Where is all this water coming from? (updated)


How could we possibly be having more rain?

Good morning, class. And Happy Passover.

As you know, the Devils rolled over for the Flyers last night, further lengthening your playoff chances, and forcing me to the realization that the second annual Boneheads “Paul Mara” Playoff Beard contest is probably not happening this year. Because even if they do squeak in on the final weekend, there won’t be enough time to organize it and get people involved (especially since the playoffs might not even last  a week).

Just another bad break for our traffic. This season we’ve had some bum breaks, including that we no longer have Sam Weinman full-time on the beat; that we had a stretch in one of our biggest months, November, in which the Rangers played three times in 13 days; that we had an Olympic break; that we had no coaching change as we had last year; no trades at the deadline; and now no playoffs. Ugh. It has all hurt our numbers to a degree, but you guys have still made this the biggest/best Rangers blog anywhere.

Anyway, just wondering if there’s something we could do here during the playoffs in place of the Paul Mara contest. Suggestions?


MSG Network contacted me, to tell me I was wrong, that the guy in the radio commercial does say “Graig” Nettles not  “Craig” Nettles. They sent me an audio clip. To me it still sounds like Craig. I apologize.


For those of youse who want to come on here and talk politics, try this site. And remember, 99 percent of all politicians give the rest a bad name.


MORNING UPDATE, 11:24 AM: The Rangers have called up Corey Locke, apparently to take Avery’s spot.

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  1. ha ha! first actually! just back, I get carp’d, then redeemed. don’t tell me Aves is dunzo for the year???

    I’m trying to catch up here, but also have abou 756 e-mails to sort thru. cliff notes anyone?

  2. oh carp, sadly, no. I missed everything here terribly. from now on, I shall never leave for a week on Grand Cayman again. There’s really no comparison.

  3. morg says dump the chump FIRE TORTS but keep the cannoli on

    Youse see Joe Dirt Carcillo stick David Clarkson last night,that should be good for a 3 game suspension,no?


    Hey Carp…what happened to Josh’s profile? We lose Callahan, Avery and now Josh?? What’s next…we gonna find out that Josh is no longer 26?!

  5. Neither of you count for first. Usually there’s contest disclaimers that exclude employees or families of employees from competitions sponsored by your employer.

  6. Mama, short version:
    Islanders rolled over and played dead; Rangers beat Devils in a shootout after Captain Clutch scored with 16.5 seconds left; Callahan reinjured his leg; Torts launched me during the post-gamer on TV; The Rangers blew a 2-0 lead and lost to Toronto in OT; Gaborik was benched during that game!; Avery was injured; Lundqvist gave up one of the worst goals of his career; somebody took down Josh’s profile.

  7. Adam Rotter, courtesy of Nasty, is reporting that Avery’s twitter says he and Callahan are going for that blood-spinning thing that’s all the rage now. Hope they’re not going to the HGH doc in Canada like A-Rod (the cheater), Beltran, Reyes and the esteemed T. Woods did.

  8. Thanks Carp – been on holiday in Seychelles for 2 weeks and you just summed up what i’d missed.

    So we can still sneak into the playoffs, Slats still has a job and now our star scorer can’t hit a cow’s ass with a banjo?

  9. Happy Passover everyone. Sally, maybe one of these years I can come to your seder, and I’ll bring dubinsky, and we can play Neil Diamond Jazz Singer tunes!

    Carp, is Murray the cop on the beat all over the missing Josh profile?

  10. Oh, and we also coined a new word: carcillo.

    As in, cow carcillo. bull carcillo. does a bear carcillo in the woods? I stepped in carcillo.

  11. Also from Adam Rotter “Locke, 25, has 29 goals and 51 assists this season in Hartford. He is 5?9, 189lbs.”

    Wow, he is small, but if he can put up numbers……

  12. morg says dump the chump FIRE TORTS but keep the cannoli on

    2 weeks UK? what is that tantric?and does Seychelles still sell sea shells by the sea shore?

  13. Linda, that would be Nose’ Feliciano, in Oscar’s words.

    Oh, and the BIG NEWS: we also discovered that the coach and the players are closet Boneheads.

  14. holy carcillo, someone messed with josh again?! what is holy carcillo is that!

    thanks Carp, as always. If I don’t get to see Aves play again before season’s over, I shall cry.

  15. Whoever the piece of Savard that hurt Avery should be suspended.

    If the guy is not suspended, this league is a bunch of Savard!

  16. CCCP

    Is that why I bagged 5 grand off the DUKE victory yesterday?

    I stepped in dog Savard 2 days ago!!

  17. speaking of which, can you guys keep your fingers crossed for me? there is a *SLIM* chance i might have a job by the end of the week, so some good energy coming from you guys might help! Thanks!!

  18. Good luck in getting the new job, Linda

    If you haven’t had your interview yet, just tell them you’re a Red Sox fan.

    It works every time!

  19. This NCAA tournament has been pretty good for Ranger prospects. Stepan has played well from what I have seen. McDonagh has done well. Kreider seems to have been pretty invisible, but I only saw one game with him. The player who impressed me the most was Hagelin. He was everywhere and doing everything. His style and impact reminded me of Zetterberg. If he has 1/2 of the career of Zetterberg, I will be happy. He may be one of those less heralded prospects that really makes a difference in the future.

  20. our fingers and toes are crossed, Linda.

    Good morning, Sally!

    now … it pains me to say this, but I thought after Carcillo clubbed Clarkson last night (he received a match penalty, and will probably be suspended), he and Clarkson were going to fight. It looked to me that Clarkson asked out of the fight because he was injured, and that Carcillo did the honorable thing (for once). He even tapped Clarkson on the back as they broke apart. Sort of like Asham did with Mara last year when Mara injured his shoulder in the fight.

  21. That’s right, Carp! And also, when you carcillo in your pants that usually means… time for new pants!!


    I guess it does work!

  22. Ahhh, John Kerry. The only individual Bostonian I’ve ever rooted for.

    He didn’t win because he WAS NOT a real Red Sox fan. When asked who his favorite player was, he said “Manny Ortez” which signified he knew nothing about the Sox.

  23. Linda

    i wish you get carcillo’d on by thousands of pigeons!! :P
    Oh and I will keep my fingers crossed for you too!

  24. “As far as the second flub, Kerry did invert and somewhat mangle (look for the second “News and Notes” item) the names of Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz in a speech delivered in Boston on July 12. But he did quickly catch the error, even repeating “Manny Ortez” in an incredulous tone as if to scold himself for making such a bonehead mistake.

    Still, when Kerry corrected himself he did mispronounce David Or-TEEZ as David Or-TEZZ. Panagopoulos hadn’t heard Kerry make the gaffe—he had only read about it in Gammons’ column. When I played the clip for him, he said he still wasn’t sure if Kerry was a true fan—after all, the guy’s name is David Or-TEEZ. “

  25. Good luck Linda! Check if they are hiring haha I can work remotely!

    Carp you’re on a roll today, what’s going on?

  26. Hey, welcome back, mama. Carp forgot to include in his short version that you’ve missed a lot of mishigas on the blog. But you’re about to find out.

    CCCP-stepping in some carcillo isn’t worth any money. I know, it’s a famous Russian expression that you used. But the other one also suggests: if you don’t touch carcillo, it won’t stink

    Happy Passover, boneheads!

