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From the Rangers:

April 3, 2010 – New York Rangers 4, Florida Panthers 1 (Game #78, Road #39)

• The Blueshirts defeated the Florida Panthers, 4-1, tonight at the BankAtlantic Center, tallying four goals in the third period to improve to 5-0-1 in the last six games.  It was the first time this season the Rangers recorded a win when trailing after the second period (1-24-2).
• New York improved to 36-32-10 (82 pts.) overall, including a 20-15-4 (44 pts.) mark in 39 road games this season.  The Blueshirts are now 4-0-1 on their current, season-high six-game road trip.
• The Rangers held the Panthers scoreless in four power play attempts, and are 22-for-23 on the penalty kill in the last seven games (95.7%).
• Henrik Lundqvist turned aside 19 of 20 shots and recorded one assist, and has now posted a record of 33-26-9 overall with an 18-10-3 mark on the road this season.  Lundqvist is 5-0-1 in the last six games, registering a 1.63 goals against average with a .943 save percentage and two shutouts over the span. The assist was the fifth of his career, and first since Feb. 18, 2009 vs. the Islanders at MSG.
• Defenseman Marc Staal notched the Rangers’ first goal of the game 18 seconds into the third period, and finished with a plus-three rating in a team-high 25:41 of icetime.  He has now tallied a goal in three straight games, which marks a career-high.
• Brandon Prust tallied the game-winning goal at 9:36 of the third period, and logged a season-high 13:32 of icetime.  Prust also recorded the game-winning goal in last night’s contest at Tampa Bay, and has now registered three points (two goals and one assist) through five games on the current road trip.
• Marian Gaborik registered two points (one goal and one assist) for his team-leading 25th multi-point performance of the season, and tied his season-highs with eight shots and a plus-three rating.  The assist was his 42nd of the season, which marks a new career-high, and his empty net goal in the game’s final minute was his 83rd point, which ties his career-high set in 2007-08. Gaborik has now tallied 10 points (five goals and five assists) in the last eight games.
• Rangers Captain Chris Drury recorded one goal and won a team-high eight faceoffs in 13 attempts (62%). He has now tallied eight points (two goals and six assists) in the last 11 games, including three points (two goals and one assist) through five games on the current road trip.  The Rangers improved to 10-2-1 when he records a goal.
• Jody Shelley registered the primary assist on Prust’s game-winning goal, and finished with three hits in 11:25 of icetime.  Shelley has now recorded three assists in the last six games.
• Aaron Voros recorded an assist on Drury’s goal at 11:06 of the third period to extend his scoring streak to three games, registering one goal and two assists over the span.
• Rookie defenseman Michael Del Zotto tallied one assist to extend his assist streak to three games, and has now recorded eight points (two goals and six assists) in the last seven games.  The Rangers improved to 20-6-4 when he registers a point.
• Dan Girardi tied for the game-high with five blocked shots, and registered two blocked shots in 25:07 of icetime.  Entering tonight’s contest, Girardi led the team and was tied for seventh in the NHL with 166 blocked shots on the season.
• Please note the Blueshirts do not have practice scheduled for tomorrow, Apr. 4.
• The Rangers will conclude their season-high six-game road trip on Tuesday, Apr. 6, when they will face-off against the Buffalo Sabres at HSBC Arena (7:00 p.m.), in the first game of a back-to-back set.  The game will be televised live on MSG 2.

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  1. From previous thread: Voros didn’t sit. He had five minutes of penalties early, and an injury. He came back and caused the turnover and assisted on Capt. Pizza’s goal. His ice time was probably down because the fourth line got so many shifts.

  2. Ooops, repost:

    4th line again, eh? This time with GWG.

    Did you hear Joe suggesting that Staal-Girardi could be the best shutdown D-pair in the league? Joe, really? Is is that hot in Florida?

  3. I shouldn’t say he didn’t sit. He sat. But he wasn’t benched. That’s what I meant. He and Locke couldn’t get many shifts in the middle of the game, especially. But he had 10 shifts after the fight and injury.

  4. I hope no one is getting a false sense of hope because of the poor schedule we were blessed with at the end the season.

