Then there were six


A half a dozen games remain, and with Boston and Atlanta winning last night (thank the Devils again, gang), time might be running short for your heroes.

This was a good win, considering from where they had to come, down 0-2. But it’s really disturbing, isn’t it, that at this stage, with so much at stake, after tossing a point in the dumpster in the previous game, the Rangers couldn’t match the Islanders’ intensity and couldn’t play smart in the first period last night.

1) I thought Marc Staal was right there with the rest early on. He made a soft non-play on the deflection goal, and he got bumped and coughed up a pass shortly thereafter. But he rebounded very well and had another solid game.

2) The goalie has to stop coughing up those softies now. Nobody cares more than he does, and nobody feels as personally responsible as he does. I don’t question his want. But that’s a couple of games in a row with a really bad one.

3) I think Brandon Prust might turn out to be a decent player, and if I were him I’d be taking “sandpaper” lessons from Sean Avery. He doesn’t do those little annoying things yet, but if he could add those to his games, his value goes straight upward.

4) This guy, Blake Comeau, who scored his 13th and 14th goals last night for the Isles … that’s two more that Capt. Clutch. Ugh. And how about big Nik down in Atlanta, with 24-42-66!

5) Did anybody else find it ironic that the Islanders, whose games are on Cablevision-owned MSG Network, have a big Fios TV ad on their boards near center ice, and that ad was on the telecast pretty much all night?

6) As much as they’ve aggravated you with the near-fatal loss in Boston and the kicked-away loss in Toronto, the Rangers have seven of a possible eight points the last four games. They might need to sweep the Florida trip. The good thing about the next four games: It doesn’t matter if the opponent gets a point. It only matters that the Rangers get two.

7) If I was an NHL coach (No, Torts, I know I’m not) … I’d fine players who insist on using those breakable sticks, fine them every time one breaks and it costs a goal, or one of them breaks on the penalty kill, or one of them breaks on a point shot during a power play. In fact, I’d insist my PK guys use wooden sticks during PKs. But, you know, I don’t really think things out.


By the way, the other day I went off about MSG’s baseball show, the Lineup, and ruffled some feathers over there. But I must say I really enjoy the show so far. It’s just that, as I said, so many positions are no-brainers, non-debates. Last night after Rangers-Islanders it was first base night, and Lou Gehrig won (surprise!) But it is interesting seeing and hearing about these guys. Gehrig had seven seasons of 150 or more RBI, and 12 seasons of hitting .300 or better! That’s good stuff.

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  1. Carp, I’m surprised in your review of the Best Catcher in NY Sports, you didn’t object to having Gary Carter on the panel!!! He was one of the candidates and they have him deciding/analyzing the list!!! Ridiculous!!! Possibly, they could have the 20’s-60’s then have another list for the 70’s – present!!! You know that Babe Ruth will win the best right fielder, not that there has been any current right fielder in NY that comes close, but let’s be honest about this show; it’s kinda’ irrelevant

  2. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp, wooden sticks are hard to find and are probably being made in in limited pro models.
    These light sticks are made from various compounds(plastics) and the downside is that they break easily, they are also horribly expensive,pro model sticks are over 200.00 bucks a piece, of course the pro’s don’t pay for them, but walk into a pro shop and check out the sticks, a hundred bucks buys you a cheap stick with an awful feel to it. I don’t think the problems are the sticks but where they are manufactured CHINA ans asia, inferior materials and manufacturing processes.
    Years ago most of the hockey equipment was made in Canada, but as cost rose many companies were bought out by nike and reebook who shipped the manufacturing to china, the equipment may be lighter but its inferior and more expensive, the companies are reaping huge profits on hockey equipment,skates are lighter but arent as well made as the old skates which has incredible longevity and durability.
    So the gear is made in china and the stick problem will continue.
    Sherwood is about the last mfg of wood sticks.

  3. Carp you sometimes think and shoot from the hip, but the coach mostly talks out the seat of his pants.

  4. i havent read the last couple threads and dont know if it has been said or discussed, but the last 2 goals by prospal have been flukey and very easy save chances for the goalie. he made a nice pass to pap and themn staal for the goal, or maybe he passes to staal? but hes been worn out being a top liner for us the last few months. i really like him and his energy that he has for the team, and he would be great as a 2nd or 3rd line guy to be a set up man and leader on teh team, but is it true that if we sign him we cant waive him or anything like brashear because of his age? i know it wouldnt be a huge loss, and most of his production was in the first 2-3 months, but hes still a good player and probably be even more affective over a full season playing less minutes. i just hate knowing that the guy is solid, hes proven he can handle playing a vital role on the team, and is a leader too, and because of that rule, he probably wontv be resigned, and slats will just overay for another FA that wont work out. vinny has surpassed all the expectations ive had of him already, and he looks and acts like a great teammate. anybody know if the rule is due to age(35 and over)?? or what? i cant remmber if thats why brash cant be off the books for another year.

  5. gabby sucked last night didnt he? anybody think he was really any good besides the easy goal? passing all over the place. too many giveaways and he cant hold on to teh puck. lazy backchecks, his speed is not all there. hes gotta be playing through pain or injury still. i just cant see how at this stage of the season he would be given a game off even if it was the islanders. just look at last night. we barely won. if torts wouldve given him last night(easist game left on the schedule), we wouldve probably at best gotten a point and lost in ot.

  6. Hockeyman Rangers on

    As a lot of poeple have said IF we do somehow make the playoffs we will not get very far. If we do I will be very surprised. It’s time for Mr. Sather to walk away and let someone else give it a shot. Talk about shooting from the hip, Sather is shooting from the hip in the dark. He takes a huge chance that the players he chooses are going to get it done with no ryme or reason. And his contract offers are off the wall. His LUCKY Edmenton days are over and never came to NY.

  7. Carp you let the coach do what he does to most, get under your skin. Stay under his, and in his face.

  8. great job there on toyota. so all toyota has to do is”accentuate the positives” like a dual screen led monitor in the backseat of a minivan to shut up ya kids, because watching tv is better than staying alive and not crashing to your death!! yea!! ohh, and their foot was just on the wrong pedal for all that time? those silly old people. so, are ya gonna try to combine the brake and the gas pedal into 1 so they dont have to remeber theres 2 pedals?? lol wow. great job. that guy reminds me of sather. the rangers are the toyota of hockey.

  9. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Byfuglien Devils!!!!! They play like Carcillo just to keep us out of the playoffs? I’d like to Zalapski Brodeur in his chubby face…

  10. Carp,

    If I were a coach I would also fine players who are the result of the too many men on the ice penalty….its like a circus out there with this team (What # too many men on the ice penalty was that for the rangers this year-its gotte be double digit)….this is the prime example of the lack or urgency/awareness on this squad and for that matter since the post lockout era…Renney’s Rangers were constant offenders of this as well and im not blaming this on the constant line changing-these guys are professional you know who you are coming on the ice for, figure it out and if the puck is by the bench during a change BE EXTRA CAREFUL/CAUTIOUS before stepping on the ice and playing the puck

  11. I know the Rangers are almost eliminated. But can we hold off on the baseball talk on this Rangers blog? Who gives a rat’s arse about baseball as we come down the hockey homestretch? Once the Blueshirts are out mathematically, fine, talk about baseball and whatever else you want. But go talk baseball on a baseball blog. Please.

