Carcillo happens


So the Flys beat the Red Wings yesterday, pushing your boys outside the not-so-elite eight in the Least.

Here are today’s standings.

Games of note tonight: Boston-Washington.

Games of note tomorrow: Rangers-Buffalo, Flys-Leaves, Habs-Isles, Devils-Trashers.


They were talking the other night in Sunrise like Ryan Callahan could be coming back soon. Obviously (to me, anyway), if he does, then Weise doesn’t play, right? What about when Avery comes back? Parenteau gets prucha’d (and returned to the Pack)? Or do they dare re-prucha Voros at this point?


Lot’s of other stuff happening in sports today: Mets opener (they’re dedicating the bridge at Citi Field to Bill Shea, when they should have dedicated the stadium to him, but of course he didn’t have millions in buyout money to buy the name of the field like Citibank did); Tiger’s first actual news conference (we’ll see how newsy it really is, and how he answers questions, if at all); the national championship in college hoops (I feel bad for my guy, Kevin Jones of West Virginia, whose H.S. career at Mount Vernon I covered since he was a baby).

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  1. Linda say WOOO HOOO HAVOC on

    good questions there Rick. Do we have any inkling as to when Cally and Aves may be ready to return to action. Are they thinking Cally for Tuesday or Wednesday? You KNOW he wants to be there for the final two, and I’m sure Aves does too.


    Grabachev, Okay, I understand it would be nice to have Cally back because he kills penalty and is a high energy guy, but why do we need Aves back? We are hardly playing better with him than we are right now with out him.

    Cally, I can understand, he will be helpful when we get him back, but I just don’t think the Rangers need Aves back that much.

    Agreed though about Locke, he was very disappointing to me too, hopefully Weise can bring a little more tempo, because Locke didn’t show much.


    The Rangers have their advantage, a game at hand, they just need to stay within two points goin into the last two games and they will control themselves. Almost the same way they did last year at the end of season when they had to play the Flyers in a home and home too.

  3. Linda say WOOO HOOO HAVOC on

    good point one Ranger. this home and home with the flyers to end the season is becoming a trend.

    JUST KEEP WINNING!! that’s all they can do, keep winning!!

  4. Sadly, I don’t know if Aves is gonna make it back. Byfuglien. I could give a carcillo about Tiger’s press conference. Shaddup already :)

  5. CR, but they came in really, really tiny….also, I need info on them to post on sister blog. send to me at my work e-mail I gave you.

  6. iDoodie machetto on

    I hate baseball. Too bad it isn’t mildly entertaining. It sure would help make the long summer without hockey move faster. Instead, it makes it longer with how boring it is. At least the world cup is this summer. Unfortunately it starts in June during the NHL finals instead of after. Still, that will be a good month. By the time it’s over, I’ll be only a week or two away from preparing for fantasy football.

  7. Happy (late) morning.

    One of my favorite sports days of the year today. Opening Day and the National Championship. That the day ends with a wonderful montage like ‘One Shining Moment’ caps it off perfectly. And oh yeah, nitty gritty time for the NHL.

    I heart April SO much.

  8. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on


    I dont know to get them any bigger. I took them with my phone. You dont have to post them at your sister blog, if they’re too small.

    I just like bragging about them. They are the best behaved, cutest, most perfect dogs to exist!!!!!

    Tiki, the husky/corgi mix, is the most photogenic. She’s like the supermodel of doggies!!

  9. Doodie,

    I hear ya man..its hockey hockey hockey all the way until the middle of june and then an 8 week stretch of some US OPEN golf and the british open, of course the hockey draft and then ranger camp again!!!

    hopefully the caps help us out tonight!!


    Voros should stay in the lineup he deserves some time and we need some size, he wins some key pucks down low for us…..not sure what Torts does if callahan and aves are ready to come back that is why he is the coach! very very tough call…PA has created some chances but i guess he has to get prucha’d!

  10. Mondays suck!

    Cool… Weise got called up… I bet the bench is still warm from Locke sitting on it so much… Weise will feel pretty cozy on that bench.

  11. Good afternoon, boneheads.

    Nice title, Carp. The pile of carcillo ufortunately was pretty efective against Detroit.

