It’s go time!


Henrik Lundqvist goes for win No. 30 tonight (or any night hereafter), which would make him the first goalie in NHL history to win 30 in each of his first five seasons. Of course that includes skills competitions.

And it doesn’t quite compare to Martin Brodeur’s eight 40-win seasons, and 13 seasons of 30 or more wins (Brodeur failed to win 30 in his first two seasons — as a rookie he split time with Chris Terreri; his second season he won 19 of 40 games after the lockout; and last season, when he played only 31 games because of injury, was the only other time he’s failed to hit 30).


You know what always cracks me up about the Prudential Center? This is the home of the Devils, one of the most notoriously frugal franchises in sports, right?

Well, engraved on top of the chrome plumbing on every urinal and toilet in the whole building is the Devils logo. How much do you think that cost? I don’t even think the Yankees or Cowboys did that in their new buildings, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they had.


Bonehead Shout-out Alert: Dave Maloney just asked me to come on the radio with him during the first intermission. So come over to the radio side after the first.

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  1. Repost

    They should make a sitcom where Avery and Clarkson are roommates, and Marty lives next door. And every time Brodeur comes on screen for the first time in an episode, the studio audience could go “MAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTYYYYY” instead of cheering.

  2. pissing on the Devils logo??? heck Torts wont even allow to stand on the rangers logo in the lockeroom!!!!!!!!!

  3. lmao Lev, great point!

    shor, love your idea of the show!

    Sorry CR, i’m just not that into him!!

  4. billybleedsblue on

    lol it’s so the drunks can remember where they are! “Oh yeah, that’s right, I am urinating at a Devils game at the Roc! What a classy establishment! Oh, sorry about your shoes, kid.”

  5. Speaking of urination, wouldn’t any of you want JAROMIR to urinate on you?

    Just kidding…….or am I?!?!

  6. Fair amount of Rangers fans. The Rock doesn’t know how to serve vodka. And the Devils suck. Oh, the usual. Life’s good. LGR!!

  7. I was just joking!!!!

    I swear!!!

    I’m into the Jaromir, but not golden showers from the Jaromir!

  8. Bonehead Shout-out Alert: Dave Maloney just asked me to come on the radio with him during the first intermission. So come over to the radio side after the first.

    Avery’s starting. Should be fun.

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No pee pee on mee mee from Jarda , grosssssss!!!

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rangers gametime is….NOW!!!

    Give us a link rick!!

  11. awesome Carp! always great to hear you on the radio broadcast, and we need a chat soon!

    OH YEAH! TORNADO SEASON IN ALABAMA!! severe tstorms right fun fun, i should lose power at some point!

  12. Two observations I have recently heard:
    Last night, the announcers for the Pens/Caps game noted how Crosby has scored ZERO goals in games where Malkin has been out this season. However, when Crosby has been out in the past seasons, Malkin has carried the team by himself. That stat alone should disqualify Crosby from any MVP consideration.

    Second: I can’t remember which site, but one had a breakdown of each team’s goalie situation. For the Devils, they noted that when the Devils played less D, Brodeur struggled. When they recently tightened up the D, he came out of his slump. Now, you can say that about most goalies to an extent. However, I think that underlines a point that Brodeur is as much a product of defense oriented teams as much as anything else. Put him on the Rangers during the same period as Lundqvist has played and I wonder who would fare better. Lundqvist has had to deal with teams that are undisciplined and have no offense. He has flaws, but they are exacerbated by this horrid team. I wouldn’t guarantee that Brodeur would have a worse record, but I don’t think you could confidently claim he would have a better one.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Gametime gametime gametime!!!

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Broduer is a product of a system that all started in 1995 , before that , they were GARBAGE.

  15. LinDa, we were supposed to have a chat last week when my electricity went out and i called in sick. Soon, I promise. Also, notice the one D?

