Afternoon update (updated, hah!)


The Rangers just announced that P.A. Parenteau (Mr. Shootout) and defenseman Anders Eriksson have been recalled from Hartford.

Hmmm. I know Callahan’s hurt and Brian Boyle’s dinged up, but I am wondering if Mr. Jokinen and/or Mr. Lisin, and/or one of the defensemen (Redden) might be taking a seat tomorrow in Toronto. And if Aaron Voros might be de-prucha’d.

See the quotes on Jokinen and Lisin in last night’s post.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 4:43 p.m.: Here’s a link to a video explaining the new head-shot rules.

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  1. yeah boyee!!

    wonder if that pa parenteau recall means cally really not playing tom’w night

  2. i don’t think torts sits olli. lisin maybe, but not olli. at least olli can score once in a while.

  3. Linda is random on

    the way cally went down behind the net did not look good. They are probably going to ‘day to day’ him, but it looked like it may have been a season ender. I hope I’m wrong because it’s been well established that he’s my fave. And yes,it would be nice for one of the R2 boys to sit.

  4. Linda is random on

    Torts was NOT thrilled with Jokinen, hence him only seeing 1:53 of ice time in the first.

  5. repost from previos thread:

    Poor Salty,

    trust me i root for chris drury every night…i just pick on him a little extra here becaus IMO he is almost as bad as redden and definitely worse than Roszival…however somehow drury avoids the boos at MSG and joe and sam praise him all night long for blocking a shot or clearing a puck… he has been a complete bust as a ranger….roszival has obviously struggled since his hip injury and has definitely slowed down a bit but watch this guy be decent on another team…..

  6. I do think Olli sits tomorrow. Cally is probably out too likely. Tomorrow night is probably best time to play Voros, against a physical, wild Toronto team. not sure why Eriksson though… should be interesting. and if you play Auld in any game this year, you play him tomorrow. though I wouldnt.

  7. Likely the only person thrilled with Jokinen is Jokinen. Parenteau is up because Cally is not playing. Cally was playing injured and I guess he got more injured. Ericksson is up possibly because Redden has not been good. I have been watching the wolf pack a bit and Ericksson has not looked out of place down there. I wouldn’t expect much from him. Saturday they are playing a team with nothing to lose, that has been playing well. It will be a tough game.

  8. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I would def not mind seeing us re-sing Christensen

    You know exactly what your getting from him: Fill in 1st line, 2nd or 3rd line center who has hands, and is above 50% in the shootout.

    If we can get him for like $900K – $1 mil for 1 year we should absolutely do it.

    Im actually starting to think Prust and Shelley might be resigned cheap as well. you need role players, and they are doing there job on that 4th line with Artie the past few games.

  9. with regards to lisin i know he was given a chance with gabby at the beginning of the year and that did not work out and then this guy got banished and played with shelley or brashaer all year long if he was inserted in the lineup and he is in the doghouse for what now because his defensive game is sub par….which forwards are good defensively on this team-callahan,prospal,dubi and boyle and thats about it……lisin can obviously skate and has one of the best wrist shots on the team…..korpi for lisin remember in the summer we were so excited, the kid did not really get a chance and he has now checked out thanks to torts so basically we gave korpikoski away for free

  10. TheMessiah94 on

    Going back to the toxic contracts, does anyone else think that Vinny Lecavalier will be our #1 center next year? I totally think Sather is going to do something crazy like that.

  11. Linda is random on

    we’re going to have a long time to ‘reconstruct’ this team from whenever our final game may be up until July 1. we can make some pretty strong arguements for guys leaving,guys coming this way, but one thing is for sure, Sather is going to do what HE wants, whether we think it helps the team or not (and for all intents and purposes, whether HE thinks it helps the team or not lol!). At this point, I can name 4 guys from the blog who’d do a better job than Sather would at rebuilding this team.

  12. carp, I am sure we were watching the same game, and MDZ looked exhausted. I think we need someone else so MDZ can worry about doing less. He’ll probably kick some serious butt too if he has a little less playing time and a little less responsibility!

    Also, was anyone as amused as me with torts celebration on the drury goal. I like passion like that out of the coach!

  13. ye i really do want us to resign Christensen. he’s a feel good story. last chance in the NHL, and he’s made the most of it. i dont think he will sign for 900K but even for $1.2 I would still do it.

