It’s go time!


The Maple Leaves are making their own push, so I expect this game will be entertaining, intense, and probably nasty.

Which is probably part of the reason Aaron Voros is being de-prucha’d. I suspect that Jokinen might have been prucha’d if Callahan hadn’t been hurt. Instead it looks as if it will just be Lisin prucha’d and P.A. Parenteau in the lineup.

Also, Matt Gilroy is prucha’d. And somehow Redden survives to play another day. Wow.

Boston won this afternoon, the dropping-like-a-stone Flyers lost.


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  1. Linda is random on

    Fringe is back Thursday! :-)

    LETS GO RANGERS! wait, this is a hockey night in canada game, isn’t it??? Got my fingers crossed I get the msg feed tonight!

  2. Linda is random on

    Torts does love Cally though, he just said sometimes without him on the bench you’re naked, and continued to say that he’s pretty important. I like it! UGH freakin milbury… damnit i pray it switches to msg!

  3. Matt Cooke might not be the epitome of class (I made that comment nowhere), but he sure exhibited more class than Marc Savard.

    Clean hit results in injury, Cooke tries to apologize to recipient of clean hit.

  4. You don’t even see recipients of dirty hits like Brian Campbell coming out and holding press conferences to try to make the hitter look bad.

    But Savard, knowing that everybody would back him (even idiot New Yorkers and idiot Rangers fans), came out and made his best attempt at garnering sympathy towards himself and anger towards Cooke.

  5. LW3H

    If you’ve got a problem with my posts, skip over them. It’s the only mature to do.

    I’d ask Marc Savard if he embarrassed himself, but he wouldn’t remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. guys, i’m starving.
    my vegetarian girlfriend is out of town for the night and i’m all alone. knowing this, if you could order one type of food for delivery, what would it be?

  7. Linda is random on

    lmao ilb, my man is passed out on the couch right now, and there is a big piece of SINFUL triple chocolate layer pie waiting for him…omg this stuff was nuts. Enjoy dinner!

    Chuck, i dont know where you live or what is around you, but if you have a cheeburger cheeburger or a five guys nearby, you might wanna go with that lol!

  8. i’m in park slope brooklyn. good memory, ilb. still haven’t found a good place for some cheap chicken parm.

  9. I cannot believe that there are idiots that do not realize what Savard did today with his press conf.

    NO OTHER recipient of a dirty or clean injurious hit comes out with a press conf.

    He did so to for the reasons above.

    He has no right to be upset, as Cooke laid a clean hit on him. Otherwise, the NHL would have suspended him. That’s hockey. Thems the breaks.

  10. i think everyones just tired of the stupid and pointless boston and ref conspiracy crap. i tolerated you at best c9. but dude, cmon. talk about something else once in awhile

  11. Chuck-Sotto Voce- corner of 7th Ave and 4th street. Five guys- 7th ave, right across Methodist Hospital

  12. five guys is delicious, but it’s a bit of a hike for me. i’m on 5th and st. marks. no chance i can make it there and back during an intermission.

  13. Just wanted to check in and say Let’s Go Rangers! I will be watching the game, but not posting since I have a lot of work to get done tonight.

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Dam games on Channel 209 and I dont have it!!!! WHA??? I have EVERY sports thingy but no MSG. Im on the phone ( waiting on hold)to order this one stinking channel!!!! Come on , im missing the game!!!! Channel is gonna cost 2.99 for the month. Not bad if our team wins!!! On hold fer like 10 min now!!! I should have called earlier!!!

    Go Rangers!!!!

  15. Shoryuken

    That sounds like a CONSPIRACY.

    If Colin Campbell ruled it a clean hit, then it must be a clean hit.

    Otherwise, you are peddling RIDICULOUS CONSPIRACIES!!

  16. Still can’t believe Redden isn’t benched.

    I hope I get the game. Hockey Night in Canada gets this game so it’s not showing on Center Ice…and the info says I’m getting the NJ/Montreal game.


  17. Linda- yes, some time ago. Like the small plates:)

    Have fun, heads, I’ll join you later. LGR!!!

  18. Linda is random on

    greg, just go to and pay for the day……. they’ll hook you right in, only problem is the hq feed is HNIC, so now joecrushes tonight

  19. as tough as it is to be a rangers fan recently, boy am i glad i’m not a leafs fan. that’s gotta be rough.

