Big bad Blues


The NHL just announced it’s promotional slogan for the playoffs — which means we’ll be sick of it by the second round.

Anyway, its “History Will Be Made.” 

Should be: “The Rangers Will Be History.”

It has become abundantly clear, as if it hasn’t been since that mirage of a 7-1 start, that the Rangers don’t belong in the playoffs, and if they squeak in, they won’t belong for long. They will be history.

That they are still alive is an indictment of the Leastern Conference and teams like Boston and Philadelphia. I mean, a non-playoff Western team like St. Louis walks in, with its backup goalie, plays a middling-to-mediocre game and is just worlds better than the Rangers. Young, physical and promising, the Blues are exactly what the Rangers are not.

If they were in the East, they’d be wrapping up home-ice advantage about now.

The Rangers? Their battle level was decent. They competed to a large degree. They are just woefully undermanned in terms of talent. In almost every game they play now. Sometimes outcoached. And now their strength in goal crumbled, too, and maybe we start to wonder where were all of those planned days off for Lundqvist?

It’s a mess. And they’re still in it. Mathematically, at least.

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  1. So I guess JD should have been spending all those years in MSG making decsions instead of shooting the s**t with Sam and Al…

    Just goes to show how long it takes for an organization to start turning things around if they want to…

  2. GOOD AM CARP! another wonderful day in Ranger world…sorry to beat a dead horse but look at goal #2 for the blues,,. captain clutch in the middle of his own defensive zone with a typical reckless BLIND SOFT BACKHAND PASS righ to their dman at the POINT…..NO STRUCTURE NO MATURITY JUST CAPTAIN CLUTCHNESS WITH HIS USUAL PERFORMANCE…….now lets look at the game winnner, GIRARDI ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS, SHELLEY well what do you expect from a 6th line player…..STAAL another invisible night on the ice….

    A MESS is a major understatement as sad as that sounds…

  3. billybleedsblue on

    My predictions for what’s left:

    Boston — Loss. Game is away. Rangers 3-0 against the bruins this season and due for a loss.

    New York — Loss. Home against the Islanders. Maybe a late goal ties this one but the Rangers would then lose in OT/shootout. This season the Rangers are 1-3 with 1 loss in overtime.

    New Jersey — Loss. The Rangers are 2-3 with one shootout loss this season against the Devils. First game of a six-game road trip.

    Toronto — Loss. Rangers are 2-0 against the Leafs this year, and due for a loss.

    New York — Loss.

    Tampa Bay — Loss. Rangers are 2-1 this season against the Lightening. I want to say something funny here like Torts will get bounced from the game when he engages a heckler Rangers fan in Tampa, but, there’s really nothing funny about that now that I think about it.

    Florida — Loss. The blueshirts are 2-0 with 1 win coming in a shootout against the Panthers this season and due for a loss.

    Buffalo — Loss. Rangers are 1-2 this season with 1 loss coming in OT.

    Toronto — Loss. First game back from a long road-trip letdown at the garden.

    Philadelphia — Loss. Rangers are 2-2 against the Flyers this season.

    Philadelphia — Loss.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Seth, on the game winner, Girardi was taking the trailer because Callahan was already with Kariya. That’s Callahan just getting beat by Kariya and nothing else.

    I think Girardi had a lousy game, but that was definitely Callahan just getting beat.

    On the bright side, there was a pretty strong “Fire Sather” chant that came across the TV.

  5. Well, this also shows how poorly they play as a team. If you lack talent, you try to overcome that with effort and teamwork. The plan for the Rangers seems to begin and end with Lundqvist. Even Renny’s defense-first tactics didn’t achieve a great deal more. Torts can’t run his system with this team. They are lacking depth on defense (which can be addressed with banishing Redden and trading Rosival and adding some players who are more multi-dimensional) and they lack real scoring beyond Gaborik, which is much more difficult to address.

    There are guys in Hartford who are ready to graduate. If the Rangers aren’t that high on these guys, they need to package them to get something else they will actually use. This team needs secondary scoring and scoring depth SO BADLY! That will go a long way in covering up some other shortcomings. When you can’t score, everything else gets magnified.

  6. Future headline…A disappointing Ranger team, has coach on the unemployment line. Who’s next?

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve never had as much hatred for a man I have never met as I do for Jim Dolan.

  8. Doodie,

    I understand Kariya was Callahan’s man just its another example of the LACK OF STRUCTURE TORTS is preaching. Girardi was caught in deadman’s land-out of position and standing still as usual….he is just as bad if not worse then roszival and redden…..

    The chants were very load, the blue seats after the 5-3 DEBACLE chanted WE WANT LISIN WE WANT LISIN…. the bldg was very empty last night defnitely the smallest crowd of the year

  9. Thanks for that Alan!!! listen after that 5-3 i would be chanting for holik, poti, malik, and maybe even Hollweg LOL!

  10. It is really starting to look like Girardi was the beneficiary of the Renny system of play. They need to trade him to Edm and see what they can get for him.

  11. Right on, Carp, right on. No talent. No toughness. No magic from Torts.

    Another zero year from the blueshirts. The mediocrity lives on…

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Seth, Girardi picked up the trailer. I hate Girardi but I really don’t think he did anything wrong on that play. MDZ also deserves blame for letting Oshie skate down the boards untouched.

    Girardi was already committed to his man so by the time Kariya blew past Callahan, there was little Girardi could have done to cover. But, in watching the replay, he didn’t even try to cover, which is also bad.

    So really, all three are to blame in varying degrees.

  13. bull dog line on

    don’t worry, the Rangers have a ton of top end talent in there system. it won’t be long before they are cup contenders. figure around the time Hank is 35. see it’s right around the corner.

