And it just gets tighter


Some of the Rangers went to the Yankees game yesterday. Some of them were headed out on a boat (thanks to Aaron Voros’ twitter). And it was one of their best hockey nights of the season.

Everybody the Rangers needed to lose lost. And now it’s all right there. Put together some wins, and the playoffs are right there for the taking. This is one of the craziest races ever. The Rangers could — if they can win some games here — finish as high as sixth. They could, if they don’t, finish as low as 14th.

See the Leastern standings here.

Philly is the obvious choice to be caught, with Brian Bush-league in goal — did you see him against the Isles last night? — and the Flyers playing like carcillo, and that home-and-home with the Rangers next weekend.

But Boston can’t score, Atlanta’s just not that good and has a brutal schedule remaining. Neither, actually, is Montreal very good. And the Rangers now have a game in hand, or two, on every team they’re chasing.

They can also pretty much eliminate Tampa Bay tonight, because if the Lightning loses it can still mathematically get to 82 points, but it won’t be able to match the victory totals to get in in a tiebreaker.


This nutty race, and a caller to WFAN radio a couple of nights ago, reminded me of  perhaps the most unbelievable last day of any season I’ve ever seen. This is the 40th anniversary of the 1970 final day, after the Rangers had lost their next-to-last game and put themselves in a desperate situation. The first tiebreaker back then was total goals scored. The Rangers trailed Montreal by two points, and not only needed to win, and not only needed Montreal to lose, but needed to score a lot more goals than the Habs. I forget the exact number they needed.

So when the Rangers went ahead of Detroit at home, and it became apparent they would win, and when Montreal fell behind Chicago, both the Rangers and Canadiens pulled their goalies in the second period! The Rangers won 9-5. The Habs lost something like 10-2, and the Rangers made the playoffs.

This is one of those many times where I miss my friend John Halligan, who recently passed away. I could have called him and gotten all the exact details of that 1970 final day,  in a minute

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  1. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I think that ranger game was an nbc game at the time, it was a pond hockey game.
    I still think the rangers will make the playoffs , curses on dolan and sather.

  2. One additional thing I distinctly remember about that 1970 game. Rangers had 65 shots on goal. Can’t ever remember a game with more shots than that.

  3. wow thats crazy carp. i would love to see that game. but the 2nd period?? they couldnt have had the goalie out the rest of the game? how long did they keep the goalie out?

  4. Carp, I remember that game against Detroit. Was it 1970? Holy carcillo, I’m old! The Rangers were all over the Red Wings in that game. Roger Crozier played the entire game and I remember the post game interview of the Red Wings coach who praised Crozier for playing so well.

    It was a fun game to watch.

  5. Carp used “bush-league”! … He did, he did, he did! … This is my greatest day of all time …

  6. Morning ‘heads!

    Got all the help they could have asked for last night. Now they just have to deliver the goods tonight and win when they are supposed to.

  7. i watched the bruins gme last night. holy carp, you guys think we have a hard time scoring?? i couldnt believe how many chances they had and either were passing when they should be shooting, or they had shots blocked, wide, sticks breakin all over teh place, it was embarrassing. talked to some bruins fans and they were pathetic. even before teh game they were calling for them to lose. they wanna tank more than we do.they already have or will have a top 5 pick with torontos pick, so why would they wanna tank so bad? i dont get it. i mean some fans just take the whole tanking thing to another extreme. they could play for the cup(no matter how unlikely), and get a top pick at the same time. hey, some people are realists and realize they wont win, but tehres always a chance, if you make it, and theyre still ahead in the race.

  8. All this talk about us making the playoffs just bums me out.
    Nothing like seeing us squeak into the playoffs only to get annihilated by the number 1 seed.
    Go yanks!

  9. It was an afternoon game (the only kind I was allowed to go to at the time), and Detroit was hung over, having clinched a playoff spot the previous night. I listened to the Montreal game sitting on my mother’s washing machine in the basement, which was the only way the radio would pick it up. One of the most exciting, nerve-wracking days in hockey I have ever lived through.
    I highly recommend Gerry Eskenazi’s “A Year on Ice” for the full story of that season. (Holy crap, just pulled down my copy: autographed by Emile Francis, Tim Horton, etc. Had totally forgotten about it.)

