Well, at least they’re rested


Two days off, a game in which they didn’t expend too much energy, and then two more days off. Not bad work if you can get it.

Of course, this R&R (rest and relaxation, not to be confused with Redden and Rozsival) leads into the death march of the season starting with the Islanders trying to catch and pass the Rangers in the standings and in 3D! Then a six-game trip. Then a home game against Toronto. Then a home-and-home with the Flyers that might mean nothing to either team.

Good luck with that.

1) We’ve dissected and dissected this team’s roster, and we’ve only just begun. But for the sake of intelligent discussion, please don’t say “get rid of Drury” because he cannot be moved. And let’s not give up on the Anisimovs, Gilroys, Del Zottos or Grachevs, even the Staals or Dubinskys at this point. Even if they turn out to be busts, all of them, right now they are assets. Losing any of them without great return only makes the Rangers worse for the foreseeable future, not better.

2) It’s amazing that no matter how inept the Rangers are offensively — and they are — they continue to lose games defensively. That play on the first goal yesterday happens every period: Two defensemen on the same side of (or behind) the net, the forward coming back not recognizing the problem. This time it was Staal and Rozsival and the captain. The winning goal, granted, was the fault of a forward (Jokinen) and the goalie, who cannot allow a 25-foot back-hander to beat him, even with a screen or a deflection. As a former goalie, I do know that longer back-hand shots are trouble because you can’t read the release point or the target as well as a forehand shot. But still … Anyway, right after the winning goal, Del Zotto took a gamble he needed to take, resulting in a 3-on-1, on which Knees Girardi slid across to block the pass, didn’t block the pass, and forced the goalie to make an incredible save on the 2-on-zero. How many times have we seen that?

3) Most teams make these mistakes and hide them by being able to score goals.

4) The Bruins have scored fewer goals than the Rangers.

5) MSG Vault’s 1975 Rangers stuff last night was awesome footage, vs. Islanders and Bruins. When men were men, when boards were white, when players were slow and didn’t wear helmets, when goalies were normal-sized. Can’t beat Gordon and Chadwick.


The Rangers announced this today:

New York, March 22, 2010
– New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with free agent defenseman Lee Baldwin.
Baldwin, 21, skated in 32 games with the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves this season, registering one goal and nine assists for 10 points, along with 51 penalty minutes.  He ranked second among team freshman in assists and tied for third in points.  Baldwin ranked sixth on the team overall and third among team defensemen in assists, fourth among team defensemen in points, and fifth on the Seawolves in penalty minutes.  He registered his first collegiate point in his second game with two assists on October 9 vs. Mercyhurst.  Baldwin notched his first career NCAA goal, and posted a career-high three points (one goal and two assists) and plus-three rating on November 7 vs. Denver.
Prior to joining the Seawolves, the 6-4, 205-pounder skated in 150 career British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL) games over three seasons with the Burnaby Express and Victoria Grizzlies, recording 20 goals and 74 assists for 94 points, along with 174 penalty minutes.  Baldwin enjoyed his finest BCHL season with the Grizzlies in 2008-09, establishing career-highs in goals (13), assists (41), points (54), power play goals (seven), shorthanded goals (one) and penalty minutes (79) to capture Team MVP and Top Defenseman honors while serving as an assistant captain for Victoria.  The 2009 BCHL All Star also led the Grizzlies in plus/minus rating, and led all BCHL defensemen in points.  In addition, Baldwin has registered five goals and 14 assists for 19 points, along with 20 penalty minutes in 33 career BCHL playoff games with Burnaby and Victoria.

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  1. And he gets Carped too.. This Daylight Saving Time is really affecting his crack of noon :)

  2. I finally agreed with Mike Milbury, when he said it was time for the Rangers to sit the veterns like Redden, Rosi, Jokken, etc and bring up the kids from Hartfoed and play them. Hartford isn’t going anywhere (either) so let the kids play against NHLers and see what they have. I doubt it is any worse than what we have been seeing.

  3. Another defenseman? Sounds like a big guy. TR reported that yesterday, btw. Does anyone has more info on Baldwin?

  4. Lee Baldwin? How about signing a free agent forward??

    Tyler Bozak? Blake Wheeler?


  5. Ah, but let’s not forget that Mad Mike would want to see what the youngsters could do just so he could trade them on draft day and then draft 3 goalies in a row in the 1st round.

  6. Rob, I think he’s playing in the member-member with his father. Then they’re going to the gym to lift barbells.

  7. CTBlushirt- luckily, all Mad Mike will be trading in the foreseeable future is baseball cards..

  8. I can’t believe the Coyotes are tied with Chicago for #1 in the West, and #2 overall in the league. NOBODY saw that coming. Amazing.

  9. Carp, Rob- it’s raining in Florida, so he has to wear the famous “beltless trenchcoat”…

  10. A guy that goes on about things, with the gusto that Milbury does, you would almost think he would make a real good GM for team. Oh I guess that ship has already sailed.

  11. Been trying to avoid the blogs lately – though youse are never better than when our rangers are losing.

    Agree with you Carp! – lets keep the kids and give them a chance. Jokes, Prospal, Redden, Rozi, and Christianson can be subtracted, by term or by demotion or maybe draft day trade. Let the young guys stay and play.

    Of course there is always the chance of a top ten draft pick this year – maybe better – top five.

    Speaking of 1975, when are they (NHL/NHLPA) going to consider making the goal/nets just a tad larger – two inches in all directions would make those goal-posts hit goals – probably increase scoring by 2-3 goals a game. a larger goal today would bring back the look of the 1970-80’s. bring back a premium on goal scoring rather than goal stopping. just my deep thought for the day.