  14. I agree with Doodie. 66% of Kariya’s goal is Cally getting burned by Kariya as the play moved into the Rangers zone. They looked even for a split second and then Kariya put on the afterburners to drive to the net and there was nothing legal or illegal that Cally could have done to stop him. However, the other 34% was Girardi sliding over in a straight line with DZ to cover the puck carrier that had only two options, pass or carry the puck down into the corner/behind the net. Girardi was so intent on covering the pass that he never checked to see whether Kariya was sufficiently covered, he figured his hand waving to Cally as they play developed would suffice.

    Once again, players getting bunched up due to a poor read/reaction on the play. I counted a lot of cross ice passes again as the Rangers were breaking out of their end and through the neutral zone.

    On another note. Ridicul-etti mentioned that the Blues coach preached to his team that he doesn’t want them spending a lot of time getting through the neutral zone, play north-south on that part of the ice. Would be nice if the Rangers coaching staff recognized that as a way to create momentum and maintain flow in order to generate offense.

    I tend to believe that the explanation for those types of plays comes down to the fact that the Rangers don’t have a lot of players that think the game that well.

  15. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, you’re right. Maybe thinking the Rangers can get a point on home ice in an overtime loss against the Islanders is too optimistic…let’s just call that a loss too. Somebody please kick the Wurlitzer, this skipping record of mediocrity is driving me mad!

  16. Blogmama, have a blast! I know you won’t miss the Rangers, but you’ll miss the Boneheads and you’ll definitely miss the office.

  17. I was not “Freeing” callahan for blame on the play – iagree callahan, girardi, mds, and shelley all deserve blame…i was just trying to emphasize that torts runs a circus out there….i mean look at drury on the blues second goal, he attempts a weak, blind, reckless play right to the Blues dman on the offensive Point(IE A HOCKEY 101 NO NO)….the rangers take a penalty 2 minutes later and guess who starts the PK CAPTAIN CLUTCH!….

  18. If there’s a way to send Drury to TOR I’m all for it. Let Brian Burke see Chris Drury being Chris Drury for a full season.

  19. The only thing the Rangers organization seems to teach their young players is handling the media. Every time I read some quote from Cally or Dubi or Lundqvist about “executing,” or “that can’t happen,” or “i’ve got to be better,” all I can think is that if only they could be taught to do those things and not say those things, this team would be a hell of a lot better off.

  20. Even if Girardi was covering the front of the net he probably would have done his usual weak stick check and Kariya would have scored anyway so it doesn’t matter.

    How many games is that where we’ve lost at home to a 3rd period winning goal? I’m losing count. Good teams find ways to win those games, simple as.

  21. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Kwitcherbellyachin…..we beat the bozos from beantown this weekend, we are right back in it.

  22. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I hate to say it but the best thing would be for them to keep losing.

    Better draft pick, no extra home games for Dolan, no more BS excuses for Sather.


    Just maybe… some real change may come of it.

  23. I hate knowing the Rangers should lose and [definitely] deserve to lose but still getting so psyched when they score. It’s very confusing.

  24. Freddyhamptons on

    This team makes me want to throw up…. And now baseball starts and I am a METS fan…. Just kill me already!!

  25. When it comes down to it, teams that win championships have hall-of-famers. The Rangers have two guys that might qualify for that depending on how the rest of their careers go.

    Beyond that, this team is so mediocre. So, it should be no surprise when this team plays so mediocre. This team has no core to build around. They have a goalie and they bought a sniper. Their supposed “stud” blueliner is playing average, they have lots of role players, and albatross contracts.

    As Carp said, just not enough talent. Everything else is pretty academic at this point. When you have talent, it tends to hide your weaknesses. All teams have weaknesses. The difference is, is there enough talent to make up for or cover those ares of weakness.

    Regardless of Torts or Renny, this team would be in the same place. Put Scotty Bowman behind the bench (he would be too smart to take this team) and you would probably have the same result.

    I thin it is too difficult to properly grade the coaching until there is some actual talent on this team.

  26. I hate to say it but the best thing would be for them to keep losing. Better draft pick,

    its 2 late for that, not good enough to go far in the playoffs (if they get enough to even make it there) and not bad enough to get a nice draft pick… Ill take playoffs anyday, after all thats what you play for the whole season to make the playoffs and leave it all out on the ice once you make it there… At this point it just seems like we have bunch of guys who are skating around with very little purpose (all blame for that goes to Mr.Tortz)

  27. After losing last night I only have one question..What spot does Randy Winn slide into in the batting order this year?

  28. Join the rest of the inconsolable Mets fans on this site Freddy. You are amongst friends.

  29. Izzy- If he was dead, I would actually go to the funeral and do a happy dance. Even if that is really tacky.

  30. CT- At least we have Alex Cora as our Opening Day shortstop to look forward to. SO EXCITING!

  31. Anyone else notice the man love between Keith Tkachuk and Ty Conklin at the end of last nights game? Move over Cam Neely, Tkachuk is the real Seabass.

  32. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Im not wasting any more of my time watching games, seasons over for me, I’ll just watch highlights or get the scores texted to me

    11 left so what, this team is so sad from top to bottom.

    Carp your right, even if we make the playoffs, its not becasue we deserve to be there, its becasue our conference is absolutely terrible.

    I really do hope that we miss the playoffs. Wake up Dolan, you just lost ALOT of money, Fire Sather, and a new era begins

    Whatever, Im so disugusted with this team and there pathetic play. nothing changes til Sather is hung from the Garden Rafters

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Mikey, blame Dolan, not Sather. Even if he dumps Sather, he’s just going to dig up some other terrible retread old timer that he can chum it up with.

