Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


On this day, there are two types of people: The Irish, and those who wish they were.

Speaking of which, we’ve been blessed with a little bit of the Luck O’ the Irish in Dave Maloney. I had to listen to the game on radio last night since my cable/phone/internet company’s (hint: same one that owns your favorite team) wires are still in the street.

And I knew it all along, but this confirmed that having Maloney be your eyes for a hockey game is really an enjoyable experience. He’s one of the smartest analysts in the biz, and honest. Great combination, and too rare in TV/radio.

Plus, on a night when the game’s on Versus, turning off the TV sound and turning on the radio is never a bad idea … if only the Rangers could get to a radio station that could be heard farther away than, say, the place where they practice.


Last night was a terrible loss because of how costly it was. Here the teams were really bunched up, and on a night when the Bruins won the Rangers lost to one of the teams within reach, thus dropping further behind both. It’s not too late, but they will need to win four of five or something like that very soon. Otherwise it will be too late.


Just wondering if those who didn’t want to trade Olli Jokinen at the deadline still think it would be wise for the Rangers to re-sign him July 1. Because I sure thought he should be traded, sure think he will not be re-signed, and sure think he has made that decision a lot easier for the Rangers lately.

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  1. Carp,

    You just told us they were going to sneak in before this game. The 8 teams that hold playoff spots will be holding them when the season ends. Anisimov has been horrible lately, Gilroy was bad last night too. Team can’t keep passing up shots. They should be told to shoot at all costs.

    You were right about Jokinen, but no way Rangers were going to quit on a chance to make the playoffs.

  2. Who Needs Lohan on


    Some thoughts on last night….

    1) The NYR were beat by a better team, with better forwards, better D-men, and an adequate goalie that didnt need to do squat. They were beat to every loose puck. Im no hockey genious but when you are a team that has a hard time scoring, stop trying to score the perfect goal by taking the perfect shot and making the perfect pass. Shoot it low on goal off the goalies pads and crash the net. What a joke of a team.

    2) Rozi….worst dman in the league. Say what you want about Redden, if he made Paul Mara money we wouldnt mind him at all. Dont blame him for being overpaid. Yes he does suck but no where near as bad as Rozi does.

    3) Versus……can they be any worse? How do you show nothing at the end of the game and not show us the Avery slash and the ensuing fight afterwards? Are you serious? I may blame the NHL for this one though. Cause a network that shows hunting and Ultimate Fighting clearly has no problem showing violence. I really wanted to watch MDZ sitting on the bench instead…

    4) Pucks off our own Dmen. Doc Ogrodnick eluded to this before…. Its really quite simple. Other teams know that the way to beat Lundqvist is by way of the ugly goal. So they do exactly what we do not. Throw pucks to the net and crash. SOmeone has to run the numbers somehow but I bet we are losing like 19-5 on goals off our own feet this year.

    5) We suck!

  3. Who Needs Lohan on

    oh and 6…

    6) This guy that wears number 12….can you be any more worthless? Good riddance.

  4. Can't Spare a Square on

    Carped for the first time! REPOST

    As I’m reading all these posts, an email comes from NY Rangers “Playoff Invoice Reminder”…yeah, right.

  5. Irish all the way, baby. Well, that and a few other nationalities thrown in there too. LOL.

    Too bad I have to work today and tomorrow, otherwise I would have been up for kegs and eggs.

    Top o’ the morning to ye… and the rest of the day to yourself!

  6. Lohan,
    I don’t know. I’d like to see Rozsival on the power play more shooting. He’s got the best shot from the point on the team. Is he overpaid? Yes, like 95% of all Ranger free agent signings. Is he the worst dman in the league? Not by a long shot

  7. I didn’t mind hanging on to Olli past the deadline. We get 5 million off the books come July 1. Given the garbage contracts we gave up to get Olli, I’m imagining he didn’t have a whole lot of value on the open market.

    Would you still have wanted to trade him if it brought back 2 mil in the form of another 3rd line player?

    I’m sure the retort will be, we could’ve traded him for a draft pick or two. In a perfect world sure, but based on the trade Calgary made and the fact the Rangers did nothing, I bet there was absolutely no interest in the Jokster.



  9. Agreed AFLY. I think the rest of the NHL knows what we now know about Jokinen: he plays stiff, his extra long stick for a forward accentuates his mediocre at best hands, and he’s not a center player that sets plays up for his wingers.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Last night’s Human Puck Race was the greatest of all time. going into the final slalom turn, White pressed Blue into the boards to take the lead. Blue stormed back along with Red heading up to the puck pickup… where they grappled for the same puck, wrestling each other to the ice. White managed to take the lead back during the melee heading toward the bucket, but again, Blue came storming back as they approached the bucket for the drop. Just then, White TACKLES Blue to retake the lead. Leaving the bucket, White stumbles slightly to allow Blue to catch up as they raced to the finish line and White dove across in a photo finish. They gave the win to White, but replays looked as if it should have been Blue. Red brought up the rear.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    “I’m sure the retort will be, we could’ve traded him for a draft pick or two. In a perfect world sure, but based on the trade Calgary made and the fact the Rangers did nothing, I bet there was absolutely no interest in the Jokster.”

    Maybe not a good pick, but a team would have given us SOMETHING. If Dominic Moore gets a 2nd round, Olli Jokinen is worth something.

  12. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Great Post

    Why Maloney is not Sam Rosen’s partner over the reaking moron Douchelettie I will NEVER know. I just know I hate Joe M, wish he would be gone already, and mute the Tv EVERY TIME he speaks

    Jokinen is gone after this season for sure, he was our deadline deal, and wont be back. Bye bye

    Dont hatre him, just way too much money for what he does. Woudl rather resign PRospal

    Hopes are diminishing for the playoffs, and again even if we get in, we are one and done

  13. Thinking young Mr. Del Zotto needs much more seasoning and is not quite ready for the Big Leagues

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Boston is making the playoffs. They lost Marc Savard. While devastating, It’s not like Bergeron and Kreijci are slouches. They made a good upgrade at the deadline for Seidenberg over Morris and Rask is providing them with the solid goaltending they needed.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    kern, while on a competitive team MDZ would be developing in the minors, this is not a competitive team. Let him learn at the Pro level to make better decisions with the puck and to make them faster.

    Gilroy, on the other hand, should have spent time in the minors. The guy is new to playing defense and needs to better learn the fundamentals of how to play the position. Very hard to learn something like that at the NHL level because of the pace. Hopefully next year he will show some improvement.

  16. Good morning all! I’m with Carp and Real Mikey on Maloney. He should totally bump Joe.

    CT, blech.

    I can say this because I have Irish in my mutt blood: I’ve never been a fan of St. Patrick’s Day. It’s worse than New Year’s Eve. I’m going home tonight and locking my doors :)

  17. Im not sure I want to waste my money on seeing the Strangers get punced by the Caps…last year was different…this team will scold us for 4 straight, and Avery will probably kill someone.

  18. “Maybe not a good pick, but a team would have given us SOMETHING. If Dominic Moore gets a 2nd round, Olli Jokinen is worth something.”

    Doodie – How many teams in this league in playoff contention can trade a draft pick, shedding zero salary, for a player with a 5 million dollar cap hit? And of those teams, how many are willing to part with a 2nd round pick for an over the hill center who can’t set up his wingers?

  19. Lohan, I disagree, Redden is far worse than Roszival. He adds absolutely nothing to this team. At least Roszival takes the body once every 3 games and has a respectable shot. Redden may have the worst shot on the team. It’s always weak and high, so no rebounds or deflections as it harmlessly sails into the glass.

    Has ever a worse player made more money?

  20. Doodie,
    I know that Gilroy is somewhat new to playing defense having made the shift 2 years ago at BU. But at this point, he has 3 full years of experience playing competitive hockey as a defenseman and he still doesn’t look nearly as much like a forward on defense as does Del Zotto.

  21. Which by the way is the exact knock that every scout had on him in juniors and which the rangers staff said he had overcome during preseason.

  22. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

    If ever a team needed a Leprechaun Hockey Camp (run by none other than PJ Stock, former Ranger) then this team does. HIT, HIT, HIT for Christ’s sake.

    Can someone answer me just one question: WHY does our Goalie constantly get Run INto and OVer? WHY? And WHY do we skate past other goalies like bombs over Baghdad – it is pathetic. (I know – that was 2 questions)

    The same problem that caused Carcillo to pummel Gaborik with immunity is the same problem Hank gets run over ever game with no consequences: BALLS

  23. Darren, Are you somehow forgetting that Del Zotto is only 19? He’s still a baby, for goodness sake. A baby that has been thrown into the fire and asked to do things that even our so-called veteran defensemen are incapable of doing. Cut him a little bit of slack. In two years, when he’ll finally be able to legally buy a drink in the US, he’ll be our number 1 and a stud number 1 at that.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    “How many teams in this league in playoff contention can trade a draft pick, shedding zero salary, for a player with a 5 million dollar cap hit?”

    First of all, I didn’t say a 2nd rounder, I said something. Anything.

    Second, LA grabbed Jeff Halpern and they definitely had the space for Jokinen. Jokinen is a bigger upgrade than Halpern.

    St.Louis could have also made a move for Jokinen.

    Phoenix probably could have as well.

    I’m not saying it had to be a 2nd rounder. Just ANYTHING.

    And don’t get me started on Vinny Prospal.

  25. Doodie Machetto on


    I disagree with your assessment of MDZ’s play. I think his problems on defense stem from his puck possession errors. Positionally, I think he is world’s ahead of Gilroy who frequently finds himself trapped deep in the offensive zone or leaving his man in front of the net.

    MDZ’s problem is that he makes bad decisions with the puck, especially when in his own zone. A lot of turnovers. Watch him in the next game and count how many times he makes a bad decision with the puck in the defensive zone as soon as there is some pressure applied to him. Also count how many times he tries a homerun pass instead of a controlled breakout.

  26. Mickey I am not. But do you honestly have faith in this coaching staff developing him into a reliable defenseman? Has he shown any sign of improvement this season? He has had a full year to show some sign of adjustment, some sign of being coached into a better player. He’s at least as shaky now as he was to start the season.

  27. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    Happy ST. Patrick’s Day boneheads and everyone else!!

    Tony, very very good!

    Last night’s loss was killer, they got that ‘disinterested’ look back again. I keep trying to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, but I seriously think Sather and Dolan outlive all of us, damned roaches that they are!

  28. Shoryuken, you say that Redden’s shot is weak and highly, but I DISTINCTLY remember that it was Redden’s low hard shot that Avery backhanded in against Philthy Sunday…so even a over the hill 3 legged horse can find water sometimes.

    DZ n Gil will be fine next season. I rather they take their lumps now TBH.

