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From the Rangers:

March 24, 2010 – New York Rangers 5, New York Islanders 0 (Game #73, Home #39)
·         The Rangers defeated the New York Islanders, 5-0, tonight at Madison Square Garden, in the first network hockey telecast ever produced in 3D and the first live 3D sports telecast in North America.
·         The Blueshirts have posted a record of 32-32-9 (73 pts.) on the season, including a 16-17-6 (38 pts.) mark at home.
·         New York tallied two power play goals in six attempts, and has now registered nine goals in 43 attempts over the last 10 games (20.9%).  In the last 10 games at MSG, the Rangers have notched 13 goals in 45 power play opportunities (28.9%).
·         Marian Gaborik notched two goals and added one assist for his team-high 24th multi-point performance of the season, and his ninth game with three-or-more points.  He has now registered 10 points (four goals and six assists) in nine games since returning from injury on Mar. 6 at Washington, including six points (three goals and three assists) in the last two games at MSG.  His assist on Del Zotto’s power play goal at 8:30 of the first period was his 40th assist of the season, marking the second time in his career he reached the 40-assist mark.
·         Henrik Lundqvist made 27 saves to record his 23rd career shutout and third of the season.  He improved to 29-26-8 on the season, including a 15-16-6 mark at home this season.  Lundqvist has held opponents to two or fewer goals in 11 of his last 14 games, posting a 7-5-2 record with a 2.28 goals against average and a .926 save percentage over the span.
·         Rookie defenseman Michael Del Zotto tallied one power play goal and added a power play assist in 17:18 of icetime.  He currently leads all NHL rookies and ranks first on the Rangers overall with 17 power play assists, and is tied for the league lead among first-year players and leads the Rangers with 21 power play points.
·         Dan Girardi notched one power play goal, added an assist, and finished with three blocked shots and four hits in 23:06 of icetime.  Girardi has now recorded six points (one goal and five assists) in the last seven games.
·         Sean Avery tallied one power play assist, tied for the game-high with five shots and registered five hits to capture Second Star honors.  He has now registered five points (three goals and two assists) in five games since not dressing on Mar. 12 at Atlanta.
·         Erik Christensen recorded two assists, including one on Del Zotto’s power play goal, and registered a plus-two rating.  He has tallied five points (one goal and four assists) in the last three games vs. Atlantic Division opponents.
·         Rangers rookie Artem Anisimov opened the game’s scoring at 3:12 of the first period.  The Rangers improved to 6-2-2 when he tallies a goal, and are 11-5-2 when he records a point.
·         Marc Staal recorded one assist and led all skaters with a season-high eight hits.  Staal ranks fourth on the team with 24 points at even strength (five goals and 19 assists) this season.
·         Brandon Dubinsky collected one assist and registered a plus-two rating in the contest.  He has now registered four points (two goals and two assists) in the last six home games.
·         Rookie defenseman Matt Gilroy recorded an assist on Anisimov’s goal at 3:12 of the first period, and has now registered two assists in the last four games.  The Rangers improved to 8-5-2 on the season when he records a point.
·         Jody Shelley registered his first point at MSG as a Blueshirt, and has posted a plus or even rating in each of his 12 games as a Ranger.
·         The Rangers will conclude their 11th of 13 back-to-back sets tomorrow, Mar. 25, when they will face-off against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center (7:00 p.m.), in an Atlantic Division matchup; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
John Tortorella on the team’s play…
“Obviously, he (Gaborik) is an important guy but a lot of guys contributed tonight here.  To me, that was the most important thing, you just want them to feel good about themselves.  We know we have a hill to climb but if they can be loose and feel good about themselves and just allow themselves to play we will take our chance with it that way.  I am just glad with the way we played and won a hockey game.”
Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game…
“When you get a win like this, you start to feel it again.  It has been a while since we have had this feeling.  The only thing we can do right now is continue to battle and fight.  Tomorrow is a big opportunity for us.  We play a great team but hopefully we match their game and maybe we can play better than we did today.”
Dan Girardi on tonight’s game…
“We did a real good job. We generated a lot of offense. It’s one game at a time for us.  It’s desperate times right now for us. We need a lot of wins.”

