Happy Easter! (updated)


Good Easter morning, all you Detroit Red Wings fans. You’ll all be waving the red-and-white today, right, when your Wings play the Flyers on national network television. It helps that this is a fairly important game for Detroit, which can still move up to fifth, and has an outside shot at fourth in the Bestern Conference.

For a while there, it looked like it might be a Johnny Maestro night (the worst that could happen) — that Boston and Montreal would both win and the Rangers would lose (down 1-0). But that changed with a strong third period, after two very good but scoreless periods.

Your Rangers now have gotten 11 of 12 points the last six games, and are 4-0-1 on this season-altering six-game trip.

1) Why do you think the coach and his assistants needed 70-something games to get players to put pucks at the net and drive to the net? Probably, the obvious reason is that the Rangers didn’t have the puck or a decent forecheck for most of the season. But this is how even mediocre teams win hockey games.

2) Yeah, it was a win over a bad team not going anywhere, and with some key players banged up. But that was as solid and complete a victory as the Rangers have had this season, and considering what was at stake, it was enormous.

3) I know some here, for some reason, will disagree. But Marc Staal is again showing that he’s a legit first-pair D-man (I’ll probably eat those words next year at some point), and that his future ceiling is pretty high. Maybe Joe Micheletti got a bit too excited last night, though, when he said Staal and Girardi might be the best shutdown pair in the league. Easy, there, Joe. Easy. But they’ve been good lately. Actually, Staal has been great, Rozsival and Girardi have been very good, and even Redden hasn’t been bad.

4) The big-money guys scored the last two goals, but up to that point, the big contributions the Rangers got — outside of a spectacular Lundqvist game — came from guys making under $1M: Staal ($765,000), Prust ($475,000), Shelley ($725,000), Voros ($900,000) and Del Zotto ($875,000).

5) PS, a while back I said that Shelley hadn’t shown that he’s much better than Brashear. Well, he sure has lately. Much better than Brashear. Not even close.

Remember this: It’s unlikely the Rangers can tie Philly for eighth and get in, because the Flyers have two more victories, which is tiebreaker No. 1.

Here’s what the Least looks like this morning:
6. Canadiens 3 GR, 39 W, 86 Pts.
7. Bruins 4 GR, 36 W, 84 Pts.
8. Flyers 4 GR, 38 W, 82 Pts.
9. Rangers 4 GR, 36 W, 82 Pts.
10. Thrashers 3 GR, 34 W, 81 Pts.


New (old) poll down the right side.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 1:28 P.M.: Here’s the release on Weise and Locke:

New York, April 4, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Dale Weise has been recalled from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL), and forward Corey Locke has been assigned to Hartford.
Weise, 21, is currently riding an AHL career-high seven-game point streak dating back to March 21 vs. Providence, registering nine points (six goals and three assists) over the span, including a goal in each of the last four games.  He has recorded 28 goals and 21 assists for 49 points, along with 114 penalty minutes and a plus-nine rating in 73 contests with Hartford (AHL) this season.  Weise currently ranks second on the team in points, goals and shots (177), third in plus/minus rating, tied for fourth in power play goals (four), fifth in penalty minutes and ranks seventh in assists.  He is also tied for the AHL lead with five shorthanded goals and fourth with seven game winning goals, while his 28 goals rank 13th in the league.  In his second professional season with Hartford, Weise has established AHL career-highs in all major offensive categories, including goals, assists, points, plus/minus rating, shots, power play goals, shorthanded goals and game winning goals.  He has recorded 10 multi-point performances, also a career-high, and has posted four multi-goal games.  Last season, Weise led all Wolf Pack rookies in goals (11), and finished second on the team among first-year players in assists (12) and points (23).  He posted a career-high four points (two goals and two assists), his first career multi-point performance, on March 21, 2009 at Springfield.  In the playoffs, Weise tied for the team lead with three goals, and tied for second on the Wolf Pack with four points in six post-season contests.
The Winnipeg, Manitoba native was originally selected by the Rangers in the fourth round, 111th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.
Locke, 25, skated in three contests with the Rangers following his recall on Monday.  He returns to Hartford where he has tallied 29 goals and 51 assists for 80 points in 73 AHL contests this season, and was recently named to the AHL Second All-Star Team.

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  1. cant wait to see how our re ignited Rangers will fair against elite goaltending,and a legit playoff caliber team in Miller and Buffalo.