  14. Everyone criticize Redden and Rozsival obviously… But Rozsival is definitely better than Redden (which obviously doesnt say much), and Rozsival hasnt been same since his hip injury as someone just mentioned, but hes still better than Redden, but more importantly, if anyone was watching the end of that game last night closely, they realize that Rozsival has something that Wade Redden doesnt, and thats *heart*
    Rozsival pinched in on the boards in the final minute and dove full force to keep the puck in the zone, losing his helmet in the process, Rozsival *cares* about winning and about the team, Wade Redden does not give a crap
    So even though Rozsival makes mistakes, just like many other Rangers do, at least the guy is out there TRYING HARD and COMPETING every night, and he gets played the amount of minutes he does every night for a reason

  15. bull dog line on

    Rob ,
    I saw that play by roszi, skates first, gutsy play.
    Christensen is a journeyman. I would not put any money into him, let him walk. the Rangers need toughness and skill. while Christensen has skill, he is as soft as they come, and because of that he rarely has time and space to show his skill.

  16. christensen killed it in the juniors, he has potential.. I say keep him for around $1 mill and hopefully, if this roster is very different again next year, then hopefully he can be slotted in as a 3rd line center/winger and not be relied to be on the first line, i think that would work, and i dont think he’s as soft as they come, not sayin hes tough either but he is fine

  17. Christensen has more than earned a spot on the team for next year. He came in with ZERO expectation, and has actually contributed more than some other big-budget players. He shouldn’t be our first-line center, but he could definitely be 3/4th line guy, able to fill in higher up if someone gets hurt. Plus the shootout goals help for an extra point or two over the course of the season.

    A 4th line next year of Prust, Christensen, Boyle would be more than sufficient. Or maybe Christensen on 3rd, depending on how things shake out. But he’s definitely more useful than Voros, Lisin, Brashear, Shelley, and others at the bottom of our depth chart.

  18. i don’t think anyone touched on this.
    why not Heikenen or Sanguinetti?
    what’s the word on those two vs. Anders?

  19. Redden is the biggest piece of garbage ever signed for the money he is receiving. Thanks to that drunken A-hole Darth Sather. I’m not a front runner. If there is a way to go back and check this blog I commented when I heard the rangers were interested that I couldn’t believe it and the same goes for Rosival. This franchise will make you drink.

  20. Rob M,

    couldnt agree with you more….i agree roszival has not had a very good year…his confidence is obviously a factor but he is no where near as bad as ranger fans making him out to be….i admit during the summer i predicted he would have a decent offensive season as i thought the PP would improve a great deal with gabby and kotalik and i was obviously wrong but everyone picks on him for the sake of picking on him…if you watch him night in and night out he plays fairly well defensively…granted he has slowed down and is not taking the body as much as he should but he is no where near as brutal as Redden or Drury

  21. i dont think christensen is a 4th liner, to be honest, with the way torts coaches, i think the perfect 4th line center would beeeeee Blair Betts, yup, i said it
    it obviously all depends on waht else they do in the offseason with the forwards and waht happens with some of the young prospects
    But with the way Torts prefers to roll 3 lines with the occasional throw in of the 4th line, i think a 4th line of
    Prust Betts and Shelley or whatever enforcer they choose
    Personally I think they should just let Prust be the “enforcer” instead of having 2 guys of that nature but when your in a division with the flyers isles and devils you probably need someone, at least on some nights, other than Prust to do the dirty work
    I highly doubt that getting betts would even happen bc they probably like boyle in that 4th line center role, i think torts likes him, but i just felt so confident when betts was out there for faceoffs, and i think hes a better PKer than boyle

  22. We have seen Rosival enough over the years to know what to expect from him. This is it. He doesn’t shoot enough from the point, never did. Plays adequate, but not physical defense.

    Redden is horrid. I was one of the people who thought he might be a good pickup when he was first signed. I just thought they signed him for too many years. He got the money based on supply and demand. It was him or Campbell. Neither one is worth the money they got, but at that time, those were the figures being thrown at them. Sather’s fault for getting caught up in the frenzy of the moment. Redden has been nothing but disappointing. Soft and lazy on D, a complete non-factor on offense.

