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Here’s the info, and since I don’t know anybody who has a 3D television, and before as few days ago I didn’t even know there were 3D televisions, I figure the only way to see it is to buy tickets on the web site for the viewing at the WaMu Theater.

The release from MSG:

Rangers vs. Islanders at Madison Square Garden on March 24 Will Be Screened in 3D at the Theater at MSG for Area Hockey Fans
Telecast Will be America’s First Live 3D Sports Event Delivered to the Home
New York, NY – March 18, 2010 – MSG, a leader in delivering state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology to viewers, announced today that it will telecast the March 24 Rangers-Islanders matchup from Madison Square Garden in 3D, the first network hockey telecast ever produced in 3D.  MSG will also be the first network in America to offer home viewers a live 3D sports telecast.  In 1998, MSG was the first regular provider of sports coverage in high-definition television, producing all Knicks and Rangers home games in that emerging format.
The Rangers will host a special viewing party of this historic telecast at the Theater at Madison Square Garden that will include appearances by popular Rangers alumni Mark Messier, Adam Graves, Ron Duguay, Nick Fotiu, Ron Greschner, Dan Blackburn and others, as well as fan contests and giveaways .  Tickets to the 3D screening are $20 and available at newyorkrangers.com via Ticketmaster.   MSG HD subscribers with 3D compatible televisions will be able to watch the telecast on a separate channel offered by Cablevision, and MSG is in discussions with other providers.  For more information please visit msg.com/3D.
“MSG has been a leader in delivering emerging technology to our viewers, and a leader in high quality original programming, including a record 64 Emmy nominations this year,” said Michael Bair, president, MSG Media.  “We were the first regular providers of high-definition sports telecasts with Knicks and Rangers games more than a decade ago, and we’re excited to continue this tradition of providing the most innovative and creative telecasts to our audience.”
MSG is planning a renovation which will be a comprehensive top-to-bottom transformation of the arena that will enhance the experience for customers, athletes, entertainers, fans and marketing partners.  The state-of-the-art facility will also include the most up-to-date technology throughout the arena for fans attending events.
Longtime Rangers voice Kenny Albert will call the play-by-play, former Ranger Dave Maloney will serve as analyst, and Al Trautwig will serve as television host for the evening.
The game will be shot using 3ality Digital’s image-capturing technology, which integrates with existing broadcast equipment for pixel-perfect 3D imagery.   3ality Digital, which has more than a decade’s worth of development work behind its systems, has been the technology of choice behind a number of recent 3D sports productions, including BSkyB’s January Premiere League Soccer broadcast, the first live 3D broadcasts of NFL and college football games shown in theaters, and the 2010 Sony Open golf tournament. Gamecreek Video will provide a separate high-definition mobile video production unit for the game, working with 3ality Digital camera rigs and image processing systems. In the Theater at Madison Square Garden, RealD’s 3D stereoscopic Cinema Processing System will enable the audience to view the game in 3D via eyewear, screen and filtering technology.   A provider of advanced 3DTV-capable technology, Harris Corporation, an international communications and information technology company collaborating with MSG on the telecast, supplied NetVX ™ encoders and signal processing equipment that will be used to ensure synchronous transport of the 3DTV signals from Madison Square Garden to the network operations center.

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  1. Horse burgers!

    CCCP, even if you could convince me that this team will make the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup, it’s too much to imagine that the NHL would ever allow Avery to win the Conn Smythe. Bettman would sooner pour gasoline on the trophy and light it at center ice …

    ilb, I’m not carping, but I’m not saying it’s a done deal either. And, ps, as of today the term is “cow carcillo.” (12:36 p.m.) …

    I’m surprised at you guys who could picture a Torts-Mess fracas with A) Mess needing help and B) the first on the scene not being Graves. …

    Now what’s all this about wolves? Are we doing the Thriller video?

  2. ilb2001 talks line combos in jibberish on

    Carp carped himself! And I carped Carp!

    Cow’s carcillo it is, Carp. That’s what Mike Milbury should really concentrate at for the rest of his gloriuos career.

  3. Come to think of it, Milbury has been doing and talking cow carcillo for decades. Well, at least it’s organic…

  4. 3D? the nyr have 6D…..7 was too much for the two bosses to carry, especially when one ran away from the genius. they make me sick without the special effects. Maybe they can sign some avatars.

  5. Unfortunately they look even worse in 3 dimensions than 2. If anything, they should be hyping the radio broadcasts.

  6. Eric, it’s available in regular HD on MSG, if your provider offers 3D, it would on a different channel.

  7. Carp

    I agree… Avery + Conn Smythe + NHL = Hara-kiri for Buttman!

