No ice in sunny Florida


It turns out the Rangers might only need to win one game in Florida this weekend.

A giant compressor blew at the St. Pete Times Forum yesterday, and the Lightning’s home ice turned into a flood. According to reports, it might be impossible to fix the compressor before Monday. And the NHL is saying that if the Lightning can’t fix it, or can’t reschedule the game before next Sunday, it will have to forfeit the game (and the two points) to the Rangers.

Rescheduling a game at this stage of the season is almost impossible because teams cannot play more than two consecutive days, and neither team has an obvious opening for a rescheduled game. The NHL does not seem inclined to stretch the season beyond next Sunday because the playoffs are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, and such an extra day would cause logistics nightmares.


A couple of things at the blog of Mitch Beck, a friend of Rangers Report who writes about the AHL and the Wolf Pack. In his blog, Howlings, Beck has a story that Evgeny Grachev did not make the AHL all-rookie team (not a surprise). He also has an interview with the college coach of newly-signed Rangers goalie Cameron Talbot, former NHLer Danton Cole.


Darren Dreger, on The NHL Network last night, was talking about hot seats. It was complete speculation, but Dreger said he thought the hottest seat was in Calgary, where the Sutter brothers could both be out on their cans if the Flames miss the playoffs; and the next hottest was in New York, he said, where Glen Sather could be kicked upstairs and Mark Messier named his successor.

I must say that, as plugged-in as Dreger is (and he sure is), I doubt anybody knows what’s really going on in the boardrooms of MSG and Cablevision. I sincerely doubt that Sather would be in any serious danger if the Rangers miss the playoffs. But it is possible that Sather will have had enough of the job, and with Messier learning at his knee this year, maybe a mutual change will be made.

Again, it’s total speculation. Anybody who says he knows is full of carcillo.

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  1. what would the score be if the lightning forfitted the game? would hank get a shut out?haha we’ve thrown enough points away this year, about time we got some handed to us on a plate!!! love the blog carps. Chris – Snowny England (UK)

  2. Ryan from NJ on

    APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!

    All the NHL would really do is fly the lightning up north to play at the Garden, lol.

    Nice try though. Did you see GOOGLE changed their name to TOPEKA?

    People believe that too!

  3. HA HA!! That is classic a compressor blew up! Could you imagine the outrage from Boston, Atlanta, Montreal and Philadelphia if Rangers got 2 FREE points this late in the season.

  4. LMAO APRIL FOOLS.. giant compressor!

    Good morning Rick! Good morning Boneheads! D’uh, I just realized that Cameron Talbot played at UAH! I actually saw him play a few weeks ago, during the bogus “STANLEY CUP WEEKEND” that was only a day. Sorry that I don’t have much of a scouting report on you, seeing that that was the ONLY time I’d seen the Chargers play.

    Thankfully we have a game tonight, topics have been on the ‘dicey’ side lately ;-)

  5. they’ll fix that thing right before the rangers are set to leave, rangers will be drunk at the airport, have to play and lose. redden will be the best player in the loss, standing up straight the longest until his stick breaks and he falls face down on top of a passed out hank. then u see some crazed drooling fan come run out onto the ice screaming jaromirito!!!!! hankiepoO!!! im coming honey!!! i will save you!!!!

  6. Good morning, Linda. You are right, good thing we have a game tonight. Montreal lost last night too, thank you Canes! Another team without a clue on how to tank.

  7. Good april fools Carp – had me going for a second but just think of the outrage from Buttman and the Lightning owners about ticket money, TV rights not to mention the other playoff contenders up in arms about the forfeit!!

    I only realised it was April the 1st when i read an article about my local soccer team re-signing a guy who had been to jail for killing a guy while drunk driving some years ago when he played for us and the reporters name was listed as “April D’Uno”…!!

  8. also, did not realize it was April 1st until I submitted my “But dont we play Friday” comment. doh!

  9. Good morning, Mikey! I’m not a mean person. I’ll be quiet. But someobody, please, I need a new diaper!

  10. i meant hairless cat.oh and ehh, my bad about using that word, but it is the pc word to use right? homo-sexual? i hope i didnt break any rules here and if so, sorry carp.

  11. AHAHAHA. That is a GOOD one, Carp. Had me fooled for a few minutes, then realized the date.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if it were actually true?

