Opportunity on the Island


The race is still sitting there … thanks to the Bruins loss to Buffalo last night.

But the Rangers have to get points to stay in it. Four behind eighth-place Boston, with seven games left.

Beware, though. You can’t possibly expect the Islanders to mail it in the way they did last week at MSG … or can you? Are they so tanking it to improve their draft position?

I don’t believe it. I don’t believe they could possibly duplicate that lack of effort. I don’t think they could dream about being that bad again.

So it will be up to the Rangers to play better than they did in Toronto, probably better than they played in Jersey, and I’d guess definitely better than they played in that 5-0 surrendering by the Isles last Wednesday.

Because it’s still there.


Did you see that Lee Stempniak, who was acquired by the Coyotes at the trade deadline, has 12 goals in 12 games since the deal? Talk about getting your money’s worth.


Expect updates on Callahan, Avery, maybe Boyle later. Have a few things to do this morning. So I’ll stop by later, or at least pregame. I’d guess that Voros and Anders Eriksson stay in the lineup, Lisin and Matt Gilroy remain prucha’d and Corey Locke goes in Avery’s spot.

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  1. Scratch it. Carp is still in bed. Looking at 8:00 am sharp, I bet you this one was posted in advance.


  2. mornin carpy!! yea i even picked up stempniak in mako’s fantasy league. alot of times a change of scenbery helps. except when you come to the rangers. last season jussi jokinen got real hot for carolina in the stretch run and playoffs. now hes got 29 or 30 goals this season and is either tied or has more points than eric staal. hes around 26 or 27. stempniak is around the same age i think. maybe younger. i only hope sather has the patience to let these young guys take over the team and let them hit their potential. some players obviously arent gonna make it, or max out early(like prucha), but alot of the young players are being the difference makers for some teams. lots of unknowns and rookies come in and dont do squat for a few years, then they mature(like drury) and tear it up. phoenix just came out of nowhere this season after the nhl bought the team, gretzky was fired, and who thought they would trade for stempniak and have him scoring a goal a game ?? they have some good things goin on for them this year.

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIKE MIKE MIKE , no talky talk of fantasy Hockey or ya get banned by the Carpinator.

    Geeze , I need some sleep. I cant believe im still up!!!

  4. ilb i could see locke scoring a gaol or 2 maybe, but i think him being aves replacement is a joke. this team needs a gritty mad dog mothatrucka that can score!! not another midget!! papsmear is 5’10”?? locke is 5’9″, cally and dru both under 6 foot. aves wasnt big either but he played big. i can see him being effective maybe on the pp. there he can have room to make some nice passes to setup gabby or score himself. but to make the playoffs, ya gotta get gabby going. get him the puck and do not bench him anymore torts!! it will not help at this point. i agree gabby has been pretty crappy since the olympics, and i can give you 1 guess as to why. hes hurt, aqnd is trying to play through it. he can barely get the puck and hold on to it for more than a second without giving it up or making a bad pass. hes not wanting to get hit. i can understand that, but hes gotta get going or call this a season. torts has to make sure hes capable of helping this team more tahn hurting it. his play has hurt us more imo lately. giving up teh puck way too much and at such bad areas of teh ice.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Morg , way to kick azz yesterday. sweet.

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Im going to bed , wake me up when Its “Go time” .zzzzzz

  7. Locke deserves a shot,its pretty late in coming imo,if Torts set up this team with four rolling lines Locke seems like he woulda fit in from the start.
    I think his height isnt an issue as long as you dont have him out there facing top 4 d.

  8. morg- yes, he could help spark the team a little with some goals or some nice assists. i still think our top line has got to score and be our best line every game. its ben like a 2nd or 3rd line lately. love the energy and grit from our other lines, but it wont cut it. torts keeps saying hank is the one who will get us into the playoffs. but if we do, we need gabby and co. to start producing. jokinen and gabby are pulling a zherdev on us at the worst possible time.

  9. Greg are you refering to Koala giving up on the nhl AND hockey,or calling CR9 a dbag?,or are you mixing me up with hannibal grabachev?.
    eh,finally got a few days off,have alot of pent up energy.
    btw,nothing personal to either of those guys.

