Slats, backs and dimensions


Heard this last night, checked around a little, didn’t find any evidence that it’s true: Glen Sather will retire after this season.

The source claims to have knowledge of this, from a better source. I’m not sure if I believe it, and I’m certainly not sure Sather would be sharing such info with some people, and not with the people I asked. So I’m very skeptical.

Aah, the beauty of a blog. You can just throw crap like this out there. It would never fly in the newspaper. But if it comes true, remember where you read it first.


After seeing all these “hit from behind” penalties and the — in Mike Milbury’s words — “pansification of the game” I think it’s time to rewind to the pre-lockout days or earlier. Let the referees and linesmen determine what is and isn’t boarding, what is and isn’t dangerous; and let the league determine additional discipline.

Because, let’s face it, players now turn their backs to the opponent because they know they won’t be hit that way, and they know if they are hit they will draw a power play, and if they are hit and do a good enough acting job they might be able to sell it into a major penalty. It’s become a joke.

In the old days, players didn’t turn their backs, didn’t face the boards, because they knew they’d be blasted. So they didn’t have to be protected. They protected themselves. And guess what? The result was that players who forechecked hard created turnovers, and the game was more exciting and fun to watch.

Take away their automatic protection from the officials, and players will stop facing the boards when somebody’s coming. And you won’t see very many hits from behind.


Still hoping to get some details on how you can view the first pro sports game in 3D tomorrow. Or if you can. Or where you can. I fear, though, that you will need a special television, not a pair of cardboard glasses. I doubt most of us might have that piece of equipment in the house.

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  1. Carp, from your ears, to your brain, to your fingers, to this blog, to God’s computer screen, to God’s brain. Sounds like too much inner and outer body traveling to become true. But I like the idea, LOL.

  2. Great, Carp. That’s all we Boneheads needed to hear. A glimmer of hope of a Rangers world without Slats – I for one will not drink the koolaid until it comes from the horses mouth.

  3. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Even if Sather does retire we’ll get an inexperienced Mess—not the right guy to fix this mess.

  4. Carp – FYI, you DO need a 3-D television (and glasses, actually) to view the game in 3-D. There is a viewing in the WaMu @ MSG; they’re charging $20…

  5. From the Cablevision web site:

    3D programming available with a 3D TV on SA HD boxes only.

  6. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Consider the old coach here giving you another source. Although you have no reason to believe me either. But mark my ever omnipotent words: Slats’ won’t be back as GM. Don’t ask me how I know because I will just lie to you. Just have faith in old Coach Beeblebrox here, I would never mislead about something so glorious and wonderful as Slats’ fingers being off the red button.

  7. Carp, IF it were true and IF you had the power…who would you hire as the new GM? Would you chuck the coach too or give him another year?

  8. If that is true, it would be like Christmas, Hannukah, Easter, everyone’s birthday, the 4th of July and any other celebratory day ever invented or used all came on the same day.

    It would mean Messier as GM though. Not sure how I feel about that. Could lead to some interesting steel cages matches between Torts(if he stays) and Mess. Now THAT would be fun to watch.

  9. Perhaps a tad premature for introspection, but in a season like this one you can’t help but think of the “what if’s”.

    I’m looking through the Rangers schedule and focusing on the losses. I watch practically every game, or at least a portion of them and have attended 8 (record of 3-5-0) with Wednesday’s game as my last one for the season. I’ve come up with really just one game where they lost and could honestly say, “they played a good game, they just got beat”. That was the 1-0 S/O loss against the Devils. Basically every other one you can say “they didn’t show up”, “the offense never got going”, “they stop competing after getting a lead”, “they played well for only 1 or 2 periods”. I think it’s pretty revealing that it is so easy to point out what the team does wrong on a consistent basis. From poor positional play and lack of a physical game in their own end to some of the worst passing and a ghastly lack of finishers on offense.

    Since their high watermark of 7-1-0, they are 24-31-9. 3 of those 9 extra time losses are S/O losses where you can kind of give them even odds in winning/losing simply because whatever advantage they might have in goal is offset by their awful shoot out skills. And thinking back to the 6 OT losses it never seemed like they were one lucky bounce from the game going the other way. I could be wrong about that, but I seem to remember seeing those OT losses and thinking they got the result they deserved.

    As a fan you just have to hope that the players that are supposed to have learned from this season have learned and that as many of the players that can be moved to make changes are moved.