  5. ilb, I already made a note to myself about that for tomorrow’s post. They’ve been good, especially Staal. So has Rozsival. But the best shutdown pair in the league? Holy carcillo.

  6. Interesting stat: Shelley played 11:25 tonight. I doubt Brashear had that much ice time during the first half of the season combined.

  7. I’m hoping for a string of losses instead of a first round exit and higher ticket prices again next year. I didn’t even get my playoff tix this year.

  8. i think the comment from the previous thread was meant to say why was voros siting all season or am i mistaken? either way he made a great play on the drury goal, great job keeping the puck in the zone….PA played very well, he understands the game, gets the puck deep, makes intelligent plays along the boards and gets pucks to the net!!!

    im glad roszival is finally getting some deserved credit, of course he will get booed by a bunch of fools at MSG wed night

    everyone who celebrates easter have a great day tomm….ill be eating my matzah and praying to hear emrick chanting Rafalksiiiiiiii with a shattttttttttttttttttttttttttt and its in and the redwings lead 3-0!

  9. speaking of Brash,do youse notice the room that Shelley creates on the ice?yes he declined a few fights so far but he brings what i thought Brash would bring,but failed,that is a “oh carp is this dude gonna lose his carcillo and kill me for no reason?” factor.ha.

  10. Carp….

    Hows about resetting that poll on the side about the Rangers making the playoffs….
    Results might be a little different now…
    I voted for them to make it way back when :)

  11. Sather's WrapUp on

    How can you tankers show your face now? Tank(s) for nothing…

    Hello from Florida Ranger Fans! I always travel with the team when they go south. Gives me some time to relax from all my GM duties lately. Can’t trade, can’t draft, can’t sign free agents. But then, I never could before, so why worry now?

    We just got some more bad news about the Rangers Road Tour. The B team left for Mexico last week and hasn’t been in contact since. However, the bus showed up when it was stopped at customs full of dope and illegal immigrants trying to sneak back over the border. No sign of the occupants yet. They must still be partying in Cancun…

    Looks like the boys took care of business tonight. A 4 goal third period. And you were worried! I told you before- this team is going to make the playoffs or I’ll resign as GM of the Rangers. The money I make as President is more than enough to scrape by on.

    Holy Moly! Did you see Keenan jump out of his seat when I said that? I KNEW that little dweeb had my office bugged. Well, I’ve got a surprise for him- Muckler has been begging me for an assistant. Let’s see how he likes being underneath ol’ Muck for awhile. Talk about the living dead…

    Nap time. Gotta rest up before we shuffle off to Buffalo.
    Uncle Glennie

  12. A true victory by DUKE over WV and the referees.

    So much for Duke receiving the benefit of the referees.

    When you do not a receive a free throw until 25 to 30 minutes into the game, there’s a problem.

  13. ORRsy,as far as my Graves Prust comparison,you were what 1?when Graves joined the Rangers?

    yes Gravey had more of a scoring touch,even in jrs,but as far as style of play,they remind me of each other.gritty,drive to the net,make hits,play pissed,stick up for your teamates.

    Prust is actually tougher than Graves,(and thats said with TONS of respect)and i think,if given the chance(and the right linemates)he can develop his scoring touch.

  14. Carp

    “Duke gets more calls than any team in college basketball. Always has.” That right there is a CONSPIRACY!

    Please, let’s not get into this.

    If they got every call, they wouldn’t only have 3 National Championships.

    Did you even watch this game?

    By the way, I’m not a Duke fan.

    Just because the national media portrays Duke to get every call, does not mean that it is the truth.

  15. Goodnight All.

    A New Yankees season begins tomorrow!!


    HAPPY EASTER, everyone!!!!

  16. done, calhob. New poll, same question, on the right.

    Happy Easter, CR. Happy Easter to all.

    Good night, Sally!

  17. playing with broken bones/sick/bad back,Graves,hands down(my all time favorite Ranger we are talking about)drop the gloves,head to head,ill give Prust 6/10.

  18. MORG

    Doesn’t matter how old i was when Graves joined NYR. MSG plays those overly used and abused 1994 specials. I feel like I’m practically his fuggin son squeezed out of another bun.

    I know all there is to know aboot the guy.

    Prust is a solid 4th liner. I wouldn’t get excited aboot him becoming anything more. That’s my opinion on the guy.