  27. Carp,

    If there are no playoffs for the beloved blue all we can do is sit here and pray the devils lose in similar fashion to last year!

  28. I’m telling you, Linda!!! Just tell them you are a Sox fan!!

    It works at a 99% clip for me!!!

  29. ilb2001

    Yup…another famous Russian saying… “Ne trozh gavno, vonyat’ ne budet”

    if you don’t touch carcillo, it won’t stink…that is a perfect one for Torts.

  30. *JAROMIR*

    Anybody want to guess the size of the not so little Jaromir!!

    I am guessing 68 inches!!!

    Maybe one day, I can measure the 68 inch Jaromir with my…..

  31. NYRGuy, that’s what happens when I get to work in one place all day, and not in the car (which hit 100,000 miles the other day).

    morg, I agree, I agree and I agree.

  32. I wonder if the body of Jaro is hairless. I have to imagine he remains waxed. He’s such a perfect male specimen, he has to remain waxed!!!!

  33. Corey Locke is my example of the fact that the “new” NHL isn’t really that much different than the pre-lockout NHL. In the “new” NHL, smaller skill players were supposed to have a place again. They still don’t seem to. Now granted, Locke lights up the AHL, but there is a reason teams are not killing themselves to get him on their NHL rosters. However, when Ovechkin is going to barely make 50 goals this year, you know the obstruction is still going strong.

  34. CR9-I did. And I found it even more distasteful than the original one. Admittedly, I don’t find most of your posts amusing, probably because you keep making jokes about the same topic. But mentioning that someone’s son has Asperger’s and blaming his father for that is a little out of my liking. Could be just me. I wonder if you’ve seen any child with that disease. Or dealt with their families.

  35. I thought you would understand where I was coming from.

    I think that drug usage plays a role in diseases that are passed on to newborn children. As shown by my belief about my own brother and his misfortune.

    I in no way think it is a joke.

    In fact, I heard a story the other day about how Schill and Schonda used to get angry with the child’s behavior (not knowing about the illness at the time) and Schill used to be the ‘bad cop’ and treat the kid mean.

    Now, that’s real sad.

  36. The Curse of the Carp! It’s like Madden Curse.

    You tell us how lucky the Rangers have been injury-wise and boom! Callahan and Avery go down. But since we do want to tank anyway, this curse works well for us.

  37. 2 things then:

    As we probably won;t make it who are we all rooting for in the playoffs? The Yotes?

    Which NHL player do you predict will sport the best and worst playoff beard? Is it going to be a Mara special and Cindy Crybaby’s bumfluff face?

  38. From now on, I’m going to stop making anti-Bostonian and anti-referees posts!

    It’s my March Resolution.

    But I get to continue with my Jaromitrio and Henrik posts!!!

  39. CR9 stfu about peoples kids already,you are acting like a real Dbag,ilb is right,and what science shows steroids are to blame for a childs autism?wait,dont answer,just STFU!

  40. argh what is going on with the internets today!?

    thanks everyone!!! there’s some bird carcillo on my car right now, could that be considered luck?

    CR, i don’t think saying I’m a red sox fan in Alabama will impress anyone. Maybe if I tell them I deep fry everything THAT might help ;-)

  41. There is no proof of anything.

    But drugs have been known to cause many things. Why not illnesses or miscarriages(in the case of my brother’s wife)?

    It’s just an opinion. And it is certainly possible.

    I am not acting like a Dbag.

  42. Happy Belated bday Seth!! liked your jokinen story!!
    thanks a bunch morg!

    lmao @ march resolution. april starts on thursday!

  43. When I visit the in-laws down South, everything’s fried. Either that, or I have a po’ boy with debris. Y’all know about that, right? but we brought home an awesome red beans & rice recipe, and had that last night!

  44. “Another study shows that mothers who take the epilepsy drug valproate while pregnant are more likely to have children with autism.”

  45. Ok ok. Can we please have a moratorium on Boston under the condition that we either pass them in the playoff race or until baseball season starts?

  46. sorry for name calling CR9.
    UKranger,im going with old man Niedermayer for beard,and Blackhawks and Yotes for playoff rooting interest,i root for no other eastern team but the(un)mighty Rangers!

  47. Linda,

    tks vm!! bday wish is gonna come true this summer I GOTTA FEELING! that was destiny bday dinner next to a RANGER!

    With regards to the playoffs I am rooting for first and foremost the devils to lose the same way they did last year…i obv. was in mourning after fedorov beat redden and henrik but turned the devils game on that night and watched the entire post game and that helped the ranger loss a little bit..

    I am hoping on the Blackhawks Bandwagon and if they lose I will root for the KINGS….if i HAVE to pick someone in the East I will go with Ottawa I guess I do not hate them and if they bow out early I will have to go with the Sabres I guess…I cannot root for Tom Poti, obv cannot root for the pens, flyers and devils….cannot root for the habs or boston either…so go sens go then by default LETS GO BUFFALO-lindy ruff deserves it

  48. >>The Rangers have called up Corey Locke, apparently to take Avery’s spot.

    Locke in? No doubt a playoff spot will be locked soon.

  49. What can I talk about in regards to the Rangers????

    Hmmm, maybe Henrik can use not so little Henrik as a WMD and clear the crease by whipping forwards with it. Then he can carry us to a Stanley Cup, and then carry the cup with only “not so little Henrik”!!!!

  50. Izzy’s hibernating…He had a long year. With the new health reform, people are not into crepes anymore. Too fattening…

  51. “UKRanger

    As we probably won;t make it who are we all rooting for in the playoffs? The Yotes?”

    I think since the Rangers aren’t Helping themselves or getting help from the teams we need to beat the teams we’re chasing (Thanks again Devils for rolling over)I am keeping an eye on the Hawks and Yotes

  52. welcome home laurel!! thought of you as soon as aves knee buckled, knew you would NOT be happy!!

  53. 52 days until NY, 54 days until bonehead fest!
    only 7 games left in the *regular* season…sigh heehee

  54. linda, mother-in-law and brother-in-law in Fla., sister-in-law and her hubby outside N’Orleans.

    Laurel, it wasn’t Savard … somebody on T.O., I forgot who.

  55. morg: the draft story is funny … they have us drafting 8th in the first round. I’m not sure the Rangers will be that high.

  56. Tony, rainy AND cold! You son of a bryzgalov.

    ilb, so you down that with a pint of bacon-flavored vodka, right?

  57. Carp, I have probably missed it !

    Did you try to make a joke when writing that Sather would possibly retire after the season or was it meant serious ???

    I dont know what it is but slowly but surely I loose my interest in the sport and you know what its not only the Rangers and their situation…

    When you see a proposed good game, it is only averaged and you feel those guys simply play too often for 82 games, that they simply not able to bring their best every night..when you see a No1 team Washington loosing against the No 9-or 10 from the west in Calgary, the NHL lost his credibility …..

    NHL needs some radical changes (fewer teams!!!!) and Rangers needs to fire Sather ASAP, otherwise ..hm..My subscription with hockeystreams ends on Thursday definetly and I will not resubscribe…

    I was in Cyprus now for two weeks and I haven´t missed the NHL at all..

  58. While in NY , we got to meet Stan Fishler in the NHL store. What a character ! He spoke to us for about 15 minutes, told us stories, posed for pictures & he even sang 2 songs to my wife. The man is a walking Ranger history book. He’s a very dapper dresser & has the neatest beard I’ve ever seen. I hope I look that good at 75+ years old.
    And btw, he love the Carp !