    And I know Carp is the decider of content here, so I am asking you, Senor Carp, to hold off on the baseball chatter while we are focused (for better or for worse) on our Blueshirts.

    Last night: PAP and Voros played well. Prospal and Joki too. Prust played alright except for a dumb penalty. Corey Locke needs to be A LOT better if he wants to see more ice. He wasn’t horrible in our D zone (stayed in the slot between the faceoff dots, for an O, that’s where you gotta be to never be TOO out of place.) But his work in the other two zones was pretty bad. Nice come from behind win.

    If the Blueshirts go 5-1 or better, they get in. At 4-2 on the final six, they will need some help. Didn’t get any last night…

  12. i would fine hockey player impersonators like this one guy we have pretending to be that one ex all star d man with a good shot and good poise in the defensive zone. i think his name was wayne something. wayne deaden?


    Hey guys do me a huge favor please! My cousin Scott Fahrney is 1 of 5 finalists for a chance to play a 4some at Pebble Beach with Drew Brees, Marky Mark AND THE GREAT ONE! The link is above to vote and you can watch his story.

    He told me if he wins he will tell Gretzky that Ranger fans are the ones responsible for him being there! Help my family out please…thanks!

    And Carp (feel free to spread the word :-)

  14. NorthCountryRanger on

    Uh good luck trying to get those players with million dollar endorsement deals from the companies that make these “breakable sticks” to give em’ up. Just so you know they are just as brittle as the woods made nowadays…if you want some wood sticks go back to 1985 and ask Gretz where he got his. If you want to rant about sticks then realize that EVERY PRO TEAM USES THEM IN MASS ABUNDANCE. There’s no way to go back in technology like that. It would be like making all cars nowadays out of STEEL…we all know it would be better fr the most part, you just can’t say hey everyone these new cars are too breakable…LET’S go back to making them out of STEEL. i do agree that sticks are somewhat brittle nowadays, but it’s also up to the player to not choose a stick which is so light it breaks after a game or 2. Companies do need to be held responsible but you can’t just go to Ford and say hey this new Taurus is lame… I want a Model T!

  15. newman, i pretty much thought locke would be good offensively, maybe even get a goal. but i thought he would be bad in the d zone. guess he was just playin it safe his first nhl game in his career. gotta be alot of pressure at this stage of his career and the season. hes probably not gonna get many shots even though he is great in the ahl. he was kinda slow too i thought. but from what i saw, he wasnt anything more than a fresh body on the ice. nothing great. i still give him a game or 2 though. he was really lighting it up before his callup. and maybe playing with pap will make him more comfortable out there. do you know if hartford uses the same forechecking pattern as the rangers? or are they more defensive?

  16. One of the employees at the store I bought most of my equipment from when I was still playing organized hockey told me that many of the pros ask for sticks that have more flex than what they sell to the public because they want to get extra whip on their shots. So the trade off is that the sticks are more brittle.

    One of my colleagues (a Canadian) also told me that along with the wave of consolidation in the hockey equipment companies, many of them were bought by private equity firms that tend to slash the budget of the acquired companies. Hence less money was being used in research and development and quality control.

    I bought my first full composite stick earlier this year. Previously I had used a composite shaft and wood blade. I tried out a bunch of different types in the store and have noticed that you do have to go up to price scale to get a “good feeling” stick. I also used to be an Easton devotee but didn’t feel like spending the $ to get the top of the line stick so I got a Reebok stick for a lot less that felt just as good.

  17. newman, i do agree with the baseball thing, only because me and some others were banned from talking about our fantasy hockey league, because it only involved a few people exclusively. now, baseball, and sometimes seinfeld, and other stuff is talked about here alot. but for the people who do not have an interest in baseball, i can see the same reasoning there for not wanting it on a hockey blog. at least the fantasy talk as pissed as it made some people, was about hockey. i honestly dont care what anybody here chooses to talk about especially if they run the blog, or are a regular here that usually talks hockey. i am guilty of this though. i cant really say anything because i do talk about stuff not hockey related sometimes.

  18. This team isnt just making the playoffs…they are going to the Cup.

    Lots of gas left in the tank.

  19. As per #7, I would fine any player who causes a too-many-men-on-the-ice penalty because they are not skating hard to the bench. Far too many times players are in cruise mode going to the bench rather than busting it so the team can make a quick and crisp change.

  20. north country- not only that, but i think its quite comical watching drury or other players dance around without a stick trying to block pasing lanes and shots on a pk. hey, some guys play better without them anyway. i think without one, drury would be just as effective at scoring and he could donate his sticks to the corn field farm hockey program in iowa. just gotta make sure we remind them they are for hockey, not a farming utensil.

  21. Good morning, all!

    Great come back. The Fishsticks, as sad as it may sound, will make the Atlantic and the EC very interesting within a year or two.

    Staal has been great for awhile, Carp. We just need to realize he may not be an offensive threat.

    I am not going to say anything negative about Hank. At all. Because what was the purpose of getting Auld and still riding LQ? They keep talking about giving him less games every year. Let me know when it actually happens.

    Too early to say anything about Locke.

    Props to Torts for not sitting Prust after two dumb penalties. He knows they were not lazy, selfish ones for which you would sit a player.

    I was impressed with another skill of PAP last night: good ice vision and excellent passing ability. One was directly responsible for Staal’s goal.

    Devils stink, goes without saying.

    We are 3-3 against the Fishsticks this year, that will get you in the playoffs…

  22. Hey something most of us have probably not thought about… If you look at the standings, Rangers may or may not make the playoffs, but they will have easily a top ten pick.

  23. Carp,
    Flat out this team shouldn’t be invited to the dance.
    Hank is playing un Hank like and the Drury’s Redden’s and Rozi’s are playing exactly like they are supposed to…
    I think they are just a bunch of guys dragging around “Costanza thick” wallets.

  24. Oh, and NYRGuy- done. Takes a few minutes to register, folks. But stay with it, help our fellow bonehead.

  25. rangerjoe- atta boy!! thats the spirit. are you always in high spirits or are you just on 80 proof spirits? lol j/k. seriously though, we can barely beat the isles, who have a 40 year old washed up goalie, and their best player has 46 points. we couldnt beat a horrible toronto team. what in the name of the hockey gods makes you think we are gonna win the cup????!!1

  26. no staal- the reddens,rozys and drurys are NOT playin liek they are supposed to. theyre playing like they usually do!! lol. anyway, glad to see your back. havent talked to ya in ya been?

  27. Antropov should have been re-signed. I said it last year, Keep 1 of Zherdev or Antro and we kept neither and we have trouble scoring again this year.