    Drury was just totally overpaid. He had one season where he shot above his career average and then cashed in like he was Teemu Selanne in his prime. The first couple of seasons with the Rangers, he did about his career average. This year has been AWFUL!! Either way, he is a complimentary player (nothing wrong with that) who is being paid as if he were a franchise player. Again, that is Sather’s fault. I would let Sather do a trade (the only thing he seems to get the upper hand on) but NEVER let him near a free agent. He is just lucky that Gaborik hasn’t been severely injured this season.

  23. The bottom line is the only way to build a consistent winning team is through the draft and developing your prospect. I think Darth Sather finally got the idea the past few years but way to late for me.

  24. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    I say, bring in more Free Agents Darth Sather, but they’ve gotta be HOT!

    So, when are we going to start guessing the not so little Henrik’s size?????

    I guess 30 inches, since he has a knack for 30 win seasons.

  25. I think Brooks may have this one right. An experienced defense men may be in for Gilroy.
    Re: Parenteau : Glad to hear that Torts is finally focused on a shootout. We have had King Hank in net all year long.

  26. “With what he does for us, Hanky can dissect our game all he wants,” Marc Staal said.

    And that’s why he should be Captain…

  27. Olga Folkyerself on

    NAMBLA Alert! Is the meeting over CR? Did you give the kids a ride and take them home?

  28. One Ranger Love on

    jpg, those two D-men are inexperienced, and I am guessing the reason for bringing up the vet is simply that, experience. They just want him to play solid defensively and the coaching staff will be happy.

  29. I also think Christiansen should be resigned and yes, we should keep Proust, not Shelly. Also Lisin should be kept since he has some skill and if someone in the coaching staff could TEACH a player something he could be a good NHLer along with some other young ones…

    Redden should sit his ass down in his $7 million suit for the rest of his life. I’m so sick off his no show defense and that lame wrist shot that always create a turnover…. Eriksson is not a very good NHL D guy but he can hit someone sometime… so that’s more than Redden… Haven’t been able to see the last couple of games (the time difference is killing me, just wait until I move to you guys) but Rozival has been looking better, so his tradable or almost (if he shows up every night) a keeper….

    I’m pretty sure you’ll see Zuccarello-Aasen in a Rangers uniform next season, when Darth carlls someone, he really wants them. And he get’s what he want, even though he doesn’t know what his team needs, or what a team is, or what hockey is….

    That’s my rant sponsored by my fellow Jim Beam….

  30. One Ranger Love on

    Seth, I have to disagree, how could you possibly say Drury is worse then Redden and Rozsival? Do you watch the the games? Drury does much more then those two clowns, he does win faceoffs, he kills all our penalties with relative ease and is not afraid to give his body up for the shield on his sweater, that is more than I can say for some of these guys.

    Plus, every blue moon he pots a clutch goal and he takes the clutch mobile out for a spin later that night.

    Drury is far from useless, and has put up average Drury numbers in NYC, just not this year, but I would LOVE to have him in the playoffs. Talk about a guy that has A LOT of heart, nonstop effort when he is out there and puts in the occasional goal. He is valuable, just not for the price we are paying him.

    If he loves the Rangers so much then he would realize how he is strangling the cap and might consider restructuring his contract? For less?

  31. The White Plains Batman on

    Anders Erickson aka Michelle Petite 2.0 as mediocre as he is has stretch run and Stanley Cup Playoff Experience with Detroit and Toronto, so that’s why he gets the call.

    I really wanted to see Dale Weise up but I guess with Cally day to day, they needed a top 6 guy and PA is more that type of player as well as a playmaker.

    It makes no sense to have all of Voros, Shelley, and Prust in the lineup at the same time and since Shelley and Prust have a nice little thing going with Anisimov, Torts prob wanted to keep that together and you can’t put Voros as a 3rd liner.

  32. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    One Ranger

    Not the popular opinion about Dru around here, but agreed. And he’s HOTTTT!

  33. What happened to Gilroy he has so much talent, has Torts “kiss the pinky ring Don” messed him up?

    Has Torts ever fought anybody besides a heavy bag?

    Now Torts I don’t mean any disrespect!

  34. If we don’t sign first line center next year, we will be exactly where we are now. If we do, with Anisimov, Drury, Dubinsky( although I think he should on the left wing) and Boyle, where exactly does Christensen fit? He had decent stretches, but he also played good minutes. Let’s not through a million here and a million there for something we will not use. I think he is a nice guy, but a borderline NHLer. Two way contract, perhaps?

