It’s ON! And it’s go time!


God Bless you, Jim Dolan!

Cablevision/Optimum Online finally showed up at Blog Headquarters, and for the last five minutes I have had internet/cable/telephone — better known as the Optimum Triple Play, I guess — which has been out since the storm Saturday afternoon.

So, since I’ve obviously been away from everything, including you guys, for so long, I have nothing to add. Enjoy the game.

I’m going to go make sure my TV is working right now.

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  1. thats 2 in 2 days!!!! i feel just so good. repost: carped and babcocked!!!

    hey linda- oh yea hes definitely got the irish curse or the german curse if his name is higgins. higgins is german right? anyway, i just went shooting too recently. me n my 2 cousins went. both were in the military(ones goin back, this time to afghanistan) and we were shooting AK’s, AR-15’s, mossberg and bonelli(sp) double barrel shotguns with metal butt stocks! totally destroyed my shoulder. i brought my 30 aught savage model. damn thing is like a sniper rifle!1 anyway, its fun isnt it? we can shoot anywhere outside of town here so just went to the country with some glen sather carboard cutouts and nailed them to some wooden stakes in teh ground and just went crazy! naw, it wasnt sather but i pictured him and redden as i was shooting!

    Grabachev in IA
    March 18th, 2010 at 6:31 pm
    orr- would you let fox give u a golden shower?

  2. hey good stuff carp!! we missed you buddy. had the same thing happen to me 2 winters ago. had to live out of a motel for 2 weeks. no fun:( and btw, what was your take on the whole drury comment postgame and torts reaction?

  3. Grabby, i did the best with the Glock and my mans Kimber .45. Did not like the S&W 38 too much. Once I get better on those, I’ll move on to more, how shall we say, uh…anyway…

    Going to be interesting to see how the boys respond to drumatron’s immature comment. And wow, Brooks scorching the coach again. These 2 need to just get in a steel cage and battle it out, settle it once and for all so they can start acting mature again.. ;-)

  4. LMAO grabby, he did score a goal or two, and did some timely penalty killing! I’m going to scan my target sheets and email them to you so you can see how i did lol

  5. linda- ahh i see. i dont deal with handguns. not that i have a criminal record or anything, just dont like em. maybe if i lived in detroit! love high powered rifles and shotguns for home defense. i love sniping targets from far distances.

  6. ok cool linda. u know i still have never seen a pic of you. you know what i look like, but what about you??? i havent been on fb in forever. i promise i’ll get on there an start chatting with u guys there and try to get some more current pics of me, me and my kid, my gf, and the rest of the fam.

  7. I’ve got words for Dolan, but bless is not one of them

    he is a scumbag who will not allow subscribers to the Center Ice package to get the HD feeds of 4 teams telecasts that he controls. Rangers, and the other 3 ny area msgnetwork teams.

    iow, he takes a portion of the $160 C.I. subscribers pay, but refuses to deliver the service that they are paying for. that is a disgrace, just like how he runs his teams and spits on their fans

  8. Mike I know, but then I followed up saying I would drink it if it was Hawaiian Punch!

  9. i’m starting off with the ‘smaller’ stuff Grabby. work my way up. It was definitely fun, and you really appreciate the power of guns when you have actually taken some shots. I’ve always had a respect for them, but wow.

  10. ohh i guess you guys were nstill on teh last thread. as soon as i typed that to or, i saw a new post was up and wanted to be first so i didnt see what you guys wrote. ok close to gametime. lin, u heading to h-streams? i’lll see you there or here between periods. orr, no not that kind of period.

  11. already there grabby… just waitin on the feed and hoping its msg!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!! wear your big boy hockey pants tonight!!!

  12. Welcome back Carp! even though I just got carp’d. Man, you do someone a favor, and all you get it carp :)

    I thought you were heading north tonight?


  13. I love the part at the end when they were doing experiment by giving a monkey bunch of money to see its reaction… monkey started to screw everything around and then apologizing to people on the “monkey news” network! Priceless!

  14. what a coincidence. I wrote that post above, and now, for the first time since jan 22, 2009, the ranger game HD feed is on center ice

    Dolan sure responded quickly to my post. :)

    Carp, you sure have a powerful forum :)

  15. lmao email him back and tell him to Fire Sather! you got pull now nlk!!! do it for the blog!

