Will the real Rangers please stand up?


Or step down?

It’s always confusing when you play a great game against a bad opponent that plays horribly. It’s is also confusing if you beat a good team, which is what the Rangers need to do tonight … unless they are tanking, which apparently they aren’t doing. Or at least, they didn’t get that memo last night.

1) Nice to see Marian Gaborik turn on the jets as he did early in the season. He’s almost blameless in this whole season (except for the Olympic injury controversy), but when he plays and moves like that, you can understand why John Tortorella gets frustrated with him at other times.

2) Ditto for Sean Avery. I assume he will be himself tonight vs. the Devils, because he is always that way against the Devils, the Islanders and the Flyers. Look out Kovalchuk and Brodeur. But where is this most nights? Coach Keenan wondered the same thing (so now, I guess, I’m stealing his stuff).

3) It’s easy for a lot of guys to look good when the other team spends most of the night A) distracted by Avery or B) getting out of the way. I mean, how about all those breakaways? And posts? I mean, Girardi scored. Let’s see ’em get more than one goal tonight.

4) In a game like that, I prefer to look at who did what early. And early, Anisimov scored on a terrific shot (Shelley got an assist because, I think, the puck hit him). I know more might have been expected from Anisimov, but considering how much time he’s spent playing with stiffs on the third and fourth lines, and how good defensively he is, I think this has been a pretty darn decent rookie year for him.


PS, I’m finally getting away from the hardwood for a night. Going to Newark for the game (unless we have another hurricane or some other unexpected disaster at blog HQ).


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  1. 78% said the rangers were making the playoffs-wow can you please pass along whatever the voters were smokin!!!!

  2. I think the voters were hanging out with Ron Washington.

    ilb, I was just going to say the same thing. And I’m going.

  3. Holy cow! Carp is going to the game and I am coming up from philly to go too! WHOOOOOOOO! section 211 is where all the cool people are sitting. Leaving Philly now for the bus to nyc! Will be rocking (at the rock..hehe) the Gaborik jersey for the first time!

  4. Carp,


    anyway 5-3 was brutal again last night and the crowd is all over roszival to SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT…of course the captain is standing still for almost the full two minutes…its amazing every other team in the league tries the slam dunk down low with the quick lateral pass or the diagonal pass when one of the pointmen tries to sneak in…but our boys in blue try to setup gaborik to take a shot from the point,,,keep trying torts practice it again tomorrow before toronto!

  5. If I still lived in the city I’d consider going to the Pebble. The Rangers would have to shut them out though. Their goal horn is beyond annoying.

  6. (almost) Afternoon, Carp!

    I’m predicting Prust/Clarkson less than 5 minutes in. Then again, if you knew my record at the track, you’d take that prediction with a grain of salt.

  7. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    MickeyM: Next time you go to the track, baseball the 4-6-8 and you won’t need to buy a lottery tix for a several years.

  8. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I can see the rangers getting into the playoffs…but thats about it, all the opposition has to do is get physical , knock Gaborik around and its over.

    I think tonight will be tough for the rangers , the devils won’t lay down for anyone especially the rangers.

  9. The Devils are also still playing for the division title or at least home ice.

    As for their main competitors for the Atlantic title, notice how Pittsburgh is like 0-7-2 vs the Devils and the Caps. Fleury has looked pretty shaky as of late (even going back to their game at MSG). I wouldn’t be surprised if the Caps have an easy run to the finals.

  10. 4-6-8, Umm, what? You mean play the 4-6-8? I never put down the trifecta. Even with boxing them, too many variables for that to come in. I prefer to play according to the jockey and/or trainer that has the hot hand.

  11. ilb, it’s possible. where, when and how? I am usually pretty busy just before and during game. but maybe I can squeeze it in.

  12. MSG South is overrated a bit, very cramped seating areas, but it is very nice.

    And yes the goal horn is annoying, but not as annoying as “Hey, you suck!” when they score. Real classy. And the D-E-V-I-L-S thing, what is this a junior high basketball game?

  13. Tank The Season on

    Why am I not surprised that the Rangers even fail at tanking for draft position?