  2. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp, that’s a music genre
    Bill Cosby you sound like Clyde Frazier

    My fellow boneheads, Happy Easter

    “Its A Beautiful Morning”….song to the tune of Its A Beautiful Morning by the Not so young anymore Rascals

    Lets Go Red Wings!

  3. Happy Easter, boneheads!

    LMAO @ Johnny Maestro (RIP) reference.

    Good post, Carp.

    Have you noticed last night that Shelley can actually speak, and speak very well?

    And, yeah, let’s go Red Wings!!

  4. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Happy Easter everybody..

    Easter reminds me of when I was a kid my mom would take me to Robert hall for a Easter suit. Back in the day kids were dressed up to go to Church, no jeans, t’s halter tops etc.

    But it also reminded me of when my dad took me to the old Msg at 50th st for a Ranger game, my dad and uncle Joe would be dressed in a shirt , tie, sports coat or suit, just like you see in the old films. In fact most everybody was dressed up, women , men and the kids.

  5. Happy Easter!

    I woke up, took the kids on their little egg hunt, had some Pizza Gain (Easter Pie), some Reeses eggs, and came on to check the blog. I also found this story, that to me just seems like a way for Sather to try and make himself look good, because I a sure that if there was any truth to it, there is probably no way of truly knowing now.


    How would you all have felt about that one?

    The way Stamkos was mishandled to start the year last year, and the miserable start by Tampa, maybe there was a tiny bit of truth to this rumor, but we would have had to give up a lot for him. Interesting none the less. Would we have hung on to Gomez and had him set up Stammer? Would we still have traded Gomez for Gabby. I guess it doesn’t really matter now, but thoughts?

    Let’s Go Red Wings!

  6. bull dog line on

    I was just excited that you posted a hockey related thought. no ref conspiracies, or cooking, or sexual innuendo.

  7. Ugh, stupid Larry Brooks. What’s the point of releasing info like this? He clearly wants to torture NYR fans. Such a douche.

    Imagine having that kid on this team? Wow. I’d rather keep Del Z, and throw in anyone else, but that would have been a sweet deal.

  8. and then glen woke up from a night of intensive drinking of his favorite rot gut. He’s dumber than I thought. He has to go.

  9. Carp: I concur on your take on Staal – he’s slowly but surely rounding into a top pair d-man, something that isn’t, IMO, at all surprising. He’s got a ton of ability. He struggled at little in the early part of the season, seeming to try to force the offensive side of his game, but settled down (I believe Tortorella was on him to put points up, then laid off when the struggles occurred) and IMO since about Christmas he’s clearly been the best Ranger d-man. Lately, the offensive side is coming into play. Of course, he’s had his bad moments, but so has the entire team and I don’t care who the player is and what team he’s on, most, if not all, players have off nights. The key is to keep those to a minimum. Against Tampa I thought he looked lost in the 1st period, but then dominanted in the 2nd and 3rd periods. I also think he’s ability to avoid checks and keep the puck in battles along the boards (in his own end) goes for the most part unrecognized. Time and time again in races and battles for the puck he wins. My only real criticism (and actually it’s not really a criticism – it’s a wish list thing) is that too bad doesn’t play with more of an edge to his game. That would make him scary to the opposition (because he’s strong and mobile) which would only serve to help him.

  10. bull dog line on

    although I am the some who disagree with you on Staal. I can’t disagree with how well he has played down the stretch. that goal last night was someone who wanted the puck, and took charge of the team in a big spot. still needs to play with more of an edge, and I am looking forward to being wrong on Staal.

  11. carp, you are right on about staal. i still need to see a lot more from girardi. i can’t get the image of him watch carcillo pounding gabby out of my head. wouldn’t mind seeing him go this summer.

    i can’t believe i am saying this but, rozsival looked really good the last two games.

    last thought, prust is a keeper. not a lot of skill but all heart.

  12. I think we all want to mold Staal into something that he isn’t going to be. He is unlikely to be a real offensive threat, but he will get some points on a larger scale than he’s been getting now. Nor he will be your mean crease clearer, hard hitter. Not in his blood. But he is turning into 1st pair solid shut down d-man, in fact he already is on this team. And he will get better. I’ll take it any day.

  13. Oh, good, White Plains. I was about to say that with the minutes Locke was given, there is no way he can be effective. I’d rather give it to someone who can get in the corners and create some space for his linemates. Locke did create some space on the ice for everyone because of his size :)

  14. The White Plains Batman on

    I’m really pumped for Weise getting the call. Hopefully he gets to play. He’s a grinder with good hands and he will fight so he might just teach casual Rangers fans who he is against the Flyers.