  20. Ok so I can watch the first 2 periods and then have to DVR the third because its UFC 111 tonight haha I would be there if it wasnt so freakin expensive

    On another note, my cousin has a chance to play a foursome at Pebble Beach with Mark Wahlberg, Drew Brees and THE GREAT ONE! He is one of 5 finalists and you have to vote for the winner, so I’ll post the link on here Wednesday if you guys don’t mind!

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Tanks Linda but ill stick with my loving ever so faith Shaw cable company. IF THERE EVER STOP putting me on hold!!!

  22. I have to laurel for GregL-bro, I meant to tell long time ago- if our team had half of your passion, we would be talking home ice advantage! LGR!!!!!

  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    UFC tonight too !!!! Awsome!! Great Survior this week and new Apprentice tomorow , Rangers tonight…good viewing!!

  24. 209 is showing some space program right now. :P

    Linda, good evening!

    And phew, looks like I AM getting the Ranger/Leafs game. Good stuff.

  25. Linda is random on

    thanks NYR, i just responded to your message to remind me on wednesday! That’s really cool, i hope he’s the winner!

  26. Erickson is old and slow, and pa is no Cally, and Voros is way slower than Lisin. sounds to me like a weaker lineup tonight

  27. Yeah, I’m looking forward to the UFC event tonight. Too bad the guy with brain damage isn’t fighting.

    I’m dying to see someone smack the french out of that robot GSP. Too bad Matt Hughes sucks now, cause he was the guy to do it.

    Go Blue Man Group!

  28. Ugh, nevermind. It’s the Montreal game.

    No game for me tonight. :(

    Glad my Center Ice money is being put to good use. :\

  29. Linda is random on

    PSU you can go to and listen to the radio broadcast from there. i think i’m gonna look for an msg feed on atdhe even though hockeystreams NEVER messes up for HNIC!

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Booooooooooo , cheap channel is in HD!!!! Lady said she checked for someone else too , its a no go.

    No game for me :(

    Thanks ilb but mes passion is down an out now. But wait , Ill scroll the web site.

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I hear ya Duker , What a scam Center ice is!!!!!

  32. “Too bad the guy with brain damage isn’t fighting”

    Shoryuken on Glen Sather was scheduled to fight tonight?

  33. indeed :)

    this stream is actually probably one of the best i’ve ever seen. sometimes i get streams where the resolution is so poor i can’t even see the puck

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah Linda , im watching it live on CBC web site !!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!

    GO GO GO GO GO GO GO !!!!!!!!!!

  35. Surprised Joe M isn’t drooling over Kessel more, must not be a big enough boy for him.

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Duker , this feed is sweet CBC – Videos – -Sports-Live_Streaming-Live_Stream_Hockey_Night_in_Canada-ID=1412776390

  37. Linda… none of the streams are working for me to day, limits. So I might go to bed instead.

  38. RetireBardPark's#2 on

    Wow, after 70+ games of awful hockey in low-def, Dolan has lifted the curtain and will let us see the last few in HD.

    Gee, thanks.

  39. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    exactly CCCP, it needs som espice to it… oops and they almost score on hank…lol

  40. hmmm, espn america has this game as LIVE in 3 hours. Do they know something we dont ? :-) Its going to be a long night… P.A and VOROS YEAH!!!

  41. the pap smear.

    that was a nutty move by anisimov. reminds me of that goal from the preseason that micheletti was salivating over.

  42. Kerry Frasier is another scumbag.

    The Rangers honored him for his 1500th NHL game or some milestone game, and he went on to cheat us in that very game.

    Finally, the NHL is taking some of the trash out, with McC and Fras.

  43. i think sam rosen and joe micheletti have the two oddest hairlines of any play by play crew in the business.

  44. Artie is starting to put together some good games on a consistent basis. He’s shown glimpses throughout the season but if he plays like he has the past few games on a nightly basis he’s going to be a darn good player.

  45. Olga Folkyerself on

    I can just picture CR is actually in a mental hospital in, ironically, Boston Mass. His keeper’s name is Jaromir, and he likes to wear a striped shirt to work. And the only thing that he can see out of his tiny barred window is Fenway Park and a billboard with the World Trade Center on it. And get this; he was committed on September 11, 2001.

    Sounds like a Twilight Zone show, doesn’t it?

