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From the Rangers:
March 16, 2010 – New York Rangers 1, Montreal Canadiens 3 (Game #70, Home #37)
·         The Rangers were defeated by the Montreal Canadiens, 3-1, tonight at Madison Square Garden, and are now 2-1-2 in their last five home games.
·         The Blueshirts have posted a record of 31-30-9 (71 pts.) on the season, including a 15-16-6 (36 pts.) mark at home.  New York is now 5-3-2 (12 pts.) in the last 10 games.
·         New York is now 10-4-2 (22 pts.) against the Northeast Division this season, having surrendered just six power play goals in 58 shorthanded situations for an 89.7% success rate.  The Rangers have posted a record of 37-19-10 (84 pts.) against Original Six opponents since the 2005-06 season.
·         Sean Avery tallied one goal and led the team with four hits.  He has now notched three goals in the last two games, and five points (four goals and one assist) in the last five games at MSG.
·         Rangers Captain Chris Drury recorded one assist to extend his assist streak to three games, registering five assists over the span.  Drury has now tallied six points (three goals and three assists) in the last seven home games.
·         Henrik Lundqvist stopped 32 of 34 shots and is now 28-24-8 on the season, including a 14-15-6 mark at MSG.  Lundqvist has held opponents to two or fewer goals in nine of his last 11 games, posting a record of 6-3-2 with a 2.36 goals against average and a .940 save percentage over the span.
·         Rookie defenseman Matt Gilroy tallied one assist and logged 15:06 of icetime.  He has now recorded four assists in the last eight games at MSG.
·         Marc Staal led all skaters with 24:42 of icetime, and tied for the game-high with two blocked shots.
·         The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Mar. 17, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
·         The Rangers conclude their three-game homestand on Thursday, Mar. 18, when they will face-off against the St. Louis Blues at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in their final meeting with a Western Conference opponent on the 2009-10 regular season schedule; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
John Tortorella on tonight’s game… “I don’t think it is trying to do too much.  It is the consistency.  Again, it is consistency.  It is so obvious how we have to play and see how successful we can be with it.  We are just not consistent with it.  What we did well against Philly…we were on the opposite end of the spectrum tonight.  We will practice and we will move on.  We need to come back and beat St. Louis.”
Henrik Lundqvist on the team…  “We just have to approach every game like it is the last.  Just put a lot of energy into every game, focus and get ready for war.  We definitely don’t want this to be the end of the year.  We have 13 games left in the regular season and if we want to keep playing we have to raise our level and play our best hockey down the stretch.”

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  1. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “We just have to approach every game like it is the last.”

    Soon, they will be right…

  2. LEV

    Dan Boyle was undrafted, and he’s one of the top d-men in the NHL.

    He wasn’t hot sh*t in his first few years with the Panthers either, before anyone gets into the whole “how can you compare them” BS.

    Undrafted means d*ck.

    Also, Rafalski was undrafted, and he was 26 when he played his first game, which is similar to Gilly, since he is a bit older than most rookies.

    He’s a rookie, he’ll get better. I still think he should be played on forward, like the Hawks did with Byfuglien.

  3. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Rangers don’t need structure, they need Scripture.

    Cause they don’t have a prayer the way they’re playing…

  4. Motto, in case you happen to stop by again, we don’t use that pottymoutn talk on this blog. Now you’ve proven you know all the bad words. So cut it out, or I will ban you.

    And, Orr, you know better. Cut it out, too.

  5. The White Plains Batman on

    There’s still plenty of time left to get a winning streak going. They weren’t going to win every game before the season ended, the important thing is to come back strong and win the next two especially on Sun.

    Boston lost Bergeron tonight and who knows how long that’ll be for.

    It’s been an up and down year for our heroes but we’ve been through much more hopeless times (98-04 and the Espo Years to name a few) so just grab an adult beverage, sleep it off, and come back on Thursday.