  10. Man,I just had a moment here at work. Watching that bit. Took me back to middle school with my black Sony Walkman. Man. PRICELESS!!!! He was just a pure comedic genius back then.

  11. I want to come to the gathering on the 21st, but I will be at my second night of Peal Jam at MSG. I got tix for both nights. Maybe I could come by after.

  12. Did you wear any of the following: LA Gear, British Knights, Reebok or Ocean Pacific?

  13. Reebok and OP, definitely. And my first name is Neil, so O’Neill was huge for me too. HA.

  14. GC, I think the smart move would be to hire Schoenfeld, but I assume that Messier is being groomed for the job and that he’d probably get it.

    If Schoenfeld is the GM, Tortorella stays.

    If it’s Messier, then all bets are off (Keenan?!; Kevin Lowe? MacT?).

    All hypothetical, of course.

  15. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I will watch the game in 1D not 3D. (I will be there).
    I was hoping the game would have had more meaning and that we would have beaten the B’s Sunday, but alas.

    If Sather retires I hope they hire Mike Keenan.

    I also hope that tomorrow when I wake up it will be 1994

  16. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Gretz will coach for Mess. Good friends, good publicity, Dolan would love it.

  17. lol well done Nasty. My favorite comedy show of all time despite being a die hard George Carlin fan.

    Eddie Murphy is a comedic genius!! (wipes nose)

  18. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    From your mouth to God’s ears Carp!! Lets all say a prayer and hope its true

    Honestly though, I think Mess wouldnt be his replacement jsut yet. I think Shoeny will beomce GM and MEsss will take over Shoney’s job.

    Then he gets his experience, and Shoney can prove what he can do.

    That is of course if SHoney even wants the job. IF he doesn’t then I agree Mess will be the new GM

    Either way, and with either man, i’d be freaking exstatic!!

  19. Morning guys! Welcome back Nasty!! you were missed!

    IF Sather retires as GM, he still has the title of President. IF Messier is hired as GM, it’s still like Yeti will be the puppet master. IMHO, I don’t think Messier is the right choice for GM AT THIS TIME. And keenan as coach would be absolutely horrific. It’s time to NOT continue with retreads and get some new people, new ideas, involved with this team. But that’s just me!

  20. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carp- Sather retires? Be still my heart! I hope you’re not just toying with my affections! And I hope you mean April 12th.

    He should be FIRED, but as long as he’s gone, I’m OK with it. Bring on the next guy…

  21. Thanks Linda, and I kind of have to agree with you. I mean, it really is all politics though, and who you know, so I think the writing is on the wall for Sather to step down and hand it over to his good old boys from the Edmonton days. I don’t know if it will just be more of the same though. No matter how many times you mush it up and mold it in to something nice, a piece of carcillo is still a piece of carcillo.

  22. CT.. how about Skids or Z Cavaricci..

    Man I just thought back to the British Knights with the light up heal, and the Reebok Pumps lol

  23. More than anything, this team needs some, dare I say, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it……..Structure. I mean, everyone, almost EVERYONE on here wanted Renney GONE! So he was booted and Torts was brought in. We made the playoffs, 1 and out, and so on. This year, well, this year sucked, plain and simple. So now many want Torts gone. I say, replace the GM, fix some glaring problems with the team, but keep Torts another year. If it is still more of the same, then fire him. This team can’t have a face lift every year or every other year. But there is no doubt that Sather needs to go, and he needs to go NOW!

  24. lmao Nasty, great analogy! Looks like we have a new bonehead curse word!

    It’s time to break free of the Edmontonitis and get some new blood up in this heya management. With all the people who could be available and interested, it would be a shame to go back to the Edmonton well as Nasty has said.

  25. And as for Messier taking over as GM I have mixed feelings. he will forever be “The Captain” in my eyes, but if he follows the same path as Slats he will diminish as the Legend and just be another GM who screwed up.

  26. Carp, I meant to ask- how was your trip to the Collar City? Did they at least put you up at the new hotel (a Hilton Garden Inn that opened just last year)?

  27. Yeah, I had the reebok pump cross trainers with the black pump ball thing. They were amazing. Ok, I am ashamed to admit it, but yes, I owned z cavaricci and skids.

