If you can’t say something nice …


Well, I thought the effort was OK last night, but the execution stunk, the D-zone coverage was awful again, the goalie — yeesh. Marian Gaborik was benched, Sean Avery joined Ryan Callahan and Brian Boyle on the lower-body injury list, Wade Redden continued to get a jersey while Matt Gilroy got a seat. Yada yada yada. And they’re still very much alive as Philly nosedives.


So allow me to go off a bit about that baseball show that MSG is airing and promoting ad nauseum.

First of all, on one of the radio ads for the show, the guy said “Craig” Nettles, not Graig. That’s an automatic tell right there.

Now, the premise and the idea are not bad — the best players in New York baseball history at every position. And the shows are OK, good stuff on the nominees.

But in reality, it’s a joke, because in the end, pretty much every position is going to be filled by a Yankee, right? I mean, what’s even the sense of debating catcher (Yogi), first base (Lou Gehrig), shortstop (Jeter), third base (A-Rod) and two of the outfield spots (Ruth and DiMaggio). The only non-Yank who will get a sure spot, I think, is Willie Mays, though there are plenty who will argue for Mickey Mantle (my idol, but Willie was better).

Jackie Robinson should be a slam-dunk at second base (this sentence was edited in, after the author realized his brain stopped working late last night and he somehow forgot to mention Robinson).

The Mets could get starting pitcher, I suppose, in Seaver, though there will be competition from Koufax and Whitey Ford. Otherwise, Willie Mays will be the only ex-Met on the team. If there’s a reliever, that will be from the Yankees, too.

And the first episode: The five nominees at catcher were Yogi, Roy Campanella, Mike Piazza, Gary Carter and Jorge Posada. Jorge Posada!!!??

I think Posada is fabulous, underrated among his own teammates, a battler, etc. … but he doesn’t belong in there ahead of Bill Dickey, Elston Howard, Thurman Munson. The first two are Hall of Famers and MVPs. Munson would have been a Hall of Famer if his life wasn’t cut short. Posada never won an MVP, didn’t bat higher than fifth or sixth most of the time. Please.

Yogi won, so sanity did too.


Not to push the topic, but do you think the Rangers could have done any worse in OT last night if they’d had three forwards and one defenseman on the ice? Do you think they could do any worse than 1-7 in OT this season with three forwards and one defenseman?


Finally, a moment of silence for Johnny Maestro (of the Brooklyn Bridge) who passed this week.

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  1. Bring back Prucha on

    You think the Rangers brass will ever get smart? Phoenix goes and trades for all our “spare” players, put together a team with some grit, drive and god forbid – character, and look at the season they put together, with a decent goaltender mind you. You know, I can deal with the lack of skill on this team, even with the lack of grit, but I can’t stand the fact that this team has no drive anymore. There is no drive and no character. They have no identity at all, they are just a faceless group getting skated circles around.

  2. Good morning!

    Don’t push the topic, Carp, Torts maybe up already…Does he have your cell? :)

  3. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    OT is an indictment on the players, coaches, sather and dolan all the way up the line.
    As Forrest Gump said ” stupid is as stupid does”

  4. Thanks Torts. Why play your leading scorer in a must-win game when you can bench him and send an amazing message to your team? Even though Dubinsky was gliding around watching the puck and not doing anything, it must be Gaborik’s fault for not coming all the way back and stopping the Leafs goal.
    Torts’ ego is more important than a win. What incredible coaching.

  5. Carp when has the coach ever taken the blame or admitted a mistake made by himself? Is anything his fault in his mind? Who asked the question that he responded.. “I’m not going to explain it to you.”?

  6. leetchhalloffame on

    Redden should be duct-taped to the goal posts a la The Mighty Ducks movie and forced to endure at least 1000 slap shots without any equipment on. When they’re don with him Sather should be next, but 1000 isn’t enough for him. Of course it shouldn’t be the Rangers shooting at him. It’s been proven that they can’t hit the net or the broad side of a barn.

  7. Ego more important than a win, for a Bostonian???

    Only if the Bostonian is managing a NY team (and perhaps intentionally sabotaging said NY team)

  8. How many times this season have we seen Torts “send a message”? Gee, do you think the pseudo-psychological, anger-driven coaching of Torts might make the players tighter instead of looser? Naw, why should he take any responsibility? Although as stated above, Phoenix seems to have blossomed under good coaching, haven’t they?

  9. Anyone have Torts presser from last night? I deleted the game from my DVR after they lost by accident lol

  10. Who here thinks that it is going to come down to that last game against Philly?

    Who thinks we are going to be mathematically eliminated before that?

    I am just curious.

  11. Nasty I think it will be that we need to sweep Philly in regulation in both games to make it

  12. I have a couple of Graig Nettles autographs. My favorite Yankee when I was a kid. Saw him a few times at Yankee stadium. I also remember Ken Griffey Sr. climbing the wall in left to steal a home run.

    I also remember seeing a game where Balboni was playing first while Mattingly was in the OF. Thinking back on that one is pretty surreal.