  29. I’ve been going to NYR games regularly since the 1976- ’77 season & can honestly say I can’t remember when they had a poorer season at home. Maybe the Ferguson years in the late ’70s, but I’m not certain. Their season-wise performance at home has been more than disappointing. They’re 15-16-6 at home, which means all of us who pay serious $ to come to MSG & watch these guys have been rewarded in getting to see them win 40.5% of their games. That’s right 40.5%, 15 games won of the 37 played. So, if they happen to lose tomorrow, to a St. Louis team that plays far better on the road- 20-11-4, NYR’s winning percentage at home drops under 40%. Take away the 1st 4 wins at the beginning of the season & our guys have won 11 of 33 since Oct. 14, or about 2 wins per month since that point.
    If they fail to make the playoffs- & there’s little expectation of that happening, I’m for getting rid of as many vets & non-performers as they can & going with the prospects.

  30. Doodie I think MDZ is just as guilty of playing neither the man nor the puck in the defensive zone as Gilroy is and much more of a liability to get caught deep in the offensive zone. Go back to the tape/records. The team has surrendered 6 short handed goals. MDZ was on the ice for at least 5 of them.

  31. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    Darren, i think we can attribute some of that to the fact that there is no veteran mentor for MDZ and Gilroy. Having that kind of presence, instead of the likes of R2, may have made some difference in their level of improvement during the season.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    “The team has surrendered 6 short handed goals. MDZ was on the ice for at least 5 of them.”

    Dude, that’s all from the forward playing the point. I guarantee that 5 of the 6 shorthanded goals are purely Ales Kotalik or Olli Jokinen.

    We’ll watch on Thursday and count who is out of position more often.

  33. Every single player on the Rangers has played worse under Tortorella’s coaching. Every single one. That is not a bad team, that is a bad coach.

  34. Carp,
    Has anyone pointed out that Perry Pearn is running one of the top power plays in the league right now? I am actually getting sick of Tortarella after being very happy when we got him. He juggles the lines ten times more than Renney ever did and no one talks about that. Players say all the time how important it is to get a feel for linemates and it takes time. That is impossible to do on this team. I also blame sather for building a horrible team but Tom Renney is looking very good about now.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Rozsi is dealt to Phoenix before next year. At least I hope so. Bigger cap hit than salary, Maloney was involved in signing him the first time, Sather basially only trades with 3 guys. There’s a lot going for the Rozsi to Phoenix trade.

  36. Happy St. Patricks day, everyone.

    Poor Marc Savard, he does not even remember what month it is!

  37. Colcannon-vodka-gefilte fish..

    Doodie- one of the reason MDZ makes so many bad mistakes in our own zone is because he is always looking to spring the offence with his pass, something that he will learn to be more selective with once he matures.

  38. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    kc, thats a strong point you bring up there. i’ve been sitting here trying to figure out who has improved this season, and honestly cannot think of one. Dubi and Cally are pretty much on par with last season, Staal seems to have taken a step back, Avery has a leash on him no matter how Torts tries to spin that, i don’t think R2 are quick enough to handle the game now. I think your post will be fodder for much discussion today.

  39. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    O’ilbzo, we should be so lucky to have Mr. Brian Leetch work with the dmen in the future. Why this hasnt already happened makes one wonder.

  40. You’ve got to be real low class to make fun of head injuries. Or just plain stupid.

    Child, Please…

  41. Imagine being Hank: cant count on 1 person to stick up for you and put someone on their ass – I say Give hank the C – he is the toughest player on this pathetic team!

  42. Say what you want about Drury, Rozival and the other large contracts but the problem with this team is its coach. This team has enough talent to be a playoff team, yet they aren’t. When a team is so inconsistent, playing very well one night followed by an atrocious effort the next, when a team lacks effort, fight, heart and desire, then it is not the players, it is the coach. Tortorella is a nightmare and these players have all but quit on him. They are confused, resentful and disgusted with his unprofessionalism.

    For all you Renney haters: he lead the team with similar, if not less talent than this one and made the playoffs four years in a row. Let’s see if Tortorella can do the same.

  43. “I’m not fond of corned beef and cabbage. At all”

    ::Serious Torts stare::


    No, he led a more talented team to the playoffs. This team just does not have much talent. They suck.

    Happy St Patrick’s Day. I never let the Rangers ruin this day for me.

  44. Doodie who is the forward playing the point? Honestly, MDZ looks just like Drury at the point. He might ass well be a forward.
    Here are the video facts. Blame them on Jokinen or Kotalik, but Jokinen isn’t a Ranger for any of these oh and Kotalik even plays better defensively (see 12/26) in one of these lowlights than MDZ.

    12/12/09 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yBskvmJECg Del Zotto with the pass around the boards then takes himself really deep and out of the play. Why? Who knows? MSG announcer politically says Kotalik has “no support from the other side”
    As an added bonus, the first goal scored by that dbag Kaleta is while Del Zotto is skating around doing nothing in the middle of the ice.

  45. bull dog line on

    stop with the MDZ bashing, all the best offensive Dmen have really good physical stay at home Dmen for partners. MDZ is probably the most physical Dman they have, and one of 2 worth keeping(Gilroy). get him some help, he will be fine.

  46. I agree with a lot of recent posts about Torts. With the eastern conference the way it is, there is no way this team should miss the playoffs. Especially considering we have not had any long-term injury problems.

    Our constant problem is lack of effort, and I totally think they have quit on Torts and his bluster. That said, even if we did make the playoffs, we are nowhere near being a team to knock off the top teams in the conference.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie- one of the reason MDZ makes so many bad mistakes in our own zone is because he is always looking to spring the offence with his pass, something that he will learn to be more selective with once he matures.”

    I agree. That was the point I was trying to make. When he learns to make faster and better decisions with the puck, his game will immensely improve. Things like that are fine to learn at the NHL level, so long as you accept that you are going to lose hockey games as a result of the learning process. This is opposed to Gilroy, who needs to learn a lot of fundamentals of playing defense, which is much harder to learn at the NHL level because of how fast the game is. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it’s a slow process.

    Rmant, I disagree about you thinking this team has the talent of the teams Renney took to the playoffs. It doesn’t. I’m not defending Torts here. I happen to agree that he has lost the locker room. But I think the three teams that Renney brought to the playoffs were all much better than this team, especially on defense.

    The only one that is even close is the last team in 07-08. The 06-07 team is probably the best team the Rangers have had since Gretzky’s last playoff team in 97.

  48. BroadwayBlue-

    good post with regards to the home record being so horrific…i would love to know how many times have we given up a goal in the first ten minutes of the game, how many losses do we have after being tied going into the third period?

    the starts at the garden have been a common problem since the post lockout era……game 3 against the devils in 05-06 devils score early, game 3 against croby in 06-07 sid the kid scores early, game 3 against the caps last year when we coulda ended them they score early…..

  49. bull dog line on

    no I have not forgotten about Staal. It’s time for him and his poke check to go. soft, soft, soft.

  50. I don’t get the Del Z, and Gilly hate. Some seem to forget that they’re rookies.

    I can understand the Staal hate, since he has a few years under his belt. This is different, because they are in the *first* *year*!!

    Imagine if these fans were running NYR? Owen Nolan, Mark Recchi, and Cory Stillman would be our top line.

  51. Bull dog I am glad at least that Sather is GM and not you. And Sather is an awful GM. There are 29 teams who would jump at the chance to acquire Staal.
    And look at those videos I posted. Is MDZ physical in any of them?

  52. Orr,
    I don’t hate Del Zotto and Gilroy. I just don’t think either should be in the NHL right now. Neither seems to be learning anything. And neither can handle defending opponents’ third lines.

  53. Drury was supposedly “seething” about the “immaturity” of his teammates, and the lack of “consistency”

    try looking in the mirror first, cap’n no-clutch

    it was YOU, little league Chrissy, who lost the faceoff to Gomez that started the whole negative night, pal

    because YOU are the biggest flop on the team, the highest paid blair Betts-ian shotblocker nothing else bum on the team.

    what a leader. the team has HIS personality. lack of emotion, and then blame others afterward

  54. And Orr,
    The rookie excuse doesn’t work when they have plenty of peer rookies who are much more defensively sound.

  55. bull dog line on

    I hope that 1 of those 29 do acquire the adopted Staal brother. because he is the softest, most overrated Dman in the league. stop reading and listining to all the Ranger propaganda about Staal and start watching him. he is forever be pushed into the crease, knocked off the puck in the corners, and shying away from contact. soft, soft, soft.

  56. Darren, I think they can and are helping MDZ out. Especially Schoeny. Yeah, he seems to be regressing at times, but I honestly think a lot of that has to do with the lack of an honest-to-goodness veteran D that can actually help the young’uns out. Imagine if say Zubov was here, or if they brought in Leetch to help him out(which I wish they would do). I think a great deal of it is mental with him as well, something he’ll hopefully learn to deal with as he gets older.

    Sorry for the late reply, was at lunch.

  57. I’m going to have to side with Orr on this one…the rookie excuse does apply. MDZ is an offensive defenseman, he is still learning the game. They probably felt it would be best for him to learn here then go back to the OHL. Any offensive minded rookie defenseman that comes in and is great in the defensive end is an absolute stud.

    MDZ will be a stud, the kid is only 19. He’s learning…and come on, it’s not like he has the players around him to show him by example.

  58. Bull dog,
    Show me video of Staal ever being knocked off a puck. He is probably the strongest Ranger on the puck. And when pucks fly into the corner, there is no other player who as reliably wins it on the team. He is very capable of standing opponents up at his own blue line and he excels at carrying the puck up the ice responsibly when he chooses to do so.

  59. Bulldog…Staal is still young. The frustrating thing is that he does have that snarl sometimes, like we saw at the end of the Flyers game when he was getting into it. He’s just not consistent with it. I think this change in system really got in his head and he’s been so worried about not screwing up that he just isn’t being physical.

    I say give him a 2-3 year extension at a reasonable rate and hope he adds more to his game.

  60. Orr, sorry, I just don’t like corned beef and cabbage. Never have. And I’m at least 20 percent Irish. I’m not a Guiness fan, either. Should I turn in my Irish badge? LOL

  61. No, the rookie excuse still works. Especially when you don’t have support, and leadership to guide you, and teach you right from wrong.

    Look at these guys. Look who they turn to. Can you imagine Blowzy, or Dredden giving them advise.

    It would have been nice to have a guy like Jovonovski on the team, since it seems like every year Slats tries to get him.

    Point being, you just can’t blame the two rooks. Personally i don’t think Gilly should be a d-man, and he should be on the 3rd line. Del Z, he has shown he belongs in the NHL, but you cant expect him to be Leetch or Zubov-like. He’ll get better.

    Go 5th overall pick?? Eh, probably too late.

  62. “First of all, I didn’t say a 2nd rounder, I said something. Anything.
    Second, LA grabbed Jeff Halpern and they definitely had the space for Jokinen. Jokinen is a bigger upgrade than Halpern.”