    Funny story, my Uncle, who is HILARIOUS, one day was over and I was wearing skids, and he goes, “Are those pajama pants?” And I said, “No, ha, there are my skids.” And he goes, “No, not whatever you have on underneath, I am talking about your pants that you are wearing.” And I said, “What, these pants are my skids, see.” and I showed him the tag. And he shook his head and laughed a hysterical laugh and said, “Jesus, what is the world coming to naming a pair of pants skids, when I was a kid, skids is what we called our dirty underwear.”

    HAHAHAHA, gotta love uncle john. Great guy.

  28. Whoever they bring in as GM, I just hope that they don’t turn over 3/4 of the roster again. One of the things this team and organization desperately need is some continuity with its players. Granted, we all know the problems that this team has (lack of skill, lack of physicallity, lack of scoring, etc), but I really do think that NOT turning the entire roster over again for a third straight year would be a good thing.

  29. Mickey, I’m a Marriott guy. Stayed in Latham, actually. Otherwise the trip was great. I’ve been up there in blizzards. This time it was 70+ degrees.

    Nasty, you should get a prize for that new word in the Boneheads vocabulary. “That stupid, stinking, piece of carcillo.”

  30. I’d definitely like to see an outsider brought in. Someone that had virtually no affiliation with the Rangers either as a player, scout, front office suit, usher, vendor, dude that plays the sax on the way out from MSG, etc.

    I don’t know if directly poaching someone from a “winning” organization works, but I think it will take someone that has some previous team construction experience to get things back on track. Look at Chicago, they brought in Bowman as a special consultant or something or other.

    I have no qualms with putting Messier alongside the other former 80’s Oilers players turned execs that have had a poor track record all things considered. First example is Gretzky as coach. Secondly, remove the Cinderella trip to the finals in 2006 and the Lowe/MacT combo didn’t really accomplish much. I think you can take a big discount to a miracle playoff like theirs versus someone with a proven track record of getting teams into and then deep in the playoffs year after year.

    If they go the route of letting the bad contracts run off over the next couple of years then the team won’t be much better for at least another 2-3 years. But Philly was willing to bury a couple of players on the LTIR (Derian Hatcher, Mike Rathje) and even budget conscious teams have waived players making a few million a year (Sens with Cheechoo and Isles with Witt). There can be a relatively quick rebuild, but first they need the architect.

  31. Ha, thanks Carp, I try. It is for the love of the blog. I will be honest, I curse, and I curse A LOT. To the point where my daughter has laid some doozies on her class in school. So I have had to tame myself, and for the blog too, because I love this blog, and have a great deal of respect for Don Carpo. But to be honest, it has almost become fun trying to find other words to use. It almost makes it funnier.

  32. Hyper color
    Reebok (pre-Pump and a pair of pumps)
    Space Jam Jordans
    Shark Watch
    Mongoose bike
    And I just purchased a pair off the internet a few weeks ago…the Bo Jackson cross trainers

  33. WOOOOW, I had the Bo Jacksons. Black with white right? Great pair of sneakers. How about the Nikes with the xstrap that went across the front? Were they the Hardaways? I had those too. Man, I was a sneaker FREAK! And definitely a mongoose bike, with pegs on it.

  34. See through jellyfish swatch watch, with a watch guard on it, ha. Someone tell me that you remember the rubbery watch guard thing for swatch.

  35. “And definitely a mongoose bike, with pegs on it.”

    My old mongoose (with the pegs and all) is still hanging in my parents shed lol. I wonder what condition its in these days.

  36. Linda is right on the money…Slats resigning will mean absolutely nothing because he will be the President of the Rangers. Isn’t JD the President of the Blues and he runs pretty much everything correct? Nothing will change until Slats is gone COMPLETELY. Don’t be fooled people.

  37. “See through jellyfish swatch watch, with a watch guard on it, ha. Someone tell me that you remember the rubbery watch guard thing for swatch.”

    I had an aqua swatch, clear face and a clear rubber guard.. If I remember I used to wear it upside down so the face was on the underside of my wrist.

  38. Yeah man, I did that too. It changed from day to day, but remember how big Swatch was? I think there was a Swatch World in times square. Am I crazy, or was there really one there?

  39. Man, Arizona Arnold Palmer Pomegranate Half and Half is on the one today. Jammin on the one, Jammin on the one, JAM JAM JAMMIN ON THE ONE!

    Who knows what that is from?

