I’m back … temporarily


Sitting in a cafe with wireless internet! What a great invention. Been living in the dark ages (and the dark) since Saturday. I’m sure you noticed.

Anyway, I don’t have much other than I listened to the game Sunday and it sounded like Avery was pretty Avery-esque, and I don’t want to heap praise on the head coach for that. Avery is usually Avery-esque against the Devils and Flyers. I think he would have played that way, scratch or no scratch, the game before.

Also, just caught up on the nice things Ian Laperriere said about him. How sweet.


Quick reminder: Tonight’s a 7:30 start, and it’s on Versus. Oh, joy. Hopefully it’s on one of the radio stations I have a slim chance of hearing instead of one of those I have no chance of hearing. Still don’t have electricity or cable or internet or phone or water. Still trees and wires down everywhere.


Here’s another thing I need to tell you guys who care about more than just hockey. LoHud.com is having a March Madness bracket challenge. Fill our your free bracket. If you do it  perfectly, you win $10,000. Click here, or visit www.lohud.com/brackets to enter.

See youse soon.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on


    Right, but two of his misconducts aren’t in the general category. They are under Rule 42 for boarding. I think the key phrase in the rule you’re looking at is this:

    “exclusive of other designated categories”

    They are in the boarding and hitting from behind category of rules 42 and 44.

    However, rule 23.5 states that if a player has a game misconduct under rule 42 or 44 and plays 41 consecutive game without receiving a major under those rules, the first one comes off of his current record. The game against Chicago was game 42 after the Kaleta boarding.

  2. Izzy- one min before the crack of noon? I hope you can stay up late enough to watch the game:)

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, if I were you, I’d hope nobody wins that. Last thing The Journal News needs is to give away ten thousand bucks.

  4. if avery is hated by the people he plays with thats news to me.

    and welcome back carp! temporarily.,.. lol

  5. Carp, it’s alright, we would still be happy tou see you back even if you couldn’t take a shower :)Thanks for doing this again. Is it me or is it taking a bit too long for the local authorities to bring things back to normal? It’s not like we had a major hurricane.

  6. I hate you again Tony.

    ilb, I guess that’s one of the great things about internet relationships. No smell.

    Our area was hit as if it was a hurricane.

  7. New Newman

    “He gets in your mind all the time,” Laperriere said, shaking his head. “[Rangers fans] are getting fooled by his act. I know he is the worst teammate I’ve played with.”

  8. Carp, I have to disagree with you on this one. Some people do smell, and seemingly even more on internet.

  9. Weren’t Laperriere and Avery teammates like 8 years ago? I think Avery’s matured quite a bit from then. IMHO, of course.

    Laperriere’s just got sour grapes.

  10. I hate Crosby more than any other player in the NHL but Downie doesn’t fall next to Crosby. He is trying to hit him well after he dished off the puck and then puts all his weight onto his leg as he falls. He does seem to lose his balance and whether or not it was his intention to land on his leg or not, he is trying to take a cheap shot at Hot Dog Lips. Not like he doesn’t deserve it though.

  11. Rick,

    appropiate title for the day Rick C is back in biz and Tiger is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    I just filled out my bracket. I know nothing about college basketball, so I fully expect to win since everytime my friends who do office pools complain every year that it was someone who doesn’t even know anything about college basketball that wins.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Sure thing Mama. Just set up “The Journal News Blogwriter’s Fund” and you and Carp can bask in my generosity.

  14. My sister’s name is Charity. I’ll let her knnow. She’ll be very happy. Thanks Doodie.

  15. And here is the story of the Rangers…

    “Yes, we know, good goaltending is key to almost all success in the NHL; but the Rangers, who reinvent their lineup and identity on an almost annual basis, rely on Lundqvist because he is the one constant.

  16. If I were Hank I’d be so fed up with the front office and the decision making…that’s one reason why I think Messier would be better than Sather. Maybe he doesn’t have all the tools to be a good GM, but he will surround his star players with guys that have what it takes to compete night in and night out, at least I would hope so.

  17. paulieplatypus on

    VERSES AND DIRECT TV END THEIR DISPUTE. Tonight’s game will be on channel 603.

  18. Great, now the whole world can see Montreal wipe the floor with us.

    I have to imagine at least 5k Montreal fans in attendance tonight

  19. Opera mini for my blackberry Tour is awesome! Thanks to TR and for letting me know about that one.

  20. paulieplatypus on

    So NYRGUY, are you the type of guy who see’s the glass as being half full or half empty???

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    “wish they would stop scratchin voros already.”

