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From the Rangers:

March 21, 2010 – New York Rangers 1, Boston Bruins 2 (Game #72, Road #34)

• The Blueshirts were defeated by the Boston Bruins, 2-1, today at TD Garden, in a matinee matchup between Original Six opponents.
• New York is now 31-32-9 (71 pts.) overall, including a 16-15-3 (35 pts.) mark in 34 road games this season.  The Rangers dropped to 10-5-2 (22 pts.) against the Northeast Division this season.
• The Rangers penalty kill held the Bruins scoreless in three power play attempts, and are now 55-of-61 (90.2%) against Northeast Division opponents on the season.
• New York has now posted a record of 37-20-10 (84 pts.) against Original Six opponents since the 2005-06 season, including a 14-4-2 mark vs. Boston over the span.  The Rangers’ .627 winning percentage ranks second, trailing Detroit (.710%, 33-12-5) and ahead of Montreal (.626%, 57-32-10), Boston (.520%, 44-40-15), Toronto (.516%, 41-38-17), and Chicago (.453%, 21-26-6).
• Henrik Lundqvist stopped 29 of 31 shots in net, and turned aside Daniel Paille’s penalty shot attempt at 16:13 of the second period.  He has now stopped each of his two penalty shots faced this season, and is six-for-nine on penalty shots for his career.  Lundqvist has now posted a record of 28-26-8 on the season, including a 14-10-2 mark away from MSG.
• Rookie defenseman Michael Del Zotto tallied a goal with 3:04 remaining in the third period, and finished the contest with three shots in 22:02 of icetime.  Del Zotto has notched a goal in each of the last two road contests.
• Sean Avery recorded the primary assist on Del Zotto’s goal, and has now registered four points (three goals and one assist) in four games since not dressing on Mar. 12 at Atlanta.  Avery has recorded eight points (five goals and three assists) in his last 10 games, including three points (one goal and two assists) in his last four road games, and has posted a plus or even rating in 12 of his last 13 contests (plus-five).
• Dan Girardi registered one assist and three hits in 21:13 of icetime.  He has now recorded four assists in the last six games, and a plus or even rating in 15 of the last 17 contests (plus-10).
• Marian Gaborik led the team with 26:24 of icetime and registered four shots on net.
• Rangers Captain Chris Drury recorded a team-high five shots.
• The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Mar. 22, is 10:00 a.m. at the MSG Training Center.
• The Rangers return to action on Wednesday, Mar. 24, when they will face-off against the New York Islanders at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in a matchup between Atlantic Division rivals. The game will be telecast by MSG Network in 3D, and will be the world’s first ever hockey game and America’s first live 3D sporting even delivered to the home.


EVENING UPDATE, 7:33 P.M.: Andrew Gross is reporting that Ryan Callahan and Sean Avery both limped out of the arena in Boston today. Avery said he blocked a shot in the second period, though he played to the end. Callahan was having trouble with his right leg, according to Gross, although I thought it was his left leg when it happened. Either way, it’s the expected “lower-body injury” and the extent is unknown. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

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  1. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on


    I FEEL SICK…how many days until RANGER CAMP….or should i look forward to july 1st FIRST

  2. repost:

    Hey guys, first of all, I understand your anger. But I do not want to see any more cursing or any more FU** stuff. OK. I will not ask again. I will ban.

    Second, that’s not Local Fan. It’s an imposter. Local Fan was banned. And imposters will be banned (a few were yesterday and more will be today).

    CR, I’m asking you to drop that 9/11 stuff. You’re right, it should not have been brought up. Please drop it.

  3. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    One frakking comment and I get carped….what did i ever do to you carp?? Perhaps I should point out that if this blog had a hard hitting crease clearing physical d man ….well never mind.

    don’t forget to vote chateauguay for hockeyville!!!!

    If we lose more than 2 more games, we are certainly done, until then, we still have a shot LGR!!!!!!

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It aint over till its over!!! " … says Greg L. on

    If this train is on a wreck then lets get the passengers out safely. Lets make the playoffs first then if no makesie then it is time to build at the draft table.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It aint over till its over!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Carp , I said No “f’s” but some other poopy words .Hope I never got over the edge cuz im really really really really really really trying not to freak out on here. I even stayed away a couple days just to vent.

  6. figure that messier as Gm of the canada world tourney team is apprentice step to getting the Ranger GM job as Sather’s puppet. don’t tell me that Messier is this or that independent. he has said that he considers sather like a 2nd father, so he is a sather puppet pure and simple.

    nothing will change around this team except the PR hype and the deck chairs will get shuffled a bit, in mgmt and player wise. that’s about it. more of the same

  7. Rangers season in a nutshell….

    ROZSIVAL NOT even attempting to skate hard for the puck with a few seconds left. Yea, there weren’t going to score,yea, it was about 6 seconds, but he just literally stood there and watched the puck go by. Total embarrassment to the jersey. I just sat here shaking my head.

  8. Carp,

    is it okay to asterik the **** out of the place?
    if not
    here’s my apology.

    at work again, but from what i caught via Gross i saved myself a lot of aggravation.
    at least it’s sunny today.

    GO SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE pens or devils!!!!!

  9. hey Carp,
    at least when you were covering those games
    you had cable and a nice hot shower… least i hope so.

    did everything get turned on by now? (i mean, electricity, cable….hey, at least you don’t have a septic tank. had that problem when tornado came this way a long time ago. had to visit relatives to shower, etc.)

  10. Doodie machetto on

    Top five pick! Cmon rangers! Just keep up the listless play a little while longer!

