Torts and the boys are Boneheads!


I mean that in the nicest way possible. But I found out tonight what you guys have asked all along, and what I’ve suspected all along. They read the Bonehead blog!

OK, John Tortorella launched me a bit tonight. No big deal. No hard feelings. I’m a big boy. I can take it, and we spoke afterwards anyway.

A while ago, I had questioned his using Chris Drury and Ryan Callahan to start overtime. I embellished it at the time, calling them “penalty killers and shot blockers” or something like that. My point was that, when OT comes, you need the two points. You should have your best offensive players on the ice. And I also brought up back then that I would use three forwards and one defenseman if I was in the Rangers’ position, needing points so badly, at this stage of the season.

So I asked Tortorella after the game tonight (after he started Christensen and Gaborik for the OT), if he ever considered using three forwards in OT, something, by the way, that he did in Tampa.

“No, Carpy. No,” he said, then looked away for another question. I got the feeling he wasn’t done. I just wondered if it was going to reach Larry Brooks proportions. Would he ask me if I’ve ever been in a fight? (I have, but it sure has been a while).

“You have a pretty good goalie,” he said. “I know you’ve talked about that. You do a lot of … you throw a lot of things out there and you really don’t think. You really don’t think.”

I thought I’d keep it light instead of going back at him. So I said, “That’s not my job.”

He got angrier.

“Obviously, it isn’t,” he said.

Again, no big deal. I spoke to him outside the coaches’ office later. He again said he’d take his chances in a shootout given the makeup of this team and its goalie. I still disagree. I wouldn’t want my team’s destiny relying on a shootout, a skills competition, especially when there are two Rangers on the entire current roster — Prospal and Gaborik — who had scored once each in shootouts this season. Two shootout goals, total, all season!

But that’s why he’s a coach, and I’m not. That’s his decision, and I’m certainly not saying I’m right and he’s wrong. I just wouldn’t want to go to a shootout when there’s nothing to lose in the OT.

Anyway, a pretty prominent player, whose name doesn’t matter, walked by me on his way to the bus. He said, “write something nice tonight. No lottery (pick).”

So, yeah, they’re Boneheads at heart. Life is good.


I’ll put up the Rangers’ version of the post-game notes later, or in the morning. I wanted you guys to chew on this for tonight.

Also, Ryan Callahan wasn’t on the bench for the third period, or I think late in the second. Saw him after the game. He was limping on that left leg, probably the knee, he hurt in Boston. He said he aggravated it in the second period when a defenseman fell on him. Callahan said he hadn’t been examined by doctors yet, but would be tomorrow, and that he’s not sure if he just re-injured it, or aggravated the existing injury.


Tortorella talked about not using Jokinen and Lisin much in the third.

“It’s just a decision by me,” he said. “I worry about (Jokinen) away from the puck. I worry about (Lisin) away from the puck, and the situation we’re in right now, we’re just not going to die on the vine with players that I’m not comfortable with as far as playing away from it. Because the situation, our games are so close that a mistake defensively will cost you a game. It’s a call by the coaches here. (Jokinen) is a good kid. (Lisin) is a good kid. But if we’re going to go down we’re going to go down with the guys who give us the best chance to win a hockey game.”

And, finally, on the team playing looser.

“There’s no sense of feeling the pressure here,” he said. “You lose a couple of games here with so few games left, you’re done. So you just go out and play, and we’ve talked as a group. A lot of people poke holes in us. A lot of people are poking holes, and rightfully so. We’ve had a very up and down season. I’m not complaining about that. But we can’t listen to that. We’ve got to stay within ourselves and find a way to grind and get points here. Whether we get there or not, I don’t predict it. But we’re going to keep on fighting and see where we’re at in the end.”

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  1. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    Since he’s not naming the player, wouldn’t that be HIGHlarious if it was Druuuuuuuuuury!

  2. Well, I wouldn’t think Avery cares about anything outside of his world, and it wouldn’t be Dru…I doubt Gabby or Vinny too….I would go with Dubinsky….

  3. Intriguing Rick!

    one question, if this is something he did in Tampa, why is he saying you don’t think when you brought it up tonight??? And if you’re not throwing things out there, there are plenty of people here that throw things out that you comment on.

  4. Linda…I think maybe he meant in general that he doesn’t think…I’m surprised that Torts would even take the time to read this stuff?

  5. Carp, that is the ultimate flattery for the blog

    like sally Field exclaiming “they read us !

    they really, really read us !!!