    Doodie- As much as I wish the Rangers could trade away their expendable pieces and say we’re rebuilding, there is no way season ticket holders would have been okay with trading Jokkinen for a 4th or 5th round pick. Sather could not get away with that in New York with a team on the playoff bubble.

    Secondly, Halpern has a 2mil cap hit. They traded Teddy Purcell who has a 600K hit, meaning they cleared 1.4 mil. Clearly they weren’t looking to add that much of a cap hit. And why would Phoenix trade back for Jokkinen??? That makes absolutely no sense.

  63. let’s face it, Sather is to blame for most of it. he had so little depth on D that they kept kids and then have to ride out their learning mistakes

    anyone who watched the league in the past knew that Rosival was a 3rd pair dman on a mediocre Pens team, and everyone also knew that Redden had been washed up for 2 years before sather came calling

    that is sather’s d corps on the Rangers

  64. Per Gross:

    The Rangers shook up their lines at practice on Wednesday.
    Marian Gaborik played alongside Brandon Dubinsky and Erik Christensen; Vinny Prospal, Artem Anisimov and Ryan Callahan made up another unit; Sean Avery lined up with Olli Jokinen and Chris Drury; while Jody Shelley, Brian Boyle and Brandon Prust formed the fourth line.

  65. NYRGuy, You just hit the nail on the head with this entire team:

    “I think this change in system really got in his head and he’s been so worried about not screwing up that he just isn’t being physical.”

    That doesn’t apply to Staal, it applies to EVERY PLAYER.

  66. Staal is not the softest D on his own team, Redden or Rozsival anyone?

    Overrated? Try Wideman on Boston or even Phaneuf. A franchise cornerstone to a player the Flames couldn’t wait to get off their hands in a matter of 2 seasons (maybe even less). It takes time for a lot of these players to adjust to playing D at the NHL level.

    Pronger was widely considered a bust his first few seasons and many people thought Keenan was insane for trading a proven 50 goal scorer for him but he flourished into a Norris and Hart winner. Not saying Staal is going to be the next Pronger, but he’s still growing and learning how to play both sides of the puck. Look what happened after they traded the initially not so special Mattias Norstrom. The guy became one of those most underrated D of the past decade.

  67. Wow…another one from Gross…

    Tortorella says Drury shouldn’t have used word “immaturity” to explain #NYRangers loss to #Canadiens. Said it’s been ironed out in room.

  68. Wow Darren, you’ve revealed that Del Zotto effs up sometimes. I’m sure you could find plenty of video of Staal and Girardi playing poorly too, and Redden, guys who aren’t 19 and in their first year in the best league in the world.

  69. Wow, Dubi blows a breakaway that could have potentially won the game for us, if he had scored, then disappears for the remainder of the game, and what happens the next day?

    He gets bumped to the top line. Boooo.

    If we have a shot at the 5th overall pick, we *must* take it!

    And we should have traded Staal to the Coyotes for Staal ;(

  70. 1st year: 22 games, 1 G, 2 A, -8, avg time on ice: 14:54
    2nd year: 70 games, 2, 10 A, -10, ATOI 15:23
    3rd year: 82 games, 18 G, 38 A, +6, ATOI 23:38
    4th year: 68 games, 31 G, 42 A, +24, ATOI: 25:46

    Guess who that is?

  71. yeah, they shuffle the deck chairs again, but the iceberg is still looming up ahead.

    Drury, as I posted above, is no leader. he is a prime example to his teammates of over-maturity.

    i.e., washed up

  72. bull dog line on

    your comment on Norstrom is not correct.
    he was a well thought of Dman who just did not have the chance to play much for the Rangers. plus Norstrom was physical, unlike Mr Softy, who has played more than any other Rangers Dman. he is, what he is, SOFT!

  73. Guys complaining about Del Zotto’s mistakes are the same one’s who would’ve been whining about how Sather should bring Del Zotto up from Hartford had he played there all season.

  74. And Green was 20 in his first year…

    If MDZ turned out to be like Mike Green we would be salivating

  75. From hockeysfuture.com…

    A highly-talented puck mover and quarterback on the power play, there never was any question about Del Zotto’s talent offensively. It was his defensive weaknesses that allowed the Rangers to pick him up 20th overall in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

    Del Zotto continues to work on the defensive side of his game, and is learning as he goes in the NHL. A top 10 in rookie scoring, Del Zotto loves to hit and be physical. He is still learning to pick his spots in doing that, as well as his gap control.

  76. So everyone knew exactly what MDZ would bring to this team and his defense ability was clearly going to be the weakest of all 6 D-Men…It’s no secret.

  77. Yup, the Caps learned to live with his defensive deficiencies. DZ doesn’t have his shot, but he has better vision and has shown more of a willingness to play the physical game. I’ll gladly eat crow if DZ isn’t a big offensive threat from the blueline by his 3rd year in the league, at age 21.

  78. “A tri-captain of the 2009-10 Badgers, McDonagh is a natural leader, who brings intensity to every shift. Not afraid to take the body and protect teammates when he can, McDonagh is expected to join the AHL Hartford Wolf Pack next fall.”

    That’s someone we need on the blueline…

  79. Didn’t watch the game last night, played roller hockey instead and I have no regrets.

    Olli should have been traded. Gilroy should go away.

  80. Let’s blame who truly deserves blame. Bill McCreary and the rest of the corrupt referees!!

    They instilled a sense of fear in the NYR!

  81. bull dog line on

    Staal 147 hits, MDZ 142 hits. Mdz has played 2 less games, and averages more than3 minutes less than Staal per game on the ice. like I said Staal is SOFT!

  82. We can save alot of money and add alot of needed energy by having a Byers Boyle Weise 4th line next year.

  83. Daniel Maggio, D
    Acquired: Sixth Round, 170th overall, 2009 NHL Entry Draft
    Age: 19
    Maggio was a late-round pick due to injuries, but the Rangers had seen him play a strong, physical game. At 6’3″, 202, Maggio has size and is not afraid to fight, but in addition, he has quite a bit of offensive upside. He is currently the OHL Sudbury Wolves leading defenseman in scoring and has a relatively decent plus/minus rating on a team that is 10 games under .500. Maggio plays well in all situations and could be a surprise addition to the Rangers stable of contracted blueliners in the coming years.

  84. Of course Del Zotto’s scoring, he’s receiving more power play ice time than Green did until his third year in the league (second full season). But he’s also been more defensively costly than Green ever was. He is a gaudy -22 on a team that is miraculously fairly neutral at even strength. Call out plus minus all you want. It’s a fair stat to weigh teammates. MDZ was a forward playing defense as a junior and is a forward playing defense as a ranger. His potential has always been contingent on him becoming passable defensively. And to the “leaders to learn from” argument. How many NHL vets do you really think teach their younger peers who are taking their jobs? Very few I’d suspect. Players learn from coaches. Any lack of development should be pinned on the staff, not teammates.

  85. Darren, if you’re going to use that line… Del Zotto is biger than Callahan than. Would you argue that Callahan’s hits don’t matter?

  86. Mickey,
    Callahan goes into his hits with a lot more momentum than Del Zotto does. So his hits occur with much more impulse (impulse=change in momentum) and are more effective.

  87. Let’s retire the tired “Potvin Sucks” chant and replace it with “Sather Sucks” for the last four home games of the season. Maybe we can start a trend. Even Dancing Larry was disgusted after that ridiculous display the Rangers put on last night. Ugh.

  88. I seem to remember Green overstaying his PP shift and being ghastly out of position on a crucial goal in the 1st round last year. And plenty of people talked about how his underdeveloped defensive game cost him a spot on the Olympic team this year. Think about it, they could have easily had Green play the 7th D role that Seabrook played.

    I think plenty of vets teach the youngsters either by talking with them or showing them by example. A good coaching staff would demand that a young player watch an experienced vet. If anything that speeds up the learning curve. I think Niedermayer learned a lot from playing with Scott Stevens and Zubov had his breakout year when paired with Kevin Lowe. I think it was a smart move for Tampa to acquire Mattias Ohlund with drafting Hedman.

  89. PEr Djoos-ill spread the word in section 309!


    we can switch off each period

  90. Hits:

    Staal 147
    Chara 129
    Doughty 129

    Yup, Chara and Doughty are real softies too.

    Lidstrom only 47 hits. That guy knows nothing about defense.

  91. I can’t believe everyone’s complaining aboot two rookies on a pathetic team, with all the other losers around.

    Just doesn’t make any sense. But, i guess complaining aboot how sad and pathetic Dreary, Dublowsky, Blowzy, Dredden, Slats, etc. are, it does get a little boring. Have to find new targets i guess.

    Why not go after Sullivan’s hair?? It’s too Jersey Shore’d!! FIRE SULLY!!

  92. Ryan from NJ on

    Is it me or does this team not move the puck fast enough?

    Everything is so deliberate and slow.

    Here is how own zone breakout is ALWAYS ran:

    Our dman takes the puck behind the net, skates out and does a drop pass to the other dman. This dman then holds the puck for 2-3 seconds before trying to hit the winger on the far side with a homerun pass at the opposite blueline.


    Our style is boring, slow, and predictable. Forget the powerplay. Do our dmen ever switch sides?? do they rotate with the wingers down low?

    The coach has to go. Simple as that. Redden and Roszival do suck now, but Redden was an all-star at one point. He doesn’t lack the knowledge. Roszival showed the kind of slap shot he has. I think these guys are workable.

  93. Darren, OK then. One can argue that Callahan has more momentum in his hits because of the position he plays. As a forward you’re going to be able to gain more momentum simply by the fact that you technically have more space/time in which to gain said momentum. You could argue that Callahan has more “oomph” in hits because he’s a (nearly) 25 year old man, while Del Zotto is still a 19 year old teenager. No one is as strong at 19 as they are at 25. Simple fact of physiology and biology.

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    Darren, I’m going to respond to each of your videos:

    Kaleta: MDZ carried the puck in (I found a video showing the full play) as defensemen sometimes do (and should) and worked the puck around the boards. Kotalik was completely flat-footed and by the time he even started to skate Kaleta was long gone. Had that been someone who played defense, they would have already been skating back to try and prevent the breakaway. Even Michelletti says how Kotalik was totally flatfooted. No way you can blame Del Zotto. Unless he had been parked on the blue line, there was nothing he could do, and he had moved in with the puck and played it around the boards, which (SURPRISE) is something that ALL defensemen should do from time to time, especially on the PP. Really, the left wing there should have moved back to the point to cover until Del Zotto could get back into position. I’d blame that guy the most. Looked like Callahan or Gaborik. Probably Callahan on a line of Callahan-Prospal-Gaborik.