  11. Folks I really can’t see this team, at this time making any changes, or getting fired enough to make much differance. There are no players waiting in the wings that would make a lot of differance. Although I think Torts should have been playing Enver. Not that Enver would have made a big differance, but he is a lot faster than most all them, and he works harder than most to. As far as defensively he couldn’t be much worse. Also I think Tort’s fireing up the troops days are pretty much over with this group.

  12. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I just want Henrik to get his 30 wins. I would really like to see Torts at least one more year behind the bench. I mean really he was barely given the ingredients to make hot water soup.

  13. ZzZz, I’m letting you slide, my man. I know you’re stressed out. I can’t even imagine.

    kc, do you think Prucha will be prucha’d in the playoffs?

    jpg, we’re back in the 21st century at Blog HQ. electricity, phone, heat, internet, cable, water. All that good stuff. Still have huge trees laying all over everything, and it looks like a bomb hit the yard. Thanks for asking.

    Hi Linda.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  14. Yea, Good Peter puck. He really deserves to make the playoffs, he has been playing well. That entire team has been playing well. To bad they are in the desert where hardly anyone cares. That team will have to be moved, no matter what Bettman thinks.

  15. Hiya Carp!!

    Hockeymon, excellent point, but to just see him standing there watching the puck go by and then decide ‘hey, maybe i should play that’, SHOULD have his hiney on the bench for the rest of this beyond harsh season!

  16. I’ll pick Phoenix to root for as my West Coast playoff team. Maybe they’ll collect fans from the rest of the country.
    Interesting what a team lacking a lot of name talent can do when well-coached.

  17. i know it was an NBC game, but if there is any interview with Torts about this game, can someone please let me know what he said in regards to that non play by Rozsival!

  18. I think I’m known as a bit of a homer on these boards, even though I think I’m just less negative than most of the lot- but today was an awful effort all the way around. There were 3 or 4 times I thought that we might get a lift during the game that was followed by listless play. Very dissapointing game just based on effort- Callahann makes a ballsy play and gets injured…not many other guys should walk out of boston tonight with their head high after that one…

  19. >>What has happened to Jokinen? Not that long ago, he was really good.

    Then he got traded to the Rangers, where careers come to die.

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It aint over till its over!!! " … says Greg L. on

    This loss hurts. To lose to the team we are chasing is un-excuseable and if rock bottom is to set in , why now?

    Thanks Carp.

    Orr , like I said earlier …I aint heard no Fat lady sing yet.

  21. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    please dont mention drury, i am not allowed to curse anymore!

    im so pumped for the last three homes games,rick or anyone wanna go with me april 7th against the leafs, my wife said she aint wasting her time anymore! LOL…..atleast april 9th against the flyers we can have 6-7 major penalties and let the flyers know hockey will again attempt to be different here in the 2010-2011 season!

    puck drops wed night, FIREEEEEEEEE SATHER, boo drury, boo torts boo EVERYONE

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It aint over till its over!!! " … says Greg L. on


  23. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    Coyotes had a big crowd last night…amazing what winning will do for the gate…

  24. Pipe dream, but it would be fun to be 3 points down on Philly going into that last home and home- maybe the blueshirts can suck us all in again with a min-run, but tough to expect that after the sleep walking today-

    is there anywhere to get post-game quotes/video of torts? Would be very interested in that today

  25. seth, creative is ok… like FIRETRUCKIN! we’ve been using made up cuss words for months now!

    Rick, great to have you back on the beat. It’s been somewhat ‘challenging’ lately.

  26. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    fly line-im sure our friend larry brooks will have the quotes tomorrow…

    torts will say em we just have to find a way to get it done, the PP was brutal again but im gonna put the same great five out there again on wed and continue to run a circus

    drury will say well we played decent we had some chances, we need to prepare for wednesday this is not going to ruin my bbq tonight with the family

  27. not one playoff game at MSG this year for either Dolan team. serves that expletive right. booooo Dolan and his evil empire

  28. little league champ on

    this loss just means one less topping on my Papa Dru special large pizza pie

    like me and Gomer, buy one, don’t get one free

  29. Welcome back, Carp. Glad to hear everything is back on. It’s too bad you never got the chance to tell us where you were- Troy’s my area, would have loved to take you out for a beer or something.

    Watching this game today actually made me sicker than I’ve been the past few days. Literally.

    Sucky birthday present for Cally :( Any news on him?

  30. TheMessiah94 on

    Where is Sather’s Wrapup?? It doesn’t seem like an official loss without one!

  31. i was in town on thursday from Houston and went to Rangers-Blues game. Before, we are invited to a Q and A with Rangers’ alumni Matteau, Blackburn and Dugauay. When they opened floor up to questions first one asked was ” Why are we so horrible”. Shortly after, PR people skipped to autograph session.
    was anyone else at this?

  32. bull dog line on

    well, at least they have an elite goalie.
    things will get better soon, all the prospects are coming.

  33. Mrs. Captain Clutch on

    “We haven’t had a Drury post in awhile…”

    Linda, it’s you isn’t it??? You must be the one whose texts I found on his phone!!! Hands off my stud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find your own Little League champ with a 2.7 pack!

  34. Carp, it must be easy to start making these post game notes. You probably just have a set document in Microsoft office. Looks something like this?

    The Blueshirts were defeated today by __________ by a score of ___ to 1.

  35. Well, they lost an opportunity to take their faith in their own hands..Now, too many things have to happen beyond their control in order to get in. Doesn’t look too good.

    On a totally different note, I undrestand the frustration ove their dismal play, but some posts lately have been beyond unacceptable..And it isn’t only cursing..Carp mentioned it.