    This team will never win a championship as long as Dolan owns it. Same for the Knicks.

  34. funny PBR, i commented on that last night and nobody else said anything. Quite disturbing! Would have been great if they started playing some Barry White!

    Any of you guys going to be able to watch the Massacre in 3d wednesday night?? had a story about it, and also bacon flavored vodka.

  35. Remember 2006? The Mets were already running away with the division by late May. The Rangers, despite getting swept in the playoffs, earned back the admiration of fans for working their butts off and surprising all the pundits and it looked like management finally figured out how to responsibly build a franchise? I miss 2006.

  36. if the season ended today we’d have the 8th overall pick. if we keep dropping games we might end up with a top 5 or 6 pick. kabanov anyone?

    it’s not like the players currently on this team are going to be that much better next year…

    this season can’t end soon enough…

  37. Hartford, you do understand that St. Louis plays a much more difficult schedule and would have far more points in the Least.

  38. ORR, Vietnam Tom has a facebook now!

    I think I’ll skip the bacon flavored vodka. I can’t see how that could taste good.

    aaaaah 2006. it’s annoying when you don’t even have baseball season to look forward to.

    and we all know Doodies right. They can get rid of Sather, but we still have peabrained Dolan as the owner, and just as Doodie said, he’d hire another retread, instead of someone forward thinking. It would be shocking if he did right by the team and got some new blood in there, but I doubt he has it in him.

  39. “Toronto—Loss. First game back from a long road-trip letdown at the garden.”

    If the Rangers do indeed lose 6 or 7 straight games leading up to the Toronto game, how exactly would you classify that game as a “first game back from a long road-trip letdown?”

    Letdowns are for teams that are good, and win, not lose 6 in a row.

  40. There’s nothing wrong with being a Mets fan.

    The Mets beat the Red Sox in a World Series, and won 4 more games than both the 103 win 2004 Cards team and the 2007 Rockies team that won 22 of 23 games going into the WS, combined.

  41. The East/West, Wales/Campbell disparity goes in cycles. For a while the East was deeper with the Devils/Flyers/Sabres/Sens all fielding legitimate Cup contending teams. The West had Detroit and the Avs and for a couple of years a good Dallas or St. Louis team.

    I’ve just never bought the whole, place this team in this division and it would be better/worse in hockey. 2-3 years ago the Atlantic Division could have been considered the best in the NHL from top to bottom. Now it would probably narrowly go to the Pacific (SJ/LA/PHX) over the Central (CHI/DET/NSH).

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    If it’s a potato vodka, they were probably thinking of what you could put on a baked potato.

    I’d avoid the sour cream vodka.

  43. CR, don’t forget the Mets 2nd string catcher broke the myth of Papelbon last year when he took him deep over the monsta’ when the Mets still resembled a major league team.

    There might not be anything wrong with being a fan, but there’s plenty wrong with the Mets.

  44. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    You didn’t drink it straight did you? You’re supposed to mix Bacon Flavored Vodka with Lettuce flavored Amaretto and Tomato flavored Southern Comfort. Then add Mayonnaise Mixer and you got yourself a BLT Bomber.

  45. Im going make a possibly controversial statement here.
    I agree it’s easy and convenient to get on Drury’s case because of his numbers and his salary. However, if you are going to talk about the problem with the ‘gers, he should be near if not at the bottom of the list. First of I think he is one of the hardest playing forwards on the team and has more heart than most of his teammates. He also is a good player with a fantastic attitude (his Olympic performance). He never fake block’s shots or coasts. Drury is and has been my fav. player on the Rangers and that was because I really liked how he was always fighting for position in front of the net and wasn’t some finesse player who didn’t give a shit.

    I understand how easy it is to get frustrated at his lack of production and get heated over the salary – But this entire organization is structured to under-perform – from ownership to coaching to the captain. ( same can be said for lundqvist)

    Anyone agree?

  46. abc, not sure if I understand, so this frustrating season is more Lundqvist’s fault than Drury’s? Or are you saying Lundqvist isn’t to blame? Because if it’s the former then you’ve had too much bacon vodka.

  47. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I agree. It’s a controversial statement… As for the rest, Drury is a shining example of what’s wrong with the Rangers.

  48. nah im saying that lund. has some of the most talent and heart on the team, but he underperforms (imo) bec of the structure and environment of the organization. Owners who dont give a shit to wacky coaches to complacent players.

  49. it is Sather garbage, pure and simple. Phoenix has no owner. their GM, Don Maloney, has been roasted on this blog in the past when he was the Ranger asst GM. so, it is very clear that it is the utter ineptitude of bumbling Sather that is the vast majority of the Ranger problem. ’cause if their roster is not good enough, and it’s definitely not, then it is sather who is responsible. the fans know it, and thus the chants

    but, the fans are also realists, and know that Dumbass Dolan will not fire sather, he loves him. 2 peas in a pod

    so, what can you do. the best fans can hope for is a flop in Boston, a playoff miss, and sather moving upstairs at the end of the season as a pr move. will that solve the problem, no, because sather will hire his lackey and still have influence and input over the team construction. so, until sather croaks, there is not much for the fans to hang their hopes on.

  50. mayby not underperform is the right word for lundqvist, but i feel like hes not shining as much as he could and should be.

  51. abc,

    First, wtf calls the team the ‘gers? I mean, really? The ‘gers?

    If Drury was so great and so hard working wouldn’t that result in production? If you have both talent and the work ethic then usually something good comes of it. Since his production stinks then apparently he’s either deficient in talent or hustle.

    Drury was good in the Olympics because they put him where he belongs – the 4th line. When you think of Drury’s positives what are they? He’s pretty good on faceoffs, he’s decent defensively and can play the PK. The negatives? Offensively, he stinks. No goals. No assists. His PP time has yielded nothing.