  46. In other news, a shipment of referee whistles was hijacked on the way to Toronto this morning.

  47. it must be tough for Voros to be thrown in like that after sitting out like half a season… i feel for him


    how much is espn center ice for a month? Where do you live anyway? if you dont mind…

  48. Don’t reveal that info Krisy, CCCP will come over to watch your ESPN, hang up his coat and…

  49. Olga

    LMAO. That was good!!


  50. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    too bad Krisy, was hoping you’d make it to bonehead fest/boneheadapalooza

  51. Linda, ever since I saw that clip of Duby digging for gold, I ALWAYS think of that when he scores.

    His name has been tarnished forever. XD

  52. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    duker, that’s the picture sally chose as the one for the boneheads fb page! Classic

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    Olga and CR9 sound like they in love… how cute! :P

    Could be worse, I could be a Russian… ;)

  54. tomb, thanks! But it works for a minut and then they want me to pay for a pro account. Tried ultrasuf but that didnt work either….

  55. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    CR, are you watching the HNIC? cherry just said referees do not like to decide games!!!!!!!!

  56. What situation is that exacty FF? He goes on and on with the same old shat. And who the F are you?

  57. just for men on

    graybeard erickson may get a comml with Keith Hernandez and clyde

    “no play for mr. gray”

  58. Krisy, espn works here. But i have the earlybird thingy, the whole season. And I also live in Norway :)

  59. Lol Orr I love watching him fight, puts on a clinic. I just hope he and Silva can fight one day.

    Mir/Carwin should be sick.

  60. The White Plains Batman on

    Haha, I love how Erickson was sweating all over Giannone’s mic. Funny stuff.

  61. REFEREES DONT LIKE TO DECIDE GAMES??????????????????????????????????????????

    What a joke.

    That’s all those scumbags live for. They want to inject themselves anywhere they can, so they can be noticed, and so they can think that they’re special.

  62. Dubi and Gabby caught napping? They probably were still admiring Dubi’s tally from the second period.

  63. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    how can you not change that last name?? when your kid gets his report card it says Finger Jeff on it… oy

  64. Drury did not tip it ahead, he just figured he couldn’t make a clutch enough play with it.

  65. “so they can be noticed, and so they can think that they’re special.” -think about that one CR9

  66. >>how come there’s no black referees in hockey?

    For the same reason there are no yellow or green ones?

  67. ddebened

    I thought about that. I feel sorry that you have to look for attention by joining the anti-CR9 crowd. And I know I’m giving you what you want by responding to you, but such is life.

  68. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    wow Krisy, that was pretty shocking. maybe us calling for him to be sent to Hartford has her worried!

  69. Hugo Folkyerself on

    how come there’s no black referees in hockey?

    Cause there is no ice in Africa?

  70. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    ‘modern goaltending clinic”? he’s not the only goalie that does that lol

  71. You make a long-term to a commitment to a Redden and then it turns out looking completely different to what you thought you signed up for…

  72. that thing about the rangers being relatively injury free is now going to bite them. first Cally, and now Aves

  73. >>Cause there is no ice in Africa?

    In that case, there’s no need for referees. No ice = no hockey = no refs.

  74. Hugo Folkyerself on

    CORRECTION: If Sather was any good as GM Lundqvist would have four 40-WIN seasons…

  75. ortmeyer was good. i remember when he was being considered for the US team a few years ago as a penalty killer.

    anyone remember the HMO line?

  76. The NHL has gotten ridiculous! A guy is barely bumped into and he goes flying into the boards?

  77. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    he hasnt groomed himself lately. maybe they got smart and stopped putting the camera on him while he’s on the bench ;-)

  78. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    ORR, in 9 months we’ll be hearing of the newest addition to the Clutch Family

  79. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    lmao ORR! and here I am seeing Jody Shelleys official first ever between periods interview lmao! he said “i guess you have to go to the east!”

  80. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    LMAO NOR!!!!!! brutal. and i have every single light on in my house right now

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Funny how the announcer says Drury is the kinda guy who raises it up a level. The other announcer is like , well quite a bit of cash ( 8 million) to pay for a checking 2nd liner. hahaha funny stuff. Least these guys are respectable and not bias. This is a refreshing announced game not like that carp at NJ.

  82. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    greg, that was funny. the guy says 8 million dollars this year 7 against the cap…so sad

  83. Linda says KEEP PRUST on


    Sean Avery will not return tonight for the #NYRangers. 1 minute ago via web

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    ddeb , WTG!!!! Nice cash win on a freeroll , wow. Good job.