  35. Gilroy needs to work on his game especially in his own end but everyone has to realize hes playing every shift with redden, thats a big burden on a rookie defenseman who was originially a forward converted into a defenseman later on in his hockey career, a huge burden… there have been rumblings on here about him trying out as a wing next year at camp and i wouldnt mind seeing that happen, sending redden to hartford, and having combo of free agent hitting d-man/sanguinetti/potter/mcdonagh/heikinnen(if he stays in the states) to fill the d spots of redden and gilroy, we’ll see what happens though

  36. christensen could play wing, he is good at faceoffs though, but it doenst hurt having wingers that can win faceoffs either with the way guys get thrown out of the circle so often now

  37. morg says dump the chump FIRE TORTS but keep the cannoli on

    Im pumped up for the Shelley vs Orr rematch!HNIC rules should be good for a one sided leaf victory.

    here comes the letdown Ranger fans,assume crash positions.

  38. The White Plains Batman on

    In WWF terms this whole “Rangers fan want the Rangers to tank and they keep winning” angle is hilarious. Watch them go to the Conference Finals or win the Eastern Conference this year :)P

    Christensen should be brought back. He’s a great bang for buck utility guy. He can play anywhere and be effective.

    I’d like to see how much Demitria wants for a one year deal. He’s older than the sun but get him and Gabby together for one year only.

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gooo Siberian White Bears !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah , quite the night last night. It’s like we all got drunk and silly again. Winning is better than tanking . Tanking means trading assests and losing night in and night out. You see , we can’t do that here. We love our team. This aint no Pissburgh or some lame expansion team who can go watch baseball and football to kill time as thier NHL is growing. Ok sure that can and does happen here too but in reality we all know that the Rangers are the greatest team that isnt that great at all. Montreal used to be the top dog but as it has been for the last 20 years , NYR’s are the team every player wants to play for(exept Mats Sundin)
    We have crappy ice but top of the line in everything else.
    Any young child who watches hockey knows how cool this franchise is. Back in the 80’s the Rangers were doormats to the Isles. Not anymore , never again. Mays well get excited cuz we have youth comming again!! Another wave of kids trying to be NYR’s. This place is growing even larger and when we start pounding on the playoff door…you better let us in cuz were not there for a tea party , the Rangers are serious.

  40. One Ranger Love,

    I have probably missed 3-4 games this year….ive been to 90% of the home games…we can agree to disagree…i understand his intangibles but IMO he is way way overrated and he deserves the boos just as match as redden and roszival…..i just dont feel he is an upgrade at all on the pk compared to the other guys doing the job, do you really think he is that more valuable on the pk than callahan, dubie, boyle, betts, sjostrom, do you not think anisimov/prospal could fill that roll….we knew drury was not going to have 70-80 pts when he became a ranger…but i thought he would be able to cycle the puck, i thought his shot would be more of a weapon, i thought he would be intelligent with his hockey sense, but he can barely handle a pass, he sticks check on d,he cannot skate anymore, he makes some misreable plays in all three zones every night (blind, weak, soft, lateral, dangerous passes that a 4th line guy like shelley should make because he is tired not a CAPTAIN)….listen if he admits that he is a bit washed up and would take a pay cut i would have a lot of respect for the guy(obv that aint happending)…i honestly do not hate him but he deserves just as much blame as the R&R combo, everyone talks about drurys intangibles but when it comes to redden everyone acts like when he played with chara he was like jeff beukeboom….he was always a soft dman who was relatively smart when he was on the ice and made good decisions with/without the puck-like he did the first game in prague last year and pinched in on the pp at the right time and scored a goal and then at his first game at msg against chicago last year he pinched in off a drury shot (amazing redden had 2 goals in three games last year-how many does he have in the last 155!!!!)….obviously chara, alfreddson, hossa etc made redden what he is because he has been horrendous there is no argument there….the fact is drury was a winner and i cannot take that away from him-im sure he cares but IMO he is just as bad as redden in his 3 years as a ranger and yes IMO worse than roszival

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carp Vs Torts

    The thing to do is to put Gaborik ,Drury Dubinsky and Staal on the ice to start the OT. Then put AA , Prospal ,Rozi and maybe delzotto on the next. Cant put Prust out there even though he palyed a whale of a game.