  16. I called him a scumbag. maybe that is the magic word to get him to act.

    Dolan, your Ranger GM is a scumbag.

    how’s that folks? :)

  17. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    what the firetruck!?!? a minute and ten seconds! WAKE THE EFF UP!!!!!!!

  18. Olga Folkyerself on

    That was quick. I guess their structure lacks consistency.

    What is tonight’s one word Mantra?

  19. >>Did anyone let the rangers know that it was on?

    They didn’t get a chance to read today’s blog entry.

  20. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    lmao JB,torts only lets them read Larry Brooks
    a deflection FOR the Rangers… POWAH PLAY GOAL!!!!!!!

  21. All right, I have to go check out the Boston-Pittsburgh match. There might be some fireworks.

  22. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    thank God!

    Avery has really stepped up his game lately! FANKIST or CALLY, can’t go wrong either way!

  23. TheMessiah94 on

    Matt Cooke just got destroyed in a fight by Thornton! Hopefully later in the game they will have to scrape him off the ice.

  24. The fight wasn’t long enough for Cooke to get destroyed. Some might even say Thornton wasn’t honourable since he was throwing punches while Cooke was down. They might go at it again.

  25. TheMessiah94 on

    Jbytes – I’m hoping several players go at it with Cooke.. I would love to see him taken off on a stretcher.

  26. Leetchhalloffame on

    Bruins, unlike the pansy Rangers get some retribution. The Carcillo/Gaborik fiasco was another disgrace in a 2009/10 season full of MSG disgraces.

  27. Repost for NYR Guy:

    March 18th, 2010 at 6:55 pm
    NYR Guy-FIM said something to the effect of we can’t just put our 6 out there and expect to win, we’re not that good of a team. He’s right, but it sounds funny when he seems like he’s bagging the team. lol

  28. Leetch, ORR, not that I disagree, but for the next week or so, lots of Leasterns are in the stretch and are going to fight for it (see Dubi last game)…too late, yes for us, but…

  29. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    lmao rozsi needs to be playing in the 65 and over mens league ;-)

  30. Doodie,
    You around? Two breakaways allowed on the PP. MDZ nowhere to be seen defending.

  31. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    this period seems to be taking FORfreakinEVER!!!



  32. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    holy crap orr i was just trying to think which cartoon he belonged in!

  33. Broadway bulllies. that is what I want our team to be known as. beat ’em in the alley, AND on the ice

  34. orr ur crackin me up bro! dz has to stay back there. he and rozy are effin horrible on the pp point. at least dz has time to learn. rozy is just shot. i wouldnt mind his gaffes so much if he took shots like he did on that last goal he had.

  35. Good evening Ladies and Gents.

    Late to the party – I was counting shirts for Linda ;)

  36. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    DUDE, i was just gonna email you and tell you that ya need to move to a place with better internet!!!

  37. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    why are pringles pizza sticks a ‘product of thailand’? why is tropican oj made from oranges from the US and Brazil? Why is the meat in the supermarket labeled ‘product of us, mexico and canada”. WTF can’t i even get food made in the USA??? oy vey!

  38. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    did he just say Radio Shiddy??? like ‘not the shiddy shrimp’

  39. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    LMAO you heard it too grabby!!!!!! i was lookin at the screen thinking, DID I JUST HEAR THAT!!

  40. CCCP

    Trust me when I tell you – I almost made “THE PHONE CALL” to have someone at Time Warner taken care of. I have been having internet and phone problems for 3 weeks now. Its something in the area someone screwed up. The boss was quite vexed herself.

  41. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    thanks bro, i had a feeling it would be close to that because of your work!

    you still having trouble with FB??

  42. I havent logged on yet. I made a b – line here…

    Im surprised you dont think that’s an absurd amount of shirts for one man LOL

  43. nasty is on the sad van to frown town. no really hes been in and out for the last month or so. doesnt stick around much when he does. i miss the nasty-meister. i said watup to spiderpig, but he didnt reply. lots of regulars have been busy lately i guess babs

  44. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    nah, i had a feeling it would be around that. Better for me to show the man, he needs to expand his shirt count! So hard for him though.

    and now that you’re here, FANKIST will score!!!!!!