  36. I really hope the Trashers replace the Bruins, and somehow sneak into 7th place, and verse the Devils in the first round, and eliminate them.

    The look on Kovalchuk’s face would just be worth it, and not to mention seeing Martina’s fat ass puffy face jiggle while he skates down the handshake line.

  37. Oh well. What can you do. It isn’t like we haven’t seen this coming since December. Maybe they can get a good draft position, shed some salary, and demote Redden. Beyond that, what else can be done? Fire Sather? Seems logical, but Dolan would replace him with somebody as inept. Fire the coach? What for? The team isn’t talented enough to be better with another coach. I think Torts would be able to bench more players if Sather didn’t have him on a leash. Again, looking at Sather’s coaching picks the last 10 years, Torts is on the high end of the scale.

    Reality says that nothing much changes with Dolan in charge. Just the reality of life. So, it will be more of the same. If Dolan fires Sather (not happening), who he hires next will determine the fate of the franchise for years to come. Seems like Maloney has made a horrible team in to a pretty good one in short order. I think the wrong guy left the Rangers.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    What would you like to draft with our higher draft pick? Bruising defenseman? Scoring Center? Playmaking center? Power forward? Hugh Jessiman?

  39. ORR- zero effort reward will be zeroed by our GM. He wiil trade the third pick for two late first rounders and pick up siters Jessiman …

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    Personally, I think the team needs a big scoring winger. Basically, what Hugh Jessiman was supposed to be.

  41. Tank The Season on

    We’re done this season. Remember each loss is a win for all us fans. Better draft position + increased likelihood of Sather/Tortorella/maybe others being gone.

  42. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    The same old sorry act for this franchise,with the exception of 1994, otherwise its typical NYR mismanagement.

    Carp you do an excellent job, see you opening day in the Bx!

  43. Doodie, I recall during the game Edzo saying that a center position is the most glaring need the Rangers have. True too, but:

    7 out of 12 forwards today were centers. Well constructed team.

  44. Doodie — I would go for the Scoring Center/Winger. This team is in dire need of scoring and scoring depth. If you can get guys to put pucks in the net, the Rangers have a goalie who can erase some mistakes, and scoring would make life easier on the D. Add to that the fact that physical D can be gotten in a trade or free agency. Go for the value players. The Rangers could have gotten Streitt for much less than Redden. That should be a lesson that the Rangers take to the grave. Unless the player is going to be a franchise player, go the value route. Every team has holes in their lineup. No avoiding that in the salary cap era. However, as the Caps, Pens, and Blackhawks are showing, scoring covers a multitude of shortcomings.

  45. James, it’s even easier than that. They come directly from the Rangers. I just cut and paste. You should know they wouldn’t be nearly as positive and rosy if I were writing them. …

    onecup, thanks. look for me at the steak sandwich counter, like last time. I may have to take out a loan to get one, though. …

    ilb, but all of them stink. Jokinen’s been awful, and I still think Christensen is a minor-leaguer with decent hand skills.

  46. Leetchhalloffame on

    Nothing like another miserable NYR performance to ruin a beautiful weekend. Want the FIRE SATHER chant to be in full force during the next MSG game and rest of the season.

  47. The White Plains Batman on

    Jokinnen is doing what he usually does; he’s good in small spurts and then pulls the David Copperfield act. It’s a shame because he was playing very good the first few weeks and in the Olympics, but homeboy is losing a lot of money every time he laces them up.

    He might not even be in the NHL next year if he wants too much $$$$

  48. Andrew Gross is reporting that Ryan Callahan and Sean Avery both limped out of the arena in Boston today. Avery said he blocked a shot in the second period, though he played to the end. Callahan was having trouble with his right leg, according to Gross, although I thought it was his left leg when it happened. Either way, it’s the expected “lower-body injury” and the extent is unknown. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

    ilb, I know. I was agreeing with you. Pretty sad when Christensen is your first-line center and those other guys can’t beat him out for that position.

  49. Ryan’s left knee got caught..

    If Jokinen was here full season with the way he’s been playing and with $5.5 mln tag, everyone would forget about Redden and Roszival…
    Dubinsky should stay on the wing…

  50. This team is a joke. The coach is a joke. The gm is a joke. The owner is a joke. Can someone tell me why I waste my time on this organization?

  51. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It aint over till its over!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Well Doodie , if we trade Hank to move up in the draft …we could land something HUGE!!! Come playoff time a team will lose from bad goaltending and will come knocking on our door. If Slats can pile up some picks and work a miracle…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA …umm sorry …then we are in bizness.

    We have like 25 million wrapped up in 4 players we didnt need this year. 7 million (drury) 7 million (Hank) 6 million (Redden) 5 million (rozi). Get rid of all of them. Only value is Hank the tank so ditching his salary and playing TWO goalies like NORMAL clubs do … a GREAT Idea . Our team need to rebuild some more , no sense having these guys on the team SOAKING up $$$$$$.

  52. The White Plains Batman on

    I really don’t think Redden is going to be a part of this team next year after his overall performance.

  53. lets hope almost everyone gets prucha’d for wednesday night….

    here are my lines combos nothing else has worked so torts try a new form of structure or just find a way to GET IT DONE

    byers-grachev-callahan (even with one leg he is a top 6 forward on this team)

    bobby s/gilroy

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It aint over till its over!!! " … says Greg L. on

    No Ranger is ever worth 7 million a season.


    #1 Messier
    #2 Gretzky
    #3 Leetch
    #4 Ritchter
    #5 Bure
    #6 Jagr
    #7 Vic Hadfield
    #8 Ratelle
    #9 Maybe Esposito
    #10 Matteauuuuu Matteauuuuuuuu yes , Matteauuuuu!!!

