same Washington team from 2 years ago…

  48. “Oh, Uncle Paul!”

    This season should have served as a wake up call for management and fans alike re: goaltending. Lundqvist is still yet to put together a “complete” season. Although he is obviously one of the few competitors/leaders this team has, he is certainly another overpaid New York Ranger who was signed to a bloated contract.

  49. Besides picking your teams for the post season(ive decided on Ottawa and Chicago,with the coyotes as my darkhorse)lets get into the 2010 draft(im pulling for Dinky Jessiman ,Hughs five foot four cousin that is “suposably” the best goalie since Al Montoya)
    Draft update today,@noon.

  50. Although we are all disappointed about last night’s loss, there’s no reason to give up. WE still control our own destiny. If we lose tonight in regulation, its pretty much over, but taking even 1 point will allow us to get in by beating the Flyers twice (but in regulation). If we win tonight, we still have to win both games, but can afford to win one in overtime. It’s definately gonna be tough to do, but its sure gonna be exciting. Lets hope they get the job done tonight so we all have something to look forward to this weekend. GO RANGERS!!

  51. The thing about Lundqvist is we have been hampered by abysmal goaltending for so long, some 7th rounder shows up and plays very well for a couple of seasons and we give him the keys to the castle? Calling this guy “The King”? King of what?

    I’m a very big fan of Lundqvist’s, but this team should have never been put on his back, he obviously cannot carry the weight.

  52. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    “Torts cost us another season?” CCP What are you talking about?

    We lost, after winnign 5 in a row, and its crunch time, did anyoen think we were going 9-0-1 to finish the season? Not this Ranger fan

    Gross said it best: Win the last 3 and were in, lose any of those games and were done

    Either way we aint goign far in the post season so everyoen shouldnt be all that upset. At least this god forsaken year of mediocre wish wash Rangers hockey is almost over, and with that, the hopefuly demise of mr. Tomato face Glen Sather

    Interesting fact though: Every time we’ve had one of our top players injured (Gabby, Cally) we;ve gone on win streaks, then the minute they return, we lose

    Not saying last nights loss had anythign to do with cally, but it’s happened now 3 times this year

    Anyway, lets go Rangers, 3 games to win or your out!!

  53. Good morning all! Sure hoping for a better outcome tonight, but I have a little pit in my tummy that says I’ll be having more free nights starting next week. Whaaaa!

  54. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Totally disagree

    If ANYONE on this team gives us a chance to win every game and plays his ass off its Lundqvist

    His and Gabby’s so far are the onyl two players contracts who are living up to what there getting paid

    The guy has put up a minimum of 30 wins ever year he’s been int he league and is the first goalie in NHL history to do it.

    Yes no cup, but he cant play defense and score goals too.

    HAnk is not the problem, the 6-7 other players on this team who suck balls and whoa re getting paid millions are

  55. All of you guys seem to forget that Richter had stretches during the season where he struggled. It is a long season, so it happens. Without him, this team would be worse than the Islanders. Put him on the Caps and I would almost guarantee they win the cup. This team has so many other areas that need to be addressed: from the holes in scoring, to the lazy and soft play. Fix those issues and suddenly Hank will seem almost perfect. Fatso does so well in NJ because they play team hockey. When they get away from playing solid defense, Fatso struggles, like they did for a stretch this year. He is supposed to be one of the “greats”, yet he relies heavily on what the players do in front of him.

    Hank had a bad game. Without him, this team wouldn’t even be chasing a playoff spot. The problem is that the Rangers aren’t a team. They are a mismatched collection of players with no unity, focus, or vision. Sather has hired several coaches, and none have solved this problem. At some point, he can’t hide anymore… unless he works for a blind and brainless owner. Oh wait.

  56. This team has no direction, no system, no heart, no guts, no smarts, no pride, no consistency, no physicality, no personality, no urgency, no leadership, no accountability, no awareness, no dedication, no appeal, and no hope.

    Other than that, things look good.

  57. It all comes down to tonight. Gotta win or they might as well be shining their golf clubs instead of playing the Flyers this weekend.

  58. Tonight is truly a must win. I still think we can do this, providing Hank stands on his head for 3 games. It would be sweet to oust the Flyers.