  6. Reading between the lines, I think he thought he had more firepower in Tampa and he could put three forwards out there and win the game, whereas this team relies on its goalie and he thinks he’d have a better chance of Lundqvist winning a shootout than an all-out overtime.

  7. The White Plains Batman on

    Someone needs to tell Torts that he looks more like a disgruntled lawyer than a hockey coach.

  8. That also means that they know about the Clutchmobile! They must love Sathers comments every night also

  9. Carp, ask him next time why redden is still in the lineup after he continually gets beat on defense (2 goals tonight by kovalchuck and langebrunner) and has zero offensive abilities left in him.

  10. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    I do not understand why nobody asks something valuable, like why Roszival and Redden has not been demoted to the minors by Slats.

  11. Well, of course Carp, I knew that…but I mean, this puts the final nail in the coffin right?? It’s not even a question…every other blog should just shut down lol…we can become the communists of Ranger blogging!

  12. true guy, but how would Torts……..OH WAIT he has SULLI read the blog! hehehe I love these guys I swear

  13. Back home. What a game to watch life, heads. The Rock is a great place to watch. I was siiting a few feet away from that goal, so I saw FIM’s goal go right in and out. And the ref was standing even closer. I’m going to ask Laurel to send him some links to the websites that offer guide dogs.

    Good work, Carp, way to respond. Nothing pretty would’ve come out of that peeing contest.

  14. lmao, now i’m wondering if i SHOULD post the nickname list here !!! nah!! that’s only for the FB!!!

  15. I will say this. Torts is lucky Blogmama is sitting somewhere warm with a drink with an umbrella in it, or she’d have been here in five seconds to settle this thing. And it wouldn’t have been pretty.

  16. ilb, you and NYRGuy saw a pretty crazy game! Glad you guys had so much fun, and got to walk outta the pebble with cheshire cat grins on yo’ grills!

  17. Carp if you didn’t even add fuel to the fire, what makes Torts call people out like that? Is it a power thing? Hmm…maybe they actually post on here under fake names hahaha imagine if Glen Sather was actually Glen Sather??????? j/k of course

  18. bitt, whoever had the testicular fortitude to ask that question would be a hero to Rangers fans everywhere!

  19. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    “Carp if you didn’t even add fuel to the fire, what makes Torts call people out like that? Is it a power thing? ”

    Is that supposed to be a joke?

    Isn’t it obvious?

    He calls people out, even if they do not add fuel to the fire, like in the case of Carpy tonight, because he is an arrogant Bostonian who dare not be questioned.

    A Bostonian who as long as is on our side, should get the benefit of the doubt.

  20. Linda, I was high-fiving people I’ve net met before and likely never will. The first goal was on Jokinen, btw.

  21. Olga Folkyerself on

    I didn’t know they are all reading this! Maybe I should change my blog name…

    How does Hugo Folkyerself sound?

  22. Jokinen was the third foward that should of stayed back, i agree. but if Redden had any defensive skills, he could of blocked Kovalchuk out of the crease or cleared the puck and he was given the chance to do both and did neither

  23. And major props to you, Carp, for not falling into the pissing match with Torts. Not that you would, of course, you’re always a professional.

  24. wow… what a season! Carp… as you said…we knew all along that they read the blog… this is what makes this place special… this IS the best blog around and we should change our attitude just because players read the blog…they were reading it anyway…

    Screw Torts and his attitude…yeah that’s right…

    SCREW YOU TORTS…read that!

  25. Wow Linda, I need to check the BH page more often, had no idea the date was set for the meet up in May haha

  26. I’m packing up for the drive home. I’ll post the Rangers’ post-game notes in the a.m. (crack of noon).

    Good night, John-Boy.

    Good night, Sally!

  27. Wow… Just a great game to watch as a fan. Loved Drury getting the goal and the ensuing celebration. It felt like some identity and character forced through tonight and if they keep it up, I like their chances to make the playoffs. Filthy sure doesnt look capable and the Bruins had another poor showing.

  28. lmao Hugo!! a name change AND a sex change! yes you can

    I would pay to see Torts call out R2!

  29. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Don’t fall into a pissing match with CR9, though. He’ll drink you under the table…

  30. ilb, the next time (after May) I am in NY, it will be during the season so we can have a gathering at a game!

    NYR, i thought i mentioned it to ya, my bad!!