    Staal is the man. He’s not Leetch or Greschner, not supposed to be. When he was first drafted I said at worst this guy is Jay McKee is his prime and at best he’s gonna be a Rod Langway type. So far he’s much more Langway than McKee!

  15. staal will not be brian leetch or ray bourque or nik lidstrom. he will be a solid #1 dman for a long time. maybe an all star game here and there. thats all the rangers need him to be.

  16. HappyEaster guys and gals.

    On Staal- I think he’s done a nice job down the stretch and really he’s the #1 guy on this team no matter how you rate him overall in the NHL. Even if you don’t think he’s a legit top pair guy yet you have to admit his potential is still there. This would be the perfect point in his career for the organization to bring in the kind of veteran Dman that could serve as his partner and help bring him along a little more. He and Girardi are good together at times but not nearly as often as they were in Renney’s system.

    Carp,as for Rozsival being good lately- don’t you feel like that’s kind of his M O at this point? I feel like season and season he’s horrible for the first half-3/4s and then plays some pretty darn good hockey to finish up. If we squeak into the playoffs I think he’ll remain solid but by next October it’ll be back to mediocrity. It’s a shame he can’t keep him carcillo in order for the majority of the 82 games. I’d still rather have someone who can.

  17. bull dog – “that goal last night was someone who wanted the puck, and took charge of the team in a big spot.”

    well said

    As he becomes more comfortable and confident his physicality will increase

  18. Weise has had a very good year on a not very good Pack team: 28 goals, 49 points, +9 and 119PIMS. If (IF) he can translate that to the NHL, he could 1 day be a top 2 line winger.

  19. White Plains- it was obvious Locke wasn’t cutting it. Hope Weise can be a little better.

    BTW Staal doesn’t have to be Leetch as long as he’s solid and consistent. When I think of a Dman I’d like him to take after I think more along the lines of Doug Lidster. Great break out skills and solid D who could occasionally do what Staal did last night.

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Marc Staal is again showing that he’s a legit first-pair D-man, and that his future ceiling is pretty high.”

    Thanks, Carp! Just when I thought there was a chance (although minuscule) we wouldn’t overpay players this off-season you write out Marc Staal’s 4 year, $4.5million per year, pay check. Sather’s bringing the check and a printout of today’s blog post to Dolan’s house right now. Shucks.

  21. The White Plains Batman on

    Anytime, I’m The Dark Knight of The Golden Apple.

    Orr, PAP’s been playing some good hockey and has some nice chemistry with Prospal and Joki. I’d leave that line alone and let them do their thing.

    Weise also has 5 shorties so the guy can PK which is a good thing.

  22. Dale Weise is pretty promising. I remember him having a pretty good prospects tourny/camp.

    Plus, he’s got a really good defensive game and has 5 shorthanded goals this year.

    So i guess he’s got some speed and some hands too

  23. Locke might work on an NHL team that dosent already have 4 or 5 undersized players.
    Dale Weise im pumped about,tho i wish he got a shot in dec/jan.better late than never,gotta say im liking the life im seeing in the front office,Torts,and the players.
    again tho,Buffalo will be a good barometer.

  24. Happy Easter to everyone!!

    haven’t been on for a bit as i just didn’t have much to add to the madness.

    too bad that Locke was sent down already. barely got to see him play. did anyone notice a shift or two from him, and thoughts?

    wonder if the call up of Dale Wiese is a matter of getting another gritty forward in here for playoff push.

    pleased and amazed at Staal being such a force lately, especially offensively. don’t know if he finally started his day with a bowl of Wheaties or what, but keep it up!

  25. It’s about time Weise is up…I don’t think he will ever see another game at Hartford…he should contribute much more than Locke given the chance.

    I voted no in the poll just because I still have no faith in this team to do what they have to do. Remember, the Flyers can just as easily kick the carcillo out of us as we can them the last 2 games.

  26. Voros only played 5:44 last night? Hmm seemed like more than that…

    Torts always says the goal when someone is hurt is for everyone to pick up their game and when the player comes back they are an even better team…well it didn’t work with Gabby but maybe it will for Cally…

  27. HAPPY EASTER BONEHEADS and GO WINGS!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

    Got to see the replay of Staals goal on NHL network last night, and even my fiance was impressed. Lately he seems more comfy getting into the offense, something it seemed he was trying too hard to do at the start of the year. I’m glad this part of his game has ‘awakened’, and hope that he continues on with it.

    you really have to hand it to guys like Prust, Voros, and Shelley. With Cally, Aves, and Boyle being out, they have really picked up their games. And Rick, Shelley did more with that one hit in Tampa than Puddin did his entire time with the team.

