Final Four


Everybody’s looking at those last two games against the Flys, but the Rangers need to take care of business these next two nights so those games with Philly and that piece of carcillo won’t be absolute desperation. They don’t want to go into those games down four points, because then all Philly needs to do is get one of the games to OT for the Bettman Bonus Point.

Speaking of the Bettman Bonus Point, Boston got one last night in a loss, and so pulled a point further away.

Here are the Leastern standings as of today.

The Rangers have a game in hand on all the teams they’re chasing.

Today’s games that matter:  NYR-Buffalo; Flys-Leaves; Habs-Isles; Devils-Trashers.

Oh, yeah, and the league’s darlings, Crosby and Ovechkin play each other for the 90th time this season. How sweet would it be if almost-Ranger (yeah, right) Steve Stamkos beats out both of them for the Rocket Richard?


Meanwhile, we’re anticipating that Ryan Callahan returns tonight. The Rangers may not have to face that clown Kaleta, who has killed them, but who is injured, among others. They are also playing another back-to-back situation (they swept the two Florida teams over the weekend). So far they are 5-7-0 in the first game of back-to-backs, and 8-2-2 in the second.

But none of that matters, because these Rangers are all of a sudden a different team, 5-0-1 in their last six, and 4-0-1 on this road trip.

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  1. Carp if we go in down 4 we are most likely eliminated do to the wins tie breaker I think. Need to keep it to 3 for a chance

  2. I’m still not happy about playing for the right to be cannon fodder for the Caps but at least things are interesting.

    I watched some of that Caps game last night and, despite what RJ Hamburger had to say, they are a damn good team.

    They seem to know (especially in the defensive zone) where everyone is on the ice.

    That’s what makes good hockey teams.

  3. Absolutely right “Fly Line”

    For the NYR to have any chance for the playoffs in those last 2 gms, they need to take care of business in the next 2.

  4. at least, with respect to the flyers. still could end up catching the Bs.

    Think things through next time, Carpie.

  5. Yea, Boston is a key here- We can certainly catch them- if we tie with them we have a shot at the tie breaker as we currently have the same number of wins (36) a game in hand and are 3 points behind.

  6. billbleedsblue on

    From the Sabres website:

    While he’s not quite ready to return to the lineup, Pat Kaleta was at least back on the ice Monday afternoon.

    The winger practiced with the team in a non-contact mode after undergoing thumb surgery a week ago. Kaleta has missed the last five games due to the ailment.

    “He can skate now,” Head Coach Lindy Ruff said. “He obviously just can’t use his hand to the full extent yet, but we can get him back in skating shape.”

    Thomas Vanek and Tim Connolly – who are both suffering from lower body injuries – were not able to join their teammates for the workout. However, Ruff said the pair is improving.

    Can things possibly work out better for the Rangers? They gotta find a way to beat this team. Let’s see who steps-up tonight.

  7. iDoodie machetto on

    Carp, to me, that whole Stamkos story proves to me ow inept Sather is. How do you make a deal with a guy who doesn’t have authority? One co-owner? GMs aren’t supposed to deal with owners, especially when there is more than one and double-especially when they notoriously and publicly disagreed on the management of their franchise. What a moron.

    I hate that Messier is going to tarnish his legend by being that fool’s cronie.

  8. Going to be a much different type of game tonight. Buffalo is much better (especially in net) than almost anyone else we’ve played over these last 6 games. The Rangers are going to have to find a way to be the better team right out of the gate. You don’t want to mess with coming from behind against Miller like they did last time when they lost to them in OT after tying it up right at the end.

  9. Something that’s ugly associated with Philly? Shocker!

    Yeah, keep on mocking Philly. Plax and Crosby (blargh) don’t have time to read that website because they’re busy shining their championship rings.

  10. Damn, i was hoping to see Weise for tonight’s game. I would be in favor of sitting Shelley, but he has been pretty good, so what’s the point?

    Don’t care what the lineup looks like, as long as we get two points at the end of the night. We need some help in the standings tonight!

