It’s go time!


They fixed the compressors just in time, and the ice is frozen.

Don’t forget it’s a 7:30 p.m. start tonight.

The Rangers use up the game-in-hand they have on Boston, and one of the two they have on Atlanta.

Same lineup, which means Callahan, Avery and Boyle are out injured, and Lisin and Gilroy continue to be prucha’d.

One other game of note in the race tonight, and it starts at 7: Montreal at Philly.

Tomorrow: Atlanta-Pitt at 1, Boston-Toronto and Buffalo-Montreal at 7, and of course your heroes in Sunrise at 7.

Here are the standings.

Now remember, just talk about line combos. No gibberish. Or jibberish.

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  1. Congrats Charlie!! is that your first first? you get a special left over bic razor from last years inaugural (sp??) Paul Mara Playoff Beard contest!

  2. sorry shor, i’ll take my 2 minute gibberish penalty now lol

    Ok guys, time to simmer down on each other!! It’s Good Friday, it’s Passover, it’s a beautiful day out, and it’s almost RAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGERS hockey time. We’re always not all going to agree on stuff, there will always be some posters that people ‘don’t like’ or won’t respond to, but everyone needs to realize…this blog is very different from others out there. Yes, there are people that have been posting here for a long time, and there will always be new people coming on board. Some people jump on the ride and enjoy it, and there will be some people won’t like the vibe in here. Different strokes for different folks. I gotta agree that some of the stuff lately is going a bit over the line, especially when there are younger people reading this. We shouldn’t be telling them (or anyone) to get over it or go away, so stuff they shouldn’t be seeing! In the end we’re all Rangers fans. If for nothing else, lets just remember that.

  3. Shor, here’s a line for ya… Aves, Cally and Boyle out… grrrr.

    I have a feeling Mr. Lundqvist is going to be HUUUUUUUUUGE tonight, and I mean that in a hockey sense, so noone get insulted :-)

  4. Linda, you tell ’em…Knock it off boys, it’s getting old.

    The best part of the last post was Carp’s “New post”.

  5. hurray i pay hockeystreams for hockey, and am getting to see NCAA basketball coach interviews instead of a pregame show…blech

  6. LMAO!! the must’ve heard me because they actually just put on the Rangers pregame… a pregame. I am so ecstatic. And for all you movie snobs out there, ignore me… i freakin LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Clash of the Titans lol

  7. I’m in tonight, he he. Mrs and her mom went to church. Sometimes it pays to be Jewish :)

  8. JB, how’d ya like Fringe??

    lol ilb, i thought i asked a good question regarding Fankist and FIM ;-)

    Laurel, you have to go see Clash, it’s like watchin Avery for almost 2 hours straight!! he just needs that incredibly awesome scar and they’d be twins

  9. You did, Linda. By the time I was ready to answer the thin went south.
    Line combos, anyone?

  10. Linda, I didn’t like that Fringe episode much. It was very predictable and Liv only had two short scenes in it.

  11. Linda Im now with you on the hstreams bitching. Ive had autmatic renewal thru paypal all season. well my account expired yesterday and is supposed to be renewed today. I can’t watch the friggin game and they wont answer my emails. I dont have an active account. What a time for this to happen. I guess atdhe is my only chance

  12. its Torts everyone will have played with everyone by the second,then he’ll play 6 guys the rest of the way.

  13. it was kinda slow JB, but for those out there who may NOT understand what’s going on, i guess it filled in info. I expect it to be really good the rest of the season, and you’ll get your fill of Liv!

    ilb, you need to start knockin heads when things get out of control.

    WOW disco duguay…i need to move back to NY just for the pre and post game shows!

  14. tomb that sucks! my account runs out on the 16th. are you going to resign with them next season or go to gamecenter?

  15. I still like hoskeystreams. I can always watch reruns. shit I just bought a one day pass. which I already paid for

  16. i just asked for arbiter in the room, i was going to ask him what they could do for you but he hasnt answered

  17. i hope Torts follows the don’t eat meat on good Friday and does NOT bite off sams head

  18. cmon Henrik. all that rest you got yesterday out on the water. No cheap goals tonight.

  19. ilb, it’s a beautiful friday out, they youngun are probably out having a good time

  20. Torts with the busy shirt and TIE!! one or the other man!!! (sorry i am not a fashion person but thats just too many lines for my eyes!)