  31. Mickey, it’s not just that. For some reason I like the guy. I don’t think he’s done a great job this year, nor do I think there’s any way he could have a much better record with this group. I think he’s bullied and disrespected people in the media and in the organization, and I’m so sick of his “don’t step on the logo” bull-carcillo. I think he screwed up in Washington last year. I think he’s mishandled some players. I think some players have gotten worse.

    But I knew the guy when he was an assistant, and I knew him when he was the interim head coach, and I knew him when he was in Tampa, and he was such a good guy back then. It’s impossible for me to think this tough-guy thing is not an act, that there’s a human being under there. And so part of me likes him.

    And I’m certainly not a-scared of him. Nor am I always right. If i was, I’d be the GM.

  32. LMAO @Drury gives up his body every night!

    Let me tell you, for a $7.5 mil a year, that’s a very expensive whore. The clutch goal notwithstanding..

  33. Its all good! Friday nights are usually good, my g/f wants to go to Warren to so I should be down…

  34. clever ‘incognito’

    what makes this the best blog is that you guys are just too funny and clever, and for the guys who just come to talk hockey, i learn something from them frequently. lots of personalities and opinions, we sometimes don’t agree with each other, but it’s never boring

  35. Carp LOL since when do you have to be always right to be the GM? I think we know first hand that is not the case haha

  36. Wow that goal was so nice on TV by Anisimov, I mean it was great right in front of me, but man this kid has the potential to be good

  37. As Joe M mentioned, he’s played well with big guys around him, so lets get him some power forward wingers damn it!

  38. i was happy that Torts let him go in the shoot out. Kid adds some muscle over the off season then next year or two, and keeps playing well, his confidence will sky rocket.

  39. My guess is its Prospal…your tan looked great tonight buddy. Keep on moisturizing and keep up the good work!

  40. NYRGuy, sounds like we were sitiing very close to each other…That was a nice move. What a great trading bait he is:-)

  41. Carp any chance of you letting us know who the player is? Or at least hint, like saying, American, Canadian, Czech? My guess would be Dubinsky since he’s young and probably has nothing better to do with his time. or maybe Staal. does the player speak clearly and fluent english? goodnight mary ellen.

  42. Ilb I was sitting at the table right at the top of the section when you walk down lol.

    Avery just tweeted that they got a police escort to the airport lol, cuz Newark airport is so far from Pru lol

  43. pretty prominent player… hmm PRUCHA!!!!!!!!! or Voros. Voros hasnt been on twitter in a while. he used to be on all the time…

  44. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    What a joke.

    The referees just called a 3 point foul call for Xavier, down 3 with 5 seconds, but could not bother to give Syracuse one call down the stretch.


  45. Lev, i like the mystery part of it! Let him remain nameless, it’s more fun to wonder than to know who!

  46. My guess is Dubi…can’t think of anyone else…I feel like Staal is too quiet to say something lol…it’s not Girardi or Carp would’ve made some subliminal reference to knees in the post lol

  47. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    The referees just cheated KState.

    The did not call the foul 2 seconds earlier, and then called a foul in the act of shooting a 3pointer.

    When are Americans going to step like Europeans and rid this world of scumbag referees!!!

  48. I’m glad they read us. We rarely keep much back. Doesn’t matter who said it, but it sounds like it matters what we say. Is Jim Dolan literate, by the way?

  49. CR9…I didn’t see the first one, but that was a foul, I mean the player anticipated being fouled and just put the shot up and got fouled

  50. lmao NYR!

    ilb, i mentioned either on here or FB earlier that i really like Prust and hope he’s back next season.

  51. Wow, I’ve never seen such a fast shootout before…Rangers in 60 def just aired the entire shootout in under 45 seconds lol

  52. hey ilb, if i wanted to send you something, should i just use the address at the end of your work email?

  53. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on


    The guy got fouled 2 seconds prior, not in the act of shooting, and the refs did not call that one.

    Just another example of incompetent referees.

  54. Carp- just wanted to say great job tonight dealing with the run in with Torts. Much classier then Brooks handled things.

    Also, heard you on 1050 after the first and again- awesome job. Especially in mentioning the blog and speaking highly of the posterss here as a whole.

    PS- if Chris Drury reads this blog you guys are prolly the reason he’s a shell of himself lol that’d be funny and tragic at the same time.

  55. CR9-Ah, oh well…I don’t mind…I hate the state of Kansas so I hope K-State blows it big time

  56. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    I just cant wait to see those loser white guys from Butler get treated like they should have been treated tonight.

    They are going to get smacked around like b**ches, and they wont have the refs to rely on.

  57. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    Look at that. You can’t see that, I’m on radio.
    G’nite all you boneheads.

