Monthly Archives: March, 2010

328 It’s re-start time!

This promises to be one of the worst, most anti-climactic games of the season, the return from the Olympics by Olympians who haven’t seen their teammates in 15 days. As you know by now, Gaborik is out with whatever leg issue he suffered in Vancouver and Del Zotto’s out after…

376 Games and trades

Rangers at Ottawa tonight is interesting. But it ain’t the entree. The main course is the trade deadline, which means the rest of tonight and all day until 3 p.m. tomorrow. And we all know what to expect: The Rangers making a last-ditch effort to make the playoffs, thinking they…

136 Daytime with the Flyers

Just so you know, the March 14 game against Philadelphia — also known as the “Mr. Shelley and Mr. Prust meet Mr. Carcillo” game — has been set for a 3 p.m. start. It was originally a TBD. I guess the best news, other than Mr. Shelley and Mr. Prust…