  59. Lundqvist has played 70 games, started 69 of them. 6 times this season the team has scored 3 or more goals and didn’t come away with a win (2 times it was an OT loss). Brodeur has had that happen 4 times this year and Miller has also had 6 losses like that.

    On the other hand, 10 times he’s allowed 2 or less goals and the Rangers have lost. Brodeur has had that happen 6 times and Miller 8 times.

    Point is, Lundqvist has done his part more often than not right along with other top flight goalies in the league.

  60. A goaltender is only as good as the defense in front of him and let’s face it, the defense in front of Lundqvist is horrid! You have the R&R twins, two rookies, one guy who is softer than Charmin and another who’s best season was his rookie year.

  61. Someone explain to me why the F they keep splitting up Staal and Girardi? How come when we play Pitt or Washington, those two play together as our shut-down #1 pair against Cindy or Ovech and Dredden and Blowzival manage to do OK (generous use of the word ‘OK’, btw) as the #2 pair. But when we play another team like Buff, they put Staal with Blowsy and there are out-of-position gaffes like 10x a game? Does that make any sense?

    Do you guys expect Hank to stop 95% of the shots at all times? We scored 2 friekin goals last night. PAP’s was a garbage goal too. You expect us to win games when we score 2 or less? I am not saying those goals Hank let in weren’t questionable, but you guys are questioning the winningest goalie in NHL history based on his first 5 seasons. And that’s on a team that cannot score for shite. Give me a break. Clear the front of the net so Hank can see. Step up and poke check that dude who scored the goal between Hank’s legs last night. That was Rosy and Staal tripping over each other’s feet basically.

    The team sucks. Hank is the best player we have by a long shot. Gabby is great but one stand-up D-man on the opposition and he is shut down. There goes our offense.

    And guys talking about Eriksson: 1) Can any of you guys spell?, and (2) He is playing because of his experience. While Potter might have more talent, he has tons less experience. That is what matters at this time of the year. So learn a little something before talking out of your butts about which D-man we need.

    BTW, WTF does it matter? We need to win 3 straight (the last two in regulation) or else we are done. Tee times are booked for Monday the 12th.


  62. I was definitely not criticizing Hank. Its undeniable he had a bad game yesterday but I think he’s mostly been great all year. We just need him to continue to be great for the last 3 games.

  63. MikeNJ

    You don’t get what I’m saying. Hank is not a problem but he’s obviously not the final answer either.

    And the 30 wins thing is completely about the new rules with OT/Shootout. Get with the program.

    Not trying to BASH Lundqvist but the fact is that he’s not put up a *complete* season yet (meaning there is usually a giant LULL somewhere for about 1/3 of the season) and we need to stop acting like he’s the best goaltender in the league. He’s been soft down this last stretch and it’s been a factor.

    I personally don’t care, I checked out on this season weeks ago for the most part, just observations. Lundqvist is very human and can look very average when you take off the rose colored glasses.

  64. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Damn I like the real Buffalo Saber uniform as much as I detest their stupid-looking “Chipmunk” logo uniform. That’s what it looks like, you jerks from the Buffalo sticks, a friggin chipmunk. But you stay with it, year after year. So distracting to watch a team play in a uniform like that, maybe that’s the idea, wear the dumbest-looking uniform in the league to distract the opposition. At least they were dressed to look like an NHL team for a night.

  65. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Then why has no other goalie been able to get a minimum of 30 wins ever year he’s been in the league excpet of rHnak if its due to the OT/Shootout? You get w/ the program

    I’m not saying Hank doesnt have his faults, like every other human being alive, but he puts up as complete a season as he can with the crap Defense we’ve had in front of him since he first stole the starting job from Weekes.

    And honestly, we havent had solid D since he’s been a Ranger

    Again, put hank on any other team with solid D and he’s putting up a minimum of 40 wins.

    He’s the final answer for us in goal, period. The D and forwards are another problem we have yet to solve.

    I’m with you though, I checked out two weeks ago before we went on this litte run, so if we make the playoffs, YEAH!!, I get to watch a few more games from my favorite team and get bounced in the first round. If not, then Im hoping and praying the biggest change is Sather dying a firey death.

  66. It took Brodeur having 2 HOF caliber D and a very good defense first team to win his Cups. It took Hasek being on a team loaded with HOF players to win his first Cup. Goalies can only do so much.

