It’s go time!


I’m telling you, and have been telling you all along … your boys are not going to fall out of this pathetic race. You saw the Flyers the other day. Are they running away? Nope.

Boston is going backwards.

And Montreal comes to town tonight on its nice little streak, but hasn’t pulled away, either.

So it appears your boys aren’t going to have to win as many games, or gain as many points as maybe we all thought a week or so ago.

They will have to win some games, though, and they can really tighten up sixth-through-ninth with a win tonight.

Personally, I think it will be Boston that backs out of the race, which would have been unfathomable before the season.

But we’ll see. Enjoy.

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  1. thanks ilbzo!!! i hardly ever get to be first. it just feels good. it all puts it into perspective ya know? lifes short, go for it. lol. goo rangers!!! lets make the playoffs!! we condoit!!!

  2. Linda aka Callahanagan! on

    Rick, if that happened, i think CR would spontaneously birth a baby Jagr!

  3. i didnt get a smoke break at work today so i was kinda cranky, but this just put me over the edge. being first kinda says, here i am, im first, and im better than you. im not bragging, but i was here before you were.

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    not that unfathomable when your goalie is a two-hit wonder like Jim Carey, Brian Boucher, etc…

  5. Linda aka Callahanagan! on

    hang on to that playoff spot Nashville! hehehe

    aaaaaaaaaargh start the game already!

  6. Linda aka Callahanagan! on

    True, i will fight you to the death over that statement :-)

    just had to get into the snarliness from the previous post

  7. linda, lmao!! good one homeslice. i wouldnt be surprised if he plays lady gaga bad romance while watching jagr highlights on yotube. gotta love the CR!!

  8. Linda aka Callahanagan! on

    we need to make a highlight video of jagr and aves for cr, with the song IT’S RAINING MEN playing ;-)

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Montreal is going down!!! " … says Greg L. on

    WAY TO GO MIKE!!! Your never first!!!

    Go Rangersssssssssssssssssss!!!!

    Gametime gametime gametime gametime gametime!!

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Haha, linda… just don’t say anything about my sponge bob undies and I won’t be offended.

  11. tr- were all winners here bud. our posts all came in at 6:14. in fact, im donating my first first to you tr. you have definitely deserved it and i cheated. i slewfooted izzy and then semin slapped ilbzo ftw!!!

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gametime!!! " … says Greg L. on

    hey lay off the squarebob spounge pants..Im wearing some.

    Go Rangers!!!!!!

  13. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Can he score from behind the Rangers net? He can score from anywhere, according to idiot #1.

  14. Linda aka Callahanagan! on

    gionta has a huge heart, the other guy has good hands…

    hey CR, what do you think of Hank? Where does he rank on the dudechart?

  15. Linda aka Callahanagan! on

    the mighty morphin power rangers, what will they morph into tonight?

  16. oh yea i remeber jim carey. for washington right? and remeber blaine lacher? i think thats how u spell it. they were both supposed to be real good, and they were for a season or 2.

  17. Olga Folkyerself on

    The TEXAS Rangers were bigger winners at the trade deadline. Maybe 51 people voted for them….

  18. Linda aka Callahanagan! on

    lmao!!!!!!!!! gary the snail! who’s wearing plankton & patrick panties???

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I don’t remember blaine lacher. Carey also won a Vezina and then disappeared from the planet.

  20. When i first turned on this game, i thought we were in a war with Canada. (US Army) Rangers vs Canadians haha (bad joke)..

  21. And in keeping with the Bikini Bottom theme we have Squidward Gomez on the ice tonight for Montreal.

  22. Olga Folkyerself on

    “olga- have i told you lately that i have a cr9 crush on u?”

    Shouldn’t your name be Grabasschev in IA then? :)

  23. Olga Folkyerself March 16th, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    CR9 isn’t here. He’s still at his weekly NAMBLA meeting…

    National Assembly of Marlon Brando Look Alikes!

  24. I think Prust was interfere with first, but there was CALL. He got picked by two Canadiens before that silly call.

  25. “NAMBLA”

    If that’s is the same thing from South Park years ago, you are a sick pervert, Olga!