    New prospect ranking came out today; Segiun now ranked #1 and Nino ranked #9 with the Rangers in line for the 10th pick……

  6. Can we please tank the last 13 games and get a top 5 pick. I’d rather that than squeak in the playoffs and get smoked by Ovechkin and the Caps.

  7. Sather's WrapUp on

    Not to worry. I’ve been here before….

    Hello Ranger fans, from the World’s Don’t Blame-Us Arena! I see Torts had to sit Voros again. I don’t know why. I wish I had five players like him. Trouble is, I have ten…

    Just to let you all know, I tried to trade Redden before the trade deadline. I called all 29 GMs. I got 12 “Not a Chance”s, 10 Hangups, and 7 suggestions where I could stick Redden. I’m not sure, but I think Upper Adz is somewhere in the Northwest Territories…

    What do you know, Versus has a guy named Micheletti doing commentary too! I didn’t know he had a brother named Joe. I think I met him once at a NAMBLA meeting. If I remember right, CR9 introduced us…

    (singing) “Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hopping Down the Bunny Trail” Oh-oh, that’s Dolans new ringtone. I better get this… Hey there, Big Guy! We did it! Sold out again! Now you can get all those live Easter Bunnies gold plated for your kids. I see the Knicks won two in a row. I think the parade route should go past the Garden on the way to the Canyon of Heroes… (click)

    Hey Mike! Mike Keenan! Did you buy a place in NY yet? You know I want you to stay around here, just in case this 9th place thing blows up in my face. I’m gonna need some replacement personnel at the end of the season. Say, do you know who’s been sneaking in my office at night, and drooling all over my desk? Where you rushing off to?

    Mess! Did you scout the Canadiens like I told you? You think we should get Gomez? Are you nuts! No idiot in his right mind would ever take on that contract! Really? Which two? Maybe I should be making deals with them…

    I see St. Louis is coming in next. I hope they have trouble with Customs. Ha-Ha!
    Uncle Glennie

  8. sharks get blown out by dallas, 8-2. 3rd straight loss. the usual late season el foldo begins again by the sharkies.

  9. gilroy needs to be firmer on the pcuk same with DZ. figure by now they could be smarter in there own zone..

    only idiots give up on DZ, gilroy, etc. anismov is 21 not 28….

    they played like crap and lost. montreal plays like crap against the ducks and not only steal a point but steal 2. we have to look at gomez’s smug face.

    this team just does not get it, and torts does not either.. shelly brings nothing and he plays him against the munchkins for what reason? continuity….or some other BS. bottom line is the devils move guys in and out like we change underwear seems to work out fine for them……………..

    anyone who thinks signing prospal is a good idea for next year is a dope. the guy is 35 and is a nice 3rd line forward on a good team, whiptydoo…………

  10. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Dear rest of NHL,

    We, the New York Rangers, would like to extend an invitation to come visit. In order to facilitate your trip, we pledge to miss the net repeatedly, to always pass up the shot for a ridiculous feather pass through multiple defenders, and to stand completely still on the power play so that it is incredibly easy to defend. Furthermore we pledge to turn the puck over in our own zone, to never clear the front of the net, and to go through long periods without clearing our own zone. Also, whenever possible, we will kick the puck into our own net. Hopefully this will make your stay in our fair city enjoyable.

    Thank you for your time,
    The New York Rangers.

    P.S. When the game is already decided, we might mix it up a bit to pretend to the fans that we care, so that they may continue to pay the exorbatant prices for our shoddy product.

  11. The White Plains Batman on

    Rangers should make a deal with Chicago in the offseason; they’re in big cap trouble. Get one of Sharp/Versteeg/etc. one of those secondary guys, sign one UFA, and call it a day.

  12. ThisYearsModel on

    So is Torts going to bench the rest of the team after the abysmal effort, or does he have Avery-specific rules too?

  13. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    hey batman,

    The Rangers would need cap space in order to relieve chicago of some of theirs. Unless you are advocating letting Staal and Girardi get poached.