    Comeau: You’re kidding right? Kotalik leaves his man (Comeau) that is going to the net to hit the guy along the boards (Okposo), leaving Comeau wide open in the slot. Also, it wasn’t an MDZ giveaway. He was carrying it up, sent a lead pass in for a Ranger (couldn’t tell who) that was mishandled (he got a piece of it), then fell to an Islander that clears the zone and it ends a 50/50 for MDZ and Okposo. His mistake was trying to play the body instead of the puck against the much stronger Okposo. But still, if Kotalik stays with Comeau instead of trying to hit Okposo, that goal doesn’t happen.

    Fiddler: You’re going to blame two Coyotes cycling and creating a 2 on 1 down low during a Rangers PP on ONE guy? Granted, his attempt to stop the pass was terrible, but c’mon! you can’t blame MDZ alone for that. Where is the other defenseman?! (It was Staal who let Winnick skate right past him because he was busy picking up his stick which had been knocked out of his hands by Jovanovski) Where is anyone else at all!? Also, what was this, the 8th game of his career?

    Hunwick: Gilroy turns it over. This time, there was a forward covering the point for him, Gaborik. Gaborik manages to slow them down and a 2 on 3 builds. Del Zotto goes to the middle. Gilroy stays with Wheeler as he comes across the middle even though Del Zotto is already there. No back check by the forwards leaves Hunwick to skate unmarked into the zone. That’s clearly the center and other forwards’ faults for letting Hunwick come in so cleanly. Also, Gilroy’s fault for following Wheeler into the middle when MDZ was already there instead of staying with Kreijci and leaving Kreijci all alone with Gaborik, whom he easily outplayed in that situation, allowing him to take the initial shot. That seems to be more the product of bad communication.

    Armstrong: This is the exact kind of play I said that MDZ needs work with. Making better decisions with the puck, especially within his own zone as pressure is coming. This one is definitely his fault, but it’s in the exact area I said he needs to improve.

    Why do you hate this guy so much?

  95. Ryan from NJ on

    And one more thing.

    anyone sick of watching roszival get the puck dumped in on his side. then he does the following:

    1) slow up
    2) let the opposing team member bump into them
    3) then try and hold the puck with his skate
    4) then Rosy loses the puck battle

    This needed to be nipped ALONG time ago. Lack of physicality can make a world of difference in how you play.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal is definitely soft. Captain poke-check. Playing with Rozsival for so long turned him into Malik.

  97. Ryan from NJ on

    I agree, have you ever seen Staal lay a guy out??

    Nope, I’ve seen him push someone down very hard. But never throw a hard bodycheck. Or an open ice hit. NEVER

    I remember reading about Staal in the minors, they made him sound like the next Leetch, with great offensive upside. He’s slow as anything and his shot is blocked 9/10 times.

  98. Ryan from NJ, no it’s not you. The team is slow:

    March 17th, 2010 at 8:50 am
    Yeah ilb, I noticed a play last night where Gaborik threaded a nice pace to I think it may have been Gilroy who would have had a nice sharp route to the net on the off wing and he simply couldn’t handle it. There’s too many times where the puck looks like a hand grenade.
    Another thing they need to work on – of the list of many – is when they do get the shots to go net they don’t generate enough rebounds and bounces. How many follow up goals do you see them score vs how many shots do you see the goalie gobble up and hold for a whistle or have no problem playing it to a teammate?
    The line change problem I think is part of a larger issue. The Rangers are not a quick team in most facets of the game. They don’t make quick passes and they don’t get off the quick shots that catch the D and goalie out of position. Some of it is due to the fact that they have a lot of average speed players on their team, but a lot of it is due to them not reading and recognizing the situation. I said the other day that the Rangers roster is low on hockey IQ, understanding when to pass/shoot and positioning are prime examples of that.

  99. Olga Folkyerself on

    Does anyone really believe that Sather cares or even considers what season ticket holders think? He’s done less than nothing for 10 years, awful signings, awful trades, awful drafting, spent a half Billion dollars on salaries, barely making the playoffs a few times. And still, MSG’s had 180 some sellouts in a row, and fans can’t even get 200 people to protest him outside MSG.
    He does what he wants to, and to him, season ticket holders don’t mean squat. There’s plenty more where they came from. And that goes double for Dolan…

  100. The Rangers often get caught in bunches all over the ice. Whether its behind the net or when trying to enter the offensive zone on the rush. Obviously you don’t want to throw a lot of cross ice passes around but if you stagger the positioning of the players it makes more into a diagonal pass that keeps the defense honest rather than allowing them to time the pass and get in between the passer and receiver.

  101. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Sorry guys and gals but some of you just like to bitch to hear yourselves type

    Wah wah, we suck, and now your starting to crap on our two ROOKIE d-men, one of wich is Quaterbacking the PP.

    Shut up already and grow a pair. Would you Rahter be an Oiler fan? Toronto Fan?

    This is what the team is, and either they squeak into the playoffs or they dont. And I’m glad Gilroy and DelZ are learning in the NHL and making there mistakes during a mediocre/crappy season.
    How many years did we complain that our rookies never saw the light of an NHL surface and werent ready when they did come up?

    Did we not all see this at the beginning of they year?
    Do we not all know and have discussed Ad nauseum what the team needs to be a contender?

    And I really love how some of you think you KNOW whats going on in that room, that so and so has tuned out the coach or other players quit in the system.

    And bring Renney back? Did someone actually type that. One of the DUMBEST things posted in weeks. YEah Renney and Pearn, lets get them back here.

    Shut up already.

    Oh and LETS GO RANGERS!!

  102. bull dog line on

    Chara 35 pts, and Doughty, 50 plus points. you need to take in the whole picture if you are going to compare so called number 1 Dmen. would you trade Staal for either one of those players. of course you would, because Staal is overrated, and SOFT!

  103. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Boston, minus Kessel from last year, and now minus Savard, still can beat the Rangers on CHARACTER, and in the standings. This team is soft as marshmallows. No desire, other than possibly exhibited by Avery, in a big game like this? Got to strip that pucking sissy of his “C,” before any other rebuilding moves are made. He cannot be allowed to captain this team next year.

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    I wouldn’t trade Staal for Chara because of age/cap issues. He’s still young enough that he may improve while Chara’s age and size will cause him to deteriorate soon. Big guys in all sports deteriorate rapidly as they age.

    For Doughty, I’d trade every guy on the roster except Lundqvist.

  105. bulldog, now you want to use other stats to prove a defenseman’s value? Why didn’t you do that before?

    I think we get it, you don’t like Staal. He probably gets more hype because the NHL loves to broadcast the whole Staal vs. Staal story every time two of them face each other. But he’s still in his 3rd year in the league and has been paired with extremely limited ceiling players his entire career. Plenty of D in the league have struggled for their first couple of years.

    And D isn’t all about hitting, that’s why I used the example of Lidstrom. I remember Beukeboom countless times leaving Leetch in odd man situations because he decided to go for the big hit. It happened a ton when they played the Flyers in 95 and 97. If anything, the players these days are stronger and faster and the smarter choice to make is playing strong positionally. I’d love to see him turn into a monster back there and yeah I’ve been disappointed that he hasn’t quite added the snarl to his game.

    There is plenty wrong with the Rangers this year, Staal is one of the last players that I would pin this year on.

  106. CTBlueshirt
    March 17th, 2010 at 2:51 pm
    The Rangers often get caught in bunches all over the ice. Whether its behind the net or when trying to enter the offensive zone on the rush. Obviously you don’t want to throw a lot of cross ice passes around but if you stagger the positioning of the players it makes more into a diagonal pass that keeps the defense honest rather than allowing them to time the pass and get in between the passer and receiver.

    I’ve noticed that A LOT, too. The question is: is it a product of the lines constantly changing, the hockey IQ of the players, the coaching, or a combination of the three. I’m inclined to say it’s a combo of all of those.

  107. I think the hype given to Tavares or Hedman should have been assigned to Stamkos or Doughty. Put Stamkos on a team with Patrick Kane and he could have 60 goals next year. Not that Toews is doing that bad either.

  108. The core of our D is fine for years to come, but it’s young. They all need mileage. We still need to add a banger or two via free agency and wait for the rest of them to mature. We should all feel lucky that we still have them here and not in the Western Conference exchanged for Keith Tkachuk.

  109. For the comment regarding Mike Green’s +/- at his young age…

    1) We’ve already discussed the +/- stat here
    2) If MDZ was playing with Ovechkin, I’m sure he wouldn’t be anywhere near a -22

  110. I like Willie Mitchell as a UFA. He’s been a part of some excellent defenses in Minny and Van.

  111. bull dog line on

    you brought up those other players, and those players bring the whole package to the game. they score, they defend, they hit, they control the game from there position. and yes I don’t like Staal because he could be so much more than he is,if he would just play with some edge to his game he may actually become what everyone thinks he is now. he does not seem to have the mental toughness to become a great player, he seems content with just being a good player, who gets by on a reputation he did not earn.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    “There is plenty wrong with the Rangers this year, Staal is one of the last players that I would pin this year on.”

    I agree with that statement, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t stalled in his development. He plays like a solid 2nd pairing guy stay at home guy.

    That also made me think. If I were to blame this Rangers season on one *player* , how would I rank them?

    1) Drury
    2) Redden
    3) Rozsival
    4) Kotalhiggins/Jokinen
    5) Avery (the last two games don’t erase his season of futility)
    6) Gilroy
    7) Del Zotto
    8) Brashear
    9) Lisin
    15) Shelley
    17)Backup goaltending

  113. Anyone bashing the young D on our team and how they are the reason we aren’t very good is crazy. MDZ is the future of our blueline, the kid is 19 years old and I already outlined his scouting report. It’s not new news that his defensive game needs work. But what do you expect when you get the kind of help he does? How can the kid learn when a bunch of idiots are playing around him??

    And hits for a defenseman are completely overrated. Would you like him to be like Kasparatis and take himself completely out of position to lay a hit on someone? On many occasions its what the opposing forwards do that determine if they are going to get whalloped or not. Does that mean we don’t need a bruising blueliner? Of course not. But you can’t put stock in the “hit statistic”

  114. Doodie, after #9 you might as well just erase the rest. I wouldn’t put any of those guys on a list to blame. Honestly, the top 3 is all you need. Just imagine if we had 3 players in their spots playing like their salaries suggested? Stanley Cup? Quite possibly.

  115. Doodie Machetto on

    NYRGuy, re: hits, I agree. But not all hits are created equal. No one thinks twice about sending passes into contact against Staal. If Staal could lay someone out, it might change the way teams play against him. In other words, he doesn’t scare anyone.

    As for my list, I actually wouldn’t stop the list until the backup goaltending.

  116. bull dog line on

    interesting list. I think you have Gilroy, and MDZ to high on the blame list, and there are some guys listed that don’t deserve blame at all being that they have had no affect on the ice all season. good or bad.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    Darren, all of the values they assign to everything is completely arbitrary.


  118. Man I saw the headline to this news story and REALLY hoped it was Sather:

    I don’t think I have it in me to write a 30 things better than Sather bit but you can pretty much figure it out on your own.