  16. I’m sitting right in front of Sam Rosen, so I can hear the game called just as if I was in my living room. And with our new deadlines and all the time they’re going to allow me in the lockerroom, I might as well be in my living room.

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Put in Auld . Hank can’t carry us to the promise land . Why have him give up another 5 goals like he did last time he played the Devils.

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , because he never got any shots last night . Tonight he will get shots and will be his old self.

  19. why doesnt joe say “Redden fails to pick up one of the best 2 players on the Devils on that play and it leads to a goal” instead of “Great speed by kovalchuk there”
    its amazing, why r they protecting him, call him out

  20. linda- last night my comp got severely effed up by viruses and everything. i had to install norton and took me hours. ever since i cannot get on h-streams. it says “oops, cannot find the link”. but i can get on every other website,. atdhe im on now

  21. i bet Avery disappears rest of game. ill be shocked if he does his act against Kovalchuk or Brodeur rest of game.

  22. chris says sell sell sell on

    nice mismatch there, roslston and kovalchuchk against redden and gilroy

  23. >>wth was up with the overheard view of the fight? messed up man

    I was wondering the same thing, Linda. Maybe the other camera person was on a bathroom break?

  24. Olga Folkyerself on

    Maybe the other camera person was on a bathroom break?

    And CR was sitting in the urinal waiting for him to finish.

  25. Did anyone notice the chick behind the rangers bench resembling the holland tunnel? It’s gotta be chilly in there for an ill fitting mini dress in march.

  26. By the way, bad as Redden was on the first goal … and he was … it was Jokinen who let Kovalchuk blow past him at center ice to turn the 2-on-2 into a 3-on-2. But Redden might want to, you know, start paying attention. Maybe check into the game here.

  27. OMG Winston i was gonna say something about her! WOW, ill fitting clothing = not attractive

  28. >>Did anyone notice the chick behind the rangers bench resembling the holland tunnel?

    Out of respect for the ladies here, I avoided mentioning it. We can let that one slide, yes?

  29. that goal was completely redden, it was bad idea goin deep by jokinen like joe said on tv, but redden has to worry about kovalchuk and he was RIGHT next to him all he has to do is “box him out” and get a STRONG stick on him, but we know those capabilities arent possessed by wade redden

  30. Linda- I felt the need to cover my son’s eyes for fear he would suffer retinal trauma should something fall out.

  31. lmao Winston! there’s enough in real life that will scar him, don’t need to see it during a hockey game !

  32. once they are ‘mathematically eliminated’ will Torts have the testicular fortitude to sit R2 ?

  33. gaborik seems to play against the weak teams, like last night, like the time he scored 5 vs the weak rangers, but he seems to disappear vs good teams. he has done nothing tonight to show that he cares.

  34. redden to hartford on

    the wave is not fans standing up in unison, it is Redden checking his man in the slot. he waves at him like a bullfighter with a cape. only the bull comes out of Sather’s mouth, and the only cape for Redden is Stuporman

  35. Think TB is kicking themselves for signing Lecavalier into his 80’s when Stamkos seems like he is already a better player and might have trouble signing him later?

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    These NJ announcers are like ” You can sure tell which team is in the playoffs and who isn’t” ….TALK ABOUT IDIOTS!!!

    To flap crap about our team as we are oviously on the out looking in…to spout disrespectful stuff twards our team is Ignorent and shows no CLASS. Only reason Nj is good to this day is because they all still have VISIONS still dancing in thier heads of “Matteauuuu Matteauuu!!” Marty still hears it and so does every other Devil /Ownership. After Mark Messier Garrenteed the win over the up and comming Devils…The way Messier showed that organization , made it who and what it is today. The devils won the cup the next year in 1995 and till this day this will always remeber it was a Ranger who made that team suck it up and play Defense and build from within the ‘mickey mouse organization’- quoted by the greatest player ever play this game.

  37. Redden should be banned from hockey, and i agree greg about Doc and Chico. Doc isn’t as bad, but chico is a rambling homer.