  13. No, it won’t come down to the last 2 games with Philly because Philly will be in ninth and the Rangers in 10th. The Thrashers will be in the 8th spot and will say, “If we only had a couple more Kovalchucks to trade….”

  14. The White Plains Batman on

    The Thrashers have a pretty brutal schedule. And any hope that CBJ surpasses the Rangers for draft position and doesn’t mess up the draft; they play Detroit three more times so good luck.

    Also, I know it’s crisis time, but shouldn’t Auld get one more start? I know points, points, desperation blah blah blah but if the Rangers make the playoffs, Henrik is gonna be gassed; and against the Captials?………

  15. It was Sam Rosen who asked the question. Who has been disrespected by the coach on several occasions. Sam Rosen! How can you disrespect that guy?

    bklyn, the last time I remember him taking any blame, well, twice: When he hit the lady with the water bottle, he fessed up a week or so later, at breakup day. And he took some blame when he was the interim coach … saying the coaches and management were to blame, as well as the players, for 1999-2000.

  16. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    i think the season will probably come down to the 2 flyer games somehow, we can probably lose one game in regulation and that is it the rest of the way. Prust is a good player, if he was a “home grown” ranger, everyone here would love him!

    any idea how avery is doing/how long will he be out?

  17. Thanks Carp, I basically knew it hasn’t been this season. I contend this is a better team with a different coach. He has dumbed them down.

  18. ThisYearsModel on


    Have to agree. I watched, laughing but with a bit of disbelief when he went off on Brooks. Those two have a history. When he pegged you, and last night when he disrespected Rosen, I simply got angry. Who does this guy think he is? If he were doing his job, which is putting the club in the best possible position to win, he would not be asked the hard questions. I think the guy is a bully and is not all that effective as a coach. Never thought I would say this, but Renney coached circles around this guy. Goooosseeee fraaaabbaaaaa Torts. Goooossseeee fraaaabbaaaa.

  19. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, what’s the worst that could happen having played 3 forwards and 1 D? The Rangers are 0-8 in overtime? Well, at least then, you could say that you tried something different when after the first 4 tries playing 2 and 2 didn’t work. Is that the point here?

  20. Renney would play Jagr on top line, 4th line, entire power play — in other words, use the best players to get them as many chances to score as possible. Did it always work out? No, but it’s the responsibility of the coach to give the team the best chance to win. You can’t blame Gaborik if he isn’t allowed to play. And don’t expect Tortorella to answer any questions about his decisions.
    Torts punishes first. Personal punishment comes before team victory. Nice mantra.

  21. Carp, why don’t you and Sam, and Brooksie go Ski mask style on Torts. Rent one of those creepy kidnapper white vans. You know, the kind with no windows, and take Torts on a joyride and teach him a lesson. LOL. I like Torts, but I do think that his dealings with the media are awful. I understand if he doesn’t want to rip up a guy in the press, but to not answer simple questions about his coaching strategy and certain plays, is not childish.

    Hey, smile when you are winning, right?

  22. Smile when you are winning. I meant that when the team wins he is more willing to answer questions. It needs to be a two way street.

  23. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Our boys showed their mettle last night, and it’s tin.

    The coach has no class, the players have limited interest, and I can’t wait for this death march of a season to be over.

  24. bull dog line on

    they don’t play 3 forwards in overtime because they do not have 3 skilled forwards on the team. well, at least they have an elite goalie!!

  25. I’m sure Torts will come out and accept responsibility for his (large) role in this year’s almost certain failure, so I doubt he sees his continuous evasion and antagonism in interviews as not taking responsibility.

    Still, his attitude does make him look like an ass (which I’m sure he doesn’t care about) and it only seems to succeed in turning everybody against him. If he was like that to protect his players then OK, but that’s clearly not the case either.

    Picking fights with reporters or refusing to answer basic questions isn’t just a snub to the guys asking the questions, it’s implicitly telling the fans that they have no right to hear what those answers might be.

  26. gaborik deserved to get punished for his lackadasical back check last night…..

    staal is astud for all those doubters. the best d man on the ice for both teams in most games in the defensive zone, nah trade him he will never amount to anything after all he is 22 yrs old…………..

  27. This fits our discussion from last night and today…

    From ESPN.COM…they polled 50 random players, these are the results of the following question:

    Who is the smartest coach:

    Players like Caps coach Bruce Boudreau and Pens Dan Bylsma (each received 16 percent). But they love the Wings’ Mike Babcock (22 percent). When asked about the last coach they’d want to play for, Rangers coach John Tortorella took the dubious title (18 percent). “He’s always yelling and calling out guys in the media,” says one Western Conference wing

  28. Torts is digging his own grave with his PR skills. I wonder if he ever regrets what he says next day. I don’t buy that he does it to channel the media away from the players. Too bad, he deserves another year, but it may not happen.