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  1. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    After tonight’s win, the Rangers are only two points away from being three points out of eighth place.

    And some people wanted to tank the rest of the season. Let’s trade Hank instead!!!

  2. Milbury would trade Hank….to the Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gotta look at the positive, things can always get worse….

    Could have Milbury rather than Slats.

  3. Cant wait til the Lightning become the farm team for the Bruins….

    Would not be surprised if they took Thomas’ contract off the Broooons hands this offseason.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Fourteenth!!! Awww boring non italic.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Thats right Matt!!! We ll be so bad and get the #1 overall pick for a few years and also the young players in the Hank blockbuster.

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tanking is for the birds!!! " … says Greg L. on

    By the time we get a few years in #1 overalls and Grachev,Dough,krieder,stepan and AA all are NHL ready …like 3 -4 years . We will have a proven vet in Gaborik and a new goalie that will win games like Hank used to do.Dubinsky and Staal wil be meaner and tougher. This team in 3 -4 years will be solid. Sather will step down .

  7. wicky (Why are we still WITTless??) on

    I just don’t understand why we only dressed 11 forwards…..oh wait….lisin played?!?! What a waste!

  8. At the game tonite. One of the best games they played in quite some time, although the Isles looked awful and this was wide open river hockey. It’s amazing how much fresher they play when Mr. Sunshine decides to roll (4) lines. Do you get the feeling that since Sather did not fire the coach the players decided it’s getting late and we better play each games as if it were their last. Coach sunshine was expressionless each time the Rangers scored. You think he knows he may not be back next year.

  9. lone,good points,i was watching the isles feed(howie rose is great!),they cut to torts after every goal,he was actually complaining after one,like shouting at the ceiling!get this 3d-bag outa here,he makes me sick.
    btw Shelley and Gillies play the same wing,the only way they were gonna meet on a faceoff was if onea the coaches made the switch.looking for Prust to stay busy and take on Clarkson tonight,get that dude off the ice.

  10. Wicky,Witt sucks,no offense,lol.the guy we shoulda got was Andrew Alberts,who i think leads all dmen in hits,or is top 5 and is six five 200+ pounds.
    *TANK* *TANK* *TANK* !!!!

  11. morg says dump the chump FIRE TORTS but keep the cannoli on

    look now i say something!like the cool kids!

  12. 24th! jk

    If the Stanley Cup was won by beating up on the lousy teams in the league we’d be talking parade right now! They’re not going to sweep the rest of the schedule and that’s about the only way they’d even have chance.

  13. bull dog line on

    I love the posters making fun of Greg L for saying trade Hank. you see Greg, you thought outside the box, you can’t do that here. now repeat after me.
    Drury, Redden, Roszval, Drury, Redden, Rosz , Betts, Orr, Drury, Redden, Roszi, Sjoostrom, Betts,Orr, Drury, Redden, Roszival.
    those are the names to remember here Greg, no thinking outside the box!

  14. bull dog line on

    where would they be without an elite goalie. probably on the outside looking in to the playoffs. oh wait

  15. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I loved Mike Keenan’s pissed off expression last night,
    but then I remembered how he bailed on the team in 94.

    How much does dolan pay messier richter, leetch etc for their lame appearances at msg?
    Are the fans that dumb to fall for this crap, like going to foxwoods to sit with ex rangers?
    I’d rather pay for a lap dance than give foxwoods or dolan my money

  16. bull dog line on

    and Greg,
    if you ever run out of things to say about those guys, you can always say, crack of noon, or talk about baking cookies, or pictures of your pets, or 3D TV, and Seinfeld. this way no one will ever now you don’t have any ideas of your own, limited hockey knowledge, and most importantly, you can make comments about other posters ideas.

  17. haha izzy..I will let you know that my friends have named their female cat Mr Marbles in honor of Seinfield!

