To tank, or not to tank?


I don’t think they will tank, but they might not have to.

If they’re beaten by the Islanders tonight, then start the six-game trip, they might not be able to avoid a lottery pick. And there’s no reason to think they couldn’t go as low as fourth or third.


One thing that continually amazes me is how other teams get ripped apart by injuries (or trade away players, i.e. Atlanta and Carolina) and stay afloat. Other teams — Boston and perhaps now Philly — can’t handle the massive injuries they’ve suffered. Meanwhile the Rangers have maintained this miserable pace while remaining remarkably healthy for two years.

Do you realize they lost a total of 31 manpower games to injuries in 2008-09, and that Dmitri Kalinin led the team with six games missed. In the NHL, that’s virtually being injury free for a whole year. This year the Rangers have missed 57 manpower games, and a lot of those were by Brashear, and 13 by Dubinsky, who broke his hand early in the season. That’s still an unbelievably low number.

Yet, with all this health and good fortune, they stink.

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  1. bull dog line on

    well they have there health, and an elite goalie. so they have that going for them.

  2. The part of the Spector article that sticks out to me the most is the last:

    “Sather’s had nine seasons to turn the Rangers into a Stanley Cup contender. He’s failed. It’s time for a change in their front office, preferably someone outside the organization like Steve Yzerman (if he’s available) or perhaps someone else with more experience rather than a Sather crony like Messier.

    It’s time for Sather to go.”

  3. Thanks CT. That’s what I’m saying…when it goes beyond casual fan hating on a player to not getting respect from the players themselves it does become something else completely.

    They guy still lives in Mario’s basement! How pathetic is that?!

  4. GregM_Section403 on

    Dive into the tank and go straight to the bottom. Don’t come back to the surface of the tank for air until April 12. When the Rangers do that, they’ll know what it feels like to be a fan of this “team” … painful!!

  5. I’ve been one on the last supporters of a playoff push and even I have changed my vote to . . . . . . . . . . . . TANK.

    I dont think we get lower then 5th though

    Nino Niederreiter for New York !!!!

    Then, draft a goalie in round 2

  6. The Situation on

    I dont think there is anyway that idiot Dolan fires sather… Worst owner in sports.

  7. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I resent this post carp!

    It should say ‘as HIGH as 3rd or 4th’ as a top pick might be this team’s greatest achievement since trading A. Carter for J. Jagr.

  8. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I seriously doubt if they even know how to tank correctly. Sather has screwed everything else up… They’ll probably end up out of the playoffs, and in tenth place overall.

  9. HD TV is so 1998. You’re about two decades behind Carp. You still using dial up to connect to the interwebs too?

  10. Norton, I’ve been watching. And I know that you watch me. And I know that you know that you know that I know you watch me.

  11. There was actually a Honeymooners where Ralph said to Alice (in the 1950s) that he wouldn’t by a TV set because “I’m waiting for 3D television!”

    no, I don’t do dial-up (anymore).

  12. bull dog line

    The elite goalie got them as far as the “accountability” first coach got them and the coach that was quite frank all the time got them…and the elite goal scorers like Gaborik and Jagr and Shanahan got them…and wallet full of money GM got them…This team’s been mismanaged for years… so let’s direct the blame where it belongs…And it aint Lundqvist

  13. lmao Charlie. Amazing how they’ve stayed pretty much injury free and STILL dont win! Maybe if they were wracked with injuries they’d play better? Who knows. All i know is that we expected growing pains from our young guys this year, we were all braced for it, but the continued horrid showing by some of the vets are what killed this team. That, and their complete lack of toughness.

  14. Can we tank and still kick Carcillo’s carcillo? If yes, than tank. But tank hard! That would be a novelty.

  15. kicking carcillo’s carcillo would be pretty messy and smelly. just kick his ass and let him clean the carcillos that come out of it

  16. Rob L.

    March 23rd, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    Carp, if Sather does in fact retire at seasons end I’ll buy you a 3dTV……



    You are getting 3D TV! It already comes HD ready! Part at Carp’s house!! Wooohoooo!!

  17. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Stink, Stunk, Stank and Suck

    That shoudl be the year in review in the offseason

    Yzerman as our new GM would be a revelation!!

    Dear Jesus:

    Please hear the cries of your devout followers (And Ranger Fans) and take Glen Sather to your side in heaven.

    But please dont let him be in charge of who your drafting!