  59. Koala, are you going to NHL Gamecenter next season? My hockeystreams is good until april 16th.

    Welcome back Tony! Glad you enjoyed your trip to NY and you actually got to see a win!

  60. “As we probably won;t make it who are we all rooting for in the playoffs?”

    I can’t bring myself to actually root for another team. It just isn’t a part of my makeup. I probably won’t even watch many playoff games until the finals.

  61. Linda !

    Hockeystreams had so much tecnical problems and they dont seem to care about it but its not the reason..

    I may quit on the game..its maybe the level of the play in the overall league..

    I may watch some games of the playoffs when they are available at atdhe..but..hm…

  62. sorry ilb i meant NHL.com’s gamecenter live. their online streaming.

    Koala, i hear you. The watering down of talent and too many teams has finally gotten to you eh? Don’t give up on the game, it’s the greatest game on earth. maybe disown the nhl for a season though ;-)

  63. I followed the sport now for 20 years, was over there for five or six times to see live games….

    but now the fire is gone…

  64. Happy Passover to all my fellow “chosen” Rangers fans out there!

    Not sure what tastes worse…matzah or the Devils’ lying down for Philly.

  65. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Ranger fans should have the following pecking order for rooting in the playoffs. Of course we root for the Blueshirts led by the dimunitive Locke, if we get in. But if we don’t, we automatically root for the teams for the longest drought no matter what conference, unless it is the Islanders.

    So I believe Toronto would be first, but they will not make it.

    Therefore we are rooting for the Blackhawks, no doubt about it. I think like 1961, like 49 years. Some trivia buff can help me out here.

  66. Look here,this is a Rangers hockey blog,hockey fans post here,if you arent a hockey fan,more importantly a Ranger fan than kindly BUGGER off.no need to say goodbye.

  67. I thought the Leafs have been waiting since 1967. When is it appropriate to start chanting the year to mock a team with a long championship drought? 40 years sounds about right.

  68. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    This team has been totally frustrating to watch this year. You can put a dog in a fight, but you can’t put fight in the dog if it’s not there. Too many games(20? 30?) they just looked totally disinterested in playing hard. I don’t know if they had enough of Tort’s screaming fits or what… but it’s embarassing to watch. Not enough heart, not enough desire, and not enough toughness. These are our current Rangers, and until Sather gets the byfuglien out of town… i don’t think enough wil change.

    I watch video of the 94 Rangers and i yearn for that kind of attitude. Those guys played together, wanted to win, and would do just about anything to get it done.

  69. ahh makes me feel like a BIIIG man,you guys see how a real internet tough guy handles things?!?now who else wants some?….no, not like that CR.

  70. Gift/Vinny, just for argument’s sake — and I’m not defending the 2009-10 version — how many of the players on this team could have made the ’93-94 roster? And even those who could (Gaborik, Staal, Lundqvist could have beaten out Healy as the backup) how would they have been received by Keenan?

    My point is, yes, these guys look like dogs many nights. But sometimes you look that way because you’re not very good. This is one of the bottom-third NHL rosters. And that is being kind. You can have all the attitude you want, but you need talent and skill and ability.

  71. morg you dont know nothing but thats okay..you dont know me, so you shouldnt respond…

    Linda knows me, she can respond….

  72. Well said Carp…

    talent, skill and ability and more favourable schedule for the NHL would help…

  73. I’m thinking Gaborik would have gone the way of Mike Gartner and Tony Amonte on the 1994 team.

    Avery is not as skilled as Tikk and while Drury might be technically more skilled than MacTavish, I think MacT would still be given the faceoff/PK duties.

    Staal could probably take some minutes from the 3rd pair D from either Wells/Lidster/Karpovstev. DZ isn’t developed enough yet to be on that team.

  74. you back fuzzball?,isnt there an aussie rules football game you could be watching?(or as we call that sport in america,stupid version of rugby)

  75. Oh, Callahan would probably get 4th line/PK role. He could fill in for either Noonan or Matteau.

  76. CT, Keenan would probably like Callahan, but he’d rather have the older guys in the lineup. And they were HIS guys.

  77. Looking at those mock NHL drafts make me firmly believe the Rangers need to be picking higher than 8th, like top 5. I’m thinking the trip to Florida Gross or somebody takes them out drinking with strippers until all hours of the early AM and we hand 4 points over to those teams to get ourselves started on the right foot.

    It is beyond time to tank, kids. The Isles have already figured it out, as have many of the teams below the Rangers. They are not getting in so let’s quit the charade and stop trying to get a worse draft pick.

  78. Aye,carp.was goofing anyway.
    people get all flustered when you say tank,but i agree Peter,maybe its time to see the wolfpackers en mass.The Ranger brass has to see that this team,even if it made the playoffs,is a sweep in the making.

  79. Doodie machetto on

    I hope they are mathematically eliminated before the home and home against Philly. Sit gaborik, sit mdz, Sit staal, sit Hank, dress brashear, dress virus, dress Shelly, dress prust. Go for blood.

  80. “Torts pleased with play of Anders Eriksson and he will play in place of Matt Gilroy again tomorrow “It’s part of process for Gilroy”

    What exactly is the process? Get him fired up? If that’s the case I can think of a few others who should have had the same “Process”

  81. Zubov was 23/24
    Graves was 25/26
    Leetch was 25/26
    Kovalev was 20/21
    Amonte was 23/24
    Karpovtsev was 23/24
    Matteau was 24/25

    Even Tikk was only 28/29

    I think the actual team that won the Cup was definitely on the older side, but I didn’t realize how young some of the role players were. I think Cally definitely could have been a fixture on the 4th line and PK unit. I also think Keenan back then could have gotten more out of Dubinsky.

  82. TomZ,im thinking that Gilroy is this years version of Mara,ol Tortsy just dont like him,if Semonov stayed i bet Gilroy woulda been a Prucha every game.

  83. Hey Carp and gang!

    Hey Carp just a thought but instead of the Paul Mara beard contest which revolved around the Rangers previous playoff schedule…. why not do something that still corresponds to the Rangers playoff schedule and do some sort of Golf contest or something….. Considering youre quite the enthusiast yourself there may be the means of some kind of fun year end contest..

    For all intents and purposes I hope the Blueshirts make it to the playoffs…. even if they dont last long… something is always a little better than nothing eh?

  84. Oh and Doug Weight was traded when he was 22 for Tikkanen. Looking at how some of the discarded Rangers youngsters turned out (namely Amonte, Weight, Zubov) this is a reason why giving up on young talent usually burns a franchise in the end.

  85. iDoodie machetto on

    Ct, amonte didn’t win the cup. He was dealt to Chicago for noonan and matteau, two of keenans guys. Noonan for sure. I think the other was matteau. I’m on my phone an don’t feel like checking.

  86. Substitute for the beard contest:

    Pin the tail on the torterella??

    or the Dolan water dunk tank ??

  87. Further to Carp’s bring-you-up-to-speed update, we found out that the coach and some prominent players read this blog. It can therefore be assumed that Avery heard you were away, couldn’t stand it anymore, and threw himself into the boards injuring his knee.

