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Hey all, Laurel here. Carp’s heading update at some point for more basketball, but since you asked, and St. Patrick’s Day is over after all, here’s a new slate with some pre-game notes. All I have time to cobble together now. If Papa can’t make game-time slate, I’ll pop back.

From the Rangers:
The Rangers conclude their seventh and final three-game homestand of the season tonight when they face-off against the St. Louis Blues at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in their final meeting with a Western Conference opponent on the 2009-10 regular season schedule. The Blueshirts currently rank fourth in the Atlantic Division standings, and ninth in the Eastern Conference, with a record of 31-30-9 (71 pts.). The Rangers enter tonight’s contest having been defeated by the Montreal Canadiens, 3-1, on Tuesday at Madison Square Garden, and are now 10-4-2 vs. Northeast Division opponents this season. New York has registered a point in seven of their last 10 contests, posting a record of 5-3-2 (12 pts.) over the span, including a 2-1-2 mark in their last five games at MSG. The Blues enter the contest with a 32-28-9 (73 pts.) record to rank 11th in the Western Conference. Following tonight’s contest, the Rangers return to action on Sunday, Mar. 21, when they will face-off against the Boston Bruins at TD Garden (12:30 p.m.), in a matinee matchup between Original Six opponents.

Tonight’s game story

Rangers vs. Blues Pre-Game Notes
• The Rangers rank 25th in the NHL at home with a record of 15-16-6 (36 pts.) in 37 games; the Blues have posted a record of 20-11-4 (44 pts.) in 35 road games to rank fourth in the league.
• New York has posted a record of 1-3-1 vs. the Central Division; St. Louis has registered a 3-1-1 mark vs. the Atlantic Division.
• Henrik Lundqvist has posted a record of 0-1-0 with a 2.03 goals against average in one career regular season appearance vs. St. Louis.
• Marian Gaborik leads the team with 12 goals and 18 assists for 30 points in 29 career regular season contests vs. St. Louis.

All Time – Rangers vs. Blues
Overall: 74-37-16-0
At MSG: 45-10-6-0
At St. Louis: 29-30-10-0

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  1. To make playoffs only to get crushed by Caps? No, thanks. I hope Sather’s “Broadway Days” are finally over.

  2. Newman, I’m not ready for the Rangers season to be over with yet either. Even though I am excited for baseball season. And yeah, I understand about getting all worked up about people bashing the rookie D. Guess people just like to complain to complain, ya knows?

    Thanks Mama!

  3. if they don’t win vs st.louis tonight and in boston sun., well it’s all over for this season

    and since missing the playoffs narrowly won’t get them a high draft pick or get rid of sather, we might as well hope for 2 big wins

  4. Orr, at least he didn’t drop the soap *rimshot*

    Simmer down, folks, I was just joking ;)

  5. Oh, good, Laurel. The smell of the last post started to remind me of abandoned sreets in Cuzco on a hot day…

  6. orr- dubys a good guy. hes got a goofy hairdo, but he is a ranger product. homegrown. hes topped his goals output for his career even while missing a month. hes not benefitting anymore from playing with jagr either so cut him some slack. he even kicked richards azz the other night. he really pissed me off with his total goof up on his breakaway last game, but hes getting better each season. not by leaps and bounds but steadily h’ll be a reliable 2 way player along with cally.

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hank , plz dont Tank!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Its all about Hank , eef Hank dont save ’em ..dem dare pucks, weze in trouwble.

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hank , plz dont Tank!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Just a reminder Orr , I dont rember what it ws I was supose to do if I lost but sinse I wont lose we wont have to remeber but what I do remeber is that it doesn’t sound too appealing for me .

  9. Don’t worry Greg, i can’t forget the words, lol.


    I think Richards really kicked his own ass, but at least Dubi was able to take advantage of the situation. As far as being a good guy, a lot of fans have said otherwise, so i don’t know.

    And it’s good that he topped his goals amount, but that doesn’t mean he can disappear for weeks.

    The second he held out for more money, this is how i would view him. He needs to be near perfect in my eyes.

  10. I like that “topped his goals output” everybody keeps bringing about Dubinsky. Funny how some statistics can be presented in an appealing format, yet it means nothing.

    Let me give you an example:
    33%(that’s thirty three %, folks!)of all goals scored by Michal Rozsival were game winning goals! Isn’t it a great stat?
    Well, Michal only mastered 3 tallies this year lol…

  11. ilb- actually- it is a good stat. duby scored more goals this year while playing in less games. some stats do mean something. lol.and check this little stat out from my fantasy hockey league-
    Mon, Mar 15

    LW Christopher Higgins, who missed the net on a shorthanded breakaway, didn’t have a shot on goal all night in the loss to Vancouver.

    (Yahoo! Sports)

    lmao, the gy certainly could use a new career

  12. Tony-where are you? It’s going to hit low 70s tomorrow in NY! Convertible time, bud! I bet it’s already too hot for that in AZ..

  13. ohh frank me!!! the boss just calld and wants me to come back for a meeting. i really ont wanna go and i’ll miss the first 2 periods of the best hockey team ever!!! what should i do ilbzo? hey nasty- wherever you are, remember that time you didnt wanna go for a faculty meeting? what did you use an excuse? i remember some really good ideas. but im not throwing myself down teh stairs like u did lol!

  14. its 65 and sunny here in the big open fresh air state of iowa!! that is until the farmers spread the fertilizer and then ohh boy!! especially on a hot and muggy day, that smell definitely killed the mood on several occassions for me and the gf!!

  15. Gamenight greetings from sunny huntsville kids!! 5:18pm and its 64 degrees and sunny baby, first time the suns been out for more than 10 minutes in probably 4 days!

    just got back from the range, first time shooting, out of controlness!! I’ll be perfecting my shot over the next few months, and will bring a pic of slo mo slats (thanks again for that one fran) to put as my target when i get better!

    Grabby, good to see Scooby still missing the net eh!?

  16. hey linda- oh yea hes definitely got the irish curse or the german curse if his name is higgins. higgins is german right? anyway, i just went shooting too recently. me n my 2 cousins went. both were in the military(ones goin back, this time to afghanistan) and we were shooting AK’s, AR-15’s, mossberg and bonelli(sp) double barrel shotguns with metal butt stocks! totally destroyed my shoulder. i brought my 30 aught savage model. damn thing is like a sniper rifle!1 anyway, its fun isnt it? we can shoot anywhere outside of town here so just went to the country with some glen sather carboard cutouts and nailed them to some wooden stakes in teh ground and just went crazy! naw, it wasnt sather but i pictured him and redden as i was shooting!

  17. Well Orr, if it was Hawaiian Punch it wouldn’t be salty piss. I’ll gladly drink Hawaiian Punch if it came out of Megan Fox’s u know what

  18. NYR Guy-FIM said something to the effect of we can’t just put our 6 out there and expect to win, we’re not that good of a team. He’s right, but it sounds funny when he seems like he’s bagging the team. lol

  19. Repost for NYR Guy:

    March 18th, 2010 at 6:55 pm
    NYR Guy-FIM said something to the effect of we can’t just put our 6 out there and expect to win, we’re not that good of a team. He’s right, but it sounds funny when he seems like he’s bagging the team. lol

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