  45. I saw the “HARSH WORDS” from Captain Crust. WOWOWOWOW Was he talking about himself in that equation too?

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hank , plz dont Tank!!! " … says Greg L. on

    OMG trade this moron at the draft to move up and get a real hocky player. Hank…sucks.

  47. All this GD stick checking. No one is hitting any of the blues. No checking WTF do you expect?

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hank , plz dont Tank!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hank ..hank …is gonna keep doing this , like Drury…Redden….for years to come. Trade ’em all!!

  49. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    dead crowd, crappier than mortal belief beginning of the 2nd, nows about the time for Captain AARP to strap the team on his back and earn some of that money

  50. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    that just shows how impotent they are when he’s not on the ice lol!

  51. I wonder when these guys will start looking before the make passes. They are constantly giving the puck away, because they make the no look passes.

  52. To all (too many posts to respond to!) It’s still semi early in the game. Though, IF we make the playoffs, we’re still gone in 1. There, I said it. Sigh. And I try to stay so positive.

  53. Redden has some of the WORST positioning play I have EVER seen in a defenseman (as does Roszival) Hell I think we should all celebrate when those two are off of the team.


  55. Colin Campbell is outta his mind. I’m sorry but that hit by Wisniewski did NOT deseve EIGHT games suspension! Seabrook sold it pretty good.

  56. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chicago Blackhawks are getting decimated. Will they have a team for the playoffs?

  57. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey Greg- Get Slats to trade Lundqvist to St Louis. I think Tkachuk might be available..

  58. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    yea laurel, i was just thinking this is how they tread the alumni,by having them do tricks during intermission???

  59. Linda, he does it, he seems to like it, he agrees to it, doesn’t mean I have to like it too. It’s his “thing: I guees, but I say that was just wrong.

  60. Can’t you picture Aves doing that in a few years, he’d be ramming into the other carts. lol

  61. Nor, ha! did you not see ilb’s reference to the sister blog post about Alf?

    OY, this is killing me.

    Mickey, ORR is showing more maturity than you :)

  62. billybleedsblue on

    I can hear the “Fire Sather” chant on the radio…pathetic…break out the golf clubs Rangers, schedule those tee times…

  63. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    lmao JB!!! HE NEVER explains what that chant going up from the crowd is… hmmmmmmmmm

  64. effin gaborik. that is what he’s gettin paid for, to shoot. but he kept forcing the puck to Cally on the circle, or dummy jokinen

    total disaster

  65. All, I gotta sign off :( will watch end of this sorry game, but have pre-vacation stuff to attend to.

    Mama alert! I’ll be incommunicado Saturday through Monday March 29 pre-fish sticks. That’s a lot to miss, but then again, I’ll be in the Caribbean…..priorties :)

    see ya tomorrow before I take flight. lgr?

  66. Mama, I never claimed to be mature ;)



  68. jokinen was just chillin there. if he kept his stick on the ground the whole time….

  69. Do you really want to see Rozival and Redden coming at you in 3D? I mean, they don’t cut a menacing figure with their play, but to see their mugs coming at you in 3D? *shudders*

  70. Alice: I call you killer cause you slaaaaaaaaaaaaay me
    Ralph: Well Im calling Bellevue because you’re NUTS

  71. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    lmao CCCP, at least we have each other and we also have JULY 1 to look forward to… all new levels of bitchin

  72. Olga Folkyerself on

    MickeyM. Disney World. You’re not… You aren’t…

    You must be Dolan, because you own a Mickey Mouse team.

  73. Redden scores

    Two words that haven’t spent much time together…


    Scores on Redden? Close….

  74. “Breaking Bad” “Nurse Jackie” and “United States of Tara” are all coming back this weekend! Definitely looking forward… and “Fringe” is back next month too!


  75. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    ORR you will be correct and CCCP thank GOD fringe is back soon!

  76. this team does not deserve a playoff spot

    only 15 wins in 38 home games. pathetic

  77. According to Sam, Rangers are very good with charity work! Hey, who needs wins when you can have charities?

  78. I still say no playoffs no Torts. Another lack luster performance. Sather should be worried to.

  79. and I’m sick of them using charity as an attempt to divert attention away from Sather’s stinkers

  80. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello Ranger Fans! Tonight is Blueshirt Blues night and John Davidson is in town. We had a little chat before the game. He’s talking about writing an expose on the Rangers during the Sather Era. Hey Mess! Messier! We have a turd in the punchbowl…

    Muck! Where’s Muckler? In the bathroom again? He’s been slowing up a little bit lately, so I spiked his prune juice with some of that 5 Hour Energy drink. You should see how fast he goes now!