  21. Hi all,
    anyone with the espnplayer here tonight ?
    Cant get it working, can watch on demand but loading when I try to watch live…

  22. Krisy, every time i see Hank now, i think of that link you sent me!!! its kinda bizarre!!!

  23. billybleedsblue on

    Sam just said Staal is the best defender. Sorry Wade, money talks, but it don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk. I’m not even sure what that means.

    Montreal winning is fine, as long as it’s in regulation. Hopefully it’s not only in regulation, but that they wear the Flyers out as much as possible, or, more than they already arrrrrrre.

    Wow, that Malik goal on his own net…When you see a play like that you realize that things could always be (and were) worse around here.

    Wow, very persistant Prust. Nice goal.

  24. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    im wrong again, i take everything back i said bad about shelley…he allowed all the space for prust yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  25. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PRUST BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s why he’s in my harem!!!

  26. the fix is in on

    I’m glad that Smith is in on the script. he might as well put on a Ranger jersey

  27. linda, it appears that way! :)

    i was supposed to head back home today but the amtrak train lines were still flooded, so i’m taking a bus back tomorrow morning.

    i’m hoping it’s a good game tonight now that i get to watch it ;)

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " HUGE GAME , HUGE!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Dam , hope the guys gonna be ok .

  29. billybleedsblue on

    Maybe that’s the one example of an advantage of the easily broken sticks…

  30. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    holy cow, that’s not good! hope the guy’s ok!

    RICK TOCCHET!!! what are the odds?

  31. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on



    gabby looks engaged, jokinen looks engaged!!! staal joining the rush INTELLIGENTLY….i gotta get myself a beer now, ill be back

  32. Boston. Major rain the past few days here so the tracks that run along the coast of Rhode Island are completely flooded.

    Hoping I don’t hit traffic tomorrow morning. :P

    And yikes, hope Downie is all right. That looked brutal.

  33. >>He accidentally stabbed himself. That has got to hurt.

    That’s going to leave a mark, FOR SURE. He’ll be all right though; hockey players are TOUGH.

  34. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    it seems they are experiencing bibilical type rains up there.hope you have a safe, uneventful trip home

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Prust , we trust!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Big game guys!!!! Our boys came to play!!!

    Shelly is a BEAST .

    Having the 2nd most fights ( Prust) and Heavyweight beast in Shelly ( Brashear watch and learn) ,the Rangers are NOT push overs anymore.

  36. Yup, Linda. He is not out off the woods. Blunt abdominal injuries could be tough. Hope he is OK

  37. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    i was wondering ilb, about something getting punctured, definitely bruised. hope he’s ok

  38. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    whats up with this arena and sticks tonight!?

    man jody shelley just kicked that guys arse, i could watch that hit all summer long

  39. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    ok drury pulling a move on the offensive side and going around a dman, someone wake me up when the dream is over and the game begins…..torts keep the red bull coming make sure it gets to southern florida before the game tomorrow…whats up with this energy!!!

  40. Redden says, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”

    I need the old folks button

  41. Damn I missing eveerything trying to get this espnplayer working…. Keep me updated guys ang girls!

  42. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKIST BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn Mako is missin all this again! he is KILLIN me!

  43. I know I said i before but give Prospal a two year deal. He still wants to play.


  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Prust , we trust!!! " … says Greg L. on


  45. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    how come they never said “old donald brashear” but continue to say ‘young michael del zotto’… grrr stop it

  46. billybleedsblue on

    “Tampa is awful in their own zone.”

    Well, nice to see us get 1 in a way we usually give 1 for once.

  47. “Did Stamkos just fall on the puck?”

    Yes the blade of his skate literally got on top of the puck and he fell (LOL)

  48. lets ONE UP the game from 1970 and put up a TEN SPOT, we scored eight early in the season against the lightning, we are on pace for 17!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    Shor, how about ‘lifeless chris drury’ or ‘ zombielike wade redden’.

  50. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    seth, hopefully they don’t have a 2nd period letdown! especially if they still have the dreaded 3 goal lead!

  51. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    damnit ct! i’m waiting for a faceoff and you guys are celebrating again…grrrr

  52. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    “Nosepickah Brandon Dubinsky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    wow. what a period of bad bounces. usually these go AGAINST us… we gotta like it!