  10. Good game morning, heads!
    Carp- it’s Bouche-league.
    The ice is good to go? Good job, Tampa!

    I saw two of the games last night. Nobody wants this playoff spot, I’m telling you.

  11. Go thing TB has ice…the last thing thing this team needs is points for not playing hard…almost like NYR were going to get a bailout…haha

  12. I kinda wish the ice thing was true. Stamkos can shoot the puck really really hard.

  13. Good morning all! It’s a great day! Lovely weather, Friday, lots of losers last night and a game later. Only thing that could make it better is if it were payday (well, lots of other things could make it even better, but this is what I got).

  14. billybleedsblue on

    Good stuff Carp. What a story about that crazy finish, I can’t believe I was previously unaware of that one…well, I can actually, 1970 is just a little before my time, but still… And thanks BaHa for the book title, I will have to check that out.

    So, I imagine at some point today Tortorella calls Scott Gordon and thanks him for taking care of business last night. Rangers have gotten all the help they need. It’s pretty much up to them now…

  15. Carp that must have been back when the Rangers could score.
    This team ain’t got a snowballs change in hell of scoring 9-10 goals!
    By the way…was Drury, Redden or Rozi on that 1970 squad, cause come to think of it they are playing like they are over 60 years old.

  16. I remember the Chicago-Montreal game like it was yesterday. This was obviously before cable TV and any internet related packages that could livestream any game at any time. All my friend Donny Testa and I had was a portable radio that we held next to a metal pipe in Donny’s apartment in Stuy Town. Most of the game is a blur except for when Kenny Wharram scored his hat trick goal. Not sure who the announcer was (Stu Nahan??) but it went something like this . . .”And Wharram blasted a 6 inch shot, 6 inches off the ice for the goal. And now the ice is being littered with hats. There’s all sorts of hats out there, fedoras, beanies . . . there’s even a yarmulka or two”. LMAO. This put a ‘cap’ on one of the best days in Ranger history.

  17. It would be just like the Rangers to give up a hat trick to Marty or Vinny tonight and lose. It’s their nature.

    Hopefully they will give us a Good Friday miracle.

  18. I don’t quite understand the paranoia that abounds about making the playoffs thinking that the Rangers and their fans will never be able to recover from. If anyone truly takes a look at past playoff history especially involving the Rangers you could conclude ‘anything can happen’. Upsets and close battles, usually in the 1st round, abound. I believe this year is especially ripe for strange occurrences. I don’t see the top 4 seeds playing anywhere near consistent hockey. They all have suspect goaltending (except for maybe Buffalo) and we know our King is capable of. So lets stop all this ‘tank trash’ and get psyched for what my buddies and I call ‘HOCKEY IN SHORTS’. Let’s hope the Boys in Blue cooperate.

  19. Indeed I am Staal. I’m particularly pleased to note all the old-timers here :) seeing I was a little thing back during the infamous 1970 game. Hockey wasn’t on my radar yet…

  20. scottsny51
    ‘anything can happen’ but it won’t…trust me…this squad is terrible.
    This team can’t beat Toronto! Don’t tell me they have a chance of beating the Caps…the team we’d most likely start against. And inconsistency…no team has been more inconsistent than the Rangers in fact the Rangers have been consistently inconsistent!

  21. They can’t beat Toronto but they beat the Devils who beat the Pens all 6 times this year who beat the Rangers 5 times this year who beat the Bruins 3 times this year but only beat the Thrashers 1 time and but still split 2 games with the Coyotes but looked awful against the Sharks and at the same time took a loaded Blackhawks team to OT.

  22. Crazy thought: What if this team does make the playoffs and win the Cup? What would the attitude be like?

    In 94, we all loved Mess, Tikk, Richter, Graves, Leetch, Zubov, Matteau Matteau Matteau, Nemchinov, and so on.

    In ’10, we all hate Redden, Rozi, Joki, Drury, Voros, and Sather. Some people hate Dubi, Aves, Girardi, and Torts. No one cares about Shelley, Boyle, Prust, Lisin, Auld. Gabby is a star but is not really loved.

    The roster is chock-full of unlikable characters, and it would be bittersweet to see some of those bums (Redden) hoist the Cup, with Sather getting credit.

  23. I think the only team in that race for the playoffs who has a shot at beating Washington is you. With that whole Tortagate thing, it will bring back the rival of last years series. Unlike a playoff win, rangers also have to play for revenge for dropping a 3-1 game lead. If you get 7th seed, well, you might have to play the Devils, and Im sure we’ll take you out in 5.