  18. Cablevision’s 3D game is an attempt to cash-in on something other than the Ranger’s and Knicks TANKING this year.

  19. We’ll be entering the last game of the season…

    A lottery pick in our grasp…

    And Drury will score the winner to cost us that pick. Not only that, it’ll be with 7.7 seconds left…

    Oh, cruel irony…

    Believe it

  20. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    If they try and tank they will win out!!! They will be 1 pt out of 8th behind the flyers with three minutes left to go in the 3rd period up by 2 goals. Hank will then give up a soft over the glove shot to cote to bring the flyers within one. A minute later, briere runs hank and gives him two shots to the mask as girardi and dubi (both within 3 feet of the altercation and not engaged with any flyers) just sit and watch and place side bets whether briere actually weighs more than hank’s equipment. Avery, so disgusted that they will not defend hank (and showing way more leadership like he has all season than guys wearing letters)leaves the bench, as torts dives onto the ice trying to stop him, and beats the hell out of briere. The flyers meanwhile, in an odd twist, all remain on the bench because the teams are still even on the ice (dubi and girardi physically do not count, so torts and avery make it 5 on 5 plus the goalies). On the ensuing 5 on three powerplay (penalties handed out…torts unsportsmanlike 2 min, avery 5 for fighting, 2 min instigaing and game misconduct, briere 5 for fighting and 2 min for roughing, girardi and dubi both get 4 minutes, 2 for gambling and 2 for being gutless). the flyers score twice on the 5 on 3 in the last 2 minutes and we go to into the draft with the highest non playoff pick!

  21. AHA! Sather as the Grinch. It all makes sense now.

    If only he could have his heart grow three sizes and realize the best thing for the or-gan-EYE-zation would be to retire.

  22. Actually when Gaborik was out pre and post olympics, we went on a four game winning streak, if i recall correctly. when he came back into lineup we started losing again. i’m just sayin’…

  23. CCCP, you forgot the den at the end of dread ;-)

    is anyone going to this 3D visual delight this evening?

  24. Bring back Prucha on

    If Lisin plays tonight we will win, if not, we will lose. It’s really that simple.

  25. If you don’t play hard on a consistent basis, you stand a pretty good chance at staying healthy all season.

    Bring in the TANK!

    (and a hat tip to CT as well for what was brought up and cindy vs. wings)

    in regards to how Canadians act when it’s one of their countrymen actions on the ice versus a European.

    glad that more players are pointing out cindy being such a carcillo.

  27. they would have to go 9-1 or 8-1-1, and have Mtl, philly or boston play under .500 to even have a sniff of a chance

    therefore, TANK !!

  28. billybleedsblue on

    Brought to you by the Rangers 3D management, Dumb (Tortorella), Dumber (Sather), and Dolan!

  29. I said at Christmas that this was not a playoff team. I am often wrong, but I was right about this team. They will not tank. They should. But a loss tonight and even the optimists may phone it in. Hopefully, the rumors about Sather’s retirement is true. Team needs a lot and maybe Sather will just decide to light his cigar and go back to Canada.

  30. billybleedsblue on

    Tank. Scratch a few guys, including the goalie. If the season is really over, then protect these guys. There’s no reason for Gaborik to get hurt (more) and the same goes for Hank. Scratch ’em. Couple other scratches and call up a couple of bodies. Thrown ’em in there. Done.

  31. bull dog line on

    I am not blaming Hank in any way. he is an elite goalie, there is no doubt about that. when a team has gotten as bad as the Rangers are, sometimes the best, and fastest way to get better is to trade your best asset. he is there best asset, and if possible would bring the best pkg of players to the Rangers. I am just looking ahead, because the present is not pretty.

  32. nhl is saying that salary cap will probably go up slightly next season. big difference from the doomsayers who were predicting a year ago that the cap would go down several millions.

    the game is healthy. ratings are good

    too bad that the key NY team, the Rangers, are in the hands of a clueless owner and stupid, washed-up, sneering, conceited, condescending mgmt

  33. Reginald Dunlop on

    Tank it…….switch all the lines around…..rotate all the centers and wings so nobody is comfortable playing with anyone else….get a feel for what you got for next season….wait a sec, the genius has been doing that since Day 1

  34. bull dog, I can’t recall any team in the past 30 years doing what you’re suggesting.

    Gretzky was sold because the Oilers owner was running the team into the ground and the Oilers were strong enough to win another Cup without him and remain competitive for a few years after that.

    Did the Pens try to trade Lemieux despite being awful for nearly a decade before finally winning the Cup? No quite the opposite, they put themselves into a financial mess trying to supplement his talent.