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    See, I would have immediately said winger based on Kreider and Stepan. When they drafted Kreider he was playing center, but after some investigation, I see he’s been playing wing for BC. Therefore, I think another center would be more beneficial. Either that or a bruising defenseman.

  56. Funny, I’ve received two phone calls and an e-mail reminding me my payment is due for playoff tix in just four more days. Are these people for real??

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It aint over till its over!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Makes me smile EVERYTIME I say Matteauuuuuuuuuu!!!! just to see the look on Marty’s face and to have that goal scored made the next 2 weeks AWSOME.

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It aint over till its over!!! " … says Greg L. on

    AckP …umm what playoffs? Did you answer and tell them you want a garentee?

  59. seth, we should all live long enough to see that.

    ZzZz, I don’t think Hadfield, Ratelle and Espo made $7M combined for their entire careers. I wouldn’t give you 2 cents for Bure.

    Doodie, you could make a checklist of every position on the team, and they need help there. They need to improve every single spot except No. 1 goalie and No. 1 RW.

  60. it would be great if nobody sent in playoff money … and MSG didn’t get their annual interest-free loan from you guys. But it won’t happen. I bet the tickets for non-existent playoff games will sell out.

  61. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    I guess in the west I would have to root for either iggy if he and the flames make it, or if not, then love to see the “white out” in pho, or rooting for jack johnson and the kings (maily jack johnson)!!

    This team needs a holmstrom, malone, franzen type of winger for sure as well as a true #1 center. Three new d men for sure (two of which had better be big time hitters/bangers).

    Resign auld, prust, and shelley for sure. Lisin needs to be gone period! I would think/hope that rozy is traded, girardi is traded, and redden is in htfd or possibly traded (not sure to who), probably htfd. of the forwards you have to think not all of prospal, jokinen, AA, christensen, dubi will be back, either not resigned or traded.

  62. LMAO at interested free loan….
    Carp, are you suggesting that we can’t pick 3 decent third liners out of existing 7?

  63. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    avery is still one of the best rangers behind the net making plays, he needs to be on the PP and 2nd line!

  64. MSG already took my ticketexchange balance for the playoff payment plan! LOL, “REFUND” will be another chant come wednesday night!

    Carp, im 29 and going on 60 watching all these rangers that should be prucha’d!!!!

    seriously how were the rangers 7-1!!! 7-1 and up 2-0 on the sharks until they blitzed us for a quick Touchdown….

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” It aint over till its over!!! ” … says Greg

    I didn’t even bother. Espically since the invoice for the the playoffs was the same as it was for the 41 home games. I really don’t understand where they get the nerve to raise ticket prices EVERY YEAR & then charge what they do for the playoffs, not that you’ll ever need to use the tickets they send for the games past the second round.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp my group didn’t send in for the playoff tickets. We figured it would take too long to get the money back.

  67. jokinen is irrelevant. he is gone in 10 games and his trade eliminated the stupid kotalik signing.

    these team is not as bad as the naysayers say. how many 1 goal games did they lose??A ton..

    they need addtl scoring. they need to get 1 difference maker from the salry dumping of; jokinen, prospal, christenson, shelley etc…. that is about $8 mill on the books.. get kovalchuk and bring up young guys at the minimum…

    gabby, kovalchuk, cally,drury, anisimov, avery, prust, boyle and some young blood. that is what is in the cards; they need a grachev, a stepan or others to become a real player…….

    prospal is soft, jokinen is soft, they are not worth slowing the growth of young guys…………..

    anismov did not improve as much as he should have. tort needs to reasses how he coach’s. he wanted brashear and has zero patience for a guy like lisin that at least can skate……….

    i guess they should also let girardi go because he is not worth the cost and his game is decent at best….they will save a few bucks there also…..

  68. Wicky, resign Shelley? Seriously? What has he done? Prust I guess I could see, even though those guys are a dime a dozen, because he brings it most nights even though his skill level is pretty low.

  69. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    yep, i resign him for sure. He is more physically active hockey wise than most “enforcers of the heavyweight class”. I’m not saying sign the guy for 1.8 mil or anything, but at around 750k or so, absolutely!! Prust seems like a no brainer resigning to me!

  70. reginald dunlop on

    Carp if torts was your boss…….monday you’d be writing news….tuesday comics…..wednesday local news….thursday political opinion…friday restaurant reviews….saturday sports and sunday the obituary…….

  71. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    All of your suggestions so far have replaced half the team already. That’s been Sather’s operational plan since the lockout. You all sound just like him.

    When Sather is gone, then things will change. Until then, you’re just whistling in the wind…

  72. That wasn’t meant as a joke. All pro teams use playoff ticket money, in advance, as an interest-free loan. They don’t refund it until long after the team’s been eliminated, and they will try to get you to put it toward next season’s tickets. And I doubt they refund all the fees they charge along with the price of the tickets, do they?

    They make money off playoff tickets even if their team plays zero playoff games.

  73. reginald dunlop on

    oh almost forgot…….then your editor would complain about your writing having no consistency……..