    I said it a while ago BEFORE THE DEVILS GAME. If the rangers beat the devils that last game, they will make the playoffs. Of course things still have to play out, but I’m rarely wrong in these predictions. I called it last year when they were all but gone and squeeked in the 2nd to last game of the season.

    So, dust off those Thunder Sather Sticks (if you didnt toss it on the ice) and get ready for the biggest roller coaster of the year.

  24. I actually think it’s the opposite way around Ricky. I think the Caps have gotten into Lundqvist’s head. After they finally started to break him down by the middle of last year’s series. He’s let up some bad goals against them this year. Even the game they won in Washington he let up a half ice dump in from Backstrom and in their first game at MSG he let up a weak high gloveside goal in the waning minutes.

    But the opposite is true against the Devils. Marty is very prone to letting up a game changing goals to the Rangers almost every time they play and Henrik manages to pull off some outstanding saves, except against Elias.

  25. This team is a .500 club. So, it is safe to assume that they will finish these last 6 games at 3-3, or 4-2 at best. They could just as easily go 2-4. They won’t win out or lose out. So, depending on Philly and Boston, the Rangers will or won’t make the playoffs. Since those two teams are in a free-fall, the Rangers have a pretty good chance of making the playoffs. If they make the playoffs, it will be by default and not by effort. That says it all right there. Their best chance of doing anything in the playoffs is going against the Devils. That is the one team they seem to do well against. Beyond that, not much hope. Not unless Gaborik scores in every game and Hank can keep a GAA of 2.0 or less (not likely with this team defense). So, we will see. I would love to be proven wrong! It would be awesome to see them play some inspired team hockey and make some noise well into the second round and maybe even the third. However, nothing about this team’s season has given me pause to suspect that something like that is possible.

  26. Mama,

    I agree. It would be the greatest feeling in the world for him to hoist the cup as a Ranger. I wouldnt mind him hoisting it with another team, as long as he was not a Bruin.

  27. good morning! what a beautiful day out there….the sun was apprarently shining on the rangers last night as they hit the TRIFECTA! lets get it done tonight in TAMPA boys!!!

  28. Mama, If Aves hoisted the cup, Bettman would have an aneurysm right there on the ice. And everyone would declare the apocolypse as being the next day instead of 2012.

    Wait, that IS one way we could get rid Bettman.

  29. Betteman would jump on the Zamboni and run Avery over berfore he got within 10 feet of the cup

  30. I have a shine box for anyone who wishes the Rangers not make the playoffs to get a better draft pick.
    Do we really want another Hugh Jessiman ?

  31. LI RangerFan on

    Tony – I completely agree with you about the draft; however, it’s not going to be fun to watch the Rangers get smoked by the Caps in the first round either, IMO…

  32. In terms of bang for the buck there’s nothing wrong with having a guy like Christensen. However unless one of the Infamous 3 is moved they’re going to need to make every $ count. I’ve been on record as saying that they essentially need to let almost every impending FA walk after this season with the exception of Staal. That would leave them with 5 D, 8 F (although they’d still be paying 1.4 for Brash) and only Lundqvist in net.

    The main challenge is going to be upgrading talent amongst the top 6 forwards. Patrick Sharp would be a nice boost to supplement the scoring on the wing if Chicago puts him on the block in their inevitable salary dump. They’d still need a top line center and that market is really thin. Stay away from Patrick Marleau. He was never even a 60 point guy before Thornton showed up in SJ.

  33. Sorry to disagree, but I dont mind Buttman so much.

    It doesnt seem like he is in the Boston pockets, as Selig, Stern, and Goodell.

    If he was, he would demand that the Bruins ownership be sold, because their current owner is a cheapo.

  34. You did good on that Jessiman deal. Didn’t he get traded for “a future consideration” to Nashville?

  35. lmao @ that Oilers link. How awesome was Struds with the ‘he has a tan.

    CCCP, i am soooo glad you didn’t miss it last night. I think I recently read somewhere they were picked up for next season, so more insanity!

    It would be hilarious to see Aves hoisting the Cup. You all know the hypocritical NHL loves the attention he garners. You go to the bottom of their site, and the FIRST player site listed is Sean Avery. Are you gonna tell me he’s the ONLY player with the last name starting with A they could have chosen???