  12. My compressor at home broke. Now I don’t have to make house payments anymore. Hurray!

  13. i heard from tr 809 that the rangers were going to use their 1st round pick in this years draft to not draft a regular player, but a cyborg alien named vikingstad obi wan kenobi vandersexx fritz alfredo davinci from planet fagatron. they have been scouting him using a hubble telescopes and type ‘cr-9’ anal probes. they say hes hairless, and it makes him more aerodynamic, and can skate at 75 mph. he gives all his alien body to the sport and is willing to do the “dirty work” and he gives a mean foot rub

  14. Read through all the posts from last night…either it was a full moon or people forgot to refill their meds. Yesh.

  15. Good morning all! Geez, I knew it was April 1st and still bought that post! Dang me!

    What the heck went on here last night? Mama didn’t like that one bit. Newspapers to noses…..behave today.

  16. Excellent post, Carp. The details of the joke were what made it impressive. I actually believed you at first (because I forgot it was April 1st) until I went to and saw it said “Topeka” and realized it was April 1st.

  17. Nice one Carp. I have followed hockey for a long time and I was trying to figure out what was going on with your article. I am glad the rest of this group is up on April fools day.

  18. April Fools???
    We’re Ranger fans. That means we’re October fools, November fools, December fools, etc etc

  19. carp, I actually at first believed the compressor story and thought the other two were the april fools ones. thought you wont be so forward with your prank and besides, this year has been so weird that i figured something like this would happen! good job!

  20. got the scoop from twitter -steve zipay. no Avery no Callahan etc. on Ice for practice. They appeared to have fixed the ice really quick. So much for the bull from the bull artist.

  21. rcm, I gotta shinebox I wanna sell ya for just one penny. Oh heck, I’ll give it to you… FOR FREE.

  22. rcm, I’ll take that as a compliment. But you forgot to put “carcillo” after “bull.”

    nice sense of humor, btw.

  23. Rcm, I bet you my Maltese smiles more often than you do. And don’t get me started on your sense of humor…

  24. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Good one Carp!

    At least the Sathe on the hot seat stuff from Dreger wasn’t Bull Carcillo. I saw the same interview on NHL Network last night.

    Honestly couldnt even beleive they were mentioning the tomato faced one. He seems to be above any criticism from the Hockey world

    Maybe the Lord heard our prayers and he will be gone before the summer is over?

  25. Didnt anyone see my April Fools joke earlier!

    I’ll repeat for those that missed it.

    “Boston athletes are great, and so are referees! They both have integrity!!”

  26. Ryan from NJ on

    “Redden to AHL, Gilroy called up (per Zipay)”

    you just got me!! I totally went to check Zipay’s twitter to see if it was true LOL

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sometimes you say things… uhh… and you really don’t think before you say them. I know that’s not your job, but have you ever fought a kid at the bus stop before?

    Joking aside, the implication is that if Torts and player(s) read this blog… who knows if Dolan or a few of his henchmen/KGB/MSGSS agents do? Who knows if we/YOU have created enough of a stir to actually change the discussions in said boardrooms? It’s possible.

  28. Yeah, CCCP, and Brooks had a dinner with Torts last night. All squared away. Best friends from now on. Per Sully.twitter.

  29. I didn’t believe you Carp, I didn’t have to scroll into the comments to see that it was a joke, I didn’t forget what day it was today, no…not at all.

    Let’s just hope the players who supposedly read this didn’t buy it haha.

  30. billybleedsblue on

    “I must say that, as plugged-in as Dreger is (and he sure is), I doubt anybody knows what’s really going on in the boardrooms of MSG and Cablevision.”

    “Again, it’s total speculation. Anybody who says he knows is full of carcillo.”

    If I’m not mistaken, Carp recently reported on this blog that a source of a source told him Sather is retiring. Who is full of Carcillo? Hmm…

  31. Ok, ok… I was caught, very well played Carp.

    Wish I could recall the excited email I sent to my flyers fans telling them to get ready to get stomped cause we just got free points. Guess Ill try and play it off like I was in on the joke.

  32. Carp… I’m having fun with your April fool’s joke in an NHL thread and fans are losing their @#$%!

    After their “why can’t they [play it/schedule it/whatever]” I’m responding with things like:



  33. LMAO ORR, the only reason you don’t do April Fools jokes is because the trade deadline has passed ;-)

    Happy Birthday awesome Gomez,and MookieCarp. Real Mikey, loved your story.

    I have to admit, noonans lil trick there got a jolt of joy from me, then I just laughed. Just seeing that written out by someone else was nice

  34. Linda, one of my Ranger fans friends caught on and just wrote:

    LOL @ all of these idiots getting their panties in a bunch over this story.