    CR9- nice dogs. Let mama post the pics on P&C.

    I think Boston will be the team out of the playoffs.

  12. LMAO, Carp! Let my post go through. There is nothing bad about those pictures. Linda, it’s the pics I emailed to you yesterday.

  13. Chris says SELL SELL SELL on

    Apparently Betts is the top defensive forward in the NHL on philly no less.

    Hows that working out for us?

  14. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Four games to go
    Four wins needed to make the playoffs

    IF and thats a big if, IF we win these last 4 games, the team would be entering the playoffs on a 9-0-1 stretch

    That I think would make any team facing us a little nervous

    But lets not start sucking each other’s #*$@’s just yet

    Have to get into the dance first!

  15. Adam Z- they can actually lose one in OT against the Flyers and still knock them out.

  16. Linda say GO HAVOC!!! on

    Thanks CR, as CT says, we should be 15 out by May! Good thing they are not on tv much down here!! Funny, my first love, baseball, has been totally relegated to back burner status by hockey, and the fact that I live in Alabama lol.

    Rick, ilb’s pics are hilarious!!! WORK OF ART!! you cannot deny the master!

  17. I hope the rangers make the playoffs but to make the playoffs IMO the rangers will have to win all four games, unfortunately I don’t think that will happen.

  18. Good afternoon, Carp! Not yet and not yet. :(

    Come on boneheads! You know I’m the Rangers’ good luck charm! Send a gal to the game!

  19. ilb, I don’t know why that went to the spam queue. I don’t control it. But if you let me know, as you did, I can approve it. Your comments are now here, but they’ve gone above (11:59 a.m). I guess they get put in order by time of day, no matter when they are approved.

    hilarious, by the way.

  20. Apparently the game tomorrow is on MSG2 while the Islanders/Montreal is on MSG+…I have to think they will swap them right??

  21. Linda, my brother took the most hysterical picture of my niece. She sitting in the grass wearing his Red Sox hat and put a sign next to her that says Yankees S**k!

    As a Mets fan growing up and now a Maine resident, he’s all not for the Yanks.

    I’ll send you pic….

    NYR, why they do something so logical?

  22. Linda say GO HAVOC!!! on

    that pic must be ultra cute!

    Logic? In the Realm of Dolan? surely you jest!

  23. I can only read, I can’t post anything today because I’m so full from yesterdays dinner. My fingers are so fat I can’t type !

  24. I gotta admit Voros has brought some energy and a lot of heart. But if the obvious choice is Voros or PA when Avery comes back, you gotta go with PA. (a) He’s can score, (b) that line of Prospal-Joki-PA is playing real well, why break them up right now? (c) he’s an asset in a SO.

  25. good points, GCB.

    I doubt they’ll switch to MSG+ because, it seems to me, they’re trying to establish the identity that MSG+ is the Isles/Devils’ channel.

  26. mama

    Some of the pictures cant get any bigger, but if you go to my link and click on the pictures, some of them will enlarge by like triple the size.

    That way, you can choose whatever pictures you want to put on P&C, right click and save them!

  27. Wait a second. Are you sure they are going to show one of the most important games of the season on MSG2?

  28. I repeat, why would you expect them to be so logical?

    CR, please e-mail the info on the pups, names, which is which etc….and stop posting here!!! They’re for the sister blog!

    ORR, saw the story (carcillo) you were talking about yesterday. old news. and I ain’t buying it.

  29. That Michaelangelo picture was pretty funny haha, but let me get serious for one sec. People in this country aren’t fat because of TV, video games, computers, or anything else people like to blame. They’re fat because they don’t have the discipline to get on a treadmill once in a while.

    Back to hockey, hopefully Ovechkin is determined in the goals race and scores a bunch tonight to help his buddies from last April out haha.

  30. Shor- treadmill is important. But not even close as important as the amount of food this country consumes. Simple math, each 3500 cal extra equals 1 lb of weight gained. If one eats only 100 cal a day more than they need to, it amounts to 10 lbs weight gained each year.