  10. good morning all!!! off to the mausoleum we go! LETS GET IT DONE, CAPT CLUTCH STEP UPPPPPPPPPPP

  11. it is kind of late to be alling locke up and expecting him to spark the team though morg. i see yuour point. lotta pressure and teams are playing much harder than earlier in teh season.

  12. morg- cr9 called me a d bag. i also wanna know what happened with koala. i always chat with him on hockeystreams and hes always jovial. didnt see what went on. dont feel like scrolling through hundreds opf my own posts, let alone everyone elses.lol

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Morg , no not calling CR9 a DB . When ya told Koala where to stick its leaves. Beutiful . Mike laying a smack down on that guy was cool too.

    Mike mes sooo sweeepy , I have no talking energy.

  14. think i got CR into the dbag calling mood like 3 hours before you came on board yesterday,dont like people bringing peoples kids into sports talk.
    Koala said he was turned off by the watered down state of the nhl(which i agree with)and said he was giving up on watching HOCKEY,the best frakking sport ever invented by man or beast!
    now i mad at him again,thatnks Grabby!

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Umm Koala’s like a woman eh …not really proven its a male.

  16. Remains to be seen with call ups. I bet you if there were no injuries, Torts would stay with the established line up.

  17. GregL, don’t know if you noticed, but being sleepy doesn’t reflect positively on your spelling skills, bro.. At all :)

  18. Torts coaching philosophy is the real prob here,like andy melanokis,when life(Sather)gives him lemons(19 outa 22 players)he makes beef stew.
    jumbled lines,30 minute games for Gabby,marathon starts for Henrik,holding Gilroy accountable for,oh,idont know,EVERY OTHER DMANS SHORTCOMINGS.
    this pseudo tough guy has to go,cant wait for Brooksies article on this d**cks firing.

  19. So Torts is bemoaning that PAP was their best forward in Toronto? Yet he was still giving Shelley and Prust regular shifts deep into the game?

    And for those that want Prospal back, he’s got 6 points in the 13 games since the Olympics. He had 47 in 55 games prior to that. Half of his points this year came in the first two months of the season.

    I liked the enthusiasm he brings, but he’s been a bit of lightning in a bottle this year. If they bring him back next year and he’s more like the Prospal of the past 4 months then he’ll have one of the 35+ year old contracts and him and Brashear will be part of expensive and immovable spare parts brigade.

    In short, save the money (cap space). Unless one of the Three Bust-ateers is moved every $ is going to important next year.

  20. It’s obvious that Torts doesn’t have specific strategy or plan for this team. He’s tried all the different line combinations and game plans. Not his fault. I don’t think Scotty Bowman would be able to come up with game to game strategy with the skill level this team has. But what is perplexing to me is that he wasn’t able to make sure this team comes in every game and plays with the effort and determination. You never know which team will show up. Every team has a few stinkers every year, expected. But if I say they only showed up for 40-45% of the games with the high level of determination, I might be overestimating it. I was under the impression that this was what he is best at.

  21. Did you read Mark Everson’s article in the Post today? http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/devils/kovalchuk_gives_devs_big_shot_at_45UcEVbO9FUEFqN4TumJfK

    I think he’s out of his mind. How many players have we seen over the years have top compensation talent and no heart? Kovalchuk is much more like Yashin than any superstar. I certainly hope that the Devils resign him and strangle their salary cap for a few years. He’s got great numbers and is a non-factor over 90% of the time. And Avery OWNS his brain. I hate to admit that this is a typical Rangers-type signing and look where that has gotten us. Hell, we’ve handed out those contracts to players with even less talent and heart.

  22. I saw it, Scott. He is out of his mind. But I think Lou is smarter than that. He knows that Marty is on downside, they’ll have to find a legit goaltender and it will take time. No reason to lock up another $8-9 mil while you may not be able to win the Cup. Not to mention they have some large gaps on the D. He will let him walk.