  29. I’m back !
    In NYC for a week – GREAT time. Got to see a 5 goal win against the Islanders. God I love the city. I have a hard time remembering why I left. But when I got the check for dinner at City Crab I remember ! Drinks at our hotel bar were $16.00 each !!!!
    Anyway – 85 degrees in AZ today.

  30. grslapshot11 on

    Carp – you are 100% correct about the stupid MSG baseball show. To even mention Posada’s name is a joke. And most people will never vote for a player that they never saw play, so that leaves out most old-timers.

    For example, most people (only a few are still alive) who saw them both play will put Bill Dickey right there with Yogi as the best Yankees catcher.

    There are many old time players from the great NY Giants teams managed by John McGraw who deserve to be mentioned, but nobody today even remembers their names.

    And if it wasn’t for The Babe in right, Mel Ott would be a shoo-in at that position.

    This show is nothing but a popularity contest, and in no way measures skill or talent.

    P.S. IMO, The Mick was better than Willie. If he didn’t step on that drain and injure his leg, we’d be talking about Babe, Lou & Mick as the three best baseball players to play in NY.

  31. Oh, good to hear from you Tony. We were afraid that youwere in the hospital in NYC with frostbite :)

  32. FYI – Jackie Robinson at 2d base.
    3d base, please not the vagabond A-Rod (and btw I am a yankee fan). I’d prefer Ho Jo, Nettles any mostly a NY player to Mariner\Ranger A-Rod

  33. I dont think any coach could win with the lack of skill and capability that is on this roster. Even if Renney were still here and committed to defense first hockey they’d still be losing these games they just might be doing it in lower scoring games. (btw take a look at the goals against stat for Renney’s tenure vs. this year. kinda interesting)

    I’m hardly a Torts fan at this point. I think when you have a bad season people learn a lot about your character and frankly, it’s become quite obvious what kind of man and coach he is.

    The reality of the situation though, is that whether it’s him and his ‘safe is death’ approach, or another coach who wants to play a trap game, they’re going to need much more skill and atleast 3 balanced lines to genuinely compete if not contend with the top teams in this league..

    ps- repost- Carp, the comment last night was a goodfellas reference. sorry if it rubbed you the wrong way.

  34. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    i dont mean any disrespect here, and by all means talk about whatever you guys want and do so happily, but baseball sucks!!

  35. Tony, you got out of here just in time … when the Rangers started stinking again and the temperature dropped again.

    Oh, my God. How could I forget Jackie Robinso? Absolute slam dunk at second. My bad. My terrible. I’m going up top to fix that.

    grs, I thought the Mick was better, but when all was said and done and the Mick got hurt and didn’t take care of himself, Willie emerged as the far better player … one of the best ever.

    And Yogi says Bill Dickey is the best Yankees catcher ever. That’s good enough for me to put him in the same sentence and ahead of Posada (and Howard and Munson).

  36. What kind of sickening pathetic Yankees fan insults ARod? Obviously, you’re a Sox fan benji!

    Poor Booth, he’s out for the year with the concussion.

  37. Kind of like Rosen for his this one will last a lifetime (though hopefully it doesnt), but maybe Torts watches the replays of the game and hears Rosen suck the other team like nobody’s business.

  38. Phoenix has a boatload of veteran players that they did not have last season. last season they were going with a bunch of kids who were not ready, and they fell apart after the all star break after a good start

    yes, Tippett has done a good job, but he admits that it was the addition of the vet players, the great goaltending by Bryzgalov, and the great work by holdover asst Ulf samuelson during training camp before he arrived that made it all possible

    Don Maloney added the right veteran ingredients to a young team, and he added Tippett too

  39. Poor Booth?! It was a clean hit and no suspension! Both times! Colin Campbell said so! That Floridian scumbag had it coming to him…yadda yadda…

  40. you don’t mess with a winning combo. Torts should not have made lineup changes after winning 2 games in a row. I am not talking about adding PA for the injured Cally. I am talking about making 2 other changes that were totally unnecessary. neither Lisin nor Gilroy did anything so bad as to warrant scratching them. Gilroy had a weak game yes, but so did Redden have an even worse one

    that sends a bad message, that winning is not good enough for him, making statements is

  41. ““He’s always yelling and calling out guys in the media,” says one Western Conference wing”

    Ha, I’m sure that’s a guy who rarely shows up to play, and is always getting called out by his coach *in* *private*, yet he still plays the same.

    Some players are babies. Here’s a thought, *play* *your* *ass* *off*, and then you wont get called out.

    Jagr is back on TV tonight. Can’t wait!

  42. I don’t see Booth needlessly coming out and holding a press conference to bash whoever hit him and garner more sympathy for himself (from an idiot Rangers fan like you)!!!!!!!!!

    So, I repeat, poor Booth. :(

  43. So you never once expressed the sentiment that Savard deserved no sympathy and was a scumbag *before* his press conference (where all he did was justifiably say he didn’t want to speak to Cooke)?

  44. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    the second booth hit was ABSOLUTELY clean!! Love to see ulfie as an asst here!!