  74. billybleedsblue on

    I hope this posts clearly. Top 8 goal scorers on the Devils and Rangers:

    Top 7 Offensemen
    GP G A P
    (Kovalchuk 65, 36, 34, 70) GP G A P
    Parise 70, 33, 37, 70 Gaborik 66, 37, 39, 76
    Zajac 71, 21, 38, 59 Callahan 72, 19, 18, 37
    Rolston 69, 18, 14, 32 Prospal 65, 17, 36, 53
    ‘genbrunner 71, 16, 40, 56 Dubinsky 59, 16, 20, 36
    Elias 47, 13, 23, 36 (Jokinen 72, 13, 32, 45)
    ‘dermayer 60, 10, 12, 22 Drury 67, 11, 17, 28
    Clarkson 35, 9, 11, 20 Avery 66, 11, 18, 29

    Top goal scoring Defenseman:
    Greene 68, 6, 25, 31 Del Zotto 70, 8, 22, 30

    Devils total 126 Goals (153 including Kovalchuk and eliminating Clarkson)
    Rangers total 132 Goals

    Kovalchuk isn’t the reason the Devils are playing for home ice. He isn’t why the Devils owned the Penguins all season long. I ask, if these numbers are so comparable, what has made the difference in the success of these two teams? Outside the late addition of an additional 30 goal-scorer, the Devils are not more talented than the Rangers. You can’t blame them for adding Kovalchuk, that’s what teams playing for home ice do.

    The difference, I say, is the coaching. IMHO, it’s clear that Tortorella is not working. What is unclear to me though is who is right for the job. Is it a dream, or can the Rangers please get a legitimate and winning coach please, thank you?

  75. billybleedsblue on

    You mean they have a defensive system that they execute successfully? That’s something that can be coached and practiced until the cows come home.

  76. billybleedsblue on

    Izzy, I realize it’s not just coaching. The Rangers lack good coaching, and that what they really need is great coaching, along with some kind of system. The players can adapt. Work from the goal out and develop it and teach it and practice it…I sometimes wonder what actually happens at team practice when I see a power play that can’t get a shot on goal or something like a Defenseman that hesitates to move in on a play letting the forward throw the body. They really don’t know what they are doing out there, these Rangers. They need to strip individual style and conform to a system. How about a real coach?

  77. bull dog line on

    the Devils are more talented than the Rangers. those stats are misleading. how many times have the Rangers been shutout? a lot. they have had a couple of 7 goal games, and 8 goal game. its about consistency. the Devils are, and the Rangers are not. the Devils are a lot more talented than the Rangers, and deeper.

  78. bull dog line on

    Kovalchuk will be a Ranger July 1, as will Marleau. Redden will be waived, Rosi will be traded or waived, Voros will be waived, and the Rangers will continue to spend instead of build.

  79. billybleedsblue on

    The Rangers fail because their coach is like the Tony Larussa of hockey.

    Larussa: “Yeah, listen charlie, I know you’re batting 5th and hittin the ball, but we’re sitting you today. We got Lefty in for ya, but he’s really covering for Righty who’s now in right, on account that Tom is now in at short. Sorry, kid.”

    Not so much with the sitting as with the changing everything (the lines) and having this laissez faire attitude towards coaching these players to play a system. What a joke!

  80. bull dog line on

    Avery, it would not surprise me, will be waived as well. his act has gotten old. the Rangers will let Girardi walk, he is as good as he going to get, and that is not good enough.

  81. bull dog line on

    there is a system, the problem is the players the Rangers have, are not good enough to play it. give Torts talent to coach, he will win.

  82. The White Plains Batman on

    Voros ain’t going anywhere, he’s buddies with all of the important guys to stay on the team as the 13th forward.

    Girardi will be tendered and probably traded.

    I really don’t think Kovalchuk wants anything to do with NY. He has said he likes to stay out of the spotlight and has yet to prove himself a clutch player.

    Avery I’d love to see off this team but he’s another guy not going anywhere. Where stuck with him till death (or in this case contract) due us part.

    Guys I’d like to see get a real crack next season; Weise, Sangs, Sauer/Potter, Hagelin, McD

    I’d add Grachev to the list but he needs another year in the AHL to improve. It would be cool if they can get Valatenko to come over here and fight for a chance.

    Guys I see gone: Shelley, Lisin (a shame, I like him), PA, Byers, Heikennen

  83. its time to lose out, get the 3d worst record in the league, and better picks.
    I’d waive Redden, Roszival, Jokinnen, Avery (if not DL’ed), Voros, Shelley down to Hartford and bring up kids.
    Torts has been a waste, good only for funny faces during stoppages and wisecracks to the press.

  84. kovalchuk is a mega skilled player. the devils win because they have played a system they follow toa T for 15 yrs. the yalso have better forwards.

    there D cares about 1 thing a box down low, get the puck out…they also not presently but until recently had the best goalie of all time….

    paul martin is a FA, the rangers should look at him. he is a very very good 2 way D man………..

    I wonder if Weise is a real prospect 20+ goals in Hartford.. Torts needs again to look into the mirror and he needs to teach more and settle on some lines next year for a few games at least….

    signing kovalchuk or martin does not stop them from building from within.. they are never going to have a team of all home grown players you use free agency to get difference makers…IE gaborik…Kovalchuk is a difference maker………

    dubi or cally or whomever, nice players and that is it………..

  85. bull dog line on

    by the way, in 19 minutes of ice time today, Marc Staal threw a no hitter. congrats Marc, that is a least your second no no of the season.

  86. Vinny in INDY on

    Carp, not sure if you or anyone else caught this, (I’m sure you did but manage to keep your post game notes positive in even the most dire times) but another nice little statistic / post game note…

    The Rangers are now 0-24-2 when trailing after two periods.


    Zero, Twenty-four and two.