    Thems the rules.

    Cant fix it in time = forfeit.

    Ill take the free 2 pts, especially if it knocks Philthy out of the playoffs.

  35. its just hilarious how some people are so gullible, and even after someone says April Fools, they STILL complain! Good job noonan!! Some people are just a fun study

  36. unfortunately, i don’t have a good joke to play on my man. Last year, as soon as he got to the gym, I told him to sit on a flat bench and told him i was preggers, and the joke lasted about 5 hours. I even got his friends at the gym in on it. They all went up to him and congratulated him and played along real well.Poor guy looked like his life was over!! It was so good that I even cried when I told him i’d have to be closely monitored throughout the 9 months. He was ashen!! Finally, when the look in his eyes got too much to bear, I said APRIL FOOLS!!! he sat there for about 5 minutes, just catching his breathe. I can never use that again!!!

    AM I EVIL??? YES I AM!!!!

  37. That’s such a rip off of our Uncle Glennie.

    hey, aves just called from florida and asked me for a date (anybody buying that one?)

  38. That’s evil, Linda! He deserves a reward instead of a prank every April 1st going forward!

    haha they finally caught on on the other board. what dummies. i get fooled too but lolz

  39. That’s funny, Linda. I was going to go that way … thought it would be too obvious.

    billy, go back and read the other post about Sather retiring. But I might be full of carcillo anyway.

  40. Mama, the only reason nobody’s buying that one is that you never would have wasted five seconds posting it. You’d be on your way to the airport.

  41. trust me noonan, he pays me back in full when he’s dieting for a competition! the last 4 weeks are brutal, the last 2 are just hellacious!!!

  42. That was almost perfect Carp. Only one small error:

    And the NHL is saying that if the Lightning can’t fix it, or can’t reschedule the game before next Sunday, it will have to forfeit the game (and the two points) to the Rangers.

    Change “it” will have to forgeit the game to “they”.

    Thanks for the LULZ! I’ve been laughing like a hyena all day time to do some work

  43. lmao Carp, it would have been something if you used the preggers one on Mrs.Carp! ;-)

    the sather extension joke i got from Jim,who does blueshirt banter with Mouth. it was on FB!

  44. Remember last year when I had the Rangers discovering the Ovechkin-like kid in Germany who had slipped through the draft? Every hockey blog jumped on that one.

  45. someone one the RFC Graffiti wall bought it. Long time reader-never post. Until now I guess

  46. “Remember last year when I had the Rangers discovering the Ovechkin-like kid in Germany who had slipped through the draft? Every hockey blog jumped on that one.”

    That one got me. I was googling beign like WHO IS THIS KID?!?!?!

  47. OMG! The comments on that site are making me pee……carp, you the man, and noonan, you husky fool, good job!

    I wonder if any of the gossip sites will pick up my date with Aves?

  48. Oh, man, I just read that blog. There are some real dingbats out there, LOL. LMAO at someone bringing up NHL rule 78.9.

  49. I am a huge fan of Chris Drury…he is so vital in the locker room, his intangibles on the ice are one of a kind,his defensive awareness is execeptional…its so great he has a no trade clause…if it was up to me i would try to extend his contract now and sign him cheaper than it may cost us down the ROAD

  50. billybleedsblue on

    from the other boards: “im just copying and pasting
    im not your bro, guy ”

    LOL. Good stuff.

    Carp, I will go back and read the Sather Retiring post. Maybe I’m not remembering exactly what was said or how it was said… Eh, it doesn’t really matter. It is speculation, after all.

    Linda, that was an awful prank! and, LOL. I wonder though how many similar pranks resulted in some tragic outcome like a heart attack. Or a brain aneurysm. Or spontaneous human combustion. Or murder/death/kill. LOL who knows?

  51. haha thx blogmama i was in it for the lulz ;) been laughing to myself all day thought i’d share with someone!

    and “beaner” is a delusional, extra angrier than usual Flygirls fan. made the joke that much sweeter.

    “LMAO at someone bringing up NHL rule 78.9.”

    That’s my buddy Matt! We go on Phish tour together. He actually also reads this blog just doesn’t post in it.

  52. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I’m not thrilled about Messier being named the GM, he can’t be worse that Sather, but does he(messier) really want the job or is it to soothe his ego?
    Although sather proves you can fish and gm , messier loves to fish in S.C.
    winning is another thing.