    How could you say that Drury is number 1 to blame for all this? Yeah he may not be scoring, but I guarantee you we’d miss him on Penalty kills and defense. Can’t forget that winning a hockey game starts from the goal out. We don’t need Drury to score, though it would be nice. Also, you can’t blame Jolkinen, that’s just silly he hasn’t been here for that long.

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that they were high on the list. They are young and with being young and inexperienced comes the lumps. We all knew (or should have known) that coming into the season that those guys were going to have problems defensively. They aren’t good defensemen yet. So they are getting blamed.

    That’s not bad blame like Rozsival and Redden have. They have no excuse.

    Everyone is where they are for a reason. I can explain if you have any specific inquiries.

  120. Interesting list, Doodie. But you left off Girardi. I’d say he’s more to blame than Gilroy and MDZ considering he’s a “vet”.

  121. Okay…let’s not retire “Potvin Sucks,” let’s just do it ONCE a game….and do “Sather Sucks” the rest of the time. The depressing part is that we will probably miss the playoffs, get a decent lottery pick and select another Hugh Jessiman. All these years of missing the playoffs and what do we have to show for it? Barely a handful of marginal players. Our best picks were mid-round (Hank, Cally, Dubi)…all of the top picks (except Staal & MDZ) have been lemons. We have NOTHING to look forward to (and I’ve been watching this team since 1969).

  122. Yergs, that is one insane story about Washington. Considering the problems Hamilton’s had in the past with alcohol and cocaine, I’m even MORE surprised.

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    Yergs, I blame Drury because of his role as captain, because of his 7 million dollar salary keeping us from getting a better center to play with Gaborik, that he spent a good portion of the season as the #2 centerman, that we DO need him and when he was signed he was expected to score goals and he just hasn’t. Yes, he can penalty kill, win faceoffs, and block shots, but so could Blair Betts for a 10th of the salary. Oh, and without the movement clause.

    I add Jokinen as part of Kotalik and Higgins since those two guys were moved for Jokinen. Jokinen has had first and second line center minutes the entire time he’s been here and has two goals and a load of lazy and selfish play. If it was purely on Jokinen, I’d move him ahead of Christensen.

    As for KotalHiggins, they were terrible.

  124. I brought up those names because you used a very subjective stat to illustrate the effectiveness of one player. Like every elite level player whether it be on D, a sniper or a goalie there’s only a handful of them in league. Some teams have them, some don’t.

    Chara finally got the award last year and while he played solidly, the Bruins as a whole had a great year and at some point Lidstrom was not going to win it. Much like Pronger, there are creeks in his game but overall he tends to have a positive effect on the game.

    Doughty has the makings to the best D in the game very soon. All things considered, I’d wager even Detroit would pay a lot to get him and they still have Lidstrom.

    But look around at a lot of other teams in the league and you see a lot of teams have good but not great defenseman. Paul Martin over in NJ is solid (when healthy) but he’s not really elite. Markov is very good, better than anyone on the Rangers right now and he helps on their PP, but he doesn’t dominate games. Vancouver doesn’t have a dominating D and Brian Boyle in SJ has a lot of his offensive stats due to the PP. His even strength play is not elite.

    Assuming they’re kept intact, within due time Staal, DZ and maybe McDonaugh will form a much more solid blueline than they’ve seen at any time since Leetch and Zubov were part of the top 2 pairings.

  125. Doodie…your list can be deceptive. Such as Christensen, a waiver wire pickup who was put into the #1 center roll. I can’t blame him, but I can blame Sather for the fact he even had a chance to be a #1 center.

  126. I like Olli Jokinen for the right price. If he is willing to come back for say $3-3.5 mil 1-2 yrs, I say sign him. He has more tanent that anyone else on the Rangers except for Gabby, and his game is going to come back once he gets his confedence back. It takes time with a new team and who could sign as s free agent with is tanent at 3.5 mil. He was a force at one time and only 31 yrs old.

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh Mickey I can’t believe I forgot Girardi. I’d put him in at #4 and I’m REALLY tempted to swap him with Rozsival.

  128. I think next year MDZ and Staal need to play together. Torts likes to play top line vs top line correct? So Staal is out there to shut down the opposing teams top player and MDZ is out there to thread passes to Gabby.

    Keep Redden/Gilroy as the 3rd pair and get a couple guys to form a good 2nd pair.

  129. Oh yeah….a shoutout to the last Ranger D-man to get a regular season hat trick…Reijo Ruotsalainen in 1982 on this very date vs. the Flyers. I’ll never forget it…the fans rained green hats on the ice and Barry Beck took one and put it on Ruotsalainen’s head when they were sitting on the bench. Priceless.

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    NYRGuy, well, that’s why Christensen is pretty low on the list. He is as high as he is because of his lack of consistency. He shows us flashes of brilliance but just can’t play at a consistent level.

  131. Please resign Christensen. He is a solid player and young. If we loose him it’s like loosing Dom Moore all over again. A good 3 or 2 nd line center, good shot, personality, and will sign on the cheap to stay in NY. I still dont know why we got rid of Moore.

  132. bull dog line on

    I think Gilroy and MDZ are relied on to much,being rookies, so I give less blame to them and more to the guys that should have been relied on. I think they should not get a pass, but be looked at a little different.
    Anisimov has been handled differently then MDZ, and Gilroy( different positions i know) so he is lower on the blame list, which I agree with.

  133. Doodie- he and Rozy can share the #3 spot. LOL. They’ve both made their share of mistakes and wtf moments this year.

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    Darren, Baseball is a much more number driven sport because it really is an individual sport masquarading as a team game.

  135. Another reason not to blame these young DMen? If we could score some goals then they wouldn’t have to worry about every goal they give up is a backbreaker.

  136. If we could score goals, we wouldn’t be talking about the goals these guys give up to make it a 4-3 win instead of a 4-2 win. But instead we’re talking about the goals they give up to make it a 2-1 loss instead of a 2-1 win or a shootout game.

  137. Can you please pass the CHEETOS? on

    HOW SICKENING was it listening to JOE M. shine drury’s shoes on another network. “what a brilliant play by Drury” “oh, what a pass by Drury”

    He is one trained little monkey.

  138. Ah, didn’t even think of that Mickey…I’m sure they have to have experience playing the other side no? I really don’t have any clue about that…anyone?

  139. How could you say that Drury is number 1 to blame for all this? Yeah he may not be scoring, but I guarantee you we’d miss him on Penalty kills and defense. Can’t forget that winning a hockey game starts from the goal out. We don’t need Drury to score, though it would be nice. Also, you can’t blame Jolkinen, that’s just silly he hasn’t been here for that long.


    Drury is by far the NO.1 cause of this debacle. The guy is our captain who has totally lost his guy, he does not lead by example he doesnt want the puck, he makes weak/blind/bad decisions in all three zones on any given night, he has lost his legs as he has become very very slow, the guy is painful to watch every night on the ice…..he blocks shots and plays OK on the PK nothing special, we thought we would miss betts but dubi/callahan/boyle stepped in and did fine in that regard…im confident that anisimov could do as well as the captain on the PK….someone mentioned it earlier first and foremost strip him of the C ASAP

  140. Can you please pass the CHEETOS? on


    Agree on number 26. he is solid 2nd line player and can be got for cheap.

  141. wow…this place is alive and kicking! funny how you guys arguing with each other trying to prove which player sucks more… right now they all suck! lol

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, the fact that less is expected of them is why theyre below Redden and Rozsival. But it doesn’t change the fact that they are clearly a weak link defensively and that affects whether the team wins or not.

    Darren, looking over that complete list, it further assures me that those numbers are arbitrary. Evgeny Nabakov is the MVP? Duncan Keith is Chicago’s MVP? Christian Erhoff is the league’s 6th most valuable defenseman? Zenon Konopka, the league leader in fighting majors is the 4th least valuable? Dustin Byfuglien lower than Jed Ortmeyer?

    It’s BS man. Hockey is not a numbers game the way other sports are.

  143. Put DZ on the right side. Give him the off wing to shoot, which he needs to work on as well. Not saying he needs a cannon, but he needs to figure out shot selection. Leetch didn’t have a laser, but he could put the puck in the right place for deflections (and most importantly not getting it blocked).

  144. 1) Redden and Roszival

    2) Kotalik, Higgins, Lisin. They were supposed to supply 15-20 goals apiece.

    3) Avery – been too tame most of the year

    4) Relying too much on rooks – especially Gilroy and Anisimov and somewhat Del Zotto.

    5) Not having a veteran 7th D man – Thanks Sather for managing the cap so well.

  145. We wouldn’t miss Drury on the PK at all.

    Do we miss Sjo/Betts? No, not really. Boyle and Dubi have stepped in and done fine. There are plenty of guys that can come in and work their tail off and be good PKers.

    And defensively? Sorry, I’ve seen Drury get beat plenty of times this year.

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    Ronster, I agree on the need to resign Christensen but disagree on the comparison to Moore. Moore is a bluecollar player that earns points through effort. His ceiling is solid 3rd line center. Christensen has LOADS of talent. He just needs to be more consistent and he can be a solid 2nd line player on almost any team in the league.

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    CTRanger, you miss the point of the list. I was blaming players only. 1 2 and 3 are Dolan, Sather, Torts in terms of blame overall. But I was just saying if you were to blame a PLAYER, who would it be.

  148. Do we think that Boyle/Anisimov can evolve into 2nd/3rd line centers as opposed to 3rd/4th line? If so, when does this occur and how does this affect Free Agency?

  149. I think Torts was the best coach available at the time he was hired. And I don’t think changing coaches in the answer to our problems. Who would you guys like in his place ? Keenen ?
    God no. Our problem is our GM – end of story !

  150. Doodie Machetto on

    You sound just like Sather when he signed Drury and Redden”

    By saying that there is more to hockey than numbers? By the way, Redden ranks ahead of Cam Barker and Dennis Seidenberg on your list there. REAL accurate accounting.

    Drury is just ahead of John Tavares and Devin Setoguchi. He barely trails Ryan Callahan.


  151. While I think he could’ve done a better job of handling some things this year, I completely agree Tony

  152. NYR GUY-

    It its really tough to evaluate these two IMO. These two have been shuffled around with wingers all year long. Obviously you gotta like their size. They both definitely have some skill but playing with voros/brashear/shelley/kotalik/lisin all year long is not going to really help ANYONE evaluate them. I have been pushing for these two to get some PP time-reward boyle with his work on the PK and let him sit in front of the net on the PP.

  153. I wouldn’t mind seeing Gilroy and Boyle swap positions lol. Put Gilroy at F and Boyle can be our big man on D LOL

  154. Doodie:
    “Darren, looking over that complete list, it further assures me that those numbers are arbitrary. Evgeny Nabakov is the MVP? Duncan Keith is Chicago’s MVP? Christian Erhoff is the league’s 6th most valuable defenseman? Zenon Konopka, the league leader in fighting majors is the 4th least valuable? Dustin Byfuglien lower than Jed Ortmeyer?”