  31. looks like Cally will play. and Vanek, Connolly, and kaleta are all out for Buff

  32. wow vanek and connolly out niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  33. The game notes I just received from the Rangers say the game is on MSG+ tomorrow. And I just got an email that said the radio was switched from 970 to 1050.

  34. ilb, then what you riding me about? I was talking about it being on + earlier and you made like was wrong :( and mama is never wrong :) despite what anybody says.

  35. CCCP, there really should be an award for Best Looking Goalie! It’d be the only award a Ranger would win. Unless they also made one for Silliest Nosepicka. Or Weirdest Nostrils.


  36. Linda, come to the game with me tomorrow!!! It can be my early half birthday present! Pleeeease??? We can heckle!

  37. Linda says GO HAVOC!!! on

    heckle and jeckle! I wish my airport here wasnt one of the most expensive to fly out of!! You gotta let me know these things in advance girl!

  38. $511 for a roundtrip ticket Huntsville to Buffalo. Well, once I get my MSW I’ll be rollin in the dough and we can do this kind of stuff all the time!

  39. Linda says GO HAVOC!!! on

    Sally, Mako wins biggest Guido, hands down!!! lmao HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO, wherever you are!!

  40. Linda says GO HAVOC!!! on

    i wish southwest would fly out of here, that is THE ONLY airline i fly!!!! The man would eventually like to do a vacation in Europe. I said, Once southwest starts flying there, i’ll think about it!

  41. Linda says GO HAVOC!!! on

    high five Sally and CT, opening day win is pretty nice! At least we won’t go 0-162 lol!!!

  42. Mama, sorry, it sounds like poodle-puddle kind of issue :))

    Mako, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, bro!!

    LGC!! (Let’s Go Caps)

  43. ilb, yeah it involves pierogies, drinking, water guns, and pussy willows. It sounds pretty weird to me, too.

  44. hi guys!!! and gals!! hows all my blog buddies doing today? get ready to kick teh carcillo out of teh the sabres!!! oh and oneranger love- in response to your earlier query i dont think aves has been great. but in teh final 2 games unless voros and pap are scoring and playing very good, id bench them for aves. we already have a very effective 4th line which is more like line 3(b) instead of a 4th. so i see pap continuing to get a shot until he stops producing because he really has to score to stay in the lineup, he doesnt do much else. besides shootout success. voros is another shelly,prust and is a great team guy but if aves comes back i have to go with aves. if we need someone to spark teh team, we got shelly and prust to fight and deliver big hits. even girardi has been laying guys out with hits lately. if voros had say paps offensive skills, he would be in all teh time. as far as weisse, only time will tell. if he plays great keep him. i dont care who sits or who plays, as long as torts puts a lineup out there that has the most balance of scoring and grinders and has the best chance to win. i think aves and cally would be better to have for the last 2 games though. just my opinion.

  45. guys and gals, especially mama and sister blogettes, remember the 27th is national hairball awareness day!! not kidding i looked it up.

  46. lol sally teh day was long, but its gerate to eb back here in teh bestest of teh blogs!!! TEH BESTEST!!! and i would take u out to the game but i cant. sry hun. you know id fly out there in an iowa minute(8 hours) to help a fellow boneheadette out!!

  47. Grabby, yeah I bet you’re feeling zonked out, I would be too after a day of professional Mexican wrestling.

    I told Princess Dubinsky about Hairball Day and she is excited.

  48. Linda says GO HAVOC!!! on

    one thing that is consistent here, the conversations get more and more bizarre as the season progresses!

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    yo Staal , I didnt like you raggin on the Rangers the other day.I have nothin else to

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Happy Birthday Mako!!!! Easter babies , gotta love ’em.

  51. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs)
    April 5th, 2010 at 12:03 am

    If Man U won the game, they were pretty much locked to win the Premier League with only 5 games remaining.

    That’s a lot bigger than one Rangers game.

    Alot bigger game!!???? What are you on about!!?? Thats a bloody soccer game!!! Who cares what Man U does….really , like who cares? You have traded our (Rangers) win for thiers ?? Your taking our win for granted , like we can afford trading wins with some soccer team at this time in the season? Cr9 ,,,are you freaking nuts? Honestly , I see through you Ranger love like I see through a clean window .
    I like you , but this comment was off the wall. You can flap about dogs all day or gush about how cute Hank is ( the guy has a lazy eye , hes gross btw)…but when you say you would trade our win for some stuiped soccer teams win shows me , your not really a Rangers fan at all. Im disapointed in you Cr9.