  12. Get Brashear back! He payed his dues in Hartford! Ne learned his lesson! He is ready to step up and score some goals…Don’t forget, he has to be reminded to wear skates when on the ice though..

  13. I’d really prefer to see corey locke, grachev, ,sanguinetti potter, heikenenn and more of the wolfpack in the lineup. The NBC announcers mentioned it during the game that the veteran guys such as rosivall redden drury, are the guys that need to step up during a game like that, and they did’t. The commentator said that those guys should be glued to the bench, because “they didn’t seem to care.” I couldn’t agree more. I think drury is moveable, and should be moved if possible. Not because he is not a good player, but because sather overpaid him. And because of that, we need capspace. I think that you can move him if you find the right team.
    I don’t think that the best move for the rangers is this:
    package dubinsky with either redden rosival, or drury to dump some salary. (note this is why sather should have stuck to his guns when negotiating dubis salary at the beginning of this season)
    If that doesn’t work: you need to waive either redden or rosi. Rosi has 2 seasons left at 5 million. Redden 4@6million. I’m not sure that this will happen, but it would be nice to waive one of them and carry 7 defenseman (2 from the minors).

  14. Re: Bigger nets. Why not just limit the goalie pads and the gloves? Take a look at the goalies equipment back in the day. It wasn’t nearly as big as it is now. Heck, now you can just set up a pair of leg pads in the goal and they would block 75% of the shots. The goalie equipment is much too big = leg pads, blocker and catching glove.

  15. This is how I’d fix the Rangers for next season (in a perfect world)

    1. Trade a pick and/or a prospect for Patrick Sharp (Chicago is already 1 million in the hole for next season with only 14 players signed, so they cant take salary back and they need to unload some major salary)

    2. Trade Rozy and Dubinsky to Edmonton for Souray and Cogliano

    3. Demote/trade Voros to save 1 million dollars.

    4. Let Olli, Shelly, and Vally go

    5. Trade or demote Gilroy

    5. Re-sign Vinny, Lisin, Christensen, Staal, Auld

    6. Sign UFA Garnett Exelby

    My roster:
    Gabby (7.5) – Sharp (3.9) – Callahan (2.3) = 13.7
    Drury (7.0) – Vinny (1.5) – Cogliano (1.5) = 10.0
    Avery (1.9) – Chstensn (850k) – Anisimov (820k) = 3.57
    Prust (500k) – Boyle (525k) – Byers (500k) = 1.52

    Staal (2.5) – Girardi (1.75) = 4.25
    Redden (6.5) – MDZ (1.1) = 7.6
    Souray (5.4) – Heikkinen (875k) = 6.27

    Hank (6.875) – Auld (750k) = 7.62

    Reserve – Lisin (750k) – Exelby (875k) = 1.62

    Total 56.1 million

    This makes us a way tougher team with the additions of Souray, Exelby, Byers and Heikkinen. Gives us line balance by giving us an actual number 1 Center while keeping Christensen were he belongs as a 3rd line Center. Also, Souray would be the Point man on the PP with MDZ feeding him, and best of all opens spots for 2 more Rookies in Heikkinen and Byers

  16. no velcro. can’t stand that tearing sound.

    also, they might use the Urban Sombrero for shuffleboard in the rain.

  17. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    So you think you’re better than me? I was rolling the Crepes.

    Don’t worry about Daylight Savings- I set my clock back like you’re supposed too…

    Just to repost after I was so rudely Carped-

    Greshner’s #4 should be retired! He was a lifelong Ranger. 16 years with only one team on his stats sheet. Greschner retired from the NHL as the Rangers` all-time leader in points, goals and assists by a defensemen. Leetch’s #2 is up there, so should Greshners #4.

  18. I’m lukewarm on Greschner’s #4. He was a very good player for a long time, and a captain. Not a Hall of Famer, never a Norris contender, never a postseason all-star (was he?), went to one final. Not one of the top three or four best defensemen in franchise history. I just don’t know.

  19. HAHA, yeah man. I was off from work for 2 weeks and now I am back. Not happily, but I am back. Anyway, I checked in a few times here and there. Wasn’t much to be excited about. Hell, there was nothing to be excited about, ha. I hope everyone is well. Are we going to have an end of the year meet up at Warren to drink our sorrows away? LOL

  20. ps, Brian Leetch, Hall of Famer, two-time Norris winner, best D-man in team history, believes his number might not be in the rafters if not for the Cup. I disagree with him.

  21. If the Friggin Rangers could string some wins together they could have climbed as high as 5th place

    #5 Ottawa – 5 losses in a row (Brian Elliot coming back down to reality)

    #6 Philly – 2 losses in a row (no goalie, and now missing top scorer for the rest of the season

    #7 Montreal – playing really well – no complaints

    #8 Boston – worst offense in the league, rookie goalie, missing top scorer

    Rangers – completely healthy (for the most part) – cant win 2 games in a row to save their lives

  22. Isn’t Linda coming up in May? We can kill two birds with one stone for that one. That will also allow me sufficient time to get into grieving mode after the Mets are 15 GB by Memorial Day.