    Evgeni Nabokov is having a great season. The NHL just never awards MVPs to goalies. Check out Puck Daddy’s handicapping of the Vezina Race and none of the goalie rankings are out of line:

    Duncan Keith has had a ridiculously good season for a defenseman. He just might be Chicago’s MVP. He could have been Team Canada’s MVP the way he played in the Olympics too.

    Christian Erhoff is having a great season. 38 points and good defense? I’d kill for that on the Rangers.

    “Zenon Konopka, the league leader in fighting majors is the 4th least valuable?” Did you seriously say that? There are a dozen guys in the AHL who could be Zenon Konopchka and lead the league in fighting majors.

    I don’t know much about Byfuglien other than his breakaway goal against us and the laughter that ensued on Chicago blogs, but they’ve continually roasted him over at secondcityhockey for underperforming expectations and loafing. And Jed Ortmeyer is having a pretty good season for the Sharks. Look it up.

  155. NYRGuy, I don’t think either of them have ever played the right side. At least as far as I know. Could be wrong though.

  156. bull dog line on

    ok fair enough. going into the season I felt that Boyle could develop into a 3rd line center, along the likes of a Joel Otto. I don’t feel that way anymore. I think his ceiling is that of a solid 4th line center. he does show flashes, but often trips over his own feet. the Rangers do like him a lot, and feel he has more to give.

  157. Sather has worn out his welcome in NY. Remember when he was with the Oilers & he said if he had the payroll of the Rangers he’d win the cup every year, well we’re still waiting.
    Why they keep this guy is amazing.

  158. Were Bruce Boudreau and Dan Bylsma household names when they were hired? No, but they replaced veteran NHL coaches. Maybe they were hired by management groups who were ready to try new coaching styles. Maybe reshuffling the deck of old coaches isn’t the way to go.
    As much as Sather is ultimately responsible for 10 years of mis-management, Tortorella has proven to have no solutions in any aspect of the game — strategy, player management, communications, player development, etc. What exactly does he do well? Maybe Drury was questioning the maturity of Tortorella.

  159. Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to fire them all and be done with it? I’m speaking of Dolan, Sather AND Torts( who has done a decent job with what he has, but sometimes he does stuff that makes me scratch my head). Some of the players, too.

  160. I think Boudreau and Bylsma were a little different. They had success in AHL and had a good relationship with some of the young guys on their teams. It would’ve been a good idea if our AHL coach was any good or experienced.

  161. bull dog line on

    I have actually thought that about Boyle and Gilroy. they both have played the other position during there hockey careers. in Boyle case he actually seems to have better instincts back on D when he is covering, than up front. Gilroy has the speed and skill that is sorely lacking up front with the Rangers.

  162. billybleedsgreen on

    Linda awesome link to the Leprechaun story. Thanks, I really needed a laugh. Everything is so serious and tense around here. I missed last night’s game, thank goodness.

    We can hang around here and argue about anything for as long as we want. Nothing will change; at the end of the day it will be the same old story. Too little, too late for the Rangers. And if you think that with time the youth on the team will develop into a real team, think again. Chances are, they will be broken up and traded for some has-been talent in the twilight of their career. Then we can sit around and follow those traded-away in the NHL and talk about what could have been some more…

  163. i mean can we really evaluate boyle yet-the guy might have decent skill as a center and again his size is valuable, he has been forced to play with three of the worst forwards in the league all year long-(shelley, bashear, or voros and then it fluctuated between lisin/kotalik/drury it does not get much worse than that, proposed lines for tomorrow night



    PP Lines
    Staal and MDZ with Gabby-Boyle-Dubi
    Roszival and Gilroy with Callahan-Prospal-Lisin

    PK Forwards Dubi/Callahan

    CAPTAIN CLUTCH SIT UPSTAIRS and shelley will teach you what maturity is about

  164. you’ve got to be kidding about bringing back that loser jokinen. he was the captain in Fla for years, and was the Drury of that team. then phoenix got tired of his loser act, then Calgary got tired of his…..well, you get the idea

    let that pos go this summer. he is NOT a winner

  165. Tony in AZ – Laviolette was available. I thought for sure they would try to get him. I like his approach.

  166. Pittsburgh and Washington were both playing extremely poorly before Bylsma and Boudreau were brought in. Did Phoenix suddenly sign a bunch of all stars this season or did they get a new coach? Why must coaches always be the same old, same old. Why is there one list of coaches who replace each other — How’s Pat Quinn doing in Edmonton?

  167. right. hanlon was terrible. he had a talented offensive group, and was trying to make them into trappers a la jersey .

    and Bylsma had a quiet plan, not a screaming clueless nose-in-the-air behind the bench like therrien

  168. We could argue this all day. I think good hockey players make coaches look good.
    BTW, I remember when Boudreau played with the Phx Roadrunners in the old IHL

  169. Doodie Machetto on

    Darren, goaltenders never win the MVP? Funny, Dominik Hasek and Jose Theodore probably would disagree.

    Erhoff has 38 points and is a good defenseman. That makes him the SIXTH best defenseman in the league?

    Look at anything you want, there is no logical reason why Nabokov should be higher than Miller. None.

    Keith I’ll back off a bit. I’ll replace it with this: Mike Green is the #1 defenseman on that list.

    A million AHLers that could, and yet there’s only one guy who is at the top. Point is, there are guys in the league that bring absolutely nothing to the table (Aaron Voros). At least Konopka can throw down.

  170. Doodie Machetto on

    “Pittsburgh and Washington were both playing extremely poorly before Bylsma and Boudreau were brought in.”

    Hanlon overthought the job. He had the best offensive players in the world and tried to get them to play two-way hockey.

    Bylsma came in just as Sergei Gonchar came back from injury. I think that had more to do with Pittsburgh’s success than Bylsma. Plus they made deals for Guerin and Kunitz, so Bylsma had a much better team to work with than Therrien.

    As for Phoenix, Wayne Gretzky wasn’t a good coach and Dave Tippett is. End of story. But Dave Tippett is just another recycled coach, so doesn’t that take away from your argument?

  171. Leo Messi is good!

    The top 2 players in the world right now have to be Messi and Rooney.

    Maybe it will be a rematch of the CL final and we can see who is truly the best.

  172. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The Penguins, in two consecutive seasons, have gone from the bubble to a true contender each time Gonchar has returned from injury… that one can’t be attributed to the coach at all.

    And as Doodie said, in Phx Gretzky was the focus of the team and the team winning/losing wasn’t. Gretzky isn’t a good enough coach to keep a job for that long anywhere else either.

  173. After looking through FA’s for the summer I don’t really think it’d be the worst thing in the world to hang on to Prospal. We’re seriously light on the left side and there really isn’t a veteran that’s going to give you the same bang for the buck while working well with Gaborik. Unless we’re going to find a way to sign a guy like Torres and send an offer sheet to someone on top of it, there’s really no reason to let him walk. There’s no one to promote from within that’s gonna give you 15-20 goals and work well with Gabby.

  174. Drury

    I don’t think any of these players have played up to expectation/ in some cases capability.

    Out of the gate that was our #1 and #2 center and 2 of our top 6 wingers and 2 of our top 4 Dmen. None of them have been nearly good enough.

  175. bull dog line on

    I am not going to argue that Dubi is having a good season, his physical game is way down, and he has played in spurts. but he does have a career high in goals, and when he got hurt was the turning point of the season. I believe they won 3 games while he was out.

  176. We can analyze this ’til we’re blue in the face, but the fact of the matter is that this all falls on Sather. There doesn’t seem to be any plan in building the team year to year, he just signs seemingly random players. It’s like when they tell you not to shop at the supermarket hungry because you’ll buy too much stuff you don’t really want/need. Sather has been shopping hungry for the last few free agency summers. Make a damn plan or step down, Slats.

  177. bull dog line on

    in Larry Brooks article this morning he mentioned Steppan may leave college, and go play junior. if this is the case that is not good news for the Rangers. drafted players leaving college and going to play junior are not subject to being redrafted. they can become unrestricted free agents.

  178. It's about hockey on

    Agree wholeheartedly about Dave Maloney. I live in Florida, but even when I get the the game or watch it on Center Ice, I tune into the radio via the Rangers’ website. You can close your eyes and see what he’s saying. Maloney runs rings around almost everyone who broadcasts/analyzes hockey. Eddie O was good until he hooked up with “Doc.” Now he goes on forever and I say, “what did he just say?” Keep up the great work Dave!

  179. The White Plains Batman on

    Bull Dog, don’t worry about Stepan. The Rangers will lock him up and he’s not going to juniors anyways.

  180. after Drury scapegoated the kids last night with his comment “they need to grow up real fast”, I have had it with this cancer named Dreary

    he needs to go elsewhere next season, no matter what it takes, including benchings until he cries uncle and ok’s a move

    even Torts came down on him for his comment.

    captain clutch indeed. more like little league loser

  181. billybleedsgreen on

    Steve Somers was just at it again with his monologue. He read an open letter to Glen Sather. Basically, he’s trying to call Sather out to address the fans through the media–in whatever form, even smoke signals would be acceptable because it would be some form of communication, which is better than none, which is what we have now.

    The whole situation is sad, but thankfully there is somebody out there with some real wit who is willing to broadcast his thoughts on hockey. NOBODY in NY EVER talks about hockey. Nobody in NY cares about the game. If this team was a baseball team, the media wouldn’t allow Sather to hide in his “ivory tower.” They would be all over it and something would have to change SOONER than later…

  182. The White Plains Batman on

    There are three people in NY who talk hockey; Steve Sommers, Don LaGreca, and Blueshirt Banter Radio which is the the real deal.

  183. She’s my sister, my daughter, my sister, my daughter…wow the back and forth here today (anyone get the movie reference? not obscure, just a tad old, but classic!)

    Just did a quick run through on all your thoughts. Here’s one that jumped out: Tony, if possible, I think under Keenan this team would be worse :) Or maybe the same?

    FYI, some of you (not all care) long-time coming but neat Spike update on sister blog.

  184. TO THE GUY who thinks MDZ is not ready to play in the NHL I say with all due respect, you don’t have a clue! IN most of the games this year, he has been the Rangers best dman! That is a sad statement to make considering that Marc STaal is on this team. The real issues on this defense are Redden,Blowzy, Girardi and yes even Staal. I think he has taken a major step backwards in his development. He takes way too long to make a play and that is a direct result of playing most of the year with Blowzy and Girardi.

    Now I understand why Rollie Pollie Ollie has been on six teams in ten years, HE SUCKS!!!! His is a career of being the best player on shitty teams and that is a fact!