  36. Ct, this is going to be a very telling off season. There will be moves made, and hopefully the right ones. Not every fan is going to be happy, we never are. The one thing the could do right is to, sorry to say for your sake, banish Redden to Hartford.

    Hypothetically, if it came down to a decision to keep Fankist or FIM (Prospal or Christensen for all the newbies here) who would YOU choose?

  37. Why FIM for Christensen?

    I would keep Christensen. He actually has skill and is young. FanKist is awesome, but old.

  38. CR, it’s short for Foot In Mouth lol. He made some interesting comments, when he first got here, about the Thrashers/Atlanta. He’s a very interesting interview, to say the least! he’s also QOM (quote o matic) because you just knew after he said certain things, they’d be on the bulletin board in the oppositions lockerroom!

  39. From what he means to the team, I’d keep Prospal. But both him and Christensen need to be cast as secondary players and Christensen seems easier to dispose of if he can’t produce (which is true in the sense that Prospal would be a 35+ contract). So in terms of optionality I’d choose Christensen.

  40. Chris, I can’t believe Captain Clutch isn’t on that list. I think the votes would be different if it weren’t done by players. But interesting nonetheless. Of course, I take offense to one player’s mention.

    Vinny v. FIM….hmmm. that’s tough for me. I like Vinny.

  41. ThisYearsModel on


    I too saw that game in 1970. it was on national TV (CBS, I think). After the Rangers 9-5 win, we had to wait as the Montreal-Chicago game was at night. The Habs lost 10-2, and the Rangers were in. That was the beginning of their 70’s run, and my first introduction to the curse as they had teams that were clearly the best in the league, yet found ways to lose. Ratelle’s broken leg……..choking in Philadelphia in 1974 when Rolfe was beaten up. Giacomin, Park, Ratelle, Gilbert, Vickers……..those were very talented teams.

  42. I think both Vinny and Christensen should be re-signed. We just need to have them fill in the right spots on the roster.

    UFA = 1st Line Center
    Vinny = 2nd Line Center
    Christensen = 3rd Line Center
    AA = 4th Line Center.

    Drury and Dubi are better on the Wings and I really dont think we need Voros or Boyle next season.

    1 Big UFA Center and a Tough, Cheaply-priced D-man is all i wanna see us go out and get.

    Then, Round out the roster with Wolf-Packers

  43. Hi CARP!

    I’ve been hanging out in D.C., doing my thing … got this new girlfriend now, so I haven’t been spending as much time on here …

    The Rangers are being handed the playoffs on a silver platter … let’s hope they don’t bush-league this opportunity …

  44. Voros and Boyle are still under contract for next year. Maybe they finally set Voros free and try to trade him for something but I don’t know what he’d be able to fetch in return. He’s been waived the past two years and no one wanted to claim him. It seems the coaching staff wants to turn Boyle into something, not sure what it is, they do like him like the way Renney liked Betts.

    There really aren’t any sure thing centers in the FA class. You have Marleau, which I think would be a mistake. At the right price, say $3MM it wouldn’t be terrible to end up with Plekanec, but he’s hardly an elite center. Then you have guys like Saku Koivu and Mike Modano who Sather hopefully has neither of their agent’s numbers in his contact list. Amongst the FA forwards, it’s basically Kovalchuk and everyone else.

  45. I really can’t believe some of you claim to be “Ranger” fans. You cant tell me you don’t think they have at least a chance to beat the Caps should they make the playoffs. Caps goaltending was the “ONLY” reason we lost to them last year. It still took them 7 games and a lucky bounce here or there and we would have won it. Root for your team damnit!!! You know if Hank and Gabby are on their game and we get some contributions from other areas it can be done. Caps goaltending is a huge question mark. Varlamov’s sophmore season has’nt been great. “Three or more” is gonna carry them? I’d like to see this series. I’d like to see it alot more than what Sather might do with a high draft pick!

  46. On Vinny v. Christensen, it’s a tough call as they each bring different things. I’d be more inclined to bring back Christensen though. Mainly on the basis of Vinny’s age and his history of good year followed by a bad year. But if Vinny wants to stay around for a cheap contract that is one year, then why not? It’s not like any of the prospects are ready and this year’s FA class appears weak. Can’t run him into the ground again, though.