    Although, I liked the trading for Higgins originally, I never understood the signing of Kotalik and Brashear – but letting Zherdev/Antropov and Orr walk for pretty similar money

  28. Thanks Ilb! Once you register for the first time, you just have to enter your e-mail everyday afterwards! And you can just say no to all the promotional so you don’t get bombarded. Thanks again guys! Think of it this way: It’s free publicity to Wayne Gretzky about the Boneheads!

  29. Hey Grabby!
    I have been un-believably busy getting a nutritional blood analysis business going. Its great but I haven’t been able to comment much or watch the team much unless I DVR the game. However, I do log on to read Carps post every day.

  30. Oh and Grabby,
    maybe I should have said the 3 stooges are playing like we have grown accustomed too.

  31. Zherdev was not coming back after his disappearing act after Torts took over. I think you can partly blame Torts for acting too hard but you can also blame Zherdev for being mopey and that was exactly the knock on him when they acquired him.

    Antropov’s stats this year would have been nice, but not the 4 years he got from ATL.

  32. Good morning Staal and all! Wow, haven’t been able to say that in a while! missed you buddy…..

    NYR, I hope your cousin makes it. Ranger Joe, I like your positive attitude. History will be made!!!

  33. if the Canadiens lose tonight and then there is no OT in their game with the Flyers- the Rangers will have destiny in their own hands for a playoff spot. I’ll sign now for down 3 with 2 to play against Philly- that would be a fun spot to be in.

  34. One thing that makes me laugh about baseball (don’t get me wrong i’m a fan) but 2 out of 10 and you’re sent back to the minors, 3 out of 10 and you’re a good solid hitter, 4 out of 10 and you’re a god!! Talk about low expectations!!

  35. Fly Line: You are out of your mind. I would not risk the whole season on the winning the last two games of the season in REGULATION. I just don’t trust this Ranger team to do that and I can easily see the Flyers winning at least one of the games or forcing it into overtime and eliminating the Rangers from the playoffs.

    Too much pressure to put on such a fragile team.

  36. somerset, we were on the same page- i wanted no kotalik and thought antropov should be signed. Thought he was pretty good and a big body while he was here- thought Torts really liked him as well

  37. Vitaly- at this point you wouldn’t sign up for those last 2 games to be meaningful? Of course I’d rather be up points going into those games but if we have a shot I’m all for that

  38. Fly Line: As much as I want to see excitement and meaning in the final two games of the season, if the Rangers have to win both of them to make the playoffs … I don’t think they’re making. They need a little breathing room down the stretch to account for their mistakes.

  39. But look at it this way UK, 3 out of 10 is 50% more successful than 2 out of 10. 4 out of 10 is twice as successful. Spread those ratios out over 162 games, 500+ at bats or 600+ plate appearances and you’ll see some significant changes in productivity.

  40. Similar rationale applies in hockey. A goalie with a .920 save percentage is considered solid. A goalie with a .850 save percentage is considered Valiquette.

  41. Better than the alternative tho Vitaly-

    I would cherish ANY opportunity to knock the Flyers out of the playoffs at this point, even if it is slim.

    Pulling the goalie in a tie game and scoring in regulation to knock the Flyers out in the last game of the year when they only need a point is a dream scenario…captain clutch anyone?

  42. I am glad they won, but I am not letting my emotions be played with again. If the make it they make it, if not, so be it. Don’t get me all excited and then move to California like Wendy Dehaven did in 6th grade. LOL

  43. BRO, I thought the EXACT same thing when I was typing it. GREAT SHOW! And just replace Wendy Dehaven with Winny Cooper.

  44. I’ve been pretty pessimistic about the Rangers chances of making the playoffs, but this division is so bad they could actually get as high as 6th. Nobody above the Rangers is acting like they want to take control of their playoff future.

    Winning the Cup, though……I …. uh….doubt it.

  45. Nasty, type Danica Mckellar Stuff Magazine into google images. You can thank me later.

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah , the future of baseball is up in the air with all those drug tests. The dow jones is at a extream low and the weather is calm and murky. Seifeld has been funny lately ( even though I dont watch it)and id kick azz in the hockey draf….oops not allowed to say even though im not in it.
    Golf has been dull with Tiger in it. WWF did honor Shawn Micheals and on Survivor , Russel took Boston Rob for a loop. Sorry Newman!!!! It slipped…I have to be getting to bed earlier these outta here maybe.

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Its funny , I feel so drained after a Rangers game …

  48. Newman, sorry for the baseball talk. But it was kind of within an arm’s length since MSG bombards us with promos for that show.

    Artie, I don’t have a problem with Carter being on the show as long as he isn’t named best catcher. He was pretty good, though.

    Staal, welcome back.

    Good morning, Sally!

  49. Thanks CT – cheered up my day! Who knew Winny would look so good in so little clothing!

  50. MSG last night said that Gabby was the 16th Ranger to get 40 in a season. I have 16 names below. But Brooks and Zip tweeted that he’s the 17th…am I missing someone?

    Rangers with 40 goals in a season:

    1) Gaborik
    2) Jagr
    3) Graves
    4) Sandstrom
    5) Poddubny
    6) Larouche
    7) Ogrodnick
    8) Hadfield
    9) Gilbert
    10) Ratelle
    11) Gartner
    12) Vickers
    13) Verbeek
    14) Duguay
    15) Esposito
    16) Messier

  51. Carp,

    You’re completely off-base with the sticks. I don’t mean this as an insult, but do you play hockey? I know you’re super-knowledgeable about the game, but I don’t think you can really understand the difference in the sticks until you use them. I think your point about the PK is valid though.

  52. I think I had a similar dream weeks ago, but I had the greatest dream last night.

    I was alone on an island with Henrik, Jaromir, Jeter, Mark Sanchez, and Eli, and THEY WERE ALL NEKKID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Yeah Winnie Cooper turned out a lot better than the Paul Pfeiffer kid who was rumored to be Marilyn Manson.

  54. no one gets my jokes.
    some ranger game last night.
    was that the first come from behind win this season?

  55. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    All this drama and stress to MAYBE make the playoffs…. and go up against the Caps? Doesn’t sound like a good scenario. Unfortunate, but true.

    Being a fan isn’t without it’s detriments. The Rangers can make or break my day… and more often that not… well you guys know. But dammit if i don’t want to see them hoist the cup again with all my being!(i wouldn’t mind beating the Devils to get to the finals… or brutalize Cindy and company)

    ahhhh to dream.

  56. davy, I don’t play anymore. But I did long ago. I’m just saying, any advantage the breakable composite sticks give you doesn’t outweigh the disadvantage of breaking one on the PK. And I’m sure there are other, stronger sticks you could use on the PK, right?

    But, then, I don’t think things through.

  57. Hola Carp,

    Any chance of gettin the link for my cousin on the next post :-) I mean, you are a golf enthusiast so I’m sure you can relate lol…I can e-mail you the info if you’d like?

  58. Had to look up MKULTRA. Got the other parts of the equation.

    They beat the Devils last week from behind. How quickly we forget the monumental moments of Clutch.

  59. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    p.s. I hope Dubinsky remains a Ranger for a long time, along with Cally and Avery.