  185. I’m pretty sure most of you get the email but ill post it anyway

    Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award

    Blueshirts fan, it’s time to cast your vote for the 2009-10 Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award presented by Lightspeed Trading. From now through April 5, be sure to cast your vote for the Rangers player that you feel “goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

    Who will it be this year? Henrik Lundqvist?

  186. Awww, bubela, I’m sorry to hear that. As I said earlier, St. Pat’s is nothing to miss. MADNESS! take care and feel better.

  187. ??

    again, ive been down on drury like many but i had no problem with that comment last night. and i think it was “we need to grow up real fast” not “they”. in any case, finally some emotion. all year we’ve been waiting for it, now he shows some of it (maybe it was just gas or something idk) and you are criticizing him? common.. oh and use a real name next time.

  188. dont know if this was discussed but Avery and Hank had a little run-in at practice today per Zipay. hmmmm not the 2 guys id like to get at it…..

  189. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    Lev, seems like to little too late with his display of ’emotion’. And i totally agree with your 2nd post, you can’t have 2 of the 4 horsemen having run ins!

  190. Long day…

    Lev, Linda- I think Aves and Hank just played it to put some fire under the rest of the team’s…..

  191. ye it definitely is too little too late but still i, like im sure many of you were, was shocked to hear those words out of drury’s mouth.

  192. hmm not sure about that ilb. Zip says it was a multiple thing event today. really do hope im exagerrating though. looks like aves celebrated a goal too enthusiastically, next time he got in the crease, hank slashed him or something, and then after another play Aves pushed Hank down. although they were at dinner togetehr recently (pic from Voros’s twitter)

  193. If not, who? aside from he who shall not be named :)

    I kid… But if I recall, the award isn’t just about on ice, but off ice stuff too. Hence Gravey, who still goes above and beyond with Garden of Dreams.

    Honestly, I know lots of them do on this team, but I can’t think who’s the obvious face of it. Carp? Have the Dolans reconnected you yet? Thoughts papa?


    Carp, you better hope the Dolans don’t read RR or you’ll never get your cable back.

  195. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    Lev, it is somewhat shocking seeing that he tries to play the diplomat so often. With him as captain, the immaturity thing falls on him some. Yes, I understand that people are responsible for their actions and all that ( wait, i think thats just people with common sense!!) but as the captain, immaturity seems a knock on your skills as a leader. Maybe he’s tired of seeing Redden shy away from hits? This team needs an exorcism!!

  196. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    billy, glad you liked the “leprechaun” video. It just cracks me up every time i watch it!

    Give Hank the C next season so there’s one less thing for us to beyotch about, because I am sure come July 1, we’ll have about 4 NEW things to complain about for next season!

  197. OK, it was a rarity for us, and it didn’t always take but, and sorry to bring up the dreaded past (94!) in me humble opinion (IMHO for you young’uns and me for the Irish!) one of the key reasons we succeeded back in the day was because of the Captain.

    I’m sure Dru is a great guy, but he hasn’t, as far as I can see or know, gotten it done. Forget, for a moment, their record. That doesn’t always fall on the captain (IMHO) but he has just been awful as a C bearer (and there goes my job with the Dolans :).

    Yeesh, long post for mama but I’m tired and hungry! Disagree or agree at will….

  198. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    Laurel, I was praying over that summer that neither one would be given a C, they had not played ONE GAME as Rangers, and I thought it would be stupid to give either him or Gomez the C. Yea, i know, there really wasnt anyone else, but damn, to give it to someone who’d yet to play a game as a Ranger just grinded my gears!

  199. o god, whats up with the devils jerseys tonight? it looks as if the Minnesota Wild threw up all over the Devils jerseys and they didnt have time to wash it…

  200. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    exorcism, enema, full body cleanse, blood letting… SOMETHING!! ANYTHING!!

  201. Linda O’Irish for today, what leprechaun video? I missed. please re-post.

    I sadly didn’t get corned beef and cabbage today (that I do love, sorry Mickey) so am waiting for my St. Pat’s delivery of sushi. Does spicy tuna count?

  202. billybleedsgreen on

    i never considered making Hank captain until now. I think it’s a good idea. I’m also of the opinion that the Rangers would need an actual defensive system that works in front of him first, amoungst other things. The current frequency of his frustration (visible sometimes…) does not begot a captain.

  203. billybleedsgreen on

    lol devils colors! sorry for treating this like a chat room, usually my comments are actually for Rick Carp.

  204. Mama, the thing about Drury is that he was always good as a secondary player. He had Sakic, he had Iginla, he had Briere and in his first year here he had Jags. Once the C and a fair amount of the pressure that came along with the hype of being “Drury, winner of every sports championship on earth”, he was exposed.

    I still like the guy, just not as a Ranger. I think he’s at the tail end of his prime where his capabilities are diminishing, and I think for the first time in his career he hasn’t had the pure offense type guys surrounding him to make his numbers and nightly play look better then they actually are when it’s just he and the “c” on his chest.

  205. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    i’ve thought about that also billy. he does look like he’s going to decapitate people during the season, and who the hell can blame him. Funny thing is, they had that defensive system!!! hehehehe They need to cut some lard off this team and get guys who play hard and with pride all the time

  206. PS- for an Italian guy, I made a pretty awesome corned beef today. (and no I didn’t make it parmigana)

  207. billy, I agree with most of your post except: “current frequency of his frustration (visible sometimes…) does not begot a captain.”

    disagree. this ain’t kindergarten. I think his anger sometimes actually helps (see meeting with him and Aves with team post Isles shellacing)

    Sometimes captain need to tell it like it is.

  208. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    corned beef parmigiana! James you’re too funny! love that you didnt spell it parmesan too!!!

  209. billybleedsgreen on

    Not considering the current captain at all, let me ask you this(these questions? hehe) How often did you ever see Messier act out his frustration after a whistle? And, wouldn’t you say that Messier channeled whatever energy he had into making the play? He wrote the book on leading. It’s too bad recent “captains” haven’t read it.

  210. Not a fan of Drury since he arrived, but have no problem with him calling out anonymous players. Unfortunately, the coach would not allow that comment to stand, and apparently put the kibosh on speaking to the press. Typical.
    Tortorella’s paranoia about the media is getting more and more tiresome. If he can’t handle the press, and won’t allow his players to address the media or the public, that shows immaturity not suitable for an NHL coach. Not that Sather is Mr. Media either. Incompetence rules.

  211. James, I’m with ya, especially on the corned beef! Oy, I have such a craving….Good for you. Corned beef is not an easy thing to make. You think it is, but it can easily become a disaster.

    Linda, Alabama is such a special place :)….ok all, i’m out for now. see ya later!

  212. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    wow, people griping about the softness of the d men here, kinda sounds like what that wicky guy has been saying for several years now!!

  213. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    Whether we make the playoffs or not, this team needs about 5 new players (3 on the blueline and 2 forwards) any way you slice it. And that is only 5 if slatipuss is smart enough to resign prust, shelley, and auld.

  214. wicky, this laurel is so for you!

    Really, dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about? Why don’t you go have a crease clearing day….:)

  215. Wicky, are concussed again, bro? When did you ever mention anything about a banger on the blueline?

  216. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    yep, mrs wicky hit me with a rolling pin after drinking some imperia!!

  217. Yeah, wicky blame Russian vodka. On St. Patrick’s day. Uh huh..I’m sure you thouroughly earned it.

  218. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    well, you know she is really mean, especially when she drinks!!

  219. I really don’t understand all of the extreme Drury hating. The guy finally speaks out and you guys tear it apart? Not only is he being honest and accountable but he’s putting up points, and more so than anyone else right now. In the month of March:

    Callahan – 1A 3G – 4 pts
    Dubinsky – 1A 3G – 4 pts
    Jokinen – 4A – 4 pts
    Gaborik – 3A 1G – 4 pts
    Prospal – 3A 2G – 5 pts
    Drury – 5A 1G – 6 pts

    For a very solid two-way player who can kill the power play, win faceoffs and bury himself in front of the net while also playing significant minutes and demanding the respect of his team, that’s wayy more than just acceptable. Lay off the guy and get behind your team. Bunch of winers looking for someone to blame…

  220. Devils just lit up Crosby and the Pens like a Christmas Tree!! In honor of the Christmas color jerseys. It’s a sweep!

  221. lol Linda I didn’t catch that response earlier. Glad you got a laugh. Know what’s even worse though? Sitting at an “Italian” restaurant somewhere down south and reading “veal parmasean” on the menu. Once I heard someone orders “chicken parashohnny” I though Jimmy Schoenfeld was in the back whipping up some specialty chicken dish. I got excited.

  222. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    LMAO parashohnny! thankfully someone from Queens moved down here and opened an Italian restaurant! Dominos, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns just don’t cut it! Cant wait to get to NY though for some Friendlys butter crunch ice cream, one dunkin donut, and Cafe Amici!

  223. Below is what Drury said exactly from Yahoo…We’ve been waiting for him to open his mouth and say something other than the company line all year, so good for him to finally speak up. Too little too late? Maybe. But it’s nice to see some emotion at least…

    “Again, it’s consistency. It’s so obvious how we have to play and see how successful we can be with it, and it just again, it bites us in the ass. We’re just not consistent with it. What we did well against Philly was the opposite end of the spectrum tonight.

    Why that consistency is not there, a seething Drury said: “It’s immaturity. That’s what it’s been all year.”

    Joe McDonald of NY Sports Day had Drury elaborate:

    I asked what can be done about it, Drury snapped, “Grow up real fast, in the last 12 or 13 games or whatever the hell we have left, or we will be watching playoff hockey.” Then as the television cameras came over, the Ranger captain ended the interview.

    Although he spoke for only about a minute, his words were as sharp as anytime during his three year tenure on Broadway. This team is very immature and is only in the playoff hunt because they have one of the top five goaltenders in the league.

  224. MoMoney – Drury’s 6 points in March rank him tied for 81st in the league. His 2009-2010 salary ranks 5th.

    Now, I know we can’t blame him for taking the money. But our captain needs to be better than 81st in the league in scoring down the stretch.

  225. Linda – So I was in a pretty strange group for a project about a musical festival in Ireland, so a couple of them wanted to use that leprechaun video as part of our “podcast” video for our project, which also included us chasing a friend of theirs who was dressed as a leprechaun. How ridiculous! Great video, too.

  226. That’s interesting that Drury is in the verge of calling out some players. That’s not normal for a captain. But, maybe this is the best way to get the message across. I think torts has been trying to say it all year long. Brooks isn’t helping. He backs up the players and puts too much blame in torts which gives the players a Carte Blanche (in English, Blank Check) to not take any responsibility. I just don’t like how he covers hockey in general. Probably never played a game in his life that he wasn’t forced to, like in gym class. Probably stunk, and ended up getting beat up at the bus stop for blowing the game for his classmates.