  18. Your guys better have saved some energy for tonight. If you beat the Devils, you may be getting that playoff spot. Maybe get that rematch with Washington from last year. Rangers are running in confidense now. Devils don’t have much to play for, so maybe those 2 combined and a so so Boston performance will squeeze you in the playoffs by the end of the season. Good luck. It’s too early for baseball. Yankees usually don’t start clicking until memorial day. I’m saying it now. If you beat the devils tonight, you will make the playoffs.

  19. Not so easy at all. You see Washington now? Watch them in the playoffs. They’ll struggle. Playoffs are usually low scoring games. But thanks to envisionsry goalies like Nabakov and Theodore, we now have high scoring playoff games. Look out for the future!! Look out Mark Messier!! Carey Price is gonna show you up by being the first playoff goalie to guarantee a hat trick for someone in 3D!!

  20. Hmmmm, quote I haven’t seen, “Yeah, we played great tonight. Really took it to them. But, remember we played against the suckiest team in the East. You have to take that into account.”

  21. Can you just imagine if we didn’t have Hank and had a normal goalie? Wow, Orr’s dream of the #1 pick would come true.

  22. bulldog- you think we would even have half the wins we do if hank wasnt here? do u realize that we have hardly any goaltending depth in the minors, nothing even close to being a capable nhl goalie. do u realize how hard it is for teams that dont have a good goalie to go anywhere unless they are stacked like the caps? i realize that we would get some good players and picks back if we traded him, but why bother? we could be rid of drury,rozy in 2 years or less. by that time our prospects will be close to or actually ready for full time roster spots. if u trade hank now, then you get a little more scoring now. for a few more goals, we give up teh only player that has ever given this team a chance. we are getting a top 10 pick in the draft. you pick a good frward. you keep developing the kids we have now, and you absolutely dont trade hank. your goalie is the 1 player that can singlehandedly win games for you. hes the most important player on the ice. look at the difference in talent between team usa and canada. who even gave them that chance to win a gold? the goalie. say u trade with a team who needs a goalie like the caps. hank and duby for a guy like nik backstrom, a first, and at least varlamov, which the caps wouldnt do, you dont trade him. i am not saying he is untradeable. but he is the closest to being untradeable on this team as you can get. now, thats just my opinion. id like to know who you would like to trade hank for. and who you realistically see us getting in a trade for him. not arguing with you. just wanna see where your coming from thats all. i know teams with avg goaltending can be good if they have the resources on offense to score lots of goals and the d to help the goalie out alot. we dont have the d just yet but we are getting there. i still wouldnt trade hank unless we got a good goalie in return to an offensive star or a stud d man. and who do you think would trade with us? the caps? maybe. if they dont win thsi year because of goaltending. would you take anything less than what i said before? backstrom,a first and varlamov? of course we’d have to throw in duby maybe or a prospect.

  23. A win over the Isles, Uncle Daddy tonight, the sun in shining and there are only 2 days left in the work week. That makes for a Good Morning!

  24. were currently getting the 8th pick if things stay about the same. at least a few of the teams below us will be higher in the standings by the time the playoffs come. maybe 5th or 6th pick overall. that would be great. anybody know the top european prospects? i know kabanov is real good. we might be able to get him.

  25. So, bull dog, every non-playoff team should trade all their best players because they’d still be non-playoff teams? Even if it increased the chances of them being non-playoff teams for even longer?

  26. You know why we crushed the Isles last night (aside from them really sucking?) Because it doesn’t matter anymore. We basically done. They win em when they don’t matter.

  27. lw3h- exactly. and not just that, but in short time, we would all be complaining about the new goalie we have and how he cant stop a beachball, and how we wish we had hank back. not just that, but hank hasnt proven hes a playoff performer yet. his stock is high, but teams look and see his playoff performances havent been the greatest. of course hes stole games, but hes also inconsistent and has choked at crucial times also. proven playoff goalies like m.a. fleury will get a better return just for his cup win.