  85. Krisy, ja jeg er i New Jersey og går til kamper når jeg kan.

    What the hell happened to Avery? That play looked so harmless, that could be trouble.

    And Linda, that’s because he is a winner, just ask Mrs. Clutch ;-)

  86. Linda- Have you ever been to an Alabama-Huntsville hockey game? Seems like an unlikely school to have a good hockey program but they hung tough with Miami today.

  87. So, coverage of the 3rd period is supposed to be on TV here in 10 minutes, but only after some college basketball has finished.

    There’s 8:40 left in the basketball game as I write. How long is that likely to take in real time? Two hours?

  88. The White Plains Batman on

    There actually are I believe 2 black referees in the AHL.

    If Aves is out for a bit can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE see Dale Weisse already?

  89. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    we actually went a couple of weeks ago. it was stanley cup “weekend”! Danton Cole is the coach, we got tix for saturdays game, we get there and are told that the Cup was only there Friday. GRRRR but it was fun. A TON of Canadians on that team actually!!! Two schools that have been hit by tragedy this season, UAH and Miami of OH!

  90. Olga Folkyerself on

    Maybe in this case Orr is psychic. I hope not.

    I think you mean Psycho, and yes I’m afraid so….

  91. She’s just marking her territory Linda, and you can’t blame her, no woman can resist the clutchness! At his prom he probably didn’t dance with anyone until last dance when he danced with 21 cheerleaders and the prom queen! Now that’s clutch.

  92. The Blue Jackets have a defenseman called Clitsome. Let’s hope the Leafs don’t acquire him and pair him with Jeff Finger.

  93. Linda says KEEP PRUST on


    #NYRangers forechecking game would be severely impacted if both Sean Avery and Ryan Callahan are out long term. 3 minutes ago via web

  94. >>The Blue Jackets have a defenseman called Clitsome. Let’s hope the Leafs don’t acquire
    >>him and pair him with Jeff Finger.

    That would be better than pairing him with Adam Foote, no?


  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    We’ve gotten away with two non-called penalties.

    It’s a referee conspiracy, I tells ya!

  96. LW…ESPN America …he he
    the tv schedule say they are going to sendt the game LIVE at 4. (norwegian time) Still an hour to go… :)

  97. Olga Folkyerself on

    “I made a facebook page, and haven’t used it in months.”

    That’s cause you have to have friends…

  98. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    lol Krisy, that’s pretty good. I gotta add you on FB so you can see my man!

  99. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    Nor, i thought that was a great artist rendering. At first i thought it was a black and white photo.

  100. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    Chuck, i’ve never seen the show, but ANY guy who purses their lips for photos needs their man card revoked and every milliliter of testosterone removed from their being

  101. “That’s cause you have to have friends…”

    Haha, i don’t know if you know this, but you can have real friends, outside the internet. You should try it, it’s kind of cool actually talking to someone.

    Just don’t say “first” every time you are the first to do something. They might think you’re annoying, buaha.

    This game feels like that game we played against them when Vally blew it late in the 3rd.

  102. enzo’s. noted. thanks.

    they aren’t trying to purse their lips. it’s the tanning. their skin has turned to leather and tightened up. they can’t help it. it’s very insensitive of you to make fun of them like that.

  103. Olga Folkyerself on

    ANY guy who purses their lips for photos needs their man card revoked and every milliliter of testosterone removed from their being

    It’s already gone…

  104. no, i can’t explain that. some sort of mutation. too much chlorine in that gene pool.

  105. oh chuck, thanks for making me smile. It 3.30 at night here now, and I am TIRED and mad. Have a bad feeling about this! :(

  106. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    great point olga! when i do visit home, and go to the mall, i just want to go up to all of them and smack them!

    someone needs to open up and EDZO’s pizzeria to compete with papa clutch

  107. It’s a pretty big indictment of the team though that guys like Voros and Shelley were seeing icetime with under 5 mins to go.

    This game wasn’t particularly nasty why the need for extra toughness?

  108. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    LMAO!! CCCP did you see the beard on that guy in the Rangers jersey???

  109. RetireBardPark's#2 on

    Well, so much for that 0-30-7 record for the Leafs entering the third perison losing.

    1-30-7. Priceless.

    Clutch save at the end, Hank. Thanks.