  87. guys- if u want the rangers to keep losing for a good draft choice, keep rooting for them. i was rooting against them in atlanta and they won. handily. next game they won too. next game after the 2 game win streak, i had hope again and started rooting for them. every single game has been a loss. not even an ot point out of it. so keep rooting!!

    with the 3rd pick, we could get either a great d in fowler, or a center in seguin. both we need. and the top 3 are separated from teh rest of teh pack moreso than recently ive read. gotta get at least a top 5, but we can do it. cmon torts!! keep yelling!! keep motivating buddy!! reverse psychobabble baby

  88. Avery has a good game every so often, but a good percentage of the time he might as well not be there. He was a good player when he first came to the Rangers. He was smart with the puck, and not bad defensively. This season he has been a non issue most of the time. They likely will be cutting Enver loose, to bad I think he will be a good NHL player. Shelly? who cares, he really can’t play. I agree on Girardi I think they will let him go. He really has been all over the place, good sometimes , and real bad at times. I have to say though, the D guys in Hartford really are not any better. Hopefully they will be. As far as Grachev goes, he’s a long way from being even a good fourth liner in the NHL. I am suprised at him, I thought this year he would make great strides towards becoming a good player, it just has not happened. I am not counting him out but it will take a while before he’s ready. I guess the bottom line is Sather dug a deep hole, and it will be a long while getting out of it.

  89. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Gilbert, Ratelle, Middleton, Greshner, Tkachuk, Park, Giacomin. My first Ranger team.

    Chadwick and Gordon announcing. It’s like music…

  90. excuse me, top 3-5 are separated from the pack more-so than recent drafts, or so ive heard. but ive been known to hear things. hold on, i think i hear some crazy guy outside my house yelling about some guys named sivard and charro? isnt she a girl?? then he went on about some guy named loocheech and millsberry

  91. hockeymon- dont eb surprised if grachev is jessimans adopted brother from russia. could be a big bust. its only 1 season, but some of us thought it would be best to not jump the gun and give hima yearin hartford FIRST!!. obviously we were right. he would definitely be better than our 4th liners now, but hes not a 4th line type guy. hes got skill. if he doesnt improve next season in hartford, we could be sayin bye bye to him. really gotta develop these kids better. hes still young, so im hoping he just had an off year. but if he cant excell in the minors he might good good trade bait before he ends up like jessiman.

  92. I would beg and plead for Jimmy Dolan (the owner of the Rangers) to buy out Wade Redden and Chris Drury’s contracts. Drury gets a fee pass- makes $7 million a year and will end up with maybe 30 points this year! yes points- not goals!!! And he has two more years left on his deal at $7 million a year!!

    Wade Redden scored a contract two years back for $6 million for 6 years! Probably the worst contract given in NHL history next to the Rangers $8 million contract to Bobby Holik way back when for $8 million for 5 years. Once these guys get their guaranteed money- the work is over..

    Sather had a very bad summer of ’08 (Voros, Rissmiller, Redden, etc) and should stop hiding in Palm Springs, take his medicine, and resign.. I give him credit for rebuilding the Rangers farm system but overall, he can’t control himself and has made some serious errors in judgment talent- wise. This is a results driven business and I’m tired of having “has been’s” on this roster…

    Torts is a good fit because life is too easy in the big city for these guys. They need a push and he’s the first coach I’ve seen dole out ice time based on merit to high salaried players. The last time they won they had another ball buster in charge I believe, right? In NYC it’s different-you’re dealing with guys just signing big contracts that relax because they just earned the biggest contract of their lives.. We have a coach that will now push them to earn it or embarrass them if they do not. I have no problem with that ( I pay a lot of money each year for success) – the players need to be held accountable and should not be given a free ride. This is a results driven business!

    My overall point- Sather should resign, they should buy out Redden and Drury tomorrow to show fans the fans the gravy train is over, drop down in the standings, get a decent draft pick and find a GM that will not collect his cash out in CA but will talk to the fans and build something.. We need someone hungry and not old playing golf in Palm Springs during games!

  93. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    We do NOT need more 2 way or positionally sound d men, this team needs one way d men Defencive physical d men. Something they do not have in the system or on the current roster!!!

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It aint over till its over!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Mike , everytime I bet on the Rangers to win…they lose , everytime!! Grachev being jesseman adopted brother is hilarious.

  95. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    The team needs more than 6 D-Men. The same 6 have played almost every game this year. There’s no accountability for bad play. They know they’re going out there for every game. Even if Torts sit them a few games, they’ll be right back out there. They have guaranteed jobs, regardless of performance. The best coach in the world can’t fix that.

  96. The White Plains Batman on

    I still say try and trade Girardi plus a pick/prospect to Chicago for Patrick Sharp.

    For DMen You got Martin, Volchenkov who will command $$$$, and Hannius and Lilja for short term answers.

    Grachev is a kid at 19 so stay patient. He has a lot of homework to do this offseason so hopefully he trains hard with Yaroslav Lokomotiv and improves in every area.

    I’d rather the Rangers pick a Neidereiter or Kabanov than a Folwer because on D they’re pretty set and have a lot of prospects, what they lack now is a true sniper. Kabanov has some attitude issues which might hurt him in the draft, but El Nino plays with this swagger, a lot like Del Z.

  97. Leetchhalloffame on

    I do believe that Sather has many naked pictures of the Dolans – that is the only way he can keep his job. I can only imagine how quickly I’d be shown the door at work if I had his rate of failure.

  98. Rangers problem is not sathers pix, or his contracts. It’s his player developement system. It’s useless. No other team in the NHL would have started DelZotto or Gilroy. Dubinsky has awsome talent and has not been fully developed when he came in. Of you wonder where the sense of entitlement came from, it’s because the young players haven’t earned their ice time in he NHL. It was handed to them. There is still a viable chance to make the playoffs, but it’s a long shot. Until they get a player developement system, they will ruin all their draft pix. It’s not like they have 1st pick.
    That’s the problem, not Drury, not Sather, not Lundqvist, not Tortorella.