  11. Here’s to the health of Ryan Callahan. God I love this kid. Bringing 100% every game like Robocop

  12. You guys are right about being four back going into the home-and-home. If so, Philly probably wins the tiebreaker.

    Even if they’re three back going into that series, they can’t let Philly get an OT or skills competition Bettman Bonus Point.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  13. “I would not be shocked at all if Miller didn’t get the start.”

    Was thinking the same thing :D

  14. the way i see it the Rangers need to get two points and then the destiny is in their hands against Philly.

    Carp please entertain us I’m having a terrible day at work here.

  15. I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t…

    All, in case you missed it yesterday, an array of CR’s cute pups are over at sister blog. Enjoy CR!

  16. Blogmama: i love the picture with the albino cats and the monkey! did you take those?

  17. Sorry to hear, noonan. My day’s not going so great, either. Just had to bring my car in for an emergency steering-pump replacement. Have an assignment this evening, and will miss the start of the game. Etc. But I hope to get to MSG tomorrow and Friday.

    As for entertaining, I leave that to the Boneheads usually.

  18. Yeah, but not to that Tony guy. He might have taken it to the country because he has no faith in the gasket and I don’t know the mileage.

  19. mama,

    LOL!!! Wackadoodle!!! I did win the award yesterday for craziest Bonehead on the blog! :)

    RedBone is like my little teddy bear, hence Teddy!

    Taylor (named after Lawrence Taylor) thinks he is big and bad and likes to take on bigger dogs……So he is like superman, turned to soopieman, or soobieman, and shortened to Soob!!!!!

    I forgot, Tiki is also called Tewkie, or Tusky the Husky!!!

    I love the underdog!!! GO DUKE!!!!

    THANKS LAUREL!!!!!!!!! :)

  20. Carp, time for a new iPhone, perhaps? :) That 4G version sounds like an amazing ride :)

  21. Hey, Carp.

    How was your Easter?

    Didnt the mechanic steal the car with Pederman’s JFK’s golf clubs in the trunk?

  22. Pssht, talk about bad days..I don’t even have time to go on here during the day because I’m so busy at work, and it’s not good busy!

  23. BANJ

    I got a feeling, that these next 2 months are going to be a championship 2 months!!

    Rangers 2010 SC CHAMPS!!!!!

  24. not only is Sather a moron for dealing with someone with no authority to make that deal, but Sather should also be brought up on tampering charges for publicly discussing dealing for another teams’ player which did not happen.

    just another reason to kick grampa upstairs at the minimum. out completely would be better.

  25. I also have this feeling that we could very well beat Buffalo, and Philly in both games, and lose to Toronto. Anyone else feel that way?

  26. The Rangers need to hope the Bruins stumble, because I just don’t see them sweeping Philly in the back-to-back games…and wouldn’t it suck to have Bettman’s Bonus Point screw things up?

    Worst case scenario…the Rangers drop the next two games and the Philly games are meaningless.

    Best case scenario…We only need one of those final two Philly games to get in.

  27. Well not for nothing, but we have gotten in to the playoffs thanks to Bettmans Bonus Points the last few seasons. This season we just couldn’t seem to take advantage of them though. OT and Shootout killed us this year in the new NHL. LOL>

  28. I agree. tampering charges would probably not get lodged, but the whole thing demonstrates Sather’s complete lack of professionalism and his ineptitude at the GM job, and should be a push toward moving him out of the GM chair.

  29. There is no ground for tampering charges in this case. And NHL, unforunately, doesn’t fine for stupidity. Otherwise they would have millions of dollars for youth hockey development program.

  30. the Rangers fate, besides themselves, really rests with the Toronto Maple Leafs. if the Leafs would win over the flyers tonight, and then lose to the Rangers tomorrow night, well then a Ranger win over the Sabres would mean that then only a split with Philly would be necessary

  31. except Kessel is probably out, so I do not expect a Leaf win over Philly

    “The Leafs might have to play this game without leading scorer Phil Kessel(notes) (30 goals, 55 points), who missed Monday’s practice with what Wilson said was either a muscle cramp or muscle pull. Toronto is 8-22-11 when he either doesn’t play at all or goes without a point.”

  32. CR, you’re welcome!

    Noonon, no, I wish though.

