Sunrise in Sunrise


Did anybody predict, despite the softness of this schedule, that the Rangers would get nine out of 10 points? Seriously, anybody?

Tonight’s a pretty dangerous game against a bad team, one that sometimes gets pumped up when an Original Six comes to its middle-of-nowhere, name-always-changing arena. It’s a dangerous game because the Rangers have, on occasion, shown that they get full of themselves after a big win, and come out at scrimmage-speed, 75 percent or so, gliding … and get behind early.

OK, the score last night wasn’t indicative of the game, not entirely. The Rangers got the fluky goals off skates, as opposed to vice versa as they usually do.

But the goals were a product of a forecheck, of puck possession, and of doing something they kept singing about the first half of the season but rarely did: Get pucks and bodies to the net!

That’s a great recipe, no matter how much or how little skill you have. It would serve the Rangers well to do that again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

The Rangers’ little streak here has probably eliminated them from finishing in the depths of the Least and getting  a really good pick. I know some of you are still torn about whether you want them to make it or not. But I know from experience that you’ll all be going nuts next weekend, and if they make it you’ll all be aboard the bandwagon, thinking they’re going to beat the Capitals or Penguins in the first round.

Perhaps the only bad news the Rangers have gotten in the last few days is that Brian Bush-League had a nice bounce-back game in Philly’s net, after a disaster against the Isles.

So here’s the race:
6. Montreal 4 GR  38 W  84 Points.
7. Boston 5 GR  35 W  82 Points.
8. Philly 4 GR  38 W   82 Points.
9. Rangers 5 GR  35 W  80 Points.
10. Atlanta 4 GR  34 W   80 Points.
11. Carolina 4 GR 33 W  76 Points.

Games of relevance today:

Atlanta-Pittsburgh at 1 p.m.;  Boston-Toronto, Buffalo-Montreal, Rangers-Florida all at 7 p.m.

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    Hopefully they come out strong again tonight, and the bounces go our way again!

  2. Happy to hear the weather in NY is better then when I was there.
    Today in AZ – sunny, sunny, sunny, 80 degrees with blue sky all around !

  3. oy, what is going on lately? CR,you usually make me laugh, but you are going off the rails on a crazy train lately! You need to hold back a bit! I know it’s tough, but ya gotta try for the greater good!!

    Jealous of you today Tony, it’s grey and drizzling here in Bama.

    CT, split squad??? lol

  4. Top down time, baby!

    Too bad I had to come to work for a bit.

    How’s the ice looking for tonight, Carp?

  5. a bit off topic, but the NY Post would not know a hot athlete if I threw one at them! who the heck do they have picking this stuff?? Jason Bay and Javier Vazquez??? i mean please.

  6. billybleedsblue on

    Tony, I agree. I know I’ve been negative about the Rangers’ chances, but, I really do want them to make it. My predicting them to lose the remainder of their games was like a defense mechanism. I just feel like I’ve been disappointed so many times that I should know better than to get excited about it.

  7. Rick, you’re too kind, and thanks for making me think of Pee Wee telling Fraaaaaanciiiiisss “I’m listening to reason”

  8. just once every few years, i’d like it to be pretty much set in stone that this team was IN, instead of waiting until the last 2 weeks!

  9. I don’t know how P.W. didn’t get an Oscar.

    Cross Check, that’s exactly the point I was trying to make, but unable to make it as well as you. I wish I had you guys writing my material for me.

  10. The White Plains Batman on

    Operation Tank not going so well. But the truth is, if they’re gonna make it, good for them, they’ll have to earn it.

    They’re also still in a good position draft wise so if they go on any kind of losing streak they could end up with the 6-8 pick which in this draft is very good.

    Call me nuts though, but if they somehow make it to the Big Dance and can avoid either Wash or Pitt in round one, they could have a deep playoff run against both NJ and BUF.

    We shall see.

  11. Linda

    I’ve been on the crazy train for a while. Being a Rangers fan for all these years, I have learned to just ride with it!


  12. that’s a train on a different track thought lol!!

    Just watchin out for ya. You KNOW you usually make me laugh, but you’re getting a bit, how shall i say..X RATED for a family blog! hehehe Don’t wanna see you gone, ya know!


  13. Yeah, I know. I just get so angry with these “Rangers fans” (I put that in quotes because I dont even believe they are Rangers fans) like Olga or LW3H or Izzy feel the need to attack me personally, or antagonize me because a team I cheer for loses.