  28. yes newman. they even said that the pressure is kind of off them now. thats why they played”looser”. i think hank or maybe torts even hinted at that. bad news if were goin for a top pick this year. now since it doesnt matter, they might win alot more games.

  29. This is new trade Hank after a SO, it’s always after a loss. I’m all in because I love the guy and he’s going to be the Ernie Banks of hockey and never get a sniff again at this rate. Plus i’m a NYR fan and I can;t take the AHL hockey we see year after year. Blow it up.

  30. Grabby- I know we are supposed to be losing, but it just feels SOOOO good to beat the Islanders.

  31. bull dog line on

    i like responses like yours, well thought out, and what you would do instead. to answer your question, Chicago, take Huet back to be the goalie, ask about Sharpe, Verstaag, and a prospect who has not managed to crack there lineup Jack Skille.
    you on the other hand offer nothing.
    the idea behind trading Hank is to get better faster, not to be stuck in this continues rut of 8th place, 7th place, no playoffs. they are not cup contenders this season or in the foreseeable future, you seeem OK with that, I am not. one round and out gets real old after awhile.

  32. If the Rangers land around 8th and Brett Connolly is available when they select, that’s the kid they should look at IMO. Prior to beginning of the year, his name was being mentioned along with Seguin and Hall, but the kid got hurt and missed most of the year. He’s a fast, skilled centerman who’s got decent size and isn’t afraid of the physical side of the game.

  33. I was at the game last night. Sometimes is frustrating seasons like this it’s always good to see a nice old fashioned thumping of an arch rival.

    That full 5 on 3 though, good god.

  34. Lundqvist for Huet and one of Versteeg/Sharp/Byfuglien only clears about $2MM for the Hawks and they need to clear a lot more than that just to sign enough players to have a 20 man roster next year. The Hawks can’t take back significant salary so I think they’d be focusing more on prospects and draft picks. Versteeg and Sharp good players and would be an improvement on any current Rangers forward other than Gaborik, but they do not solve the Rangers problem of the lack of an elite center. And judging by the teams that have made the finals since the lockout (both winners and losers), the Oilers are the only team that didn’t have a true bona fide top line center to make play for the Cup.

  35. bull dog line on

    I agree about the lack of a number 1 center. If, like we all hope, the Rangers eat or trade the contracts of Redden and Roszival that would clear some space to take a run at Marleau. I would prefer Kovalchuk because he is younger and more consistent, but Marleau fills a much bigger need.

  36. I was really hoping the Rangers would lose last night…as hard as it is to root against the Rangers, getting a top 5 pick (granted Sather doesn’t Bufuyglien it up) would be a seriously positive step in the right direction, adding a big talent to an already decent looking class of prospects.

    But…playoff hockey is playoff hockey. And the Rangers do not have to win out anymore. They’re 6 points behind Philly…Philly has a tough schedule against Minnesota tonight, then Pittsburgh, Debbies, Montreal and Detroit, with one gimme against the Isles (it is if they play the way they did last night) before we take them on in the final two games. Given that we leap frog the Thrashers which is not a given, all we need to do is gain two points on Philly going into the final games and we can control our own playoff fate.

    Not where I want to be, but unfortunately that is a very distinct possibility. And you know at that point you won’t be able to help but jump back on the bandwagon. Still, we have plenty of games to go for them to blow it so don’t start drinking the kool-aid yet.

  37. I’m not a 100% convinced Marleau is as good as his stats suggest. Take a look at his career stats before and after Thornton arrived, it’s a huge difference.

    The jury is still out on Kovalchuk as far as his ability to perform when the spotlight burns brighter. He didn’t acquit himself that well in his first playoff experience and he’s had a so-so run with the Devils. If he doesn’t do well in this year’s playoffs you have to wonder whether tying up as much it will take to sign him (which I think his ploy of pricing himself at the cap max was a way to get out of ATL) is going to be worth it.