  40. I remember the swatch watches with the guard. I didn’t really do the analog watches and they usually weren’t waterproof. I do remember wanting the casio calculator watch really badly.

    The pair of Bo’s I had when I was 10 were white with blue/orange. I loved them because they were the Mets colors. I got a pair a couple of years that were black with a couple of different shades of grey with a few patches of orange/red. But the pair I got the other week are the exact same kind as the ones I had as a kid.

    I liked the tennis version of the Pumps because the pump had faux-tennis ball fuzz on it.

  41. And you know, Stevie Wonder is a musical genius!

    WOOOOW! It looks like the Nasty 1 just tied the whole day together.

  42. I don’t remember there being a store, but I do remember how big they were.

    Funny thing is a yr ago I brought my wife to JFK Airport for her business trip and I would up coming home with a Transparent Black banded, clear faced swatch watch just b/c it brought me back to being a kid

  43. HAHAHAHA, man. I am going to have to see if they have RAW and Delirious on DVD. I think I need to own those.

  44. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Up at the Crack of Noon!

    Since reading your Sather rumor, I have the song “Go Now” by the Moody Blues running through my head…

    “We’ve already said ‘Goodbye’.
    Since you’ve got to go
    Oh you had better go now.
    Go now. Go now.”

    So get goin’ Slats…

  45. Sather resigning, and I think I said it yesterday (sorry for the cussin’ Carp!)…would only mean he gets paid millions to do LESS.

    And I fear, deeply fear, what Messier might do as GM. As blind as Tortorella is to Chris Drury being a useful NHL player…Messier is blind to how inept Sather has been for two decades.

    BUT, and it’s a big BUTT…

    Messier has always thrived on competition. On a challenge.

    The only kind of man I’d want as GM of the Rangers is someone who is looking to succeed…not someone who is looking to retire.

    Only good GM we had around here for a long time was Neil Smith. A young unknown who made the tough calls and strove to succeed. Forget the second half of his tenure…look at his first half. The man was an enormous success here.

    So…I dunno. I fear for what advice Messier has been given from Sather. Would we just see another “good ol boys” reunion?

    Mess as GM…
    Gretzky as coach…or Keenan…
    Graves and Leetch as assistant coaches…

    While the fan in me would love to see some kind of legacy move forward with former players leading the way behind the bench…I fear it would just be more wheels spinning..

    Did any of this make sense? I think I’m babbling..LOL

  46. Carp, Glad to hear it went well. Latham, eh? That’s not a bad commute to HVCC from there- straight up Route 7 would be the easiest and most direct, though I could get you there about 3 other ways, lol. We did have great weather last week. Much better than this week. Troy’s my stomping grounds, that why I asked.

  47. And you know what the best part of the (ok maybe not THE best, but a very good part) 80’s and early 90’s was?


  48. Definitely send the kids to bed before watching that one. Or have them use permanent ear muffs.

  49. Say no to Mess, Leetch, Graves, Keenan and Gretzky and screw the legacy. Bring in a fresh face to the organization.

  50. Olga Folkyerself on

    Now wait a minute! It says Sather is going to retire! Not just as GM. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! It’s like a pact with the devil and I didn’t read the fine print….

    No Messier! No Gretzky! No Keenan!

    Fresh Meat!
    Fresh Meat!

  51. you guys are hilarious! i remember watching that on HBO, and every time you guys mention it i just laugh! Good job!

  52. Olga Folkyerself on

    I had two Uncle Paul’s and neither one made as much sense as you do.

    Fresh Meat!

  53. Izzy, was that originally a Moody Blues? I remember Paul McCartney and Wings did it.

    Mickey, next time I’ll try to remember to let you know.

  54. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I only remember the Moody Blues version. Who is this McCartney guy? Wasn’t he in some other group before?

  55. Anyone here watch Jeff Dunham? Some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever seen- it never gets old, no matter how many times I watch it.

  56. LOL I’ve got it on VHS still Nasty. Just gotta find Raw. Edddddiiiiiiiie. what have you done for me latelllllly? HALF!

  57. Slats will retire after this season? This season is over…he can go now! I hope it’s true… I wonder if we going to retire Sather’s cigar! Raise it to the!