    It’s ridiculous. I am not going to antagonize CCCP when Chelsea get knocked out of the Champions League (rather, I post updates of the score on the blog for him), because we are supposed to all be fellow Rangers fans.

  14. >.this should be the blog theme song:

    Thanks, Linda! That’s one of my all-time favourites.

  15. >>Operation Tank not going so well. But the truth is, if they’re gonna make it,
    >>good for them, they’ll have to earn it.

    If they make it, it’ll only be because the other teams are so terrible.

  16. but you also know that not everyone gets along, its just a fact of life. sometimes one common factor does not necessarily mean someone’s going to automatically like everything about another person. Heck, some of the people here want the team to tank for a better draft pick, others are ultra positive about the playoffs. It doesnt mean one is a better fan than the other, just different sides of the coin.

    I think if you just cooled it with the ‘sexy man talk’, it would suffice. i think that’s what makes people feel the most uncomfy, and there are some youngsters that pop in from time to time. On the blog, we go off topic and get crazy, but we have to know when to say when, out of respect for Rick and Laurel, and each other.

    From my side, I’m glad that the guys on here respect the women that do post here enough to keep “certain words” out of their posts (for the most part lol) when you KNOW that’s what they are thinking.

    For the greater good my friend, that’s all.

  17. carp
    great point
    that first period they were putting pucks past the defense and wearin em down in the corners. hopefully they forget about yesterday cause if they really want to make the playoffs they got to keep winning.

  18. The White Plains Batman on

    Hah, It’s all good Carp. I actually just ate almonds so you know, you are what you eat.

    Very Happy that PA’s finally getting a shot to stick. I know he was probably going to leave the organization but maybe this entire thing will have given him some renewed faith. A guy like him is very valuable.

  19. CR9 – just to be clear, I’ve never attacked you personally (which, incidentally, hasn’t stopped you doing the same to me – but fine, I’m big enough to take it). OK, I’ll admit to not giving a damn that Man Utd lost. So shoot me for that.

    Most of my discussion with you is poking fun, much as you claim to be doing. Yes, I find your “views” – whether genuine or just attention-seeking – on officiating and/or Bostonian conspiracies persistently ludicrous and reading or skipping a high volume of repetitive posts on your pet subjects is tiresome. No need to confuse that with the incorrect perception that I’m attacking you rather than your message.

  20. I understand all that Linda. And I know you mean well :)

    I just feel that actual, true fans of a team should all get along with one another (it’s the disloyal fans that without prompting, attack other fans), and respectfully disagree with opinions like tanking or trying to win. Personally, a week ago, I wanted to tank but I was not going to begrudge anyone for wanting them to win.

    I’ll tone it down with the innuendo. And by the way, yesterday when I said I wanted to tell Avery I want to taste….. I was talking about his chocolate chip brownies!!

    He makes the best CC brownies!!!

  21. lmao CR, i must’ve missed that one! Is there anything Aves can’t do???

    I just want ya to stick around, that’s all.

    and if all it took for people with HUGELY different personalities, beliefs, characteristics (etc) to get along was ONE THING, the world would probably be a more peaceful place.

    off to do errands, start cooking for tomorrow (making brownies cr lol) and get ready for the game AND Moses! woo hoo!! enjoy your saturday men! see yas later

  22. CR, United were brutal. I watch every game and that was one of their worst home performances ever. Yea that goal was offsides, but our goal was slapped in, so it was even. And come on, when you screw up at work does anyone break your legs/arms?

    Hoping to see a repeat of last night’s own goal fiesta tonight in Sunrise. Keep getting that little black thing to the net, boys. Good things happen.

  23. LW3H

    I dont care whether or not you or any Rangers fan cares that Man U lost. I truly dont even care that you, personally, would antagonize me over it. What I care is that a Rangers fan would antagonize me over it, given the fact that I would not antagonize you, being a Liverpool fan IIRC, for being on the outskirts of the number 4 spot and the Champions League next season, or for failing to get out fo the group stagest this year.

    “conspiracies persistently ludicrous” To label my GENUINE views as conspiracies is an attack to begin. When people are quick to throw out the words “conspiracies” and “paranoia”, it is only because they are unwilling to think outside the box. I hardly put forth conspiracies, I only put forth what is fact, and my opinions based on those facts. So to be honest, you are not poking fun, as I do about hot guys, you are blatantly attacking me, which I am more than capable of taking as well. It just annoys me to no end that this is how NY fans behave towards one another.