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Just finished listing to Carp and Maloney . Way to go Carp!!!!! You tell ’em how it is!!!

    Rangers go!!!!!!!!

  39. damnit this is the 4th time this site had to buffer, i’m probably 2 minutes behind you guys now

  40. damnit with firetruckin hockey stream tonight 6th time it’s had to reboot and i still have NOT seen the goal

  41. and they finally come back and the goal’s been scored and I have YET to see it! sons a bitches!

  42. stole the puck from redden. I could probably do that and I have no skating or stick handling skills

  43. Olga Folkyerself on

    Trade Lundqvist, too! While his value is high! Just Imagine all the “experienced talent” SATHER would get for him.

  44. i want someone to clock reddens wrist shots from the point with the radar gun, if 40 mph is the over/under then im taking the under

  45. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, linda, looks like I drove most of them outta here. Stretch out, make yourself comfortable. Plenty of room here now.

  46. big bad olga!

    what happened to winston? did her son get another look at that creature behind the bench?

  47. “I have no skating or stick handling skills”

    Jody! Stop playing with your iPhone on the bench and get back on the ice!

  48. whats the time of the game? I’ve just seen the same play 3 times. I’m just now at 5:45

  49. “oh boy, he just gives up his body” well, he needs to do something to earn that coin

  50. anyone see that highlight of carcillos goal in philly minnesota game, how bout a checking from behind call on that play, hes such a dirty player, and one of the ugliest staches to top it off, right up there with cindys playoff mustache

  51. Sean Avery

    Plays hard…plays well… gets under opposing team skin to help his own team win games… since when is this a crime in hockey? Why do people hate on him so much?

  52. Maloney would be a Bonehead if he wouldn’t get in trouble, I’d bet anything. Anyway, most of those guys read us every day.

  53. well Carp, after you said the press box was laughing with that comment, i truly believe you!

  54. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Anyway, most of those guys read us every day.”

    Which one is CR9? Inquiring minds want to know…

  55. the only thing streaming properly on hockeystreams tonight are the commercials, and i am not freakin kidding

  56. Johnny LaRue on

    Never mind the engraved toilets… Do the bathroom stall doors go all the way down to the floor?

  57. Olga Folkyerself on

    CR’s missing a lot more than just Jagr…

    A few cents short of a quarter.
    A couple sandwiches short of a picnic.
    A few clowns short of a circus.
    A few feathers short of a whole duck.
    A few fries short of a Happy Meal.
    A few Fruit Loops shy of a full bowl.
    A few peas short of a casserole.
    A Cup and a saucer short of a full place setting.
    A few bricks short of a load
    A few sticks short of a bundle
    A neuron short of a synapse.
    A taco short of a combination plate.

  58. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hawks giving up 6 goals to the carpy Blue Jackets.

    Trade ’em Lundqvist…

  59. Kolvy knows he aint signing with the Devs next year he’s putting on the burners for NY to overpay.

  60. aaaaaand that’s game.

    i love how the devils chant “henrik” when they score on us…they can’t even come up with their own chants…losers lol

  61. billybleedsblue on

    ooo i like this game, here’s my favs:
    Lights on but nobody’s home.
    Engine’s runnin’ but nobody’s bedhind the wheel.
    Elevator does not stop on all floors.

  62. they gave us the high def feed on hockeystreams and holy crap i just might kick in the extra $$ for the hd membership next year if i DONT return to gamecenter

  63. i hate the “great play by dan girardi” crap when he blocks a shorthanded shot…

    sam, defenseman are SUPPOSED to block shots..that’s not anything out of the ordinary


  64. Olga Folkyerself on

    not hitting on all cylinders
    not playing with a full deck
    not registering on the meter
    Not the brightest bulb on the porch.
    Not the brightest crayon in the box
    Not the brightest light in the harbor.
    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  65. I really like MDZ but he has no biz being on the point for a PP. Sad lack of talent that we don’t have a alt.