  47. I’m surprised NBC already chose Caps-Bruins as their game on the last day of the season. Don’t they have until Monday to decide? I thought for sure it would be Flyers-Rangers.

    Will we see Auld get the start tomorrow? He’s pretty capable. If we win tonight, he should be in there. This is quite the interesting race.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Game Day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Staal Wart , Shut the hell up!! Your garbage talk on here today is making me wanna puke. You get your sorry Ranger bashing azz outta here. Dont need a bunch of idiots trying to down us while where making a playoff push. You say we’ll just get swept..? Go to the Devils blog , im sick of your unloyal behavior.

  49. Good for Jane!

    Miami, they have internet in D.C., right?

    This year’s, I don’t remember the Montreal game being a night game. But that makes more sense, if the Habs knew the Rangers had already won and scored nine.

    BaHa, I thought I responded earlier, but I must have forgotten to hit “submit.” Sorry, you’re right about the Original Six (I fixed it). But was the Original Six still all in the East and the expansion teams still in the West in 1970?

  50. Going to the game tonight!!!!

    Right by the Rangers entrance onto the ice. I hope to stick my head down there and try to touch the perfection known as Henrik’s face!!!!

  51. Funny thing is if the Flyers make the playoffs, Caron cant play in the playoffs anyways.

    Something about acquired Free Agent players after the Deadline.

    If it were up to me, I’d be giving my “eligible” players the chance to finish out the season

  52. if the flyers make the playoffs can he even play in the playoffs? i dont get this signing.

  53. Here’s a description of the final day of the 1970 season from Wikipedia. Amazing stuff. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before:

    Canadiens/Rangers tiebreaker
    Entering their last games of the regular season, the badly slumping New York Rangers were two points behind the Montreal Canadiens for the final playoff spot. A New York victory and a Montreal loss would have left them tied in points, but the Canadiens had a five-goal advantage in the “goals for” category. This led to usual tactics from both teams.

    In their second-last game, the Detroit Red Wings had clinched a playoff spot, after having missed the postseason for the past three years. Many of their players were jubilant and were wildly celebrating this accomplishment, despite the fact that they were scheduled to face New York the next day to finish the season. Several Detroit players still had hangovers from last night’s party just hours before they took to the ice against the Rangers.[1]

    The desperate Rangers managed 65 shots on Detroit goalie Roger Crozier to amass a 9-3 lead early in the third period. Looking for even more goals, Coach Emile Francis repeatedly pulled goalie Ed Giacomin for the extra attacker though this failed to add to the Rangers’ tally; in fact this let the Red Wings hit the empty net twice for a 9-5 final score. Nonetheless, however, New York was now equal on points with Montreal and had four more goals for the season.[1]

    The Canadiens played against the Chicago Black Hawks which was both teams’ final regular season game. Unlike the Red Wings who had nothing else to accomplish in their final game, the Black Hawks were playing for first place in their division. With nearly nine minutes left in the third period and down 5-2 to the Hawks, the Canadiens would make the playoffs if they scored three more goals regardless of the game’s outcome, so Coach Claude Ruel pulled his goaltender for the extra attacker. Montreal failed to score while Chicago scored five times into the empty Montreal net, to win 10–2. The Canadiens, ending the season with two goals behind the Rangers, were out of the playoffs. Angry Habs fans have accused Detroit, having already secured a postseason berth and with nowhere to move in the standings, of purposely throwing the game to let the Rangers make the playoffs

  54. “The desperate Rangers managed 65 shots on Detroit goalie Roger Crozier…”

    65! 65? wow. I can’t even imagine that now.

  55. Emile Francis on

    IF the flyers make the playoffs, it will be a horrible season for the Rangers, because the Rangers play the flyers the final 2 games. and if the Rangers can’t get up for those games, then they are not worthy of being on the team next season. and that goes for every last one of them, no matter the contract or reputation.

  56. LI RangerFan on

    Mama – is it the 65 shots that you can’t imagine, or the “desperate Rangers”? ;-)

  57. So, what Carp is really saying is that all the teams involved in this so-called race STINK?

  58. Yeah, signing a goalie who will finish out the season but can’t play in the playoffs is a waste. It’s not like it’s gonna help Boucher’s confidence.

    Hilarious situation. But, if they make the playoffs, it wont be funny. It really would be sad for NYR.

  59. >>Avery is apparently not happy being voted one of the league’s most overrated players.