  58. Wait a second, breaking news? I just had to attend to some real work and Sather is retiring? Carp, just be honest: Are you carpig with us? Well, retire means retire, not stepping down. Because if he is stepping down and retains President’s title, it really doesn’t matter who is the new GM. Nothing will change. But retiring is retiring. So if he is gone, it’s probably not that crucial who is a new GM, as long as it isn’t Mike Milbury. The new person will be happy to admit Glen’s mistakes and send a few contracts to Hartford.
    Speaking of Mike Milbury- I truly believe that he should switch his career from hockey to agriculture. As in distributing cow’s manure.

  59. Doodie machetto on

    If I have to watch another Byfuglien training video I’m going to lose my Carcillo

  60. Olga Folkyerself on

    If Dolan thinks so much of Sather, he should have him stuffed and put out in the front entrance to Madison Square Garden.

    He can be dusted off twice a day…

  61. Wanna take bets on just how vomit-inducing the MSG press release would be if Slats WAS stepping down?

    “He brought the Rangers back to respectability and led them to four consecutive playoff appearances while building the foundation for a strong future…Also, Chris Drury blocked four shots”

  62. lmao @ chris drury blocked four shots!

    they will make a show all about sather and continuously show it, it will take over the time slots of the Chris Drury player profile you guys are stuck watching 3 times a week! Glen Sather, master builder! LMAO!

  63. RangersSteven on

    I thought Sather retired 10 years ago!

    If we get a new GM – it should not be Messier. Get someone with some background in management and experience in developing players. Additionally, this person needs the stature to rid this team of Sather’s costly free-agent mistakes.

  64. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “Tortorella will be our next GM and Messier will be coaching the Rangers! You heard it here first!”

    I hope I heard it here last, too!

  65. Olga- the duster will be hired at $3.75 mil per year cap hit, but front loaded contract. It’s a tough job, in the middle of Broadway.

  66. “Could lead to some interesting steel cages matches between Torts(if he stays) and Mess. Now THAT would be fun to watch.”

    JESUS! I want Sather gone just so I can see that! Is that PPV or cable? That would totally implode the awesometinuum, especially if Jeff Beukeboom came through the mat right as Torts was gonna win and chokeslammed him!

    Sorry, just excited that the rumor might be true haha.

  67. Ahm, something tells me that Carp may be starting to feel sorry he ever brought it up…

  68. This is what will happen.

    We will win every remaining game of the season… get in as 8th seed and go on 16-1 record to win the Stanley Cup! One loss will come in the opening game and then it’ll be 16 straight wins to win it all! Avery will be Stanley Cup Playoffs MVP with 18 goals and 30 assists!

    After this season Sather will retire as he planed originally only now, he will go out as one of the most beloved and successful Rangers GM’s who brought another Cup to New York City!

  69. Open letter to Tortorella…
    As soon as the season is over, and points do not have any meaning anymore, you’d better have the team show some pride in the sweater…and get that goon Carcillo in the last few games of the season.

    I’m so tried of watching this team get pushed around, while we lose anyway, but hide under the false pretense that we can’t defend ourselves because we need points. That one event has defined this team…no heart (except for Avery), unwilling to defend your best player (yeah, you Girardi)

    Season is OVER…show some pride in the sweater and get that guy.

  70. It can happen, and it still just might, that’s the spirit. Hey Elvis, we have to win this race.

  71. Lone Wolf, you need a second person in your wolf pack, and there are many of us here, and wait, could it be, yes, there was no more many wolves in your wolf pack. LOLOLOLOLOL

  72. You guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack. But when Carp started this blog, I knew you were all one of my own. And my wolf pack… it grew by many. So there… there we were in the wolf pack… I was alone first in the pack, and then you all joined in later. And six months ago, when Carp introduced me to you guys, I thought, “Wait a second, could it be?” And now I know for sure, I just added more guys and gals to my wolf pack. Many of us wolves, running around the streets together, in NYC, looking for strippers and cocaine. So tonight, I make a toast!

  73. If I may throw my .02 in. I would LOVE for Sather to be gone as Rangers GM as much as the next person. I would also LOVE for the Rangers to get away from the Edmonton connection once Sather is gone. If Mess is GM, we’re gonna see Craig McT as coach, Kevin Lowe as an assistant, Paul Coffey as an assistant, Esa Tikkanen as an interpreter, Jari Kurri as Esa Tikkanen’s interpreter, Dave Semenko as the fighters coach, Grant Fuhr as goalies coach, etc……

    Get away from the Edmonton connection and start a new NEW YORK RANGERS IDENTITY!!!!!

