Nothing to lose


I used this quote from Tortorella the other night, and in my column:

“There’s no sense of feeling the pressure here,” he said. “You lose a couple of games here with so few games left, you’re done. So you just go out and play, and we’ve talked as a group. A lot of people poke holes in us. A lot of people are poking holes, and rightfully so. We’ve had a very up and down season. I’m not complaining about that. But we can’t listen to that. We’ve got to stay within ourselves and find a way to grind and get points here. Whether we get there or not, I don’t predict it. But we’re going to keep on fighting and see where we’re at in the end.”

And I got to thinking that maybe the best thing for this team was the feeling that the season might already be lost.

Now it can go out and play, like a spoiler. That “nothing to lose” attitude can work wonders for teams in all sports late in seasons, mostly for bad teams out of races who suddenly have a strong finish, out of nowhere.

The thing with the Rangers is that they are still in the race, technically, if they can use this newfound loosey-goosey thing to their advantage. We’ve already seen what a simple two-game winning streak can do in a tortoise race like this.

But then the problem becomes, once they are back up and running in the race, are they able to maintain the “nothing to lose” feeling?

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  1. billybleedsblue on



    “Well it’s gotta cross the line completely…bing bing bang…and the thing there, the puck…excuse me, you see it land there. This is incredible Doc, I mean just this happening right here, how often do you see this? Right post, left…oh…ohhhhhhhh baby, that is in, I apologize…oh they gotta look at this, this is too big a goal. Oh my goodness! Oh, it hit the netting…it hung… and, and swirled around…I’ve never seen that before! I have not seen that. I didn’t…you know the nets aren’t constructed to do that. But now everybody in the arena knows that that should be a goal.”

    The pause after “Right post, left…” is priceless. lolz.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  2. Carp, in the best case scenario it’ll come down to the last two games against the Flyers. And then, I’m afraid, they’ll have everything to lose…I’m hopeful, still am. But not overly optimistic.

  3. Eh, I still don’t buy it. The Maple Leafs are playing the same way and will probably beat us. This is the most pessimistic I’ve been all season. I guess I still want to see them in the playoffs. Maybe we can give the Capitals a run again, haha.

  4. Doodie machetto on

    Carp they do have something to lose: a chance to build for the future with a high draft pick.

  5. They do have something to lose. A primo draft spot. If I thought this team could actually do some damage in the playoffs, I would be all about cheering for them to make the playoffs. RIght now, I cheer for them to play well. With their talent, they can go out, play well, and still lose. That would be the best of both worlds. I am not advocating tanking, but winning out will not help this team beyond a first round playoff loss.

    So, I hope they play loose, try to be the spoiler, play their hearts out. I also hope all of this will not hurt their chances of getting a primo drafting spot. Wit the talent on this team, I could actually see that happen. They are playing loose, but were still outplayed by the Devils. I think it is a bit much to ask Henrik to be perfect for the rest of the year.

  6. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on



  7. The White Plains Batman on

    Funny how players think Bylsma, Beaudreau(sp), and Babcock are the smartest hockey coaches; they’re on 3 winning organizations with a lot of talent so it’s not a fair assessment.

    How about a Dave Tippet? Barry Trotz? Lindy Ruff? Guys who don’t always have the $$$ to work with, but somehow always keep their teams in it.

  8. lisin cally boyle and gilroy out. voros (yuck) erikson and paranteau in. per zip and gross

  9. Hmm…. Voros in for Lisin?

    What are the odds for a 3 game winning streak? How many of those have we had this season?

  10. Who do we play tonight??

    Nice to see Chelsea getting gifted 2 Penalty Kicks in the same game, always fair. When they are struggling, what better way to help them than via the penalty spot.

  11. I hear that things have been just nuts!

    I wish Stan Marsh Darshy Tucker was still on the Laffes. I loved it when Avery would..well, Avery him!