  58. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on


    I dont care about Kansas either, I’m just on one of my tirades against referees, and how sports would be better off without their incompetence and bias.

  59. Drury doesnt have time to read the blog, when’s he’s not off being clutch, driving around in the clutchmobile or creating luscious pizza pies, he’s being the clutchest of family guys

  60. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    Hank dont have time to read the blog. He’s busy plowing hotties at a record rate!!

  61. Agree with CCCP, I didn’t want to say it….

    Linda, I’ll send you my home address on FB.

  62. Olga Folkyerself on

    i think “pretty prominent” player Carp mentioned is Hank

    HANK! I didn’t trade ya! It was those other bozos.

  63. Carp, That’s cool that you can see that he’s a real human being under everything. I think we as fans forget that he, and the players, are just like the rest of us, except for their athletic abilities and paychecks. Covering pro athletes is certainly much different than covering say, politics or the local school board and those of you who do the sports beat have a very fine line to walk, IMO. I suspect it’s not always the ‘toy box’ as some hard newsman once called the sports beat.

  64. ye if its Drury, we have to take responsibility for his behavior. he’s like depressed and silent all the time. like a suicidal loner that gets teased at school. dont want it to be him or id feel guilty. 80% its Duby, 10% Drury, 5% Prospal 2.5% Staal 2.5% Girardi. if its redden or rozy, i will be on the floor.

  65. what would be funny is if THEY start blogging about US!!!!!! lmao that would be comedy platinum!!!

  66. hahaha…Linda don’t you agree if they read it they have to post at least sometimes right?? lol

  67. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    Will you stop copying me

    Hooray 4 the Chiefs!
    March 25th, 2010 at 11:34 pm
    Hank reads this…nice person, good sense of humor.

  68. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on


  69. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    A shot that would not have been possible if not for the incompetence of putrid referees.

  70. CR9…Any ref favoring an opponent of a Kansas team is completely within his or her rights.

  71. If they made a movie about Prospal, James Marsters as Spike from Buffy would be perfect as him. Except for the accents.That would be hard.

  72. NYR, the possibility of that is hilarious to me! It would be totally crazy to be sitting here carrying on ‘conversations’ with one of them on off days or the summer.

  73. NYR, i was just wondering why I hadnt gotten emails from them for the longest time, and lo and behold, go check my email, and they are hiring. I think i got 2 or 3 emails this entire season.

  74. Carp, I think, showed him one thing: he is smarter. Plain and simple. You could see Torts was ready to continue…He remembers stuff. Nothing good would come out of that. Mike Sullivan, when you read this to Torts, please let him know it’s time to learn some communication skills. Being a good coach may not suffice in NY. And, please, please for heaven’s sake, can you please help him buy some ties..

  75. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Great Job Mr. Carp, like the old adage goes
    ” F them if they can’t take a joke”
    It was a nice win but I hate the shootout.
    Torts likes to bench people who make a mistake ,great! they can redeem themselves in practice where it counts.. DooFus

    Hey Torts next season I’ll be onecupin 70years!
    Oh but you won’t be here!

  76. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    good on ya!!!

    Ilb and nyr
    you both now have sally’s role of going to every game the rest of the season!!

    did you see the raiders are going after mcnabb???

    I agree about prust (and shelley for that matter), they should def be retained. The fight shelley had was the turning point in the game early on. Why did we only dress 11 forwards again???? oh wait, lisin “played”. As far as first line centre goes, I still think brad richards is the best fit even over marleau.

  77. anyone else watching fight science?

    ilb ,maybe at bonehead fest we should all bring a “TIE FOR TORTS”,and we can have someone give him our gifts!

  78. yes NYR, was pretty interesting the first season or two i was getting emails, but its been next to nothing this year. I did sign up for the bleacher report, that’s pretty good

  79. Ha good call on Sully Ilb

    Wicky, yeah, but it ain’t happening…McNabb would just bolt for free agency after the year and we’d just be set back another 50 years lol

  80. I used to go on Ranger Nation, but not so much anymore….I really only have the time and desire to come here.

  81. lmao, imagine if the prominent player was chris drury, and it really IS chris drury making the chris drury posts?

  82. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    How do I know?

    I dont know.

    I can only guess.

    I mean, if any straight male on this site had a chance, would you not get in a line for Henrik’s Johnson?!?!?

