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Slats, backs and dimensions

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Heard this last night, checked around a little, didn’t find any evidence that it’s true: Glen Sather will retire after this season.

The source claims to have knowledge of this, from a better source. I’m not sure if I believe it, and I’m certainly not sure Sather would be sharing such info with some people, and not with the people I asked. So I’m very skeptical.

Aah, the beauty of a blog. You can just throw crap like this out there. It would never fly in the newspaper. But if it comes true, remember where you read it first.


After seeing all these “hit from behind” penalties and the — in Mike Milbury’s words — “pansification of the game” I think it’s time to rewind to the pre-lockout days or earlier. Let the referees and linesmen determine what is and isn’t boarding, what is and isn’t dangerous; and let the league determine additional discipline.

Because, let’s face it, players now turn their backs to the opponent because they know they won’t be hit that way, and they know if they are hit they will draw a power play, and if they are hit and do a good enough acting job they might be able to sell it into a major penalty. It’s become a joke.

In the old days, players didn’t turn their backs, didn’t face the boards, because they knew they’d be blasted. So they didn’t have to be protected. They protected themselves. And guess what? The result was that players who forechecked hard created turnovers, and the game was more exciting and fun to watch.

Take away their automatic protection from the officials, and players will stop facing the boards when somebody’s coming. And you won’t see very many hits from behind.


Still hoping to get some details on how you can view the first pro sports game in 3D tomorrow. Or if you can. Or where you can. I fear, though, that you will need a special television, not a pair of cardboard glasses. I doubt most of us might have that piece of equipment in the house.

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