  66. Charles Barkley then proceeded to make sweet sweet love to that donut. And then ate it.

  67. DUDE. Just turned back from the basketball game to see Artie score. Sweet move. Woot.

  68. And if anyone cares, Syracuse is out. That is TWO #1s that are out before the Elite 8.

  69. What a joke. When Kansas was down, or Villanova was down, they were gifted free throws left and right to get back in the game.

    Down 8 in one game, Nova got 10 straight free throws to take a 2 point lead.

    But, of course, the NY team, doesnt get anything. Butler had more free throws than Syracuse.

    It does not get any bigger of a joke than that….


    the one year the Knicks got knocked out of the playoffs against the Pacers at MSG, in which the Pacers got 50 FTs to the Knicks 20.

  70. how awesome is this kid, scoring goals with shelley and prust on his sides, imagine him with two top 6 forwards on his sides every night next year how many he will put up, said it from day one this kid is gona be good

  71. Just another sign of how NY teams get treated unfairly.

    Thank God Boston College isn’t any good in NCAA BB or FB or they’d be gifted championships like nobody’s business.

  72. big game, you would think that the guys getting the big bucks would lead the team in effort but no

    effin gaborik ignores the puck, goes off the ice and is the fault for that losing goal

  73. redden = CARCILLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!infinity

  74. CR, ‘Cuse shot themselves in the foot with all their turnovers.

    Blech. HATE the Devils.

  75. Pathetic.

    I don’t blame Hank for that goal. I blame the referees. It’s always the refs fault.

    I say we just start committing penalties against the refs with some high sticks to the face.

  76. How many bad changes have we seen this year wtf is going on at the bench, maybe we do need 3 coaches back there

  77. Tank The Season on

    The time for winning has come and gone this season, friends.

    This team needs to go 0-9 to finish this miserable year.

  78. >>chico is absolutely TERRIBLE!!

    I don’t know how ANYONE in hockey can take that goofball seriously.

  79. wtf is wrong with our defense? we hung hank out to dry so many times. 3 or 4 breakaways alone in this period. just effin lose already rangers. our 4th freakin line is teh only one doing anything. sissy punks makin the most money get off our team!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. i jsut dont understand how redden doesnt get benched after the first goal, at least for some period of time, if not the game.. accountability way to go torts

  81. Mickey

    Do you know what turnovers, half the time, are called?

    Fouls that go uncalled by referees.

    How many times did they take the ball inside and “turn the ball over” when in actuality, they were getting fouled, and no calls.

    But I saw Kansas and Nova get every minuscule call to go their way when they were attempting comebacks.

  82. anyone see redden half ass skating back toward the play after he realized he coudlnt change, he might as well have changed, i hate him

  83. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s Boston Conspiracy Time.

    The cheese has really slid off the cracker this time…

  84. lmao ‘leadership is earned, not given…” unless you’re the current captain of the NY Rangers

  85. lmao @ chico saying peters hasnt played much tonight but did the job against shelley!!!

  86. CR, I’m not getting drawn into this discussion with you. You believe what you believe.

    4th line on the ice with 2 minutes to go? This team is so wrong.

  87. mazio, he was describing a play earlier in the period and each devils name he said,he changed because he couldnt remember who was on!

  88. prust and shelley deserve all the credit in the world for the game they played but they CANT be on the ice with 3 mins left in the game down a goal, put anisimov with some capable offensive forwards on that last shift of theirs, and i dont understand how jokinen and lisin get benched in the 3rd period but wade continuously gets sent over the boards on the ice, it really makes me sick, lisin has played great these last couple of games

  89. No need for discussion on the matter, I was just laying out the facts for others to either believe or disbelieve.

    It’s everybody’s choice, but it should be no shock that the NY team got cheated. I am not shocked. I am just shocked more people do not see it.


    Maybe the refs will take the goal away.

  90. billybleedsblue on

    wow. what happened??? oh wow. the captain! the rangers just won’t go away!