    I have double D at home…will i be able to view the game? lol :P

  8. CCCP, i just read yours and am crackin up laughing!!! just turn the dial a little bit ;-)

  9. i just bought tickets to this thing. should be interesting, even if they give up 8 goals.

    Messier! Fotiu! Graves! Duguay! Greschner!


    Was Dan Cloutier not available? It’s Rangers-Isles, after all.

  10. even if you could convince me that this team will make the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup, it’s too much to imagine that the NHL would ever allow Avery to win the Conn Smythe. Bettman would sooner pour gasoline on the trophy and light it at center ice

    ^^^ I just laughed my Auld off. That’s twice in the last week that you came up with a classic.

  11. That’s like the only game I missed in six or seven years.

    Yes, Linda those are all acceptable. And any time you can substitute Carcillo for you-know-what, it’s encouraged.

  12. As in, “you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken carcillo.”

    Or, “does a bear carcillo in the woods?”

  13. ya know carp, since we started substituting names for curses, I find myself using them in real life. And did anyone see the commercial for scrabble slap? You can change CARP to DAMP in just 2 turns lol!

  14. And here’s why Messier is a poor choice as GM:

    *Mark Messier has selected a former teammate to coach Canada’s team at the upcoming IIHF World Hockey Championship. The Canadian general manager named former Oilers player and head coach Craig MacTavish as the team’s head coach Tuesday*

    (from tsn)

  15. …but how come there are 3D DVD’s for sale that can be viewed on regular TV in 3D with glasses on! Wouldn’t Rangers vs. Isles broadcast be similar to that?

  16. CCCP, do you REALLY want to see Reddens 2 mph shot coming at you through your tv?? Do you really want to see Dubi picking his nose in 3d?? The best thing about the 3d telecast would be watching the veins in Torts neck explode!

  17. Carp,

    “Milbury has always been full of carcillo.”

    LOL, I just spit up my soda. Ha. And truer words have never been spoken.

  18. Dubi picking his nose in 3D …too funny, I hope he doesn’t need to use an air hankie.

  19. The White Plains Batman on

    Dream Theater and Iron Maiden this July at MSG!!!!!

    It is a very disturbing world we live in; all the Rangers fans I know are now officially rooting for the Islander and vice versa. Both sides want to sabatoge their draft pick positioning.

  20. The White Plains Batman on

    I’ve seen DT back in 2001. Great show. Liquid Tension Exp. is great too. Saw them two summers ago at BB King’s.

    The show is like July 12th I believe. Prob gonna be around $80 so I might just try and concentrate on Faith No More first.

  21. And while you at it, guys, see if you can finally pinpoint in 3D which carcillo Torts’ tie is painted with: dog’s or bird’s?

  22. I think we’ve discussed that 3D game from every single possible angle. I just hope it doesn’t turn into another 3D- as in triple dreck.

  23. Is anyone watching Ottawa- Flyers? 2-0 Ottawa. Volchenkov hits Gagne from behind, no call. Gagne goes after Volchenkov, gets 7 min. Things are about to explode.

  24. Cablevision just wants a new snipe for their anti-Verizon rhetoric:
    “Where else can you see HD games of all 9 local sports teams, and the occasional 3D broadcast of the bad ones? Only on Optimum!”

    the choice of provider will now be easier for that one guy with a 3D tv

  25. it seems I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Looks like what some of yall have been talking about could be coming true. If everything breaks right the Rangers COULD be in position for a lottery pick.

  26. Or maybe it has just been because the rangers have bombed so well…or I mean poorly. Looks like another off season to draft, resign and sign some players, regroup, and begin training and working towards next year. I think some of these Veterans need to really dig deep and train to become better in many aspects of their game if they do remain on our team next season. As for the kids that need contracts, sign them. Keep all our young blood, continue to add positive pieces of the puzzle for next season. Keep Olli Jokinen, he can be good if signed for the right price. Hope Sather does a good job. Sign Girardi for cheap.

    Lots of things to do for next season.

    Sucks this one isn’t even over yet.

  27. Yes, one rangers. We actually may be able to watch our team getting third overall pick this draft. In 3D. What a great way to appreciate how young those kids really are- still suffering from adolescent acne.

  28. the players will manage to screw everything up. most likely drury will start scoring “clutch” goals so we draft around 9th or 10. tank please!

  29. i wonder what torts saying,”i dunno” to every reporters questions after the game will be like in 3D…

    hey john, why does your team look like crap game in and game out? “I DUNNNNOOOOO.”