  53. greenman..apparently at mediaplayer issue.. talked to support and now trying to uninstall and install again :(

  54. This must be what it’s like playing against the Rangers when they’re deflecting pucks in their own net.

  55. billybleedsblue on

    Oh my. Poor Smith. Another “Rangers goal.” It’s about time I see some pucks find their way to the back of the right net. Maybe I’m just being negative here, but those are the ones the Rangers always give up. Where the puck pinballs in or it’s just got eyes for the twine…

  56. Guys,

    you prob. are aware i am crazy already but im thinking there should be a goalie change at the end of the 1st period and it should be for the RANGERS, let hank rest and get AULD in there for the last 40 minutes…let hank play tomorrow in florida!

  57. This has been great so far, Tampa is doing a great job scoring against themselves!

  58. just pull the poor kid jesus why would they keep him in

    now he knows what Lundqvist feels like!

  59. Linda, did u see CR comments in the earlier post? I almost sent him the link then..LOL

  60. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    Krisy, i wouldnt do that. I think Rick would be upset over that. We do have to draw the line somewhere, especially because there is the possibility kids DO read the blog. I’m glad you didn’t make it public

  61. too bad the Rangers can’t bring the Tampa defense and goalie with them to all the games. kind of like the Washington Generals who play the Globetrotters.

  62. And its not only when u see Henrik u think about the “story”… now everthing they say sounds dirty.. ;))

  63. Two questions:
    When was the last time you felt THAT comfortable after the first period?

    And how many games in a row did that 4th line make us going?


    IT would never happen but it really would be the smart play here….

    but can you imagine the press conference with torts if somehow the lighting scored 6 on auld in forty minutes!!!!

    linda-good evening, who is on the ice tonight? i thought spring of 94 replayed from 2-3 today not 730-830!!!

  65. i love it when Carp gets interviews with Tortorella after games.. what’s up with that can we expect more?

  66. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    lmao seth. torts would definitely go godzilla on the press at that point! bloodshed & maiming by tortsadio

  67. Lin.. about Aves.. I agree! It could have been too much seeing him and Henrik together. LOL

  68. Ah, the 1990 AFC Championship Bills-Raiders. Bo Jackson’s last football season as Bo Jackson.

  69. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    so if the Rangers score 4 here, who goes in??? does smith come back? lol

  70. I watched some of that Pens-Bolts game the other night. Marty StL was buzzing, all over the ice. Looks pretty brutal tonight.

  71. ‘Bo knows’ the Rangers are going to tease the hell out of us and break our hearts.

  72. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    heehee ilb, and omg olga! he kinda freaked me out! he needs marty birons eyes and he can be truly eeeeeeevil

  73. CT, he always kills the rangers though ALWAYS, that backhand rooftop on hanks glove side!

  74. Bo was so much better at football. He’s best known in baseball for breaking bats over his knee after numerous strike outs.

  75. I was friends with the wife of Marty’s step brother (his wife is from Greenwich, CT), met him once briefly at the wife’s parents house. Rumor was when he was going for his last contract that if he couldn’t work things out with the Lightning he would have strongly considered the Rangers.

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    STFU Micheletti. They’ve been calling breaking the stick with a slash all year!

  77. Yeah this is like a Rays-Yanks or Marlins-Mets game. Always lots of NYers in the Sunshine State.

  78. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    olga, i just heard joe say all that… he needs an ether soaked towel over his face!

  79. sorry dont want to be negative on what is a GREAT night in ranger land so far but that propaganda with drury on the PK again, rewatch the 5-3, drury did whatever any normal PK kille would do, he had his stick in the passing lanes and put his body in the lane of the shot, then HE FAILED TO clear the puck when he had plenty of time!

  80. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    i wonder if Redden can take Micheletti to hartford with him…SORRY CT

  81. Have you noticed it’s 4-0 and no one from Tampa has tried to fight? I don’t think they want to fight Shelley. Nothing good would come out of that.

  82. Lundqvist looking like he borrowed Fankist’s tan in a can. Or he got lotsa sun whereever they went on their day off.

  83. Don’t they have the #1 fighter in the league, Konopka or something like that?

  84. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    ‘youthful exhuberance’. does that mean brashear has ‘senior moments”?

  85. What the HECK on

    Does everyone see the two green men right near the penalty box?