    Henrik ranks in the top 5 most beautiful men in the world, clearly.

    Maybe Clooney, Pitt, Jaro, Henrik and I am a bit partial towards Jeets.

  26. noremry

    is that a Jokinen??


    I do not know any of those shows, so I’ll be whoever you want me to be, just not a Bruin!

    Also, I love bad romance; lady gaga is a Yankees fan!!!

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Second girardi gieaway directly to a Canadian? I couldn’t tell through the online feed if the first pass straight to Metropolit was from MDZ or pampers-knees?

  28. With his new baby, I doubt Girardi is getting the amount of sleep necessary to play an effective game.

  29. Linda aka Callahanagan! on

    JB, he slept during the games BEFORE the baby, why’s it different now?? ;-)

  30. >>What was I supposed to have pre-ordered?

    Aren’t you the one who wanted the iPad? Or am I confusing you with some other pimp?

  31. rangers were awful on the faceoffs in period 1. Drury gets beat by Gomez no less, and that led to the goal against. and the other centers were losing their faceoffs too

  32. I don’t need to smack him up … his wife does it every night … Redden’s got a bowl full of turtlenecks … I don’t think I need say more …

  33. boston up 2-0 also. rangers have to win this game or this could be the night that spoiled the party

  34. yea i saw that olga. we lose this in reg. and they win, we might as well pack it in. this is a must win and so far they look like they are playing the canadian olympic team. pathetic. i bet doodies happy he didnt go so far anyway. unless they pull one of their patented comebacks. oh yea, we have 0 comebacks this year. always time for a first

  35. great 1st period. gaborik doing nothing.

    passing like a pee wee team.

    nice lineup playing shelly against the munchkins. he only had 1 terrible tunrover so far in his 2 minutes of action…

  36. Linda aka Callahanagan! on


    aves is on a roll lately! where the heck is Laurel during all this?

  37. The Habs are too fast, they need to adjust, they can’t win this one trying to match their pace..

  38. hey im in maryland and i cant find a feed to the game. does anyone happen to have one?

  39. what a weak crowd tonight. they are not fired up like the crowd vs philly the other night. they are just background noise, no real emotion except from the usual real diehard fans.

  40. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t think Carolina will be looking to win too many more games. They’ll want a good pick too.

  41. Torts NEEDS to call a time out and let this team know that the next player that has such a pansified pass will be stoned to death after the game.

  42. How does Dubi lose that? Is the circus in town or something and the ice is bad, or are we just that off tonight?

  43. “Dubinsky leads the team with short-handed goals – with TWO.” Gee whiz, some lead, eh?

  44. Linda aka Callahanagan! on

    is that redden just standing there in front of hank looking around in the air???

  45. You know what, forget passing tonight, just shoot, shoot from everywhere. This is just making me sick right now.

  46. “Is the circus in town?”

    Um, would that be analogous to: “Is Redden on the ice?”

  47. Linda aka Callahanagan! on

    lmao @ great hockey minds and Joe Micheletti being mentioned in the same sentence hehehe

  48. ilb- id triple shift avery-cally and duby the rest of teh way if they keep playin like this. wheres our top line? comin up big when we really need ’em ey?

  49. leighton injured. all the flyers have left is crappy Boucher. rangers can pass them too.

  50. Chloe has more brains than Redden could ever dream of.

    I hate JoeM!!!!!!!!

    The Bruins are leading. I wonder if Marc Savard has any points? LOL

  51. OMG the referees stole away a PP from another team by calling a cheap penalty in favor of us.

    Cherish this, it may not happen again.

  52. 4 on 4. I think I would rather be killing a penalty. This could get ugly here. Please prove me wrong boys.

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    The babies have to be Sather’s. He got to be getting something for all those big contracts…

  54. Pimp

    I AGREE!

    He could get any woman he wants!!! And his own teammates probably would not mind.

    It has to be that SEXY scar around his mouth!!!!

    Does that scar make anyone else horny?!


  55. one of the worst efforts this year. completely look like they all had c sections. did gabby have triplets? he looks like hes skating with a 20 lb placenta sack. and why is this site so slow in loading?