    I wonder what the fans mean when the yell Fly-er Sa-ther? I played for the New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins…

    (singing) “Well, I never felt more like Singin’ the Blues ’cause I never thought that Knicks ever lose” That’s Dolans new ringtone. I see he’s still in denial… Hey there, Big Guy! We did it! Another Sellout! Now you can get those diamond studded fur-lined Knicks Jerseys you’ve been pining for. How’d the Knicks do against the Celtics on St. Patrick’s Day? It’s that Irish luck eh? I’ve heard it’s a huge Boston Conspiracy. No, it’s a VERY reliable source… And, he thinks I’m a beautiful man! (click)

    Torts! I love those one word inspirational messages you are using to get the team going. Structure. Consistency. Maturity. What a great idea! I have a few others you can try; Scratch, Demote, Waive, Release. See how they react to some of those….

    Bear with us, Boston is next…
    Uncle Glennie

  81. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers are very good with charity work!

    They gave away a lot of games this year.

  82. HockeymanRangers on

    Still not desperate enough????? What’s the name of the team (wait scratch that) What is the name sports group we follow. They certinally are not a team.

  83. Fringe is a great show! cant wait!

    Linda…have you seen “Breaking Bad”? i highly recommend it…Nurse Jackie and United Sates of Tara are really good as well.

  84. Double great night for me. Georgetown lost. I had them winning the whole thing on two brackets. God, that was stupid on my part.

  85. Im not going to let an early start to vacation ruin my second stanley cup aspirations

  86. nice line change by shelly.. lucky the 4th line does not matter.

    what a joke organization. sather sucks and torts gets almost nothing right also.

    callahan on the 5 on 3 is an idiot shoot the damn puck stop looking for gaborik every friggin second.

    gilroy still on the team? had to have roszival and redden on the ice the final 9 minutes..they are so good offensively…

  87. yea sign kariya this offseason. 35 yr old washed up players have worked out well for the rangers over the last 15 yrs or so.

    shrewd idea…

  88. HockeymanRangers on

    Hi Lindi, Are you going to be our next NY Ranger SNIPER??? we need one bad.

  89. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    Hockeman, the kind of ‘sniping’ i’m talking about will make most of you happy!

  90. Even though its been about 3 weeks I see the same script happens after they lose LOL All the fresh daisies come out and lend their wonderfully positive opinions.

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    Can’t wait to hear Torts polish this turd…

    And Sunday’s new one word Motto.

  92. That’s what leaders do…they take responsibility when they screwed up.

    Thank you Cally.

  93. Really hate it when someone plays well against the Rangers, and there’s immediate calls to sign the guy in the off-season. I remember that happening with Drury back in the day (most recently after his 7.7 second goal). That worked out.

  94. Olga Folkyerself on

    Micheletti is talking bad about the 2 man power play.

    We have A turd in the Punch Bowl.

  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ted- do you really expect any good ideas from someone named “Tank the Season”?

  96. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    Ted, i’m pretty sure Tank was being sarcastic, but i could be wrong ;-)

  97. Wow, Sunday should be a barn-burner. Boston played like absolute CRAP tonight too. Neither one of these teams deserves to make the playoffs.

  98. Olga – eh, I can kind of see where he’s coming from with that. Not the idea of tanking pe se, but the apathy. The team is so fundamentally flawed. Realistically, them squeaking into the playoffs just buys us another 4-5 games of aggravation. So tired of wasting 3 hrs every few nights (although thanks to the magic of DVR, I’m getting it down to 1-2 hrs).

  99. please give me some insight on why the duck tortarella would put the 4th line out after the rangers tied the game in the 3rd period?! i cant comprehend that move at all, and its not the first time hes done it all season, after icings hes put the 4th line out there as well, why not put one of the top 3 lines out there? keep the momentum going, the reason this team hasnt won all year is because of the coach, the players dont seem to want to play for him or respond to his tirades, sather went from one extreme to another with renney to tortarella, im thinkin a coach in the middle in terms of temperance and strategy would be best suited for this team, your thoughts?