  83. LOL is there anyone that’s not here now that used to be last year? I feel like Gomez would be someone that would try to F with us

  84. You had to wait til under 20secs!!! Why!?? I am so pissed now!! At least if it was with 4 mins left and u tied it it wouldn’t have been such a downer. Well, looks like you’ll be here in the playoffs. It’s coming for ya. I said it yesterday, if you beat the devils, you’re going to the playoffs. So… You’re going.

  85. Carp has to keep the identity under wraps, because then it would change the blog if we knew. most people would be self censoring then, and that would not be fun ;-)

  86. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    linda cohn at ESPN is such a rangers homer, i love it. here is her tweet

    Congrats to the Rangers! Lundquist steals one vs Devils. Drury scores one of his biggest goals as a NYR. Both B’s and Flyers lose! 3pts out!

  87. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on


    I’d like to be the cold cut on a Henrik-Jaromir sandwich.

    And be the recipient of the not so little Henrik and Jaromir!!!

  88. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on


    Are there any pictures of Henrik’s hottie?

    12 years, that means prior to becoming a pro with money…I hope she’s not ugly.

  89. AHHH DAMNIT K State will win…man that sucks…Butler butter kick their Carp Sat…

    One Final Four game will be Kentucky/Duke and the other will be Northern Iowa/Butler…oh boy…

  90. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    yes, and with our o line, he would be on his back most of the time anyhow!!

  91. ok guys, the man needs the computer… catch youse tomorrow!! have a great night & great friday!

  92. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    Well, he didnt have as much money as he does now!

  93. Linda

    That would be hilarious of the players started to blog about us!

    It would look something like this…

    “This ORR guy and his weak Fox crush… he’s only good for picking his nose…get rid of him!

    And Salty… man this kid is overrated…he can’t even come to the blog consistently! Cut his internet connection!

    Olga Folkyerself …Hugo Folkyerself…pick a side already!

    Tony from AZ and his good weather! His over 55 contract is killing us!

    Linda…always come here in a good mood and all… that’s unacceptable!

    And what can I say about Greg L… this guy lives in Canada and roots for New York… major issues? Im surprised he didn’t pick to root for white bears in Siberia!

    Blogmama… I get a hairball just by thinking of her! (sorry laurel…I just had to!!)

    These bloggers suck! TANK THEM ALL!”

    That’s all I could think of for now…

  94. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    We should have a contest, to see who can guess Henrik’s size, and then to see who can verify Henrik’s size.

    I’ll gladly do the verifying!!!!

  95. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on


    Nice site you’ve got.

    Are you a female?

  96. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    Glad to have you on the blog.

    Any fan of the not so little Henrik is always welcomed here.

  97. Unnamed Player CARP was referring to on

    Alrighty, you little Ranger fan turds. Now that Carp is four meatballs deep into his slumber, I figure I would come onto this blog and show my face. Well, you will have to settle for my grammar skills instead.

    Yes, we Rangers always sit back after the game and read what you boneheads have to say night in and night out.

    And let me say this, it stings more than a Sean Avery purple nurple fresh out of the shower. We hockey players who wear the red white and blue have feelings, ya know……

    so what if Chris likes to pimp the pizza….you saw what he did last night with the season on the line….He broke out the clutch mobile that some of you refer to in a very insensitive fashion. The clutch mobile was washed , waxed and put back into the Drury bat cave for next time we need him.

    Oh and yes, don’t think this is Henrik….He is already balls deep with 3 exotic cocktail waitresses from the meat packing district as you boneheads dream about Orr’s psuedo possee of women like Jessica Alba, Megan Fox and his favorite, Paula Poundstone….errr I mean Roseanne Barr.

    And last but not least, if you think its me, Avery, nah, guess again….he and Shanny ran down Ave’s bar to meet up with Voros….they gonna have a mind meld meeting on how to psyche out marty brodeur in the future while chowing down some oysters.

    yes, its me….the unlikely person, the one Carpy was referring to…..the one , the only, lets leave it at #6.

    I will help guide is into the playoffs with 8 more wins in a row and then carry this team on my shoulders to the Stanley cup and then you can hang my jersey from the rafters next to NY Liberty banners… about 10 years.

    I hope you like chanting my name at the parade…..

    yours truly , WR (no top 5 pick for you tools this year!)

  98. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    The hit on booth tonight was totally clean, absolute clean hockey hit!!

  99. Linda is random on

    lmao @ CCCP, Duker, and unnamed player!

    henrik’s blog… welcome aboard! once sally and laurel get back here, they will love your blog too!!

    CR, keep being you babe, you are a riot. Do you have your ruler ready???

