The ever-changing scene


The thing about a playoff race like this is that it changes every day. But the main change where the Rangers are concerned is that seventh place and higher are now pretty much out of the picture. So they have to beat out everybody else for eighth.

And the thing about that is that the teams around and beneath the Rangers have as good a chance as they do.

Of course, that changes, too, if the Rangers beat Boston tomorrow and pull within a point of the Bruins. But if they don’t beat Boston …

In case you went to bed early, or got home late last night, the Islanders got a point in Anaheim, even if they did blow a chance to get two. With two games remaining against the Rangers, it’s very possible that the dreadful Islanders, the franchise that’s been in disarray since 1993 at least, could finish ahead of the Rangers.

To put it another way: You might be able to see the Islanders pass the Rangers in 3D!


I didn’t know if I should link to it here, so I’d just suggest you go back to the previous thread and check out the comment from Bonehead LW3H at 7:49 p.m. I thought it was hysterical.


Speaking of that, your boy Wade Redden tipped in another one for the opponent the other night.

The Rangers have to lead the league in goals deflected by their own men into their net. I wish I had kept count of goals off Rangers sticks and skates scored against the Rangers from the beginning of the year. It’s got to be more than Marian Gaborik has scored, right?

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  1. By suggesting that it is a conspiracy theory and/or that I am insane, you are also suggesting that Sir Alex Ferguson is purporting a conspiracy theory and/or insane.

    How can you call the greatest manager in the history of football insane?

    No, Ilb. I use to work with the Boston PD, and my partner let me get shot because I was a Yankees fan. ;)

    Miraculously, the perpetrator (a Red Sox fan) got off on a technicality

  2. We don’t really want the Rangers to make the playoffs do we. I mean, it would just be an embarrassment.

  3. debating on whether to watch the game tomorrow. It’s Sunday, it’s NBC which means Emrik, EDZO, TPCH and Milbury, plus, after the lack of urgency displayed the other night, do i really want to watch. Bonus is that it starts at 11:30 here, so it’s not like it will kill the entire day.

  4. I can’t take full credit, Carp. The line came from tomb (I think).

    CR – If I thought Ferguson truly believed all the B.S. he comes out with, then yes, he’d be insane too. His act is almost entirely for the purposes of intimidating officials and the FA and he almost always gets away with it. Not suggesting other teams and players don’t do the same or get the same preferential treatment, but the suggestion that Man Utd get rough treatment from the authorities remains both ludicrously laughable and laughably ludicrous.

    Anyway, back to hockey…

  5. Linda

    If you do not want to hear STINKSNIFFING of the bruins all day by Milbury, Doc, and Pierre, do not watch it.

    That’s precisely why I will watch it, so I can point on here every anti-NY comment and stinksniff of the Bruins.

  6. LW3H

    He may not believe all of it (some of it is definitely an act), but when Gerrard receives no card whatsoever for throwing an elbow, while Rio Ferdinand receives a 3 game ban (4 games because of 1 extra game for frivolous appeal), you know something’s not right.

    Like I said another day, Manchester United have received more penalty kicks against, least penalty kicks for, and most red cards against in the last 3 years among the big 4 teams.

  7. Gerrard could not be suspended because the ref saw it. Wrong? Yes. But he’s far from alone in benefiting from that technicality. Do things like that result in the disciplinary schemes of the FA and FIFA sometimes making the NHL’s look coherent and consistent? Absolutely. But that doesn’t make it biased or conspiratorial.

    Your stats might be true, but extend that back over 10-15 years and I guarantee they become completely different. I’d post some links to the many penalty “incidents” featuring your heroine, Cristiano, down the years, but I’m sure you can easily find them.

    I’m done with this. It’s as tiresome as the Boston thing.

  8. The White Plains Batman on

    If the Islanders finish ahead of the Rangers at this point it doesn’t really matter. Let them get smoked by Washington in round 1. I really don’t want them to add another compliment to Tavares. They have a pretty decent farm system and if that Finnish goalie they have is good, they’re gonna be decent.

  9. LW3H

    I’ll let it go after this comment as well.

    It’s nice that you can guarantee that the stats will look different without actually looking.

    Cristiano is not a heroine, as he is male.

    Yes, because the ref saw it, he cannot be suspended, but that begs the question of exactly what the referee was doing and either how much money he had on the game or how much he loves the Pudlians!

  10. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    I certainly think he mismanages players (just my opinion though), but depending on player moves over the offseason, I’m holding my fire torts opinion right now! We really need a holmstrom/malone type forward along with a #1 centre. Plus filling the glaring hole of A CREASE CLEARING HARD HITTING PHYSICAL D MAN (OR 2)!!!! Actually I think our blueline needs to have 3 new d men on it by next season!

    oops, sorry, Hi everybody!!