    Prust has been solid, love his game.
    Hank… well we’re nowhere without him. I’ll take the softies here and there, when he’s on his game, there’s nobody better.
    Gabby…. Possibly one of the best signings in a decade by Glenny boy.
    MDZ… gonna be solid, the kid can play.
    Staal, love his toughness back there, solid blueliner, would like to see him develop his shot.

    Just some quick thoughts, not gonna disect the whole roster.

  60. Carp, I hope mrs Carp doesn’t read your comments. And if she does, then I don’t think you think :)

    CT- the first Molson at W77 is on me. And, no mrs ilb doesn’t read my comments.

  61. Speaking of sticks breaking on the PK…if I’m the coach, and this happens to my team in the 1st or 3rd periods, I’m ordering my guy to get a new one from the bench instead of standing around out there. I’d rather have a 5-on-3 for ten seconds against then a 5-on-3.5 for 30 seconds.

  62. It’s either that or the Clutch soft backhands that don’t clear the zone on the PK or the Clutch blocked shots where the Captain writhes on the ice giving the opponent a virtual 5 on 3 have maxed out the Clutch bank in your memory.

  63. Carp- I’m taking it back, you DO think. What does Torts know anyway?

    Prust, who just turned 26, is a RFA this summer wit hsalary of $525 K and $500 K cap hit. He earned the contract in my book. Shelley just turned 34, UFA at the end of the season. His contract in July will not count as 35 and above. He makes $725 K. I’m debating, but leaning towards keeping him. Unless he wants a big raise. Thoughts?

  64. The whole thing with the sticks is getting crazy. I used to buy a bunch of sticks for what one will cost today. I couldn’t afford to spend that much for a stick that breaks. Now, most companies don’t produce wooden sticks anymore. I remember Al MacInnis saying one time that although you get a little extra speed with a composite stick, you lose the feel of the puck. It forces you to look at your stick more to make sure the puck is still there. Also, he noted that there is a tendency for composite sticks to not receive passes as well. Pucks tend to bounce off the blades more even when using proper cradling when taking a pass. I always agreed with him on that one. I never liked the feel of composite sticks, but there isn’t much choice anymore.

  65. Prust is 26. Has anyone ever seen Prust and Josh Thompson in the same room at the same time???

  66. LMAO CT, that can’t be! I added PRUST to my harem!!!

    Nasty, you are too funny, and TR the whole -ribs thing was hilarious!

    Vinny V, i remember Jaromirito going through TONS of sticks while he was here, especially the last year. They always broke at the worst time! Sheesh, go back to Canada making the hockey sticks. Made in China sticks.. sheesh

  67. anyway, josh seems to be slighty more ‘husky’ and maybe a bit shorter than Prust. Yes, I got that all from his missing photo!

  68. Prust JUST turned 26. Josh turned 26 at the beginning of the season. Big difference at their age :0))

  69. one of the roadblocks to getting more young kids playing hockey is the high cost.

    nhl teams waste so much money on buying so many sticks to replace all the broken ones., that money could be donated to youth hockey programs to increase the participation of kids in youth hockey

    why not make a contribution, matched by player and mgmt alike, to the local youth hockey org. for each broken stick by an nhl player

    then we won’t mind when an nhl player throws a tantrum and busts his stick across the boards, or Vokoun’s noggin, in a fit of anger.

  70. why not make a contribution, matched by player and mgmt alike, to the local youth hockey org. for each broken stick by an nhl player
    Total contributions from Redden, Wade 2010-2014: $0.00

  71. I can’t wait to tear through some Easter Pie tonight. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  72. Mama,

    You’re not 26. You look 24-25ish. Right in the range of women targeted by Aves!!!

  73. I’d say he’s been 26 for the last 10, no? If Prust ages as well as Josh, we will have a 26 year old energy player for many years to come. SIGN HIM!

  74. Thanks CR!!! you’re not only self assured, but sweet as well.

    i love how you go to the Rangers website and they are advertising 2010-2011 season tickets on sale! hmmmmm

    Lightning on Good Friday, Panthers on Saturday competing with the 10 Commandments. Oy vey! Sorry but the game will be secondary to “LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!” its a tradition!

  75. Poor Wazza.

    He may be out for 2-4 weeks. This could really hinder our chances of the Premier League and Champions League. That goal in the 90th minute yesterday, one that did not need to happen at all, could prove costly.

    Please get better soon Wazza!

  76. If you have never had Easter Pie, also known as Pizza Gain, you need to find a friend who is Italian, and has a mother or grandmother that is a traditional italian mother or grandmother, and ask them to pretty pretty please make you some. OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!! If I can somehow make it to the next Warren gathering, I will try and bring some with me. Easter Pie and Molson and I just might be the happiest guy in NYC.

  77. stick$$$,
    Not that simple. Nhl teams don’t pay squat for sticks. The companys (easton leads by far) not only give them to the players, but pay them to use their brand. Same for all other “visible” equipment (helmets, gloves, skates. Actually, many players can’t stand some of the equipment they use, but do so for the $200-$500 per game they get. For example, easton helmets have made a big inroad into the market last few years – most players hate them but won’t give up the money. Seems silly given how much money players make but true. Skates are a different story. They look like the off-the-shelf kind you would buy, but they are so customized as to be really made-to-order, including the runners. Here too, bauer dominates because of what they pay. Graf doesn’t pay at all, so you rarely see them.

    As for pro teams supporting youth hockey, I can tell you that it depends on the region. For example the Flyers spend a ton in the Philly region and the youth teams from PA are some of the strongest in the country. Rangers do a lot of PR stuff, but not nearly what’s necessary to grow the sport beyond the die hard hockey families (like mine). The Islanders are mostly pathetic, and I’m not saying that because this is a Rangers blog. You wouldn’t believe the horror stories.

  78. they just showed the rangers at the yankees preseason game. i dont know if it was all of them but for sure, shelley, gilroy, cally, locke, parenteau, staal, boyle girardi and gaborik

  79. Gcblue, what bothers me is that the Rangers do all this charity stuff on MSG, but very little of it is about youth hockey. THAT should be their focus, that is the business they are in, and they should be growing the game.

    not doing the general charity stuff that is done more as a goodwill corporate promotion for MSG and cablevision, and for Dolan to try to cover up his rotten rep

  80. The Devils have done an amazing job when it comes to building up youth hockey in Newark. East Side High School made the playoffs for the first time in over 20 years because the Hockey in Newark program funded largely by the Devils serves as a feeder system. For all my love for the Rangers, that is one thing I really respect about the Devils organization.

    As for the sticks, it ends up costing the same amount. For a professional, a wooden stick needs to be replaced a few times in a game sometimes because it loses it’s spring after a few shots. Wayne Gretzky always used wooden sticks and he would go through them like crazy. We only see when a composite stick breaks, but they will last until it breaks basically, which is several games. And when it’s not broken, many players prefer them. I always preferred wooden sticks to two-piece composite sticks. But they make single shaft “composite” sticks now. Those are great, imo.