  23. For sake of intelligent discussion, please don’t say “get rid of Drury” because he cannot be moved….

    Have to love you media guys..!! If you like someone you’ll bend over backwards (See Renney) in print.
    Its not if he can be moved. But to think this man is not a major problem is just a joke. Do you really
    need it pointed out that now 2 coaches have failed to get through to a team with this man as its so called
    leader or one of? He is just if not more to blame as Red, Rozy, Gabby..or any other “leader”…You put the “C” on
    you cant be one of the most non affective players on the Ice for two years…Unless you think hes living
    up to the joke of a contract by killing penalties and a 3rd line at best center…(We had that in Betts)…And
    for what hes being paid unless hes winning 85% of faceoffs.
    You cant rip Torts for only keeping some player accountable (And he should be ripped) but then look the other way on Drury…Then turn around
    again and say theres a problem with leadership (2 years now) only to look the other way on Drury…
    But hey….Hes a nice guy…..Media 1st, accountability 2nd…

  24. BLUES, Did I defend Drury? Is this your first time here? I just said he cannot be moved. I have said all along that he needs to sit. I have said that the accountability stops with him. Don’t bundle me up with the rest of the media apologists, OK. Read before you write.

  25. not to belabor the point, but if you paid attention before writing that you’d know that I said Lundqvist is the leader on the team, and that Avery is more of a leader.

  26. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp- I think he’s next best Ranger defenseman after Leetch. (You thinking Brad Park?) No not a HOF’er, 1 All Star 1980, but a career Ranger. A true Ranger with a capital R. Retired as a Ranger rather than play elsewhere.

    He’s got stats, he’s got longevity, he’s got loyalty. What more do you want?

    He doesn’t have Carol Alt, though…

  27. BLUES 405 — The reason why Drury isn’t going anywhere is his No Movement Clause contract. He can’t be demoted to the AHL, and can’t be traded. He can be bought out. So, instead of eating the remaining contract for 2 years 7 mil per, it would then be 3.5 mil over four years as a cap hit. He isn’t going anywhere. They aren’t going to buy him out, they can’t demote him, they can’t trade him.

  28. I’m a Ranger season ticket holder for 22 years, and extremely discouraged by this team…they have no heart (except for Sean Avery). Everything you need to know about this team was proven in the Jan. 21 game in Philly, when Carcillo jumped and pumpeled Gaborik…and our “heartless” team watched this debacle (you should be ashamed Dan Girardi).At least Avery tried to step up. And to this date, they STILL haven’t made this guy pay the price for jumping our only world class forward. This team is a disgrace, and has no chance even if they squeek into the playoffs. As a start, they must:
    a) Fire Sather – produced nothing in over ten years!
    b) Fire Tortorela – clueless; still shuffling lines at season’s end!
    c) Get rid of Redden and Rozsival; even if you have to eat the cash for Sather’s horrible signings…CUT the CORD on these guys! THEY ARE HORRIBLE.
    d) Strip Drury of the “C”. He’s NOT a leader. actually said that they handled the Carcillo debacle correctly by not retaliating. Can you imagine Grave’s, Kocur, or Beukeboom reacting the same way if Messier was attacked by another team’s goon?

  29. I thought Greshner was a good player, but nothing really special. He was nowhere near the player that Leetch was. Leetch was something special and we could use a player like him on this team.

  30. “he Philadelphia Flyers tried to trade for Tim Thomas at the trade deadline, the New York Post reports, and with their goalie troubles right now, they may try again in the offseason.

    The Flyers lost Ray Emery to a potentially career-threatening injury and, now, they’re without Michael Leighton for the season. So it’s Brian Boucher all the way. That’s bad.

    So although they could target Marty Turco, Dan Ellis for Evgeni Nabokov — all impending free agents — the Post’s Larry Brooks believe they’ll target Thomas instead.”

    Even though anything Brooks says should be taken with a grain of salt, what a joke.

    Free agents available, and the Flyers are going to give up something to take back a terrible contract of a 35 year old loser, an Olympic goalie who (even the coach realized was a loser and did not play) played 10 minutes and gave up 1 goal.

    Only in Boston are gifts aplenty.

  31. Amid all the misery that this season has brought, there is comfort in knowing that the Flyers and Bruins aren’t going to be winning a Cup any time in the near future.

  32. I wonder what the Flyers were willing to give up for Thomas though. They have a tight cap situation as well and I doubt they’d really consider trading Carter or Richards. And don’t forget that Briere is Phily’s version of Drury/Gomez so no one is taking him off their hands unless JVR or Giroux is coming with them.

  33. “…Anisimovs, Gilroys, Del Zottos or Grachevs, even the Staals or Dubinskys at this point…” I knew there were more than one Staal, but how many of the the other guys are there?

  34. chairman__mao on

    avery has been MIA for stretches….Callahan, prospal and Lundqvist are the three who always compete…Del Zotto needs to get better conditioning and also im sure he will work on his skating, but he is a star for sure…Staal and Dubi seem worn down by their fellow teammates lack of desire.

  35. I hope now that we will not be making the playoffs, that at some point in those last two games of the season, someone takes Carcillo OUT.

  36. Avery was MIA for stretches because he was on a leash. Torts tried to tame him. Torts then realizing that the season was slipping away, sat Avery for a game, and I am sure at some point just said, “Aves, you are off the leash, just do your thing and help us win some games.” Avery has done that, but the rest of the team is not helping him out at all.

  37. Man it is really frustrating coming on here and reading some of these new posters who have no idea what they’re talking about.

    Blues guy for trying to rip Carp about Drury…his contract prohibits the Rangers from moving him to the AHL or trading him to another team. His family is from CT, he lives there now, he won’t request a trade, even if the Rangers tell him, we really really really want to trade you. So because of all those factors, he CANNOT be moved.

    And for the guys asking for the R’s and Dru to be bought out…spreading out half of their cap hit for twice the length of the remaining contract years is not worth it. Suck it up with them on the team, or in Redden’s case send him to Hartford and try and trade Roszival before you talk buy outs.