    What Drury is is Blair Betts with a better contract.

  52. how can u wanna banish redden now? he just got his 2nd goal and 1st in 58 games!! thats shorter than his streak last season!! hes getting better every season. and blaming drury on the 2nd goal? did u see the pressure he was undr?? and even wade tried helping hank out by slowing the puck down for him. all hank on that one. boy i do wish we had traded him for tkachuk and a 6th rounder at the deadline.

  53. cross check charlie,

    really – i call them the ‘gers, whats wrong with that?

    yeah and it does result in production – How about the goal from his knees? That was a prodcut of his talent and his hard work. Im not arguing drurys isnt that strong and fast anymore, but who’s fault is it that he’s not being used properly or was overpaid? Not his.

    and drury has 2x the points betts does this year. Also he has more than the avg. point total on the team and has the 7th most points on the team. So im saying drury sucks bec the rangers suck. and the rangers suck because dolan and sather are ass holes.

  54. morning everyone!! just woke up after a great dream i had. no sather wasnt fired. but in my dream we were pickin 1st at the draft and slats picks some big dude with an egg shaped head. i think his name was herby jessiman. some little brother of another ranger draft pick. anyway, we end up getting him and then trading hank for brendan witt!! its clobberin time!!

  55. that goal from his knees was awesome work. pure skill right there., in fact, i think girardi taught him that trick after an evening at slats house for dinner

  56. Time to start thinking about next season I guess. Atleast it’s still fun to see how Gaborik will end his season in the scoring race.

    It’s already been said a million times, but Sather needs to go as he has overstayed his welcome. With Messier as GM he would give this team purpose, direction, and the heart they need to win.

  57. Yes Dolan and Sather are the problem, but Drury doesn’t suck because everybody else sucks. He sucks because he just isn’t very good.

    If he was any good he would be farther up the scoring ladder than 7th on one of the worst offensive teams in the league. You’re bragging that he’s 7th on this team in scoring?

  58. GREEN

    I don’t know aboot you, but I don’t want a GM what would cry after each loss, and the way things are turning out, there’s gonna be a lot of tears shedding.

    I say give it to Schoney. I would have liked Maloney to be our GM, especially after the work he has done with the Yotes in such a short amount of time, but Slats had to stay longer. Douche! But, we do have *Dave* Maloney, but i think he’s a little too loony to be a GM. He’s one of the pinkest guys I’ve ever seen. He’s like a walking talking vagina.

  59. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I had a dream last night too

    Sather choked to death on his cigar and every Ranger fan int he continental United states held a party to celebrate.

    Honestly, I dont think right now there’s a more hated man in NY Sports.

    Just die already

    And Doodie: Dolan doesnt do anythign other than play in his crappy band, so Firing Sather, cause you KNWO Dolan is never goign to be replaced, would be the first step in a MAJOR remake of the Rangers

  60. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    “He’s like a walking talking vagina”

    Priceless Orr!! first laugh I had all day

    Orr: What abotu a GM who addressed his freaking fan base mreo than once every two years. HE such a pathetic little pansy ass he cant even have the balls enough to face a camera and TRY to explain what the hell happened this season.

    As if any of his bullsheet would fool us anyway

    Again, DIE sather you tomato faced F@*&

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    “Anyone agree?”


    Mikey, Sather is here because of Dolan. If for some reason he ever were to fire Sather, he would just hire another Sather-type guy. Dolan is and always will be the problem.

  62. For the first time in many years I had no desire to watch them. The montreal game deflated me. Is there a plan for this team? I blame the poor choices made in spending a kings’ransom for the paupers performances.

  63. lmao Doodie!

    that damned henrik lundqvist! Freakin guy can’t score a goal or throw a body check to save his life. He really needs to work on his passing and his shot from the point.

  64. Mikey, i am sensing some anger, why don’t you tell the group how you really feel?! WOW i thought I hated Sather!

  65. TheMessiah94 on

    ABC… are you really Glen Sather incognito – trying to legitimize the asinine contract you gave to Drury?

  66. remember the guy who used to post here occasionally who talked to sather on a ramp at MSG after a game. he said that sather was so conceited, so condescending toward the fans, so dismissive, that there is zero chance that sather cares one whit what the fans want or say.

    he is immune, and he knows it, because he was so hated in ’04 that he could not dare show his face at even Ranger charity events, but he still was given a “I will not fire him” from Dolan in a radio interview.

    sather’s attitude toward the fans is “let ’em eat cake”, while he sits on his fat ass and eats cake.

  67. which game next week will be our drinking game game?? should it be 3d day vs the isles?

  68. We should have a drinking game where you eat eggs and drink bacon vodka. like every time Drury chews his mouthpiece, or every time Girardi goes for the stick check, or every time they show Tortorella making a mad face.

  69. Who would you rather have as a GM- Sather or Omar Minaya?

    Omar at least talks to the media, even though he sounds like a buffon everytime he talks.



  72. TheMessiah94 on

    I don’t think this drinking game is a good idea. If we drank for all the things we’re talking about, we’d die from alcohol poisoning by the 14 minute mark of the first period.

  73. Is there a phone line we could flood with calls of fire sather? I think that would be effective…

  74. personally, I am all for making the playoffs still. reasons:

    1.) we will be the 8th seed. We may drop two or three slots in the draft then. not a big drop.

    2.) Get MDZ and the other youngins we plan on keeping some damn playoff experience. I one point or another, this rangers team will figure itself out (Drury rosi and redden are out and give us back some salary cap space) it will be these young guys left. I rather them not be all awesome but then not be used to the playoffs.