  88. I know Amonte didn’t win it, but he was on the team most of the season and while Gartner for Anderson was a vet for vet deal. Amonte for Matteau/Noonan was an emerging sniper for role players.

  89. from Obernauer
    Avery was knocked out midway through Saturday’s game when his knee was knocked into the boards as he tried to beat Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn to an icing touch-up. He was walking gingerly but under his own power after the game

  90. from Zip,
    “”The boys are loose,” John Tortorella said. “There are breakdowns. Not nearly as many as everybody tends to talk about [with] this club, like we’re just a bunch of idiots out there playing.”

  91. Here is a question: Do the Rangers see long term value in Gilroy on D? If so, then the patience will be worth it. However, if they are not too hot on his D, would they consider putting him on the wing? His skating and stick handling are very good. He used to be a forward and this team does need some scoring. I would think they should just let him develop as a defenseman, but I am not getting a clear picture of what Rangers think of Gilroy.

  92. morg, thank you! but I kinda like GCBlue’s answer :)

    ilb, that is an excellent idea!!!! Ties for Torts! Have an ugliest tie contest! (Torts, if you’re reading this, sorry, it’s really nothing personal, but I’d love to take you shopping one day).

  93. man, you guys would have hated Roger Neilson’s ties. He got them from the same place I got mine: 34th Street, 4 for $6. The good ones were 3 for $10.

  94. he had some bad ties carp! Laurel,we’re all bringing a tie to bonehead fest and will have someone present them to Torts! Since he’s such a huge fan of the blog, I figured if we all brought one tie, he’d have some new ones to wear next season, and we can all get excited when he wears ones from us! I’m gonna have Larry Brooks face silk screened on the one from me, with a lil yellow bus and a propeller beanie!

  95. Linda
    I guess you assume Torts will be here next year to wear those ties? You just ruined my day.

  96. Blogmama: Torts, what do you like striped ties or solids
    Torts: I’m not going to answer that question now
    Blogmama: Well how about earth tones or pastels?
    Torts: Don’t you ever think?
    Blogmama: Um, contrasting colors or the monochrome look?
    Torts: Did you get up beat up at the bus stop as a kid?

  97. GC, he’ll be here at least 1/2 the season, along with dubinsky. I’m afraid if Sather is still kicking it homestyle, he’ll probably fire Torts and trade Dubi half way through. But Torts will have the BONEHEAD TIE COLLECTION to remember us by!

  98. OK, Linda. I guess if it’s unavoidable, I’ll go buy him a tie. But if he asked where I got it, I’m going to say “I’m not answering that question”.

  99. How many readers here play the game ?

    Played on 2 teams through HS, was out of it for 14yrs and just started playing again. Love the game of Hockey more than any other sport, for all of the good and bad!!

  100. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Re: Craig or Graig? Which MSG has the time to argue about, Carp ,don’t you know MSG big shots are always right?
    What they should do is hire an announcer knows how to speak.

    If there’s a God .. I pray for more miserable years for the Knicks and rangers so dolan can dump them into the hands of people who know how to run winning franchises.

  101. Don Cherry cracks me up with the wacky outfits he wears. My wife was watching along side me one night and he was on, she was like what’s up with his outfit.. That’s just Don Cherry for you.

  102. FiveFootZero on

    I play! I’m female, my husband plays, as does my son. My daughter wants nothing to do with it.

  103. CT, LMAO!


    Torts: Did you get up beat up at the bus stop as a kid?
    Blogmama: You wanna keep this up and get byfugliened or pick out a frigging tie?
    Torts: What do you think goes best with this jacket?

  104. I’m gonna order some ties from Russia….Boy, some of them are repulsive. Torts’ ties would look like a work of professional.

    Tony-Don Cherry doesn’t wear ties. He wears dog’s poop. In red and white.

  105. Carp, no no no no no! What is this hoo ha about not doing the beard contest? Paul Mara is CRYING. No GOLF. Beards > Golf. What in holy hell, guys? If the Rangers make the playoffs, the Second Annual Rangers Report Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest is HAPPENING.

    Linda, you and Dubinsky are always invited. We’re gonna eat noodle kugel! Am I good Jew or what?

  106. i tried posting a link to teh buffalo bill dance from silence of the lambs with stewie from family guy doing teh weewee tuck dance! it wouldnt post. i thought cr9 would like it.

  107. agree that Gilroy would be better on the wing. he is too non-physical as a dman, and his best attributes, skating and moving all around and creating offense are frowned upon by Torts when he gets caught up ice. so, take the shackles off him, put him up front, and let him go with the puck, that is his strength.

  108. *pops head in and waves*


    Drowning in work the past 2 days.

    So now Aves is hurt :( Man, this team is getting injured at the wrong time.

    Happy Passover to all who celebrate.

  109. Shoryuken,

    I will answer for Carp.

    Yes, Carp would work at ESPN, and he would fit in quite nicely.

    For a “supposed Yankees fan”, he already has a knack for insulting them with no proof and for no good reason, other than jealousy.

  110. home sweet home on

    Rangers need MSG players. by that I mean guys who play real well at home, at the WMFA. their home record is the biggest obstacle to them being in the playoffs

    they are 16-17-6 at home. that is the ONLY team in the east with a below .500 3 column record

    and only edm and stL in the west have such poor home records

    so, it is obvious that the big change in the rangers next season HAS TO BE home cooking. they need to use the crowd at MSG as a force for intimidation of the opponents, not the Rangers.

    it would be instructive to see which players in the league are “MSG” players, and try to acquire a couple of them

  111. there is no url nyrguy. i looked. anyway, in response to morgs post above:morg
    March 29th, 2010 at 11:50 am
    mmm,deep fried possum mmm
    Good Luck Linda!

    no joke i heard this am on the radio that some guy got arrested for driving intoxicated when a cop pulled over to a stopped car, and some guy was on the road trying revive a dead possum giving it cpr mouth to mouth!! yuck!!

  112. Grabby, maybe you need to go back to being one dimensional :)

    well kids, this was a typically odd and interesting day here in boneheadland for my re-entry. I got post-trip chores later, so I see ya tomorrow for game. Ta!

  113. czechthemout!!! on

    Corey Locke!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This scrub is NOT,NOT an NHL caliber player in any way. He was brutal in pre season. He could not keep up with NHL regulars. What a joke!!! I am really off of the Torts bandwagon now. He seems to have no clue. Clearly, Dale Weise has earned a shot here. He can at least keep up with the NHL skaters and is big enough to not only take it but also dish it out.

    Very disapointing.

  114. uh cr9- what the hell are you blabbering about now? carp being jealous of teh yankees? i am too tired to try to figure out if you took some bad acid or are just goofin off. but jeez you have posted some silly carcillo lately.

  115. babs is back!! whatup mamasita? how was ya trip? you missed a crazy week. missed a great game in jersey the other night, but blew it in TO blowing a 2 goal lead and losing in ot. papsmear got a goal though.

  116. CR how old are you? You don’t have to give an exact age. 20’s, 30’s?

    If you haven’t already seen it, you’re getting dangerously close to the border of Banned-ville with thinly veiled jabs at Carp.

    He’s already told you that he grew up as a Yankees fan. And he probably has access to contacts you could only dream of that could provide insight into who was juicing on the Yankees teams of the 90’s and 00’s.