  81. Sticks,
    Don’t get wrong, they try. But it only scratches the surface. Hockey in Harlem is a great program, and I’m sure exposes kids to the sport that would otherwise not think about getting on the ice. But it takes a lot more $$ commitment to truely make the sport accessible to a broader range of athletic talent. Unlike Canada where ice is plentiful, and other areas of the US where you can build/operate multi-rink facilities for a fraction of the cost of NY (how cheap is land on Long Island?), to support a kid through Tier I travel hockey in the tristate region could cost between $5,000 to $20,000 per year!
    I think it was Patrick Kane’s father who said his youth hockey (roughly 10 years) cost over $200,000. Without corporate and team sponshorship, that scenario does not compete with the other major sports and therefore, will never tap the full potential of US talent.

  82. despite the success of the sj sharks from a fan standpoint, kids hockey in the bay area is strictly a regional youth club situation. there is not one single high school hockey team in the entire Northern calif as far as I know.

    but I heard that in Pittsburgh,, there are more than 100 high school hockey teams.

  83. Almost every high school in my area has a hockey team. The ones that don’t merge with other schools to form a combined team. Hockey is really growing for kids in AZ.

  84. Ha, i love how they’re all wearing matching white shirts.

    They’re like those four guys in the movie “Stand By Me”

    Naturally, Aves is Corey Feldman’s role, of the mentally unstable kid.

    But, who plays the little fat kid that grows up to be an underwear model who eventually knocks up a BABE like Rebecca Romijn with twins?

    I’ll give it to Voros.

  85. TR, now we know why they went early! They don’t look too mad to me :)

    Nasty, I had some Easter PIe a friend of mine made yesterday. Never had it before, now I am hooked.

    CR, I actually look 21, but thanks….

  86. Anthony

    You are4 right on about that cruising to the bench on a change or pp, and the worst offender on the team was JAGR.

    He was an actual snail out there when it came time to depart the ice..guys used to be hanging over the boards waiting for him and salivating to get on the ice. Just one of his many little peccadillos that went unnoticed during the glamorization of the ” great man”.

  87. jim
    not sure about Northern California, but youth hockey in southern Cali is HUGE. Again, some great teams. Check out the DVD “In the Crease” about coach Mike Lewis and his national champion travel team (Bantams I think). Some kids would commute two hours each way, after school to practice every day!
    Reason you may not notice the hockey activity in Cali is, like most of the country, high school hockey takes a back seat to the travel programs.

  88. that is interesting, Tony. I just googled it and found out that the sharks have a high school program that started with 4 teams 10 years ago, and now has nineteen, but that is still small, and mostly it is not actual school teams but interested high school age kids being combined into one team in many cases

  89. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    I’m picking up my easter pie on Friday from my Mom’s
    And your right, it is one THE best things in all Italian food

    One of the few dishes I’ve ever eaten that you cna have for Breakfast, Lunch Dinner or midnight snack

  90. you guys are killing me! my nanny, God rest her soul, made all these things for Easter. She called it sausage pie, but also made a wheat pie with dried fruit in it, and all these cookies. I miss it SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, and there’s no way you can duplicate how your grandma made things. Nothing ever written down. Italian grandmas…sigh!!

    ORR, I have to agree with you, Voros nails that part!

  91. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    I’m telling you guys, prust is an absolute keeper. Shelley is as well, because he actually “gets it” as an enforcer! He got more hockey savvy than most enforcers and the most i’ve seen in a ranger since chris simon!

    here is an interesting blurb from john buccigross at ESPN:

    Rangers fans are always a great group from which to receive e-mails. They are passionate and honest — my favorite combination. They have reached a breaking point. They are frustrated and angry. They are upset by how this team was constructed under the salary cap and feel as if they are in prison. The Yankees don’t have to worry about no stinking salary cap!

  92. Hey yall! Wow! so we are winning? sad we didn’t win at least one of those games two weeks ago (losses to boston, st louis and montreal). We essentially would be 6th right now! Anyways, I love having all the kids up on the team. I love how hey play like there’s nothing to lose. Heck, I am coming home for easter and the greatest easter surprise would be the resurrection of the NEW YORK RANGERS! two wins in Florida will help us! come on boys!

    Oh yeah btw Florida: please play hard tomorrow and Thursday, but don’t rest up for Saturday! Just think, start drinking a little before easter vigil mass, lose to the rangers, etc. Thanks!

  93. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    the little ball of hate should have stayed a ranger much longer!!

    so what was the trivia question last night and who was the answer?

  94. not one of you thought that while some rangers read carp they definitely do not have time to read all these comments. so get over yourselves. they are reading carp not youse guys and gals

  95. Not one- don’t know if you noticed, but we are not commenting here for them to read it.

  96. Tony,
    That’s impossible, MY mother makes the best Easter Pie in the world!

    All joking aside, Easter Pie is amazing.

  97. ThisYearsModel on

    GCBLUE—Not so fast. The NHL clubs DO pay for the sticks. Calgary spent over $300,000 on sticks in one year 4 years ago, and the price has not dropped. Why do you think that the owners want to pass the stick expense over to the players in the next CBA? The players (and the owners) make endorsement $ from the manufacturers, but the clubs pay for the sticks.

  98. Hey!

    Great win last night.

    Anyone here have paska for Easter? Best stuff ever on Easter morning.

  99. Shelley is playing pretty good, but he’s not doing his job as a fighter, which he is.

    It’s like Brash*t all over again.

    Or maybe I’m just spoiled because or Orr. He was really the first Rangers goon I’ve ever seen play consistently, and he fought all the time.

    Is this what goons are really like??

  100. Tony- no argument here. My mother didn’t. I celebrate Passover:). My mother-in-law, however, makes the best Easter Pie!

  101. You don’t know what Easter Pie is unless you’ve tasted my mother’s Easter Pie.
    This is like the argument I’d have with my friends as a kid – who made the best meatballs. Once again, my mother ! She was the meatball queen of Brooklyn !!

  102. I am ashamed to say I never heard of Easter Pie. Or I don’t remember ever hearing of Easter Pie, which is more likely considering my memory.

  103. ThisYear,
    Don’t want to belabor the point more than we have already, but the sticks the NHL clubs pay for are for their minor league players, AHL and lower. Most, if not all, NHL pros get their sticks directly from the manufacturers under endorsement deals, and for free.
    However, that’s not the case with all other equipment. Some equipment is paid for and owned by the club. If you recall when Dubi held out, the Rangers refused to give him his equipment to work out.

  104. Carp, growing up in a Italian household we never called it Easter Pie. We called it PIZZAGAINA. My mother used to say the Americans call it Easter Pie.

  105. CCCP,

    Yes! Of course you would know what paska is. :)

    I also know the traditional Ukrainian Easter greeting, although I know I am probably prnouncing it wrong, lol

  106. bull dog line on

    I don’t know if anybody mentioned him, but Pat Hickey scored 40 in the 77- 78 season. I believe he is your missing 40 goal scorer.