    As an example of one of my true GENUINE beliefs, Carp is an excellent journalist, and I’m sure Gannett and the Journal News is a good paper. But Carp could further his career rather easily, and move on to bigger and better papers (NY Times, i.e.) if he was a Red Sox fan and/or Bruins fan. Not a conspiracy, just facts.

    I cant begin to tell you how many times I have been handed something for nothing, gotten hot women way out of my league, gotten away scot free with mistakes in my former job, just by pretending to be Sox fan. I should have another successful story in a day or two, from pretending to be a Sox fan.

  24. Happy Holidays to all, enjoy your family and friends.
    I am surprised the rangers are still around.
    I hope we see good hockey and good results.

  25. Shoryuken

    Agreed on the brutal first half. Second half, we played much better and created much more.

    Our goal, upon replay, was not slapped in. It was chested in.

    And that doesnt matter anyway (if our goal was cheap), the goal to put them up 2-0 was a killer. Not our goal to go down 2-1.

    Down 1-0 with 15 minutes left, anything can happen. Down 2-0, it’s pretty much lights out.

  26. Correction:

    My quote after the Carp paragraph is supposed to be “not conspiracy, just my opinion”

  27. True, I still think it hit Macheda’s hand before his chest, but we didn’t create much in the 2nd, we just had the ball and wasted it time and again. Chelsea were better, shame that dirty cheat Drogba scored though.

  28. And as for breaking legs, my hatred for referees/umpires is so LARGE, I try to think of them as inhuman.

    Sorry to get into politics, and hope to not offend anyone, but I feel slightly bad for people that turn into criminals (murderers, i.e) that have mental illness that played a role in their crimes, or that grew up not being taught right from wrong, or were that way because of circumstance. In the way that I feel bad, I mean I would feel bad if they got the death penalty, or got murdered in prison. I like rehabiliation for criminals.

    Here’s where I really do not want to offend anyone, I could care less what happens to a referee and his life.

  29. No problem at all about “antagonising” me about Liverpool if you want to. Like I said, I’m big enough to take it and I’m not so myopic to never accept failings in my team. What I wouldn’t do is make post after post about how there is an endemic bias against them and then get all precious at the merest hint of dissent against that opinion.

    It goes without saying that your definition of the word “fact” is skewed beyond all recognition, so I won’t dwell on that. Equally, I never said your GENUINE views was a conspiracy in itself (that wouldn’t even make sense for a start), merely that your GENUINE views were consistent with a belief that officials and/or Bostonians conspire against your teams.

    Why being a fellow Rangers fan precludes me from disagreeing with said GENUINE views is entirely beyond me.

    As I’ve said before, back to the hockey…

  30. Oh, and to keep it relevant, just Google “referee assaulted” for any number of clues as to why the way hatred of officials manifests itself sometimes is actually a fairly serious issue.

  31. Good morning all! Great night last night! Too gorgeous to be inside here and go over the old posts, but just wanted to pop in and say a happy hi!

    CR, I assume you got your nose newspapered by Carp this morning. I would seriously ask you to heed his, and Linda’s advice. Not everyone is going to get along here, but we’re all fans or wouldn’t be here to begin with. And frankly, the silly fights among people here bore me.

    We like to have fun here, but everything has it’s limits and you seem to have reached yours. I say this with mama love. OK?

  32. “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”
    – Tommy Jefferson –

    he was a pretty good writer

  33. Shoryuken

    I knew that would be confused. What I meant is, I care about the lives of everyone, including criminals, but not a referee.

    Simply because some criminals make poor choices because of other factors such as mental illness.

    Referees make their decisions either based on jealousy/hatred/bias or just plain incompetence. And with referees, there are never consequences. Here’s a belief that should not offend anyone. I believe that there should be some sort of crime for what these referees do, punishable by prison.

  34. LW3H

    I didnt bother to google it because I already know the seriousness that it reaches.

    If a referee cheats a team in the world cup, in the past, referees have been shot and killed for it, and other have been sucker punched in the middle of the game and died instantly.

  35. I think you possibly shouldn’t believe everything you read if you think it goes to those lengths. But I’m glad to see your outright condemnation of such things. Right?

  36. “I’m not so myopic to never accept failings in my team”

    There was another unneeded comment. I am more than willing to accept when my gets outplayed or loses fairly. i.e. 2009-10 Rangers

    Well, because I am a bigger person, I do not take pleasure in failings of your team.

    Actually, I’ve got a legitimate question for you.