    Those same players are the ones who help him succeed at what he does. Another favourite of mine is when they say Avery is a dirty player. When was the last time the guy was penalised or suspended for a dirty play?

  60. AVERY!!!!!

    I knew it couldnt be real!!

    I was going tell him that he’s the greatest and ask him if I could his taste his….

  61. True fans bleed RW&B on

    CR9 is creating a whole new sexual breed of men who fantasize of other men, don’t sleep with men, but are not in the closet because of how open they are. Oh wait, that’s also known as Ricky Martin syndrome, no?

  62. LOL

    I was only joking ( not really :) )

    I put the … so as to not offend anyone!!

    AVERY!! AVERY!!!!!

  63. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I got to meet Elisha Cuthbert a few years ago, she was sitting behind me at a game on the island. I was stoked to talk to her during intermissions and we ended up talking through the 3rd period… I can only imagine CR9 giving her the cold shoulder with the same opportunity but then asking her to save a pair of sean’s underwear for him or something extremely hetero like that.

  64. True fans


    I remember that story. But I wouldn’t give the cold shoulder to her. She is HOTTT!!! I would ask if I could be involved in something that I am not able to mention here!!!

  65. TONY?! Has that meniscus shifted that far?

    Did you like Malik’s picture on Yahoo, folks?

  66. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I think its hilarious… Others might be offended (obviously Carp is getting queezy) by your ‘humor,’ (idk your personal situation, nor do I care too because it may take the ‘humor’ out of it) but we can certainly call you the Sean avery of Lohudblogs as you seem to successfully push the envelope w/o crossing the line.

  67. “So when the Rangers went ahead of Detroit at home, and it became apparent they would win, and when Montreal fell behind Chicago, both the Rangers and Canadiens pulled their goalies in the second period! The Rangers won 9-5. The Habs lost something like 10-2, and the Rangers made the playoffs.”

    That’s awesome. Carp can you see about getting that game on MSG Classics?

  68. Jacob Ruppert on

    Lol cr9… Yes, he is the Sean Avery of LoHud!! Carp is going to make a cr9 rule next.

  69. TAKE A MINUTE AND DO THIS! Call the Nestle Hot line at 1-800 295-0051 When asked if you want to continue in English or Spanish, wait quietly for about 10 seconds and you will smile. Keep going and press 4. Then press 7. Don’t give away the surprise. Whoever thought of this at Nestle deserves a raise

  70. 3:45 on a Friday and it’s Good Friday at that. Beautiful outside to boot.

    Anyone feel like not doing anymore work for the day?

  71. I’m a CR9 supporter, he’s crazy, but there are a lot worse here. At least he can take a joke, and a couple of bashes here and there. So many whiners come here, that act like babies.

    I don’t even have to mention any names, cause they automatically respond, ahaha. They just love the attention.

  72. True fans bleed RW&B on

    The CR9 rule:
    Any ‘player’ (because we can all see CR9s true intentions) discussing hockey and non-hockey plays which include stick-waving or facing their backside towards the goalkeeper will be ban’d.

    Its not much different than the actual avery rule, in words.

  73. Malik’s own goal wasn’t that bad. It was a bad attempted pass, but the goalie was sticking his leg out a little, i think.

    The worst was Backstrom’s own goal against the Pens two seasons ago. The puck was just above the crease, and he went to clear it and shot it right in his own net with not much time left in the 3rd.

    Then there’s Oo’Byrne’s own goal from last season. Shooting it into a vacated net on a delayed penalty. O’byrne, the guy who stole a woman’s purse, and shot a puck into his own net. What a guy!

  74. Nice, Tony..I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. And his voice is sooo serious!

  75. Ranger Report reader on

    Carp, it would be nice if the Ranger Report got back to being about hockey, and less about certain individual posters

    they should create their own sexual social site if they want to make this blog about them.

    long time readers are turned away by the “look at me” and “this blog is all about me” posts

    please regain control and make this Ranger Report about the NY Rangers, not immature posters who want social attention

  76. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Long time readers who can’t post with their true handles either:
    A) Don’t have the courage to stand behind their point.
    B) Don’t have any respect here to support their point.
    C) Haven’t actually been long time readers.
    D) All of the above.

  77. Jacob Ruppert on

    Ranger report reader

    You can avoid the posts and ignore them. I think it’s quite childish to complain about people making jokes over the internet. Drop it and move on!