  23. If we win tonight and Boston and Atlanta both lose in regulation its going to be a scary close finish to the season (to decide who gets blown out by the Caps, Pens or Sabres in round 1) and will prob mean Slats keeps his job as Dolan will see some playoff $$.

    I don’t think Torts should go just yet, he needs one more crack at it. He’s stuck with a roster with not much cap room due to the 3 albatrosses and no real #1 D-man or #1 Center. If they can trade/demote/subtract a big contract in the off-season and use the money to patch the holes in the roster then Torts will get a fair crack next year and if he can’t do it then bye bye.

  24. Agree with Torts deserving another year.

    Let me give you this:
    Remaining games:

    Atlanta- they still have to play Washington twice, Pittsburgh twice and NJ.

    Boston- Washington twice, Buffalo again and NJ.

    There is no reason for the Rangers, with their remaining schedule, not to make the playoffs.

  25. Good morning all! I fear for this place if we don’t win tonight. Grabby, you’re practically handling the blog all by yourself lately :)

  26. ilb/scott – i saw that too, i don’t see Lou spending that much when Fatso is probably only 2 years away from retiring with no clear successor.
    If Lou could sign Kovy for a shorter deal i reckon he would do it to give Maarty a chance at another cup before he retires, but Kovy wants long-term big bucks.

  27. Laurel – if we don’t win tonight and Atlanta and Boston both lose it would be criminal – only the poor form of the teams above us is keeping us in the race for #8 seed. Its about time this team either play a full 60 minutes or throw the kids in for some experience and see where we end up in the lottery.

  28. Bring back Prucha on

    Lisin remains Prucha’d eh? Guess the Rangers really don’t enjoy winning games.

  29. I think the Lisin experiment will be a 1 year thing and he will be allowed to walk in the summer along with Shelley, Jokey, Prospal and Potter.

    One big question mark this off-season for me is Dan Girardi, he’s been OK of late and logged some big minutes but we need some toughness on the back end and if the 2 R’s are still here (along with Staal, DelZ, Gilly) then he may be the odd man out in order to use the cap space to get a crease-clearer.

  30. …of course i’m assuming Slats actually understands our D is too soft and needs someone with a bit of snarl – he may just think that Torts needs a shirt ironing service when asking for a crease clearer?

  31. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    There’s no reason why the rangers should lose tonight’s game.

    Torts has been here a year and this team is still lost,
    renney was thought as being too soft, Torts? who knows? But its seems he’s having his trouble with these guys, so what is problem?
    Lack of talent for sure, blame sather,
    lack of on ice leadership? For sure, just remember gerardi standing there while Gab got his ass whupped.
    But gerardi isn’t the only souless player on the team.
    So even if they make the playoffs, they may call it a successful season but’s the” same old s—T”

  32. iDoodie machetto on

    I’ve always liked stempniak. I was surprised when the blues dealt him to Toronto.

    I suppose the return was fair enough, but I may have stuck it out with stempniak instead.

  33. bull dog line on

    the Rangers refused to call up Locke when the center position was hit by injury, but they call him up now when the wings are hurt. makes no sense to me at all. Byers, Weisse, or even Grachev( i know he’s not ready) would have made a lot more sense.

  34. I still can’t believe Redden is playing on this team. Gilroy keeps getting scratched while Redden still plays. Gilroy isn’t the second coming of Leetch, but he isn’t devoid of life. In limited time, he has more points, and you can at least understand when he makes a mistake. Redden stands there and watches the game go by him. DEMOTE HIM NOW AND FOREVER! Admit the mistake and eat the contract. Everybody in the league see that it was a huge blunder. There is no point in trying to pretend that it wasn’t so you can save face. Way too late for that.

  35. ilb, the problem is that the Caps don’t have much of anything to play for down the stretch; they’ve already clinched the conference. I am sure their big guns will get rested.

  36. Happy Hockey Morning!

    The question of the day,as it is every day with this Jekyll and Hyde team, which Rangers team will show up tonight? The tough one that actually hits people and goes to the net and cares, or the one that is lacksadasical in every facet of their game.