  56. Well, Rangers are really going to have to work to get these 2 points. They aren’t getting anything to the net…no dumb penalties and they should be okay….I hope…

  57. LMAO @ bloodline..

    The way Flyers goalie situation is unfolding (again), we may not need any points at all lol

  58. After getting dominated in the faceoff circle in the first period, we rebounded in the 2nd period so its now practically even.

    However, we’re being outshot 27-11.

    If we win, thank you Hank, once again.

  59. Boston got handed 2 extra goals. The referees went over to the phones to talk to Toronto, and Toronto decided to award the Bruins 2 extra goals since they did not suspend Matt Cooke (for his Brilliant overpowering clean hit) for 2 games like OV.


  60. Warm day in NY… bad ice.

    I wonder how that plays into the psyche of our players (assuming that it’s just as bad at their training facility). It looks like they are expecting the puck to do horrible things (skip, bounce) so they hesitate when receiving passes, thus slowing them down (thinking instead of reacting)

    Not a conspiracy theory, just seems that they are very cognizant of the puck’s behavior.

  61. The Broooooons could be without BergerGONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. What a joke.

    Another skate.

    Sick joke.

    Worst luck in the league, to go with worst GM, and worst treatment by referees, and limited skill.

  63. We have absolutely no flow, no chemistry … when was the last time we cycled the puck?

  64. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    When Micheletti says Gaborik can “score from anywhere” maybe he’s not referring to hockey?!

  65. Wake me up when Redden, Drury and Rosival are gone and off the payroll and sather is either dead or retired.

  66. Linda aka Callahanagan! on

    structure is overrated when you’re on the NY Rangers

    here’s hoping mucinex works!

  67. This team is so pathetic. They don’t even challenge the goalie on an odd man rush.

    These losers make me sick. I feel bad for Torts, there’s literally nothing he can do, or any good coach can do to motivate these greedy losers.

    Maybe if we switch the Rangers jerseys with Slovakia jerseys, then Gabby might actually show up, since he clearly would rather play for them than us.

  68. Grabby

    I was not attacking you. Just the idea of quitting on the team.

    No need to attack homosexuals and those with retardation :(

  69. gabby has 1 goal in like the last month it seems. hes definitely either hurtin bad or he is just having his worst game ive ever seen him play. has he had a shot? i mean a scoring chance.

  70. Vinny in indy on

    This was the game to win to salvage any hope at an 8th seed, A win against Boston on sunday means precisely dick while they still have 2 in hand, this is the only team a game behind us at the 7 seed and if we give them two points tonight its all over

  71. We will lose 3-1 with an empty net goal against. Ever notice that when we pull the goalie, we never even get set up in the o zone to even get a shot on goal?

  72. I really hope the rangers don’t make the playoffs. This way Dolan doesn’t get his money. I wish ranger fans weren’t so loyal and not buy tickets next year. Maybe than Dolan (the fat rat) will realize it’s time for a organizational change in the front office and ranger fans don’t have to watch the rangers every year fight for the last playoff spot only to lose in the first round.

  73. Gaborick has turned the puck over, as soon as it hits his stick, all night long. I know he is pretty well covered, but couldn’t he do something else with it.

  74. Linda aka Callahanagan! on


    stinking up home ice like that, after a decent game against the flyers.

  75. See what I mean? P A T H E T I C!!!!!!!!!!! That right there, could very VERY well be the season folks.

  76. Del Zotto is ridiculously bad at holding or switching to defense when manning the point

  77. They can block every one of our shots, but we could not block that puck from going out of the zone.

    And this sick perverted pig JoeM. I despise that guy.

    No hard feelings, grabby. I’ve had my mancrushes called faggy before. LOL

    THis scumbag Gomez. Hurt him. INjure him!

  78. Rangers need 2 points.

    Rangers get 0 points.

    They show up completely unprepared for what Montreal threw at them.

    That’s all I have, goodbye.

  79. Not at all surprised…

    This team NEVER plays hard unless it’s poked and prodded to. In effect, their natural inclination is to do the bare minimum on the ice.