  14. Rangers don’t need STRUCTURE…rangers dont need CONSISTENCY… what Rangers need is “THE SITUATION”!

    Has anyone seen Gaborik?

  15. The White Plains Batman on

    Rangers got like 13 million to work with next year. I’d be down for a Girardi and a mid level pick in 11 trade for Sharp and trade something else to get a pick back.

    Remember in 05 when they got Steve Ruccin for a bag of pucks? Chicago is going to have to make trades like that because the league knows who much cap trouble they’re in.

  16. the rangers will have some cap room this offseason. jokinnen get $5 + and he is off the books.

    they also can send dredden down and do some other moves. there cap situation is better then last summer…..roszival will have 1 yr left and can be moved….

    jokinen is a good palyer at $1.5 mill max……….

  17. Gabby was spotted outside the Garden with a massive wad of cash that he was starring at in a very unhealthy way, as a homeless man begged him for a penny, and Dubi was spotted in the MSG restroom combing his comb over, and admiring his comb handling skills after briefly doubting his capabilities as a comber after screwing up a breakaway that could have changed the momentum of the game.

    Another day in the life of Rangers land.

  18. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Yes the Rangers will have a little cap room, but they need to resign Girardi and Staal, plus re-sign or find replacements for Jokinen and Prospal. That isn’t going to leave the Rangers with a lot of room. They also have to be very careful as they have virtually no money coming off of the books in 2011, with Callahan, Dubinsky, gilroy, Anisimov, Boyle and Sanguinetti all RFA’s.

  19. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Correction Orr: Dubi attempted the comb over, but the comb flew out of his hand and into the corner.

  20. The White Plains Batman on

    Girardi is an RFA this year, so they just gotta tender him.

    Money off the cap in 11 will be at least 2.4 million from Brashear and Voros.

    2012 will be the REAL salary cap relief when Drury, Rozi, and Avery all have contracts up.

  21. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    tendering Girardi is just step 1. Then there is negotiations followed by arbitration. Unless of course he signs an offer sheet.

    The 2.4 mil off of the books in 2011 will not cover the raises that the RFA’s will get.

  22. Olga Folkyerself on

    Gaborik has 36 goals and 73 points so far for 7.5 mil.
    Dubinsky has 16 goals and 35 points so far for 1.7 mil.

    Drury has 11 goals and 27 points so far for 8.05 mil.

    And you roast Gabby and Dubi and give Drury a free pass.

    You’re an idiot.

  23. The White Plains Batman on

    Dr. O; it’s a start. I don’t think anyone is going to sign Girardi to an offer sheet. In fact, I think the D will be made over yet again and he might get traded.

    That $2.4 million is a starting point. I really don’t think the combo of Shelley/Prust/Lisin/Prospal/Jokinen will play a role next summer.

  24. Actually, I just got back from visiting Marc Savard in the hospital.

    He could not remember his own name. What a shame!

    He said he thought he cleaned clocks for a living, and I had to inform him that he had his clock cleaned by the one, the only, Matt Cooke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Olga Folkyerself on

    CR9 March 17th, 2010 at 12:20 am

    Leave Dubi, Druuuuuury, and Gabby alone.

    They’re all POLE SMOKING HOT!

    Actually, I just got back from visiting Marc Savard in the hospital.

  26. “Actually, I just got back from visiting Marc Savard in the hospital.”

    Oh, okay. So you were the little midget dude who tried to jump on Savard and give him a handy?

    You know, you’re not supposed to do those things as a candystriper.

  27. Every UFA next year should not be re-signed…Torts needs to have say in who this team brings in. They need to play his style, his way. Boston w/o Savard and Bergeron are still better than us but if we beat STL and then BOS in regulation, everyone will forget about this game.