  28. Glen Sather never talks to the press, and all of a sudden he needs to talk about how he almost got Stamkos last year? Either he is trying to convince someone that he actually does something, or he is trying to make someone else look bad. Or possibly he had a dream that he almost got Stamkos. Why does he find this information from last season important to release now?

  29. Sather said something stupid?shocking.
    Isnt this the guy who threw away a 3rd round pick for gentle Ben Boyle,cause he did such a great job checking AA’s line in a game that never happened?(btw has anyone called that drunk on this BS?)

  30. I too find it very odd that after an entire season of not saying (or doing) a damn thing an interview comes out with Sather talking about last years draft and how he almost pulled off a blockbuster deal. It’s breasts on a bull as far as I’m concerned. If he wants to impress me let him pull a deal for the first overall pick in exchange for 2 guys from that same list this June and we’ll talk.

  31. disagree btw. I liked Betts much more for that 4th line role. Killed Penalties much more effectively and could be counted on for important faceoffs.


    Ya just gotta believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    2 months, 2010 Stanley Cup Champion NY RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. wow 4 on 2? looked like something out of a high school game. 2-0. Not going to ruin my Easter watching this game.

  34. James, he was a great 4th line center, but Boyle is cheaper. To me, that’s all that matters.

    I didn’t think the Flowers were gonna come close to winning this game, but they’re now up 2-0. That’s not good. Wings better get it together.

    I don’t like our chances if they beat the Wings tonight. NYR makes garbage goalies look like heroes, so those last two games could be 3 point games, which would eliminate us.

  35. I just turned the TV off mute, and immediately hear Penis Head spewing his garbage. How does this guy have a job?

  36. It looks like the Red Wings don’t want another Original Six to make the playoffs. Uh, EdZo?

  37. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Both of these goalies are garbage. Actually, very few goalies in the league aren’t playing like garbage this year and there isn’t a single great team with even a good goalie as all the great goalies seem to be on crappy teams.

    The Sharks, Coyotes, or Nucks should be the top NHL teams if one of Nabakov, Bryzgalov, or Bobby Lou keeps their games at their career average performances.

  38. True fans

    What that means is, Henrik is more than capable to carrying us on his back to a CUP in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We come together at the right time, and anything is possible!

    If you believe, it will happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on

    Thanks for the update, Carp!

    I guess Torts didnt bother to go with what has been working. Why change things up when there is no need to!

  40. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on

    This loser Pierre is talking about how effective Carcillo when he’s not taking penalties.


    Because there is no bias against him, and there is no Carcillo Rule.

  41. Lead regained.

    Flyers seem to score every time I step away from the game.

    [I’ll be right back…]

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ilb, I agree with Orr. I think Buffalo is a mediocre team which has benefitted a lot from Miller’s play, until recently. They’ve been stinking it up.

    Look at all the top teams which ‘should’ have a great chance… do they goaltending which can last? Washington?! Chicago (Niemi, can he?). Pittsburgh (MAF?). NJ (Brodeur may be getting out of his slump). Ottawa?! This league is really setup for SJS to top Van in the west in order to face just about any team from the East if Wash doesn’t put up a strong defensive game. Maybe the SJS finally show up these playoffs?

  43. stinkin wings just handed this game to the flyers, and it all started with putting osgood in goal, and then players like frandsen have been just horrible

    if the Rangers don’t make it, this game will be a turning factor.

    thanks a lot for nuthin, dead wings

  44. The White Plains Batman on

    Red Wings are so worn out; those guys have all played nearly 100 games for the past three years and many went to the Olympics. They’ll be good but it’s time for that organization to make some serious changes.

    I always root for the Sharks as my West Coast team but if they get bounced early, Nabakov is most likely a Flyer next year. It’s so weird, they have everything a good team needs; skill, grit, youth, veterans, but they just never put a good run together. They remind me of many of the late 80s/early 90s Rangers teams who were all very talented but were always the second round Rangers.

  45. nabokov marleau and Thornton are all playoff chokers. they have been for 10 years. nabokov and marleau have failed for a decade with the sharks, and thornton has failed in the playoffs in boston and SJ.

    they particularly cannot win with choker nabokov in goal. just look at his performance last april vs Anaheim, or his epic failure in the olympics. he is strictly a non-pressure , reg season type goalie.