  100. Linda is random on

    ya know, it looks like Torts is stifling a smirk or a smile after he exchanges pleasantries with Carp. Gotta love Italian dudes.

  101. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    I would not use a ruler, I would my (insert body part here). ;)


    Apparently, the only one on this blog who realizes that I joke a lot and take things overboard for the fun of it is……LINDA!!!!

    Go back to Kansas City, Chiefs!

  102. Linda is random on

    CR you just make me laugh. you’re so comfy saying things that make others UNCOMFY.

  103. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    LOL Thanks

    That’s what my comments about hot guys are supposed to do, make people laugh!!!

    The referees are another issue. If I can even convert one person to realizing that the referees are biased and cheating filthballs, then I have succeeded at what I set out to do!!

  104. you shoulda asked Torts about that terrible line change that led to the Langenbrunner goal

  105. morg says dump the chump FIRE TORTS but keep the cannoli on

    NYR are toying with my emotions.prally get punked by Tdot 7-1.

    Carp,you and Torts fight,who wins?ill say Carpy wins by KO.ill run up like chris tucker in friday “you got knocked the %@*& out!”

  106. You can “take it”??? You had no choice. I had to back it up on my Tivo to hear what you said, it was really low in the background, and guess what, Torts was dead on. “You really don’t think.”

    Funny as hell. It’s so great when once in a while, a player or coach gets so exasperated by armchair hockey fans (bloggers or not, they’re all the same) that they stick you in your place when you try to suggest strategy to them.

  107. the saltmeister must be besides himself. seth can not be happy either.

    too bad boys the clutch legend continues

  108. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rangers win !!! Rangers won!!!!!

    Yo ORR . I STILL DON’T HEAR NO FAT LADY!!!?? Your top 3 dreams are gone , kaputt , vamooshed dude!!! I suggested to trade Hank so it would be easier to get yer top 3 pick and we could shed some salary as we are tanking. I for 1 , do not wanna tank and believe that with 2 silver medalist and a bronze medalist with a few hungry other players , we have a chance. Things look bad cuz we lost to Boston but we just have to win , Just win Baby!!!

    Im still reading the post from tonight and what im seeing is the relationship between Carp and Torts is becoming ugly.
    We heard Carp and Torts earlier in the year talking and joking together in the interview and there even was a joke “off Camera” . I always thought that Carp could strain his friendship with Torts by writing a few of the entries that he has done. Carp was being honest but at times I was wondering if Carp keeps up his honesty them we’ll never get any inside scoops. When Sam was here he always said nice things about everything and it seemed he could get great acccess because he wasnt ever negative on the blog. Carps honesty could hurt his chances of future interviews but us as Boneheads love him for what he is , Our hero.

  109. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gooo Siberian White Bears !!! " … says Greg L. on

    YO CCCCP , ok I liked your post and you seem to have forgot yerself.

    …There this CCCP guy constantly taking bad penalties and coat-checking the our own players. Bench him for a few games so he learns his lesson.

    Cr9 , I also realize yer crazy , flamboyant demeanor . Your obnoxiously anti-Boston. Your homo-uroumusly twards Jagr and Hank is refreshing. Yer grade is a B+ and could easily soar to a A- .

    I cant rember what ya wrote Linda but ya said something hysterically fun-witty on that last thread. It was great.

  110. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gooo Siberian White Bears !!! " … says Greg L. on

    * Strike the “the” in my last sentence about CCCP.

  111. According to the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Sather called Zuccarello-Aasen last night to declare his interest in the player.

    Said Z-A: “I was speechless when he (Sather) called. I’m not used to stuff like this, it’s really big for me”

    According to Z-A Sather invited him to NY on Monday to get aquatinted with the club and the city.

    The paper says that there are 6 teams interested in the player, our NYR, Toronto, Chicago, Colorado, Boston and Detroit….

    Z-A won the MVP in the Swedish Elite League this season, voted by the players…

  112. coach, time you realized you still have a lot to learn. Try taking the blame once in a blue moon, and throw yourself under the bus at that stop where you got your ass kicked. Why are you playing a 4th line now smarty pants? Why no 7th D man? You can’t get one line to stick. You’ve destroyed chemistry & TEAM. Your team doesn’t even stick up for one another. You are what your record says you are. Stop trying to bully the media by acting like a punk. I’m sure you’ve done that crap to your players too. You are a BIG part of the problem…………………quit…………….you can’t change your spots……………’re like a bad fart in an elevator that’s stuck. You think yours don’t stink.Grow up bubble gum tough guy. Now do what best for the crest…..lose….tank….leave’ve done enough damage, the NYR need the pick. …….take your boss with you……………

  113. Carp obviously the coach has tried to copy Renney, and play for the shootout. Don’t let him intimidate you. All the media needs to ask him the real and tough questions, not the MSG questions. He’s on the defensive, insecure ego trips do that. But that starts at the top with the fake owner jimmy boy, and the gm genius. It’s part of the NYR corporate culture.