  227. Olga Folkyerself on

    Drury has 28 points total this year. 6 of them in March. That leaves 22 for October, November, December, January and February. That’s an average of around 4 points a month. If you want to put a pretty bow on it, you could say his point production is up by 50% this month.

    He speaks out now? The time for talk is over. It is time to do. And 4 points a month (or 6) is not gonna do it. Not for a team Captain getting $8 million a year.

    Now do you understand the Drury hating?

  228. miscellaneous on

    True Fans Bleed RW&B
    March 16th, 2010 at 6:53 pm
    Kevin Fox Fart
    March 16th, 2010 at 6:39 pm
    True Fans- Shut Up before I Kick You In The Uterus. I’d like to see your face as I ram you into the boards, you’d piss your Spongebob undies.

    I love winning debates, this is what happens. Reminds me of all the lip flapping of beer me, LI joe, rmant, and noonan from 3 and 4 years ago… oh sweet vindication, three years later and they’re still wrong. KFF is probably rmant.



  229. Linda aka Callahanagan on

    Well put Olga. FIRE SATHER!!!!

    We’ve been subjected to his robotic like, spewing the company line bit for what, 2 years now, and on the verge of the team possibly not making the playoffs, he decides to be vocal now? Where was this back in November and December? Not ruining his holidays. Sure it’s a good sign that he spoke up and out, but if that’s all it is, it will just ring as hollow as them showing his propaganda piece on MSG for the 90th time this season.

    He called out his teammates, and now he needs to now lead by his actions on the ice. You can’t call out your teammates, and then you yourself continue medicore play. Tomorrow’s game will be very interesting,to see how the team responds to this.

    Hope all you kids have a fun, safe St. Patricks celebration!

  230. ThisYearsModel on

    Maybe Drury was talking about Tortorella when he mentioned maturity. If the coach is a paranoind baby, why would anybody expect the players, especiually the kids, to be any different. Torts’ act has worn thin on me already…….and I am surprised because I was happy when he was hired.

  231. Drury may be saying that it’s the players. I doubt he’s referencing Torts. Maybe he’ll name names??

  232. Olga Folkyerself on

    “This team is very immature and is only in the playoff hunt because they have one of the top five goaltenders in the league.”

    We can fix that. Let’s trade Lundqvist.

  233. Good one, Linda!

    For the record, Drury is underperforming by tons. Remember Blair Betts? I admit that I wanted to keep him, but clearly his defensive job can be done by a ton of players, including Drury. Drury just happens to get the ice time required to score more points than Betts, Boyle, Ortmeyer etc.

  234. imma-Drurity on

    wake up folks. Drury did not call out anonymous players. he clearly meant the kids. he was scapegoating them. the kids were on the ice for the losing goal, and AA had a bad game. there is no doubt that Drury was referring to the ranger kids when he said immaturity.

    scapegoating kids on the team is NOT, repeat NOT, the way for a veteran captain to behave. I know that because Torts got upset at Drury for what he said. why did Torts get upset? because he does not want that kind of scapegoating

    Drury is a selfish pig who was at fault on the first goal as he lost the faceoff to Gomez. thus, I say look in the mirror before you open your mumbling mouth Drury

  235. It may be pointless to add this at the bottom of a LONG list of complaints, but I’d just like to make the observations here:

    The one D man that no one talks about is Cory Potter. I have seen him play several games up here and nothing that he does seems out of order for an NHL defenseman. He right now shows me more than most of the Ranger D men ( exception of MDZ) who I feel has done as much as a raw teen aged rookie can be expected to do, and for the most part has out played his elder team mates.

    Suppose that Sather made the following trade….
    Redden for Potter. I could live with that. Sanguinetti for
    Roszival. (That too.)

    I don’t find so much lack of skill from Staal than I do find lack of enthusiasm, and firmness. ( Softness?…that’s in the eye of the beholder. He is skillful and he does play fairly solid D when he’s on with the right partner. His shot? Non existent. NONE if the /ranger D men can generate a shot because they are all far too deliberate in prepping and resort to soft wristers.

    Tort is lacking in deep down ability to motivate with anything other than fear. And that only lasts as long as he’s raging at some one. Those huge locked in contracts really limit his ability to intimidate when intimidation is called for..and on this team it is frequently called for.

  236. I just finally read what Drury said. No wonder there are so many different interpretations from different people. Do you know why? Because what he said would be best described by my late Grandma as “Gurnisht mit Gurnisht”. Did he mean that our young players need to mature? Well, that’s a revelation! Really, Chris? It will take some time, remember? Like, perhaps more than 12 games? Or did he mean our young players are not mature enough so that’s the reason we may not make the playoffs. Great excuse, captain! Or, perhaps he meant that our veterans need to mature? Like, play with more heart and desperation? So, if that the case, who do you have in mind, captain? And what exactly will be your contribution at the moment? Or did you mean the coaching staff? And on, and on, and on..
    What exactly did he mean? To me: Gurnisht mit Gurnisht. Nothing with nothing.

  237. Good Morning everyone.

    I will say this, the corned beef I had yesterday for dinner actually wasn’t bad. Even the cook (my sis-in-law) mentioned she was dreading how it would turn out, but it was pretty good.

    Anyways, onto hockey… JD’s back on town! Can we kidnap him and make him the Rangers GM/President while conveniently disposing of Darth in a dark alley somewhere?

  238. We will win tonight…then probably win a shootout vs Boston…then when everyone gets excited, blow it vs the Islanders and every other crappy team we’re going to face. It’s going to be a roller coaster of a month, that’s for sure.

  239. spidrpig!!! my simpsons loving friend is back! where ya been bro? drury is awesome. he will come through tonight. i gaurantee drury will score. and if he doesnt, i will not post for 10 minutes!!

  240. So Lundqvist got annoyed and pushy-shovey with Avery after Avery scored on him in practice?

    He’s probably thinking “That *(@#$# happens to me enough during games”.

  241. Be a part of Rangers history

    New York Rangers vs New York Islanders 3-D VIEWING PARTY?

    On March 24 at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

    Is anyone going? Sounds like a fun event. Rangers hockey in 3-D! Though, I can barely take it in 2-D! Imagine getting scored on by Fishes in your face 3-D image? lol


  242. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Who give a Sh#t about wathcing this crap in 3D?

    IF you fire Glen Sather, I would be happy to watch ever future gam ein black in white.


    Got this St. Pat’s day card yesterday. On the outside it says, “It’s okay to pretend you’re Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.” On the inside it says “We pretend we’re good at Christmas, don’t we?”

    HA HA

  244. LMAO CCCP! We’ll have to let your woman know about the snacks then hehehe. Feeling any better yet?

  245. I wonder if the Rangers don’t make the playoffs, both Torts and Sather are gone. Torts for sure, but possibly Sather also.

  246. That’s what our captain was talking about. This blog is very immature. We need to grow up, we have about 12 games to do that.. We need to start getting our stuff together and start talking about the lines combinations for tonight for COL!

  247. i think we’ll be talking about lines combinations for next season after tonight’s game. Sather and Torts will still be here… but we’ll have 10 more new players on this team… it’s like “marry go around” every year new line up come and goes.


    Yes, I feel so much…lighter, and everything is pink around me! :P

  248. Speaking of serious. Laurel was able to find a picture of our old friend troll who was disrespectfully discharged from this blog. Not only we now know his face, he is also up for adoption. Go to sister blog and check him out.

  249. There is no way Torts is getting fired. First of all, Torts got the team into the playoffs last year. Say what you will, but he got them playing way better than they were.

    I’m not sure the length of Torts contract but the Rangers signed him to a few year deal. They’re going to give him at least one more season to try and get this “system” of his to stick.

    It’s been beaten to death, and while he hasn’t done a great job as coach, he’s been handed a poorly constructed team lacking cohesion. His job is to bring them together, but it’s like sticking a cube in a slot meant for a sphere…it ain’t happening.

    Carp you going to the game tonight?

  250. Oili was a great short term pick up. Thats it!! He will not be back next year. If he scored 20 goals in the last 12 games he will still be back next year. They need a big time scorer and a number 1 defenseman. Jokinen is either. Plus 5 million even 4 million See Yeah!!

  251. Pitt/Bruins tonight! Versus!


    Here’s hoping to see some fireworks, a couple gigantic Matt Cooke hits. An injury or two, maybe Chara or Lucic!!

  252. Not surprised at all. Not at all. We all knew that sooner or later Mr. Brooks would get back at Tortorella for that famous peeing contest between two of them a few years back. Somehow we knew that Larry would wait for his moment and just burried Torts! Did he ever. He has a point, Larry does, no question, but this one is just basically an attempt to put a nail in Tort’s coffin. Bad timing, Larry, bad timing. This team needs all the support it can get now..

  253. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    LArry is a fairwetaher tough guy

    Calls out players coaches and owners one day, then backs off and changes his tune the next

    IF so so respected in NY Hokcey tlak, the why isnt he beating hte drum for Sather to retire or step down?

    BEcasue: HE HAS NO BALLS!

    ANother beat writer who coudl really care less about or team.

    And I love Carp’s writing, Gross, and Zipay, but Brooks is a hack and always has been. So no offense to the REAL NY Hockey beat reporters

  254. Hey just a dumb questio or more like an observation. Why does Torts continue to screw with line combos that seem to work.

    Prospal / Christiansen / Gabby
    Dubi/ Ollie / Callahan

    I mean Ollie looks horrible playing on the first line and Anisimov just looks way out of place on the second line.

    If I can see this and I am sure most of you can as well, what the heck are the Ranger coaches looking at????

  255. Carp, Do you have power yet?

    New post please. Maybe you should head down to MSG at least they haven’t turned out the lights yet.

  256. Idiots talking about MDZ and Staal being out of place…WTF were you doing at 19yrs old? Probably popping zits on your face and figuring out how you were going to lose your virginity.

    Bulldog you are a loser. We need to build this team from within and with the rookies and young kids we have.

    Marc Staal handles Ovechkin and Crosby. You ever see him in the corner lose the puck? I never have. You want him to be Nicklas Lidstrom? He’s 23 you assclown.

    All the jokers on this blog who call for the heads of MDZ and Staal…go play on the f-ing turnpike. There are 3 d-men who need to go and they are Rosy, Redden, and Girardi. The others are good and getting better and have basically 4 yrs of NHL experience between them.

    Go learn something about hockey and building a team before you say stupid $hit.

  257. Down, Newman, down. I happen to agree with you, but take a deep breath and back away from the computer. :)

    I second CT’s motion.

  258. MickeyM…hearsya. I am bummed the golf clubs are coming out in 2 weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love golf. But I could wait til May, ya know.

    Then when I see people here attacking the good D-men (and youth) on the team, it pushes me to the edge.

  259. kern

    who do you nominate to take MDZ’s place, ( who will out perform him0? Really waiting to hear about this stalwart, and I wonder why he isn’t out there already.

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