  14. Yeah, the little extra add in after they score. I know they’re celebrating a goal, but it’s almost as if the Devils fans are telling their team they suck when they punctuate the goal song with that.

  15. Good Gameday Afternoon (for you guys) Everyone

    Going to be interesting to see what kind of antics Aves engages in tonight. He’s got two of his favorite guys on one team! Should make for some hilarity.

    Carp, do you know if Lisin is in again tonight with Boyle being scratched?

  16. So we did get a 5 on 3 last night.

    Leave it to the referees to try to make things look fair after our season is down the drain.

  17. LinDDDa, I can’t imagine he’d change that lineup. But I wasn’t at the morning skate.

    Adam, obviously the old Original Six rinks were the best: Chicago Stadium, Montreal Forum, Boston Garden. Not so much Maple Leaf Gardens for some reason.

    Chicago Stadium: The pure noise was awesome, loudest building, the first to have the fog horn after goals (would knock you out of your seat) and the pipe organ. Montreal Forum was history everywhere you went and the best hot dogs (chien chaud, I believe they were called, though that spelling is probably way off; anybody know French?). Boston Garden’s pressbox was directly over the benches. You had to lean over to see the players and coaches, and close to the ice, which was smaller than other rinks. Plus you had the rats and roaches (I remember Messier during an post-game interview reaching over reporters to flick a roach off John Dellapina’s shoulder).

  18. i’ll have to investigate then. OMG flipping a roach off someones shoulder! I remember being at a theater in manhattan with my boyfriend at the time, we had to actually STAND because there were no seats left. A few minutes into the movie I see something, out of the corner of my eye, dropping down from the ceiling. It was the hugest roach i had seen until that point, and landed on his arm. EEEEWWW

    anyway CR, we’ve had several 5 on 3’s this year, each looking more horrendous that the last. These guys have got to become more accurate with their shots, and rid themselves of the remaining SHOOTS WIDE Higginsitis!

  19. Andrew Gross AGrossRecord

    Same lineup for #NYRangers vs. #Devils, meaning Brian Boyle and Aaron Voros are the scratches. Boyle day to day with undisclosed injury.


    Both Torts and Anisimov agree that the young Russian is more comfortable playing on third, fourth lines

  20. lmao TR!! great tweet!!

    I Prick U Body Works ipricku

    its go time! hurried morning. but we are all ready to go. got some new plugs in the case in a half inch and 7/16ths. stop in!

  21. Carp where does media sit at Pru? I’ve been invited by some colleagues and will be sitting at those table seats.

  22. Were the Florida Panthers playing at home when that whole rat trick craze started on their run to the finals in 1996? Why am I thinking it got started after they killed a rat in their lockerroom in Boston?

  23. DarrenDreger

    NHLPA Exec Board endorses plan for supplemental discipline for blindside hits. Expected to be introduced tonight.

    Darren Dreger DarrenDreger

    Supplemental discipline will be applied to tonights games. about 1 hours ago via mobile web

  24. NYRGuy, same as all the new buildings — way the hell up near the ceiling. Have to take an elevator to get there.

    CT, I’m not sure where it was, that rat incident (Scott Mellanby killed it with a slap shot). If it was in Boston, though, he might have needed a shotgun. Those things are huge up there.

  25. Carp, I looked it up. It was before the Puddy Cats home opener that year. It just didn’t catch on en masse until they made the playoffs.

    I remember one of the more famous pictures from that playoff year was Tom Barrasso sitting in his net waiting for the ice crew to clean up the plastic rats from the ice. Can you imagine the whining that Sid the Kid would do if that happened to him in the playoffs?

  26. CT, i’d like to say what should be thrown on the ice for hot dog lips, but it may be deemed inappropriate.

  27. I think Anisimov has done VERY well this year. He has played far fewer minutes than Drury, with lesser line mates, with no center on the team to show him how it is done properly, and still has almost as many points as Drury!!

    Give him some consistent wingers and solid minutes, I think he scores 40-50 points next year.

  28. Anisimov is better on the third line, for now. But that doesn’t mean he’ll stay there for his career.

    PS icthetics.info says we’re getting a 3rd jersey next season.