  46. The White Plains Batman on

    What’s even funnier about the Sharks is much like the Rangers in 1986, they took a no-name team to the Conference Finals in 2004. That was their transition year in between the Nolan/Damphouse/Ricci era but before the Thorton/Cheecho/Clowe

  47. So given Weise’s recall, what ever became of Dane Byers? Is in now basically out of the picture for the big club? He’s the Pack captain – that’s gotta count for something.

  48. How does everyone like our chances if Philly wins this game? How are we all feeling these days about sneaking in? Even if some of us would rather miss the playoffs, I feel that if we are not getting a top pick, we might as well make it in. I haven’t been on much lately, but I was just curious to see what you were all thinking here? Are we going to get in, or fall a point or two short?

  49. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I’m a Heatley fan so I hope they go to the finals.. Unless of course the hometown heroes pull off an Edmonton Oilers (06) run from 8th place.

  50. 2 pts here for the Flyers almost kills the Rangers, because the flyers have the tiebreaker in their favor, wins. so it looks bleak thanks to det

  51. Happy Easter!

    Missed last night’s game (was at Mass that went 2.5 hours) and only caught the high-lights this morning. What a move by Staal. His confidence is sky high right now.

  52. If Flyers win and it ends up costing the Rangers a PO spot, it’s really very little to do with the Flyers and lots to do with the Rangers. Think of how many uninspired efforts this club put in this season – too many to count. If their fate is a non-PO finish they have no one but themselves to blame and really, deserve that fate.

  53. True fans bleed RW&B on

    4 point swing in the head to head games coming up boys, if they deserve to make the playoffs they will just have to win both. They’ll have to earn a spot.

  54. If the Rangers make the playoffs, we’ll be right back here this time next year hoping to “sneak in” again. Nothing will change!

  55. To me, whatever happens, happens. The way they played sooo many games this season, they don’t deserve to make it, but if they do, so be it. I don’t have my hopes up, or care that much for that matter. It really is what it is at this point. More than anything it is frustrating than anything watching them win now.

  56. you can’t disagree with Jim’s post. SOOOOOOOOO many nights they just looked sooooo uninspired. So many missed opportunities for points, so many one goal games. It always comes down to the last 2 weeks of the season, but maybe if they played 10% better in a few of their games in november and december, those extra points would have made a huge difference.

    Hopefully they just keep on winning the remaining games and see where the chips fall.

  57. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on

    Come on, why the attitude?

    We have the best (and hottest) goalie in the world. He can carry us. And our team is playing better lately. Staal has, to quote Linda”, had a fire lit under his heinie.

    An 8 seed can win or make it to a Stanley Cup Finals.

    You just gotta believe!!

  58. The White Plains Batman on

    It is what it is. They’re gonna have to go 3-1 or 4-0 to get in. All four games will be hard.

    I’m just rooting for Minnesota to get more points than them if they miss. I’d like to opportunity to draft a Neidereiter/Burmistrov/Johansen

  59. fire sather for putting this team in perennial, perpetual 8th place vicinity. every year it is can they barely sneak in. that is unacceptable. he resets the button every summer, and re-arranges the deck chairs, and every year it is mediocre like this.

  60. I hope Weise shows more than Locke did. sorry but Locke did not deserve much ice time from the way he played. Locke was very disappointing, did not show me much compete level, and at 25 and tiny is a career AHLer imo

    Weise sounds more like a Prust type, which is what they need more of.

  61. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    Happy Easter out there to any of you who celebrate it!! We need to lock up shelley and prust asap!! Can’t believe the wings lost!

    Techie question for any of you smart phone savvy people….what are some good apps to download for a motorola droid????? Any good ranger ones???


  62. The Rangers’ fate is in their own destiny. Let’s send these punk visor wearing fight instigating Flyboiz home to their mommys.


  63. CR9

    While I would like to see them make the playoffs and think they will, have you ever asked yourself if the Rangers have really been playing better lately or have they looked better because they’re playing the dregs of the Eastern Conference?

    If you really think that this team is capable of winning the Cup, I think you’re kidding yourself. I’m just hoping for a win or two in the first round.

  64. I just hope for a round 1 against the Devils. Or at very least some payback against the Caps if we can provide it.

  65. Atta boy, noonan! They are in the position to get in. If they can’t, so be it. But this team has to show us what it is really made of. If the Flyers win at Toronto and the Rangers win their both games, they will have to take 3 points over the weekend. The ultimate revenge would be for Gaborik to score a few goals and send that carcillo Carcillo to play golf. With Hank against Bouche-league, I’ll take our chances.