    Did the Red Wings trade Yzerman after all those years of flopping in the playoffs (pre-97)? No, they hired a coach that could finally harness his talent.

    Would the Caps entertain trading Ovechkin if they don’t win a Cup this year or next?

    I’d put a large sum of money (that I don’t have) on a bet that the Rangers would waive the R&R boys before trading Lundqvist. Even if they value Lundqvist’s ability to sell jerseys and the fact that he creates a buzz about the team however mediocre it is, above his actual hockey skills.

  35. billybleedsblue on

    Some things I’d like to see happen for my amusement:

    Scratch Drury against the Devils and make Avery C just for this game.

    Move Staal up to play Winger. Who knows?

    Carp is wrong about the Sather is retiring rumor. In fact, the original message was that Sather has just undergone a series of tests and the doctor says the he is retarded. This was mistaken for “…is retiring” and erroneously passed along to Carp in this classic game of telephone.

    Give most of the ice time to the 3rd and 4th lines. Oh, and they get pp time too. Make their “top players” sit and watch.

    The Rangers “spoil” the Flyers as Philidelphia finishes 9th. To add insult to injury, Shelley beats the piss out of Briere (Carter’s already out for 3-4 weeks) in the final contest of the season, which the Rangers win to end the Flyer’s season.

  36. I’ve been tracking injury stats in the NHL for the last two years (if you’re an insomniac, click on the link in my name and scroll down to the second entry and/or the second entry in April 2009 for details).

    Compared to some teams, the Rangers have been ridiculously fortunate over the last two years with injuries. I wasn’t sure whether it was a sign of a well-conditioned team or of a lucky team that just plays soft. I think we can now safely conclude it is the latter.

    Still, who would exactly count as a key injury on this team that would cause a huge problem in the long term? Hank, Gabby, er…

  37. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Hey Carp, did you ever think the Rangers mediocrity, and their remarkable ability to stay healthy are a result of the same mechanism?

    What do those two things have in common? They are both present among teams that don’t play hard enough. They don’t put forth enough energy to actually exert themselves, so they don’t get hurt. And they don’t win.

  38. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    extremely valid point. We were talking about just that thing in our house this morning!

  39. Wicky- bad dream?

    They won’t tank, heads. Watch them start working hard, playing well and scoring goals. Fighting and hitting. They will miss by one point, and Sather will pick up a legit future Zamboni driver. They will do this to just annoy the carcillo out of their fans.
    Next year, come October, I propose we start promoting “Tank, tank, tank” from the start of training camp. I bet you if we are consistent enough those suckers will win the Cup.

  40. Coach – a good point made one minute too late!

    Thing is, we are always told that when you don’t play hard, that is when you are more likely to be hurt, not less. Just a cliche then?

  41. helmets for mgmt on

    Rangers lack of injuries are more due to lighter travel schedule compared to many teams, and soft team that does not hit as much or go to the battle areas like many teams

    of course we won’t include the longterm injury to Sather’s head

  42. Wicky, my assumption would be that you talked about your birthday girl this am in your house instead of that carcillo team. How is she? Happy birthday, little Wickster!. Hugs and kisses.

  43. I saw a guy at one of the big block stores (can’t remember whether it was PC Richards or Costco) wearing a early-mid 90’s Whalers Starter jacket a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it was after they switched to their navy based colors instead of the older Irish green ones. I for one would not think twice about placing a $1 bid on eBay for old school Whalers jersey. Ronnie Franchise, Ulf, maybe Zarley Zalapski?

  44. I am glad that a few people are starting to see it my way. The day after the Rangers showed no effort against the Devils a few weeks ago, I wrote a post that I hoped the Rangers drop like a stone in the standings. Partly because they would be 1st round fodder for the Caps but also because this is a weak draft. The Rangers would have had the 9th pick when I wrote that post and the 9th ranked player in the draft was being compared to Maxim Afinogenov which is hardly a reward for having a top 10 pick. A lottery pick is almost the only way to assure getting a high quality player in this draft. The hardest part is watching the games and not being okay with losing. I keep repeating to myself “I hate watching them lose but it’s for the best.”

    Carp – thanks for everything you do keeping this blog going. It’s the best and only place to go for me now.