  29. I sat in the pressbox at HSBC Arena in Buffalo about 9 years ago(I was there with my sports media/communications class. The prof was my school’s AD). Place was pretty nice. Best part of that night was seeing Wayne Gretzky getting off an elevator not 30 feet from us. We had to play it cool, but the whole class (all 12 of us) was in awe.

  30. OK this is what 18 million ranger bucks buys you:
    16 Goals
    45 Assists
    minus 9 I can’t believe Redden is actually a +9?????

    Miney well spent? I think not…. Fire Sather NOW !!!!

  31. Shhhh…we are talking dog poop and roaches today. Careful, some may get their boxers in a bunch. Line combos, people, line combos..

    I’ll be in section 15. How is 3G at the Pebble, anyone?

    Carp, I’ll think about logistics. Was planning to arrive early, but may not happen. Things got interesting at work.

  32. TheMessiah94 on

    That’s too bad about the head-shots rule. I was hoping Matt Cooke would get taken out with a (legal) shot to the head.

  33. Ilb you’re in 15? I think I’m going to be at the table seats at section 15. I was just there on Sunday for a Daughtry concert for the gf, 3G was good, kept me up to date on all the NCAA scores.

  34. Shor, that and the other products! Please dont tell me someone already did that though!

    To everyone going to the game tonight,have a great time and hopefully they play well and maybe eek out another win, which would give Hank 30 AGAIN.

  35. “LW3H,
    you on the other hand offer nothing.

    the idea behind trading Hank is to get better faster, not to be stuck in this continues rut of 8th place, 7th place, no playoffs. they are not cup contenders this season or in the foreseeable future, you seeem OK with that, I am not. one round and out gets real old after awhile.”

    With apologies for the late response (if for nothing else), bull dog, that’s some great extrapolating you’ve done to surmise that being against a Lundqvist trade means I’m OK with how things are. I’ve clearly said no such thing.

    Quite agree with you and most others that getting rid of the toxic D-men contracts is the first step. I’m not sure how spending most of the money on Kovalchuk solves the deficiencies at center and defense, and I’ve missed your plan for finding a goalie in 1-2 years that turns this team into a Cup contender in Lundqvist’s absence. Since whoever that guy is has to almost guarantee contention, or it’s not worth it, right? Which isn’t a premise all that far away from those who don’t want Lundqvist traded…

  36. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I agree with you Carp, Anisimov has had a solid rookie year, and he will onyl get better. he’s got the size and hands to be a dominat player in years to come.

    And it’s either we squeeze into 8th (or 7th if Philly totally implodes) or place in 9th or 10th.

    Im all for making the playoffs, but even if we do, I have no illusions we’ll go that far. Just to give DEl Z, AA and Gilroy experience would be worth it.

    Its in there hands now, so shoudl be an exciting or terrible last 9 games.

    Avery will def get into some antics tonight. As I bet PRust and Shelley will too.

    And I’ve alwyas wanted to see it, but i WISH the NYR would have a third JErsey in the DARK BLUE that the LIberty ones were. THin abotu it, if they jsut changed the color, and kept overything else it would be pretty sweet looking. Even with NEW YORK or Rangers Across it.
    Just my opinion

  37. I was really hoping the Rangers would lose last night…as hard as it is to root against the Rangers, getting a top 5 pick (granted Sather doesn’t Bufuyglien it up) would be a seriously positive step in the right direction, adding a big talent to an already decent looking class of prospects.
    But…playoff hockey is playoff hockey. And the Rangers do not have to win out anymore. They’re 6 points behind Philly…Philly has a tough schedule against Minnesota tonight, then Pittsburgh, Debbies, Montreal and Detroit, with one gimme against the Isles (it is if they play the way they did last night) before we take them on in the final two games. Given that we leap frog the Thrashers which is not a given, all we need to do is gain two points on Philly going into the final games and we can control our own playoff fate.
    Not where I want to be, but unfortunately that is a very distinct possibility. And you know at that point you won’t be able to help but jump back on the bandwagon. Still, we have plenty of games to go for them to blow it so don’t start drinking the kool-aid yet.