  107. Had one last night. She is still making some mean Pesach dishes. Kugel is my dad’s specialty, though.

  108. ilb.

    seems like a lot of people here got all excited thinking torts and some players were reading their comments. not one realized it is carp they are reading not the hundreds of comments in each day

  109. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    thanks, and what was the answer?

    glad you said that because I have never heard of Easter Pie either? Of course, we are not a religious family at all, so if it has to do with religious holidays, we are a little ignorant.

  110. I doubt anyone thought that Torts was reading thru hundreds comments. I’m sure any reference to that in comments was folks just joking. Me thinks you take it too seriously :)

  111. I have a question for Carp or anyone else who knows the answer. My youngest grand child is 10 years old & love the Rangers as much as I do. He absolutely loves Hank. When I was at the Ranger/Carolina game I took some pictures of Hank in goal & printed him some 8×10’s to hang in his room. The kid mailed the picture to Hank c/o the Rangers & wrote him a cute letter asking for him to autograph the picture. That was about 3-4 weeks ago. Everyday he goes to the mailbox waiting for his reply. Do you thing this is possible ? Do the Rangers respond to a kids request for a signed picture ? I keep telling him that Hank’s a little busy now & give him a chance to get to his mail.

  112. Linda.... GO PRUST!!!! on

    Tony, it took me about 2 months to get mine back many years ago. Tell him to hang in there!

  113. My grandmother made the best. One year, she decided to be creative and thought it would be fun to make “square’ matzoh balls, so she put them in ice cube trays….you can imagine how “square” they stayed once in the soup. hysterical.

  114. [ ] Boston makes playoffs

    [X] Atlanta makes playoffs

    [X] Rangers make playoffs

    [ ] Philly makes playoffs

  115. there’s about 10 other teams that’d love to land aasen as well.

    he won’t be a ranger.

  116. If Hank is busy for another 2 months, how am I going to be involved in the Jaro-me-King sandwich?

    By the way, Im going to the Rangers game Friday. If you see some dude jump onto the ice and go and hug Henrik and then escorted away in handcuffs, it’s me. ;)

  117. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    Can we tone down the sexual innuendo a little? It’s getting to be a bore. Jeeze.

  118. Doesnt get old for me.

    Sorry, Chiefs. Go back to Kansas City! Or just skip my posts.

    You wont have to read about the perfect physical specimen of JAROHANK!!!!!

  119. “I keep telling him that Hank’s a little busy now & give him a chance to get to his mail.”

    LOL I think he’s a little busy trying to carry this team on his back into the playoffs right now.

  120. oh geez again?! male, just like admiring other men’s (mainly athletes and actors) and womens beauty, tony!!

  121. LMAO

    Ricky, I’ll be there tonight!! I use the Boston Globe as my toilet paper, and I’m running short on TP!!

  122. Linda.... GO PRUST!!!! on

    from brooks’ today:

    Voros is one of the most popular Rangers in the room, well-liked and respected by a cross section of players. He has the pulse of the team, even as his worth has largely been neglected by Tortorella, who admitted last night to, “kick[ing] the hell out of him for a year-and-a-half.”

    “I’m a realist and I understand, but without trying to be full of myself, I think I contributed tonight, which is all I want to do,” said Voros, who made the most of his 13 shifts and 9:42 of ice. “I don’t cause problems and I work hard, and it’s nice to know that the guys here are pulling for me.

    “I believe I can play in this league. I want so badly to be a New York Ranger. I play for the jersey, not for myself.

    “I don’t ever want to take off this jersey. I know it’s a battle. But it’s a battle I’m going to keep fighting and it’s a battle I’m going to win.”

    Six games to go in the season; six games for Tortorella to give Voros the jersey. That’s the context.


    THAT is the attitude you want to see coming from guys on this team. He may not be the most talented, but outside of Hank, Cally and Aves, he probably loves being a Ranger the most.

  123. Bob Sacamano on

    Voros is awesome. Rangers suck. Antropov rules. Sather Sucks. Bettman sucks. Go Blackhawks, if they had Hank we’d be seeing an undefeated season. Rags are in 10th place with 78, Blue Jackets are in 14th with 77. I love this game.

  124. Pittsburgh defenseman Sergei Gonchar said he would miss a fourth consecutive game because of strep throat. He also expects to play Saturday.

    are u kidding me!!!!!! this is the kind of ATTITUDE you do not want to see…..sather u gonna trade and sign gonchar for 12 years????

    good evening all


  125. By the way. Voros *IS* the man. I don’t get why he isn’t on the 4th line every game.

    He’s like the Prucha of this season. Not as talented as Pruchs, but has all the heart Pruchs did.

    We don’t need Shelley in the lineup for every game, especially if he’s not gonna drop the fuggin gloves.

    I wouldn’t turn down a Voros jersey. I wouldn’t pay for one, but that’s only cause i don’t buy Rangers stuff anymore. I wont give NYR my money!

  126. I love Voros’ heart too guys but be honest,the fact that he looks good out there is saying more about how bad our key guys look.I would play Shelley over AV every time.

  127. LMAO at papi..My Spanish secretaries looked like they lost a very close family member this morning.

  128. USA game worn jersey auction over at nhl . com,Ryan Miller jersey for 65hundred,dang.
    Callys is @15hundred.

  129. Morg- uh huh..Proceeds will benefit USA Hockey Foundation. Whatever that means. And what’s the split? It’s for profit. They couldn’t make it to benefit Haiti?

  130. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo , NOT ONE , you forgot to use REPOST!!!! ya already posted that same GARBAGE on the last thread . You got Carped!!!!! HAHAHAAAA Not one , Im gonnnaa REPOST MINE TO YOU

    * YO ,Not One ….yer telling me that the players that do take the time to read Carp…they Dont look at the messages??? Are you serious?? Why wouldnt they? They have the time to read an article on stuff they already know , going to the comments is INSIGHT. Real fans INSITE. Some players might feed off of it , others simple couldnt care less and ignore it. You sound a little bit jealous that I was sharing a few beers with Brashear and you wernt here. Too bad buddy!! You snooze , you lose!!!

  131. Rob M

    Why dont you go inject yourself with one of David Ortiz’ filthy steroid syringes, and then go get your shine box!!

    You must have pent up frustration from being a Mets fan!

  132. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Aaron Voros can be sluggish and lazy…BUT you can never question his heart. He is a Keenan type player and deserves to be here.

    Voros and Gaborik played together in Minny and Im thinking sinse Gaborik isnt lighting it up with no one else ,why not give Voros the nod? Gaborik wants the puck ,wants the puck ( im sounding like Torts)..have a Drury and Voros on that line would be great. Make it the 2nd line ..I dunno , that line scored last night and before it had , I was wanting that unit to be together. If I coached this team i’d be pumping passion and drive , the kinda stuff Voros was saying… Aaron Voros , you are a real Rangers …just some people just don’t see it.

  133. Linda … you must think I’m incredibly dense but I’m not making the connection … oh well.

    Tony, I’d be shocked if he had time to sign and return photos at this time of year. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he did so later on.

  134. Is this the same blog that was calling Voros Virus for the first half of this year or is there nobody else to cheer for?

  135. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Nope , must a been another Blog.