  30. Will MSG mute the broadcast when the “Fire Sather” chants are being heard at WAMU and then all the fans join in also?? A viewing party for tomorrow night is a recipe for disaster

  31. Rob L.

    March 23rd, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    Carp, if Sather does in fact retire at seasons end I’ll buy you a 3dTV……


    I am SO saving this comment! Rob, start saving now! Carp…you better invite us for Rangers in 3D!

  32. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Chicago stands tall in the west!

    Beats Phoenix 2-0.

    Let’s Go Blackhawks. Show us all the good that comes when your clueless owner drops dead! New York take note!

  33. first off my apologies for my language the other morning,second,if Sather does anything,it will be a move into a president/co,type position,so who ever is hired will be a puppet.the beat goes on..

    Lets go Lottery Draft Pick.(jessiman have any cousins around 17yrs old?)

  34. i cant believe im saying this(sorta)but i hope this team goes down in flames,starting with a good ol beating at the hands of our two biggest rivals,ON BACK TO BACK nights!
    i just want to get about 5 or 6 fights outa Shelley before we shelve him next year for,i dont know,is Dan Kordic around still?how about Probert,im sure ol Glen looooves Probie.

    what are the chances Brash gets called up for the leafs game,so that maybe Colton Orr can “retire” him?

  35. guys, pretty funny story. few days ago, my daughter got dropped off for her visit, she says “daddy look at my new spongebob shirt!!1”. so i look at it, and sure enough its a spongebob shirt and wriiten on it was the words’maturity is overrated’. i started laughing pretty hard because it reminded me of clutch’s statement about immaturity, and my kid thought i was makin fun of her. i had to tell her it was a nice shirt and i was sorry for laughing cuz i hurt her feelings. idk its not that funny now, but at the time i saw it, it was around about we lost our last game, and the timing of it just seemed perfect and i lost it. its probably not funny now, but it was one of those, had to be there moments.

  36. Good ploy by the Dolans to throw this out there a couple of weeks before the season ends to make up some of the lost playoff revenue that they will incur.

  37. Mike-Achev in IA

    don’t worry bro…that story of yours is as funny as this team! Not only they dont listen to their coach they also could not give more carcillo what Mr. I suddenly found cohones captain clutch got to say! Should be a great snot fest tonight!

  38. oh, good mornin !! attention!! at ease heads. first order of business. fire sather chants tonight. i wanna hear them loud and i wanna hear them often! ok, then i want to see a thrashing of epic 3 or even 4 dimensional proportions. okposo please score for my fantasy team thats in the playoffs!! next, i wanna see a 3-d spin o rama breakaway goal by Aa. gotta get this kid some confidence. then i wanna see sams jiggly jowels do the cha cha after drury scores a 75 footer that hits roloson in the head,drops and rolls off his shoulder and in. they might have to revive joe after he goes edzo crazy over the sheer clutchness of it. then, i wanna see prust destroy tim jackman or whoever is their fighter. then i want redden to block a slapper with his face in 3-d!!!!!!!!! ohh the possibilities. and of course, no ranger gamenight at the garden would be complete without old faithful swedish porn music to calm us down after we pull hank at the end only to watch rozy on the ice trying to pass it into the net, and slowly skate after it once its cleared. then, TORTS PRESSER IN 3-D!!!! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE

  39. Izzy Mandlebaum
    March 24th, 2010 at 2:51 am
    Chicago stands tall in the west!

    Beats Phoenix 2-0.

    Let’s Go Blackhawks. Show us all the good that comes when your clueless owner drops dead! New York take note!

    Izzy, LMFCO! (C- for Carcillo, F-for frustrated):-)

  40. Mikey- let me bring you back to earth, bro.

    Carcillo looks and smells the same in 3D…

  41. Sooooo disappointed I don’t get to see Torts’ head explode in 3D after Okposo and Taveres make Redden look like a peewee player.

  42. THANKS TRIP C-P!! it was really effin funny if u werre here and saw it. it also reminded me of that troll that said somethin to truefans about his spongebob undies. and the goofy gfun we had talkin about it afterwards. both combined made me lose it for a minute. my kid was actually scared of me. she heard my maniacal laugh and started crying. she thinks my laugh is scary. it is kinda loud and obnoxious. like myself!lol

  43. ok, off to work! cant wait for tonight. i will def. be here on the best blog ever tonight. oh btw, carp, if sather retires AND we lose tonbight in 3-d, i will buy you a hot dog with the woiks, and a sprite, in 3-d!!! that bheats an old tv anyday!
    p.s. guys, gals, its confirmed. im coming to ny. in july though. but i will be coming back in october for a game. so we can meet at warrens. good times.