  91. I can’t even believe that! Oh well. I’m not getting hopes up. Whatever happens this season, happens. I’ve learned my lesson too many times with this team. I will watch because I love this team, but I won’t get too excited. Watch them now give up an odd man rush in OT and lose.

  92. again,
    are the top 5 in this year’s draft Can’t Miss Players ala
    tavares, malkin, cindy???

    i haven’t heard a thing about this year’s draft like i did last year. in fact, the only thing i heard was that this was going to be a weak draft.

    so, being top 5 would be nice but it doesn’t mean a carcillo if the Rangers brass draft another jessiman.

  93. have the TV guys said anything about Callahan, because he hasn’t played since the second period, I think?

  94. yea CR ur really stretchin it with this whole NY thing, syracuse bein a NY team? i know they play in the STATE of ny but its like when ur talkin the boston ny thing its gota be metropolitan area, in my opinion.. you’re really stretchin it just give it up cuse got beat

  95. I just wish these announcers would stop talking about the standings and giving fans false hope.

  96. Mickey


    When the other team earns it, I certainly do. Most games the Rangers lost this year have either been due to the poor play of the Rangers or the better play of the opposition or a combination of both. Very few games have been the result of referees.

  97. Im really stretching it?

    I watched the whole game. Half of our turnovers were them reaching in or stripping us on the way up with the ball, and no calls were being made.

    With more size and more athleticism, we ended up with less free throws than a team with a bunch of loser white guys.

  98. I cant wait to see that queer (odd) white center of Butler get his *** handed to him by the next team to play Butler.

    He wont be gifted foul calls every time.

  99. What is our shootout record this year? I know our OT and shootout record has been carcillo this year. Who is shooting for us I wonder. ThoughtsV

  100. looks like the other teams are sputtering. flyers with 3rd string goalie and top scorer Carter out are reeling

    Caps here we come again

  101. how many shootouts were we in last year? only 5 this year? that’s gotta be the difference between this year’s and last year’s point totals.

  102. wow, CR, showing some real maturity there at 9:33. Some growth.

    I would have used three forwards and one D the entire OT. Go for the extra point. Do you know that the Rangers current roster has scored a total of two shootout goals all season. Two! That’s almost impossible. Prospal has one, Gaborik one. Nobody else has any (Parenteau isnt around, is he?).

  103. billybleedsblue on

    lol nhl glitch goal. wow. philadelphia loses in ot, and wow with the boston and with the late tying goal…oh boy!

  104. Carp, do you recall kotalik’s glorious move in the shootout against atlanta it was gorgeoussssssssssssssssssssssssss

  105. That’s not bad.

    Back to back wins, maybe that will propel us to the playoffs, and beyond.

  106. wow dubi goes, no gabby, no kovalchuk….the bday weekend celebration has started off on the right foot

    bruins LOSS, philly loss, atlanta loss!!!!


  107. Carp

    Not sure how blaming referees when they deserve the blame is qualified as immaturity.

    I dont bury my head in the sand and see sports as fair or referees as unbiased, when they are clearly not!

  108. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    YEAH !! YEAH yeah yeah YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!!!

    Anouncer guys a pud. called first two goals wrong. Ive never heard such amueter announcing by the one moron.


  109. Tim Donaghy will attest to referees being biased, and will be backed by FBI agents.

    They seem quite immature to me ;)

  110. he rewarded the guys who played well. good move Torts. don’t reward gaborik jokenin etc when they don’t show up


    ANYONE have a clip of torts fist pumping after drurys goal? ive never seen him so happy, it was awesome!!!

    my dvr wont rewind it for some reason

  112. what a game. i was mad before, but clutch tied it, mand hank just owned marty!!! great game. if only we were heading to the playoffs. this win will be maybe the most important game of teh season if we get hot now and get on a nice streak. ehh, so maybe we win just enough to miss, and just get enough points to get a higher pick than we hoped, but as a ranger fan, i love seeing them win. especially against marty and teh devs. hate them worse than the isles.