  37. Plain and simple, our next three games are against crap teams. If we can’t get six points, it won’t much matter what the Bruins or Thrashers or Flyers do.

  38. Have the Caps clinched the President’s trophy yet though? That would still be enough incentive to get home ice all through the playoffs. Then again it’s not like it did them a lot of good against the Pens in game 7 last year.

  39. Adam – damn right! If we can’t take 6 points from the Asslanders, Bolts and Pansies we don’t deserve that playoff spot.

  40. Even the TSN poll says the Rangers are more likely to miss the playoffs. The Rangers will be a .500 team, at best, for the rest of the season. Why would they deviate from what they are?

  41. I dunno, maybe the Captain has been making a specially designed pizza with a clutch filled crust?

  42. It just dawned on me that Drury hasn’t been his clutchy best since Redden came to town. Does he need to get in the clutchmobile and do a hit-and-run to restore his clutch prowess?

  43. TR is greater than Zip!!!

    Happy Hockey late morning to all. Tr, now we’re waiting for the MZA signing ;-)

    dshea, that goal Drury scored last week with 16.8 was his legacy expanding clutch goal of the season.

  44. ILB…..You wrote: “There is no reason for the Rangers, with their remaining schedule, not to make the playoffs.”

    Here are a few reasons: This team blows. They have no heart. They have no real fight in them. Cally and Avery out tonight, those are the two Rangers with the biggest fight and snarl in them. We are in crunch time and not a single person on the team is stepping it up.

    This is why they won’t make the playoffs. In addition, this team is built to torture you. They win a few games against so-so teams. They play well against the Devils and get your hopes up. Then they suck wind against the Leafs.

    Their remaining games are against a bunch of crap teams (Isles, Tampa, Toronto, Florida, and 2x against the struggling Flyers) and have their destiny in their own hands. Yet no one will step up and do anything considerable to push them into the playoffs.

    The team is soft.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am rooting for them. But giving up points is their specialty. How they didn’t get 2 from Toronto is beyond me. Marian Gaborik who? Did he have a shot on goal? His guy waltzed through the slot unmolested on the first Tor goal.

    Those are the reasons the Rangers will not make the playoffs.

    Prove me wrong guys. I will be the first to eat my words and happily.

  45. fyi – a Devil’s fan on Everson’s blog tried to slap me down by asking me if 20 points in 20 games for Kovalchuk is a bust. That’s 20 mostly meaningless points for a team that is around .500 since they got him. 20 in 20 is 82 points extrapolated over a season and for the years/money he wants, that is a bust. Kovalchuk is the second coming of Alexei Yashin and nothing in Kovalchuk’s career suggests otherwise. How many times have we been down that horrible road? Seduced by talent and what-ifs to only wind up with a contract albatross. I pray the Devils sign him.

  46. Linda – True. However, we are seriously low on his clutchiosity. One moment in three years seems a little meager. Also, the clutchness of that moment has not inspired the troops, so you have to assume that Redden is diminishing his clutch factor.

  47. ahhh linda you jinxed it, lol

    im still trying to figure out if he was here or not. i gave most of the info out elsewhere. but last night i never got to meet up w/ anyone. the 2 people i needed were off doin 2 totally separate things.

  48. dshea, lmao. drury surely is not troop inspiring, that’s for sure. Just hoping Redden likes the view from Hartford soon..sorry CT, hate to pollute your air but that’s where he belongs, either CT or retired!

    New Newman made a great point, with both Cally and Aves out tonight, who provides their energy, their ‘snarl’ as newman put it? The team should be ramped up to play the Isles, especially knowing the Isles are not going to take the night off after they did last week. Then again, i remember earlier in the season they were NOT prepared for a rivalry game and lost. TEAM IS BEYOND FRUSTRATING DAMNIT!!

  49. Kovalchuk has been the definition of hot and cold for the Devils.

    He has points in 4 straight games after going pointless in 4 straight.

    Before that he had points in back to back games after getting blanked for the 2 previous games.