  45. Do you think the Devils can beat the Flyers without us cheering for them? Well, I hope so :)

  46. Clean hit, agree Wicky. No head or face contact. Spacek hit him in the chest. His head snapped back and snapped again when he fell. It doesn’t take much for the second concussion to happen. I think he came back to play too fast.

  47. It’s going to be A-Rod, I hate to tell you. Despite his cheating ways, he’s going to be the greatest statistical ballplayer ever, and I don’t recall HoJo or Nettles even coming close to winning one single MVP.

  48. Thanks ORR.

    I’ll correct what Carp meant to say. It’s going to be A-Rod, I hate to tell you. Despite his cheating ways with the Texas Rangers, he’s going to be the greatest statistical ballplayer ever, and I don’t recall HoJo or Nettles even coming close to winning one single MVP. Just like David Ortiz. Despite his cheating ways with the Boston Red Sox, he’s going to be the greatest statistical DH ever.

  49. Koala, good article. Pay Yzerman whatever he wants to come here as GM. He might actually even speak to the media on a regular basis — wouldn’t that be a treat! No more Edmontonians.

  50. Concerned Reader on

    CR – Ever since you insulted his buddy Pete Abe, Carp has acted like a douchenozzle towards you. I would suggest you not correct him on anything, regardless of how much of a fool he sounds like.

  51. “The Rangers are a mediocre club facing perhaps another season or two of the same. They are no closer to Stanley Cup contention than they were ten years ago.

    Sather’s had nine seasons to turn the Rangers into a Stanley Cup contender. He’s failed. It’s time for a change in their front office, preferably someone outside the organization like Steve Yzerman (if he’s available) or perhaps someone else with more experience rather than a Sather crony like Messier.

    It’s time for Sather to go. “

  52. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    don cherry may be a bit of a relic on somethings, but he gets the truly important things right….he always pays respect to the vets and military!!!

  53. Concerned

    Carp is not that bad. I mean, so he’s got allegiances to a Bostonian like Petey. So what, everybody falls under the spell of a Bostonian (except me).

    The real problem is the nutballs on this board, fans of a New York team, whose fans were brutalized by the Bruins (including Mike Milbury) a few decades ago, would rather defend the Bruins than the most die hard NY Rangers fan that exists.

  54. Boston has good chow down places. I saw it on Man v Food.

    I’m not a Boston hater. NYR and Boston don’t have much of a rivalry since i started following NYR, and i don’t follow other sports.

    I hate Long Island, New Jersey, and Philthy!!! Philthy put roids in their cheese steaks!!! Conspiracy!


  55. We’re talking baseball ? I was born & raised in Brooklyn & watch the Mick, the Duke & Willie Mays. The controversy about who was better still goes on in my family
    BTW, I was raised a Brooklyn Dodger fan, I cried when they left B’klyn & I hate them to this day. The Brooklyn Bums was my team & Ebbits field was our home. Those were the days !

  56. billybleedsblue on

    Man, you know it’s bad with the season winding down, the discussion here is about baseball. A whole ‘nother can of worms I don’t want to open. Although, I can see the similarities between MLB and NY Rangers hockey — they are both a joke.

  57. CR9 – I must say that you are one of the sickeest individuals to walk this earth. For you to have such hatred towards Boston is disgusting. Boston and their people/fans are nothing but class. Even though I’m a New York fan, I don’t act like a and bash them every chance I get. A-Rod is a cheater, and it’s been proven. To my knowledge, Papi is just big and fat. I know this is going to be a challenge, but can you try to be normal for one day?

    Carp and Petee are nothing but kind guys who provide great insight about their respective sports. Just because they are successful at something you failed at doesn’t mean you have to treat them with such disrespect.

  58. J Guti


    Is that you Pete?

    Get back to Boston! If you weren’t obvious with your “Boston fans are class”, then you were obvious with your “Papi is fat” :)

    Like I said, Carp is a good guy.

  59. By the way, aren’t we supposed to be good friends, since we are teammates at Madrid?


  60. CR9

    I’m not Pete, I don’t weigh 400 lbs (just kidding, Petee). Guys like Youk, Varitek, Papi, Paps, etc. are face-of-the-franchise type players. Their fans are knowledgeable and passionate and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you had knowledge, I wouldn’t mind reading your hogwash.

  61. CR9…yes, we are good friends. :) We’re playing right now. As soon as I’m done here, I’ll be heading to the nearest burger shop and I’ll really feel like PeteAbe then.

  62. Guti

    Is that you, John?????

    That sickest individual to walk the earth is my line, and Guti is my favorite name on Madrid!

  63. Concerned, go get your shinebox.

    CR, if you must know, I grew up a Yankees fan, and I do not have any love for the Red Sox. But far more Yankees are known drug cheats than Red Sox. And I suspect if they ever had HGH tests, there’d be even more Yankees on that list.

  64. koala, I don’t think Yzerman would be a bad choice … but really what has he done as an exec? You or I could have put together that Olympic team.