  113. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    YO OLGA , Ya only trade Hank if you wanna rebuild . Looks like were going for a run. Hank is needed if we want to make a run . Hank is useless if we wanna tank. Ya cant tank a season holding a 7 million dollar goalie card…kinda impossible.

  114. I think the only way we make the playoffs is if the Flyers completely tank. If we get some more points, and they keep losing, we beat them back to back in regulation, then i think we’re in.

    Damn shame though. We could have had a top three pick if we lost these last two games. Such a fuggin shame.

  115. SO win over the Devils? Woohoo!

    Carp, to answer your earlier question, Sam and Joe did mention several times that Callahan got injured and hadn’t returned. To me it looked like he reinjured that right leg/knee.

  116. YEEEEEEEAAAAAA all those criticizing Lundqvist earlier go get your shinebox…Devils woulda had 7 with an average goalie in there.

    And I loved it…16 seconds left and Marty gets served some pizza with EXTRA CLUTCHARONI baby!

  117. Olga Folkyerself on

    You only trade Hank if you’re the stupidest GM in NHL history. As I said, I don’t watch the Rangers to wish that they lose. Tanking is a sucker bet for the truly desperate. Especially when you know that Sather is the GM you’re counting on to rebuild. Concentrate on getting rid of Sather instead of wishing that your team loses their games.

  118. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hank needs to shut the door and keep us winnning. Dubinsky is a scorer, a passer, a hitter,a dangler and he fights. This guy is a solid Ranger and will only get better.Staal and Girardi need to keep putting players to the ice with hard hits. This team is young and fragile and shows alotta heart. Let’s keep it all up . Just win ,baby. Just win.

  119. that is why I like Torts. real emotion and not afraid to sit down bigshots who don’t perform, and lift the team by going with whoever is hot at the time, whether it be the 4th line etc

  120. Everybody who follows this team should be in an asylum. Thanks, Clutch. Way to screw us long term too. Watch us get into the playoffs and get smoked by the Caps in 4. Byfuglien!!!!

  121. Stop whining about a top 3 pick!
    Who is there you really want?
    We just need to put some of these overpaid guys who cant play in Hartford next season and get some more of our young talent up here.

    Be a Rangers fan and cheer for them. This game was awesome!

  122. honestly carp u might have to ban the folks who are in favor of trading hank…..good night all, heres to hoping more rangers nights like this….i havent seen marty’s post game comments/quotes yet yet but i dont think he will be singing so it aint over yet for our blueshirts!

  123. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Maybe a free straight Jacket with each season ticket purchase isn’t a bad idea. For the viewers at home a few free pasifiers cuz we usually end up bawling like babies.
    All Rangers jerseys should be sold with the Crises Help line sewn into the tag.

  124. Olga Folkyerself on

    calhob- you got the right idea. Get rid of the lousy players not the franchise goaltender. Get rid of the GM that saddled us with those lousy contracts and under performers. Then get a good GM and some good scouts and rebuild the team.

  125. lol linda- u are too funny with your late posts!! just caught up reading and youre like” nice glove save hank!!” after the game was already over! h streams screw u over too? i cant even get to the site. its broke

  126. “You only trade Hank if you’re the stupidest GM in NHL history.”

    That’s tempting fate, right there, Olga.

  127. fecal was flushed long time ago. carp flushed him. not sure if he backed up the toilet though. hey carp, better get cccp over there with the liquid plummer. extra strength for those tough jersey turds

  128. dude, they finally relented and gave us the HD feed for the 3rd because whoever was streaming the hq was a horror show. OMG the HD feed is outrageous! I’m debating staying with them or going to gamecenter next season. streams price is right. and yea, i saw the same play in the 2nd period about 5 times, and totally never saw dubis goal. Then we went from 5:45 to 4:43 within the blink of an eye. Odd

  129. afterburn, i WISH it was only 5 seconds, some nights i see the goal about a minute after everyone in here celebrates it…and i put up my WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO anyway lol

  130. Olga Folkyerself on

    That’s tempting fate, right there, Olga.