  114. Carp,

    I usually agree with you but on this one I have to go with Torts…we have been brutal all season long with regards to 4 on 4 play….off the top of my head in OT (non shootout losses) we have lost to the canes, isles, pens, sabres, canadiens, blackhawks, im sure there are others as well….how many times have we won in OT-i cannot recall any besides the jokkinen winner in pittsburgh….hank is your best player-pray for the skills competition and the bonus point

  115. hola famous Rangers Boneheads!

    So the morning after I am still screaming CAPTAIN CLUTCH at my cousin, and I wish i could do the same to the loser 50 year old man in section 211 who was ragging on Dru the entire night. Man, the Devils fans are truly awful human beings! This was the first time I got ragged out harder at a Devs game than a Flyers game. I seriously lost all respect when devs fans started heckling guys peeing in the bathroom. Dude, that’s like breaking a man law!! No man is allowed to break that rule! No excuses!

    But in any event, jumping up and down during the Drury goal next to a guy dressed like a devil (and is a giant toolbag) was fantastically satisfying!

    Dear Rangers who read this, especially lundqvist: You guys play great when I am there. I saw the Flyers game in December during the snow storm where you all decided to dream about sledding, but Lundy shut the door and won 2-1. I was also there for your destruction of florida in december and gaby got a sweeeet shortie that night. Finally, I was there for the coming back kid chris drury’s big goal.

    So in result Rangers, you have read my resume. I am good luck. you have 8 games left. I can win them all for you! Let me know!

  116. oh yeah also: MDZ looked exhausted and a little bit unsure of himself. Chin up kid! Good job this season! You played your heart out and you’re a ranger now!

  117. Ryan from NJ on

    Has anyone noticed how Torts always repeats himself? His new nickname is “Johnny Two-Times” just like “Jimmy Two-Times” from Goodfellas:

    Jimmy Two-Times always said everything twice “I’m gonna go get the papers, get the papers”

    Tortorella’s quotes from Carp’s article:

    “No, Carpy. No”

    “You do a lot of … you throw a lot of things out there”

    “You really don’t think. You really don’t think”

    “I worry about (Jokinen) away from the puck. I worry about (Lisin) away from the puck, and the situation we’re in right now, we’re just not going to die on the vine with players that I’m not comfortable with as far as playing away from it”

    “A lot of people poke holes in us. A lot of people are poking holes”

    “and they fought and they fought”

    So John Tortorella I name you “Johnny Two-Times”!!!!!

  118. Good morning, boneheads. Isn’t life great?

    Joeybriggs- I didn’t have such a bad experience with the Devils fans as you did. Still hate them.

    CR9-I’m converted. On referees issue, that is :-)

    A. Grenier- have you heard of shinebox, dolboyeb?(Good luck googling the last one, but CCCP may help)

    Lastly, has anyone heard from Tony? He is in NY. I’m afraid he is in the hospital with severe frostbite.

  119. Is there an announcer that we hate more than Chico Douche? I was out last night (wife’s B-day) so I could only follow the game on my Blackberry (under the table, wife was really thrilled, btw) and this AM I saw the highlights. How about when Christensen scores the goal on Farty and Chico is like, “Oh it hit the post. No goal.” Then on the replay, “Oh I apologize.” What a douche! Hate that guy. And is there anyone who is stupider than him?

  120. The last two periods was some of the best hockey I’ve seen. Ever.

    And if Staal, Girardi, and Rozsival play nearly that good the entire season we’d be the 7th seed!

  121. noonan- they played a great team, hate to admit. Devils remind me of Germany’s soccer team of the 80’s. Nothing spectacular, but look like very well oiled machine. So, yes you have to give this one to the Rangers.

    By the way, I feel that one player who is starting to move into right direction is Dubinsky. The last few games he is pretty impressive with the puck, strong and is starting to find open spaces to move with it. Left wing is his perfect position, Torts. Are up, btw?