  11. it would be pretty funny if Ottawa missed the playoffs. major collapse. and we win a few games here and there, then that home and home we have with Philthy, they may miss out…. or we lose tomorrow and we’re done. ye i think that sounds more probable.

  12. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    OMFG!!!! The NHL has hit a new low. I just now saw a replay of the hit on seabrook….8 FRAKKING GAMES????? what absolute BS!!!! Guy throws a marginal hit then takes one, gets to the bench has his helmet tightened and the other guy gets 8 games??? STUPID Pansification of the game even more!! That is ridiculous that it was 8 GAMES!!!! The NHL is a joke and is waaaaaayyyy overreacting to some of these hits!!!!

  13. Wicky, come on. Argue about the inconsistencies in supplementary discipline, fine, but there’s nothing marginal about Wisniewski’s hit. Perfect example of an intentional, pre-meditated and retribution-driven headshot, right there.

  14. he has the power to pass the bill, just like bush did with going to war after the house and senate voted no.

  15. Canes with the OT winner against the Pens. They’re climbing up the standings. Isles are picking up points as well, and the Leafs are playing well. Trashers gotta continue to get points, and same with the Jackets, and then we’re sitting pretty damn pretty.

  16. Not a good day for fishing. Warm enough, but I guess the lake is still too cold, darn it.

    ORR, we alredy sitting pretty. Like sitting ducks.

  17. I’m so bored I just made a little statue of Carp out of fusilli pasta. *Fusilli Carp*

  18. I realise this team is lacking talent, but I also know they can be better than they have played the last two games. There has to be a reason they are so far out of it some games. The power play is a joke. The passing back and forth, and they refuse to shoot. Why? Torts has to be just so pissed off after they do that, it makes me wonder if they do it just to get him pissed off. It seems every game they play well they start well. They get some pressure on, and they can keep it going a good part of the game. If the opposition gets going early though the Rangers are totally out of it most games. If anyone could figger out what starts them going right, it could be a valuable bit of information. What am I saying even if one did know and offered to give them the answer to their woe’s. The management and coaching staff of this outfit have the heads so far up their rearends they wouldn’t listen anyway.

  19. Hey Lev why don’t you leave the politics out of this. I am sure there are some blogs from Glenbeck or foxnews you can post your political comments on. This is a hockey blog. More specifically this is a New York Rangers blog. It would be great if you could insult the President and the health care legislation in a blog where people subscribe to your ideology wholesale. Here, let’s stick to bashing our underachieving team, out to lunch coach and delusional GM and ownership.

  20. hi there John, sorry that i offended ya, actually, not really. nice to see your first post here. move along now..

  21. can you imagine on

    how much crying would there be here if the rangers left del zotto in juniors to develop naturally instead of force feeding him to his minus 20 plus minus

    i could just see checkthemout and others whining that would be the reason why the team did not make the playoffs. oh thats right they are not in the playoffs even with him. have to come up with a different reason. maybe they just ****

    think the team misses jagr just a little bit

  22. The White Plains Batman on

    Del Z has helped the power play a lot and has struggled defensively as most teenagers will playing against guys a lot bigger and older than him. So it could have gone either way; if Renney were still here he’s playing with the Knights again.

    Still, it is what it is and glad he’s on board.

    The reason the team is struggling is because it’s not cohesive. So many guys are at different parts of their careers. You only have two guys in their prime in Henrik and Gabby, a bunch of guys past their prime in Redden, Drury, Joki, Prospal who can still contribute but should be nothing more than secondary guys, and the rest are still developing at various levels like Cally/Dubi/Staal/Anisimov/Del Z/etc.

  23. damn u guys. we just got 6 inches of snow!!! i had to turn the heat to 78 almost 80 last night. anyway, i’ll see everyone here manana. hopefully we win. if not, im hopin for a losing streak as bad as that may seem.

  24. yes, please leave politics out. it always starts off harmless, but then it turns into a big mcguire/micheletti fest in here. i dont mind it as much because i dont just talk about hockey, and i dont wanna be hypocritical. just gets a little personal here sometimes when weve had these discussions before

  25. My last post before I leave for NY
    Anyone want to meet a old, long time Ranger fan & a loyal bonehead ?
    I’m at the Islander game non Wed – Section 307 – Row E – Seat 1-4
    LGR !

  26. Tony, don’t know about the Islanders game yet. Will you have access to the blog while you’re here? I’d like to say hello at least. It is supposed to cool off a bit, though.

    Linda, aahh springtime: Flowers, green grass, showers, Rangers playing golf.

    James, Hah! you should have used ravioli.

    I hate politics and politicians on both side and every side, and I hate people who have to pound one side’s stubborn ideas, either way.

    Politicians: 99 percent of them give all the rest a bad name.