  65. I know that I heard the announcers correctly…Jamie Lundmark was in the building!

    THAT- is a name from the crypt if ever there was one.

    And he was actually involved in the game. So looks like there is life after Ranger selection..for all. Redden was delirious
    with joy when he noticed the name on “Jamie”s letter on the sweater.

    I understand he was found in a corner of the dressing room later on shrieking, “IT’S ALIVE ! IT’S ALIVE!”

  66. “But far more Yankees are known drug cheats than Red Sox.”

    I do not need to know who you are supposedly a fan of. I can tell from your biased comments.

    What are you talking about? Arod used with the Rangers, Clemens was accused of using steroids in his career prior to the Yankees. Giambi was accused of using in his career prior to the Yankees.

    The only one that used WITH the Yankees was Pettitte, and that was HGH, on 2 occasions, to help himself heal from an injury.


    The Red Sox already have Manny and Papi. Everybody knows Bill Mueller, Millar, Trot Nixon, and Pedro were heavy roid users. Heck, there entire 2004 team minus Tim Wakefield was on the juice (Bellhorn, anyone).

    The only debatable one on that team was Schilling (who knows how he had that successful surgery on his foot!). His son has Asperger’s, probably due to his steroid usage.

  67. Carp, can you please allow my last post. It is nothing bad at all. I think it is because I posted a link in it.

  68. Mitchell report: Kevin Brown, Roger Clemens, Jason Grimsley, Glenallen Hill, David Justice, Chuck Knoblauch, Josias Mnzanillo, Andy Pettitte, Mike Stanton, Jose Canseco, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Randy Velarde.

    And we all know that report was just the tip of the iceberg … And, right, A-Rod and Giambi and Clemens didn’t use when they were with the Yankees, even though they all got bulkier after the Yankees signed them. And Santa Claus came down my chimney and ate the cookies I left for him. Oh, and Sheffield thought it was flaxseed oil.

  69. CR- it’s very distasteful on your part to mention Schilling’s son. If it was supposed to be one of your Boston jokes then it wasn’t the brightest one.

  70. Thanks Carp. And did you see the piece that they ran the other day that I am referring to?

  71. This is what they said;

    “…Carp has been around hockey for a long time and nearly everything that he writes has to be considered. He is a must read for any Rangers fans and I can’t recommend his books about the Rangers enough.”

    I thought that was a nice little shout out.

  72. future reference: I think posts with more than one link tend to go to spam (you should see how many links are in that queue every day).

  73. cr9- no fight here, but just wanna ask why do you keep on and on and on and on about boston? is there something besides that 9/11 incident that happened? cuz you seem really affected by it.

  74. guys i might be goin to the big house. just beat up my ex wifes boyfriend. inside their house. my daughter was crying on the way to my house yesterday that mommy was hitting her in her face. so i went and confronted them, he got up and said somethinga and i have a bad temper. i beat him and took a big bite outta his cheek hannibal style. i mauled him like a bear. i fled teh scene and am on my way to another state for awhile. may not see me for a texas minute. pray for me!! im serious!

  75. billybleedsblue on

    Really? Baseball? Performance enhancing drugs? Mitchell Report? Rangers not making the post season? What?

  76. billybleedsblue on

    Engage failure to make the post season coping-mechanism! Go baseball!

    Jason Giambi had to round the bases at an extreme angle to compensate for that giant head of his. Seriously, that thing had its own satellites. I wouldn’t ever want to make a play on the baseline with him running down the way…think of the momentum.

  77. the one thing that set me off was he said somethin about boston and refs. thats when i lost it. anyway, i did fight the guy. i didnt hannibal cannibal him but i wanted to. anyway, were goin out for beers later on. we all made up. lol

  78. no ilb. just kidding about eating his face. i did hurt him bad though. i felt bad so im buyin beers afor him tonight at the bar. and im giving him pointers about staying sane while dating my ex. she pretty much drives us both crazy

  79. Carp

    That is a great list of names. All of them are clear users except maybe Velarde. And Canseco also played for the Sox.

    But, every true Yankees fan knows that Arod, Giambi, and Clemens did not use as Yankees.

    And any real baseball fan knows that the Mitchell Report was headed by a member of the Red Sox organization. Also, while conducting the Mitchell Report, he was seen getting his grandchildren or great grandchildren autographs from Papi.

    Real unbiased. But I nearly forgot, he helped broker peace somewhere, Ireland IIRC. So he’s got to have integrity! LMAO

  80. ilb

    It was not meant as a joke. If Schiling did indeed use steroids, and it did indeed lead to his son’s Aspergers, it is really sad that a child had to pay the price for his father’s cheating ways.

    Sort of like the wife of one my brothers, miscarriage. He used steroids back in the day; I would not be surprised if that’s what caused the miscarriage.