    Speaking of losing salary, should the rangers be like the knicks and start planning for 2013 and plan on targeting a crosby type player that isn’t signed for a long term contract? Not a bad idea…..

  75. I have reliable sources that inform me where Sather will be tonight.

    Should I

    A.) Run him down with my car for ruining the Rangers
    B.) Thank him trading for JAROMIR
    C.) Run him down with my car for letting JAROMIR slip away
    D.) Run him down with my car for giving Rozi and Redden outrageous contracts

  76. oh and i think you should just buy a box of really expensive cigars with the money you plan on spending on the rangers next year and then douse it in water in front of him. That’ll get him!

  77. Carp, if every time above mentioned happens, we have to drink vodka, we would all be conviniently spending some time together in rehab place. Let’s call it uhm..Bacon-Boneheads.

    Bacon vodka?! Has anyone of you tried Pepper Vodka? CCCP?

  78. billybleedsblue on

    lol bacon vodka! two great tastes that go great together!

    Carp, I had a drinking game back when we had Roger Neilson as the coach…every time he licked his lips, here’s mud in your eye! Lick your lips Roger, lick your lips! *clap clap

  79. ilb-if were goin to be in rehab together, all of us, then me, you wicky and greg should all be roommates. great fun!! cr9 i think olga said he would love to share a room with you. u canm tell him bedtime stories of your jaromoto and hanky panky-qvist encounters!

  80. I’m seriuos about pepper vodka. It exists. It’s very popular in Ukraine…Tough to come by in US though..

  81. NYRanger4Life on

    CR9 – Guaranteed Sather is eating at NINO’s or CAMPAGNOLA on 1st ave in the 70’s tonight. My wife and I have eaten at the table next to him 3 times so far this year on Friday nights. Also, on Sunday’s he can usually be found at Cafe Luca for brunch!!!

  82. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Ask sather if you can shake his hand

    then when he’s shaking it tell him you jsut want to congratualte him on comepletely ruining the Ny Rangers and to get get his shine box.

    Linda: yes jsut a littel hostility!! lol

    Jsut makes me sick, every year, same old story

    Oh Well at least us boneheads have each other to comiserate with!!

  83. ilb, you saw that weak goal he let up. No one would want him. Even Washington with Three or More or the goalie formerly known as Simeon Varlamov wouldn’t trade for him.

  84. Well, well ,well….it’s me , Cousin LIQUID…just a few thoughts –

    How funny is it that a little over a year ago, we were comparing Torts to Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris? (Torts iPod came with a real charger instead of just a USB cord,etc, etc, ….etc.

    Why do Rangers fans say to just hire Jim Schonfeld and think that precludes a Stanley cup?? Schonys only claim to fame is the koharski donut incident.

    Why do Rangers fans constantly say to bring up a guy like Dane Byers when we get outplayed, outmuscled, out scored, and out lose…….If good ole’ Dane was worth his weight in $hit….wouldnt he already be playing for the big club?

    Why did Corey Haim bite the bullet but Sather still walks the earth. Didn’t the big man upstairs love “License to Drive” ?

    Why does Izzy get the first post here on a consistent basis? Is he a Carp alter ego ?

    Why am I not working? oh yea…its Friday!!! w00t !!

  85. CTBlueshirt- do you think we can somehow twist the Flyers into giving us a 4th rounder for him? lol

  86. C’mon ilb, Lundqvist was a 7th rounder. No way they get more than that for him.

  87. billybleedsblue on


    “oh god billy” — if i had a quarter for every time I’ve heard that, I could buy the Rangers!

    Oh that lip-licking Roger…just think of how much beer was consumed with that game…

  88. LMAO, CTB..

    I actually blame Hank too.. If it wasn’t for his play all season, we would have nobody even close to us in the race for the first overall draft pick this year. No competition!

  89. guys, guys, for all we know, hank might be waived in teh offseason!1 i mean, how manytimes can we get lucky with dealing our garbage to unsuspecting gm’s? our luck has to run out sooner or later. only hope for us is if hank signs a new save clause. the clause would eliminate any softies and high glove side goals. then , just then, will might be able to pry a 7th round and a conditional pick in the 2011 draft if hank makes 2 glove saves and a breakaway save on mike rupp in th playoffs.

  90. Ted- nah, buddy.. I’m sure your parents know that real Ukrainian Pertsovka has a whole red pepper floating inside…

  91. LMAO, Mike.. Never ending story…The young guns, Gaborik and Hank. That’s all this team has…

  92. I think you had a good deal proposed Grabby until you added in that last bit about Mike Rupp. He tooled Rask as well last night. How that dude isn’t neck and neck with Crosby and Ovechkin for the Richard trophy is beyond me.

  93. lol billy. i think i got “oh god billy” from cable guy!! or was it just, “ohhh billy!!!”. i think it was the latter. i forgot which movie that scene and line was taken from. its on the tip of my tongue.

  94. yo gaborik is a damn stud. Surprised that my girlfriend and sister haven’t brought him up yet. I guess they are still distracted by lundy. (See what I did there? I complemented a guy’s looks, but then quickly referenced my girlfriend. GENIUS!)

  95. billybleedsblue on

    cable guy spoof on some old time movie i can’t think of. remember, jim carrey played a character that modeled his life after what he saw on tv/movies. lol. OHHHHHH, BILLY! he did that when visiting Broderick in jail, which wouldn’t look so good…

    also, without gettting into the exact scenario involved, and his performance with the Rangers… this is a coach that a team would play for. Watch the whole thing and try to think about it. I got chills at the end of the clip.

  96. joey & grabby


    I see how all you brought up were sleezeball Bostonians :) I hesitate to make this statement (because I really do not like insulting my ‘sorass’) but my ‘sorass’ is better looking than Cherry, Neely, and Dinglebury combined!