    I, too, will sadly miss most of the game, but will be listening on radio on way home from a dinner….I shall be here in bonehead spirit tho!

  33. Doodie machetto on

    Cr: rewatched the macheda goal: clearly hit chest and right arm(albeit unintentionally) but then guided forward with assistance of right arm, intentionally. Hand ball, no question.

  34. Carp, I just sent you some pics of the pizza gain, or Easter Pie that I had these last few days. If you want to show everyone who doesn’t know what it is, what they are missing out on. Ha. I just had some for lunch with some Arnold Palmer, a little while ago.

  35. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Even if Stamkos wins the Rocket Richard, Ovechkin should still win the Pearson and maybe even the Hart… I mean the guy is simply all-world despite the bias he faces in North America. The thing that gets me, I see all these Crosby commercials and videos but Ovech is at or above him in nearly all stats and he’s doing it with 8 and 9 games fewer than Crosby (and Stamkos)!

    When was the last time a forward was +42 on a season?! If the caps had half a goalie in net, he’d be a +50 or more.

  36. Thanks, Nasty. I’m gonna check it out now.

    True Fans, Ovechkin= Monster! And the Caps do have half a goalie.

  37. Yeah Carp, it is sooo good though. I am glad that I really only have it around this time of the year, or I would have to get specialty seating at the Garden, and get kicked off planes like Kevin Smith.

  38. I know Crosby is an excellent player. However, and I know nobody on this blog will cry when I type this, he is NOT an MVP candidate. It should be Ryan Miller. When Ovechkin missed some games this year, the team soldiered on without him fairly well. He is definitely MVP worthy, but Buffalo goes nowhere without Miller, like the Rangers go nowhere without Hank.

    I read a stat last week that Crosby has scored ZERO goals this season when Malkin has been out. I think that may have changed to 1 or 2 by now, but either way, that should remove ALL talk of Crosby for MVP. Malkin goes on a rampage when Crosby is out. He simply carries the team. Malkin is the best player on the Pens. How can Crosby win the Hart when he isn’t even the best player on his team?

  39. Heh. If we see stories about Dubinsky getting stalked in Buffalo we’ll know who did it. J/K, Sally ;)

  40. Did someone say pie? And they’re not sharing with the rest of the class? How rude.

  41. Nasty, my grandma used to make a frittada (sp?) which was like that pie, I think … eggs, ham or bacon. But I don’t think it was round like a pie, and I don’t think it was only for Easter.

    Good afternoon, Sally. Hope you’re going to be OK with Dubinsky in your town. Calm down, kid.

  42. billybleedsblue on

    Crosby is the best second-effort player in the NHL. As his career progresses, we will all see his numbers reflect that. True natural goal scorers will surpass his statistical marks. I expect Malkin to be a perfect example of this. As Crosby gets older and loses a step, he will no longer be able to make those second-effort plays like he can now. Meanwhile, Malkin will always be a natural at scoring goals (assuming he remains healthy). Only time will tell, but I expect this to become obvious as time moves on.

  43. might have been frittatta. Or something.

    The guy who fixed my steering pump ate all the Twix bars. He had cookie crunch all over his mouth. Short name: Ned, Sol.

  44. leetchhalloffame on

    Agreed that Kaleta is a clown but the Rangers are at fault for allowing him (and Carcillo) to make them look like clowns.

  45. Mama, can’t afford it. On the bright side, if I can’t find any fleshies brave enough to go to the pub with me I’ll just stay here and watch it with yous guys.

    CCCP, oh noes! A lower nostril injury!

    Carp, I’m suuuuuuuuuuuper excited!!!!!!!!!

  46. Sounds like a breakfast pie, Carp. Only not really.

    Quiche, now that is a different animal all together.

  47. ilb, that’s a silly question! This is Buffalo!

    Maybe I could just sneak in by hiding in Sam Rosen’s Nosen!

  48. Does anyone know if we are on MSG+ tonight or MSG2. The info on MSG+ says Isles v. Habs, and both the Rangers and Isles website says that their games are on MSG+ tonight at 7pm.

    I’m going to be home after the puck drops tonight and the thought of dvring the wrong game isn’t a pleasant one.