    If you take the time to post here, at least know some of the basics regarding NHL contracts before you make yourself look stupid and get flamed.

    But hand’s down…rule number 1 – don’t rip Carp.

  38. not true that Drury can’t be moved. they could bench him, sit him out until he cries uncle and ASKS to be moved

    what you mean is they WON’T do that, they are too gutless. but he CAN be moved. they just don’t have the stones to do what is necessary to force him to WANT to move.

  39. contract sanctity is crap. PLAYERS are quick to demand re-negotiation of an existing contract when it suits THEM. so, when it suits the fans, we want changes too.

  40. They should be gone…
    Redden, Rozsival, Drury, Sather, Torts

    I don’t care about the details, just get it done.

  41. Carp ‘eh diem?

    Seize the day
    Rangers don’t

    Carp’s right
    Gresch was a fav growing up but probably because the whole Carol Alt thing. however, he is a top five all time ranger defender, which is sad. lots of guys with promise but never panned out. Zubov would be in the mix if not for the trade.

  42. Nasty, but you know what will happen. Shelley will fight Cote and lose, Carcillo will beat up Avery or Prust or somebody, and Asham will run Lundqvist and nobody will do anything. More of the same.

    AFLY, Rule No. 3: see AFLY. Then revert to Rule No. 1.

    NYRanger, I’ve been wondering about Rule No. 2 for a while.

    Mike, nice name. Get a clue. Drury’s going nowhere. Probably Sather, too.

  43. Carp, you are probably right, but I would like to think that they would go down fighting. I guess they have given me no reason to believe that though. All talk.

  44. It is definitely easier to win and lose with you all on here though. Almost all of my friends are Devils fans. So, well, you know.

  45. Claude Bawls on

    Carp is right…
    Unfortunately, the team has no heart, and they don’t stick up for each other. Carcillo pummels Gaborik, and no one steps in…Girardi even watches from a few feet away. They are a cowardly disgrace…and haven’t protected Gabby or Henrik all season…and Torts (wimp that he is) is as much to blame as anyone. While I was watching that disgrace on Jan. 21, all I could envision was that Adam Graves must have been embarrassed at the viewing party watching these cowardly losers.
    As far as Drury, I understand the contract issue, but he’s not a leader, and should be stripped of the “C”.

  46. Torts definitely should go into next season with no captain. Let training camp and the beginning of the season dictate who the captain will be. I feel as if it’s going to be a looooong time until the draft….

  47. NYRGuy I agree with going in with no captain. I like that idea. Also, Marleau was stripped of the C and look at the season he is having. I am not saying that Drury will come even close to that, but maybe the burden off his shoulders will allow him to play a little better.

  48. Carp,

    Any chance the Rangers PR people could get you/us info on where the 3D game can be seen outside NY? Like, in Los Angeles?

    It’s a gimmick now, but it’s also probably the future of all sports.


  49. Carp, it is from an old Eddie Murphy stand up routine. I know cursing isn’t your thing, but it is CLASSIC and HILARIOUS, and when I was in middle school I listened to it like I listened to music, which was all the time. I would pop the tape in my sony walkman and just giggle my little 7th grade asham off.

  50. Home sick today. Blech :(

    I have a feeling that Wednesday night is going to be very ugly and rightly so.

  51. Nasty, I don’t mind cursing. I probably curse more than anybody here. Just not on the blog. Eddie Murphy is hilarious. And nobody was funnier than Richard Pryor. I’m trying to remember the name of the other guy, fat guy with long hair, he’s dead now. He probably cursed more than anybody, and was unbelievably funny … profane and with no boundaries.

  52. LI RangerFan on

    Carp – Sam Kinison???

    Nasty1 – “…I would like to think that they would go down fighting”. Couldn’t agree more; was at the game yesterday in Boston and you’d NEVER know that the Rangers were battling for a playoff position. Not that the Bruins were so much better, but the little things, like scrums in the corners, etc., it was brutal watching the Rangers lose almoste very one.

  53. bull dog line on

    I think you are under rating Gresh. probably number 3 on D with the guys I have seen (Leetch, and Park). James Patrick, also an underrated Ranger Dman.

  54. Carp,

    Thanks — and Kinison’s bit on Ethiopia is probably the funniest stand-up I have ever heard. If you’ve never heard it, I can email you a clip. It’s incredible. RIP.

  55. The Situation on

    I dont know why people are giving up on gilroy– He’s a first year player. Everyone hyped him up to be the next brian leetch in his first year and of course he’s not gonna live up to that. I think w/ a little work and time he’ll be a great defensmen….

  56. You have to remember..we’re the New York Rangers. For awhile it was only Giacomin and Gilbert up in the rafters until Messier, Richter, Leetch and Graves all went up. And then Howell and Bathgate. Now you want Greschner? Might as well put Esposito and Duguay up there while your at it. Hey why not JD too? The Maloney Brothers? The point is, i don’t want to turn into the Yankees. I want a retired number to be a privilege, and something of great significance..not something we give to anybody who’s been with us more than 5 years.

  57. I’d normally be one of the last people to step in and defend the Yankees but their retired numbers are associated with some of the best that have ever played the game or were important parts of teams that won championships.

    While Leetch may have thought he doesn’t get his number retired without the Cup (and I doubt that would be the case), Messier and certainly Graves would probably not have gotten their numbers retired without the Cup.

    When it comes down to it the Rangers have few homegrown players, particularly of the past oh 40 or 50 years that are mentioned as great players of their respective eras, that are worthy of the jersey retirement. If they set franchise records or won championships, then obviously that goes strongly into consideration. Out of the current Rangers, only Lundqvist would have a shot and I think Henrik would either have to win a Cup or set the all times franchise victories mark to get consideration for a jersey retirement.