  78. A little humor is cool, but some of this stuff is just nasty and childish. I am all about some humor, just not the kind that is hyper immature.

  79. Tony, let’s just hope there’s nothing to laugh at between the posts tonight :)

    I still can’t get thru to that number!

  80. I love all the people that want to make this site strictly aboot hockey. Last time time i checked, there’s aboot 5-6 other Rangers blogs (that i know of) on the internet. Go there.

    Non stop whining.

    You think hockey players just talk aboot hockey in the locker room? They probably have the CR9-style convo brewing as we speak, or at least the straight version. As long as nobody goes over the edge, it’s fine. Learn to skip posts if you can’t handle them.

    Boo fuggin hoo. Get over it, or get out. I hear BB is very clean this time of the year.

  81. Well all, I’m actually getting out early. I’ll be out watching the game with a friend, so try and be nice here….and LGR!!!! (oh, please, please win….) TA for now!

  82. Ranger Report reader is correct. This is like a facebook page now. Carp encourages it to get hits. On a normal blog, one can contribute to the conversation. Here, if you aren’t in the “in crowd” you are ignored (or worse).

    Get over it or get out??? You own this site? See, its posts like that that will kill this blog. Carp’s reporting will be wasted on a select crew of cyber-bullies.

  83. Aw Dubiii, don’t say that. I like reading everyone’s team thoughts. don’t let folks get you down….stay the course my friend! OK, signing off…..again, LGR!

  84. Listen, humor or non hockey talk is cool. Nobody is complaining about that. What is also nice is when people show a little respect for others. Sadly, that is way out of fashion. I am not saying that conversation should be strictly monitored and such. Talk about whatever you want. However, if it is too much for a young fan to read, it really is over the line. Adults aren’t the only hockey fans. For those who have the “get over it” attitude, take a look around and come to the realization that the world consists of more than you. Welcome to it.

  85. I don’t understand why people would want us to miss the playoffs in order to get a lottery pick. We have a terrible history when it comes to drafting. Also we have one of the best goalies in the league and a pure goal scorer in hank and gaborik. I definitely want us to make the playoffs because a hot goalie in the playoffs can take you all the way to the finals…Giguere, Cam Ward and Khabibulin and i believe hank is better then all 3 of those just mentioned.

    Also did anybody see Malik’s latest blunder?,231425

  86. “I love all the people that want to make this site strictly aboot hockey. Last time time i checked, there’s aboot 5-6 other Rangers blogs (that i know of) on the internet. Go there.

    Non stop whining.

    Boo fuggin hoo. Get over it, or get out. I hear BB is very clean this time of the year.”


    and this from one of the worst offenders, Carp. the case is made

  87. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    jeez man its good friday wtf is with all the cranky people here today….the rangers hit the trifecta last night, lets all hug it out and on the count of three chant it with me



  88. It’s Carp’s decision at the end of the day…

    The good news is that if they win a few more games, the mood on this blog will totally change. I hope.

  89. This isn’t a normal blog, which is why it’s a fun blog. Be honest, how many here used to go to RR, BB, and another blog back when Weiner was here. No offense to the guy, he did a good job, but this blog was boring, and barely anyone talk.

    Come here in the summer, cause this is the *ONLY* Rangers blog on the net that has people that actually talk throughout the summer, and not just during the draft, and the week leading up to and after July 1st.

    Nothing should change. Like i said, get over it, or get out. It’s always the same carp. Wah, wah, wah, poor me, nobody responds to my posts. Child please!

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Game Day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I love this blog.

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    HOCKEY TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!


    win win win win iwn win win wijn

  91. (610): Im really high right now and the vending machine is broken and giving out free candy. Please kill me, my life will never get better than this!

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Game Day!!! " … says Greg L. on


  93. reasoning with internet bullies is pointless. the self-obsessed rarely listen to anything other than their own breathing.

  94. I would agree somewhat that some posters take a bit far (personally, I’m not bothered by it but i know some people get offended) There is plenty of hockey talk and other talk on here.

    But i think it’s unfair to blame Carp for what people post… he can’t start banning people just because he/she said something that other posters don’t find suitable (for them). This blog is like one ongoing conversation…It goes up and it goes down… but lets not forget that this is INTERNET and no need to make it sound like your life depends on what people post on here.