    Hank is the best on breakaways /shoot out in the world. Any coach playing for the shoot out is only doing what seems right. To gamble and throw out the kitchen sink and to lose it cuz Hank was scored on ,on a 2 on 1 is risky. We are the only team that has the capabilty to take advantage of this dumb skills competion Carp cuz we have the best goalie at it. Smart coaching plays for the shoot out as sad as it is.

    Torts should take behavioral lessons and start acting more mature. In Washington last year he freaked out with that water bottle and had the nerve to “bench” Avery on the series clinching game. Torts knows now if ya put a leash on Avery , then ya wont have Avery. Torts had Avery all fired up and Washington was so rattled , then he benched him…cost us that series.

  42. Linda is random on

    awesome photo Mordechai…i’m wondering is our highly esteemed CCCP is behind that!

  43. Linda is random on

    or perhaps, Grabby.

    Sally, girl you are missed!! Did you see Torts getting all puffy chested with Carpy last night???

  44. good point One Ranger Love


    shows what happens when you make a quick point while taking a break from work.
    still, i thought that Anders was going to be some ahl fill-in. didn’t even sound like someone who needed a few minor league games to get ready for nhl.
    if, at the very least, he keeps guys from zipping by him like redden that would be a plus.

    as far as Heikenenenenenen, in part i was hoping that someone had an update on the guy. he looked pretty good compared to most of our defensive corps. i know Torts complained about his positioning but i would think/hope that that is what his days in the ahl would address.

  45. Looks like Nrooks gave Carp some back up. ”

    So John Tortorella, the head coach of the Rangers, had a better idea. You can ask him. Well, maybe it’s best not to.”

  46. Linda is random on

    Carpy, if i send you a picture, could you post it up in here, maybe with tomorrows game thread??

  47. you know what killed me last night… when Debbies took 3-2 lead and it was about 5 or so minutes to go in the game Sam Rosen made a comment about Debbies… he said “Devils now set up their” a slight pause “1-2-2 defensive ALIGNMENT” really Sam…What happened to a good old “TRAP” expression? Oh the politically correct announcers…farging disgusting

  48. Chris from Buffalo on

    ESPNU is stupid. The game is pre-recorded and they showed the final score.

  49. Linda is random on

    lmao @ 1-2-2 defensive alignment! guess they didnt want the dirty word to come out with all the casual fans watching last night! and thanks for the hug, they are ALWAYS appreciated!! XOXO

  50. RIT/Denver was on ESPNU and ESPNU HD earlier.

    Why is Wisky-Vermont just on HD? with replay of RIT/Denver on ESPNU, guide says otherwise???

  51. What really tweaked Torts?- that question wouldn’t have been enough especially after a big win.

  52. Don’t go whistling Dixie so fast. If Hank didn’t play his 2nd best game of the year you would have lost bad. If you think a “good team effort” is giving 3 breakaways and 38 shots on goal, then you might wanna tighten your seatbelts for the next 8 games. Cause by normal team standards, rangers hung Hank out to dry again. Don’t forget that Boston still has a game in hand.

    I’m just saying….…

  53. ddebened- this blog did, I bet you. Torts sounded and looked like he wanted to tell Carp off for some time. The question was a minor trigger. You see, Larry Brooks writes the article and goes away for some time. Here is a constant discussion. And Carp participates and often agrees and disagrees with what is said. But very often we say what we see, we take his mistakes apart, right or wrong. Carp runs the blog. And Torts looked like he was angry at Carp to begin with. Torts, Iuppiter iratus ergo nefas.

  54. Ricky, we fooounnddd a way to win, thats all that matter, and that game is behind them now, they will play better tomorrow night defensively, especially if Redden gets scratched as he SHOULD

  55. Oh, I’ll give you that.but it wasn’t the rangers who fooooound a way to win, Hank did. Even though we lost, I still think it was a great game where my team came out on the bottom. But we still got a point which puts us a pt ahead of the Pittsburgh Crosbys.

    Again, I’m just saying…… if you can’t control a MUST WIN game, it’s not a good effort. You can’t ride your goalie before the playoffs.

  56. RickyM2- you sound exactly like Jay Greenberg from this AM. Let me rephrase it, you’re saying exactly what he said. Didn’t know you could buy a NY Post in NJ.

    I’m just sayin’..