  58. ok nevermind, I can!
    for some reason the last few days my work computer won’t post up comments…argh!

  59. Thanks, CR. I slept til nearly noon today and feel 100 percent better than I did yesterday. Darn spring colds!

    I heard a rumour that a real hockey team was playing our fake hockey team on Wednesday night. A team from an island, I believe…

  60. Chris, you mean “we have deserts in America, we just don’t live in them.” expletives deleted.

    bulldog, I don’t think I’m underrating Greschner. I don’t think he is among the top three. I also happen to think James Patrick was terribly underrated. He was probably better than Greschner. He got Keenaned.

    I agree with the Yankees thing, too. But if the Rangers are going to retire numbers like Greschner’s, then they have to go retire Lester Patrick’s (did they wear numbers in those days) and the Cook brothers’ first. The Yankees overdo it. Billy Martin, Ron Guidry. Were they better than Tony Lazzeri or some of the others from the ’27 era? How are only three Yankees Hall of Famers from that era up on the wall, and not some of the others? How about some of the great pitchers from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s?

    Good to hear you’re feeling better, MickeyM (whose number is retired).

  61. Great to hear you’re better, MikeyM. Slept til noon and felt better? No wonder Izzy is strong as an ox- he always sleeps til noon:)

    This little team from an island with Okposo, Tavares and such will start making the playoffs very soon. That will make things in Atlantic and the EC very cosy.

  62. Hiya Carp, hey guys and hola Sally! Is everyone looking forward to the spectacle on ice that wednesday will be???

  63. 100th!

    Yeah, Linda, they keep playing like that, Sally’s Rosens’ Nosens will be closer to the playoffs than our favorite team..

  64. It could get very ugly Wednesday night if they don’t start well. The Fire Sather chants should be loud and frequent unless they pull a good game out of their lazy arses.

    I think the only solace I have with this team is that things can turn around very fast in this league (see Phoenix), so if they fire that cigar-sucker, you never know.

  65. Shor- it’ll be ugly Wednesday regardless..
    I’m going to be at the Rock Thursday. Two great tickets. Any takers?

  66. oops sorry, didnt get back quick enough to answer!

    so, does this mean we start MORE jibberish talk now?

  67. lmao gibber like its 1996!

    maybe thats the year our next hard hitting crease clearing physical defenseman was born

  68. i thought we agreed two months or so ago that this blog isn’t about gibberish, it’s about line combinations.

    or was it the other way around?


  69. Leetchhalloffame on

    Show Cigar-puss the door
    Find someone, anyone who knows how to evaluate and draft real talent
    Get Torts into an anger management program
    Get Torts into a line management program
    Get Torts some real NHL players
    Strip Dreary of the C & send him into the stands to sell his pizza
    Dump Stinkival, Dredden, Ghiraldelli, She-woman Shelly, Joke-a-non, Lessin, Virus
    Every Ranger fan should cancel their Cablevision subscription
    Every Ranger fan should cancel their season ticket subscription

  70. ilb2001 talks line combos in jibberish on

    So, no takers for two tickets at the Rock? It’s free! And I’ll buy you two hot dogs( Crosby’s lips size) and two Seltzer. OK, make it diet Pepsi?

  71. Carp,

    You know what this is? Sa-and. You know what it’s going to be in a hundred years? Sa-and.

  72. SCX
    March 22nd, 2010 at 12:55 pm
    I can’t believe the Coyotes are tied with Chicago for #1 in the West, and #2 overall in the league. NOBODY saw that coming. Amazing.

    can u smell a conspiracy? i do. all of a sudden the bankrupt crappy team for years and years all of a sudden becomes cup contenders overnight? hmmm. playoff revenue? more fans possibly? i smell a cr9 special delivery. with extra clutch sauce.and some boston cream donuts foir dessert

  73. Grabby, imagine the stink if that NHL-owned and operated team wins a playoff series on a bad call or a bunch of calls, or if an opponent gets a suspension?

    Chris, without much detail, do you remember him singing “Rock of ages” while laying on the stage?

  74. ilb2001 talks line combos in jibberish on

    Alright, got to go kick some 5.0 players’ butt in tennis. Brb, don’t go anywhere, we need to discuss some line combinations.

  75. thanks CCCP, with this team, line combos ARE jibberish!!

    guys, keep your fingers crossed for me, I might have an opportunity in a week!

  76. I meant to ask… wtf happened here last night? People were going totally insane! i mean..i get the frustration and all BUT agreeing with ALF (even if it wasn’t him)?!?! wtf was that all about? Not cool…not cool at all!

  77. CARP:

    What do the Rangers have to do for you to start a blog entry with “Bush-league”?

  78. i am STILL disgusted with how Rozsi ‘played’ the puck in the waning seconds of the game. ugh, embarrassing

  79. Mickey, Glad you’re better. If you want to stay better, dont watch Rangers games anymore this season :)

    THIS SO ANNOYS ME. When we were good, when we had JAROMIR, we would always be on Mondays, and I would have to DVR 24 to watch us and the greatest player in the world and then watch 24 later.

    But now, the Rangers are terrible, when I can actually miss games, and we are never on Mondays :(

  80. I saw we trade all the good players for goon and physically destroy every team in our way. I mean look at these lines.

    Parros – Lucic – Godard
    Boll – Boogaard – Laraque
    Cote – Carcillo – Brashear
    Tucker – Orr – Shelley

    Boulton – Witt
    Jovocop – Gill
    Laperriere – Brashear

    Dan Cloutier
    Ray Emery

    I know some players are out of position, and i know this team might score a total of 3 goals the entire year, but hey..it’ll be fun watching them rack up 30 penalty minutes a night while the other team is carried out on stretchers.