  110. redden and drury both sucked on that play. and henrik should not have allowed that tying goal from the goal line

  111. where was our d?? thats why you cannot want this team in teh playoffs. they just are so bad. was gabby or jokinen even playing tonight? big time money guys disappearing all teh time. im kinda sick of gabby and his weak bs he is bringing lately. you cant even get this guy to get into a game when were dying for offense.

  112. And Redden and Girardi again on the same side of the ice after a play behind the net. Why was Gilroy scratched again?

  113. >>So it takes 45 minutes to play nine minutes of basketball.

    Thank you! That’s one of many reasons why I do not like that sport. The networks love it though; it brings them lots of ad revenues.

  114. billybleedsblue on

    You’ve gotta be kidding. Only the Rangers can find a way to lose like this. So how much longer do we torment ourselves believing in a post season? …especially if now Avery is going to be out too? Man, a loss like this just sucks the life out of ya.

  115. and if they finish behind an Atl team with no Kovalchuk, then Sather must be held accountable. particularly for the lack of depth.

  116. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    i miss brooklyn! loved growing up there when i did, until moving to LI!

    Can’t get excited about opening day Chuck, I’m a mets fan!

    Shor, Schoeny should hang out behind the bench the rest of the season. The D seems to play better when he’s there.

  117. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Lev, I do have a life. I also know when a goaltender gets ouptlayed by his competition.

    Another soft goal. Another mile long stare by Hank. Deal with it.

  118. Well Grabby, Gaborik sat most of the 2nd period to make room for ice for the immortal Jody Shelley.

  119. shory- exactly. thats why torts got so mad at carp last game. hes lucky hank bailed them out. i know its not hanks fault for most our losses, but hes gotta be top 5 in late, gametying or winning goals against in teh last few minutes of teh game.

  120. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on


    #1 Hank , Aprox $7 million , lets in a (weak)tying goal and then the winner. There is NOWAY Alex Auld could ever save a puck so if Hank cant save it , no one will.

    #2 Drury , Approx 7 million per , Is Captain of a sinking ship , Has under 10 goals this year and is smaller than a Smurf.

    #3 Redden , Approx 6.5 million per , is anchoring a stellar defense and has a whopping 2 goals this year.

    #4 Rozival , Approx 6 million , does this Alien from planet Jagr make a difference or what!! He leads the core of dmen with his out standing playmaking abitities.

    #5 Gaborik , 7 million around …His name says it all G-A-B-O-R-I-K !! He just needs to poke in a few to keep things all cool. Lay back and watch the disasters , knowing , ” It cant be my fault”

  121. Hey Carpy,

    You should ask Torts tonight why he didn’t put out 3 forwards in the OT.

    You f&*%ing idiot.

  122. Where in LI did you end up moving to? i moved to brooklyn FROM LI. maybe we’re living our lives in reverse. perhaps one day you too will win a 4th grade spelling bee like myself.

    Mets? Omar Minaya makes Glen Sather look like a genius.

  123. the worse thing the rangers did was beating the devils in dramatic fashion. they suck u back in and break your heart time and time again.

    only they lose on a goal from behind the goalline.

    please just end this season its been a nightmare

  124. Clearly Lundqvist screwed up tonight, but “outplayed by his competition”? Hmm, and here I was thinking Gustavsson was at fault for both the Rangers goals.

  125. If we ended up getting only one point in new jersey, and getting two points tonight, i think everyone here would be pretty pleased.

  126. This is one of the few blown games that you can put a lot on Lundqvist, at least for the tying goal. But maybe if the Rangers could score after the 1st 20 minutes that would help.

    And the OT goal was Redden/Girardi bunching up again. Got to keep track of where everyone is in OT.

  127. ladies the yare only 4 behind philly and they play them twice.

    the 2nd toronto goal is a repeat of the goal henrik gave up against detroit..

    cally will play tuesday that will help…..

  128. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    i think omar is glens son from a wild spring break excursion in the dominican republic

    moved to Selden, now in da dirrrrty south.

  129. From Elliot Friedman’s Twitter (HNIC): Lundqvist: “Byfuglien terrible goal…Byfuglien Pisani at myself”

  130. gaborik was a total loser tonight.

    the first goal was a back check joke by marian.. he should apologize to his teammates………

  131. agree… Dany G and Redden end up on the same side of the ice quite a lot this year… and Drury as always was too busy adjusting his mouth piece so he couldn’t help.