    Sather is safe as long as Milbury is alive…

  131. “DRURY! DRURY! DRURY! AND THE RANGERS HAVE ONE MORE HILL TO CLIMB BABY! AND THAT’S MOUNT BOSTON…….oh, and Mount Atlanta too…….and maybe even Mount Tampa Bay if they stay hot”


    Send that CLUTCH goal straight to Chris Drury Night 5 years from now at MSG!!! It’s the stuff that legends are made of!!! What a leader!

    With the game on the line, and the Rangers threatening to lose and move up the draft board, Captain Clutch said not on my watch! Captain Clutch definitely wasn’t gonna let 10th place slip away! CLUTCH game-tying goal on Maaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrtttttttyyyyyyy!!! What a winner!

    Gotta make this quick! Captain Clutch has to head back to my pizzeria in Connecticut ASAP! Some guy named Cosmo is trying to make his own pizza!!! Papa Dru doesn’t wanna get sued!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  132. Oh, wait. I will credit Sather for not being Milbury-level stupid. Even Sather wouldn’t trade Lundqvist and Jokinen for Oleg Kvasha and Mark Parrish.

  133. Martin Brodeur on

    He actually screamed, “With extra cheese, beeyatch!” when it went in…sob…

  134. congrats to hank too. 5 straight 30 win seasons. this guy will come real close to breakin soem records if he keeps playing this well each season. hes almost at 200. hes got 172 or somethin liek that. not bad hank!!

  135. You can’t honestly tell me you would’nt rather see the Rangers in the playoffs and lose to Washington in the frist round than not see them in the playoffs at all. Playoff hockey is what it’s all about.

  136. gerryd- the whole thing is once u get there, anything is possible. who wouldve thought we wouldve had the caps up 3-1 last year? nobody thought we would even win 1. but all teh same, while it is fun and anything can happen, all it really does is continue this trend and sather comin out smellin like roses. half dead withering roses but still roses

  137. lmao @ with extra cheese! you guys are classic

    Grabby, imagine if you will, Hank with a great defense in front of him, a true #1 center for Gabby, Dubinsky reaching and surpassing our hopes for him, Redden and Rozsival and Sather gone…………..aaaah to dream (ok, those last 3 names, i KNOW i am asking for too much)

  138. Wow, Torts just verbally smacked Carp for asking a question. You don’t do that to the blogfather, Torts. The Boneheads will come after you.

  139. we live to fight another day…

    That goal by AA was awesome… Farty was too fat to stop that one!

    What is it with Drury and number seven… this time he scores with 17 seconds to go!

    Doesnt Bill Pidto sound like Dr. Ben Sobel from “Analyze This” when Doc was posing as consigliere! lol

  140. what the hell….where’s mako and his posting of the post game pressers for me DAMNIT ON DOWN!!

  141. Grab – True. Anything can happen. I also believe Sathers time is coming to an end regardless of what happens.

  142. linda- idk they both suck. gamecenter is better quality and reliable, yet more expensive and they dont show ranger playoff games last year cuz they were all on versus. but h streams is cheaper(for hq) and they have horrible stream quality half the time. idk i might just cancel and watch on atdhe or jtv/sopcast, or on tv when its on

  143. i will probably kick in the extra $30 and upgrade to hockeystreams HD. it’s still about $50 cheaper than gamecenter, but if gamecenter has the option (like mlb online does) of chosing home or away feed, i might go with them.

    info on the Torts Carp bruhaha please, you’re killin me over here!

  144. It was weird. You couldn’t hear what Carp asked but Torts said “We have a pretty good goalie, Carpy” and then just started going off on him.