  53. billy, you don’t have to go back … the retirement thing was something I’d heard and I posted that I wasn’t buying it, and that I doubted it was good info.

    onecup, I will say this for Messier. He’s taken this apprenticeship very, very seriously, and he’s working pretty hard to make it happen. I don’t think he’d go into something like this half-baked. He’d be all-in.

    Rule 78.9. HAH!

  54. Messier has got to be more serious about this than say Brett Hull (thanks for Sean Avery at 1/2 price, BTW!)

  55. So we are rooting for the Caps and Fishsticks tonight? This day just keeps getting better and better.

  56. I hate April fools day. I’m such a idiot, I believe every thing. People laughing at me all day.
    I believe every thing except you guys, I know you’re all full of Carcillo !

  57. Anyway, I just schedule knee surgery for myself & I’m a little nervous. Anybody ever have a torn meniscus ? I didn’t even know I had a meniscus !

  58. Mama- apologies. I’m sure you did. You are an editor after all. Forgot who I am dealing with. Do you remember where this word is coming from?

  59. CCCP,i dont know whether to punch you or hug you for that video. Just added to the homesickness I’ve been feeling since meeting this wild bunch of boneheads! Thanks for bringing back awesome memories of my grandparents, and the first 10 years of my life!

  60. LMAO, Tony. You have a few of them. It’s a simple procedure, done arthroscopically. They’ll probably just remove it and clean the joint up. You will be running again within a week or two. They do surgeries in AZ?

  61. Tony, no problem. I had a meniscus tear. After the surgery I was walking on a treadmill within a few days. I was jogging within a week. After 4 weeks I was playing soccer again.

    If you rehab it, it’ll take no time to be back to where you were before the injury.

  62. ilb – They do surgeries in AZ?
    Yup, we have Doc Holiday, he operates from the back of the saloon ! No pain killers, just a shot of whiskey.
    Charlie – good to know, I just want to get back on the ice ASAP

  63. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Oh I forgot it’s April fools day , every day is April fool’s day if you’re a ranger fan!

  64. Tony, I had a torn meniscus (and ACL, MCL, etc.). If you’re having it scoped, you’ll probably be walking that day, or the next. Good luck.

    I think that’s caused by hanging out in nice weather all the time.

  65. Wow, boy do I remember Sheapshead Bay. sitting at the clam bar at Lundy’s , drinking beer & eating dozens of clams on the half shell.
    Thanks for that video, great memories !

  66. ‘K folks. I’m off to Holy Thursday mass and a pot luck supper.. and to enjoy the beautiful weather.

    Later gators!

  67. that would be great news if we get the two points by forfeit. would keep henrik healthy and rested too.

  68. carp

    like i’ve said before the powers that be might read your words of wisdom but i highly doubt they are reading all the commnets. would be a huge waste of time by them and with their lives (family, girlfriend, working out) i’m sure they have better things to do than read hundreds of comments every day.

  69. The Brooklyn video is great! After watching that video I started to miss Brooklyn even though i live here! Brooklyn -the best place on earth (after Odessa, of course)


    The only thing you won’t be able to do after the surgery is to play piano! Other than that, there is live after torn meniscus! Good luck! :P

  70. Dolan has been at the lat three ranger games with Slats, so maybe there is something to the Dreger report.

    What Really Went Down at the Mulcahy’s Rangers Viewing Party Held Ten Miles From Mausoleum Video !

  71. ha….good one Carp…. i fell for it ,,, i told some of my customers at the bank that are Rangers fans also and they believed it also

  72. 3-0 fishsticks…never thought i would be this happy to hear the famous….woooooooooooooooo wooooooooooooooo….wooooooooooooooooooo woooo THE ISLANDERS SUCK!…….

    Carp, 2 more goals for your CAPTAIN BLAKE COMEAUUUUUUUUUU!

  73. how about them Isles. they lose 2 games to the Rangers, and now lead Flyers 3-0

    I like the Fishsticks when they help the Rangers

  74. Carpy, you are soooo cryptic ;-) ;-)

    Tony, did your cold snap visit to NY have anything to do with the meniscus? ;-)

  75. Carp, so Aves totally knows I love him!!! Wheee!

    (hmmm, maybe that’s why he never shows at warren when I’m there. must ponder this….:)

  76. Jim- Flyers don’t look like they want to be in the playoffs at the moment. Do you blame them? No goaltending, the back up has 1 NHL game under his belt. No Carter. And explain this to me. They dressed Cote tonight. Against the Islanders. The only person who fights is Jackman. And he is wearing the face shield.