  66. Isn’t R2D2 a droid ?
    Linda, leaving now for the Famiglia Easter dinner. Waking up to the smell of garlic in the kitchen reminds me of being a kid again. My wife is making 26 stuffed artichokes to go with all that Polish food my daughter in law is making. When I was a kid I always sat next to my grandpa at the Easter dinner table. Now I’m the grandpa & sit at the head of the table with my youngest grandchild (Anthony) sitting next to me. Some days life is just so good !
    BTW, we’ll make the playoffs on the last day of the season.
    Happy Easter, I hope you’re all as blessed as I am !

  67. ilb2001: you my boy!

    Getting it done without Cally is a tall task. And Avery who was on fire before his injury. We can do this Hank the Tank just needs to stand big and keep the glove side sharp.

    The D too of course. Roszival has been playing the best hockey of his life lately. Staalzy too even without his scoring he is bringing it!

  68. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    it’s pretty cool and verizon does not have the iphone yet (if ever) so it seemed logical, but i want some good apps for it, so any ideas??

  69. Yo I was strolling through the bookstore the other day and picked up Dickson Baseball Dictionary… you have to read it if you are a writer and/or a fan of baseball.

    Carp, peep dat out it’s worth it. Been soaking in the sun all day reading it! Did you know that by 1920 there were 20something names for pitchers and there was a media revolution against twisting the language it got so bad?

  70. The White Plains Batman on

    Funny how Rozi always turns it on the end of the season. The first half we always want to tar and feather him.

    And let’s not forget Boston going up against the Caps twice and Carolina who while not having a great year can beat anyone on any given night.

    I hope Weise plays well, this is not only for this year but for next season as well. He got sent down pretty early in training camp which was a bummer but hopefully much like Anisimov did in the playoffs against the Caps, he leaves a good impression with Torts and the brass.

  71. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on

    Cross Check

    Obviously, we’ve looked good because of the reason you stated. But you can never underestimate confidcence.

    Get to the playoffs, have Henrik at his highest confidence level, you just never know.

    I’m not kidding myself. I am choosing to believe, because anything can happen. Crazier things have happened (me, for instance :) ).

    You just gotta believe sometimes!!

  72. Not sure, Wick. I never used it, so i don’t know how similar it is to the iPhone.

    I haven’t been using my iPhone for anything other than internet when I’m out. Ever since the new firmware came out, I haven’t been able to jailbreak the damn thing, so all my apps are gone. Bastards!

  73. “And let’s not forget Boston going up against the Caps twice and Carolina who while not having a great year can beat anyone on any given night.”

    Heck yea! And the fact that the Rangers WILL knock Philthy out the playoffs is going to taste sweeter than any revenge I can think of!

  74. i love that story Tony, I hope you have a beautiful time with the family! I miss my grandparents hugely. You’d think as time goes by it would lessen, but I actually miss them more with each passing year!

    Next Sunday could be a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE day for the Rangers, I hope we’re all in as good a mood next Sunday as we are today!!!

  75. Carp ….Happy Easter…was that Stamkos story in the NYP an April Fool’s joke by LB or the GM?

  76. “Epic”BeardMan: Get Infamous or Batman. And if you don’t have NHL10 shame on you.

  77. too bad the Flyers won, but the Rangers can only blame themselves. With the playoffs on the line, they laid an egg against Boston and let another slip away against Toronto. Fire Sather!

  78. I have NHL10, and I own. My record against RR is nearly flawless.

    I played Infamous, and it was boring. I rented Batman twice from Gamefly and both were scratched up so i gave up on it.

    And since they sent me two brash*tty copies, the next game they send me, I’m fuggin keeping, and I’m gonna tell them it was lost in the mail.

    Take that, suckaaaaa’s!

  79. of COURSE be a pro you think i play tiddlywinks all day?!

    let’s get down to business

  80. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on


    Can you actually make your own player, and then “be a pro” is online with other “be a pro” players on the same team against other players on an opposing team?

  81. CR9

    Yeah. You create yourself, and you join teams. It’s beyond fun. You have to be smart to play. It’s better to play with people you know personally or online. If you join a game with random people, you’ll deal with scumbag pieces of carp that hog the fuggin puck. Can’t stand those people.

    The more stats you get, you get points to develop your player.