    So forgot about beating a garbage Atlanta team and the aberration that was the Flyers game.

    This looked much more like the 2009-2010 New York Rangers. Not even close to being good enough…and not caring enough to try.

  80. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello Ranger fans, from the World’s Don’t Blame-Us Arena! I see Torts had to sit Voros again. I don’t know why. I wish I had five players like him. Trouble is, I have ten…

    Just to let you all know, I tried to trade Redden before the trade deadline. I called all 29 GMs. I got 12 “Not a Chance”s, 10 Hangups, and 7 suggestions where I could stick Redden. I’m not sure, but I think Upper Adz is somewhere in the Northwest Territories…

    What do you know, Versus has a guy named Micheletti doing commentary too! I didn’t know he had a brother named Joe. I think I met him once at a NAMBLA meeting. If I remember right, CR9 introduced us…

    (singing) “Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hopping Down the Bunny Trail” Oh-oh, that’s Dolans new ringtone. I better get this… Hey there, Big Guy! We did it! Sold out again! Now you can get all those live Easter Bunnies gold plated for your kids. I see the Knicks won two in a row. I think the parade route should go past the Garden on the way to the Canyon of Heroes… (click)

    Hey Mike! Mike Keenan! Did you buy a place in NY yet? You know I want you to stay around here, just in case this 9th place thing blows up in my face. I’m gonna need some replacement personnel at the end of the season. Say, do you know who’s been sneaking in my office at night, and drooling all over my desk? Where you rushing off to?

    Mess! Did you scout the Canadiens like I told you? You think we should get Gomez? Are you nuts! No idiot in his right mind would ever take on that contract! Really? Which two? Maybe I should be making deals with them…

    I see St. Louis is coming in next. I hope they have trouble with Customs. Ha-Ha!
    Uncle Glennie

  81. its a blessing in disguise. didnt really want a tease of a playoffs anyway. eff dolans 2 home games and get this teama freakin leader or 2. gabby is the new zherdev lately and for a pretty decent first line, they were worse than montreals 4th. goodbye season. i gotta take a breake from this team. i just cant root for players like this. and a gm and coach like this either. nothing fun about being a ranger fan. our prospects? yea right. they are true rangers now. cant stand watchin this team. die sather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Vinny in indy on

    I wonder what percentage of goals on hank since the olympic break have gone in off a ranger skate/leg/stick/worthlessness

  83. Torts will say no structure, gaborick didn’t engage, and he will be right. With this team tonight it really didn’t matter what line was out there. First , or forth, it was really hard to tell. They really stunk. The defence was worse than usual. Hank had another good game turn into a loss, because the puck goes in off his own guy. terrible just terrible. Montreal played well defencively. The Rangers were easy to play tonight, they lost battle after battle. Montreal were just leaving guys in deep knowing there was no way the Rangers were going to be able to clear, and they were right. It was a joke how easily the habs won that game, against a team fighting for a playoff spot. Last but not least they should be playing Enver.

  84. Man, Anisimov seemed really slow tonight, maybe even a half step slower than his usual half step. I hope he improves next year because he is not quick enough right now.

    Anyway, seemed like the rangers couldn’t handle the canadians speed. Or they just hustled more. Really disappointed with this loss. I say we tank so we get a better draft pick because were not going anywere now.


    gaborik did squat. jokinen zippo. del zotto is not rteady yet to take over.

    they got dominated by midgets but lucky we got jody shelly in the lineup for what reason who the hell knows….

    how many nets can they miss???Boyle stinks the guy cannot hit the net. TERRIBLE loss, but hey they have a tough line!!!!!!!!

    THe arrogance of playing shelly against a team of twerps just sums up why the rangers SUCK……..

    NO ONE did anything.. But hey this offensive juggernaut only needs 3 lines. The thumpers on the 4th line against a team like montreal is a shrewd move……………..

    BAD BAD BAD LOSS. if they peppered halak with 40 shots that is 1 thing but ugly loss…..gaborik did absolutely nothing… all the cutesy crap, shoot the puck on net, that is a concept this team of losers have not figured out. avery played fine and that is about it…….of course henrik did also…………..

    anyone for a 2nd think the rangers were scoring on there PP with about 7 minutes left? They cannot even set up in the zone…Montreal gets in the rangers zone on there PP in there sleep.