  77. 1-0 Caps! Tony, with all these scores so far, I bet you your meniscus is better, eh?

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " April lying day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Linda…I was sweating all night , woke up and threw up straight away…I was faint and really dizzy. Last night I was eatting tons of ice cream and olives. I feel so puffy and didnt know what to do . I just called the doctor. Linda , he said I am pregnate!!

    Yo Tony , hang in there bud !!

    Go Rangers!!!!!!!

    Gooo Islanders!!!!!!!!

  79. My team calendar for April has a shared pic of Voros and Basher(not)…I think I may cut him out, now that I don’t need March on the other side. Can’t look at him for the next 29 days.

    Enjoy your evening all and pray for the right teams to do their jobs and lose. And don’t be like last night. I don’t wanna have to newspaper any noses.

    ilb, until wicky comes back (then you can share) I give you the mama monitoring keys to the castle…Carp may be here tonight, but I want to know who to save the Sunday Times for :)

    Linda and Sally, next month is so soon! Yay!

  80. I am a Ranger fan. I hope the flyers lose, but I’m just sayin’ that the Isles blew a lead over the Rangers too, so it’s not over

    but I agree that the flyers do not look inspired at all, even though they beat the devils in the last game.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " April lying day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Doh!!!! umm..wrong spelling again….geeze whizzle-sticks.

  82. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " April lying day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Momma , Avery is watching and If I happen to share a few beer with him on the blog , I’ll make sure I put in a good word for ya!!

  83. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " April lying day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Don’t ask how I made that one up Momma… I really don’t know.

  84. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    April Fools jokes are for Republicans. Every other day of the year is a Democrap All Fools Day joke on us.

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " April lying day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Mark Messier , yeah alot of people in Vancouver hate that guy. He got Trevor Linden Traded!!! In his short stint in Vancouver , he was named captain and was the instant leader on that club. Messier was “on Loan” to the Canucks while he and the Rangers parted on bad terms.

    Messier has always made his presence known so in his new stint with the Rangers , you can garentee this guy will bring respect and accountablity back into the franchise.

    Dubinsky is a piece of clay , ready to mold some more . A leader like Messier on board gives Dubinsky a mentor and anything Messier says to Dubinsky , we know Dubi will soak it up like a spounge!!!

    Mark Messier loves this team as I do , together we will make this thing work and bring back lord Stanley’s mug to New York and parade the streets , showing off ..our Championship.

  86. accdg to Gross, there will be no lineup changes tomorrow night.

    the injured guys did not skate at practice

  87. Pregnate is a Russian variation of pregnant. With a little French twist. Live Greg alone!

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " April lying day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Guys , Mark Messier is not here for the Money , Nor does he need the fame, he doesn’t need his ego massages either . Messier is here because he loves The New York Rangers , Period.

  89. One of the many subjects of Peter Gammons’ stinksniffing, Junichi Tazawa, is having Tommy John Surgery.

    Celebrate Good Times, Come on!!!! af

  90. ilb, I’d rather leave Greg alone, than “live” him! (hee hee)

    but I love him too much so I shall do neither :)

    I’m not gonna judge Mess until he’s way in the job (hopefully) but as Carp and Greg said (very well Greg, I might add), I don’t for a second doubt his heart, mind and connection to this team. He certainly can’t do any worse than Slats, and maybe he’ll hire me!!!

    TR, succinct and accurate as usual.

  91. Thought you were gone, mama. And I was in charge. So I could misspell it anyway I want. That was a Russian version of leave. With Yiddish twist.
    1-1 Atlanta.

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " April lying day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Excellent goal washington. Washington ‘s on top.

  93. Wow huge night!! help from the Thrashers (Thanks caps!), help from the Bruins (Thanks Panthers!!) and the flyers are choking vs the Isles!!

  94. sweep 2 in Fla on

    the Rangers could not ask for more help. now it is time for them to take control of this leastern playoff crawl

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " April lying day!!! " … says Greg L. on


    6 Montreal 82 points
    7 Phil 82 points 5 games left
    8 Boston 82 points 5 games left
    9 Atlanta 80 points 5 games left
    10 NYR 78 points 6 games left

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " April lying day!!! " … says Greg L. on

    umm Orr , The score was posted as it occured . Try reading a few posts before you type..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    No fat lady is singggggggginggggggggg!!!