  57. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    And the referees are at it again.

    Number 1 Duke is one of the best off. rebounding teams in the nation, and have already been called for 3 fouls on clear offensive rebounds in which there were fouls.

    Leave it to referees to try to steal away extra possessions from a team that is as hated as the Yankees.

  58. I didn’t read his article. But first chance I get, I’ll have a copy of the NY Post overnighted to the remote farms of this place we call NJ. Where do I find this “NY Post” you speak of?

  59. What about Carps prior post saying that Torts was frustrated with Gaborik -true or not;but not something I think he’d want to see at this point of the season

  60. ddebened- I can’t remember the details, but we’ve had a few when Torts different moves were discussed.

  61. czechthemout!!! on

    Stepan with an early assist. I would love to se him feeding Gabby either next week or next season.

    Anders Erickson!!!!!! Simply speechless. Just speechless!
    What about Potter, Heikenan(sp),Sauer,Sags? It is unlikely that they will make the playoffs anyway. Even if they do,they will be gone within 4-5 games anyway. Why not let your young dman have a taste of a playoff battle?

  62. I still believe Torts is a good coach and he needs at least another year. And he might be a good person, I just don’t know him in daily life at all. But the way he responds to the media questions, the way he behaves on the bench oftentimes, I can’t help but think that he needs a Dog Whisperer. Cesar Millan’s type of training.

  63. The White Plains Batman on

    For anyone interested; Dale Weise just sent the entire Rangers organization a message tonight; he didn’t get the callup when he probably should have so what does he do? Has a goal, assist, and goes +2 as Hartford beat the Phantoms in the shoot out.

    He wants up; give this kid a shot, he’s a heart and soul guy.

  64. But seriously a coach has so many angles to cover. At times he may defend a player from the media while giving him the same shat in private.

  65. czechthemout!!! on

    The White Plains Batman–

    they rarely ever call kids like Weise up. It’s gotten a bit better latly, but not too much. Look at what they’ve done to Byers and Potter as an example. Can anyone honestly say that Byers is not a better option than Jody Smelly?

  66. cr9 did you watch the ohio st. game? the refs didnt give tennessee any gifts at all that game, with evan turner on the other side, but tennessee still found a way to win… you have to quit it with the whining about referees cuz i think everyone on here has had it up to hereee man we get it, u think the referees hav conspiracies against certain teams, we get it

  67. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    real mike
    agree re-sign them both for sure!!!

    anyone have the chico shootout call link?

    what position does the guy from the elite league play?

  68. This sick loser Clark Kellogg.

    He is obviously a homosexual (I am not using the word derogatory).

    He continues using the word “massage”

    They are massaging their minutes.

    They are massaging the ball.

    He used massage 3 times in under a minute, at one point.

  69. Rob M

    Referees have a profound effect on many games.

    I am not purporting conspiracies. I am just saying the referees inject themselves into games the way David Ortiz injects himself with steroid needles.

  70. czechthemout!!! on

    Derek Stepan with another georgous assist. This kid sure comes to play in big games. Another kid we will never see unless we rid ourself of Sather and all his shitty contracts.

  71. czechthemout!!! on


    now that Michigan is out of the playoffs, can you find out if they plan on signing Carl Hagelin. Kid looks like a player.

  72. czechthemout!!! on

    I thought it was single elimination, maybe not. If i’m wrong than I still hope they sign this kid.

  73. Usually, I find a problem with Jim Nantzy boy.

    But this Clark Kellogg is a sickening pervert.

    He has been licking Purdue all game and not one positive word about Duke.

    Some Duke player goes down and is injured, and sickboy Kellogg says and Chris Kramer of Purdue is down at the top of the key, like Chris Kramer is anybody.

    Chris Kramer is a nothing, zero, nobody.

  74. The White Plains Batman on

    czech-They’ve gotten better with calling up kids recently. I guess they feel more comfortable with PA who is older, has a little NHL expereince, and is a better play maker than Weise.

    Still, Weise deserves a shot already. He’s gonna be a very good heart and soul grinder.