  44. Mikey- you need some parental skills education:)Kidding, I’m sure you’re a good father.

  45. Maybe in 5-7 years, when AA, Stepan, Kreider, Del Zotto, and others come into their own, this team might be something. Of course, by then Lundqvist will be on the downside of his career. Sorry the Rangers couldn’t be good while you are in your prime, Hank.



  47. Lets go Rangers! If we try really really hard over these next 10 games we can go from 23 in the league to 28! Can you say lottery pick?!? Woo

  48. isles316 – that’s a very interesting and unique thought you’ve got there. what led you to that formulation? i’m sure you never read that on these boards.

  49. Speaking of Crosby…not sure if this was discussed or not but I wanted to mention…

    Did any of you see the Wings-pens game the other night? Detroit won the game 3-1, but at the end of the game, that little b!tch crosby was cross checking Zetterberg in the back repeatedly. Zetterberg fought back, but in came Bertuzzi and Jimmy Howard (the Detroit goalie), who ended giving that punk a good face wash with his catching glove.

    That’s why I hate cindy so much….she whines and cries like a little b!tch and does little b!tchy carcillo and when a tussle ensues cries even more. Yet crosby won’t receive any bad publicity for cross checking zetterberg rather violently I might add), but if Ovechkin did that, he’d be called out for being reckless and dangerous.

    Canadians are such hypocrites: they claim Ovie is dirty but yet, in what Canada calls one of its greatest moments in their glorious hockey history (the 1972 summit series victory over the CCCP), they won the series only because Bobby Clarke purposely and viciously slashed the ankle of the soviet’s best player (Kharlamov) and broke his ankle. I hate crosby.

    Ok, I’m done. Thank you for listening. :)

  50. If this miracle happens, it’ll be because we caught the Flyers. In 36 hours, we could be four points behind them, even in games with eight to go, and the home-and-home to end the season.

  51. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Only players that should be in training camp from this years roster next season:

    Drury(cause he can never be moved) Cally, Dubi, Avery, Gabby, Prospal, AA, Boyle
    Staal, Del Z, Gilroy
    Hank, Auld

    That’s 10 spots open to get

    Scoring Wingers
    Shut Down Dmen
    Puck moving Dman
    #1 Center

    And Sather exiled to the Island on Lost!!

    Anyway TOngiht Im watching the game as a one off, and only hope the team shows up for local pride in TRYING to beat the Fishsticks

  52. For you CCCP: http://www.mlive.com/redwings/index.ssf/2010/03/henrik_zetterberg_dominates_at.html

    Some quotes from Jimmy Howard about the after the last whistle scrum.

    Here’s the thing about Crosby. It’s one thing when opposing fans bring up the whining and such. That’s natural. As Rangers fans we hear it all the time about Avery and Messier certainly had a large anti-fan club. But it’s something else when other players are willing to call him out on his IMMATURE actions (What Would Drury Do?). Forsberg called him out for a dive during his rookie year. Jagr did the same in the playoffs and Lundqvist did it a few weeks ago. Then Dubi called him a baby and now Howard is pointing that out. It’s a pretty big indictment when a player’s peers don’t respect him.


    Good wednesday morning to yas! CT, great post!! When it’s OTHER PLAYERS calling him out, then you really have to wonder if his ‘maturity level’ has increased as much as they try to make us believe. As I’ve said in the past, you cannot deny him the skill he obviously has, but because of the fact that he STILL whines and dives, he’ll never have the respect that others before him have had. Sure, he can win scoring titles, MVP’s and the Cup, but as CT says, when you’re not respected by your peers, that says a lot.

  54. The part of the Spector article that sticks out to me the most is the last:

    “Sather’s had nine seasons to turn the Rangers into a Stanley Cup contender. He’s failed. It’s time for a change in their front office, preferably someone outside the organization like Steve Yzerman (if he’s available) or perhaps someone else with more experience rather than a Sather crony like Messier.

    It’s time for Sather to go.”

  55. Thanks CT. That’s what I’m saying…when it goes beyond casual fan hating on a player to not getting respect from the players themselves it does become something else completely.

    They guy still lives in Mario’s basement! How pathetic is that?!

  56. if Carp’s getting that 3D TV, we may have to move Bonehead Fest to Chateau de Carp hehehehe ONLY KIDDING RICK!!

  57. I say screw this! Let’s kick some Fishsticks’ butts! We’ll worry about tanking later. LGR!!

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