  100. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ted- The Rangers will end up 9th or 10th. Not even bad enough for a decent draft pick. Sather can’t even tank the season right. Not that he would know what to do with the pick, if he had it.

  101. Olga Folkyerself on

    Linda, I think they purposely pick words that don’t describe the Rangers. I think “Passion” would be a good choice.

  102. The White Plains Batman on

    The Messiah-Neither might; Panthers, Thrashers, and Islanders are all lurking.

  103. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    And I thought dumping Brashear was the key to winning the Cup. Lots more addition through subtraction to go, it looks like.

  104. Phoenix has passion though… They were losing 3-0 to Florida, and came back to win 4-3 in a SO.

  105. Yeah Messiah – Just saw that. Happy for them. They’ve been through alot. Good to see them do well.

  106. Olga Folkyerself on

    Dumping Brashear is the key to signing some other washed up player this summer.

  107. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    it would be funny if the Thrashers got in, faced the Devils, and won! HA

  108. billybleedsblue on

    I see your bet and i raise you a draft pick and a prospect for a twilight has-been!

  109. Linda

    It wouldnt surprise me if they did. They’re hungry & Fatso hasnt been playing like BRODEUR

  110. I hope the Islanders make it. They’ll get a worse draft pick, and they’ll get smoked by the Caps in the 1st round. Win-win!

  111. Ok folks, I’ve been sick all day long and didn’t sleep too well last night so I’m going to bed early. Nite all!

  112. The White Plains Batman on

    The best thing Phoenix did was get Dave Tippet to coach, he’s great and still fairly young. I remember when he scored that OT goal for the Caps against the Rangers in playoffs in either 90 or 91…..meh.

    I agree about the Islanders; I don’t want to see them get another nasty player like a Kabanov or Neidereirter, that would be bad news bears.

  113. Yeah – He hasnt played that outstanding with them. Im sure he’s happy to be on a winning team but. Doesnt really fit there.

  114. Desert rangers (PNX) won franchise best 7th straight game! Korpedo with a pretty SO goal. Tony from AZ must be very proud.

  115. billybleedsblue on

    turd in punchbowl wasn’t that on south park last night?

    i started getting sick reading the cap salary page there… gonna carry some weight for a while or sell the farm just to start over…again? ugh

  116. Taking another look at the standings…there’s a VERY good chance the Rangers are gonna finish DEAD LAST in the Leastern Conference.

    Forget the playoffs, it ain’t happening. I think everyone realizes that. But I don’t even think they’re gonna come close.

    So, the hope is still alive for a high draft pick!!

  117. Is it me, or is Del Zotto on the ice for every big goal against?

    No doubt the kid is our future, but he definitely needs some seasoning before he’s ready for the big show……………..

  118. Linda aka SNIPER in training on

    maybe the header should just be T minus…(however many days are left in the season)

    sigh. we were so excited to start the season, and we’ve pretty much been beaten down since january. SIGH!!!

  119. I think I know what the problem is… It’s Carp! He hasn’t changed the picture on the blog since 1977!! That is unacceptable, Carp! This is why this team is inconsistent! Change the picture Carp OR ELSE!

  120. czechthemout!!! on

    Turn out the lights, the party’s over!

    Now is the perfect time to bring up kids like Byers,Weise,Grachev,Williams,Sags,Heikanen,Sauer,Ocho cinco.
    I would also like to sign Stepan and McDonagh as soon as their season ends and give them a shot as well to see where they might fit next year. We then accomplish two things. Tank the season and get a lottery pick.

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Hank, enjoy your spring in Stockholm.

    Tortorella, thanks for throwing the fourth line out there, moron.

  122. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    First of all, it was NOT the 4th line’s fault. Cally lost the check, PERIOD. The rangers still had numbers and were in good position when shelley left the ice, cally lost the check and girardi was in no mans land. Quite frankly, we would not give up nearly as many goals like that one if we had d men that thought HIT and TAKE THE BODY FIRST, instead of a bundh of softies that worry about being Positionally sound!!! Speaking of softies, hank kinda got snuck for a softie!

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