  145. somebody send a link when available. maybe torts reads teh blog eff him. carps our leader. u dont mess with master bonehead without the gruntildas comin after ya tortellini!!1

  146. He asked something about having three fowards up??? – can’t quite make it out. Than he flipped out on Carp and told him ” you don’t think” ” you don’t think”

  147. Boooohoooo.

    Torts is a Bostonian.

    Get over it.

    If Torts is indeed here to help our franchise, who cares if he’s mean.

    You win with the Bostonian attitude.

    It ain’t his fault our team is terrible.

    It’s Slats and Slats alone.

    Lose with Class, win with Crass.

    Go Torts!!!

  148. grabby

    I dont really care.

    But it is annoying for you ********** to get all angry at Torts for calling out a media member.

    Carp is our leader? Torts is the New York Rangers’ head coach.

    One of those things seems a bit more important than the other.

  149. Linda

    No impostor. It’s nice to have a Bostonian on our side.

    Unlike Bill Belichick who ditched the Jets after one day on the job.

  150. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What the heck did you ask? We couldn’t hear your question, we did hear Torts start going off in response tho…oy vey!

  151. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carp the Brooks Treatment!) on

    Yes. But Al Groh was a loser.

    Belly went right to the Patriots, and then cheated his way to 3 Super Bowls, of course with the help of the referees.

    I wish he had helped cheat the Jets to 3 Super Bowls.

  152. even one would have been nice lol!

    The Battle Royale between the Blogfather and Tortsadio! i’m dyin for info here!

  153. Yeah, I listened to it about 20 times with the volume all the way up, and I still can’t figure out what Carp asked him. Something about being in OT and having 3 forwards on (or up) or something! Get that man a microphone!

    BTW, who was that other guy standing behind Torts? He chuckled when Torts went off on Carp. He kinda looks like a guy who might have been beaten up at a bus stop!

  154. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    Carp: I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!
    Torts: No, you’ll shoot your eye out.

  155. Torts: Josh is NOT 26, don’t try to pull that stuff on me, bonehead!

    Carp: I was in the dark due to the storm last week, and now I have to put up with hurricane Torts. do you know any words that don’t start with F? I’ll have to ban you Torts.

    Torts: grrrrrr. F. F.. F…

  156. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carp the Brooks Treatment!) on

    Torts is a Bostonian.

    No way Carp could take him, if Carp fought fairly.

    Bostonians use cheap shots to win.

  157. Don’t worry Carp, we got your back! Torts doesn’t mess with the Blogfather! I was there tonight, awesome! Seemed like we got completely outplayed yet stole a win. I love walking out of Pru with a win…love it.

  158. Drury, regarded as one of the NHL’s most clutch players, tied it for a third time after he won a faceoff following a Rangers timeout. Christensen sent a blind, backhanded pass from the end boards in front to Drury, who slammed in his 12th goal of the season from the front edge of the crease.


  159. CR9 (Torts the Bostonian giving Carp the Brooks Treatment!) on

    “Linda March 25th, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    Carps finishing move should be The Writers Cramp!!”


  160. I did not know that rassler Chris Jericho is the son of former Ranger winger Ted Irvine, the “baby-faced assassin”

    they have a story about it on Puck Daddy on yahoo

  161. you guys are hilarious! LoHud Thud, Deaditorial! Comedy gold all around!!!

    I’m not mocking, but I AM taking my vitamins and drinking my milk!!! Preparing myself !!!

    Carp’s gonna go festivus on his ass!!

  162. Carp: You think those whales piss in that water?

    Torts: No, I think they use the men’s room next to the Burger King.

  163. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just came home from the game. What a game! The Rock is actually a very good place to watch. But 3G is terrible. I couldn’t post. What happen between Torts and Carp?

  164. So Carp asked why 3 forwards were on in OT when there had been odd man rushes all night and is it smart to hang Hank out to dry like that?

    Is that the gist of it?

  165. So clearly I read other peoples posts and thought they knew what they were talking about. So moving on…. NEW POST

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