  97. joey- u are a crafty one. gabby is a cutiepie though. so cute when he tries talking english. im surprised that teh rest of teh team hasnt passed to him more when hes on the ice. if i was playing, i wouldnt be able to concentrate. me and cr9 would be so bedazzle by him, wed probably try cross ice passes to him in our own zone like rozy and girardi do just to see him move gracefully as a gazelle. ohh what a hunk!!

  98. Im going make a possibly controversial statement here.
    I agree it’s easy and convenient to get on Drury’s case because of his numbers and his salary. However, if you are going to talk about the problem with the ‘gers, he should be near if not at the bottom of the list. First of I think he is one of the hardest playing forwards on the team and has more heart than most of his teammates. He also is a good player with a fantastic attitude (his Olympic performance). He never fake block’s shots or coasts.

    Are you watching the same no. 23 as i am every night? He is first and foremost one of the biggest issues during this debacle. Forget his stats, the guy cannot skate anymore, he fans on half his shot attemps, he has trouble handling passes, he is out of position plenty of times,he often attempts to make WEAK, BLIND, CARELESS and/or RECKLESS plays with the puck (see BLUES GOAL#2 last night)…

  99. cr9 and ORR!! should help Slats scout UFAs this offseason so we only get the *HOTTEST* studs on the market!purrrrrpurrrr!

  100. replace that hobbit looking dork Shelley with the hot frosted hair of Brian McGratton for staters

  101. ok ok thats about enough of that. back to more serious issues at hand. like trading lundqvist. so, ilbzo, you think if we sweeten the deal by tossing in dz we could snag a stud winger like tkachuk and a 6th rounder?? at least wed get rid of that horrible minus 22 del zotto!! my god hes had almot a full season to get his act together and i just hope he has some trade value left after a dismal season. for rying out loud, hes gonna be 20 soon!! he should know by now after playing with girardi the whole season!! and i think he may actually be from boston. that did it for me. and gilroy, didnt he play for boston university? no wonder he is bad. hes probably infiltrating the rangers and reporting back to the bruins and telling them our weaknesses. which arent many. no wonder everyone knows to shoot high glove on hank!! and ya never can trust teh boston duo torst n sully. an italian and irishman working together? whats next, cats and dogs living together? eddie van halen becomes a flesh eating zombie corpse? orr what is it good for denouncing the fox and becoming a monk? izzy not being first anymore? mike in ia moving to la?? cr9 changing his name to grab-ass-achev 9? boston getting 2 very decent first round picks in this next draft?? oh this game is a game of inches, and cr9 has just broke out his tape measure. god help us all!!!

  102. cr9- u know im just busting your balls dont you? its ok, i dont like boston either. but what i cant stand more than boston, is rhode island. providence to be exact. effing rat finks over there.

  103. morg- im happy today. just got my car back from the shop. got my taxes done and do not owe any more back child support!! so i’ll finally get some extra cash. see, me and cr9 are planning on opening up our own sports memorabilia shop. and we were planning on having a section off the store devoted to only boston athletes and teams. i was gonna make it a surprise but i just couldnt help myself! surprise cr9!!!

  104. No joke, you guys do know that is the reason why Gilroy is a bum, right?

    On a boston team, like Boston U, you get handed everything and you gain a sense of entitlement.

    Coming to a NY team, it is the complete opposite, you gain a sense of being cheated.

    So you lose the entitlement, and get cheated on top of it.

    I’d like to look at the history of Boston Athletes that went to a big 4 NY team and actually succeeded. Johnny Damon is the only one I can think of off the top of my head. (Steroids?)

  105. grabby

    LOL yes. I gathered that.

    Rhode Island is just another state full of fans of Boston teams.

    Do you wonder why they are rat fink scumbags!

  106. Tom Glavine, Mass. native, definitely brought in after almost 20 years to sabotage the Mets in 2007. They’re sneaky those bean eaters.

  107. morg- lamo we definitely will stun them and maybe even make some of them start stripping like in slapshot. we could use that as our secret weapon and then get the puck to redden for the knucklepuck shot into the empty net

  108. Shoryuken

    I would pay to see the faces of some of my clients/former clients that were Bostonians.

    In my line of work, I have come across many a scumbags and 99% of the time, I ask them “are you a Red Sox fan?” and they respond with “how’d you know?”.

    To which I always respond, “I am a fan of them too, and can tell them”!!!!

    Im sure you’ve heard of gaydar; I have Bostondar!!

  109. Is the criteria that they played for a Boston team or grew up in Boston?

    Brian Noonan, Chris Nilan, and Darren Turcotte come to mind.

  110. billybleedsblue on

    wow, no takers on the lips…

    hey Carp, why don’t the Rangers get a top coach for crying out loud. I mentioned Neilson there, and trust me I am not living in the past on this. I’m also of the opinion that the Rangers lack great coachinig. I can go on about this but I am more interested in who you think would really fit in New York with a young team shooting to make the playoffs count in about 5 years, give or take?

    Incidentally, I actually looked up Neilson’s numbers with the Rangers, and the fact that I did illustrates the point that I’d rather post this than comment on what is going on now.

    1989–90 — 80 games, 36 wins, 31 losses, 13 ties. 85 points, 1st in Patrick , Lost in Second Round

    1990–91 — 80 games, 36 wins, 31 losses, 13 ties. 85 points, good enough for 2nd in Patrick, Lost in First Round

    1991–92 — 80 games, 50 wins, 25 losses, 5 ties. 105 points, 1st in Patrick, President’s trophy, Lost in Second Round

    1992–93 — After 40 games with 19 wins, 17 losses, and 4 ties, Neilson is fired. Rangers finished with 79 points, for 6th place, or last place in the Patrick.