  122. Carp, I am anything but an apologist for Tortorella. Rather than suggesting using 3 forwards and a D man, my question was why Brandon Prust, and Sean Avery never saw the ice in OT? They were two of the best forechecking/skating forwards last night, and did not get off the bench. Whatever… A win is a win. Take em any way you can with 8 left to play

  123. The Devils tend to play pretty mistake free hockey. They get the puck out of their end with much better efficiency than the Rangers and have much crisper passing through the neutral zone and on offense.

    As suspected when they brought back Lemaire, they’re not that much of an offensive team. The last time those teams played I watched the Devils feed and Chico kept talking about the Rangers trouble in scoring, well the Devils have 3 goals more (with 1 less game played) but for simplicity’s sake, they’re about even when it comes to offense.

    It’s interesting though that the Rangers tied the season series with the Devils and yet the Devils swept their series with the Pens pretty handily.

  124. I’ve been sick of Torts attitude for awhile now, but this arguing with Carp has put it over the the line …

    You NEVER disrespect the Blog-Father !!!!

  125. Sorry 40year fan,but your sugggestion doesn’t make sense.
    I’m not a Torts apologist either, I hate the guy (sorry Torts if you’re reading this). But if we lost in OT with Prust on the ice, coach would be getting fried today. Not to mention what we’d all be saying if Avery took a dumb one to give Kovalchuk and Parise a 4 on 3 PP in OT.

  126. TheMessiah94 on

    Newman – Chico is just dumb. If you want to hear HORRIBLE, ridiculously biased announcers, listen to a Penguins game. They are unreal.

  127. I know I’m wrong but wouldn’t it be great if Avery took the 3rd slot in the shootout instead of Dubi? and if Avery scored……….

  128. I’m with the Messiah – FSN Pittsburgh wins the homer award hands down.

    Nauseating sycophancy towards the Pens? Check.
    Calling players by their nicknames all the time? Check.
    Barely acknowledging goals by the opposition? Check.

  129. Listen to the shootout with the Devils feed. I love how Chico’s emotion goes from soooooooo happy when he thinks that EC hit both posts and didn’t score, to soooooooo bummed out when he seems the overview mid sentence while explaining why it wasn’t a goal. PRICELESS!!!!!!! Go back and listen.

  130. With this roster, I can understand not taking my chances and playing for the shootout. HL is our best player and we suck bad, at 4v4.

  131. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    “# LW3H March 26th, 2010 at 10:18 am

    I’m with the Messiah – FSN Pittsburgh wins the homer award hands down.

    Nauseating sycophancy towards the Pens? Check.
    Calling players by their nicknames all the time? Check.
    Barely acknowledging goals by the opposition? Check.

    That’s just too much of a conspiracy. I can’t believe it!

    How can professional commentators not acknowledge goals by opposition???

  132. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    Thanks Greg!!

    Yes, I’ve converted someone against referees!!!!! I hope that’s a sincere conversion!!!!!

    I have to ask, if we lost the 94 Stanley Cup because of that biased cheap icing call, would any of you have done something drastic towards that referee, if you had his personal information?

    I know in the end it’s just sports, and sports dont or should not mean anything in life (unless you’re gambling on it), but to steal away a Stanley Cup with TWO SECONDS remaining….

    That would have been too much for me to let pass, I’d probably be spending life in prison, or have been or soon be executed under the death penalty.

  133. Carp apparently not only does Torts read you, you make him think regardless of what he indicates. I don’t often stay around to hear Torts comments because he says little and the hard ass act is wearing thin, but I watched last night I must compliment you on your restraint because he wanted to go another round. I think your right big guns are required for OT.

  134. When the Cooke-Savard event took place, the Pens announcers were saying they knew Cooke felt terrible about it and that he felt nothing but remorse. Right.

    Plus, the play-by-play guy is a real tool. When Malkin scored in OT to beat the Rangers a couple of weeks ago, he started screaming “he shoots and scores, get Donna a donut!”

    What?!? Shut up, please.

  135. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carpy the Brooks Treatment!) on

    The only way I can see the argument in Carps favor is that even when we are playing with 2 defensemen, we are not even playing with any defensemen anyway.

    Rather than having the statues of Roszival and/or Redden out there, we might as well have some offensive talent and try to end it.

  136. I also like the fact that overtime scoring counts in the players stats unlike a shootout goal.

  137. CT Blueshirt…

    EVERYBODY has better passes in clearing their own end ( and everywhere else also) than Rangers. It’s probably their most notable weakness…and it never improves. Coaching coaching.

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