    The biggest reason why the Yankees got so many players on the Mitchell Report list wasn’t because of a massive conspiracy but because his chief witnesses were NY based clubhouse guys (Radomski and McNamee).

  117. czech- idk man, locke is like papsmear isnt he? hes got better scoring potential than weise id think. weise is more of a grinder right? i think were way past preseason now and i think whoever is playing the best in hartford at the time usually gets the callup. seems like he deserves a shot just as anybody. correct me if im wrong about weise though. i havent followed the pack in awhile. just know that grachev is havin a horrible year. and byers is probably a goner after this year since prust came along. maybe dupont also.

  118. wouldnt be surprised if cr9 is the same guy who posted as j guti and and the other turtle fellow. maybe a local feces? idk. i know he isnt a ranger fan. the guy hardly talks about hockey or the rangers. in fact mostly he has talked about the bruins, boston referees and wanting to be homo with jaromir

  119. Nah, Grabby. They ban IP addresses not user names. So unless LF was going around to a different computer it wouldn’t be him. Also I don’t think he could have kept up the charade of being a Rangers fan for all this time given how the Devils are fighting for the Atlantic title and the Rangers are cleaning off their golf spikes.

  120. Shoryuken

    I didnt insult Schilling or say without a doubt he did, I merely suggested the possibility.

    Also, as a Yankees fan, it is more than okay to insult the Red Sox. As a “supposed Yankees fan”, he should not go out of his way to try and tarnish the Yankees name.


  121. wowi just checked the rangers site and weise has 2 goals this season. my bad. i didnt know he was doing so well at least scoring wise. but im sure theres a reason why locke was brought up before weise. maybe he could use his bugeyes to stare at the opposition and make their heads explode. he must be one of those ‘”jedi knights” like george clooney in that new movie lol

  122. Also, yes, the guys were predominantly NY clubhouse guys.

    For once, I can say without a doubt, there are many other baseball fans that realize the whole Mitchell Report was nothing but a farce, as he was a director of the Red Sox. It’s comical that any of you, let alone a professional like Carp, would think that the Mitchell Report is the be all and end all of steroid users.

    If you are going to say Carp has knowledge of who used, then I am going to compare him to Buster Olney and Peter Gammons and every other sportswriter and media member. ALL OF A SUDDEN, the sportswriters and the media are demanding answers for who used steroids, how much, and when.

    But when these media members had this knowledge 2 decades ago, they said nothing, because it benefited their careers, to cover such things as the Sosa-Big Mac HR Derby season. HYPOCRITE!

  123. yea ct. i know weve had some lf imposters here lately though too. i know they ban ip’s. i never had a prob with cr9 before up until he started with carp a fe wdays ago when torts laced into him. first off, carp gets carped on by a jerk coach and immature most of the time. i mean act liek a freakin man already. he acts liek a punk kid tryin to embarrass people. then i see cr9 saying”yea go torts!!” rah rah. who the brashear is this guy to come on carps blog and talk carcillo like that? now i dont care if cr9 is just goofin around with teh boston and ref crap, annoying as it can be sometimes, he doesnt bother me like some people. and the jaromir stuff doesnt really either. i just dont like when someone thinks its cool that the carpmeister had to deal with a byfuglien carcillo head treating him like brashear

  124. Grabby

    I’m sure Carp can check the IPs of Guti and myself. And also of local fan.

    You know that I’m not a Rangers fan????? Why would I love Jaromir so much, you dbag?

    I am the biggest Rangers fan there is. Not that this is a good thing, but I live and die with my 5 NY teams + Syracuse.

    I divorced my wife last year because she hated the Yankees so much, and it made me sick.

  125. Do you think I care whether Torts bashed Carp or not?

    I care about the Rangers winning, and the Bruins losing. That’s it. I was just having fun at the fact that Torts, a Bostonian, ripped into Carp, and all of you are bashing him without realizing that Torts’ attitude is what it is because he is Bostonian.

    Also, I found it amusing that you would all bash the only Bostonian that I refuse to bash, simply because he is the NY RANGERS HEAD COACH.

    I dont have a problem with Carp, or any of you. Carp has a problem with me, and that’s fine too!

  126. Cross Check Charlie – way to go buddy. It’s never to late or to early for ice hockey. I started when I was 38 & now at 64 I play at least once a week. I was playing twice a week but my body said no more – LOL
    I’ve been on the same team for 26 years.

  127. czechthemout!!! on

    Grabchev in 3-D

    Weise was 4rd 2008 draft choice. He was not great, just ok last year. This year he has stepped his game up quite a bit.
    He also missed some time with injuries. He has good size and uses it. He can also skate pretty well for a big guy. Locke cannot skate at an NHL level. That is primarily his weakness and in hockey, if you can’t skate and are small, you are not going to be anything other than a career minor leaguer. Unless of course they have decided to tank the season, tahn it would make sense.

  128. and carp was right, it isnt HIS JOB TO COACH THE TEAM!!! thats what he meant. and torts knew it. he just had to be a punk and say, “i know you dont think”. i mean, cmon. if the team was playing good and headed for a nice playoff spot, i wouldnt have a problem with torts. its just that he cannot handle the simplest of questions and acts like a little girl who got her hand smacked

    anyway, mako, wherever you is ima git ya sucka!! your mine this week!! and then im comin after you somerset!! ahhahahahah buwhahahewhyvhbeknfek byfuglien!!!!!!!!!!

  129. What about the Rangers is there to talk about.

    It’s not like we are going to send Redden and Rozi down to the minors.

    It’s not like we are going to give the young guys a legitimate shot in the bigs.

    It’s not like Sather is going to get fired or grow a brain and send Redden and Rozi to the minors and do something responsible with the cap room in the offseason.

    The only thing that any of you “Rangers fans” do is insult the team or other posters. Sorry, but I do not get pleasure out of insulting the team or other posters.

    I get pleasure out of insulting the referees and Boston, the two things most deserving of insults.

  130. k carp. im done with him. now he calls me a d bag? you divorcved your wife because she hated a sports team? cmon guy, my ex hated hockey but i hated days of our lives!! who cares!?? lol u cannot eb serious about divorcing your wife over that. let me ask you this. do teh yankees or rangers care whether you even exist??? no. so u base your major life decisions on them? i do say, you would be a funny character on a tv show though.

  131. cr9- i dont care if torts was from iraq dude. doesnt matter to me where a person comes from. theres no basis to form an opinion of somebody by where they come from.

  132. Grabby

    Shows your lack of brainpower.

    I did not divorce her simply because she hated the Yankees.

    It was because of her actions towards me because I loved the Yankees (and my other teams).

    The fights she would cause because I had to watch nearly every game. I did everything the ****** wanted me to, missed a game here and there to see her sing, or go to the opera with her, or go to dinner with her parents. I watched all her ****** reality shows, and never got any credit for it.

    All I got was ******* and moaning that I watched the games. And then that I dare be angry about them.

  133. Grabby – When Carp said “it wasn’t his job” he was responding to Torts “thinking” comment. He was making a funny, trying to lighten the situation. That was my take anyway.

  134. czech- locke is slow huh? i dont know maybe he is just good at finding the open areas and can get away with it if he is trailing the play as the 3rd fwd in. ive never seen him play so idk what he will bring. i’ll take your word for it. i would honestly like to see him, weise and even a few others get a game in for teh rest of teh season. see which players are capable of handling it. or better yet, if we do get mathematically eliminated, just bring up a bunch of guys and play them.