  49. that video never ceases to equally crack me up and gross me out, especially the way camera guy just zooms in on him……

    seriously awful story over on sister blog. Dog’s healing up, but yet another reason why i hate people!!!

  50. Sally, I have a lead foot, but there is NO WAY I could drive from Albany to Buffalo to 2.5 hours. Otherwise I totally would take you to the game. We could stalk Dubinsky together!

  51. Mama, I’m not going to… I can imagine what it’s about. Funny, I can stomach graphic stories and pictures with humans much better than those with animals

  52. LMAO, CCCP! Is that his response to ref’s proposal and giving him $1 mil dollar ring?

  53. can we fast forward to thursday? and not because of hockey, but because of personal issues? I swear i wish i could just get in my car and drive to NY right now.

  54. Did anyone read the Panthers situation on TSN? Assistant coach Mike Kitchen, and Nathan Horton got into a heated argument, and the two had to be separated by Pete DeBoer. Then Horton smashed his stick when leaving the ice.

    Maybe he should come here, and get into a heated argument with Torts, and smash his stick over Dredden’s head? Just a thought.

  55. Oh, good news about the refs. Perhaps Crosby will find the new ones a bit harder to get :0)

  56. Oh, boy.. Looks like she’s been there for awhile. They need a new post….
    So do we I’m afraid :)

  57. hey Carp,

    taking a brief work break to check out the board and i noticed you mentioned Fritata (don’t know if my spelling correct either!)

    yes, my Nana used to make it when she was with us
    and now my mom makes it around Easter.

    in fact, due to hectic schedule, she ended up making it yesterday. added a bit of her personality to the “recipe” —
    eggs, cheese, veggies, spicy turkey sausage.

    good stuff!

  58. Sorry to hear about your issues, Lin. Hope they get resolved.


    Since it was brought up by someone else, one of my favorite features of Jaro is his ass. So for me, the saying is “I like Jaromir’s butt and I cannot lie”

  59. lmao banj, with a case of Aqua Net underneath!!!

    you guys HAVE to stop talking about Easter pie right now!!! Just end it! you’re killin me!

    Did you see the tag on that girls butt, it said Jennifer convertibles!

  60. Well kids, I gotta run. Hope to catch you by the 3rd. LGR!

    ilb, for you, I ended on a happier note on sister blog :)

    Linda, send me an e-mail and let me know what’s up pup….mama is concerned…..

  61. not a sports fan CR.

    ilb,i’m just trying to get through to the other side of tomorrow

  62. C’mon Rangers, HUGE game tonight… would love to see the intensity start from the drop of the puck and to see all this hard work of late rewarded with a big W in Buffalo and Filthy reverting to its losing ways against Toronto.

  63. Phlity beating Detroit was huge. It really puts the pressure on the Rangers. This will be a tough one and Rangers usually don’t play great in Buffalo.

  64. Please note the channel change for tonight’s game. Tonight’s Rangers vs. Sabres game will be on MSG+ at 7:00pm

  65. Yes – right from the get-go they need to:

    Beat people to the puck.
    Hit people with the puck.
    Hit people that just had the puck.
    Go to the net. Go to the net. Go to the net.
    Backcheck aggressively.

    Dubi needs to STEP UP and be a physical presence.


  66. Just visited some random Buffalo Sabres blog to find out if Miller is playing. One post today, no comments. One post yesterday, no comments. One before that…wait for it..April 2nd. No comments. Poor Sally!

  67. Thanks dde, you’re clutch!!

    I am hoping the boys get a victory tonight. If Cally’s back in the lineup, I’ll be praying he makes it through!

  68. see now if we had gomez on the team we wouldnt have to worry about miller now would we, lol

  69. lmao tr! ankle sprain!!!

    we should be getting a new post aaaaaaaaaaaaay minute now

  70. hi all, back from freezing Jamaica where it was a chilling 95 yesterday. had a nice vacation now back to work!

  71. ugh that was a bit awkward with Giannone and Staal….. im still wondering what Avery said to Giannone when Aves was with Dallas and came to MSG. anyone know? something about Giannone’s “wife” I think.

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