  67. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Here is the breakdown on NHL team game goal scoring percentiles, excluding, of course, empty net goals from the mix, according to my research, this season…

    7) 99 1/2 percentile chance of winning

    6) 98

    5) 93

    4) 83

    3) 63

    2) 37 1/2

    1) 15 1/2

    0) 3

    So that any night the Rangers, or any other team, score 2 goals, they lose five times in eight games, on average. Amazing to me that a team which scores 3 goals wins five out of eight times, on average. The problem with the low scoring stems, I believe, foremost, from too many expansion, actual minor league players in the league with no scoring touch. Most third line players can’t put the puck in the ocean. This league has expanded, to the detriment of the product it puts on the ice, far, far too much. 20 teams would be about right, given the available talent pool. Thanks, Butthead for adding four completely unnecessary teams during your tenure, to further dilute the product. So nice tv ratings run the entire world now. Guess the NCAA going to a 96-team field will salivate ownership jerks and tv execs connected with all sports. 40-team NHL and NFL, anybody?

  68. We can blame Hank all we want for last night and it’s well deserved. He was not on his game, plain and simple. It didn’t help that the D and the F’s were playing with their heads up the collective you-know-whats too. Not that it hasn’t before this season.

    But, this team wouldn’t be anywhere’s near a playoff spot if it weren’t for Hank. Last night is over and done with. Gotta focus on tonight. Do or Die.

  69. Salty Salty Salty… you continue to force me to respond to your rants and raves due to their overly pessimistic nature.

    First and foremost, congrats. The 2009-2010 Rangers have made it extremely difficult to air on the side of overly pessimistic due to their poor play this year.

    That being said, he is called the “King” for good reason. How many active NHL goalies have won an Olympic Gold? Miller hasnt. How many Goalies have had a bigger positive influence on their clubs this year and of those, how many had better d-men standing in front of them?

    Hank provides the Rangers with a good majority of whatever swagger they can muster and with our “star” players not putting in any goals, what do you expect?

    My point? He’s the only player on our team most every other team would love to get on their roster and having a poor game after a handful of good ones isn’t cause for the boo-birds.

    Be well Salty, hope no one pee’s in your cereal tomorrow!

  70. Ryan from NJ on

    2010 New York Rangers = No Identity

    are we an offensive team? defensive? are we a trap team? are we a fore checking team?

    no one can answer those questions because its “NONE OF THE ABOVE”

  71. Last night showed two things: 1)this team plays poor team defense, which gives them NO chance of winning when Hank has an off night. 2)The games they have won during this streak involved higher than average goal scoring. Scoring goals covers mistakes. Miller wasn’t at his absolute best last night, but Buffalo played solid team defense and scored goals. So, it gave their star goaltender a break when he wasn’t as sharp as he could be.

    This team lives and dies by Hank, and that isn’t a recipe for success. Even when they played solid team defense under Renney, they couldn’t score. So, there was pressure for Hank to be perfect every game in order for them to win. Goals cover a lot of ills. Goals + team defense + great goalie = finals. The Ranger only have 1 of the three. So, you see the result.

  72. >>Please miss the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your wish will be granted tonight.

    Next request please!

  73. Why blame Hank?

    Of all the people on this team to blame, why blame the best player?

    Makes no sense, but such is life!

  74. Oh, and Henrik is called the King because it’s a reference to the Swedish Tre Kronor.

  75. Ryan from NJ on

    why make the playoffs at 8 when we might not win a game?? get the draft pick!

    no team plays average for the majority of the season and then all of a sudden comes together and plays like all stars when the playoffs begin.

    we will not get past the first round = fact

  76. Not blaming Lundqvist by any stretch of the imagination. Quite the opposite. We shouldn’t be relying on him to the extent that we do.

    He wouldn’t be burned out right now if we didn’t live and die by him hopefully being on his game.
    He is either very hot or very cold. There’s not much middle ground with him. It’s not about blaming him though, that’s absurd.

  77. ryan from NJ,

    ummm, the penguins last year were out of the playoffs on feb 1. not saying the rangers and the pens are on even terms, but it happens alot in NHL. a team plays poorly or mediocre for long stretches then turns it on in april

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