  81. nah, i called my ex up cuz i didnt want her callin cops or nothin. i apologized to them, told them i’ll take them out for dinner and whatever. i got on teh phone with him after awhile, cuz he was still pissed. but we settled things. i pretty much explained the situation with the rangers and he said “oh, well in that case, kik my butt soem more”. nah just kidding, but these iowa guys are pretty cool. hes not even mad anymore. we were laughin about it after awhile. i obviously tried to make him feel better and was like” yea man u got me good with that one punch man, you had me staggered for a sec. course i lied. lol

  82. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    bro, hang in there, the drama never seems to end!!

  83. CR9 (George Mitchell is a director for the Red Sox) on

    What a bunch of garbage. Now I’ve got to go start trouble on Mitchell’s Wikipedia.

    They took any mention of the Red Sox or Boston off his Wikipedia page.

    To make it look like his report was fair.

  84. Although there was no clear-cut choice, 22 percent named Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger. Another 10 percent fingered Ovechkin for his grabbing and hitting from behind. And 12 percent called out Ranger Sean Avery — some of them, grudgingly. “He’s probably happy to get my vote,” one Eastern Conference player admits.

    1. Chris Pronger, Philadelphia Flyers: 22 percent
    2. Sean Avery, New York Rangers: 12 percent
    T3. Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals; Steve Ott, Dallas Stars: 10 percent
    5. Jarkko Ruutu, Ottawa Senators: 8 percent
    T6. Patrick Kaleta, Buffalo Sabres; Cam Janssen, St. Louis Blues: 6 percent
    T8. 13 players: 2 percent

    This always makes me laugh. Aves is not a dirty player. He is an annoying player, but not dirty.

  85. wick- its cool. i exaggerated a bit on the hannibal stuf.lol. but whenever i get into a fight, i worry about the guy callin teh cops. i do not need a criminal record in my life. and surprisingly, with my temper issues, i have only been in 2 since high school. then i could get away with it being under 18. but yea, im gonna start anger management classes soon. i know it sounds funny, but i really need it. too much stress and my high blood presssure isnt good for me. i just hope jack nicholson isnt my counselor! lol

  86. CR, you live in a fairy tale if you think A-Rod, Giambi and especially Clemens didn’t use as Yankees. How do you think Pettitte got involved?

    I’m going back to ignoring you like Local Fan.

  87. CR9 (George Mitchell is a director for the Red Sox) on

    “However, Mitchell ended his news conference by staunchly defending his integrity and noting that no team — including the Red Sox — was investigated with anything less than 100 percent effort.”

    “Take a look at how the investigation was conducted,” said Mitchell. “Read the report. You will not find any evidence of bias, of special treatment of the Red Sox or anyone else, because there isn’t. They had no effect — none whatsoever — on this investigation for this report. As for players, I remind you that it is common now for players to serve many clubs. Many of the players named on this report played for many years with other clubs, including the Red Sox.”

    What a weasel.

  88. CR9 (George Mitchell is a director for the Red Sox) on

    How do you think Pettitte got involved?

    They both played on the Astros together! And Pettitte said he got the HGH from his father!

    Carp, it’s okay to admit you are a Red Sox fan. Nobody will think any less of you. Actually, given the general stupidity of NY fans, they will praise you.

  89. lmao @ Flaxseed oil. I actually liked Sheff as a Yankee. I was probably the only one.

  90. yeah, sheffield thought it was flaxseed oil cuz the diarrhea was coming out of his mouth

    btw, I know 2 guys who went to high school with barry Bonds, and he was just as much a chip-on-the-shoulder punk, just as conceited, just as unfriendly then as he was with the giants. his trainer is a moron to take the fall for him, to spend a couple years in prison by refusing to answer the questions about his roid use, for a few sheckels from scumbag barry

  91. Back to hockey for a moment guys-

    TSN reporting the 2011 outdoor game may be Wash v Pitt? How are they going to snub NYR and Montreal so they can exploit Crosby yet again? Not suprising but it still bothers me.

    *Fans of outdoor hockey may be in for a real treat as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the Penguins may face the Washington Capitals at Heinz Field for the 2011 NHL Winter Classic.

    While neither the Penguins nor the NHL will confirm the rumour; the Gazette is reporting that the City of Pittsburgh is looking into hosting the game.*

  92. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    I haven’t watched a ball game since they went out on strike. With all the drugs/jucing, loaded bats & balls, gambling, personal drama etc. I’m happy I made that decision. Porfessional baseball, in its current formulation, is an abomination.

  93. The NHL can’t put the Rangers in the outdoor classic. They suck. Who the hell wants to watch Redden, Drury, and Rozi?!?! The NHL Winter Classic is their most important promotional tool. The Ranger will not be in it for at least 2 years.

    Jay Feaster for GM.

  94. if you want to sell out a NY outdoor stadium for hockey, just announce the firing of Sather at one. everybody will come for that.

  95. I’ll leave my opinion out of what Canada should have but nothing says the Habs shouldn’t get into this thing seeing as how they’re an original 6. Rangers-Montreal at Yankee stadium would be epic. Not as good as Rangers-Boston woulda been at Fenway.