  52. MLB Opening Week=Free MLB Extra Innings Preview=Free NHL Center Ice for the last week of the season!

  53. ilb, ha!

    Grabby, outstanding tip! man, there is a day for everything, where’s mine!

    happy birthday MAKO, wherever you are!

    Sally, I’ll take an MSW-funded flight :)


  54. Islander fan makes a shot from center ice and wins car


    See…if he was a Rangers fan he would’ve won a million dollars!

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    “ive been speaking gregish for awhile now.” -Grabachev

    Whaaaa?? Gregish , like im a language . I know I spell wrong the odd time but me language is called gregish!!??
    Aww come on . Kinda funny though ,Mr mike.

  56. jeez, technical difficulties nice timing versus right in time for a controversial call!

  57. iDoodie machetto on

    Cr, are you still complaining about the Man U game? Man u’s goal was a handball but you never mention that. One goal that shouldn’t have counted for another.

    And just so you know, I support Newcastle, so I really don’t have a stake in what the outcome should have been.

  58. Linda says GO HAVOC!!! on

    lmao CCCP, he’s had issues with the internet in his area. He just got it back like 2 weeks ago, and then they were doing some kinda work in the area and he lost it again. I picture him gettin all squinty eyed looking at his phone

  59. I would probably kill someone w/o internet at home for so long! Hopefully MAKO can come back before playoffs! Ahem ahem…

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    The Rangers are winning alot of games at the right time . We were all upset and giving up after they lost to Boston a week ago.

    Thing is , If we had won that game then lost a couple of the ones we just recently won …well we would be in really rough shape. Momentum is HUGE this time of year and winning right now , IS the most important time to win…bar none. We all know that riding into the playoffs on a winning streak will :

    A) Burn you out
    B) give you false hope
    C) give you extra drive to keep winning

    No one on the Rangers is really satisfied with thier season and making the playoffs and doing really well would make this season more memorable then the Olympic dreams that were dashed.

    1) Oli Jokanen – He was expected to lead the Flames with Iginla but things ended up going sour. He took home the Bronze but never won Gold.

    2)Gaborik – No medal ,a cut thigh and a bad groin. Mixed in with a Carcillo fight …Gaborik wants to end this season the right way!!

    3)Drury – After being named Captain his points bottomed out. No more clutch goals and alot of bumps and bruises from blocking shots and Mock cheers from the Garden croud.He did win Silver but in the end , it wasnt Gold.

    4)Hank – Tons of games played,Pucks to the head and broken sticks shattered by a loss… but no medal,not many shut outs, and a defense that has hung him out to dry ..many many times this year.

    5)Redden and Rozi – No olympic tryouts , no medals no considerations ,no goals , both have been benched ,No fan support , both have gotton tons of “stares” from Hank. The only thing good about this year is thier fat paychecks.

  61. Three-or-more lets one in with 1 second left …

    Why Washington won’t win the Stanley

  62. Miami Pimp,

    I hear ya there but for what its worth he was the best capital in the first period…he made a few incredible saves

  63. Zz
    sorry bro I’ve done lots of raggin because there is alot to rag on

    hey Blogmamma!

  64. hear ya hear ya, if we play the caps though i think uncle glennie will only have his two beloved home games because its gonna get ugly quickly. hank will have to stand on his head and he might have to score at the same time!

  65. That’s why i wouldn’t mind going up against the Craps. Three-or-more can’t stop us!

    But, VarLAmov can make us look like pure Staten Island garbage.

    But, it would be nice for some of these guys to get some playoff experience, regardless of the outcome. Artie got a taste in game 7 last year, but it’s not enough.

    Anyway, i finally got this PS3 BS figured out, I think. So, if anyone wants to go a couple of rounds, bring it on!

  66. Bob Sacamano on

    Brian Engblom just said there’s no way the rangers make the playoffs. Season over.