  135. haha shory- im viking and im italian!! double trouble baby!! i really need to chill though. my blood pressure is always high even with medicine and i have a type of anemia called thalacemia or somethin like that. my dad has it too. we both have bum tickers. something with the valves near teh heart where most people have 3, we have 2. so i have to make sure i take few different meds each day, a beta blocker, a water pill, and another blood pressure pill. itys nop good for me to be getting into fights anymore. just plain stupidity on my part. i am not proud of what i did. i felt bad so i bought the guy a few beers and had agood talk with him about our gf’s and kids. women have to be at the top of the list when it comes to guys getting into fights.lol

  136. ok i get ya cr9. i understand. i too was always fighting about her stupid shows and her hating my sports. we ha a nice 50 inch led tv in the living room and a little dinky 24 inch pos in the bedroom. so i said, who cares if you watch real housewives on a small tv? i usually had to watch the games on the little tv. which obviously does suck especially when you have friends over. but as much of a hassle as it was, i wouldnt divorce her over it. lol. and dont talk about my lack of brainpower. i have at least 2 good brain cells left ok. :)

  137. where is everybody? i get home form work to chat with all my blog buddies and everyones gone. and where the heck has mako, tr809, nasty, truefans and greg been? im sure staalwart has been missing too. pavel? spiderpig? doodie? salty?

  138. Grabby

    Sorry for the dbag comment and brain cells comment. Uncalled for.

    It was fights every single day. I mean, after a few years, or even a few months, couldn’t she get the picture that I was never going to stop liking my teams.

    In a marriage, both spouses are supposed to support the other in their hobbies. I did more than enough of that for her and I always supported her in her singing too.

    She never cared about my job at the time, and she certainly never cared about my hobbies!!

    Separation in 2007, Divorced in 2009, Giants win over Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in 2008, and Yankees win in 2009 WS. I got the better end of the deal.

    And on her facebook, shortly after our separation, that PIECE OF SAVARD was happy about the Red Sox winning the 2007 WS.

  139. LOL Spleen Scampi

    To make things fair did you get 3 of something most of us only get 2 of?

  140. Lundqvist parmesian! hmmmm, sounds delicious!!

    Maybe with a topping of ‘not so little’ Jaromir!!!!

  141. fine, m gonna go play soem nhl 10. gonna trade gabby for kovalchunk too. and wicky is right!! hank is a damn traffic cone in the game. he gives up like 5 a game if i play on all star.

  142. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Did some one say play hockey? I do! Let’s get something going maybe at westchester skating academy rt 9 elmsford, carp you’re the GM!

  143. well thats just arcillo cr9. that she was happy about the sox winning. i would probably hate her too. even my wife watched a few games with me. she liked prucha and the bobby granger commercials. she wasnt that vicious. but we do hate each other now.

  144. in nhl 10, i made myself the gm, and i created myself as a player too. in gm mode though. i am on lw on the top line with gabby and duby.i gotta get online soon. i wanna kick orrs brashear!!

  145. What do you do to an elephant with three balls?

    Walk him and pitch to the giraffe.


  146. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Grabby , Ive been readinggggg!!!

    Yo CR when you said ” We already both know what Rangers and NY fans are.
    They are like Democrats. They fight amongst each other like nitwits
    The only thing that any of you “Rangers fans” do is insult the team or other posters. Sorry, but I do not get pleasure out of insulting the team or other posters. ”

    HEY Dude Ima a Ranger fan. These guys are ALL I KNOW as Ranger fans. I dont know any Ranger fans around here at all. The guys and gals on this blog are awsome. They really care and the words you talk about …I really dont see. Everyone insults everyone and yes Ranger fans are fickle and mean at time. Thats NY baby!!!

    Boston fans ( I speak to one regulary on xbox ,he like 40 years old) He hates his teams owner soooo bad , He raises concession stand prices and he does the same thing we do here in NY. The owners of all NHL teams can be geedy and hated. For every Dolan there another to take his place.

  147. I leave for a few hours and the carcillo hits the fan again? You guys are wild

    Props to onecup and his goodwill bin post! LMAO @ grabbys spleen scampi. and dde, that is so weird, cuz my man just posted something like that last night.

  148. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Seth , Happy late birthday !!!!!

    Grabby , you beating down that guy was your duty . You did the right thing. People need a beat down at times and its nice to see justice served!!! Everyone loves a good “coat check” story.

  149. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Sounds like some here could relate to my country music song called: P.O.W. – Prisoner Of A Woman. Four verses, one verse goes….

    All I do is work, a-no time in the hay,
    She got fat and ugly just to keep me far away.
    Now she drives my truck,
    Thinks she owns my house,
    Dumbest thing I ever did was take a tank-top spouse.
    Lawyer on the phone Di-vorce sure ain’t much fun,
    P.O.W. – I’m a prisoner of a woman…….

  150. {{{greg}}}

    Sally, you’ll just have to give me a class on proper Passover etiquette and all that jazz! It would be a blast! and i’ll make sure dubi doesnt pick his nose at the table!

  151. Greg

    My comment about Dems and NY fans, is simply because most NY fans, at actual games, or on blogs, or at work, will just fight amongst one another when they disagree. It’s sad.

    About the “Rangers fans” insulting the team. Doesn’t that get old for them like it gets old for them with my insulting of referees and Boston.

    It certainly gets old for me to see the insults of Drury.

    First, Dru is a Yankees fan. Second, his agent and Slats came to an agreement on his 7 million a year. That is not his fault. Third, he is what he is. He is a hard nosed player who lacks significant skill, but gives his heart and his body every time out there.

  152. Now i am no fan of tiger woods, but sheesh, why don’t these nasty bimbos just leave the guy alone and let him get on with his life? Psycho women…i swear sometimes i really feel bad for some men when they get involved with those types.

    and holy carping carcillo…ricky martin is gay???!!! i’d have never in a million years thought that ;-)

  153. Baseball The 4-6-8

    woman drives me crazy -got me acting like a lunatic,
    but even worse than that- she roots for Jason Varitek

  154. LIN

    He deserves everything he’s getting. How do you..

    A) Cheat on your wife


    C) Cheat on your wife while she’s pregnant

    D) Cheat on your wife while she’s at home taking care of *THEIR* kids.

    Tiger is a douche, and a disgrace to all men. And he likes giving Golden Showers, and likes to choke chicks.