  99. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Sather has the perfect world- his boss knows NOTHING about hockey. He hired the biggest name he could find and went on his merry way with his Knicks. I doubt Dolan can spell “Ranger$” without the dollar sign. Dolan just doesn’t care.

    Sather has the job as long as he wants it. He’s going to die there. Good team or bad. HE doesn’t care anymore.

    Torts looks at the talent he’s got and knows the team isn’t going anywhere. If he keeps Sather happy, then he keeps his job. Otherwise HE doesn’t care.

    The top players have fat, bloated, no trade contracts, whether they play well or not. After a short while, THEY don’t care- they’re getting paid anyway. The rest of the team sees the top talent dogging it, so THEY don’t care either.

    Top to bottom nobody cares anymore. They might not have started that way, but when there is no spirit in the whole franchise, it spreads rapidly.

    That’s why players have their weakest playing years in NY. Gaborik is beginning to see it too. The Blueshirt Flu.

    And yet, the fans keep coming back for more.

  100. I was out on a scouting job yesterday so I didn’t get to see the game, I feel kinda lucky today…

    At least now we can hope that everything goes totally bad and that Dolan weaks up from his coma and fires Slats.. before he can change out 10-15 guys again, no wonder this team has no chemistry….

    Jokinen has probably signed an extension, that’s why he sucks again…

  101. naw, i think dolan knows whats goin on. i think sather wont flat out get fired, but i do think he will step down either way if its on his own accord or if he is politely asked to. this way, he may still be behind teh scenes to some extent helping mess. he’ll be offered a job within the org. but i think even sather knows right now he just cannot handle constructing a winning team anymore. and his choice of coach for such a young impressionable team was horrible. torts also has failed given that he got guys he wanted. he had his “hardest training camp ever” bs. yea coach, theyre skating so fast they go right by the puck and into the boards or into each other. he didnt teach them anything. every one of our rookies or younger players are either where they were before he got here, or worse.

  102. unless of course they have just quit on him altogether. they domnt actually have any leadership besides maybe a mr hank, who is better at leading than drury, and even guys liek aves and prospal. this is what the rangers are with a generally hurt most of the time all star fwd, a great but emotionally and physically drained goalie, and a hot-head numbnuts coach. and of course, last but not least, the big S. stands for whatever you want it to stand for, has built a team not capable of making the playoffs and competing in it. but thats ok. our young guys learn from this just as much as they learn from winning. make them want it even more next season.

  103. Glad to see that my inability to watch the 2nd and 3rd periods of yesterday’s game didn’t cost me more aggravation.

    So my log in for my computer at work expired this morning and I had to choose a new one. Now this is one of the modern log ins that needs to have one upper case, one lower case, one number and one symbol. Usually I choose a reference to a Mets or Rangers player. This time I chose a variation on the phrase that I hope is ringing from the Garden loud and clear on Wednesday night (I know I’ll be joining in on the chant)…figure out what that is and you’ll have the password to the exciting world of distressed and illiquid fixed income securities.

  104. good morning everyone and welcome to another lovely monday in ranger camp! i have calmed down a bit this morning after another debacle…so torts again said the PP was brutal, will he put the fab. FIVE out there again wednesday night? there are 10 games left TORTS/SATHER LET THE KIDS PLAY

  105. …look at the bright side, kids

    We will be able to get back to our normal lives sooner this year! :) And that is a good thing.

  106. Yes, Mike. And now watch this team. Next year they’ll have 7 new players. Very “proud” of wearing the jersey. It’ll take a few weeks for us to figure out who those guys are. Until we realize they don’t care…

  107. Even though this team clearly stinks I don’t think we should revamp the whole roster in the summer. How can you build something if you constantly change half the team each summer?

    Get rid of 4-5 guys (you know who´), bring in 2-3 via trade or FA and bring up 1-2 kids and see what happens.

    Oh, maybe we need a new coaching staff that can actually develop players and a TEAM….

  108. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Redden will be gone (hartford or buyout) it has to happen
    Rosi will be traded (has value and can be moved)
    Girardi will not be resigned (had enough of him)
    Gilroy is a maybe to be kept and not traded as well

    That leaves us with TWO Dmen – Staal an Del Z and $$ to go shopping and fill a spot or two from Hartford.

    Drury is here til the end of his contract. And I’m fine with him as 3rd lien center PK. It’s what he will be doing til he retires, with 15-25 points a season if were lucky

    Shelley, Lisin, Christensen, Voros, Jokinen Are all gonna be gone

    Prospal is a maybe depending on his askling price

    Avery will stay and wont be traded (non one wants him and he’s super cheap to us)

    Cally is staying of course

    Dubi gets half of next season to hit his potential or he’ll be traded

    Artie plays out next years as well

    Boyle did his job and got better at it all year long – stays.

    Gabby & Hank are obviously goign nowhere

    Auld is resigned if cheap

    These would be the following players DEFINIELY back:

    Drury, Dubi, Artie, Boyle (Dubi & Drury, coudl also be moved permanently out of Center)
    Gabby, Avery, Cally
    Staal, Del Z

    Sather – FIRED or Retires or DIES

    12-13 new players and money to spend on actually BUILDING a team that is worth a damn

    Players to go after:
    Paul Martin
    Patrick Marleau
    PAtrick Sharp
    There’s alot more, but Thos are some three of my favorite)

    There’s more, but my point is, with a game plan as to what type of team NY wants to have, and moving the aforemtnioned players, we can and should build a winning team

    Will it happen? OF course not

    So glad I did nto waste my time watching this crap yesterday,and won’t be until next season

    Goodbye 2009-2010 NY RANGERS. You were not memorable, you did not play well, and you disappointed your fans, AGAIN

    Along with a new GM, (I would pick SHoney over Messier)

    This is the ONLY way to approach next year, period
    If they don’t, it will eb the same crap team of spare parts as we saw this year and the year before.