  132. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    CCCP, the beard was epic! i think the guy had a turban on also, but his beard was outrageous

  133. Olga Folkyerself on

    If Dolan puts the squeeze on Sather for missing the playoffs, Torts will be thrown under the bus before it comes to a complete stop.

  134. Ct Blueshirt, I am asking the same question, Shelley and Voros on ice in the closing minutes of regulation.

  135. As usual, they’ll finish just well enough to get a #12 draft pick that will be a complete crapshoot. They should have dumped all their UFAs at the deadline for ANYTHING, buried Redden in Hartford and played yout the rest of the way to finish as low as possible and get guys experience for next year. Instead it’s the usual mediocrity that begets only more mediocrity, instead of abject failure that could potentially contribute to future success.

  136. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Turtles not allowed to use cursing symbols. Carp warned every body . He may have to be banned.

  137. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    we used to go to a bar called the hayloft in smithtown ;-)

    this team is, is…what is a good word for beyond frustrating?! as many of you have said tonight, and we’ve mentioned many times this season, the lack of a sound foundation in fundamentals has absolutely killed this team this season. Bad passing, bad shot accuracy, bad positioning, missing assignments, lack of physicality and toughness…it never seems to improve. The fatal flaw in all of this is the owner, because he does NOT insist on quality.

  138. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    # CCCP March 27th, 2010 at 9:54 pm


    Why don’t you crawl back into you shell…fart in there and die.


    shouldnt that be “PHANEUF IN THERE”?

  139. It doesn’t matter if Shelley or Voros were on the ice..Gaborik is nonfactor anyway…

    Wonder what FullOfCraparella got to say tonight…

  140. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hank is still an elite goalie and he can still get us to the promiseland. We did get a point and we play some weaker teams down the line. Im upset with Hank but I know we live and die by the sword and tonight at the end Hank wasnt as sharp . He’ll bounce back and win us the rest .


  141. Well said Peter. The mediocrity will continue. Sather and Dolan= Decade plus of failure and mediocrity.

  142. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " aww ,come on !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Olga , My cousin Vinny!! gotta love that movie.

  143. they are 4 pts behind philly, yes, but the first tiebreaker is wins, and philly has 4 more wins, so they will have to gain 5 pts on philly, and 2 on Atl just to barely get in

  144. Ya know it’s worth watching them lose just to watch these press conferences with Torts. Seems like no one really enjoys interviewing him lol

  145. Woulda paid Carp to say “hey Torts don’t you love the way sitting Gilroy instead of Redden backfired?” lol he may come beat ME just for posting this.

  146. I like the way Chuck posed it. They won in a game in NJ that probably shouldn’t have (remember Lundqvist’s big save point blank on Kovalchuk in OT?) and lost a game they should have won.

    And Lundqvist isn’t the only goalie that let’s up crushing goals. I’ve seen enough of MA Fleury this year giving up multiple weak goals – like when he got pulled against the Rangers a few weeks back – and of course Uncle Daddy is usually good for yielding a bad goal against the Rangers.

  147. reginald dunlop on

    Dubi wants to explode

    too bad he didnt explode and backcheck with his head on a swivel to protect the slot on toronto’s first goal and too bad he didnt read the two d on the same side of the ice and collapse deep as the offside wing and protect that post on the ot winner….. effort sucked and the result displayed the effort from too many of the players who are relied upon.. when prust, shelley, parenteau create your offense you’re in trouble….A on Rozsival seemed to slow him down with the extra weight tonight….skating in mud all night….looked almost as bad as girardi did all night……

  148. I was just thinking how nice it would be if the skaters could bail LQ out once in a while. We know it’s been the other way around plenty of times.

    And for the people jumping down his throat, remember Thursday against NJ? Yea it would have been like an 8-3 loss without his play, and this team is dead last without him. He is gonna give up soft goals, some at important times. That is part of hockey, it happens to every goalie.

    But yea, he failed tonight, and his teammates aren’t exactly blameless.

  149. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    thats pretty funny James. the usual guys will be prucha’d the rest of the season. Torts will not hold vets accountable now, it might look bad

  150. Olga Folkyerself on

    Shor- thats why they shouldn’t be sitting on 1 goal leads for most of the game. There’s no hunger to get those insurance goals.