  45. bull dog line on

    those are 5 hall of famers you just mentioned in the same breath as Hank. that is a bit of a reach, but I will play along.
    Edmonton did trade Paul Coffey, and Mark Messier, and the Gretzky trade did get them a 50 goal scorer in Jimmy Carson.
    Pit traded Jagr in an attempt do the same sort of thing. and in the past 2 separate times the Rangers were close to trading Richter, he blew out his knee right before the deadline, or he would have finished his career in St Louis. I believe Jackman was the center piece coming back in that one.

  46. CCCP, i’ll watch that after watching the Rangers shoot themselves in their feet tonight. Oy vey what a calamity!!

    Billy, very good!!

    Scott, welcome aboard. And yes, it’s incredibly hard to watch them now, but I keep thinking, in 3 weeks, we won’t have Rangers hockey until camp, so I keep watching just because of the fact that, even though they’ve totally sucked, i’m gonna miss it! Sad but true. Sure I’ll watch the playoffs, but when you have no real dog in the fight, it loses a bit. Then we all have July 1 to look forward to, and if Sather hasn’t incinerated by then, what horrors await?!

  47. i think there’s a direct correlation between them being injury free and them just not playing hard enough / being physical enough / sticking up for stars (hank/gab).

    they should AIM to get +100 missed manpower games next year.

  48. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp…I am getting to the point where I don’t want to check out your blog anymore, because the Rangers stink, and you remind me at least 3 or 4 times a week how much they stink.

    I am going to the game anyway tonight and rooting for them to win, and rooting for them to win all 10 or so remaining games.

    For I am a Ranger. (or at least a die hard fan that at least had 1994, jeeesh, even the Mets had 1969 AND 1986).

  49. leetchhalloffame on

    Forget Yzerman – he has about as much GM experience as Messier, and Messier IS New York, Yzerman is the Motor City Man. Although Mess is Mr. Kleenex he won’t stand for the pansy wussies that dopey Sather has stocked this team with. I say get Mess in here to clean up this mess. At least he’ll talk to the fans and the media.

  50. And This One Will Last A Lifetime
    Like you need carp to remind you or any one of us how much this team blows. Please…

    root root for them to win! And don’t forget to wipe your pink glasses clean for the next season as well.

  51. mactavish to coach for messier at the wc. see, that is why Mess is not the answer. he is just going to recycle the edm old boy network if he becomes Ranger GM

    the Low, Lowe, lower you go

    no thanks

  52. Coffey was important, but not the most important player on those Edmonton teams. And at least from Gretzky’s point of view, him and Sather didn’t get along that well evidenced by the fact that Sather traded him to the wasteland of Pittsburgh. They could also afford to lose Coffey with all the other talent.

    Gretzky was sold, no two ways about it. The most important part of the package they got back from LA was cash. They weren’t attempting to rebuild the team with the players they got in return, they just tried to not get completely raked over the coals.

    Messier was moved for cost cutting reasons as well as was Jagr. Both Edmonton and Pittsburgh had to pay the piper on keeping their fantasy league teams together longer than their markets could support.

    The biggest player of recent times that you could consider a franchise player, that was traded not because of cost cutting reasons, was Roy. And that’s because of his infamous blow up with Montreal management.

    If there’s no good reason to trade a cornerstone player in his prime, then you don’t do it.

  53. bull dog line on

    there are a lot of guys wearing those pink glasses. I had a pair before the season started, they broke about 30 games into the season. I will root for them to beat the Islanders, my hatred for the Islanders is to deep to ever root for them to beat the Rangers.

  54. bull dog line on

    forgot about Roy, I should have used that one, would have been a better argument.
    just a few other big goalies that were traded. Hasek from chicago to Buffalo, Barrasso, from Buff to Pitt, Vernon, from Calgay to Detroit, and Moog traded for Ranford.

  55. # Shoryuken on Glen Sather March 24th, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    bull dog line, very true. No true Rangers fan would root against them in an Islander game, draft pick be damned.”

    How absurd.

    If the Rangers and Islanders were the last 2 teams in the entire NHL, facing each other in the final game of the season, and tied in points, you’re saying you would not root for the Islanders to win??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  56. heck, even against the Bruins in the same situation, I’d be rooting for the Bruins….

    but knowing the Bruins organization and the ability of Boston teams to cheat without question, they would just put the puck in their own net and lose intentionally.

  57. Anyone who thinks trading Lundqvist is a good idea should ask Boston if they still would’ve traded Joe Thornton

  58. bull dog line on

    that is what I am saying. I would never root for the Islanders to beat the Rangers. I am guessing you are a younger Ranger fan, and have not been threw the Ranger, Islanders wars. I dislike the Devils, but I hate the Islanders with all my heart. beating them anytime is more important than one lousy draft spot.