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Game Day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hate the player but don’t hate the blog .. nlk ( noobie)and dubiii.

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Game Day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I geuss we agree on 3 things Orr . You BULLY , tough guy!!!
    Wanna have a cyber scrap? Ill OUT TYPE YOU man. Im tough too!!! Look at me flex my fat fingers!!! Can I be the tough guy next time?? CCCP coat checks people and you ORR have that Colton Orr tough-guy name. Geeze , I’ll never be like you guys!!

  97. Flex fat fingers, haha.

    Me?? Bully?? How is that possible??

    Seriously, i have too much of a life to even try to understand how it is possible to bully someone online.

    At least this topic is comical. Something to pass the time until the game begins.

  98. “get over it or get lost” qualifies as internet bullying. You are telling people what to do or they can leave. Since this isn’t your site, being bullied is exactly what it is.

  99. I used to frequent a couple of other “hockey only” blogs and basically they were boring. Everybody on there is a know-it-all.

    If they’d only use these line combinations….If they’d only trade for this guy or get rid of that guy….If they’d make me GM and coach….blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

    And, if you don’t agree with them then you’re an idiot.

    If that’s what turns you on, then go for it.

  100. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    chant it with me….LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO RANGERS…..what did we do last yeah in tampa did we lose and win in a SO-i cannot recall?

  101. ““get over it or get lost” qualifies as internet bullying. You are telling people what to do or they can leave. Since this isn’t your site, being bullied is exactly what it is.”

    LMAO, are you kidding? How is that bullying? Do bullies give options to their victims?

    Are there any other choices? Just because one person and their imaginary friends don’t like the “non-hockey talk”, doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically go away, so you’re left with two choices. Get used to it, and move the fugg on, and skip the posts, or just leave, and go to a Rangers blog where you wont have to see these posts.

    It’s pretty simple. I don’t see how that’s bullying.

  102. Orr,

    Malik’s own goal was horrid. The one mortal sin for defense-men is passing the puck across the middle in the defensive zone and that’s exactly what Malik did.

    The best part of the video is after he puck goes in, Malik skates away like nothing happen.

  103. First off, I don’t have a problem at all with non-hockey talk. It is usually pretty funny. I have a problem with some of the nastier stuff that is posted… usually by one or two people.

    If you can’t see the internet bullying, oh well. I have wasted enough of my time on this. It is pretty sad when people express an opinion and are told to get over it or move on. When you own the site/blog, you can probably say that. Until then, voice your opinion and keep your suggestions to yourself.

  104. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    1970 was another near-miss in the Stanley Cup playoffs, Rangers losing a hard fought semi-final series to Boston, who won the Cup, after leading in that series 2 games to 1. I think Jack Eggers getting hurt was the straw that broke our backs. Until then, Eggers was playing like an all-star and the rest of the team was quite capable in all respects.

    Aside from 1994, I have to say my biggest thrill as a Ranger fan came in the first playoff round in 1971, when we beat Toronto in O.T., in Toronto, to clinch that series. That was the first time many of us had seen the Rangers win a playoff series, it had been since 1950 that they had done that. I remember I was stunned, it took days to get used to the fact that I actually saw another team of players congratulating Ranger players, after the deciding game. It felt so strange and was hard to relate to, with no frame of personal reference, there.

  105. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Further point re that clinching Toronto game, Emile had Vic Hadfield and Bob Nevin on the same line, in O.T., and I will never forget the thrill of the two of them breaking in on the Toronto goalie, two-on-none, and one of them, I forget who, scored. What a moment that was!

  106. Baseball,

    Great story but you’re making me jealous. Too young to be a part of it, would love if that game existed in an archive.

    Seth and Shoryuken,

    That pretty much sums it up for all of us I think, great blog entry.

  107. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Game Day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sather is here to stay , for ever. He can’t sit on the bench cuz all ya fans would throw beer on him and chant “fire Sather”. He really can’t sit up stairs cuz hes still in the building hearing the chants. So Sather will watch from a tv , far far away from the action , having Mark Messier run the show. Mark will be in the building quite frequently answering questions and giving quality “stares” at the media and local press. he won’t be the brute that Torts is but Messier will bring a calm and direct approach to the situations on hand. Messier is not afraid to make a stand and get rid of someone , just ask all the ex teamates he got management to get rid of. Messier had power and influence , he is a winner .

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