    IIRC Man U and Pool are tied in PLs. Liverpool are in desperate need of wins to avoid missing the Champions LG next year. Liverpool play Chelsea again at home. Do you want Liverpool to win and help Man U’s chances at overtaking Chelsea this year and Pool in overall PLs or would you rather lose and miss out on the Champions League?

  37. CR9-

    In all seriousness, do you think you may be suffering from some sort of mental illness?
    I’m not trying to be antagonistic.

  38. ddebened

    Something like 80% of Americans suffer from a mental illness.

    I wouldnt be surprised if I suffer from depression, anxiety….

    I also have some anger management issues, but I choose to outlet my anger on a blog than towards anyone in my real life.

  39. When did this blog become an episode of Dr. Phil?

    Especially in the heat of a playoff race? C’mon!

    (Hoping this doesn’t cause any negative reactions…just having some fun on this beautiful Saturday.)

  40. Noah – You got some nerve wanting to talk hockey.

    I know the home and home with Philly is much anticipated but Rangers might stand a better chance of catching of catching Boston.

    But the bottom line is JUST WIN TODAY.

    Then I’ll say the same thing Tuesday.

  41. Is Atlanta losing yet?

    White Plains- PAP has been much more impressive this time around than during his previous stint. The more I look at his plays the more I think he deserves another chance.

  42. Orr –
    Ordered you a Steakhouse XT but they gave me a Whopper Jr. instead- WTF? My Smoky Cheddar Steakhouse XT was delish though.

  43. billybleedsblue on

    lol Burger King. Yo Orr save me a turnover they are great with coffee.

    Go Penguins? Wow, it’s funny what these close races make of us Die-Hards. I’m not so much rooting for Pittsburgh as I am rooting against Atlanta. I think it sounds better when I say it like that. Pittsburgh. Ugh. As much as I was loosing faith in this season, I’m glad the Rangers didn’t tank. I think about the carcillo the Pens pulled…and it makes me a little sick. I guess it could have been worse though and the Devils could have gotten MARY-O…I think they were 2nd to last and dropping games big time. Anyways…

  44. Now, now, I live in Sunrise, and it sure isn’t in the middle of no where, that is like saying oh, Miami-middle of nowhere, or Ft lauderdale, middle of nowhere. It is all relevant. Sunrise is a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale…at any rate, the Panthers arena has been called the same thing for two years now…but the Bank Atlantic Center, actually, is the one of the fewer arenas down here that actually makes money.

    At any rate, will be at the game tonight, hell of a game last night, enjoyed it.

  45. In regard to Linda’s post at 11:49 :
    Thanks Linda for being the mature voice here. You mentioned that youngsters pop in here from time to time. My 10 year old grandson is one of them. And he read this blog with me almost every day.

  46. Tony

    I apologize for anything that I’ve written that is inappropriate for children including yours. How was your surgery (if you’ve had it yet?)


    Just to point something out, I really do not like being the center of attention (unless it’s positive). I do not like being involved in controversy (especially when it’s me saying the controversial things).

  47. CR, it’s all good. I just tell the kid it’s all in fun. But thanks for being considerate.
    Surgery on Thursday the 8th.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’ve been saying this for a month now. If the choice is between 8th and 13th, I choose 13th. But if the choice is between 8th and 10th, I choose 8th. Ever since they beat the Islanders, I have been pulling for wins. They aren’t going to tank it, and quite frankly, it’s pretty much too late to try. So let’s go Rangers! I hope they can win out.

  49. One Ranger….lucky! see if you can get a fire slats chant going!

    Tony and Doodie, my fellow optimists!! LGR!

    White Plains Batman, do you really live in WP? (I think I’ve asked you that before)…

  50. Between me and you, if it wasn’t for MA Fleury this game would be over. If the Pens bring that type of effort to the playoffs, they will be done before Crosby can produce his first whine.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Mama, don’t get me lumped in as an optimist. I’m a realist. I would have LOVED for them to tank. This team is going to be lucky to win one playoff game.

    But might as well get MDZ some playoff experience.

  52. Exactly Tony. If you don’t hope for wins, what’s the point? Back to the outside world. Later all. back for go time….

  53. One Ranger, you’re right. Sunrise isn’t the middle of nowhere. But you get spoiled having the arena in Miami for a while (though you took your life in your hands at and around the arena itself)… and most of the teams (and reporters) stay in Lauderdale, by the water. So spending the day in Sunrise isn’t optimal. Nice place, though.