  136. What’s the point of getting a smelly game worn jersey? Do they at least wash and clean it before they sell it?

    The worst is the “Blueshirts off our back”. Can you imagine the poor fan that would have had to accept Brash*’t’s smelly jersey.

    I love seeing the fans who were stuck getting Dredden, Blowzy, Malik, Ozo, etc. Can’t even sell those on Ebay for anything good.

  137. Not a mets fan
    Its just creepy that all you do is talk about how great looking certain male athletes are and how you want to be in the middle of a sandwich between them, if your a guy you should know thats pretty weird
    At least orr talks about GIRLS, the stuff that you say is just disturbing, save that stuff for your convos with your buddies, i think i speak for everyone when i say weve read enough about it

  138. “You must have pent up frustration from being a Mets fan!”

    Or just pent up frustration from not having real friends, perhaps?

    I remember the “Virus” stuff. It was a little warranted though. He took a ton of “Hollweg-type” penalties. But, he has cut down on the penalties this season, and has been pretty good. Typical 4th line player. He just needs to be smarter when he fights. I’d hate to see the guy get hurt.

  139. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 is great at “freaking people out” His talk of hair-less Jagr sandwiches is off the wall ,talks of liking other players hurt, Hatred of a certain city ,Politic talk about baseball conspiracies , ect … Cr9 is fishing here and is catching a ton of fish everyday on the blog. Funny ,sick ,crazy, zany and off the wall , that is Cr9 …dam he’d look great in drag!!!

  140. CR9 can talk aboot all the guys he wants. I think it’s pretty hypocritical to say it’s okay for me to talk aboot girls, but for him not to talk aboot guys.

    I don’t have a problem with it. I think it’s funny.

    But, like a few morons on this blog, for some reason it’s physically impossible to skip posts. For the love of Fox, i can’t understand that.

  141. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rob M , he wont listen to you man ….Momma is the only one that has a chance and maybe a ban happy Carp?

  142. On that penalty kick earlier, Cesc scored with a broken fibula.

    His World Cup may be in doubt.

  143. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Orr , wasn’t that funny when Salty said we were the same person!!…HAHAHAHA some people just don’t get it.

  144. Oops, wrong site.

    Hey, if it helped me score with my Juggy, Im all for drag!!

    Greg, let me just clarify two things. I’ve cut out the hating of the state thing. And I don’t wish injury or harm on anyone. Sports are just sports. There is no need to wish injury on anyone!!


    Rob M

    I cant joke like this with most of my friends. They’re very close minded Republicans. First, most of them HATE sports. Second, a couple of them already think Im GAY!!!

    For Juggy, I would be!!

  145. Tony

    Open your mind a bit.

    Bisexuality is very common!!

    And to adore 2 of the top 10 hottest men in the world….Hankie and Juggy…..should not be frowned upon!!!

  146. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Haha Tony , just think you’ve missed some of Cr9′ Best stuff while you were away watching the Rangers. He bashed one of Carps friends then got into it with Carp , ummm…Cr9 cover yer ears cuz im kinda…talkin about you.)
    He said alot more sexist Jar/Hank stuff and has made a few bloggers vomit in thier mouths (no lie) Im kinda Numb to it , kinda like an abused person but Im ok . Thick skin is what ya gotta have ’round here at times but all in all everyone is always laughing and smiling. Even though our spirits are dampened by The Rangers clinging to life support. Were all ok around here , I know I feel better hearing other Ranger fans pain so like Orr says , if ya dont like something , maybe ya gotta skip over it.

  147. Orr i dont know how you can sit there and say that i act immature, you constantly start shit with me over and over again over nothing, you cant quit it but i guess u hav nothin better to do so i understand

  148. vomit?

    Was it talk of receiving a certain kind of shower from the Jaromir?

    Silver, no, that’s not it. Bronze showers? No, that’s not it. What’s that other medal?!

  149. Rob

    Obviously, you have nothing better to do than read my insane posts, and then comment on how scary I am, all the while continuing to read my insane posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sniff, sniff, I think I smell a HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. By they way, that’s pretty hypocritical to say someone can talk about women, but I can’t talk about men.

    The reason I dont talk about women, is because I do not want to offend the ladies of the blog with some of my insane posts.

    I figure all the ladies of the blog have a very good understanding of the perfection exemplified by the Jaromir, Henrik, Jeter, and the like!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Orr , were are complete opposites and only share liking the Rangers and Megan Fox…and hating Piggins.

    Im a die hard xbox guy (legend card in online Be a pro )
    Im canadian yur not
    You hate Don cherry , I dont.
    I drive a car , you dont.
    Im twice yer age but don’t act it.
    you use words like fugg and aboot , I dont.
    I believe in the Rangers , you don’t
    I bet you the Rangers make it , you bet me that they don’t.
    You make up fake trades and post ’em , I dont.

    see , thats why we get along ..cuz were nothing alike.

  152. im not here everyday and every second of my life like some people, came to check out what carp had to say about the win last night and then saw your outrageously gay posts, felt like i was doin an injustice if i didnt say somethin about it

  153. Rob
    CR is just making things interesting. There are a bunch of people on here who enjoy reading his posts even if they don’t always agree with them. All in good fun, I say.

  154. GREG

    Haha, you think you don’t say aboot, but you do!!


    I don’t start with you, you think i do, because you love the attention. Don’t flatter yourself. Any time someone posts, if i want to respond, i respond. That’s the point of a blog. I’m not a wittle baby, and make a big deal if i can’t agree with someone, or someone says something that i don’t like. I throw in my 2 cents, and that’s that. I can be immature, but it’s more harmless than anything else. I don’t have to say anything, you just prove your immaturity. Growing up doesn’t seem to be on your life menu, and that’s too bad.

    And what do you have against people that post here every day? You have something against Boneheads?

    Anyway, 6 more crumb cake donuts left. Next one will go down during the new episode of Modern Family. Crumb cake donuts and Sofia Vergara is a perfect match.

  155. Sofia is extremely hot (not Jaro hot)!! And so is her accent!! But the accent gets annoying after some time!

  156. Exactly CR. She sounds so fuggin hot, but then it’s just too much. Luckily Al Bundy pops in with a couple of one liners to end that.

    But, she is arguably the top milf on the planet. She’s in her late 30’s and looks like she’s in her mid 20’s. New milf’s don’t count. They get their own category. Sofia is a veteran milf!

  157. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 saying a woman is hot is disturbing.

  158. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp- based on where this RANGERS blog has been going lately and especially the “comments” tonight,

    I’m out for a while. I can’t read this crap anymore.

    Is anybody else fed up with this?

  159. Yes. I am fed up with it. The whining and ******** and moaning, like a child.

    Have any of you ever heard of something called maturity, and skipping over posts??????

    It ain’t that hard.

  160. In the words of Snooki, “waaaah!”

    I’m bored and awake! What are all you boneheads up to? I’ll make you a margarita or a James & Ginger and we can watch youtube videos of people with funny Baltimore accents!

  161. Izzy, I don’t blame you. I’m not thrilled with some of the stuff being posted here, either.

    At the moment, I can only ask you Boneheads to cool it a bit. I know we go on a lot of tangents away from hockey here, but let’s try to keep it with in reason, OK?