  38. rangers are 6 pts behind flyers. they have to beat them in reg time in their 2 games, and they have to also win on a night that philly loses, and they have to also lose in OT on another night the flyers lose

    then, the rangers will beat them out by one pt

    flyers now have 5 more wins than rangers, so a tiebreaker would be in their favor

    all this also assumes that atl will just play .500 down the stretch and the rangers will pass them as well.

  39. Bring back Prucha on

    We won because of Enver Lisin. Don’t worry though, he’ll be Prucha’d tonight and we’ll lose. The Rangers love to scratch the players that put forth the most effort.

  40. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Speaking of Roaches: one night I was hungry so we got chinese food from 167th st and Jerome ave , I was gulping down the won ton soup and there on the bottom of the container was an ity bity roach, the soup was so hot it was added protein.

    Another time I was drinking capuchino in the Bx arthur ave, and I thought I had scalded milk in my mouth , it was a roach all steamed and fresh.

    And lastly another chinese food from Mt. vernon eating the fried rich and there it is all 1 1/2 inches of roach.

    well have a good dinner folks and enjoy the game!!

  41. I totally Agree about Anisimov Carp. Its forgotten sometimes that he is a rookie. he has had a solid rookie year. remember that he wasn’t special his first year in the AHL either but made huge strides in his second year. He will have a better second year in the NHL as he plays well defensively and seems to have a good Hockey IQ. He needs to adjust to things a bit more and be more confident. I think that he will eventually be a solid second line center though he does need to add weight if he is to be that.

  42. Olga Folkyerself on

    There is a lot of trade talk lately, since it is already after the trade deadline. I’m not sure it’s accomplishing anything at this point in time.

  43. onecup…you listed three pretty sketchy locations to be getting food. not much of a shocker there.

  44. I would be up fpr trading our #1 this year for whatever we can get. it is a very week draft. Hall,Seguin, Fowler, Tarasenko, Neideritter. after that its a bunch of projects and depth guys. If we can package Redden and our #1 for a so so physical defender with roughly 1/2 redden’s cap hit then i would be all for it. Some one in the mold of Cory Sarich

  45. >>There is a lot of trade talk lately, since it is already after the trade deadline. I’m not sure
    >>it’s accomplishing anything at this point in time.

    Unless the trade talk involves people who can actually make the trades, all the talk is always pointless. But hey, if people get entertained by it, more power to them.

  46. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Alright Im out
    jsut scored a free ticket to tonights game


  47. leetchhalloffame on

    Seeing Shelley every night I just can’t believe how little hockey talent he really has. I know the Rangers lack toughness but he’s just a joke. Hope he’s not back next year.

  48. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    from yesterday’s post, sorry busy day, witt would be the perfect mentor for any d man we want to play with an edge or a stay at home type. I think he is EXACTLY the type of d man this team needs a couple of. That being said, any hitting or physical d man would be an improvement over what we have!

  49. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    shelley has more hockey sense than an of the last 3 heavyweights we have had. On their first shift when the d man pinched in from the blueline, shelley went out and took the spot. Most of our top nine forwatrds can’t even figure that one out! He isn’t going to confuse anyone for iginla or anything, but as heavyweights go, I’d be happy to keep him!

  50. id really like to see byers and dupont on the opening night roster next year.. the only problem is we already have 11 bottom 6 forwards!

  51. I dissagree the Rock is a excellent hockey arena. I got spoiled the 1st 2 times in a skybox and a 3rd 12 rows up @ the blue line. But St.Pat’s day for $20 bucks sat all the way up in a corner and it was a great viewing seat. Everything else is layed out well. The problem is the fans, worst in the league, by far, just don’t know the game and the concessions are thru the roof. A+ for viewing a game though. BTW what’s with the Garden’s music every single second the play stops, ease it up boys amkes us look second rate.

  52. Witt hasn’t exactly been the model of health the last couple of seasons. And as much I know the +/- stat is very hollow and can be artificially increased/decreased by overall team play, a -60 over the last 3 seasons is pretty poor in any context. On a team like the Islanders that needs as much veteran presence as they can get they still chose to decide to waive him and no one picked him up.

    If they have the roster and cap space, I’d go after Willie Mitchell during free agency. He made slightly more than Witt, but he’s been a part of much better defensive teams in Vancouver.