  54. you mean Gabby is NOT a Jedi?? sigh

    3 hours and 18 minutes until game time/ Moses! i better finish up what i’m supposed to be doing! catch you guys in a bit

    and Tony, i think your sentence with my name and mature in it, may qualify as an oxymoron! :-)

  55. If you can’t rally around your team at a time like this … YOU ARE NOT A FAN !!!

    Wishing your team to lose is ridiculous !!!

  56. Do not underestimate that point lost by Atlanta. They now only 1 point ahead and the Rangers have 2 games in hand.

  57. bull dog line on

    sorry, I just don’t see it with PAP. still to slow, and to small. he is a good AHL player, what they call AAAA, in baseball. wanted to see Locke early in the season, now I have seen enough. get somebody up with size, speed, and toughness.

  58. I predicted the Rangers would get into the playoffs. Isn’t this what has happens every year!

    Knocking Philthy out is going to be so sweeeeet

  59. lmao dde, i can always count on you to find a bargain!!

    ilb, we’re in some alternate universe today, just go with it!

    anyone wanna come over tomorrow for chicken parm, ravioli, and brownies with strawberry ice cream and fresh strawberries??

  60. you go ANYWHERE else in alabama, they are probably deep frying a pig! always come to the Italian chick’s house!!

    Tony, is 3pm CST good for you?

  61. Every damn store sold out their Apple Turnovers, so i had to get Apple Puffs. Is there a difference?

    And instead of going to Burger “Screw Up” King, i decided to go with a Bacon Ranch Salad from Mickey D’s.

    Got a little Green Tea on the side, just so i can mix a little healthiness with a little death.

    Now I’m ready for the game!!

    Damn the Trashers for getting a point, but i want them to get in too!

  62. now we’re definitely in an alternate universe if ORR is eathing a ‘salad’. The turnovers are triangular, the puffs are square, probably with more air in them lol!

  63. sorry for the jibberish but this was funny:

    jeffsoto $10 to first person who buys two ipads today, dresses up as Moses and comes out of an Apple Store holding them over their head. 7 hours ago reply

  64. a bargain at any maturity level

    lol – and your man gets 12 egg whites, steamed chicken breast with rice

  65. Moses: The Lord, the Lord Jehovah has given unto you these fifteen…
    [drops one of the tablets]
    Moses: Oy! Ten! Ten commandments for all to obey!

  66. lmao dde he allows himself 1 cheat meal a week! he lives on the edge of the blade, doesnt he?

  67. HAHA Linda it must be like culture shock to some people out there. I just made ravioli this past week and it was a hit along with this parmigana crusted chicken recipe. No culture shock here but I get the whole “THIS guy can cook??!”

  68. Linda, I got the tickets, leaving right after the game.

    Wait, they sell Parm-cheese in ‘Bama?

  69. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    CR9 – You THINK you get women because they can’t resist you because you tell them you are a Red Sox fan. Women respond to a man with MONEY, first and foremost, so my guess is you are quite secure, financially. Women are more interested in “What do you do?,” than in “Are you a Red Sox fan?” Tell some hot babe you are a Red Sox fan who is a dishwasher at a local fast food restaurant, and see how far you get. I say a woman who is a Red Sox fan will go with a man who is a wealthy Yankeee fan, before she will go with a “trailer trash” Red Sox fan. As Gordon Gekko said: “It’s all about bucks, kid, the rest is just conversation.” He was right.

  70. ilb, i’ll cry if publix ever discontinues Polly-O products lmao

    James G, men that can cook definitely get bonus points!

    i think it’s safe to say the 4th line will have an affect on the game tonight! Hank’s gonna be huge again tonight!! Good feeling for some reason!

  71. Didn’t you say he’s got a comp coming up. It’s no time for cheating.
    Remind him:
    A cheater never wins and a winner never cheats.

    Plus it saves more goodies for us.

  72. he decided to not compete this year. i hope he waits until he’s totally done with school before he competes again. He’s a real bastage when he’s on the diet.

  73. I knew the tanking was too good to be true.

    The resident shemale getting called out today was quite enjoyable though.

  74. Linda, if I leave now and drive my iPod 75 mph, could I be there in time?

    (though we won’t exactly be starving at Blog HQ with all the Carp siblings, nephews and nieces running around tomorrow).

  75. ok, i’m a sped. i was trying to pronounce shemale like tamale LMAO! i never saw it as one word before, always hypenated!!! and no, i’m not drinking the vodka!! Thanks Salty

  76. Carp, when we have the next bonehead fest at ILB’s place, i’ll definitely be making some goodies!!

  77. Carp, you can only drive the iPhone, iPods have Brashear’s speed.

    Which reminds me, has anyone gotten the iPad?