  27. Carp, since I’m on vacation, I leave my lap top home. But I’ll use the hotel lobby computer. Let me know if you’re at the game.
    We need a bonehead reunion !

  28. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    To me it is ridiculous, no way that was worse than the cooke hit or the boyle slew foot (i know, olympics). 8 games?? I mean the hit seabrook threw first was high, wisniewski did what most of us always yell about wanting the rangers to do when drury gets lit up (ok, maybe not drury for some out there) or when hank gets run or the carcillo gabby thing.

    If seabrook had hit cally the way he hit perry, then dubi came in the way wisniesski did, most of us would not have a problem with it. I do not have a problem at all with the hit wisniewski put on seabrook. Seabrook saw him coming and should have defended himself better. Seabrook played his next shift….8 games???

  29. Wicky – Like I said, I’m not trying defend the incomprehensible inconsistency in the suspensions dished out. But I can’t see how what Wisniewski did is an acceptable play at all. Hell, that noted pacifist Don Cherry has just condemned it on HNIC (of course, while adding some garbage about how Wisniewski was “all right until he started wearing a visor”).

    Yes, this current Rangers team makes you long for players who are prepared to stick up for each other, but if a Ranger took a 30-foot run at a player to launch a pre-meditated headshot in the same way, I’d condemn that too. And as far as I’m aware, Seabrook didn’t play another shift and is missing his second straight game tonight.

  30. It says something about the state of the teams scrabbling around the lower reaches of the East when a pretty horrible Atlanta team – coming off a six-game losing streak about a week ago and with a nine-game losing streak earlier in the year – is now the hot team in the playoff race.

  31. Olga Folkyerself on

    It says something about Sather’s extensive experience as GM that he can put together a team that is bumping against the Cap limit and sitting in 23rd place in the NHL.


  32. just got back from dinner Lev. Obummer has the votes. It wont affect you and your health care insurance other than the fact that your premiums will be lower and you wont get booted off for pre-existing conditions (like being a ranger fan).

    can we post hockey comments my immature colleague?

  33. czechthemout!!! on


    You have no clue about what your talking about in regards to hockey and even more so in politics. A version of Obamacare is already being run in the state of MA. It has just about the same features in it as this crap bill. The same arguments were used by Romney and the libs in that state about premiums going down and pre exhisting conditions. That state has the highest insurance premiums in the country and is bankrupting the state of MA. They love it so much there that they elected a Republican(Scott Brown) for Fat Ted Kennedy’s senate seat who ran on a platform of being the deciding vote against healthcare.

    Oh and by the way, 39 states including NY,NJ,CT already prohibit exclusion from health insurance for pre exhisting conditions. Learn the facts before you post your commie garbadge.

    This bill will be defunded,repealed(NOVEMBER) or struck down by the Supreme court for being unconstitutional.

  34. czechthemout!!! on

    Lev- It’s amazing that anyone who is Originally from Russia like me and presumably you are firmly against any type of socialist agenda this ignoramous of a President is peddaling. Yet it is the native born Americans Like John who buy into this socialist , hook line and sinker.

  35. Politics and religion are two of the worst human inventions. Neither one leads to a good end.

    Big game today‚Ķnot sure if I want them to win or should they just continue sinking…

  36. This is very hard to say….but I hope the Islanders win all of their remaining games so NYR get the top 3 lottery pick and not NYI.

  37. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Politics and religion are two of the worst human inventions.

    Goddamn politicians!

  38. I said it @ the start,ill say it again,Torts must go,this guy has taken a shitty shakey team and made them a nervous shakey team,his tough guy BS with the press has been an extension of his water bottle spray at that fan in DC.he has been rude and toxic and unprofesional in all but maybe a handful of Pressers and his constant line mixes and matches has got his team uterly difused,and confused.
    You cant trade away the whole team,Dru,Reds,and Rosi are going nowhere,and guess what?neither is Glen Sather,but maybe,maybe with a more flexibly minded coach,we can turn next years version of the NYR into something I,and prally the rest of you can at least be proud of.
    As of now i just hope noone gets a carrer injury,unless its to Torts coaching carrer.

    ok i feel better,off to work,enjoy the beatdown,Boneheads,see youse layta.

  39. “Oh and by the way, 39 states including NY,NJ,CT already prohibit exclusion from health insurance for pre exhisting conditions. Learn the facts before you post your commie garbadge”

    Care to elaborate? Because I KNOW you for a fact you are leaving out very vital information, such as time tables for how long they can look back on pre existing conditions.

    Sorry for the political talk, but it just sickens me when people spread misinformation. Anyways, looking forward to a rangers loss and the proceeding lottery pick!

  40. Please Rangers don’t blow it today…
    Skate hard for draftpicks…just do what Drury does

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