  12. I hear Jason Varitek and Paul Pierce each had $50,000 on Frank Lampard to score four times. Expains it all…

  13. Brandon Dubinsky-Erik Christensen-Marian Gaborik
    Sean Avery-Vinny Prospal-Chris Drury
    Jody Shelley-Artem Anisimov-Brandon Prust
    Aaron Voros-Olli Jokinen-P.A. Parenteau

  14. Oh yeah, and LETS GO CALGARY, beat them dirty bruins. Everything has got to break right today and tonight, but we could very well end up 1 point behind Boston at the end of the night, with some help AND with the Rangers helping themselves.

  15. LMAO at Jokinen centering 4th line. Oh, man…$7.5 mil second line center, $5.5 mil 4th…Waiver wire pick up centering 1st line. Brilliant management, Glen

  16. I wonder if the pressure being off did help some of the guys play better. I think it actually made Henrik play better. He was determined as hell to get back in the running to make the playoffs.

  17. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    a team that struggles to score and into the lineup goes voros???? i just dont get it…lisin has skill let the kid play!!!!!

  18. Whoever said Torts need to own some responsibility for this team’s inconsistency is right. Too bad the on-ice talent sucks, too.

  19. Calgary will win today. Higgy bear and Kotalgeek will each put one in to help us out today. HA.

  20. Can you say the talent Bylsma, Boudreau and Babcock have to work with is superior? Sure. But on the other hand, the Caps and Penguins were playing very poorly when the new coaches took over and turned them around. Babcock’s record speaks for itself. It’s not just a coincidence that players succeed when put in positions to succeed.
    Example, Tortorella, who likes to not answer questions about his own strategies or decisions, seems very comfortable throwing players under the bus to the press.

  21. “”I think it was a play that didn’t need to happen,” said Savard. “The situation, to me, it wasn’t a shoulder… Mine was an elbow and I think there was a little intent to injure there. I was obviously very unhappy with what happened, and I think it could have been avoided very easily.

    “He’s tried and has tried to get my phone number and stuff like that,” Savard said. “From what happened, I really don’t, at the moment, have any interest in talking to him. That’s just how I feel. Maybe down the road, but right now I’m not feeling any better so I would rather not talk to him.”


    First, it was not an elbow, it was a shoulder.

    Second, Savard is just your typical Boston athlete scumbag.

    Cooke tries to apologize to the guy for a clean hit, in which he did not even need to apologize, and that dirtbag does not want to accept an apology.

    In regards to Marc Savard’s injury, GOOOOOD! He deserves every headache and bout of dizziness he encounters because of the concussion.

  22. Of course that ugly bastard Malkin is out for this game. That’s NYR’s luck, as always.

    Flyers have some random guy in net. Backlund, or what ever.

    Flames suck, they’re probably gonna get shut out. Poor Iginla, he’ll never win a Cup. That team is just destined to disappoint every year.

  23. what is with pulling Lisin out of the lineup when we are winning???

    The guy comes in on a losing streak and gets yanked when we start winning its seems.

    Anybody know the Rangers record with Enver in the Lineup???

  24. At this rate, I think we have a better chance of catching the Flyers than the Bruins.

    Flyers – no leading Goal Scorer and 4th string Goalie playing

  25. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    Do not break up the AA line, that would be stupid, i’d take voros over lisin everyday and any day!

    BTW, work sucks!!

  26. Gross has:
    Brandon Dubinsky-Erik Christensen-Marian Gaborik
    Sean Avery-Vinny Prospal-Chris Drury
    Jody Shelley-Artem Anisimov-Brandon Prust
    Aaron Voros-Olli Jokinen-P.A. Parenteau

    Zipay has:

  27. I make the Rangers’ record with Lisin in the line-up (including the game where he was stapled to the bench for the entirety) 30-21-6, compared to 3-11-3 without him.

    Difficult to claim he really has that much influence over the outcome of games, but interesting nonetheless.

  28. It’s just a coincidence. I’d rather have Lisin in the lineup, but he doesn’t have much influence on the outcome.

    Jokinen should sit. He doesn’t care aboot this team. He just wants to just visit the NYC prostitutes, and strip clubs before he signs a multi year deal with a team in a city his family wants to go. Maybe Tampa? Or Vancouver?