    Unfortunately, none of it matters b/c they have no chance to go anywhere

  28. yea torts is a talent evaluator extraordinare. he wanted brashear and I am sure was consulted in most of the moves.

    brashear was a negotiatie against yourself session the rangers dominate. kinda like the dredden negotiations.. they were worried someone else would sign him!!!!!!!Imagine that and these guys still have high paying jobs…………

  29. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    AA was the worst player on the ice, period!!! Don’t even get me started on the 2nd mtl goal and how we need a couple of crease clearing d men. The avery line and the prust line were the 2 best ranger lines by far!

    Anyone have a video link of what started the rudy pooh at the end of the game??

  30. There is a lot written about how inconsistent the Rangers are but there is very little mentioned about how young this team is and how promising the future will be. The yuongsters and the emerging talent in Hartford will be the cornerstone of this team and building a winner. Take it from my 35 years of living and dying with the Blueshirts, making the playoffs is great but not the big picture.

  31. you mean young players like AA who was atrocious tonight? or young players like Gilroy and Del Z, who were on the ice together for AA’s own goal, nice move Torts

  32. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    Young talent blah blah blah, the young talent that this team needs does not exist….a tough guy with size to stand in front of the net with soft hands (like a holmstrom…none….a legit #1 center like a brad richards or joe thornton….none…..a couple of rough and edgy d men with size like witt or orpik….zippo….a big time open ice hitter that scares people like volchenkov….nada. We are a black hole of young talent that we need, we just have an over abundance of smallish 3rd line type forwards and puck moving d men, that is it!!

    This team could have a ton of young talent, but unless it changes half of its current d corps by next season and replaces them with the likes witt, volchenkov, exelby, jack johnson, tollefsen, kronwall, regher, etc…, we will never go deep into the playoffs!!

  33. I dunno

    I tried once again to follow tis game early on via ATDHE
    O or is ti the other way around..I can’t keep those letters aligned right, so who am I to complain…but complain I will nevertheless.

    Now that Versus seems to be metastasizing throughout this TV league, I tried ( once again) to see it via ATDHE, and once again was introduced to the world of Alice and her
    hockey broadcast version of the looking glass.

    Instead of a free flowing airing, what I kept getting was a series of stop action shots, one following quickly upon each other, and so jerky that you cannot watch it for long without going mad. Furthermore it was in French ( a la Quebec), and the camera angles were absolutely atrocious.
    After watching for an interminable early 1st period ( which by the way was played almost entirely in the Ranger’s end of the ice) I gave it up. No more. And as it turns out from the write up, I didn’t miss much. I’m gonna see what Bettman does about Versus next season, before I decide whether to sign up another season for NHL Center Ice.

  34. JBytes

    If the baby keeping Girardi up all night was the reason for his lousy play, what was his excuse for the prior past couple years?

  35. bull dog line on

    what is the difference between losing 3-1 with an elite goalie playing great, and losing 6-1 with a average goalie?
    there is no difference!
    you need players who can score goals to win. it doesn’t matter how good the goalie is, if you can’t score.

  36. They quit, simple as that. They gave up the puck, they lost most all the battles. This team has no guts most of the time. They just don’t want it bad enough. All teams have goals bounce in off their own guys, but I think this team has way more than their share go in on them. Against a team like the Habs why not play Enver? He is got to be more effective than Shelly. You would be hard pressed to be less effective that just about all of them last night.

  37. Wicky well said. We don’t have the type of young talent it takes to be successful. Anisimov and Dubinsky Callahan- all guys that won’t make it past 20-25 goals and second line mins/pk specialist mins. Great guys to have when you have a top line and a few more guys like them to fill out the roster, but they can’t be the go to guys on a team that’s going to make it to the next level.


    We were dominated last night for three periods…It should have been more like 6-1….IT is embarrassing how easy other teams enter our defensive zone. IT is embarrassing that it takes a minute + to have possession of the puck during the PP…IT is embarrassing how we backcheck…It is embarrassing how the top line played last night-forget the usual suspects-roszival and redden were OK…..I am not exactly sure what happened at the end of the game after the empty net goal but it is EMBARRASSING if Dubi (who is my favorite player) Dropped the gloves for no reason-what exactly happened on the face off after the empty net goal? If roles were reversed we would be bashing montreal canadien hockey..