    I’d rather use the cap space from not re-signing most of the upcoming FAs and possibly disposing of Redden or Rozsival to fill out the scoring depth. Maybe sacrifice one of the higher ceiling D in Hartford for Versteeg or Sharp. Get Volchenkov or Willie Mitchell type stay at home D to mentor Staal and Del Zotto and at least boost themselves to a middle of the conference team while the rawer talent develops. Washington and Pitt have the goods to be elite teams for the next 2-4 seasons, but seeing how weak the rest of the conference is I think the Rangers could do enough of a rebuild job to get to be a 4-6 seed team and then see what their farm system can produce.

  38. in the end does it really matter where we’re placed in the draft.
    there’s been no talk whatsoever of a “can’t miss” player this year.
    besides, i hate to say it but you look at teams such as detroit and even new jersey who are usually drafting late
    but they seem to find players year after year.

    hopefully, Gord Clark does his job and we find the right (impact) player in 2010 rather than the numerous busts of the past.

  39. bull,
    If the plan is to make a run at Kovalchuk then why the trade Hank plan? Seems like your building for the next 2-4 yrs, not beyond, so top tier goaltending is key.

    I love the guy but I doubt Kovalchuk comes here unless the Rangers overpay. You’re right, they have to dump the $11-12 million in redden (only happens if Dolan eats the contract) and Rozi (only if no significant salary comes back in a trade) to afford paying him $10 mil per, with a creative $7 mil or so cap hit over the life of a Hossa-like contract. Then with two elite fowards, and guys like Callahan, Dubi, Anisimov, MDZ, Staal, who should all be better next year, role players like Avery, Prospal, Christensen, Drury (yikes), and some good talent in the minors, you’re looking at a major step forward. Glaring need would be on physical D, so again, you need Hank to carry the team.

  40. We received a full 5 on 3 PP????

    If so, no surprise, season over, leave it to the refs to try to make things look fair.

  41. bull dog line on

    add in the players you may get for Hank, and they are even better. you like Avery, Christensen, and Prospal, way more than I do. I would dump Avery, and let the other 2 walk. and yes, my idea is to get better faster, be good next season with out sacrificing any of the talent in the system. this way they are good for a long stretch, not one hit wonders.

  42. jpg,

    Agreed. In most draft years after the first 3-5 picks, it’s a crapshoot. Sometimes there’s only 1 player in the draft that has immediate impact talent. Most of the late 90’s and early 00’s had pretty shallow drafts, it goes in cycles sometimes. I think it’s easy to point to the likes of Crosby/Ovechkin/Malkin and say taking a top 3 player will guarantee getting an elite player but Bobby Ryan was #2 after Crosby and it took him until last season to have a breakout season. JVR on Philly was #2 in 2007 and he’s just getting his feet wet, even Patrick Kane I think is just beginning to harness his potential.

    Also, regarding your other statement about lower picks. It helps tremendously when a team has a clearly defined and uniformed playing style at the AHL through to the NHL. Having the right staff in place to develop raw talent is crucial. How many times have we seen the Wings and Devils call up players from the AHL and they look ready to play with the big league club? Now look at the Rangers. We’re not even sure what style they play at the NHL level, how can Hartford call ups be expected to succeed when they get their shot?

  43. bull dog, No one is taking Avery. They could have had him for half price last year and the Rangers were the only ones to take him. He’s not going anywhere, just like Hank.

  44. CT

    unless things changed with Torts being hired, i thought we addressed that AHL to NHL problem.
    i thought that both leagues were playing the same system under Renney.
    that’s such a makes-perfect-sense idea that i want to bang my head against a wall in frustration that this team doesn’t do that.

  45. Trading Lundqvist would never overcome the handicap of Rosival, Redden & Drury. If you did trade him what would you get? You would be trading from a position of weakness.
    You still only get one worthwhile player capwise. The whole idea is extremely weak.

  46. We can never get rid of Avery. Never should have gotten rid of him to begin with.

    He is too hot, controversial, sexy, lovable, cute, and did i mention, HOT!