  109. You guys gotta leave this team alone. It’s not their fault they are as poorly constructed as they are.

    With better surroundings, some of these guys might be better than they are.

  110. I think out of the toxic trio, Rozi is the easiest to move. He makes the least money and between him and Redden he has a shorter contract. Also, to repeat what a number of people have already mentioned he’s at the stage of his contract where his cap hit is larger than his actual salary. This might be useful for budget conscious teams that need to hit the cap floor (like the Isles).

    Getting rid of him and letting Jokinen walk frees up about $10MM in cap space, which is a good start. I’d basically let every FA walk aside from Staal. Say what you will about him being overrated, the organization seems committed to making the kid a 1st pair D. Whether he ever becomes one is certainly up for debate, but it looks like he’s got the backing of the people in charge.

    No to Prospal and Christensen. Prospal tailed off after the first 30 or so games and has played well in spurts, but he’s notorious for alternating good years with bad and he’ll have the Brashear-like 35+ year old contract that will remain on the books barring a trade. Christensen was lightning in a bottle. If he re-signs for really cheap then it may be worth considering but every dollar is going to count.

    Lisin is likely not to be back. Maybe they finally let Voros loose via waivers. If you’re not going to play the guy ever, why keep have him eat up the cap space?

    So already, even without the dream of waiving one of the R&R boys, you’re looking at around $9MM in space. Make the aforementioned Rozi disposal and you’ve got nearly $14MM.

    And just to get it out of the way, the big question about Kovalchuk is going to be how he performs in the playoffs. He’s had a pretty quiet time in NJ, with a couple of one-off exceptions. The main reason the Devils got back to winning is because Marty was finally able to stop a beachball again and their D settled down. If Kovalchuk fails to show up again in the playoffs, you’d have to wonder whether the cap max contract he’s seeking (and won’t get, but he’ll still be very expensive) is going to be worth it.

  111. I would get really, really pissed each year the NYR didn’t win the cup. 1994 took care of that for a while but now that bad, angry feeling is back. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t care about the Rangers but this years team sucks to watch, sucks to cheer for, just plain sucks.

    They don’t even stand up for each other so how can I get passionate watching them? Hank gets run over every game now. Teams know they can do it. Girardi watching his team’s only scorer getting pummeled set the standard. There is no price to pay to rough up the Rangers. Not much else to say.

  112. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I am afraid this is it. Season over. Play the kids, and only the kids from here on out.
    For next year, no more older slower defensemen. Get rid of Redden and Rozy. Play Sanguinetti and Heikenen .
    Do not sign Jokinen, get rid of Avery, Drury, Anisimov,
    Keep Cally, Dubi, Gabby, Christensen, the 4th line,
    Undecided on Prospal
    Bring up Locke and whatever minor leaguers are scoring.

  113. I still don’t think Boston will make the playoffs FWIW.

    [i]get rid of Avery[/i]

    ? We pay half his salary.

    “Keep Cally”? He’s an RFA soon and the heart of this team… what’s not to keep?

  114. “Undecided on Prospal”

    Ugh I could have dealt with that ONE comment but after all your stupid statements and Barry ruining our health care I just can’t deal.

  115. Dredden is probably making more money outside of hockey than inside, on account of all the drug smuggling he’s been doing.

    Filling Trojan Extasy condoms with drugs, and putting them in pony’s poop loops is *wrong*!

    Another day in the life of the world of the New York Rangers ;(

  116. Izzy I have to agree with most of what you have said in last 6 comments. Especially the comment regarding the 75 Rangers. I watched one of those games about 3 weeks ago and realized what I had been missing. Defensemen in your face, passing out of the zone, getting it over the blueline on a consistant basis, passing consisting of good puck movement.
    What I wouldn’t ive for 5 Greshners!

  117. I thought Prospal was a great pickup. He has been a no show the last couple of games, but over the season he has been very good for the most part. I certainly think they should sign him, but onle at a reasonable price. Gilroy should be kept another season, he has a lot of potential, and the Rangers would be fools not to give him a chance to grow into the player he should become. DelZotto is going to stay for sure, and he will be a lot better next year I’m sure. Girardi can be good, but he makes horrid mistakes. He is still young and has talent. I say keep him, but only if he’s affordable. Staal is very likely going to sign, but he won’t be cheap. Redden and Rozie, well what can you say? Rozie has been good at times, and Redden has not very good at all. Both are over priced. I can’t see many teams being interested in them because of the price. So we are stuck with them unless Dolan consents to buying them out. In which case Sather would have lost his job.

  118. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Crack of Noon! Sort of…

    Steve, Greshner’s #4 should be retired! He was a lifelong Ranger. 16 years with only one team on his stats sheet. Greschner retired from the NHL as the Rangers` all-time leader in points, goals and assists by a defensemen. Leetch’s #2 is up there, so should Greshners #4.

  119. Franklin Kistner on

    After 107 years of Blueshirt fandom, we rooted against Rangers yesterday. We feel the only way to get rid of Sather is to NOT make playoffs. Sorry!

  120. I was just looking at the standings. We are within contention for 3rd worst in the league. No one is catching Edm or tor, but we should mail it in and go for 3rd to last. We are only 3pts ahead of Tampa for that honor.

    Come on boys! I know you can.

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