    Anyway TORTS you are the coach 12 games to go. FIGURE IT OUT PAL…. Put boyle on the PP, give staal some PP time, sit drury down SIT HIM DOWN he never wants the puck, he makes/creates NOTHING..

  39. Good, painful morning, everyone!

    Hockeymon, I don’t know if they quit last night. They just CAN’T. They simply don’t have the means to win games like that. Yes, some efforts could be better. But you have to have players to do specific jobs. It doesn’t matter how much STRUCTURE you introduce, the third liners won’t do much with it. They still don’t have d-men to handle simple cycling in their zone..I can go on and on.

  40. question,
    what is the difference between losing 3-1 with an elite goalie playing great, and losing 6-1 with a average goalie?
    there is no difference!
    you need players who can score goals to win. it doesn’t matter how good the goalie is, if you can’t score.


    You don’t know much about this game do you? Why don’t you go ask Flyers fans about how well theyve made out by having guys like Lindros, Leclair, Amonte, Roenick, Recchi, Forsberg, Knuble, Gagne, Briere, Richards, Carter…….and not a single goalie who was even worthy enough to wash Lundqvist’s jock over the last 12+ years.

  41. They just CAN’T


    Exactly. They lack skill throughout the roster. It’s as simple as that. They’ll have another sub par draft pick this year and about 13 million in cap room. how do you turn this team into a skilled/elite team with just those two things to work with?

  42. bull dog line on

    the group of flyer teams you named, all had success. they were in conference finals and stanley cup finals without an elite goalie. would you trade teams with the flyers? I would. garth snow got to a conference final with them.

  43. Have you noticed how often they receive the pass and it bounces off their sticks and goes wherever? Don’t blame the ice. Montreal didn’t bring their ice to play on last night. Receiving the pass is as much a skill as passing. And very few of them can receive it and adjust to the speed of the pass, the angle etc.

  44. Bob Sacamano on

    This team just plain and simple sucks. The complete organisation needs to be scrapped from Sather down. After a few more efforts like this I wouldnt be suprised if Torts just walked off and quit. Its clear most of the players have already quit. What a joke, what an embarassment. I was looking at the schedule and two things jumped out at me; 1. I remember being so happy at the start of the season after the great start and the new look-feel of the team and 2. The home game losses/one goal games/ OT losses. This team plain and simple doesnt have winners. What a Shame, What a waste of my time.

  45. The Rangers need both structure and consistency, but first they need some heart. There is a massive hole where the leadership should be, starting with the GM who has had ZERO success for over 20 years, extending to a coach who’s tough guy image is verbal and nothing else and winds up with an emotionless captain who’s skills have diminished to the point where he’s a 3rd line player making first line money.

    What a complete mess. A few weeks back I was hoping the Rangers would drop to the bottom 5, thereby securing a top 5 draft spot, but now know they’ll do enough to finish 9th in the east, thereby landing the 15th overall drafting spot. The good thing? No PO revenue for Dolans – a just reward for his inexplicable adoration of Glen Sather.

  46. Ilb-

    great point…is it nerves? i dont get it….its everyone staal, girardi, roszival, drury-etc…it happens all the time -whether the dman are just playing catch in their own zone or during a critical moment during a PP or when there is sustained pressure (WHICH HAPPENS RARELY)…

  47. Why do the Rangers always make a line change when they are going in to the offensive zone? How many times does one Ranger end up alone in the the offensive zone because everyone else is changing? That’s on the coaching.
    And what happened to Jokinen? He used to be very good, and he wasn’t bad at the Olympics?

  48. Yeah ilb, I noticed a play last night where Gaborik threaded a nice pace to I think it may have been Gilroy who would have had a nice sharp route to the net on the off wing and he simply couldn’t handle it. There’s too many times where the puck looks like a hand grenade.