  47. bull dog line on

    I am not asking anyone to take Avery, just dump him.
    steve, trading Hank would have to include the idea of waiving, buying out, or trading Redden and roszival, otherwise you are right, it would make no sense. you would want to clear up as much room as possible for new additions.

  48. In all seriousness, I think Renney would be a fine coach for Hartford. He made his name coaching at the junior level before cracking the NHL. With his patient style, I think he’s better suited to handle players at that stage of their careers. His success with dealing with players at the NHL levels however leaves a lot to be desired.

  49. Out of the elite players in different positions(forward, d-man, goalie) to be had via free agency or trade, the most difficult to pull off is a goaltender. You don’t just give up one if you already have him. Top 5 are usually signed long term. And the teams who did that are still suffering( Luongo, anyone?)

  50. bull dog line on

    I get the impression that Gernander is overmatched in Hartford. maybe he is more worried about winning then development. Grachevs disappointing season may be attributed that.

  51. billybleedsblue on

    Who was that in Blue last night? They looked like a different team. Did they kick Tortorella out of their own practice? Gaborik feeding Del Zotto there…looks like they worked on that. Ha, what do I know. Hey, I don’t care if the Islanders are in dead last, they always find a way to step up when they play the Rangers it seems. That being said, I still feel like I would be only be fooling myself to think they will continue play as cohesive and aware as they did last night.

  52. They always manage to mess thing up. Not that the playoffs are not gonna happen and with a chance to get a real good draft choice they go out and winn a game I was hoping thay would tank.

    Disappointed again

  53. Bull,
    I think Prospal can bring a lot if you can get him at a reasonable price – which I think you can given that he did not maintain his early season level. His passion and leadership (I assume) could be good in a young locker room and he can still play at 35, although shouldn’t be a top line guy. I’m indifferent on Christensen. I’d say he’s a decent 3rd or 4th line guy that’s easily found elsewhere, but he’s here, he’s cheap, he can score a few goals, so keep him unless you have a better plan B. It’a an indictment on Sather, not Christensen, that he’s playing 1st line minutes where he doesn’t belong.
    As for Avery, I dissagree. He has can fill an important role this team. Again, 3rd line. If you have the right talent on 2nd and 3rd, you won’t be asking Avery to do more than he’s capable of.

  54. It’s almost surrealistic to keep reading in this forum countless opinions about who has to do what, and when and where, and it always centers around who is going to be called on to play what position, and with what lineups, and never is addressed the principal fault with this team.

    They can all skate at the NHL level. They know how to move their feet, and they know how to check into the boards, and
    get on and off the ice. Presumably they know the rules of the game.
    But it does not address the glaring problem with this team as individuals and as a team………………….


    THEY ALSO: Can’t or won’t throw hard slap shots on net with any real authority behind them. The defensemen can’t or won’t take guys out of action around their goal mouth…they have all become a team of “swordsmen)”

    You know. that stabbing poke checking all over the ice instead of stepping into guys who would menace their goalmouth

    They can’t or won’t take PP’s seriously as to time constraints
    a/la passing and poking and circling and dodging and fluttering all over the ice while rarely getting a decent shot on goal….they do not respect that time clock.

    They seem to feel it is against their religion to park in the goal crease for TOA’s (targets of opportunity)

    They love to all cluster behind the goal cage ( or along the boards) for it seems like endless moments until someone of determination from the other team says” OK Kids, sand box time is over ” – and dumps them on their collective avoirdupois.

    And all this time we are treated to shots of the COACH
    ( let’s hear that music for Gen. Robt’ E Lee marshalling his cavalry) muttering to himself and probably saying things like, “OK I got my defense set, Let’s See I Got
    Redden, and Staal out there followed shortly by Redden and Roszival, and then Redden with Gilroy (and then I can get Del Zotto out with Redden, and, let’s see, Redden isn’t too tired, because he doesn’t move much and I don’t have to worry about him getting hurt cause he never goes really near anyone, so he’s fresh!”

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