  75. Linda, thanks for letting me use that

    I don’t know Avery or Cally must have just scored

  76. Something tells me that Joke-inen is gonna sit. The guy has shown himself to be a defensive liability and has been awful away from the puck. Thank God he hasn’t done enough to make them want to resign him. Hell, atleast Antropov was semi productive last year and made us debate. Letting this guy walk at season’s end is a no brainer. (though he’ll probably go to like Minnesota and score 30 goals next year)

    Regardless though, in the offseason this team is going to have to be recalibrated down the middle. We have an overflow of centermen and you just can’t have an effective team by playings a bunch of them on the wing. The square peg into a round hole theory needs to be let go. Decide who’s going to help this team and stick with 4-5 of them.

  77. The thing that struck me was Jokinen clownin around with Prust after ‘limited’ first period minutes.

  78. Linda, sorry for the delay. Sure, send me the photo. I’d put it up (pending review, of course).

    dde, isn’t that what Crazy Joe Davola yelled when he leapt from the balcony?

  79. DD

    I caught that too, and it annoyed the carp out of me. That guy clearly doesn’t give a carp aboot NYR. That’s why i hate rental players. I just don’t trust them. I always feel like they don’t care as much as they should. It’s like a win-win situation, every game.

    I can’t wait till he’s gone. I’m really looking forward to his departure.

  80. Please. If Renney was coaching this team, Gabby wouldn’t have the amount of goals and points he’ll finish with, Cally would be the decent 3rd liner he was before Torts came along, Prospal wouldn’t have the season he is having.

    Face the facts, this team just sucks. This isn’t the first time Torts has taken a carppy team to the playoffs. He’s on the brink of forcing this team in.

    If Torts wasn’t here, we’d be in the bottom three in my opinion. Which is great, but I’m a Torts follower, and i feel he can win us a Cup. Just have to give Torts, Gabby, and Hank the right support. Who knows how long that will take though.

    Sleep time…

  81. Izzy

    You are absolutely right about that worst Ranger team with one sole exception..Barnaby.He was the only one on that team who tried hard game in game out every time he was out there. But he was alone…the only one whose legs were pumping every minute he was on the ice.

  82. I happen to think that those of you overlooking Prust are missing something. This guy can play this game..and when he is out there – he does…as opposed to Girardi for instance who can also play this game, but for the most part..doesn’t.

    That’s the maddening thing here,..this team shows flashes of capability but rarely puts it into play in any meaningful manner. They always seem to opt for the “soft” movements. ( Don’t hit that man, don’t chase that puck hard, don’t pull that barge, don’t lift that bale,( er..excuse me for getting a bit carried away here), but you get the gist. Their passing game is schoolyard level,
    but they can do it when the moment seizes them…which it rarely does. I still put it down to determined and attentative coaching. There’s no need to settle for the kinds of effort that this team – as a team- has displayed this year, especially considereing the salaries behind it all. Redden is almost a caricature of a defenseman. Mr careful.
    Careful not to skate too hard, nor to shoot to hard ( might cause a rebound that he’d have to skate hard to collect), y Don’t make anyone mad. Mr congeniality.

  83. Good morning!

    Interesting list, LW3H. Ouch, that “honor” should make signing free agents next year very challenging.
    And LMAO at Avery being one of the most overrated players. How is he overrated? The guy plays on the third line and does his job, unless his coach puts him on a short leash…

  84. Jay Greenberg says a few positive words about Avery and Roszival. Enjoy it, the next time Jay says anything flattering about the Rangers will likely be right after the new health reform fails.

  85. Blueshirt in Paris on

    ESPN Poll: Who is the smartest NHL coach?

    Players like Caps coach Bruce Boudreau and Pens Dan Bylsma (each received 16 percent). But they love the Wings’ Mike Babcock (22 percent). When asked about the last coach they’d want to play for, Rangers coach John Tortorella took the dubious title (18 percent). “He’s always yelling and calling out guys in the media,” says one Western Conference wing.

  86. billybleedsblue on


    “Well it’s gotta cross the line completely…bing bing bang…and the thing there, the puck…excuse me, you see it land there. This is incredible Doc, I mean just this happening right here, how often do you see this? Right post, left…oh…ohhhhhhhh baby, that is in, I apologize…oh they gotta look at this, this is too big a goal. Oh my goodness! Oh, it hit the netting…it hung… and, and swirled around…I’ve never seen that before! I have not seen that. I didn’t…you know the nets aren’t constructed to do that. But now everybody in the arena knows that that should be a goal.”

    The pause after “Right post, left (pause)” is priceless. lolz.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

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