  96. I’d rather see the Habs get a 2nd against a team like NYR then to see Pittsburgh get a 2nd just because they’re Crosby’s team

  97. I thought this was a NYRangers blog for crying out loud? I really could care less about BB, give up your blog if that’s the case.
    Fire Sather!

  98. It’s rather fun to go for the Yankees of a sport. Not that they have the championships, but Duke exhibit the same class as the Yankees do.

    As Dick Vitale just said, he cannot understand the anti feeling against a team like Duke or the Yankees. And it comes down to one word and it begins with J and it ends with S, and “you can fill in the rest of the letters”!!!!

  99. If the Penguins are in the Winter Classic again, I hope the league at least has the balls to come out and say that they are kow-towing to NBC’s wishes and they are only interested in making as much money as possible from it. And then to announce that the Penguins will be in it every year until Crosby’s retirement for the same reasons.

    Still wouldn’t like or agree with it, but I’d appreciate the honesty.

  100. J Guti, I appreciate your support … but please refrain from using that word I deleted from your earlier post. not acceptable. not cool.

  101. I am not watching the game, but who is in net for the Devils tonight? 3-0 Philly? Come on.

  102. Olga Folkyerself on

    Boston College 9 Yale 7. BC moves on to the Frozen Four. And the two referees were from Boston and they gave BC at least 10 of those goals so they could win. The conspiracy is still on!

  103. Carp

    Appreciate his support?

    I never had a poor word to say about you, first of all.

    Second, are you a “A C K A S” or have trouble reading? Did you not see that we know each other and he was only joking?

  104. Marty is, Nasty. And he looks like Mike Dunham. And the Devils look like … uhm Rangers. And Carcillo is still a big pile of carcillo

  105. Already Have my Shine Box on

    I think Carp is the former, a ACKAS with a J in front and S at the end.

    Like Pete Abe.

  106. I think the word CR is looking for is jealous. But using these letters “erkoff” to describe Carp and the rest of the Rangers “fans” here would probably be accurate.

  107. Olga Folkyerself on

    This just in… Plymouth Rock Hen voted most popular chicken. CR9 claims “Fowl!”

  108. J Guti, I just asked you to not use a particular word. why are you attacking me? Do you want to be banned?

    Already Have, you too?

  109. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    good evening all….so quick little anecdote….im sitting at nobu enjoying my bday dinnner and who sits down next to me-no not messier and leetch unfortunately but good old jokinen and auld and they are discussing the bruins and i said joki lets put some wins together and he is like some we need 7!…..they did not have an update on avery’s injury for me but did say callahan would be out probably for the rest of the season…thats ail i got folks sorry, i let them enjoy their sushi!

  110. Olga Folkyerself on

    callahan would be out probably for the rest of the season… So he’ll be fine in a couple weeks?

  111. I’m sure I”m a little older then most of you guys,and girls,believe me when I say baseball was great back in my day.I knew every player on every team.and all there stats.I was a huge Reds fan,Baseball today and in the last 20 years flat out SUCKS.loaded with nothing but punks,juiced up no talent waste of time.Except for a few,and I mean a FEW.Basketball is even worse now a days.What a shame.It was great at one time,It’ll never be back.

  112. John/Guti

    We already both know what Rangers and NY fans are.

    They are like Democrats. They fight amongst each other like nitwits

    While Bostonians are like Republicans, they band together, even when they’re wrong or disagree, and at the expense of everyone that’s not a Bostonian/Republican.

  113. CR9, sorry but the idea that Bostonians are republican is completely insane. Though I know what you meant is not actually along party lines, you have to see the irony in your analogy.

  114. Yes, I see the irony. As you pointed out, I was not saying that Mass. is republican.

    I was comparing the behavior of Bostonians to republicans, and the behavior of New Yorkers to Democrats.

    Bostonians’ mantra is United
    New Yorkers’ mantra is Divided

    It’s very sad.

  115. Olga

    The Boston Legal joke is ok. Not great.

    Come up with ones like the Twilight Zone one. That was HIGHlarious!

  116. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    I am never critical of a driven-perfectionist coach, such as Torts, because that is what Vince Lombardi was. Perhaps the most revealing lesson as to the drive for perfection Lombardi had, was how, at the end of a Green Bay playoff game with Dallas, with the winner qualifying for the Super Bowl, Lombardi was all over LB Dave Robinson, who made the game-saving interception off Don Meredith in the end zone – for being out of position! Lombardi was the U.S. Marine of coaches, and if Torts has a tinge of that same drive and insistence upon discipline, along with the will to hold players accountable for their lapses, it just makes me like Torts all the more. More of Torts, less of players who are not Torts-type players next season, I hope to see. Lombardi would have roasted Gaborik’s butt, too, for being lax, defensively. Good for you, Torts, keep them on their toes.

  117. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    I see HOORAY 4 THE CHIEFS objects to the gambling aspect of baseball. That is not far removed from the Spanish Inquisitors in Holland torturing married couples for having sex on Sunday. Just a bit over the top, I would say. Hey, how about each to his own, or is freedom of choice completely dead?