  86. Linda aka Callahanagan! on

    was it a decent video stream crysby? sometimes its pretty bad, but us beggars cant be choosers, we take what we can get!

  87. They were a disgrace to the sweater tonight. Why is it that we always make the mediocre Canadiens look so good all the time?

    Every single skater was BRUTAL tonight, even Callahan, which is rare. Dubinsky was beyond bad, and…ugh. FIRE SATHER!

  88. eric, they already looked dead tonight. I thought Montreal played pretty good defensive game. Halak didn’t have to make more than one tough save. Gaborik looked a bit disinterested tonight..

  89. only 4 home games left. road to oblivion? or road warriors? maybe, but tonight gives not much hope

  90. Leetchhalloffame on

    Watching this game tonight there was never one minute where I thought the Rangers would win this game. They were totally outplayed and outclassed. FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!

  91. anisimov was the worst player, and kicked in the losing goal. he is another highly touted disappointment

  92. letting goofy grin gomez get the upper hand on the rangers is even more annoying. it shows how crappy the rangers effort was tonight.

  93. Olga Folkyerself on

    Phoenix goes from dead last in 06-07 to 4th place in the West this year under Don Maloney. That is higher in the standings than Sather got in 10 years with the Rangers.

    Why does Sather still have a job?

  94. Gomez plays for Montreal, which means he already loses. Ill trade his grin for the fact that he probably can’t even go to the bathroom without canadian media making a story about it.

  95. Is it me or is the msg camera crew bad at following the action. I watch a lot of other games on other station’s and don’t notice it as much.

  96. How about the other assholes that DONT SCORE besides Gabby?

    wow, they scored without Gabby for two weeks worth of games out of a full season.


  97. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Tonight Montreal was hungry, the rangers weren’t, out hustled and out muscled .The rangers didn’t want to get dirty.

  98. Motto, aside from some of the carppy language I agree. 100%. Where’s Dubinsky’s production? Callahan hits, congrats so does Avery, their goal totals are pretty damn similar, that’s pretty sad. Jokinen has shown a whole lot of nothing aside from that OT game winner beauty in Pittsburgh. Del Zotto has been stinking it up, but he’s young so I’ll give him a pass and he’s probably still banged up from those stitches. Rozy, Redden well ya know… Girardi wtf has happened to him? Gilroy=overrated, theres a reason for him not being drafted. Prospal, nothing but praise. Christensen, great story, great hands, but 1st liner? common…. everyone else is a 3rd and 4th liner so theres no reason to evaluate them. disappointed in Anisimov though. he’s made a lot of progress in speaking English since he got to the States, wish he’d make some progress with his game as well….

  99. we already know he’s all about the money. he turned down a contract offer from Minny, came back from his usual injury bug, then refused to play until after the deadline so they could not get anything for him in trade.

  100. gaborik has been giving up the puck in the offensive zone for weeks.

    and gaborik playing hurt for the olympics and missing the ranger games is a joke.

    WHO pays him????

    the whole team stunk except henrik and avery. BTW MOTTO the softie henrik gave up to lose the red wing game is still a softie.. How he played tonight does not change the fact that he has given up softies especially earlier in the year. ANd gaborik is there only hign end offensive player but again that does not change the fact that he has been avg. at best recently…………….

  101. Gaborik has no help. When he was playing for the wild. They acutally knew how to pass the puck and open space for players. Rangers can’t even recieve passes without juggling.

  102. LEV

    Dan Boyle was undrafted, and he’s one of the top d-men in the NHL.

    He wasn’t hot sh*t in his first few years with the Panthers either, before anyone gets into the whole “how can you compare them” BS.

    Undrafted means d*ck.

    Also, Rafalski was undrafted, and he was 26 when he played his first game, which is similar to Gilly, since he is a bit older than most rookies.

    He’s a rookie, he’ll get better. I still think he should be played on forward, like the Hawks did with Byfuglien.

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