  155. ok, back for a sec. beating the devils carcillos right now 3-0 in the first !!!gabby got 1, dz and sharp got the others. i got \sharp,ponikoravosky(in honor of sally), anders erikson just for teh byfuglien of it,witt(for wicky) and booth all in return for redden,rozy,girardi,sangs and soem picks. its cool though cause i always trade somebody and my first(which is usually 30th) for the worts teams 1st pick. they are harder to do in nhl 10 though. teams arent stupid anymore. i also traded hank for own nolan and a 5th. lol j/k about that last part. i got a 4th!!!! anyway, sup gerg!! sup linda!! happy b-day seth! happy monday mid evening everybody!! . be back later after i trade hank to boston for savard. lol j/k cr9

  156. like i said ORR, i’m no fan, but these women demanding apologies and now planning on stalking him. Aren’t they even a bit ashamed of themselves? Maybe *they* should apologize to his *wife and kids*. These women he was with are a disgrace to decent women, and in turn they make it hard for a decent woman to meet a decent guy. *PSYCHOS*

  157. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hey Linda , I know you read my comments on Hank the other night. I mentioned trading him when we won and said we needed him when we lost. Im just being fair. People ( you included) think I want Hank gone but ya gotta read into what im saying here…

    All im saying is if we wanna rebuild .its gonna take at least 3 years to have Stepan,kreider,Grachez,delzotto,dubi all together playing and winning. If we keep Hank , we will continue to be AVERAGE and well never get a high end pick. You see Im all for us NOT TANKING but if we tank , I wanna tank properly and get the top picks like the Penguins did. We cant properly Tank if we are paying a goalie 7 Million per…ya cant. I say we keep Hank and keep trying to make the playoffs but if all you guys wanna tank,fire Sather ,then I say Trade Hank!! Maybe its my way of being stubborn? I dunno. Kinda like the bad ice thing.hahaha!!

  158. No matter the circumstances, we cannot get rid of a top 5 goalie in the league in skill, and a top 1 goalie in terms of looks!

    The hotness factor that Lundy brings to the Rangers is priceless.

  159. Yeesh, I step away for a couple hours (I mean a week) and the caric…ah heck, it’s all the same! :)

    May I edit a bit? That’s what I do after all. Here is POP :)

    All I do is work, a-no time in the hay,
    He got fat and ugly, so I ran away.
    But he drives my truck,
    Thinks he owns my house,
    Dumbest thing I ever did was take on that byfuglien.
    Lawyer on the phone Di-vorce don’t make me do a jig,
    P.O.P. – I’m a prisoner of a pig….

    man drives me crazy – why don’t he shaves?
    but even worse than that – I can’t get a date with Aves!

    Thank you! Thank you very much! Drive home safe ya’ll!

  160. And Grabby, thanks….trip was byfuglien awesome! hate being back, but couldn’t miss end of season with you guys!

    I think some folks may be off for spring break (nasty) and others dunno, but away or off. I e-mailed TR today and he didn’t get back, and he always does….

    but the way you’re chatting away with yourself, you’ll be keeping the blog hits going ger sure :)

  161. Funny, mama.

    2-1 Buffalo. Boston isn’t play bad, but Thomas looks like an AHL backup.

  162. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , My trading of Hank is the equivlant to your dislike of Boston,yer love of great looking people,everyone wanting Dolan gone ,Sather fired , good garden ice.

    The point is , if I have to listen ( you too) to “fire Sather” ,”Get rid of Dolan” ,” Jagrs got a cute butt” “Drury sucks” ,”R & R need to go” then my part will be “trade Hank” BUT Ill only use the trade Hank card if people wanna Tank. I dont wanna Tank but if everyone wants too… Ill have a great arguement in Tanking and Hank would have to be traded to make it all work.

  163. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    ddebened , yeah kinda an oxi-moron eh?

    {{{ Linda }}}

  164. dde, i wasn’t taking any point of view, just strumming along to a fancy little ditty and trying to show Bruce why I should be his lyricist and live with him :)

    ah, boneheadland, how I missed ye by the sea!

    see ya all tomorrow. gotta catch up on last week’s Lost etc. before this week’s episodes. Not for nothing, but you should try a week with no phone, computer or TV (that I had but didn’t watch)….it’s really heavenly.

  165. I can’t stand Tiger Woods but I think the criticism he’s getting is unfair because anyone of us in Tiger’s place would do exactly the same thing! And don’t tell me that you’re different… cuz ill tell you that you’re full of carcillo!

    P.S. Tiger’s wife IS NOT good looking!

  166. Linda (cc ORR) Ah, got ya. Hmmm. I think in this case I give him a pass :)

    CCCP, oy, such carcillo, and on Passover!

    do not even get me started on Tiger and his overdone 15-minute-of-famers. I mean, DO NOT! (and mama never uses caps, remember)

    too bad wicky’s not here. I just gave him 3 on my first day back. OK, ta…really.

  167. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    ddebened , I glad ya saw it. That post I spoke from heart and alot of things I do say are from my heart.That statement is so true because to me they are the greatest team but in actuality they really are not ( in terms of the standings).

    Morg vs Koala

    Mike vs Cr9

    Cr9 vs Carp

    Great battles on the blog today.

    This place has had some great fights today!!!

    Yo Morg , you were correct. Koala should never come to the blog and say stuff about how bad the NHL is. Its a dead end statement on a blog that loves its team. Koala seems to be disinterested in the team and the game ,Morg was doing his “internet tough guy” act and he had every right too do so. If Morg never said what he did , I was most certainly gonna comment on what koala said.

  168. Thanks CCCP! I’ve been great until I landed at newark and went back to work :) and then your comment! OY!

    happy passover to you too. I love this holiday, but no place to celebrate this year :( have an extra matzoh ball on me, and I hope your brisket is tender!!

  169. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Momma!!!!! Didnt mean to get all side-tracked!!!


    BTW you “laureled” a few times already hehe.

  170. Canes lead Atl 2-1, Sabres lead Bos 3-1

    maybe the execution has been postponed a bit by the guvnor

  171. Thanks Greg! yeah, yeah, I know. This is like my 100th tonight. Just can’t help it, I’ve been gone so long! and did miss you guys…

    thanks to all for the warm welcome back. Will you be this nice in July when Carp is off ? :)

  172. Heck yes, things are looking nice in the Bos/ATL games…

    Would LOVE to steal the final spot from filthy but would settle from ripping it out of Boston’s hands.

    If we get DC first round I vote we call up Brashear… and I am not a fan of his but hey, fair is fair.

  173. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on


    Playoff or bust …..Yo Orr , that fat lady is still eatting and it looks like she’ll NEVER sing!!!! I may win a bet over here!!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO go Rangers!!!!!! GO GO GO GO!!!!!

    just win , baby..thats all I ask.

  174. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hey Carp , this IS OUR PLAYOFFS!!!! EVERYONE start growing some beards!!!!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  175. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo ORR , you hear that!!??? THUMP THUMP THUMP!!! The Rangers are comming!!!!!!

  176. So if Boston finds a way back vs. Buffalo and Carolina doesn’t pull of the win vs. Atlanta.. Does that just about mathematically eliminate us?

    3-1 Buffalo Lead & 2-1 Carolina Lead End of 2.. Lets go boys, we need your help!!

  177. rask is the man!!!! hes gonna get me the cup in the boneheads league!!! oh and ovechkin doesnt hurt either!! haha mako im gonn aget you!! great white grabachev smells crabby patties!!! and i got my gary teh snail thong on baby!!

  178. I hope the Rangers have a good road trip,cause I have tickets for there 1st game back next wed.

  179. Last thought (I swear)…I hate math, always have, always will, which is one of the reasons I hate this time of year when we’re scrambling for a spot. I leave you with this:

    LGR!!! and heal up Aves!!!

    I’ve scooped my last carcillo from the box tonight. kitties and I say ta…….

  180. chara is such a big doofy byfuglien. i swear. he has gotten as bad as thomas has in just 1 season. even though thomas was never really that great. just had a great d last year.

  181. the fans are yawning because boston is so boring. they cant even get a forecheck goin. man, thank heavens we dont have a team like that! phew!!! goo redden!!!