  81. “Yeah, Linda, they keep playing like that, Sally’s Rosens’ Nosens will be closer to the playoffs than our favorite team..”

    Ilb, that’s LOW! Just kidding. As long as my Nosens are having fun, I’m happy.

  82. “CARP:
    What do the Rangers have to do for you to start a blog entry with “Bush-league”?”

    Miami Pimp – Yell out “I got it!” at the 3rd baseman while rounding 3rd base in the Rogers Centre.

  83. Sather WILL soon relinquish his position as GM…

    And all that means is Messier will be named GM with Sather as “President” which means he’ll get paid millions for doing even LESS than he’s done for a decade…

    And since Mess respects Sather like no other…he’ll listen to everything Glennie has to say…

    Which means Mess will be one hell of a GM.

    And listening to all of the talk about players and coaches, I really don’t buy into the theory that “Torts just didn’t have the players for his system.”

    A coach, ANY coach in ANY sport, is given a simple job. Get the most out of your players. Tortorella got just about the worst out of his group.

    “Safe is death” “Just get it done”

    The only team that would make Torts’ “system” successful is the mid-80’s Oilers

  84. Actually, it was “Ha!”

    Not “I got it!”

    But anyways, bush league is injecting yourself in the rear and then lying about it, a la David Ortiz.

  85. Bush-league is calling yourself “Redden” and then pretending you’re an NHL defenseman for the past decade

  86. “And let’s not give up on the Anisimovs, Gilroys, Del Zottos or Grachevs, even the Staals or Dubinskys at this point.”
    Let’s stop at the first name, shall we. Artem Anisimov aka AA as in ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. He can be replaced TODAY by Derek Stepan without blinking or in a heartbeat or in a NY minute, take your pick. His only asset is that he could be traded (send his exhibition highlight goal against the Wings and pray you find a GM as dumb as Sather to bite) and hopefully before someone puts him out of his misery on one of his typical ‘heads-down, I don’t see anything’ run-ins with any team that has a scouting report. Before moving anyone else, please get rid of this guy. This is as good as he gets. He holds back everyone he plays with, and unfortunately that includes the only entertainment available from this group of underachievers, Mr Avery.

  87. CR9

    Thats what whoever the 3rd baseman on Toronto at the time was claimed he said, but on the replay you can clearly hear A-Rod yell “Ha!”

    Either way I like Miami Pimp’s example the best.

  88. Matt K, Brashear could kill all the penalties since he wouldn’t fight.

    Good evening, Sally!

    Scottny, you would give up on a kid that quickly? that’s crazy.

    CJP, your next swear word will be your last. That goes for everybody. Next curse I see will bring a ban. Enough warnings.

  89. Thanks guy. Amazing what a day off and a lot of sleep can do for a person.

    Dancing with the Stars tonight is being done with more intensity than the Rangers played with yesterday. That is just depressing and yet, hysterical at the same time.

  90. You guys heard CARP … next time anyone says “Redden”, they’re getting banned.

  91. Can we talk about how we are scary close to a top 3 in the draft lottery… thats the big story

  92. Yup, three points out of 28th place, which would be a lottery pick with a chance to pick first overall. … but of course, that would require some really bad teams getting three more points, some luck in the lottery, and a GM who could pick the right player. And, naturally, there’s no Hot Dog Lips Crosby or Ovechkin in this draft, is there?

  93. the problem is that we have bunch of 1-3rd year players that everyone wants to – and Sather needs them to be – 10 year players.

  94. ilb2001 talks line combos in jibberish on

    AA is going to turn 22 this May..Yeah, let’s give up on him, sure…Is Theo Fleury available instead?

  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    Now Anisimov needs to go?

    Well, that’s it then. Over the last couple days you people have gotten rid of every player on the team, the coach, GM and owner.

    What’s next? put the Logo up on E-Bay? I hope the new owner doesn’t walk on it…

  96. I really hope they don’t give up on Artie. I doubt they will he has shown that he can play. He will only get better.

  97. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    I think it would be hilarious if the flyers are in 8th with a 3 pt lead over us with two games to go and it is shelley and prust and their edgy play that propel us into the playoffs!!

  98. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    I certainly don’t think AA NEEDS to go. There are some players that DO need to go…lisin, girardi, R & R. I think AA might be a good player to move in order to get something back though (jack johnson anyone??), same as dubi or gilroy!!

  99. ilb2001 talks line combos in jibberish on

    Yeah, Wicky, it’s me..My jibberish is still with Russian accent:)

  100. Carp –
    “Scottny, you would give up on a kid (Anisimov)that quickly? that’s crazy.”
    I’m talking about A SINGLE kid – One I feel can be easily replaced (possibly Stepan or something in a trade if you have pictures of a GM in drag). I have been very patient since I first saw this kid make a fool of himself on his one-game tour of duty prior to last year’s hope inspiring single playoff game. Having now observed close to a full year (which equals five years of a current Ranger fan’s life)I am sadly still not impressed
    Offensively, I feel he’s extremely limited. The toe-drag is about all he’s got. I really don’t think he helps his wingers out because he doesn’t have the puck that often.
    Defensively, he shows some smarts on the PK and is mindful of his pickup in the zone, but it seems he’s still a step behind and always chasing. He is also somewhat of a pushover and it really becomes a liability in the defensive end.
    Combine that with a concussion waiting to happen, well . . .
    The upside? It’s not like he’s a raw defensemen who you may have to wait on 3-4 years for a finished product. Putting on pounds? I don’t think will help – IMHO he’s just not quick enough or talented enough and we would be better served going right to someone like Stepan (if you can drag him away from the Badgers), or the like with more grit and impact. AA’s essentially invisible up the middle which equals DOA.