    I’d really rather not have to make any ultimatums or threats.


    And good night, Sally!

  162. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp- I’d like to hear from some of the other boneheads besides the CR9 lunatic fringe. If I’m being über sensitive about this, then I can adjust and move on. But I don’t think I’m the only one…

  163. Wow, you dont think you’re the only one. You’re a real genius…

    considering there are 3 or 4 other people on this blog post alone calling me out, it must have taken a lot of thinking.

    I’ll give you this, Izzy… You are true New York fan, you get your jollies from fighting with other NY fans. More power to you, I guess.

  164. Let me try to be like Izzy, so cool.


    I’m Izzy. I think I’m cool.



  165. For a genius, I guess you didnt see Greg, Orr, and Linda, and morg (other than me bringing kids into sports) have no problem with me!!!





  166. I dont need to make up names. Some people like my sense of humor, others dont. Get over it and move on!




  167. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I apologize, CR.

    I can be a real douchebag sometimes.

    My life is pathetic. I am a worthless drunk. Forgive me.

  168. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp- obviously you can tell that’s an impostor at 12:35. Take care of it.

  169. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp- obviously you can tell that’s an impostor at 12:38. Take care of it.

  170. Orr

    The best part of the episode was when the skinny gay guy comes in with the newspaper, and the fat gay guy goes, “if a spider broke in, he would have been in troo-ou -ouble!”

  171. Izzy

    I accept your apology. I know how difficult it is to deal with alcoholism. Not me personally. It is a very difficult disease to overcome.

    Hang with it. You can do it. We can help.

  172. Chris Russo (Matt K) on


    In all seriousness, the Rangers NEED to step it up.

  173. Yeah, those gay guys are funny. It was funny when Al Bundy accidentally choked out his son when he was teaching him how to fight.

    Never mess the a Bundy. They’re tough. Al Bundy lives off of beer, and toaster leave-ins, that shows you how tough he is!

  174. That was a funny scene too.

    I thought the weirdo father was more over the top than usual. Too over the top for my tastes. Agree?

  175. Shouldn’t we ask Izzy’s permission to speak about a TV show, and not the Rangers? ;)


  176. wtf is going on up in here?? you boys need to behave!


    while i appreciate humor (i’d like to think of myself as a pretty humorous person) some of your comments are not very humorous but sort of…what’s the word…not so very smart and so very repetitive.

    It’s not about skipping the posts or talking about certain people in a very strange ways…its about finding a middle ground…we’re all Rangers fans here after all…make jokes and whatever but just keep in mind that you’re not the only one here… don’t turn yourself into ALF! Plus, Torts’s reading the blog…so think before talking! :)

  177. CCCP

    I appreciate your sentiments. Not sure what I say that could be deemed as smart or not smart.

    I am definitely repetitive, but if I may, what are the rest of the posters on here? I would think repetitive would fit for them as well.

    Captain Crutch. MANDLEBAUM! FIRST! 2nd! Torts this! FIRE SATHER!(the only one I agree with).

  178. My comments about Jaro and Hankie are only meant to lighten the mood for what is an absolutely neverending misery for Rangers fans.

    With no end in sight for Sather, a team that can win 7 in a row, and then lose 7 in a row, this team really is not much to talk about.

    The only thing this team has going for them, is they have some hot players.

  179. I agree… those are the wide discussed subject on here… but those are the subjects that most people on here like to discus because they relate to the team… but you have to understand, that sex talk could be very offensive to some people…

    In one early post you said that the only reason you don’t talk about women is because you don’t want to offend them with your crazy talk…why, can’t the same be applied to talking about man? You think guys don’t get offended? I know we live in a world of information…but certain topics are still somewhat a taboo…just like I said…you’re not the only one on here.

  180. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    One , two ..Freddy’s comming for youuuu…Watch out Cr9!!! Hes always watching and psssstt between you and me , I think hes Izzy and the guy behind Sathers wrapups. I notice whos the quiker people are and who not. CCCP is usually on the ball and keeps quiet alot cuz hes in disquise.

  181. CCCP

    You’re right. I could possibly see some of my posts as offensive. I just didnt know that the men on here were so touchy when it comes to talking about the beauty of a Jaro or Hankie.

    Dont you find it a bit hypocritical that others can talk about women, but not about men?

    Dont you also find it wrong that others throw homophobic slurs in my direction?

    Im out for the night.

    Have a good night, CCCP.

  182. You caught me, Greg! I’m also posting as YOU too…you just dont know it! Linda, Sally and Carp…its all me! :)

  183. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Interesting CCCP. Your answer is very very interesting. Your reply has more holes in it then a piece of swiss cheese!! Most guilty parties go the “yeah ,you caught me” route…I see you went that way.

  184. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Nothing to lose ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    If there was any conspiracy , then I’d say Carp knows cuz you’d been banned already. Certain “new” boneheads have appeared and all have some new “blog name” They hide behind a name and become brash ,ignorent, cocky and flat out annoying.

    When I see posters with made up names …I assume its another poster “really ” saying his or her feeling in disquise. It takes a real person to say his or her name and not hide. Making up names as Sathers wrapup is fun and Im not saying they are the cowards but hey , If the guy behind it actually confessed who it is…then it get more credibility.

    Cowards hide behind fakes names and if you have a strong point to make , you’ll get more respect if you tell us who you really are.

    Rick Carp ,Laurel,Sally,Linda ,Greg,Mike ,seth and Tony (just to name a few) have to it apoun themselves to be themselves . No cowards here.

  185. Did any of you guys see NHL on the Fly today? They were talking about “Fire Sather” rally!! Also, they talked about Sather could be out if Rangers miss playoffs! They also mentioned that Sather could just move up within the organization BUT the possibility still exists that Sather could be pushed out completely! Now, who wants to make playoffs!? lol

  186. 1..2..Freddy Sjostrom’s coming for you
    3..4..Better Cory LOCKE your door!
    5..6..6..6..6..6..6..6..6..6..6..6..6..6..Keep saying 6 until you accidentally say the word I’m thinking aboot..6..6..6..6..6..6..Refresh Voros’ Twitter page for his latest pics
    7..8..Guess how many pies Broduer ate
    9..10..That’s one of the two places NYR will finish in…


    Damn fuggin Avs losing to the Ducks’ no name backup goalie, and Kotalgeek scores the winner for the Flames. Now the Flames are two points behind the Avs for 8th. Not good!

  187. Greg is trying to push “confess and you’ll get respect” tactic!

    Sorry Greg, but i won’t give you the satisfaction of good night sleep… keep trying to figure out who’s who! lol

  188. good morning all! thank you ERIC STAAL and CO.!!!

    Carp, was there anything to this rumor that the blue jackets organization is pushing for 1.5pts for a SO winner and a half a point to the shootout loser! if we cannot get rid of the SO im all in favor of someting like this…this would motivate teams to play less conservative when they are tied in the 3rd period and would definitely creat a more interesting 4-4 OT

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