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    LW3H said:
    with apologies for the late response (if for nothing else), bull dog, that’s some great extrapolating you’ve done to surmise that being against a Lundqvist trade means I’m OK with how things are. I’ve clearly said no such thing.

    Bulldog was commenting on an idea I had and Im glad someone sees it the way I do. Thanks Bulldog!!! Keeping Hank at this stage is absolutely stuiped. If we are buyers and are going for the cup, You HAVE to keep Hank. No one hear thinks we are gonna make it or if we make it , we wont do anything in the playoffs. So why spend & million buck on a wonky goalie who cant seem to shake the “softie” tag. Hang will always keep us hoving around 9th place. To me , thats as much as waste as R & R and Drury.

  54. I think the Rangers have the right type of role players, they just need the impact talent. Callahan/Avery/Boyle/Dubinsky can be useful in particular roles, but all are prone to going through long stretches of mediocre play or cannot produce points consistently enough to justify top 6 even strength minutes.

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Krieder ,Stepan are winners . When they arrive , we will be better.

  56. Look at Henrik’s stats compared to Ryan Miller over their careers or MA Fleury’s. It’s only this year that Miller has substantially better stats than Lundqvist and Lundqvist has pretty much outplayed Fleury in every single season they’ve been in the league. The difference is that the teams in front of them can score for their goalies. Lundqvist routinely goes through long stretches where he allows 2 or less goals or less than 3.

  57. Another roach story … in the Nassau Coliseum press dining room, after the dynasty. Clark Gillies is in there, goes to pour a cup of coffee from one of those giant plastic coffee thermos things, and the spout makes a little plop sound and this roach falls right into Gillies’ cup, belly up.

  58. And when they closed Chicago Stadium, Joey Kocur told me he saw a parade of roaches crossing the street to the new building.

  59. the roaches here are freakin tremendous! you can actually put a saddle and seatbelt on them and they’ll take you to work. Scare the living hell out of me. And it’s funny how some of the southerners call the ‘palmetto bugs’ their firetruckin roaches on roids!

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    That’s really sick Carp , sure glad theres no abundance of those Roaches & Rats over here!!! Gotta love living in an igloo. ahhhhh .

  61. The White Plains Batman on

    Anisimov has done well this year. I’m very happy with him and see lots of potential. He’s hit like 5 posts and had a few wraparounds been almost goals so he could have had 18 by now. He’s a smart guy from his interviews and knows what he needs to work on (skating and gain weight). He’ll be better next year.

    The draft this year isn’t weak at all Tyree. A lot of potential sleepers like Kabanov, Johannsen, Etem Connolly, the 3 big Dmen, and Mark Tinordi’s kid Jared who is 6’5” already.

  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Billybleedsblue , Maybe Torts was kicked outta the practice!!? cuz he sure had a puzzled look on his face when Gaborik passed it to Delzotto and scored. Torts rubbed his chin and shook his head and mumbles something about thats why they wanted me to leave.

  63. Pebble smells. Help me, can’t figure out what it smells like…Gonna go get some vodka. Anything for you, Carp. Yeah, I know … Seltzer

  64. i had 3D sandwich today…it was a Noah’s Arch of sandwiches! It had everything in it! MMMM yum yum

    ok…no more 3D!

  65. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp, Did the roaches say

    “and this one will last a lifetime”?

  66. billybleedsblue on

    Greg L. who knows? He sure did look surprised at that play. I was surprised too. I’ve been wanting to see some kind of sign like that on the powerplay all season. It actually looked like they practiced that play! Wasn’t exactly Gretzky and Leetch, but a play like that can help open the pk’ers up a bit and produce some goals. If you establish that play, it makes Gaborik more dangerous too when he actually shoots instead of making the pass.

    It’s still too little too late though. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see this team in the post season every year…I just don’t think they have it this time. But who knows with Philly on the skids and all…

  67. Orr

    HAHA. I see the slight similarity, but they are NOT twins.

    Jaromir’s left *esticle is better looking than that dude! (not that I’ve seen Jaro’s, though I certainly would not mind it!)


    ?????????????? What’s wrong with my Jaro? He should be every woman’s dream!!

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