  74. “Jeff Beukeboom came through the mat right as Torts was gonna win and chokeslammed him!”

    And then Sullivan came from out back and hit Beuke in the back with a chair, leading to even more chaos. It would be EPIC.

  75. Mickey, and knowing wrestling, that would set up Messier’s heel turn at WrestleMania where he teams with Beuke against Torts and Sully and betrays him. Then Mess, Torts, and Sully start the nWo.

  76. I can’t wait to see the 2009-2010 Season highlights:
    Prior to the season start, Tortorella proclaims “We will be an in your face team this year and a difficult team to play against”

    Jan.21 @ Philly
    a) Carcillo jumps Gaborik and pummels him to the ice while Girardi stands a few feet away and watches.
    b) Avery is the only Ranger to step up later on, fights Hartnell and Carcillo. Tortorella shows his appreciation by benching him in some subsequent games.
    c) Asham runs Lundqvist yet again. Lundqvist attempts to defend himself with his stick and looks for teammates to help; it never comes.
    d) After the Philly debacle, Drury “The Leader” proclaims that “we did the right thing by not retaliating…we need points”. By the way, Rangers lost the game anyway 2-0.

    no urgency, no heart, no team.
    But don’t worry, Redden and Roszival have 4 goals total this year…nice signings Sather.

  77. Shor, Of course there would have to be a heel turn by someone. LOL. And Avery as a manager ala Jimmy Hart.

  78. Thinking about it…it would make PERFECT sense for Slats to resign now:

    1. He gets to leave on his own without the “indignity” of being fired.

    2. He gets to leave and let someone else clean up the horrific mess he’s created.

    For a man who’s shown himself to be a coward who hides in his ivory tower, it would make perfect sense for him to take the coward’s way out.

  79. Wait a second, you totally lost me. We are wolves now? I’m in! But how? Did Carp sent us all to play for Hartford Wolfpack?:

  80. Nasty, i would be honored to be part of your wolfpack, and will certainly howl upon your arrival at Warren if you can make it after your concert!!

  81. Nasty has a couple of care instructions, no drinking and no gambling.

    What is he a gremlin?

  82. leetchhalloffame on

    Lone Wolf – you couldn’t have laid it out any better. Now only if the Rangers, any Ranger would lay someone out…….
    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!

  83. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    NAsty1: I wil gladly be part of your wolf pack or any other Boneheads wolf pack

    I think I Carcilloe’d in my pants when I read that

    And if Sather is goign to retire, he is leaving hte business entirely. Plus ole Tomato face is 67 years old, and his house on that historic land in Vancouver or wherever is prob almost finish (Paid for by all ranger fans)

    Thats’ prob why he’s waiting til this season’s over, waiting for the paint to dry then he’s out of town faster than a spedding bullet

    goodbye Slats, we hated you from your first day to your last

  84. CJP – don’t disagree, but why didn’t he do the same six years ago. Or during his last several years in Edmonton?

  85. Oh and I don’t get how they can call it the first pro sports game in 3D, didn’t the Cowboys do that for their game vs. the Giants this past season? Except they did it on their jumbotron for the people AT THE GAME? Why on earth would you watch the jumbotron if you’re there already?

  86. LW, if I recall, Edmonton was the little market team that could in the late 90’s but not quite good enough to beat the Wings and Avs. Plus he drafted Captain Canada, that probably bought him a few years alone. Behold the power of the mullet.

  87. what exactly will be on the 2009-2010 New York Rangers season highlights dvd??? Rozsi going hard for the puck in the remaining seconds of sundays game? Redden standing around while guys fly past him? Hank being run 1001 times and noone doing anything about it? Drury’s Pizza interview?

  88. Which part? About the 3D or why Sather stuck around in Edmonton a decade after their last cup?

  89. 2009-10 Highlights:

    Gaborik’s first 20 goals
    Prospal’s face after scoring
    MDZ’s first 12 games
    Kotalik’s first 8 games
    15 seconds of Higgins highlights
    Cally’s 12,456 hits (it’s an official stat!)
    Avery’s 4 point game vs Dallas (half the footage provided by Dallas)
    Lundqvist’s smiling after a big win (1 frame)
    Torts smiling (will need regular footage but special effects provided by the team that did Avatar)

  90. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    This team really hit the skids when carcillo beat gaborik and that doofus geradi stood there terrified!
    That was a ranger statement.