  101. So let me get this straight: The former ASSISTANT GM to Glen Sather has the best team in the NHL right now.

    ummmmmm. . . . . yeah.

  102. billybleedsblue on

    My birthday wish:

    1. Fire Coach.
    2. Strip “C” and play with 3 A’s indefinitely, based on merit.
    3. Bench 3 Offense, 1 Defense and play 3 lines with 5 D.
    4. Make those guys stay on the bench for 2-3 games (once we are away).
    5. Then, scratch those guys, and call up the kids, and play 4 lines and 6 D to finish out the season.
    6. And at any point, start looking for a real coach.

    *I won’t say exactly who to bench. I know better than that. I go and say that and someone might lose sight on what’s really going on here.

  103. My everyday wish:

    1. Redden retires
    2. Roszival retires
    3. Torts stops helping Redden and Roszival get dressed after games

  104. Olga Folkyerself on

    Here’s a week’s worth of wishes:

  105. The White Plains Batman on

    Yeah, let’s give up on Anisimov already. Awesome gang, way to live down the Rangers fans stereotype.

    Have any of you ever heard of Chris Stewart in Colorado? How about Pavel Demitra? Michael Handzus ring a bell? And of course let’s not forget no names like Paul Stastny and Eric Staal and our old friend Nik Antropov?

    What do all of these guys have in common? They started in the NHL at 20-21 and didn’t tear it up the first year, but their teams let them PHYSICALLY MATURE and DEVELOP.

    AA has 10 goals already, and he could easily have had 15 with all the posts he’s hit. Let him gain more weight and get a little faster during the summer before making a determination to bannish him.

  106. That’s just what we need to right the ship, let’s go out and sign a member of the prolific Baldwin family. At least this one is NOT from Long island.
    What’s next? That’s easy, we’ll draft Moishe Mandlebaum, Izzy’s nephew, #1 overall in the next draft.
    I can hear it now, 5 years later when Moishe makes his long awaited debut for the Rangers as the LAST player of the first round to make it to the NHL . . . . . “MANDLEBAUM, MANDLEBAUM, MANDLEBAUM”. The roar is sending shivers up my spine.

  107. billybleedsblue on

    …and the candles are out!

    Remember when Mark Messier set the Ranger’s record for most power-play goals in one game — 3 vs. New Jersey on March 22, 1992?

    And who can forget when the Flyers overcame Jaromir Jagr’s hat trick by beating the Rangers 6-3 on March 22, 2006?

  108. The White Plains Batman
    You’ve put Anisimov in with pretty elite company using in your example 3 1st round picks.
    Who knows what’s going to happen. I will readily admit I’ve been wrong as much as I have been right. I’ve watched and played a lot of hockey over the years and my best guess is what you see here this year is what you will mostly get going forward.
    For me, the win-win is there’s a GM who is willing to give anything near the talent you listed AND Artem goes on to have a productive career and doesn’t get hurt. If he stays (ugh) I hope you’re right, but I’m sticking with my hunch.

  109. ORR
    No sh-t. I watched the 1st two episodes and without checking IMDB I think I know who you are talking about (short curly hair and round face) BTW – not exactly the same character build and story lines as “Band of Brothers” as of yet, but the combat scenes are incredibly and horrifically real. We need more grit like that on da Ranger.

  110. what a swell freaking idea… get rid of AA cause obviously after watching him play his FIRST FULLL NHL season, half of which he played on fourth line, tell all we need to know what type of a player he’s going to be! We also should get rid of MDZ cause at 19 years old this kid pretty much hit his potential ceiling already! Yeah… i mean…isn’t it obvious?

  111. The White Plains Batman on

    scott-I’ve been following Anisimov since the day he was drafted and watched him go from a 40 pointer in the AHL his first year, to a PPG player last year with a cup of coffee in the NHL, to making the team and hitting double digits in goals this year.

    Now he knows what it takes to play in this league. His challenge is to gain some more weight and improve. If he does I believe you’ll see a nice increase in his production next year.

  112. CCCP
    Of course any comparison of the future talent of AA and MDZ is ridiculous, but I’m sure you already knew that. MDZ is off the charts when it comes to already proven talent and an upside relative to AA. I would take MDZ for the rest of his career even if he stayed at the same level he is now, btu we ALL KNOW he will be a top tier impact player very soon and a very entertaining one at that. I’ve made a judgement on one player and you have a right to critique it, but please don’t start inferring anything more than that and making me look more stupid than you already think I am.

  113. Well…you wouldn’t know how stupid do i think you think i think you are…but that’s a different topic.

    I just think that young players (especially in this organization) should be cherished and given a chance to grow and develop. That’s all I’m gonna say for now… time to hit the bed… Please come again and please keep it fresh! :)

  114. The White Plains Batman on

    Hey, at least we’re having healthy debates, not involving politics and not cursing at each other. We’re all just passionate Rangers fans.

    They need to give and let all of the young guys develop. I still think they gave up on Dawes too early and Sauer although injured should have been given more of a shot.

    What we don’t want is a repeat of about 11-15 years ago when they foolishly traded away the future first D pairing (Zubov, Nortstrom), checkers (LaPerriere, Lafayette, Sundstrom), goalie (Cloutier), power forward (Knuble) and playmaking center (Savard) because there was no patience.