    If you don’t know it is a reference to Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV show)

  86. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    i have a feeling that photo is gonna crop up as often as the drury llws one

  87. What the HECK on

    If any of you can watch from 8:38-8:39 again. There are two men in Green Unitards sitting next to Dubinsky…

  88. Greenman; thanks for trying but it didnt help. Have an online stream going now and tired of trying to fix it so I just wait and try to fix it in the morning.

  89. guys really – killed a 5 on 3 and youse complain- the intellectual dishonesty kills me

  90. Hey did you guys see that Jane McManus is writing for the new ESPN New York football page? Good to see her doing her thing.

  91. seth i must agree i just heard joe say another “great play by drury on the pk” and he just wont stop. he didnt do anything great or even good. he has been a dud all night basically. just doing enough to get by. what is so damn special joe??? i dont see it. he cant score so thats the only time joe can say anything

  92. Well, I hope he took 36 hour Cialis then. It’ll hold him through tomorrow’s game too…

  93. Drury – 30 pts. Anisimov – 23 and Christiansen – 22. Hmmm… which ones are the better bargain?

  94. Yeah, maybe I’ll go with the wife to the grocery store to get ice cream and it will be more interesting.

  95. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    Orr, you have to admit, Hank’s been solid when they’ve had chances!

  96. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    get a fun ice cream, it might help lol

    ilb, i think shelley earned his with that hit earlier lol

  97. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    shor, please! after what krisy made me aware of earlier today, i can’t take it anymore lol

  98. I like Prust’s game. He’s very much like Avery but I think he plays within himself a lot better. Avery gets a little too cocky sometimes and tries to be too fancy.

  99. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    finally a prust interview and hockeystreams carcillos the bed… thanks guys

  100. How many goals might 95 blocked shots equal?
    F the fact that Joe M tries to oversell it.
    They just killed a 5-3- good job! WTF

  101. Grabby,

    exactly drury did his job he forced the puck outside but nothing outstanding or exceptional to be worthy of that praise…its like my boss giving me a raise for just showing up to work hey seth great job thank for coming in today!!!

    listen i love joe and sam and i dont get to hear them that often and they are just doing their job promoting the captain of the organization that pays them buts its painful for the diehards to listen to that propaganda…anyway on another note i just texted my baseball friends who were making fun of me last week for renewing my playoff tickets!!!!! i dont want to celebrate yet but im just saying there is a chance we could be playing buffalo in the 1st round!!!

  102. linda- u missed giannone getting soaked. there was this one kid in school who talked like that and launched littel spit missiles at me whenever he talked. he wouldnt have to even be facing me and you could see them flyin all over the place. looked like a damn sprinkler

  103. Shor…. Linda and I are hurting after some internett storyreading earlier. we need a braincleaning, u just keep getting it dirty. LOL If u dont stop I’ll have to send u a link and belive me u dont want that!!!!! Only male on this blog who would like that is CR :-)))

  104. deb- nobodys complaining about the kill. ytea they did good. ok. were just sick of hearing drury this and drury that when he basically is doing what betts did last year. i know betts got the same treatment but he was paid a whole lot less and was a 4th liner. so it was great for us to have contributions from him. drury gets praised for doing simple things. its aggravating

  105. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    trust me shor, NONE of you guys want to see it, except maybe CR lol!!!!!!

  106. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    lmao grabby, did his head go slowly right and click and then slowly back to the left???

  107. “my baseball friends who were making fun of me because I put a left handed glove on my right hand” LOL

  108. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    trust me Grabby, i seriously doubt you guys will get that link from either krisy or myself lol. My eyes were bleeding!

  109. aha no linda, but he was a really big dude. i mean he was a monster, so i couldnt really make fun of him or say anything or he mightve kille dme. so most of us just tried keepin a healthy distance. it was so bad that we all put our desks together for a group project, and his desk was slippery wet!! lol. nasty mofo!!

  110. ddebened –

    what are u saying>? chris drury is worth all the money he is making? he is a fabulous captain?

  111. Not tonight, Linda. I’ve been over-celebrating the lovely weather these past few days, if you know what I mean, and I need a night to recover. How are you doing?

  112. kovalchuk needed to score in the 3rd round of the SO And goes with a weak backhand and the DEVILS LOSE DEVILS LOSE!