  182. There ya go.. Boston done, ATL done.. And now we wait to see if the Rangers show up to play tomorrow

  183. anyone see derek roy get hit wit the puck in the face by bergeron like 3 seconds after buzzer sounded

  184. After watching Boston play tonight,i guess we couldnt do much worse than them in a 7 game series against Washington.
    Alright Rangers,time to step up,with whats on the line,time to step up.go time.shake and bake boyos.

  185. the rangers have a 50-50 shot at winning yes. but only if 50% of the rangers are 50% sure they are going to shoot 100% of the shots into teh goal. the other 50% are going to score 2.5% of teh goals if tehy shoot it 25% of the time that hank is net

  186. Rangers have to win 6 of the final 7. that will give them 88 pts.

    if flyers go 2-3-1, Rangers beat them out

    and if bruins go 4-3, Rangers beat them out on tiebreaker, more wins, 39-38

  187. you know that Rangers hat or shirt or jersey you never wear cause its unlucky?well put it away for tomorrow cause we *GOTTA* beat the isles.
    Break out the jinx wear in April.i want a top 6 pick for Sather to squander.

  188. USA womans ice hockey silver medalists are on the ice at the Kings game,nice to see them in street clothes.know what i mean?

  189. if the refs call a penalty on the rangers 50% of the time redden is on the ice, the rangers will eventually see the islanders get 30% of their shots towards our net. its inevitable. and if redden farts 75% of the tiem while shooting teh puck, it will increase the velocity by 15% which in turn means that !&% of columbias coca plants will all have 45% fresh air to grow and more coca plants to grow means a .5% chance redden actually takes a shot on net with torts on the bench and brian engblom eating carcilo out of 50% of milburys mcguire

  190. ilb, pesach sameach to you too!

    Linda, we tend to have pretty unconventional seders so I wouldn’t worry too much about etiquette. I can’t even go into some of the things we talked about at dinner because Carp’s nieces and nephews are readings this. Let’s just say after the third glass I was singing Peaches songs instead of “dayeinu”.

  191. Doodie Machetto on

    Carolina has been a place where players can really start over. Jokinen, Samsonov, Ruutu, and Pitkanen. All abandoned by their former teams, all doing well in Carolina.

  192. After 3 glasses, Sally? I was hoping you’d have some Russian blood in you..Oy, vey. You will not last too long at boneheads fishing/boating trip, I’m afraid :)

  193. 50% of the movies ive seen have been in 3-d this year. what is up with the 3-d craze. its not anything new. hey, im seeing in 3-d 100% of the tiem my eyes are open

  194. Doodie, seems to be quite opposite in NY. They all seem to be finished by the middle of first seaseon.

  195. ilb, haha no Russian blood as far as I know, but it doesn’t really take much to get me to sing Peaches. I like to think I’m not much of a lightweight…

  196. Guys and gals, I need your help. I am thinking of making a BONEHEADS NY Rangers 2009-2010 playlist for my iTouch and I want YOU guys to contribute. Think of ONE song that reminds you of this team, this season, and let me know! should be quite an interesting playlist!

  197. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Space Jam!!! or Night at the Roxburys ” what is love?” HAHAHAHA love it :|

    Dam Mikes crazy pills are taking affect on me!!

  198. i have a ton of songs for certain players like frank zappas ‘kokane decisions’ could be reddens song. i changed the letters obviously for the children. but the only one that just makes me lmao when i think of the rangers is that carpenters song. it was in the movie 1408 i think.

  199. well the Misfits I Wanna Be A New York Ranger is definitely on the list lol! The carpenters song absolutely cracks me up.

    lmao @ greg, and the poster known as John Tortorella, might have to use BOTH of those!

  200. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Grabby ,
    You are 2.5 % unsure 6.3% sure 14.9% inbetween 32 % on meds 41.3% dyslesic 2.1% insane 0.9% a nice guy. HAHAHA!!

  201. damn i need to go to bed. im franking tired. great night for us ranger fans. we are still in it. lets go rangers tommorow! yay team go!! remember, its only just begun boys n girls

  202. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    nity night night mikeypoo , dont let CCCP get youuuuu!!! He sneaks up in yer dreams . freaky!!!

  203. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    the phrase is actually “does a bear carcillo in the woods and wipe his briere with a rabbit”!!!

    anyhow, your condensed version for mama was a FRAKKING RIOT!!!

  204. You sure you’re not just looking for an excuse to put it on your Ipod? lol

    Heartbeat, It’s a Lovebeat

  205. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    HOLD THE FRAK ON………….there is a boating/fishing trip???

  206. dde, it the real one was on iTunes, it would have been on my iPod a looooooooooooooong time ago!

  207. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Wow , Is that really Christopher Higgins!!??

  208. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    BTW worst Ranger ever . By far. Over-paid , never scoring …looked depressed out there , good hitter though but as Ranger …you sucked. Sorry for being so harsh but you didnt even last the season ,your as bad a Kotaleek.

  209. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    No way !! Is this the “real” Dan Girardi!!??

  210. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ok OK NOW , no one is answering me…i’d think plagurism plays a part here if you guys dont start speaking up!!!

  211. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Aaron VOROS!!!!! That gotta be him!!! Is it youuu ???

  212. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on


    Wow im hanging out with the Rangers tonight!!! This is too coool!!!!!

    yo Chris is that you??

  213. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Boooooooooooo you suck!!! Over-paid shell of yer old self. I still love you cuz yer a Ranger But I se no fire. No dash , No smash ,no Clash ,no Brash ,No Jump,No bump,no get up go, no giver beans anymore, no fire ,no hire , we played you and then you played us. No jam , what a sham.

  214. hey all
    checking in finally
    so glad to see some people missed me, lol

    i was waiting to report something crazy but i never got a concrete answer on anything. but while i was waiting i found that the rangers may have signed goalie cameron talbot. not 100% positive this is legit, i dont have a link. this could be wiikiman and vallies replacement.

    not the best report for the day, but its something.

  215. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Tanks Chris ..but thats not me talking to myself…seriously. Im crazy but not skitzophrenically crazy. Ask Rick to look up the ip’s. Dam Players are fooling us over here!!

  216. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Great job Tr , least you do something around here not like some loafers…not mentioning any names. I’m just chillin out with da Rangers tonight!! Say hi to Dan Giradi!! BTW he a greaaaat hitter now.

  217. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    shhhh Chris if they think we know its them , they ‘ll leave…

  218. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    “PSTTTSTPPHH!!! ” Opens up a beer for the big Brashear!!! Yeah I do feel aukward having “ORR” here while me and Brashearsie is sharing a suddsie.

  219. Greg, thanks for the entertainment. You sound like Beavis on cappuccino a little bit. Cornholio! I mean that in a good way.

    TR, I was wondering where you were, or if you’d changed your name like everybody else. Mama was looking for you.

    Good night, John-Boy. Good night, Daddy.

    Good night, Sally!

  220. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hell yeah Chris , as crazy as it sounds , me and the big Brashear are having a bear and chillin out at the pc!!!

  221. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    No problem Carp!!! Outta all these guys.. ONE of ’em has to be “real” one, so how can I lose?
    Yo Brash , pass the dam ashtray!! So who was your toughest fight?…and dont say Orr , geeze.

  222. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Only Rangers fans with Brain damage are the one that don’t cheer for the Rangers. …yo Slats!!!??? Is that you?

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