  115. Taken from a Phish music board, I thought this blurb was well written:

    “_you realize that the most excitement your typical Rags fan gets out of a season are the moves his master mogul GM makes off the ice to leverage the awesomeness of NYC and a bag of $$$ to attract the (elite!!!) players hungriest for a sweet retirement plan.

    Its not really about winning on the ice for them, its about acquisitions. You’d think they’d be correlated, but then you see the Rags record and there is only one year of payoff. If NYC was somewhere players took a pay CUT to play (a la Detroit), maybe they’d be a hockeytown. Instead, they are an 8 million metro marketplace that still has relatively affordable tix come gametime. Raise your sticks over-earners, the stands will be filled even as the rest of the city barely knows your name!

    Maybe they can package a bloated salary with a 1st rounder this year and buy some more “proven leadership” to get everyone excited._ “

  116. Chris Says SELL SELL on

    and even better, I see you were defending AA, whoops again. Its bed time now :)

  117. How are the Islanders with many injuries and spending no money a couple of points behind NYR? A really bad season by Tort’s boys!!

  118. Im excited to see how well AA plays 2 years down the road. From what I’ve seen this year he really tries to use his body to protect the puck and will be great with puck possession. His style has reminded me a little bit of Jagr, and if he turns out to be 1/3 the player jagr was I would be happy and im sure plenty other people would be as well.

  119. AA is defenitely a keeper. the team as a whole is leaderless,aimless and just flat out bad. he has slacked off as compared to his awesome preseason, and he is a tad slow, and needs to add some intensity to his game. but he has the skills. u cannot teach them. for a 2nd rounder, he is having a typical season for a rookie. gotta give him more time scotts. i wish we saw more of what he brought to the preseason games, because he was dominant. but at least we know he is capable of much more because weve already seen it. i am not as impressed with him as the season has gone along, but with the way the team is now, its hard to blame him for his setbacks. theres just nobody doing anything right, and hes getting his first taste of what it takes when teams are fighting for playoff spots. he has to take the initiative but he has the skills he just needs some consistency, more intensity and better linemates too honestly. put him on a line with prospal for awhile. he can pass. artie needs to be more selfish too. but i hate giving up on players after their first year.

  120. james g- ohh boy me too. ive been in a state of pure elation and joy after i heard we signed the guy from the hunt for red october!! i hear he has 3 other brothers too! we might have to keep an eye on them at draft time.

  121. Artie A looks like he has some of the best natural hockey sense on the team. And on a team that’s low on that characteristic, no way you unload him. He’s got to learn to keep his head up, but you can see the flashes where he can control the puck at will and has good vision along with no fear about carrying the puck into the dirty parts of the ice and taking a hit to make a play. If he grows into his frame I think he’s got high 60/70 point potential in the next few years. He won’t ever be Crosby or Datsyuk with his playmaking skills, but he certainly has the goods to be a top 6 forward by the time he reaches his prime.

    On top of that he understands the defensive side of the game. Of course he’s been out of position on a few goals this season, including deflecting one in his net the other night, but pretty much every Ranger that goes down low to backcheck has done that this year.

  122. Not only that, CTB, I think he’s been our best defensive centers most of the season. He has great sense of hockey and often is first to the puck, anticipating where the puck would arrive. The offensive skills will get better with mileage. Will not be a first line center, but he is the reason why I believe Dubinsky should be moved to the wing. Dubinsky is too good to be a third line center, but IMHO AA is more suited for a second line center than Dubi.

    Regardless, one of the reason this team is where it is because they just give up on 21 year olds way too early. So, yes, he is a keeper.

  123. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    AA Isnt going anywhere, its his first full year in the pro’s give the kid a break

    So hopefully by this time in June we will have about 10-12 new roster spots to fill, and a new GM

    That’s what Im optimistic about when it concerns the Rangers.

    Wed and Thursday could be very, very ugly

  124. Look it’s over. This deplorable season is now kaput…like the team.
    The only thing left for the Rangers “elder state4smen’ such as Redden and his compatriots that would enhance their status is embalming.

    The coach has shown himself to have feet not of clay but stone. His tactical movements regarding players is steeped in a hidebound, stubborn but brain dead belief that his way is the right way. ( If it worked it would have by now…it doesn’t and never will.) He deals with emotion rather than intelligence..as timid as Renney was, he was at least innovative – something that Tortorella can never be accused of. But neither of them belongs behind a bench in NYC…ever again. It takes a whole ‘nother breed of cat
    to succeed in the Apple. and they’re no where near being IT.

    And until the Rangers get completely rid of that Defensive
    posse of Girardi,Roszival,Redden, and possibly others, they will never be worth spit. You can also siingle out the forwards who have performed an entire season, with onlyl marginal success…..there is completely too much inadequacy in basic hockey skllls that this entire team seems lacking. they cannot throw a pass or recieve one at the NHL lever without a certain amount of fumbling and misdirection. They either cannot or they refuse to deliver hard slap shots from the blue line on goal …a staple of winning teams by the way, and totally missing from their
    capability. they never park in front of the net for more than a few seconds at a time ( something that does not go unnoticed by foreign announcers I might add)…they are an extremely SHY team. They love to gather for klatches behind opposing nets, usually without anyone to pass to out front) but the coach seems oblivious to this game after game.

    They play a different type game than almost every other team in the league…..and it shows.

    Despite what anyone says, Tortorella has not shown any reason to return as coach of ANY NYC team.

  125. In reference to the above, I’d like to offer a name of a youngster that impresses me greatly, as to basic skills…I nominate the young Finn,Valeri Fillpula of the Red Wings. I’d take him in a (NY minute.)

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