  111. Despite his roots, Glavine is a good guy.

    He could have signed with the Red Sox to revive his career, but retired.

    Hmmm, maybe he knew he was no longer any good, and did not want to hurt the Red Sox! (maybe he is a scumbag ;)

  112. The criteria is simple (it includes most Boston athletes and most Boston teams’ fans, but that is not the criteria)

    You have to act like the general Bostonian: Arrogant, Expectant, Rude, Corrupt

  113. beantown will go down!! i wish the white plains batman, captain america(drury), and the flash(redden,only when hes got a cold though, he usually cant go fast without getting the sniffles) would join forces and take down boston!! im talkin biblical proportions here. fire and brimstone and an army of naked jaroqueer jaggers shooring bullets made out of lundy’s undies and johnsons handy hand grenades

  114. Expectant, as in expecting things to be handed to one on a silver platter.

    If that is not the right word….

    They have supreme confidence. A supreme level of expectation.

    Jaroqueer? Really? Seriously?

  115. Uh, Brian Leetch came from Boston. Didn’t do too badly here. Babe Ruth did OK. Pedro with the Mets. Tell me you wouldn’t want Tom Brady here.

  116. CR9

    Wade Boggs played in Boston. Did pretty well as a Yankee.

    Curtis Martin played for the Pats, did pretty well as a Jet.

  117. speaking of curtis martin,remember he would score a td,hand the ball right over and jog back to the sidelines,he would act like it was a normal happening,now flash forward to last night when Redden scores and acts like he never scored before!he acted like it was his second of the year!…..oh…wait..

  118. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Whatever happened to the breed of man who had the character to step aside when the record showed he had failed, over time, to accomplish what he was hired to do? Too many cigars, too much self-indulgence and not enough integrity, is what we have, here.

    Dolan, you jerk, this fat hedonistic slob is STEALING from you, right out in the open, and you don’t even know it!

  119. LMFAO, you guys are out of control! ya better be this funny come bonehead fest time!

    Mike Modano is nowhere near sexy, he aint even good looking. He looks like a squirrel! And i’m sorry, but when Tkachuk was puttin the moves on conklin the other night, he looked like PoopDeck Pappy!

  120. just joshin ya cr9. at least your chill enough to take my jokes and not bug out over them. mean no harm. im sure if i knew u in prison, er i mean person, wed have a great relationship.

  121. The White Plains Batman on

    Linda, Mike Modanno looks like a bunny and Aaron Voros looks like his gruffier bunny version. Both look like the animals you used to save in Sonic The Hedgehog.

    Petr Sykora also had the rabbit thing going on.

  122. Those are some good ones.

    Curtis Martin, definitely. Babe Ruth, definitely.

    Roger Clemens had his best years as a Red Sox and Blue Jay.
    He won a Cy Young with us, but his year was not even that great, I think he just happened to have 20 wins.

    Pedro was a bum in NY.

    Leetch started his career in NY, and only went to the Bruins at the tail end of his career (so you cant blame him for not being that good with the Bruins)

    Wade Boggs (my ex wife’s favorite player, that’s how I found out she was a closet scumbag bostonian, divorced her in Jan 2009 and Yanks win 2009 World Series): Don’t know how his stats with the Yanks compare to with the Red Sox. I will look later.

    I would love Tom Brady, just to see how much of a bum he really is when he is not getting handed everything from respect to the referees.

  123. Petr Sykora is dead sexy. As a Ranger, of course. He reminds me of Sawyer from “Lost”

  124. (hangs head) and me being a mariner,the son of a mariner,who was the son of a mariner.1000 apologies oh lord Poseiden.

  125. Linda you are right,i suffered all winter out in the elements,now we come to the payoff.
    Spring has sprung.

  126. I was in the pool!! on

    Most of us knew these Rnagers weren’t going anywhere. Maybe 1 round of playoffs at best. Time to impeach Sather! Keeping overpaid underperformers (some definitely could have been moved for picks atleast) is an unforgivable offense. Sather either thought we were a cup worth team or he thought we could generate a little revenue and excitement in the first and only round of the playoffs. Choose either answer. Only little Jimmy Dolan would keep someone like this.

  127. I would not make it in prison. I would be immediate enemies of any scumbag Bostonian, and theyd kill me.


    i know. just do not call male Jaromir lovers Jaroqueers!!

  128. Oops Leetchy played for the BC Eagles.

    I guess he counts, too, but I was really only referring to this past decade.

    Remember, Boston sports was nonexistent prior to 2000 and their fans were also nonexistent.

    Ya, ya, ya, the Celtics. It’s easy to win championships when there are only 6 teams, and all 6 make the playoffs, and you’ve got a 10 footer.

  129. Anybody know a town upstate called Verbank, not too far from Poughkeepsie and Millbrook, as I am making an aution there Sunday. As for that prison comment, not me there. If I wound up in prison, I’d like to be a Beecher type dude with a boyfriend named Schillinger, and Chris Meloni porking my brains out.

  130. holy trolls whiteplains batman,weve been taken over by imposter-posters!cool im gonna say some swear words as ilb2001

  131. Anyway, its “History Will Be Made.”

    Should be: “The Rangers Will Be History.”

    No it should be: “History will be Wade.”

  132. no worries Calad,when that contract expires he should be just washed up enough for Sather to pickup(yes Sather will still be here 6 years from now)

  133. sally,so looking forward to that burger and mac and cheese!!

    LMAO @ morg for the ilb comment, and the 6 years older kesler!