    Another thing they need to work on – of the list of many – is when they do get the shots to go net they don’t generate enough rebounds and bounces. How many follow up goals do you see them score vs how many shots do you see the goalie gobble up and hold for a whistle or have no problem playing it to a teammate?

    The line change problem I think is part of a larger issue. The Rangers are not a quick team in most facets of the game. They don’t make quick passes and they don’t get off the quick shots that catch the D and goalie out of position. Some of it is due to the fact that they have a lot of average speed players on their team, but a lot of it is due to them not reading and recognizing the situation. I said the other day that the Rangers roster is low on hockey IQ, understanding when to pass/shoot and positioning are prime examples of that.

  49. So the Habs are out of our reach. They look to be a lock for 7th. But somehow hockey gods keep looking after NYR. The way Bruins are helping that Emblem Health report, we can still get them out and finish 8th. Look, stop talking about tanking the rest of the way, it’s not happening. But the 8th place will still require 9-10 wins, so don’t hold your breath. The Flyers are pretty vulnerable now with their goalie situation( what a novelty), but that’s pushing it.

  50. the goalie is 1 guy that has the biggest influence on the outcome of the game. henrik gave them a chance like he usually does. if the team playing in front of you plays like the rangers did last night, youre right, it doesnt matter who you have in net. i would rather have hank then have auld and another skill forward. theres no way. the rangers have players who can score. its the effort thats the problem. the puck is hopping around all night! so what do they do? they try passing into the net. shjoot it! from most anywhere and send guys crashing the net. how many goals we mightve scored just by doing what avery did in the 2nd period. they can be better. of course, but even after a lousy first 2 periods, torts could not get them motivated to do what it takes to win. maybe he gets a little too crazy with these guys and alot of them are kids younger than most of us here. i had a coach that all he did was yell all te time. he never gave us a gameplan he just yelled and thought that would make us play better. sometimes he got personal, and thats when we would quit on him. i can easily see torts doing the same thing probably worse. benching players doesnt help the team either. it may send a message to the one guy and maybe get guys who are struggling to try harder, but my coach would never bench me for taking a penalty, or mking a mistake. i just think with the lack of talent, torts is pushing some guys too hard and theyre effing up. why are there always 3 rangers going in after the puck at the same general area? they make it so easy to skate past them and create odd man rushes. same in the d zone. they all skate to one guy alot of times and open up ice for the other team. our guys are coming back to help the d but the d is so bad on this team, that they dont trust each other it seems. everyone tries to do too much. i agree that this season is pretty much lost but it was and still is a good starting off point for our young guys. we really do need much better leadership though. drury is pathetic as a captain. too much wrong with the team i can be here all day typing but i dont wanna spoil you ilb!!. i’ll save some of my bs for later!. haha

  51. Let’s hope the Rangers don’t make it. Neither Dolans nor Sather deserve it, especially when you realize that squeaking into the 8th spot sets the Rangers up for a thrashing at the hands of the Capitals.

    Worse, it’ll allow Mr Mediocrity to claim that he’s the architect of a club that’s made the POs 4 years running. UGGH…

  52. ct- you make some very valid points and it is waking up time for me, i may be incoherent with my jumping from topic to topic. thank you for articulating some of the points i was tryin to make. i need my coffee. im hung over bigtime. had soem friends over last night to watch teh game and i was so disgusted with it. i wanted to show them a goo ny ranger hockey game and show em how we do it! i figured were fighting a rival for a playoff spot, at home and we would kick butt, but it was a huge letdown and almost embarrassing to watch in front of my friends. they dont know hockey really, but they were all like, “mike, rangers suck, are they drunk or what?’ this is when AA and everybody was giving up teh puck and skating slow as ever. they did look kinda hung over didnt they? even at the end, they were all givin me crap, then we wentout and they got me a lapdance!! today is gonna be even crazier. happy st pattys everybody!!