  91. There was a 3D broadcast of a sahker-ball game over here a few weeks ago too. To be fair, the Rangers website does only claim it to be the first NHL game in 3D.

  92. Hello my fellow wolves! We are going to finish this season on a high note! Wolf-style! AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Like in that Etrade commercial. Lindsey-milk-a-what?

  93. Look at the impact that that Jan. 21 Philly game has had on the team. The record since and including the Jan. 21 Philly game when Gaborik was pummeled…I think it’s 7 wins vs. 15 losses. And Gaborik has never been the same as he was earlier in the season. Not standing up for your teammates, and having pride in the sweater has huge implications.

    I’m a season ticket holder for 22 years, and I’m more disappointed in this team than any other. I can put up with a team with lesser talent that plays with pride, but is just not good enough. I can’t put up with a “heartless” team. And to make matters worse, when someone like Avery tries to step up, Tortorella (Mr. Clueless) benches him.

    This team is a bad mix of players and is terribly coached.
    Enough for today…
    See you at the Garden on Wed….

  94. My vote for Gm would be Mike Richter, the guy is cogent,a hard worker, a winner, and he cares about the rangers.
    Get some new blood, the heck with the old school stuff.

  95. >>Glen Sather will retire after this season.

    Technically, ten or twenty seasons from now is still considered “after this season”.

    OK, I just wanted to make sure you Boneheads stay grounded and don’t start any premature celebration or something.

  96. JB, i think we learned our lessons with the premature celebration! Until i see it with mine own eyes, i will not get giddy anymore where this team is concerned, and especially anything having to do with sather.

    CT, good highlights, sad hank smiling is only 1 frame.

  97. 10 games left and we have 1(one)guy with over 20 goals.There has to be such an over haul it’s gonna take 2-3 years til we get any where near a contender.I can count on one hand the guys I’d keep and it wouldn’t take all five fingers either.We have two D-man that are even close to a top 2 pair,the rest of them are 5th and 6th D-man at best.Centers we have…let me think none.keep one put him on the 3rd line.and seeing as Duruy has a no trade for 3 more years it has to be him.Wingers Gaborik,Cally,Prospel,Avery,Pick2,maybe 3.Dubbi’s not good enough for a 1st line center.He has one more year to prove himself.If we get a good offer for him this summer,trade him.
    Enough of this team.

  98. I don’t know if Dubi was ever projected to be a 1st line center, he may have spent time on the first line the past couple of years but that’s more about his competition for that role than anything else. Anisimov probably would have a better shot of growing into a first line center than Dubi.

    And if you think that he’s that much of a bust what are you going to get for him? Another guy that’s going to score only 15-20 goals?

  99. Carp, Go Now was originaly done by the Moody Blues their first hit single. McCartney did it because Denny Laine was in Wings and the Moody Blues. Izzy finally got back to acknowledge your Greshner knowledge. Which I was aware. In my book Ranger Defensemen 1. Greshner 2. Leetch then a toss up. I was always amazed at how Gresh could stickhandle and not lose the puck. I can’t think of anyone who was like him

  100. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    I agree, pre lockout rules were much better…and no stupid skills competition!!!

  101. Sather Gonna Retire ???


    Kudos to them

  102. I was at the rally and I believe that we did a great job getting the message out!

    It is sort of scary to think about who will replace Sather when he’s gone for good. Last season we wanted Renney gone and now we looking at the possibility of missing the playoffs for the first time in 5 years…I’m just saying.

  103. CCCP, even if you could convince me that this team will make the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup, it’s too much to imagine that the NHL would ever allow Avery to win the Conn Smythe. Bettman would sooner pour gasoline on the trophy and light it at center ice …

    ilb, I’m not carping, but I’m not saying it’s a done deal either. And, ps, as of today the term is “cow carcillo.” (12:36 p.m.) …

    I’m surprised at you guys who could picture a Torts-Mess fracas with A) Mess needing help and B) the first on the scene not being Graves. …

    Now what’s all this about wolves? Are we doing the Thriller video?

  104. ilb2001 talks line combos in jibberish on

    Cow’s carcillo it is, Carp. That’s what Mike Milbury should really concentrate at for the rest of his gloriuos career.

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