    It all depends on his playoffs, if he fails to show up this time, coupled with his playoff debut a few seasons ago and rightly or wrongly Russia’s flop at the Olympics you’re going to get the “does Kovalchuk disappear in the big games” label throw on him.

    He’ll still make bank though, not sure what you can’t do with $7-$8MM that you can do with $10MM.

  50. Hey Linda, just catching up from last night’s late night posts. May I suggest Heartbreak Hotel :)

    U2 – Stuck in a Moment
    Bruce – Land of Hope and Dreams

  51. The Rangers have a 50/50 chance of winning this game. They have a losing record against the Isles this season. When they won, it was 5-0 and 5-2. All the losses against the Isles were close games. So, if they don’t come out of the game quickly, they will probably lose another game.

  52. Good Day, Everyone!

    What happened to Izzy?? Second straight “crack of noon” and he’s not here! Hope he didn’t chock on crepes! :)

  53. The songs, Linda?

    May I suggest something not everyone knows: Uriah Heep, “Look at Yourself”

  54. The Pens aren’t going to quite the Blackhawks but factoring in Letang’s deal they’ll be ok forward with 10 under contract, but they only have 3 of their D under contract and no back up goalie. Based on the current cap they have about $12.25MM to work with, but when you consider the talent drop off for them after Crosby/Malkin/Staal up front it will be interesting to see how they fill out their depth on the wings and on D.

  55. TheMessiah94 on

    I heard on a hockey show on XM last week that they expect the cap to actually rise a little bit next year. So much for allowing a Redden buyout.

  56. CTB- maybe they should sign Kovalchuk for $10 mil. And feel the rest of their spots with the guys from Chelsea Piers. I bet you they would still be competitive.

  57. ilb, they should just put Crosby and Ovechkin on the same team. And create a national TV network to show their games and practices. I think that’s what the world is coming to in 2012.

  58. You think this team might have been a little easier to lead/inspire

    # of Stanley Cup FINALS appearance of ’94 team

    Mark Messier 7th

    Kevin Lowe 7th
    Glenn Anderson 7th

    Esa Tikkanen 5th

    Jeff Beukeboom 4th
    Craig MacTavish 4th
    Greg Gilbert 4th

    Adam Graves 2nd
    Brian Noonan 2nd
    Steve Larmer 2nd
    Stéphane Matteau 2nd

  59. forget the other teams schedule. the Rangers have to win their own games, and without Cally and Avery I don’t see them winning 6 out of 7, even with easier opponents.

    I hope they can, but with Dreary leading the way instead of Cally and Avery. I have serious doubts.

  60. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Besides not knowing how to run pro franchises and MSG, does anyone know if the dolans engage in excessive drinking, smoking, skydiving,commercial fishing,para sailing, mountain climbing,pit viper handler etc?

    I can’t wait..

  61. Our problem is NOT the fact that Gabby hasn’t been scoring much lately. Our problem is that we rely solely on Gabby for our offense. All true contenders have at LEAST 2 scoring threats.

    As of now, the Caps have SEVEN players with over 20 goals, and could finish the season with 3-4 over 30 (with OV on top). The Pens have 3 over 20 (with Cindy on top). Buffalo 4. Devs 2 (exception, as always). Sharks 3 (with 3 more at 19, and Marleau & Heatley will both finish 40+). Hawks 5. Canucks 6. Coyotes only 1, but they’re on a miracle season..

    The Rangers have Gabby. That’s it. Cally (if he plays), Dubi, or Vinny could hit 20, maybe, by the end of the year. I bet only 1 of them does.

    If OV doesn’t score, the Caps have 6 other guys that will get you. If Henrik Sedin doesn’t score, the Nucks are still fine. If Heatley doesn’t burn you, Marleau will. If you shut down Gabby, the Rangers have nothing.

  62. It’s official, Rangers will be in salary cap hell now that Pittsburgh resigned Letang. $3.5mn for four years. Similar age, offense, he was a RFA next year, second line and worse defensive stats. I think this means Staal doesn’t sign for a penny less than $4mn……..