    This bet is getting juicier and jucier!!

  97. Canes are 19-8-2 since jan 21. if not for their awful start, they would again be in the playoffs to once again beat fatso Marty who cannot defeat them.

  98. Carp, you may be right after all. They might not need to win both games in Florida. Those three games tonight could be your giant generator:) Nah…

  99. Trifecta tonight!!!!!
    Rangers can’t ask for anymore help over the last 24 hours!!
    All four teams in front of you lose and now you have to take care of your own business!!





  101. “Lol, watch NYR lose their next game, and this whole night turns out to be a waste.”

    The Jerk Store called and you’re up for employee of the month award again! A true honor!

    They haven’t even played the game yet and you are being a negative nancy. Watch Philly lose their last two to the Rangers and get knocked out of the playoffs. That’s going to taste sweet.

  102. Still using the “Jerk Store” line? Is was pathetic the first time, but going for it again? Which is funny, since you spent some time on a blog full of apparent “morons”, ahaha, what does that say aboot *YOU*???

    Yeah, they haven’t played the game, but in typical Ranger fasion, *THESE* are the games that *THEY* lose.

    I’m not planning on getting my hopes up.

  103. The Jerk Store called, and they’re running out of Marc Savard.

    And they’re ready to place a new order of Zdeno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. I forgot, March is in the past, so my March resolution to stop insulting Boston and referees is past.

    Whew, what a tough 3 days it was!!!

    It’s tough to not be able to insult the likes of a Marc Savard, a guy truly deserving…..

  105. Don’t know if this was posted or not, but this was a Q&A from John Buccigross mailbag…

    Dear John,

    Your description of Rangers fans is dead-on: frustrated and angry. I’m tired of seeing the team have to win almost every game in March just to get the 8th spot. I’m tired of seeing Wade Redden’s contract kill this roster. I’m tired of seeing Marian Gaborik out there with no help. With the salary-cap disaster that Slats has put together, my question is: how do you fix this team?

    Oakdale, N.Y.

    Buyouts, trades or burying players in the minors are options. The Rangers can afford to put Wade Redden in Hartford if they wish for more cap relief. They could trade Chris Drury if he chose to waive his no-trade clause. What about the Islanders? They are the perfect kind of team for Drury. Drury wouldn’t have to move and the Islanders get a perfect player they could use for the last two years of his contract before they have to extend deals for younger players. It is quite obvious the Rangers will, and probably should, do everything they can to sign Ilya Kovalchuk.

  106. like i care if you have a beard or not i’m not typing out that stupid long name every time i have to respond to you.

    do you actually think you are funny? Oh wait, you do. Sad, really. LMAO!!!!

  107. No, i don’t just stop what I’m doing and wonder if I’m funny or not. But, apparently you do, ahahahaha. And i love that you actually think aboot me in your personal life, wondering how i think of myself. You’re sounding more and more pathetic, just stop while you’re still respectable.

  108. Epic Failure Man !!!: too long/didn’t read.

    you will always be the second-to-last-word freak.

  109. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    way too many posts to catch up on, so nice headlines carp!

    Good night erin!

  110. Linda

    Thanks for heads up on new Fringe episode! I came to check the blog around 9:05 PM and saw your reminder! So that was real clutch of you!

    Great episode! Walter Bishop is evil! lol

  111. Cut the bull spit!!! You’re gonna see R1 of the playoffs. Those teams are tanking!!! You’re in like flin!! Don’t expect to beat Washington so fast. But you never know. Bottom line, Boston and Philly blew it. You’ll make 7th seed at best. Maybe you’ll face Pittsburgh.

  112. To be honest, i wouldn’t mind another shot at the Devs, if we made 7th, and they finished 2nd. But, I’d rather see the Trashers send Kovy home. I’m really pulling for the Trashers.

    Luongo said he’s ready for the playoffs, but as of right now, he has given up 7 goals to the Kings. Maybe he should just focus on finishing the season instead of planning ahead.

  113. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Thanks for the post Carp. I had real fun with it. I have a bet with a guy at work who’s a Lightning fan on which team will go the furthest each year. I printed it out and left it on his chair yesterday. He came in my office, threw the paper on my desk and said “That’s not right – that is so wrong” and walked out. I walked back in his office with it laughing, “Yeah it got me for a minute too!” He looked at me confused and then said Oh s***, April Fools, I forgot about that!

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