    Linda, let’s make sure THIS fest happens first, before wqe talk about NEXT, lol

  78. lmao ilb! oh this one is definitely on go! even if it just turns out to be me, my man, you and the mrs., mako and his woman and Miss Sally, it will totally be worth it! just judging by the replies on the FB, it should be a pretty solid, fun crowd! I’m excited!

    my ex was waiting on line for the iPad earlier today. Gonna message him and see what he thinks

  79. I’m out – leaving work early to watch the game live for a change.
    Getting ready for a big Italian dinner tomorrow, 26 people.
    Only problem is my new daughter-in-law is cooking. She’s polish, not one dinner item ends in Parmigiano.

  80. Tony, just drop some gravy/sauce (whichever you call it) on the pierogies!

    Enjoy the game Tony and Happy Easter!!

  81. Baseball

    I am now financially secure, but I wasn’t always. However, I have always been average/a little above average looking. Not ugly, nothing special!

    If you want to believe that women are only out for money, that’s your business.

    My pretending to be a Sox fan has worked in many situations, not just with women.


    But anyway, more important things to talk about… Big game tonight. Let’s hope they dont get full of themselves, and realize that the Lightning are just bad.

  82. Izzy

    How are you doing with your drinking problem? I hope you can get it under control.

    Like I said the other night: you can do it, we can help!


  83. Tony –

    How’d the Lax shoot go? Do you shoot the games or mostly studio stuff?
    Has Lax gotten big in AZ?

  84. If Boston doesn’t get any points in Toronto tonight, they could be done. Their schedule is brutal after that.

  85. Still throwing around slurs, Salty?

    I see you have not gained any intelligence.

    Maybe you would be best suited for a career as a referee.

  86. Let’s not root against Boston.

    Dont we want them in the playoffs?

    Isn’t that our 2nd favorite team?

  87. I love how we’re winning without Cally and Avery. This team has some depth for once. And people who can drop the gloves and inflict pain unlike Huggybear who can only suckerpunch to hurt someone.

    AA and PA will be NHLers next year. They have to because that’s just how we roll (Redden, Drury)! Del Zotto = sweet pick and we have a nice youthful core.


  88. Linda – I’ve never seen The 10 Commandments, what channel is it on? Isn’t it like 8 hours?

  89. I said it before and I’ll say it again: Boston isn’t making the playoffs neither is Philly!

  90. good evening all!

    a decent start to the day-thrashers go down in OT….now its GO TIME


  91. Linda "i love technology" on

    dde, it’s on ABC. if you like over the top stuff, you’ll enjoy it, and yeah its about 4 hours!

    noonan, that would be sweet!

  92. What the heck on

    Heres to hoping the rangers winning. Currently my record for viewing the rangers is 1-19. And every time after the game they have tanked. So I’m truly sorry if they lost to any superstisous fans….

  93. ddebened – Lax was great. I shoot tons of high school sports & yes, lacrosse is getting very popular in AZ – boys & girls ! After shooting a few game I found I really like the sport.
    I shoot mostly Studio work but I’m on location almost every day. I’m lucky with todays economy that we have a very busy Studio.

  94. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Shemale” and “fish tacos”

    What are you trying to prove? It’s fine if you want to ask CR9 to stop, but you just put yourself at his “level” with the sexual jokes… but worse, you’re a hypocrite and a bigot.

    I respect your hockey knowledge quite a bit, but the other carp isn’t necessary.

  95. It really is a great game – played it in college.
    Glad to see it growing. Glad to see you’re busy.

  96. I lee[ seeing entries now and then from boneheads who profess to be “long time Ranger fans”….i got news for you…

    If you don’t have memories of being in the upper balcony of the old Rangers Garden 55th and 8th Avem qmnd watched a Rangers team with a lineup of Edgar Laprade..Tony Leswick
    Dunc Fisher, other forwards, Don (Bones) Raleigh, Pentti Lund, Buddy O’Connor, REggie Sinclair, “Killer” Kaleta
    D men Fred Shero, Allan Stanley,Pat Egan,Frank Eddolls, and chuck Rayner in Goal with occasional back up by Emil Cat Francis and Gump Worsley, later on, then you don’t go back far enough. I was there many a night driving in from New Haven where they had their AHL farm club the Ramblers.

    Great times there then …..85 cents to get in to the balcony.

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