  53. shit…is that 5 years running? It’s all so meaningly (because they quickly get bounced and now they’re regressing), I’ve lost count. Truly, I have!

  54. ilbzo- i was really disappointed that you went to montana to meet wicky without me or greg!! i never check fb but still u shouldve told me on the blog. wanted to meet you wouldve loved my daughter. she is so comical. i bought her a little kiddie golf club set with caddy and balls and she uses the driver to take shots at me like im the goalie. she only lets me use the putter as my “goalie stick”. lol she thought it was hockey sticks when we went to walmart and she said”daddy, look!! hockey sticks!!. i said no babe thats a golf club. she said yea we gonna play hockey like on tv”!! she loves watchin it with me and wants to be a hockey player. it was my dream as a kid and my kid is like me. she loves sports already at age 4. im signin her up for soccer as soon as i can. although i was horrible at soccer when i played. hated it lol

  55. Watched the game in and amongst other things last night. Thought they were very blase last night, no one seemed really into it. Which is kinda shocking considering the circumstance. Then again, they should just change their name to the NY Inconsistencies. It would fit them quite well.

  56. dont worry jim, im sure they’ll win another cup before we die. at least we got to see a cup in our lifetime. anybody remember that fat guy tanding outside msg being interviewd by somebody and witha thick ny accent, he just poured out his emotions for this team and how long he waited for a cup, and he was almost in tears, screaming”we want the cup”!! over and over. damnit jim!! i want to see the same passion from our team that we devote to them night in and night out. i cannot wait till sather and dolan are gone, and we do win that next cup. i will be there probably as old as ever wearing my graves jersey and i’ll see all you guys there with me!! hopefully most of you. im still young enough to hope for 1 more.

  57. Avery has 5 goals in the last 8 games.
    Imagine if Jokinen was playing for our team for $5.5 mil for the whole year? With the way he’s been playing after Olympics? Yeah, LMAO at resigning him…
    Prospal has been fading as fast as his fake sun tan lately. If he wants a penny more than he is paid now- Dosvidanya!

  58. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    you and zzzz are always welcome (everyone else as well) here in the not so frozen wasteland!!!

  59. Hey I’m not sure if we can put the full blame on Anisimov for that second goal. He’s been our best back-checking center all season. On the second goal, he’s tracking back in front of the net to try to cover for Del Zotto who’s trapped himself on the ice for a long shift (check the ice time report: it’s not Tortorella’s fault Del Zotto is out there with Gilroy). For the last 25 seconds of that shift, Del Zotto does nothing but coast in no man’s land before getting in Anisimov’s way. That goal’s not Anisimov’s fault.

  60. mickey- yes they were blase, and they always change their gam to fit whoever they are playing. they beefed up and got physical for philly, which is a good thing, but not this time. they left lisin out, and also didnt play a physical game. they tried to play fancy and thought they could outclass the habs. they didnt expect them to be so good defensively. they have a hard time adapting and changing stategy in game and between periods. they seem to play each team on the other teams terms.

  61. Mike, not only I told you I was going, I also specified the time and the date of arrival to Bozeman airport, the days I was staying in Big Sky and the day and time of departure. I also offered a ride for you and GregL. I was there for 8 days. You must’ve had one of those nights with your friends, bud:) And yes, I would love to meet you, your daughter and GregL. Next time. Or NY, perhaps?

  62. darren, no it was partly his fault, but yes it cannot be blamed on him for it going in off his skate. maybe bad positioning but what was worse was his passing and skating game., basically non-existent. he was horrible and when you play like that, bad things are bound to happen to you. yes dz,gilroy and girardi are all horrible defensively. redden and rozy arent much better. but we gotta realize that for a 19 year old, he leads the d is scoring, and he hits at least. not little redden type shoves either. he hits!! imagine another 2 years for him hes gonna be a star. gilroy will be solid at best. but hes still got more upside than girardi. knees is all but finished here i would suspoect and so is redden. i do think slats is gonna waive him.