  151. Olga, some of it’s no hunger, but a lot of it is that there’s no talent to score the extra goal.

  152. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    excellent posts CT Reg and Shor

    If they are going to keep rozsi, he cannot be getting the minutes he gets now. He’d be a good 3rd pairing dman, the game is just passing him by for the minutes he gets. Redden just needs to be a resident of CT next season, that’s all there is to that. I know full well that the type of defensemen we need do not grow on trees, but this is not working out for anyone except the guys cashing the big checks.

  153. reginald -I’ll take your word for it , honestly I didn’t watch the game closely enough to comment otherwise- perhaps he was pissed at himself but he just looked like he was trying to restrain himself

  154. Hey, Turtle, You’re a really tough guy stopping in here once to drop a bomb, you loser.

    Now go get your shinebox.

    And thanks, CCCP. I always want you at my back in a coat closet.

  155. Olga Folkyerself on

    However, if you get caught from behind by the worst team in your conference when you’re in a fight just to make the playoffs, then you’re plain not going to make it. I guess you’re right, they just aren’t very good… simple as that.


  156. Ok, so there are no teams in the West that have negative goal differentials that are in the playoff picture.

    In the East, there are 2 teams with negative goal differentials in the top 8, but no non playoff teams have positive goal differentials. Rangers are at -6. Essentially convert some of their OT losses into OT wins to even be at an even GF/GA split and they’re most likely in the playoffs now.

  157. By the way Turtle, and Torts, and everybody else … would three forwards and one d-man have screwed up that winning goal any worse than two forwards and two d-men did?

  158. No Linda. I moved to CT so I could get away from breathing the same air as Redden except for when I’m in MSG. He needs to go further away, KHL sounds about right.

  159. ‘Torts will not hold vets accountable now, it might look bad’

    Linda – from what I heard of the postgame Gaborik was on the bench quite a bit.

  160. “at your back in a coat closet?”

    for some reason it sounds kind of dirty to me… but, you’re welcome Carp! LOL

  161. ThisYearsModel on

    I want to hear Torts say “gooosefraba” and sing “I Feel Pretty.” dude has some serious anger issues. He dissed Sam Rosen, of all people. “I am not answering that question.” What a jerk.

  162. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carp- that “you got a pretty good goalie back there” argument goes both ways. With a good goalie you could play 3 forwards and 1 D in overtime. (If we just had 3 forwards…)

  163. ThisYears

    Yep, that sounds about right. Watch his poorly-coached team eff up over and over, then come into the press area and act like a [T-word] to reporters. His act is really wearing thin.

  164. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    thanks shor, i knew what you meant! amazingly enough, that is one of 3 words i do NOT use lol!

  165. LOL – I had a crush on Laurie Partridge – until she started hearing music through her braces

  166. I don’t expect this team to win all of their remaining games or make the playoffs, but I do expect them to win games against the isles, Toronto, Florida, and Tampa. Philly and buffalo are a crap shoot. As soon as we got to OT I just knew we were going to carcillo the bed and get the sheets all dirty. Oh well, it is what it is, and this is the 09-10 NYR. Vroom vroom sad van to frown town here we come. All aboard!

  167. dde, is that an original idea, or do you know a friend of mine that is actually cooking that up?

    Shore, say no more.

  168. Linda says KEEP PRUST on

    i just had to watch the official MDZ video to cheer me up…dde knows what that one is!

    i swear, this team just tears you up inside. we are gluttons for punishment because we keep coming back year after year.

  169. So much for that winning streak. That was painful to watch. At least the frozen four is shaping up nicely. Between the World Juniors, Olympics, and the college playoffs, it almost makes this bust of a season tolerable. Lets go Stepan, Kreider, McDonagh, and Hagelin.

  170. I am often surprised at how surprised people are when the Rangers lose. Umm… they have been doing this all year. I would have been shocked if they won in OT. Two words cover this team: No Talent. If (and it is always an “if”) our recent draft picks work out, this team will be better in 3-4 years. Also, at this time Drury will be gone, Redden should have been 3-4 better acquainted with Hartford Conn, Del Z, AA, Grachev will be much better, and Staal, Cally, and Dubi (if one of these isn’t traded) should be more consistent and slightly better as well. Add in some smart roster choices (that part may be like asking for cars that run on dreams) and this team might become a 5 seed. Pretty sad when the upside is the middle of the playoff pack.

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