  59. today’s game obviously an exception… all other games must be given away… we cannot afford to blow this opportunity to get high pick… i mean, if Sather is indeed retiring after this season and we can snatch top 5 pick…next year could be very positive.

  60. Jim Nill of the Det red wings, or Tim Burke of the SJ sharks are my choices for who I want as Ranger GM

    they have been instrumental in building up those 2 franchises, and are given credit by the insiders, both nhl insiders and team insiders, of being the operational brains behind those 2 teams in player drafting, acquisition, and development..

  61. bull dog line on

    the more I think about it , the more I realize the hatred for rivals is really lacking in this generation of Ranger fans. how could you ever think about rooting for the Islanders to beat the Rangers. from one Ranger fan to an other, that is pathetic.

  62. Hasek was the backup on Chicago and the backup on Buffalo before Fuhr started getting old. Belfour at the time was considered the better goalie.

    I don’t recall what Buffalo got for Barrasso, but whatever it was it didn’t help Buffalo become a contender.

    Vernon was good goalie, won the Conn Smythe, but he wasn’t exactly the cornerstone of the Flames compared to Nieuwendyk or Fleury. If I recall, it didn’t take a lot to get him (I think Detroit sent Steve Chiasson in return) and the Wings thought so highly of him that they traded him right after they won their first of back to back Cups.

    Again, Moog while decent enough, was still far from the most important player on that Edmonton team.

  63. bull dog line

    That is ridiculous!!

    I have been through the Islander/Rangers wars, but in retrospect, I only have so much hate to give in life. I save my hate for the 4 Boston teams.

    Sure, I do not like the Mets attitude towards the Yankees, or the Isles attitude toward the Rangers but I look at it as being “New York brothers” that are going to fight every so often.

    I’d much rather myself hate and have others hate Boston, than have New Yorkers fighting against one another.


    And even so, I would root for the Bruins to win over us, so we could get a higher draft pick. That’s the truest fan there is! One that can put aside hatred and root for the bettering of the team.

  64. “# Shoryuken on Glen Sather March 24th, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    If the Rangers and Islanders were in that situation CR, wouldn’t it not matter since the Bruins would win the lottery anyway? Did I get it right?”

    What are you talking about???

    I had two identical scenarios. One included the Bruins and Rangers, and the other included the Rangers and Islanders.

  65. former Tampa GM Jay Feaster, seen often on NHL Live, would also be a good choice. he won a cup in Tampa, and worked with Torts there

  66. You know there is a lottery, right? Finishing last only gives you a better chance of winning it, and surely Boston would drug Bettman and steal the lottery! Then they’d close down a youth center! Those bastards!

  67. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    Hatred, like love, has no limits. We have endless amounts of “sports rival team hatred” to go to all 4 Boston teams, the Islanders, and the (Mets/Yanks).

    Under no circumstances, unless we are talking a Gretzky, a Lemieux, a Crosby or an Ovechkin, can we ever hope to lose to the KC Islanders.

    Sometimes the second or third or fifth pick is better turns out better than the 1st. Looks like the third pick from last year is better than the first two.

  68. Yes, I know it is a lottery. Boston would not need to drug Bettman. He is already in their pockets. But I like to believe in fairness, until the Boston team gets gifted it.

    The only way I would root for the Rangers, if it meant getting a lesser chance at a higher draft pick, would be if it meant keeping the Bruins out of the playoffs.

  69. The way the organization is run, if they tanked and did manage to get a high pick they’d either:

    A.) use it to pick the reincarnation of Hugh Jessiman or Al Montoya

    B.) Trade the pick for a low 1st rounder and a 30-something has-been “superstar” in the down slope of his career (I put superstar in quotes because it would be the typical “career rehab” pickup we’ve seen so many of over the past decade)

    God, I’m so over the Sather regime!

  70. Sather’s been unssuccessful attempting to put together a Cup contender for ten years. Hey Glenn, here’s your hat, hat’s your hurray? Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!

  71. bull dog line on

    interesting to read what scouts are saying about Derek Stepan. being a Ranger prospect, we all like him, but other teams scouts are comparing him to Adam Oates and Craig Janney. If he turns out to be as good as Oates, the Rangers have a real good one on there hands. looking forward to seeing him.

  72. I do not have endless amounts of hate.

    The hate of Boston teams and many of their fans is so consuming.

  73. bull dog line on

    Boston may end up with 2 lottery picks this season. there own, and Toronto’s. they will pick first and second, right CR.