  118. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Sather is to the Rangers what Ted Kennedy was to Mary Jo Kopechne. And by the way, for those lamenting that Teddy Boy didn’t live to see passage of a certain death knell for America health care bill, how about Mary Jo Kopechne not living to see it, either? Guess we know who we can thank for that.

  119. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather is to the Rangers what G. Dubya Bush was to America; a disaster bordering on criminal. And “bordering” is giving both of them too much credit I think.

  120. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    speaking of off real hockey topics, my shoot out skills just suck in nhl 10. hank is a sieve, and I can’t win face offs. Gabby is scoring like crazy and the russina hammer is just erasing people!!!

  121. Baseball sux!

    …I’m watching “Titanic”…Kate Winslet just got naked and wearing nothing but blue diamond.

  122. ddebend- very nice pic. lol.

    carp, sic me and wicky on them ok! wick will punch ’em in the head and i’ll eat their livers with fava beans and a nice chianti

  123. Mike, your posts are getting way too short in am. I’m starting to worry about your uhm… peppy?
    Good morning!

  124. Oh jeez, that much more left to go? As frustrating as this season has been, I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to what dumb moves they make on July 1, just so I can vent about something else after the Mets are 15 games out at that point. And then have something to look forward to at the end of September/beginning of October when they’re 40 games behind the Washington Nationals.

    Hopefully none of the fall hockey previews will talk about “Sidney Crosby and the Penguins go for a 3-peat”.

  125. So, last night some of you got to finally see how well the Devils can play curling. Well, at least their fans were curling. It’s ok, we just set them up for the kill. Last 2 games of the season, even if you’re not in it, you might have the chance to KO the flyers. That’s almost as good as winnin a cup, well not exactly but it will sure give you some laughs all the way till October. If they can’t make the playoffs, the least your team can do is drag down a Philly team with them.

  126. ilb, you’re probably better off not watching than watching the Mets. I guess you could watch the Yankees, but then you’d have to watch Boston 18-19 times a year.

  127. CTB- good point! Looking forward! That way I can spend a lot of time communicating with CR9.

    Ricky- I had no idea Marty was into bird watching.

  128. Well, he got fooled by the teams name. After the game he asked why nobody was flying. He’s mad about the dirty trick someone played on him. He’s currently sueing them for false advertising.

  129. Ricky, is Lemaire really trying to run Marty into the ground? He’s on pace for 75 starts this season. And with the Devils still in the hunt for the #2 seed I see no reason why they’d give him rest. Playing him back to back nights?

  130. ilb- i went playfair on his butt. my posts are shorter now because my right index finger.,(pointer,lol), is hurt from gouging the guy in his eye. i almost plucked it out. he was bleeding from his eye though. laugh all u want that i use 1 finger to type. i was never into typing class, and never into computers until i moved to iowa. its so boring here. there version of “going out”, consists of hanging out at a friends house playin that stupid game a-hole and drinkin busch light. yea, so i spend more time online than ever before. in fact, i never wouldve found this blog if i didnt move here. im an outdoorsy type. fishing,hunting,playin sports, and stuff like that. but now i guess im a computer nerd. lol

  131. Lemaire is too tough a coach. Benches anyone for any bad play. And if marty asks for a rest, lemaire might say “take a rest when the puck is on the other side of the red line”

  132. Good morning, Carp!

    Didn’t get a chance to invite Sam Rosen to my seder this year, but I’m hoping he’ll show up anyways.

  133. I’d take Lemaire over Torts in a heartbeat. There’s no way the Rangers would be as bad in their own end if he was the coach.

  134. His excuse for not coming last year was something about the Rangers being in the playoffs. No excuses this year, Sam! I’ll put an extra glass of wine on the table & I’ll leave the door open.

  135. Anybody watch the Michigan vs. Miami (OH) game last night? Michigan got robbed by the whistle in OT. Hagelin was all over the place in the first OT. I was hoping to see BC vs Michigan so I could compare Kreider and Hagelin. However, after watching both players all weekend, Hagelin has me looking forward to his turning pro. Watching him play was like watching Zetterberg. Wouldn’t that be sweet!

  136. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    SO Corey Locke got the call up from Hartford?

    Hmm very interesting.

    Maybe Redden will sit the Isles game and they’ll put Gilory back in with Erickson?

  137. Got his knee all bent the wrong way on a collision behind the net. Unsubstantiated rumors are that he’s dunzo for the year.

  138. Hey Carp…what happened to Josh’s profile? We lose Callahan, Avery and now Josh?? What’s next…we gonna find out that Josh is no longer 26?!

  139. morg says dump the chump FIRE TORTS but keep the cannoli on

    you all see “Joe Dirt” Carcillo stick Clarkson in the eye last night?
    what a schmuck.thatll get em 3 games.

  140. Does Ethan Werek have an ACL, or MCL injury. ACL in much worse, I had an ACL injury, 9 months of tough physical therapy to recover.

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