  63. wicky (Stick checkers R Us!!!!) on

    oh, btw, anyone have the link for what started the whole scrum last night at the end?

  64. i guess i screwed up then. i didnt think you were coming so soon thats all. i dont remeber the times and dates but i do remember you aying you would pick us up. my bad ive had alot of stuff goin on here lately and i probably wouldnt be able to come but for a day or 2 anyway. next time you guys anna meet up, i’ll make sure i plan ahead of time. thats one thing i miss about being married. my wife would take care of all that stuff!. k off to work. later everyone. have fun today

  65. Meh Grabachev he leads all the dmen in scoring because he dominates in power play time. And he’s still not that far ahead of the pack. He’s young, but for some reason, he’s the easiest Rangers dman to beat straight. Forwards go right at him and then right by. He either needs to learn better positioning or work on his foot speed and hips. It’s true he does hit. But he’s also about the same size as Callahan and usually lacks Callahan’s momentum going into a hit. I don’t think his checks bother opponents much.
    Speaking of the power play. If Tortorella is serious about accountability, it’s time he changed it. Both points stunk last night and have for some time. Yet he throws them out there every game.

  66. grab: I’m 53…another cup in my lifetime? Well, I’m a healthy 53 so…………….

  67. Who Needs Lohan on

    Some thoughts on last night….

    1) The NYR were beat by a better team, with better forwards, better D-men, and an adequate goalie that didnt need to do squat. They were beat to every loose puck. Im no hockey genious but when you are a team that has a hard time scoring, stop trying to score the perfect goal by taking the perfect shot and making the perfect pass. Shoot it low on goal off the goalies pads and crash the net. What a joke of a team.

    2) Rozi….worst dman in the league. Say what you want about Redden, if he made Paul Mara money we wouldnt mind him at all. Dont blame him for being overpaid. Yes he does suck but no where near as bad as Rozi does.

    3) Versus……can they be any worse? How do you show nothing at the end of the game and not show us the Avery slash and the ensuing fight afterwards? Are you serious? I may blame the NHL for this one though. Cause a network that shows hunting and Ultimate Fighting clearly has no problem showing violence. I really wanted to watch MDZ sitting on the bench instead…

    4) Pucks off our own Dmen. Doc Ogrodnick eluded to this before…. Its really quite simple. Other teams know that the way to beat Lundqvist is by way of the ugly goal. So they do exactly what we do not. Throw pucks to the net and crash. SOmeone has to run the numbers somehow but I bet we are losing like 19-5 on goals off our own feet this year.

    5) We suck!

  68. Who Needs Lohan on

    oh and 6…

    6) This guy that wears number 12….can you be any more worthless? Good riddance.

  69. Can't Spare a Square on

    As I’m reading all these posts, an email comes from NY Rangers “Playoff Invoice Reminder”…yeah, right.

  70. BTW, I concur with the sentiments about Jokeinin. I see now why he’s on his 4th team in 2 years. $5,500,000 for this? No thanks. Mind you, he’s an over 30 veteran clearly on the downside of his career – Sather likely would be able to help himself. Look for a 3 year deal worth at least $15,000,000. Geeesh…and I ain’t kidding, either. Sather will bid against himself if necessary.

  71. I really don’t understand all of the Drury hating. The guy is well liked by his teammates which is more important than any statistic. While on the topic of statistics, he’s putting up points, more so than anyone right now. So far in the month of March the stats show:

    Callahan – 1A 3G – 4 pts
    Dubinsky – 1A 3G – 4 pts
    Jokinen – 4A – 4 pts
    Gaborik – 3A 1G – 4 pts
    Prospal – 3A 2G – 5 pts
    Drury – 5A G – 6 pts

    For a solid two-way player who can kill the power play, win faceoffs and bury himself in front of the net, that’s more than just acceptable. Lay off the guy. He’s the captain of your team and he’s doing a much better job right now than anyone gives him credit for.

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