  29. backlund has groin problems, that is why they took him out. I tell ya, I posted yesterday how the Rangers would beat out the flyers. by gaining one pt, then 2, then winning the remaining 2 head to head

    and it is happening. without their top goalie and scorer, they are hurting and dropping off

  30. yeah, just went thru all the games (can you tell I’m bored?)

    Rangers are 30-21-6 with Lisin in the Lineup and 3-11-3 w/o him

    I thought the Range would be greater, but overall they still seem to have a better chance of winning when he is in the lineup. . . . Plus, I think he’s good, so there

  31. hope the Canes beat Atl tonight, along with a Ranger win over the Leaves, and that will put the Rangers in 9th, just 3 pts behind philly for the last playoff spot.

  32. Sutter bros are in trouble in Calgary. Daryl hires his bro to coach, then makes a bunch of trades, including Higgins and Totalgeek, and they fold in the stretch run and miss the playoffs

    that will not go over well in Calgary. I expect there will be changes there

  33. The White Plains Batman on

    Yeah, Calgary is really disappointing this year, I thought with that stacked D and Kipper they were going to be a Cup favorite, but obviously the chemistry didn’t work.

    Philly’s ECHL goaltending is going to cost them. They also don’t have a first rounder this year so if they miss, at least it goes to the Ducks.

    Does anyone else find it kinda strange that both Philly and the Flames went out and got monster DMen (Pronger/Bouwmeester) and both teams have a very good chance to miss the playoffs?

  34. >>Here’s your typical Devils fan:

    The kid is obviously auditioning for Chico Resch’s spot.

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Chico Resch was that dumb announcer / commentator during that Devils game? He was so awfull and one sided that it made me wanna puke. Our guys are NEVER that bias. Devils organization is scum and to have past players announcing is so bias. Have some Class NJ!! First Fatso don’t shake Averys hand ….

  36. LETS GO RANGERS, ill be watching from a bar tonight, here’s to hoping captain clutch scores as many goals tonight as i down dirty martinis…talk to you all tomorrow!

  37. this will be my last Ranger game prior to vacation (leaving tuesday morning at 3am to Jamaica). any good suggestions for drinks in all-inclusive resort?

  38. >>First, it was not an elbow, it was a shoulder.
    >>Second, Savard is just your typical Boston athlete scumbag.
    >>Cooke tries to apologize to the guy for a clean hit, in which he did not even need to
    >>apologize, and that dirtbag does not want to accept an apology.

    The guy’s playing career/livelihood is in jeopardy and you’re telling him he has no right to be angry at the idiot who tried to decapitate him? You can’t be serious!

    Just as Cooke didn’t have to apologise, Savard doesn’t have to be receptive to said apology. Everything Savard said is in statement is spot on. If Cooke is so remorseful, he should go confess to his priest.

  39. Carp,

    lol, so true…..but my fault i should not be focusing on his stats (12g, 17a, -12 and 1 GWG)….its all those intangibles and the chewing on the mouth guard and the stretching of his legs before each period that make him a true LEADER!

    enjoy the game my fellow blue!

  40. Official NHL Rulebook, Rule 47.2(b):

    “Elbowing a priest while inside a confessional shall be permitted provided contact is initiated in a ‘North-South’ manner as opposed to from a lateral, back-pressure or blindside hit.”

  41. You’re entitled to your own opinion.

    I have the right to call Savard a classless scumbag.

    Obviously, the hit was a clean hit, as the NHL DID NOT SUSPEND COOKE.

    Therefore, there was no intent to injure. For Savard to make the statement that a guy was intending to injure him, also makes him a scumbag.

    He did not have to apologize, but chose to, because he felt bad about the result. Obviously, karma came around for Marc Savard!

  42. Boston is best on

    I hope Boston Bruins win the cup, just for the sake of CR9

    btw, CR9 really gets rid of the hard water stains, try it.

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