  82. The White Plains Batman on

    Orr, I played Ghostbusters with some friends; we all took turns and beat it in like a month. I really love that game, they got the feel of the movies down perfectly and Ramis/Hudson/Akroyd did a great job with the voice acting while Murray only did half the work!

    Batman was fun too. Very similar to Metal Gear. I hope they use Mr. Zasz or Blackmask in the new movie who are realer villains and don’t go with Catwoman or especially Penguin. Still, we all know it’s gonna be Riddler.

  83. Happy Easter all, to those who Easter!

    for old school folks, my brother sent me this. Coolest greeting ever (if your of a “certain” age and can remember):

    ORR, whhhhhaaaaattt! I quickly went thru posts…what are you saying about my other man???

    Oh yeah, last night was awesome. I’m not a tanker…LGR!
    I think Tuesday is going to be a goalies’ game.

  84. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on


    That’s awesome.

    The only sports game I have is FIFA 10. I play the “Pro” thing on that game. My guy’s name is Joba Lainchamber instead of Joba Chamberlain.

    Nearly every time, they are all ball hogging idiots, doing spins and advanced dribbles to get points. I am the only idiot to pass the ball for easy goals. I do get a lot of assists out of it, though.

  85. In Be A Pro, i made myself look like an Ape, and called myself “Cornelius Ape”, and on some nights i changed the name to “Infected Yeast”

    It freaked out the opponent. My whole team had the monkey look. We wanted to make a Team tribute to the Planet Of The Apes.


    I already hear it’s definitely Poison Ivy. But, i don’t know who the others will be. I hope they do it like the first film, go with more underrated villains.

    I’d love to see Clayface.

  86. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on

    Liverpool are really in trouble for that coveted 4th spot. Draw at Birmingham could do them in. Now they really need a win at Chelsea.

  87. Go Lvpl!!! (I forget how they have it on the tv screen, but it’s why I always call them livpool)….

    ahhh. you thought I knew nothing about soccer….

  88. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on


    Liverpool are sort of the Boston Celtics to the Manchester United (Los Angeles Lakers). Or the Red Sox to the Yankees.

    You cannot be a Pool fan!

  89. Oh CR, I’m sorry, but it’s kind of like being a Rangers fan, it’s all about the underdog!

    I am a pool fan, mea culpa.

    fyi, now mama is curious. where you from? you don’t have to tell everyone, e-mail me at lbabcock@lohud.com

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah ORR , BUT you don’t have yer Legend Card ONline like I do . My Chararcter would skate circles around you. In Versus mode , I’d make you my eat my Gitch.

    Philthy Philly is just that…Filthy.

  91. Anyone else read Bucci’s blog on ESPN.com? Says the Rangers need to trade Drury to the isles and make a play for Kovy ahahah man I wish Sather could make magic like that happen.

  92. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on

    I refuse to read RedSox/Bruins Bucci. Bucci is so gross (see what I did there ;) ). He is as disgustine a human being as Pierre Maguire and Mike Milbury.

  93. CR :) got your e-mail….we’ll catch up….mama signing off now. ta all, and enjoy whatever games you’re playing….:) LG all of ya!!

  94. GREG

    You can’t stop my wrist shot, and my busting through my defense is like a virgin giving birth, it’s not possible, and if somehow it happens, it’s gonna take a miracle to get through. Then I’ll make your D look like 6 Dredden’s on his old pony back on the farm.

    Unstoppable! You should get a PS3.

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Naw Obox is golden but I do have a way to get around yer defense..Its an “a” button move. Plus you ‘ll be poke checked before any “wrist” shot is made.

    Happy Easter all!!! Ive been reading a little bit of all the fiasco talk going on and…I’ll just comment later ’bout it. Don’t wanna ruin a good Easter.

    This one is a real kicker….Someone send him a Rangers Bible or something..Im not liking this talk from a past Guest blogger.

    * Nasty 1 April 4th, 2010 at 3:00 pm
    To me, whatever happens, happens. The way they played sooo many games this season, they don’t deserve to make it, but if they do, so be it. I don’t have my hopes up, or care that much for that matter. It really is what it is at this point. More than anything it is frustrating than anything watching them win now.