  19. About that trucker mouth, I can’t honestly say that is how she always talks, but maybe just at hockey games? I know I get into the games too, but all the Florida fans down here seem to lack basic knowledge of the sport.

    I hate how the crowd always gets rowdy whenever a player from the other team throws a clean hard body check. It IS hockey for crying out loud!

  20. I can talk about Graves all freakin’ day.

    Remember the time somebody’s stick got caught in the glass behind the net and Graves ran into it face first? He went out and had about 70 stitches, lost a bunch of teeth, and came back and played in that game.

    Toughest mother-bryzgalov I’ve ever seen … and at the same time the nicest person I’ve ever met.

  21. How do you define tough? Ability to give or take punishment?
    Understand the respect due to Graves (how could you not love him )but how do you judge how tough Prust is?

  22. Voros is the toughest guy on the team. He takes punches to the face from players, he takes verbal abuse from the coach, he physically abuses himself every time he falls down, but he always comes back for more.

    Sign him to a 5 year extension. That’s all heart, soul, and BALLS!

  23. As tough as Graves was he is an even better person and you can’t say enough about the guy

  24. Carp, agreed. Wouldn’t have wanted to face him, but, when I did meet him face to face, couldn’t have been a nicer guy. He was standing in a suite, and we were walking up from the seats and I saw him standing in the suite, and I had to double take, and I was like “Gravsie!” And he just turned and looked over and smiled. Ended up meeting him up at the concourse later on, with Sather running back to his little suite. I wanted to throw an elbow at the guy…figured I wouldn’t get away with it though…so thought against it.

  25. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hey morg, how about you stick your head up yer azz and yodel? That would be pretty funny…

  26. nobody is citing the stats this year with and without aves. team going very well without him.

  27. Aves, agreed on that point, it is funny you mentioned that, my dad and I were discussing the same thing tonight. I was saying how nice it will be to get cally back…sometime, and he mentioned how little the Rangers have missed Avery, if not played better without him.

  28. he has braces so he can eventually try to pick up his wifes sisters babysitters…betcha they won’t call him uncle daddy

  29. ranger love

    Don’t be so hard on the Florida fans yowling every time a Panther gets bumped….they’re new to the game (comparatively speaking of course)…ALL the Canadian teams fans react the same way!

  30. Have you all noticed that Colton the destroyer scored again last night? Indeed he did. Why he’s become a veritable scoring machine since going to Leafs and playing on a regular shift. Why he might even get another goal sometime before closing time. Big favorite up there in Toronto…(like he was here, except in the front office.)

    Since the day they arrived I’ve found nothing to complain about regarding Shelley and Prust. They play an honest hard game and don’t back down an inch. Right now they are far more valuable to this team than about a half dozen others being carried. ( and I do mean…carried…)

  31. (creep creep creep)an egg here,some jellybeans here,(creep creep creep)an exploding c4 filled cigar over in this humidor, on to the Dolans house.

  32. Sather had a deal in place for Stamkos?! Per Larry Brooks he did. . . . or he SAID he did.

    1. HE had a handshake deal for 2 of 3 of DZ, Grachev, Dubi, Cally.

    2. Why does he say this now? Is that unprofessional to discuss now? Or is it a desperate GM trying to save his job? Could it be the latter? Could Dolan be pressuring him in between gigs with his band?

  33. bull dog line on

    you have to be kidding about Prust, and Graves. 6 out of 10. Graves would have made so that there would not have been a second fight, let alone 10. Prust is playing hard, he is a fourth liner, and a middle weight. Graves was a 1st line player and a heavy weight. comparing Prust to Graves is beyond laughable.

  34. Happy Easter, my gentile friends! I hope you have a good Easter egg hunt and find all the eggs! I love you all! :)

    Big win last night! They came back strong!

    I’m going to the Bronx Zoo right now with my nephews…should be a great day! Later, boneheads!

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  35. cr9 and Carp were talking frakkin hoops,i figured i would go “Sean Avery” on there Crosbys.check that youtube link i put up this morn,he almost killed Rob Ray,who was a pretty good fighter(despite what JD says about him in that clip)felt bad for Ray almost the way Gravey tuned him up.

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