  74. lmao Ted, i just said that on FB,about him trading whoever the pick becomes, in a year or two for the 37 year old vet of the day!

  75. Stepan showed tremendous leadership, poise, and hockey sense at that WJC tourney

    his excellent play was just added benefit to his outstanding work as captain. he showed me more leadership as captain of that team than Dreary has in his entire career.

  76. You guys do not want to hear any of my Boston conspiracies, and yet all you do is encourage me to purport them.

  77. Shoryuken

    What do you mean?

    They’d burn down the youth center, with all the youth inside!

  78. You guys are cracking me up today. I’ve been buried at work, but I keep popping in occasionally to see what’s up and you are killing me.

    Can’t wait for tonight’s massacre.

  79. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    Thanks again and she is getting ready to lay down for the proverbial birthday nap!!!

  80. The reason why they don’t lose too many players to injury is because the don’t play hard enough to get injured. They may lead the league in hits but that doesn’t mean you are going out there and putting yourself on the line every night and pushing yourself. They are a sad sad sack.

  81. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    I used to have a coach that said if yo weren’t getting hurt, you weren’t playing with enough emotion or hard enough. 12 concussions later no one ever questioned my effort (sanity perhaps)!!

  82. So the least physical team in the NHL is one of the healthiest too? I guess there IS a benefit to being lousy lol.

    54 games is nothing when you look at teams like Boston. Any update on Savard? Been a few weeks since he hurt his back trying to lift that TV over his head.

    That’s what he gets for thinking he’s better than me.

  83. This is sick.

    Chelsea has just gotten away with 2 potential red cards, and only landed 1 yellow card out of it.

    If Scholes or Vidic did what Chelsea did, they both would be gone, not so much on the act, but on their “reputation”

  84. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    If the rangers make the playoffs, they’ll break your heart,

    If the rangers tank and get a choice spot in the draft, they’ll break your heart.
    Except for ’94,
    They have a way of screwing things up.

  85. “Except for ‘94,
    They have a way of screwing things up.”

    And even when we did not screw things up in ’94, the referees tried their best to screw us up, calling that phantom icing!!!!!!!!!

  86. The Rangers dont have to tank on purpose. They consciously cant do anything right, so giving them a directive would ultimately fail.

    just let it run it’s course they will get a top 5 pick.

    This team is real bad.

    But if you watch this video I guarantee You will remember a time and Place when the Rangers were exciting and MSG rocked and it’s not even from the overhyped overplayed 1994 cup year.

  87. Did *JAROMITRIO* win the Cup in 92 and 93, or 91 and 92?

    If the first, we need *Most Beautiful Man in the World* to come back and win the Cup with the Penguins in ’11 and ’12, so we can win the Cup in ’13, and if the latter, we can win it in ’14.

  88. we have 1 game in hand on Philthy and I think they are our easiest path to the playoffs. if we win the game in hand we have 73 points, they have 79. we have a back to back with them to end the year, say we get both so thats 77. this means we need them to lose another game and for us to win at least 1 more game, and if we are tied in points/wins, i think we have the tiebreaker. though im not sure.

  89. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    This team wont need to tank, I have full confidence that the team will get ripped apart by an islander team that may not be good doesnt lack heart like we do.

  90. Lev, love your optimistic outlook, and wish i shared it. After so many games of watching these guys not even try to compete for stretches at a time, my optimism is nearly gone.

  91. Carp,

    Do you think the lack of man games lost is a testament to their training staff or a testament to how they play like girly men?

    By no means am I trying to take anything away from Jim Ramsay…the team has not lost too many games to injury even since the lock out…the longest I remember is Jed Ortmeyer for his heart problem…

  92. You could argue that there have been more than a few Rangers with a “heart” problem playing the last couple of years.

  93. Everyone ready to get pucks in the face tonight? Im with Lev…. even though their effort disgusts me. I have to see it through….

  94. Orty did not have a heart problem. he had problems with pulmonary embolisms, and still does, now with the sharks.

    it is inherited, and a dangerous condition

  95. The White Plains Batman on

    Oh no not the “New York” jersey! I know some have fond memories, but I just think of cheap and small teams that had no stars and no hope. Those jerseys were hideous, so were the 70s jerseys but at least they were hilarious.

  96. i’d pay one of you guys to record those profiles for me so i can see what you all so glowingly talk about!

  97. I say screw this! Let’s kick some Fishsticks’ butts. We’ll worry about tanking later. LGR!!

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