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If you can’t say something nice …

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Well, I thought the effort was OK last night, but the execution stunk, the D-zone coverage was awful again, the goalie — yeesh. Marian Gaborik was benched, Sean Avery joined Ryan Callahan and Brian Boyle on the lower-body injury list, Wade Redden continued to get a jersey while Matt Gilroy got a seat. Yada yada yada. And they’re still very much alive as Philly nosedives.


So allow me to go off a bit about that baseball show that MSG is airing and promoting ad nauseum.

First of all, on one of the radio ads for the show, the guy said “Craig” Nettles, not Graig. That’s an automatic tell right there.

Now, the premise and the idea are not bad — the best players in New York baseball history at every position. And the shows are OK, good stuff on the nominees.

But in reality, it’s a joke, because in the end, pretty much every position is going to be filled by a Yankee, right? I mean, what’s even the sense of debating catcher (Yogi), first base (Lou Gehrig), shortstop (Jeter), third base (A-Rod) and two of the outfield spots (Ruth and DiMaggio). The only non-Yank who will get a sure spot, I think, is Willie Mays, though there are plenty who will argue for Mickey Mantle (my idol, but Willie was better).

Jackie Robinson should be a slam-dunk at second base (this sentence was edited in, after the author realized his brain stopped working late last night and he somehow forgot to mention Robinson).

The Mets could get starting pitcher, I suppose, in Seaver, though there will be competition from Koufax and Whitey Ford. Otherwise, Willie Mays will be the only ex-Met on the team. If there’s a reliever, that will be from the Yankees, too.

And the first episode: The five nominees at catcher were Yogi, Roy Campanella, Mike Piazza, Gary Carter and Jorge Posada. Jorge Posada!!!??

I think Posada is fabulous, underrated among his own teammates, a battler, etc. … but he doesn’t belong in there ahead of Bill Dickey, Elston Howard, Thurman Munson. The first two are Hall of Famers and MVPs. Munson would have been a Hall of Famer if his life wasn’t cut short. Posada never won an MVP, didn’t bat higher than fifth or sixth most of the time. Please.

Yogi won, so sanity did too.


Not to push the topic, but do you think the Rangers could have done any worse in OT last night if they’d had three forwards and one defenseman on the ice? Do you think they could do any worse than 1-7 in OT this season with three forwards and one defenseman?


Finally, a moment of silence for Johnny Maestro (of the Brooklyn Bridge) who passed this week.

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