  67. Sorry Doodie, but you got it all wrong. I was merely explaining why I would have taken a win by Man U over a win by the Rangers over the Lightning.

    Also, the ball WAS NOT handed in. It was CHESTED in. Maybe you could invest in a DVR and go look at the replay, because the replay clearly shows the ball coming off Macheda’s CHEST!!!



    Me, not a true Rangers fan? PLEAASE!! Because I can decipher which is a bigger game, and say if I can only get one win, I’d rather it be team A than team B. Man U are the YANKEES of England.

    And Excuse me, insulting the looks of my Hankie Bear! What is wrong with you! Where are the ladies on the blog to jump on you for your heinous and outrageous comment. Hank could get any woman he wants, and though everyone denies it, he could probably get most men too (including you GREG!!!!!!)!!!!!!!!!

  68. 2-2 thanks to that late goal. but can the Caps be any worse on faceoffs late in periods?

  69. engblom said no, but Keith Jones, who does the Flyer games, said the Rangers WILL make it. so he obviously has little confidence in the team he sees every night, the flyers.

  70. Meanwhile, the Easter Bunny said that the Rangers won’t make the playoffs, but that Dolan, Sather & Company will still attempt to sell playoff tickets at a 400% mark-up

  71. Chris from Buffalo on

    Sally. I am going, and I wish I had an extra ticket :( sorry. I hope you can find a way to go!!

  72. cr9, theres one thing cheering for your team, theres another when the ticket prices are absolutely ridiculous. especially for a sub par performing franchise. i could understand it if they went far in the playoffs every year but not how this team does.

  73. Chris from Buffalo on

    Have fun at the pub! See if you can get a few Sabres fans riled up :)

  74. The Bruins didn’t get a win. If they finish with equal points and wins as the Rangers, the Rangers are in by a virtue of winning the season series 3-1.

  75. Hi O’Staalahan!

    Sally, there are so many thoughts and comments going through my head right now my brain wants to explode.

    “Dyngus Day, the annual post-Lenten bash, attracts tens of thousands to Buffalo, New York to celebrate spring, show Polish pride, flirt with pussy willows and listen to the best polka bands in the nation.”

    Oh. My. God. I want to say so many things!!!!

    this next week is also going to make my head explode. yeesh!

  76. what’s the emoticon for muffling a laugh? I promised I’d say nothing….

    ORR, you behave! Oy, this will all be my fault tonight, but Sally started with Dyngus Day!

    Linda, sent you e-mail. Thanks for always being an appreciated audience :)

  77. Dyngus Day is cool! I wish I could go to Pussy Willow Park to plant few Pussy willow bushes! Nothing pleases the eye more than watching pussy willow bush grow! Have you ever held a pussy willow bush in your hands? It’s really nice! :P

  78. Mama, I know, right? At first, I thought my friends here were making it up just to mess with me.

    I didn’t celebrate cause I’ve been celebrating too much already, and the weather was icky, and I fell asleep in class. But next year I’m in.

  79. Smigus! Dyngus! All for fun, Dump some water with a smile! If not from a cup, then from a pitcher, Smigus-Dyngus starts at dawn! It’s an old Polish custom, just so you’ll know and not yell, when on the second day of Easter, your jacket’s all soaking wet

  80. The White Plains Batman on

    It’s cool Cally might be ready to come back. He’s my fav player on the team, but I really want to see what Weise can do even if it’s only for like 6 minutes in one game; a coming attraction of next season.

    Also no Vanek, Connolly, and Kaleta tomorrow plus Miller (one of my fantasy goalies) has been erratic after the Crosby Olympic goal. Gotta take advantage of all of this.

  81. I think Sally was just saying, roll it up and get ready :) but we seem to have moved on so keep going….Cally! Caps…(can’t give an exclamation, but I’ll say name. hard enough to do that.)

    ilb, you piloted that plane to Florida :)

    Batman, at this point, I assume nothing. You know what happens when you assume, right? (citation anyone!)

  82. C, no you don’t :) took a 1/4 of a century to earn my time off and it’s a free trip. But thanks for missing me in advance :)


  84. CR, I love your enthusiasm, but we save save those big whoooo’s for big Ranger goals. with mama love. whoo!

    repost that Tuesday!