  113. Linda? In response to krisy… :) I was busy on Fb telling Nora about bad storys! he he

  114. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    someone said something and i just wrote your name to see if you noticed lol

  115. he he, Linda.. My brain is reading everything the wrong way tonight. Kind of feel bad I sent u that THING now. LOL

  116. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    dont be krisy, it was hilarious, but at the same time…disturbing! too much

    lol ilb, he should carve his name in it

  117. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    krisy, i was trying to NOT acknowledge Orrs last comment lol!!!

    Sally, how was your seder? when I can actually come to one, what should i bring?

  118. Linda says GO PRUST! on


  119. Olga Folkyerself on

    The no dread at all 5 goal lead!

    Although I have seen disasters before…

  120. Wooooooot!!! 5-0!

    Linda, actually my seder is tomorrow… You should come! There’s gonna be noodle kugel! It says a lot about what kind of Jew I am…

  121. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    i wish i could be there sally!! one of these years! i have a feeling we may eventually move closer to NY.

    i hope that was a goal for Everlast~!

  122. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    i wish i could be there sally!! one of these years! i have a feeling we may eventually move closer to NY.

    i hope that was a goal for Everlast~!

    AND IT IS!!! thats the topping on the dessert!

  123. Boys and girls, remember this Voros (kinda) goal! This team now officially scored as many goals as they let in. LOL!!

  124. Seth-
    Is he worth the money? – NO, but I blame that on Sather. He
    IS what could be a very important part of a winning team. But he is not a franchise player. I just don’t understand the logic in crushing someone that plays for your team, is GOOD player,and plays hard – just because he is oversold and over paid.

    Is he is a fabulous captain? Any NYR captain is inevitably going to be compared to Messier. I love Messier. But just look at the 94 team, many of the players he was ‘leading’ were themselves leaders.
    The current team lacks other veteran leadership and overall talent, I think only the players could answer that. But to think one person is going to have that much effect on a team is something of lore.

  125. Olga Folkyerself on

    I bet St. Louis has never been to Disney World. He couldn’t get on any of the “You have to be THIS tall” rides….

  126. Q? Will the ‘boost’ of getting a shutout outweigh the rest LQ could have gotten by pulling him earlier?

  127. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    well, we all heard torts try to blame the media for talking guys into thinking they are tired lol. Hank says he’s ready and wants to play. WE think he’d benefit from a rest,but what do we know?

  128. yeah, victory!!! And good night all!
    Linda; new clean brain tomorrow ? :)I pray I dont dream about IT!!!

  129. Olga Folkyerself on

    At least it wasn’t a high pressure game for Hank for most of it. It might have been enjoyable to play without the fear of one fatal move losing the game again.

  130. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    Krisy, i hope so! gonna finish my book tonight, probably in an hour, and then i’m hoping those words don’t come back to me lol!!!!!! or GOD FORBID, dream about it

  131. Ha, funny Orr. Shanny needs to be an employee of the Rangers not the NHL. I think he’d be a good front office guy. Maybe not GM but some capacity.

  132. Linda says GO PRUST! on

    true olga, it was probably a mental rest

    ok guys and gals,enjoy basking in the victory, and the rest of your friday night!

    crush the panthers tomorrow as I’m watching the Messier of the Old Testament, Moses, lead the chosen ones out of bondage! awesomeness!!! Rangers and Moses…yea baby!

  133. Haha, don’t get me started on Entenmann’s again. I just finished off the last Crumb Cake donut today.

    I’m going back to Waldbaums tomorrow and getting the Apple Turnover’s.

    There’s some Cheese Buns in my house, but someone is hiding it. Fuggin house full of Dubinsky’s.

  134. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carp- it was a nice Ranger game night experience without The Lavender Menace. Before, it was like going to a friend’s house to watch the game, and his poodle is humping your leg all evening. It was embarrassing for the first 10 seconds, and you want to kill the mutt by the end of the night.

    Thanks for cleaning up the place…

  135. Olga Folkyerself on

    Noah, you’re probably right. Tampa can still tank themselves into next to last place overall. Toronto can’t use the pick so they have no reason to throw the games.

  136. Greg- shake a leg,need you to glyde like Clyde,c’mon was it Prust with the first thrust, tell me how the Lightning didn’t strike but Voros did, Hank throws a blank, need to Shmooz before I snooze….

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