  134. Per NY Rangers have booked a team vacation package to Kazakhstan, where they will spend entire summer learning local cuisine and culture.

    Bed and breakfast are not included.

  135. Per The New York Rangers have booked a team quest to find their balls. We hope to have them back by training camp.

  136. I arrive in NY at 7:00 AM Sunday morning. Can’t check in to my hotel room until 4:00 PM. I’m staying at 7th Ave & 56th St in the City. Any suggestions on where I can watch the game on Sunday ?

  137. CR9 – you’re probably right. But i’m a glutton for punishment.
    And I’ve come this far, might as well stay until the fat lady sings.

  138. Ilb2001 blogs with Russian accent on

    Driving upstate. Well, mrs is driving. What’s going on? And why is some douchenozzle pretends to be MAKO?

    morg-sorry, buddy, you can’t pretend you’re me. I have Russian accent, remember? Everyone will know it’s not me.

  139. morg- you don’t want any beef from Odessa, trust me…

    How frequently, on your opinion, I should have my wife retake drving classes? My sense is that every other month should be plenty:)

  140. Sathers steps down as GM in the off season but still lingers with the club, maybe as Pres maybe not to be worked out. Messier in as GM by July 1 a good source. Tort’s future be Messiers choice, me thinks he’s gone. This is not good news

  141. I don’t care what Messier did for NYR in his time here, it sure as hell wont automatically make him a good GM.

    Unless he’s gonna come in here and do something aboot these bad contracts, and SELL SELL SELL !!!

    Still don’t want him as GM.

    Uh oh, Pierre McPenis wanted to be GM. Imagine he becomes our new GM. Wow, is all i would be able to say.

  142. E5?

    Messier isn’t ready for GM. Torts needs another year. Unless they truly rebuild. He isn’t the best mentor for young players.

  143. If Pierre McPenis became our GM, we could be assured of losing all 4 regular season games to the Bruins in regulation, and if we ever had a valuable guy with a favorable contract, we could be assured he would land on the Bruins for a 7th round draft pick.

  144. CR9 – don’t want to infest this place with Euro-sahker talk, but again, if you are suggesting there is anything approaching any sort of bias *against* Man Utd, you are either bordering on the criminally insane or are Ferguson himself. Trust me, I live here…

  145. wow i cant believe it,someone was trolling as me!wow,should i feel honored?after 651 est it was ALF or POS or some feakin body not me tho…pretty sure MAKO and CCCP got trolled as corny.

  146. hi guys. im back. who was that troll? and was mako’s troll deleted? i didnt see the comment about morg asking if hes on crack. weird. anyway, what a great day!! we didnt lose a game!! another day, another dolan dollar shoved up the poopydeck

  147. bull dog line on

    now Messier’s not ready. who is ready? when will Mess be ready? you guys all talk about accountability, who better than Mess to hold players accountable.

  148. LW3H

    That is exactly what I am saying.

    Trust me, I watch every single game of Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool, and Arsenal…

  149. Bull dog I find my self agree with you the most on this board, but as far as Messier it’s more of his temperment than him not being ready. It has always been about Mark since the day Gretz was traded, granted some good and some bad, but that doesnt make the mark of a good GM(see ESPO}. Now his positives are, he knows hockey, I think he will make players and staff responsible and most importantly anybodies better then Sather. The reson for no is hie Ego, better people available, he will leave in the worst way possible whenever that is, cronyism, and what does he know about the farm or the Cap. I say thanks for the memories, but no thanks. Schoney deserves a try.

  150. good idea hedberg. i do think mess would turn out to be a mini sather in a way. i dont think mess will be gm anyway for awhile. dont think hes gonna take over this quickly. i do hope when slats retires, he doesnt leave us and the next gm with this kind of mess to clean up. hes done ok this season with holding true to his word. hes not traded any prospects and didnt kill us at teh deadline. this team is very limited and i think we all knew this back in july. it just sucks that it took him forever to actually do the right thing and stick with some sort of rebuilding period and not trade any asets away. i cant blame him for players production or lack of. i mean, he is the guy that put the team together, but as long as he keeps going through the draft, giving the young players a chance, and not signing avg players to bad contracts, then i wont have a problem with him staying until mess is ready. its too late to undo the damage hes done over the years, but you can see he is trying to fix it and do whats best for the team.

  151. shoneys. mmm they have a great eggs benedict. eff me if pierre mcweenie ever becomes a gm anywhere! he would be the opposite of sather. he’d hold multiple press conf. a day and probably make msg do a show about him. at least sather doesnt show his face. he knows better. who wants to see sathers old rotten bloated corpse anymore than they have to? ever see the movie ‘children shouldnt play with dead things’?? i rest my case

  152. Hey Tony- be safe in your travels. If you’re looking for a good place to watch the game, most would probably agree with me that the two best places are Stout (133 W56th, close to 7th) and Mustang Sally’s (324 seventh ave btwn 28th and 29th). It’s a lil bit of a walk but the weather’s great atm and I assume you’ll be walking around. Those are both close to the Garden, have really good food, and are usually filled with Rangers fans. Hope that helps

  153. *hedberg, if your source is good and reliable, i agree, not good news*


    Linda, I mentioned something similar a few days ago. A kid I know plays hockey with Messier’s son or nephew? and he mentioned something similar but it wasn’t supposed to take place til 2011. Not exactly a ‘credible source’ but it makes for good convo.

  154. By suggesting that it is a conspiracy theory and/or that I am insane, you are also suggesting that Sir Alex Ferguson is purporting a conspiracy theory and/or insane.

    How can you call the greatest manager in the history of football insane?

  155. No, Ilb. I use to work with the Boston PD, and my partner let me get shot because I was a Yankees fan. ;)

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