    OK all, night and ta!

  85. Good game morning, boneheads!

    Good morning, Mouth!
    Haven’t seen you for awhile. What’s your prediction?

  86. I think the Rangers are a much better playoff team then that Caps. We take them in 5 first round. Big game tonight.

  87. Carpo for the love of GOD don’t dedicate posts to that scum rat basterd. You’re better than that. And you’re better than Sam. There I said it.

  88. noonan- I’m sure Carp will argue your point, but I agree, he is.
    And how much would you give to see the Rangers knocking those scumbags out of the playoffs( with Gaborik scoring a few) AND Shelley beating the carcillo out of Carcilllo?

  89. hello all. good morning ranger fans. what the frank is a pussy willow??? ive heard the word(s) a few times over the years. usually my dad would love to call one of my friends that who was sort of a ehh cr9ish but not as openly open!! anyway babs u know u better save all your old newspapers for the coming weeks, cuz that word is just too out there for us not to use it while its still fresh in our minds. but just tell me what it is, and i wont say it again after this post.

  90. Mikey, I’m sure pusssy willow will have plenty of different descriptions on the blog over the next week or so, but let me give the hockey application of that:

    Dan Girardi(when he was watching that carcillo pounding Gabby)- Big Pussy Willow :D

  91. OK, OK, for the love of Aves, please move on. Sally, I’m get you!
    It’s a kind of tree. Very pretty.

    Now, good morning all! Happy game day! I predict a win :) for us.

  92. Linda says GO HAVOC on

    Happy Hockey Morning to all!!

    another fine, outstanding day in bummer. Hopefully to be made better by Cally on the ice and a Rangers win tonight! Sally, I hope you can find someone to go with, you NEED to be there for LUCK!!

  93. Sally, If it was 8 years ago and I was still in college, I would totally find a way to get up to Buffalo to go to the game with you.

    Cally might be back. That makes me very happy.

  94. I hope Cally sits out at least another game. The worst thing that could happen is for the Rangers to lose and he jacks up the knee again. Also, Weiss has a Cally type of game, so he should fit in well. So far, the Rangers are proving me wrong. I thought they would finish the last few games with a .500 record. So far, they are showing heart and some pride. Their seem to have adopted a lunch pail attitude. No team can win consistently without one. I wonder if all of the amenities the Rangers get creates their softness. Maybe they should scale back on some of the perks so people don’t play with the entitlement attitude that seems to prevalent.

  95. Wow… I really need to stop typing while being interrupted, and then go back and spell/grammar check before posting.

  96. I can’t help but get the feeling that the Rangers will beat the Sabres and Leafs, then break our hearts by losing to the Flyers. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I can’t shake that feeling.

  97. Linda says GO HAVOC on

    lmao Laurel. We’ll leave Stephen Hawking OUT of the discussion for now!

  98. Either some of you are watching different games than I am
    or my mind is disappearing on me …I keep seeing mentioning of posters that Avery should be dumped, because ( I assume) he “takes penalties, and he doesn’t score much.”

    This guy has been instrumental in many of the successes that Ranger have had this season, largely because of the way he plays the game, and there’s a subtlety to his actions which are evidently lost on the “get rid of Aves” crowd.

    No one is faster on their feet in close quarters…NO ONE.
    Few are as adept along the boards – and getting the puck and putting it into play. He may not get the goals or assists but his actions in deep cause much disruption to opponents, disrupting their timing and positional play. The guy is what most teams would like to have..a real grinder down low, and he takes much punishment for it.

    Like so many last season who wanted to dump Betts and Orr because they didn’t score much…well you know how that turned out. Frankly I was shocked when Sather got rid of them both..they were the solid base to the defense posture that Renney had set up ( not that it amounted to much without the scoring ,but that is a song for a different time).

    I am still trying to get used to seeing this team perform at a level that it took them all season to acquire…for some unknown reason. All dressed up now for the party but the party is just about over.

    I happen to be a strong supporter of Avery at any level of his play, and there a number of players who I’d be happy to wave by by to rather than him.

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