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ” Greg need you to pick up your game” -ddebened

    Yeah , If i keep spoutin everyday they’ll tune me out!!
    I have to be a good coach here and let the boys playout there problems. I know when we need a good kick in the pants and so far everything is going PERFECTLY. This team is an oiled machine and we are winning. Winning without Avery and Cally. Amazing. This team is truely amazing and a little bit fusterating cuz they are making us squirm again.
    Winning is never easy , even against the Panthers. Rangers won last night… a huge game. So what if Phithy Philly won today…Our team is on a ROLL and im proud. We win the rest and im proud, Playoffs or not.

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Then I’ll Stick lift ya and if I miss , it’ll probally poke your eyes out and your guy will be out. ORR…Ill take a run at ya and KNOCK yer azz down. Im the Gordie Howie of Video hockey dude , This is one RR you would Never beat.

  98. wicky (in Prust we TRUST!!!!) on

    I am killing in NHL10 with PIMs and the russian hammer is leading the nhl in hits!!


    woooooooooooooooooooo! My Huntsville Havoc just beat the Pensacola Ice Flyers in round one of the playoffs!!!! YEA BABY!!

    LETS GO RANGERS hehehehehe

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Only 4mins Orr? I take Game misconducts with Wickied slashes to the arm .It Injurys the other player so he leave the ice and goes into the dressing room.

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CR9 ,You said :
    “That’s a penalty for Chelsea, that’s not a penalty for United, cry about it, that’s not a penalty.”
    I would have traded last night’s Rangers win for this win.

    Huh!!?? Traded last nights Rangers win!!???? You have some serious explaining to do buddy. You have said some crazy stuff and heck ,some of it hilariously funny-gay. You are the Sean Avery of the blog as a reader one time did say…BUT….BUT all that stuff never bothered me like what you have said here. Im discusted. You say we are winning the cup but at whos costs? Some English football team? I get you most of the time but …to trade that win is sad to hear. Im a bit diasapointed . To just think , I thought I was getting throught to some fans.

    I’ll repost this if you don’t get it today.

  102. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on


    If Man U won the game, they were pretty much locked to win the Premier League with only 5 games remaining.

    That’s a lot bigger than one Rangers game.

    Also, nice to see notorious Yankee hater Country Cheat Joe West cheat the Yanks as the HP umpire tonight.

    Country Cow Turd was back in full force.

  103. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on

    If I ever met Joe West in real life, I would……

    Does that make me crazy?!?!?!

  104. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    The Rnagers sason comes down to these final four games
    SWeep Philly and were in

    destiny is really in there own hands

    AS it has been the last 3-4 season

    Ever year a stuggle to get in

    Now we will see what htis team is really made of, becasue msot of us and all otehr Rangers fans have given up on them, and they know it (Closet Boneheads!!)

  105. lets hope weisse makes a good impression. hes been very good and he is a bigger more of an energy guy. locke disappointed me tbh. anyway, we gotta hope for cally and aves come back soon. and gabby starts pickin it up a notch. be back later all. have a good day

  106. Does anyone want to donate $70 to send me to the game tomorrow? Better yet, does anyone wanna go with me? Lets go Rangers!

  107. You guys hear about this crud in time square yesterday? sick.

    Here’s how it’s going to go btw. we’ll win tomorrow, Philly will beat Toronto, Toronto will beat us, then we’ll get destroyed the first game against Philly and then we’ll win the last game of the season because it’ll mean nothing. Because they win meaningless games. Because that’s what this organization is good at: Not being good enough when it counts.

  108. Linda say WOOO HOOO HAVOC on

    Good morning gang! Hope the Easter bunny was good to all of you. And thanks Detroit…phlllllllllbbbbbbbbbbt!!

    I’m leaving now Sally!!

  109. good morning all…..can you imagine it comes down to a SO sunday afternoon in philly! it could happen, detroit did not help us out hopefully the caps do tonight, either way WIN YOUR GAMES WIN YOUR GAMES


  110. CR9 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Affairs) on


    I looked at the file extensions of the pics, and they are all jpgs.


    If anyone else wants pics of the 3 cutest dogs EVER, let me know!!! I am a bit of a braggart when it comes to my dogs. They are the best behaved, cutest, most perfect dogs to exist!!!!!

    Perfect and cute sort of like JAROMIR!!!! and HENRIK!!!

  111. Grabachev, Okay, I understand it would be nice to have Cally back because he kills penalty and is a high energy guy, but why do we need Aves back? We are hardly playing better with him than we are right now with out him.

    Cally, I can understand, he will be helpful when we get him back, but I just don’t think the Rangers need Aves back that much.

    Agreed though about Locke, he was very disappointing to me too, hopefully Weise can bring a little more tempo, because Locke didn’t show much.

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