  63. Exactly, mama. Animal abuse. He is always on the road, so who is taking care of the puppy? Oh, yes, I forgot. Mario!

  64. SCX, Ahh, so THAT explains why he complains to the refs all the time, he’s permanently menstrating.

    I can only imagine what he says to Bettman when he gets cramps.

  65. TheMessiah94 on

    It’s all cyclical though. Mario takes care of Cindy’s dog… Cindy takes care of Bettman… Bettman screws the Rangers….. and on it goes.

  66. If he had a dog, it would be one of those hairless teeny tiny ankle biters that bark obnoxiously.

  67. Messiah- The Rangers screw their fans. The fans say:”Screw this!” But still buy the tickets. The money generated goes into the revenue sharing ppile. Mario gets the money. Cycle complete!

  68. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    Gilroy being benched is to imply that Redden is actually worth something

  69. Redden is worth at least one year of my life. Or at least that’s what he’s taken from me. Or maybe it’s like dog years. For every year that Redden ages with the Rangers we age 5.

  70. Mario’s kids clean up his dog’s carcillo from the yard. The kids wanted twenty bucks to do it, but Mario makes them do it for free. He told them, ‘He is the golden boy after all, and we must treat him as such. It was decreed by Mr Bettman.’

  71. This team has scoring problems, no doubt about that. It used to be if they scored a couple they had a chance to win, because Hank would hold the fort. Lately Hank has been shakey at times to say the least. So now they have to score at least four to win, and that depends on if Hank is wide awake or not. The D is bad enough, and with Torts making stupid move after stupid move, it’s pretty much on Hank to make the playoffs. Of course they will have to get a few goals somehow.

  72. Oh the lawn- stay on the lawn :)

    Mama is right, we need a game bad. It’s only been two days. Imagine August? We will run out of carcillo..


    Manchester United was treated so well by the referees all game, and played like shizzit all game long.

    Then, at the end, our loser defense let 1 guy go through 4 defenders to take it 2-1 to Old Trafford.

    And Rooney’s hurt!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! He had to be helped off the field, I dont know if he’ll be available for the Chelsea game this weekend.

  74. Speaking of second Seder. Mrs and I are going to my parents tonight. They make Passover food with some Russian twist. That Baconnaise I mentioned yesterday would be the healthiest dish comparing to what we will eat tonight. But it’s sooo good. Which reminds me, DVR for me, so no spoilers!

  75. Thanks for reminding, Tony! Fishsticks are going down tonight, big time! LGR!! Where is GregL?

  76. “in the dead of night….TORTS BITES TORTS BITES….”

    Hey Tony, we’ll be hitting the 80 degree mark this week in ole alabammy. It’s just amazing!

  77. Fishsticks… “you ever catch a minced fish??”

    I have a kinda bad feeling about tonight.

  78. Tony, she’s been trying all season, I’m sure…

    Linda, but we DO need it tonight.

  79. i’m trying Tony! With Cally and Aves out, i’m just wondering who the spark for anything is going to be. I’m hoping Dubinsky picks up the mantle!

  80. good point ilb, but we should not be RELYING on them! Guys like Dubinsky and Prospal, need to step up tonight. Maybe AA will provide a scoring spark. They really have to show us something tonight because having Cally and Aves out (especially the way he’s been playing lately), for this team, is pretty big.

  81. i should have added Jokinen in to the dubinsky/prospal setting. Jokinen really has to pick it up, and take LESS penalties. You KNOW the mincedFishsticks are going to come out like gangbusters.

  82. Redden to rip a slapper into the top corner past 136-year old Roloson with 7.7 secs left, securing a 3-2 win, anyone?

    And then on the replay, we see that it actually deflected off of Captain Pizza’s ass, CLUTCH!

  83. Linda GO PRUST on

    i’ll take that tony, and wear his name tonight!

    i’m afraid you’re correct ilb, jokinens last few games as a Ranger. Guess we can say thanks for taking Kotalik and Shoots Wide off the books!

  84. Linda GO PRUST on

    Shor, if Redden does anything remotely good tonight, I will buy you a drink at bonehead fest!

  85. Seriously after the Rangers are eliminated what are you guys gonna root for? please don’t say boreball…..

  86. Linda GO PRUST on

    is the blog going to adopt a team and grow beards, or are we all branching out on our own? David, I have my trip to NY to look forward to at least, and bonehead fest of course. after that, rooting for training camp because i just cannot get into the Mets, especially being so far away.

  87. billybleedsblue on

    After the Rangers are eliminated, I typically pull for the bottom seed in the West to win. After the hockey is over, well, there’s baseball…even though, it hasn’t been the same for me for a few years. All the lying and cheating (that we know of and that we don’t know of) has really taken away from the game for me. I’m usually too busy over the summer to have time for it anyways.

  88. Linda GO PRUST on

    its not the “lying and cheating” that bug me, because anyone who didnt know stuff was going on is a pollyana (and besides, they were all doing uppers/downers etc in the 70’s too, then the coke and whatnot)… its the absolute disgrace the Mets have become. They are the summertime Rangers. (Exactly HOW many catchers have they signed? LOL) They’ll have a few good years, then a barren wasteland, then a few good years. I feel bad for David Wright.

    like I said. Come April 12, i’ll be waiting for training camp. Only other sports related thing to look forward to is the Jets on Hard Knocks!

  89. ACDAVIDDC – After the Rangers are eliminated I’m rooting for the USA soccer team in the World Cup and then looking forward to NFL training camps.

    I just can’t root for another team. I’ll probably watch some of the playoffs, but won’t really get into it until the finals.

  90. When we get eliminated ? If we get eliminated ? After we get eliminated ?
    Youse guys suck ! We’re going to the playoffs – with or with out youse !!

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on


  92. Linda GO PRUST on

    how sad is this… i just got an email for priority presale of Predators playoff tix!! man. I wonder when the Thrashers one will come…then i’ll just cry. But maybe I’ll take the Preds up on this offer lol!

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I got a question . Can anyone tell me if the Rangers vs the Islanders are as heated as the Yankees and Mets. Like …is Met fans ,Islander fans and Ranger fans are Yankees?? I dunno ’bout this .

  94. John, I’m Only Dancing – David Bowie – Brashear

    Don’t Ask Me Why – Billy Joel – Torts

    The Last of the Famous International Playboys – Morrissey – Henrik

    Cancelled Check -Beck – Wade redden

    Climbing the charts with a bullet:

    Anyone for Tennis? -Cream

    Fan Favorites:

    Heartache Tonight – Eagles
    A Pain That I’m Used To – Depeche Mode
    Nausea -Beck
    Empty Garden – Elton John

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    You darn right!!! I do smeeeeeeeelllll what the Rock is cookin…cookin up good old AZZLANDER azz!!!!

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    You guys missed a great time last night ON THE BLOG!!!

    We had Dan Girardi,Chris Drury,Aaron Voros,Brashear ….and Redden , he was a little upset that I called him out last night. Me and Donald Brashear shared a few Beers but it got aukward when “ORR” showed up. (Dons been reading what ORR has been saying ’bout him) Sure glad I wasnt envolved in that coat-check scene.

  97. I’ll watch and I’ll root but it’s damn hard to BELIEVE.

    The EFFORT just isn’t there.

  98. Linda GO PRUST on


    its usually Rangers Yankees Giants, Mets Islanders Jets

    i’m Rangers Mets Jets and Giants (although go for the Jets when they play each other)

  99. all you guys saying how many easy games the rangers have….well,those teams sure think the rangers are an easy team,and you know what? they’re right! lose,then dolan gets visited by three ghosts at 1am on april 13th,comes to his senses(?),and fires slats….



  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Very interesting Linda..TY. I know a bit about NFL and MLB but dont follow it at all. Its interesting cuz I like the Yankees ( not Mets), Giants are cooler than the Jets are . So …I guess im on the Giants,Yankee and Rangers side.

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Old school is the only schoool , hahahahaha yes!!! Knicks are cool too , sorry for the ignorence but what the other basketball team or is there another?

  103. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Go time go tieme go time go time go time go time go time go tim go time go time!!!!!

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