    Voros sucks. Sure, he gives his all, but he is so limited that it is barely more than nothing. Lisin should be in the lineup long before him. At least he brings some offense and speed to the table. They could afford to scratch Shelley for Lisin in my opinion, especially against the small and fast Canadiens. But, it’s not like Lisin would see the ice much, so leaving Shelley in as a “just in case” isn’t bad to me.

  22. Actually, I’m a guy that sees things as being half full…I don’t even know why I said what I did lol

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    My stupid section is always filled with the other team’s fans. I can’t wait to be sitting with a bunch of French-Canadian jerks. Stupid Canadians. Stupid Canadiens.

  24. Doodie, You can be honest with us. Tell us how you really feel. We’re all friends here.

  25. so, is Ovy a dirty player or what? lol

    I say if you call him dirty then next time when he’s on the ice you better keep your eyes open and your head up cause Ovy is a “pain train”!

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    231. And I hope people noticed the difference between Canadians and Canadiens. I do hate them both.

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Montreal is going down!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Doodie , I disagree. Lisin is fast and …useless. He never passes . He always looks to shoot and never passes the puck. He is a perfect example of a “Rico Fata”…but Rico had more Jam. I see lisen out there and I see a selfish player. Now Voros on the other hand is bigger and has a shot just as good or in not Better than Lisen. Voros gets the shaft here and if you dont see it ..Then I dunno. Voros is a clumzy ox but has played on the line with Gaborik in Minny. Voros can shoot ,un like Lisen and Voros has more heart. You take a poll Doodie and Youll see Voros get the node over Lisen around here.

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Montreal is going down!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Easy Doodie cuz if ya hate me ..I still Love you.

  29. I hear ya bro. I’m up in 426 & the section next to me usually has a lot of opposing fans when the rivals come in. Quite a bit of Philly trash there on Sunday. Habs fans could be worse though. Some of the most arrogant sob’s you’ll ever see.

  30. billybleedsblue on

    Ovy lives by the sword, so he will die by it. It’s just a matter of time. Maybe he should stop and think about things. Maybe ask the likes of an Eric Lindros what it’s like living in a post-concussion Stanley Cup-less world? But we can’t expect him to be that smart…

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Greg, I think Voros is a clumsy putz that takes a lot of penalties and gets into fights that he loses and thus gives the other team some life. He’s a liability.

    Lisin’s speed can draw penalties. True, he doesn’t pass much, but playing on the 4th line with Boyle and Prust, it’s not like he’s avoiding Richard trophy winners.

  32. Besides trying to stop Ovy from scoring like on almost every shot, now teams also must watch for Ovy not to run them into the boards! Ovy is a full time threat!


  33. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    EVERY Montreal/Ranger game I go to Im ALWAYS in a section wiht there retarded fans

    I swear for a coutnry and city so in love with hokcey, they are some of the most annoying fans.

    I hate canadian fans MORE than I hate Siles or Debbie fans.
    But still not as much as bandwagon Shittsburgh fans!!


  34. Let’s just slow down with hating people. We’ve been all over the Bostonians for awhile. Now French-Canadians? There are few people on this blog who are Canadians, or French-Canadians. Some of them I met personally, and those people are great, down to earth and as open and honest as you will ever meet.

    Montreal Canadiens fans is a totally different story :)

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Montreal is going down!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Doodie , Wicky is french -Canadian so ya better watch it or youll have a few of us on ya!!!

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    So, I forgot my ticket at home and I asked my brother to e-mail me the ticket. He says he e-mailed it, but I haven’t received it. Ticketmaster doesn’t allow him to e-mail it a second time and the e-mailing of the ticket voids my hard copy. So it doesn’t look like I’ll be going tonight after all.

  37. Doodie, you can take a copy of the e-mail to the subscriber window with your i.d. and they’ll print it out for you. I had the same problem when one of my friends that sit in my section sent me his extra ticket without the ticket attached. That’sif you REALLY want to see this s – show.

  38. Nasty- Blackberry what?
    Speaking of software- just installed Slingbox software for iPhone app. I upgraded my Slingbox AV at home to HD-PRO before installing it. It works great, but most importantly, it now works on 3G, used to be only on WI-FI. The controls are a bit cumbersome, but the picture is great. Well, drining on iPhone just got much more complicated:)

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    ACKP, I don’t have the e-mail. Had I received the e-mail, I would just print it.

  40. iPhone…i wanna get me one! is slingbox av cool? you can really watch TV from your cell phone?

    damn…i’m so behind the world!

  41. ilb, driving, watching tv AND blogging on the iphone all at once? I’ll be sure to stay away from the roads in your nect of the woods. LOL

  42. Hey for all you Direct TV subscribers. Versus is back on line if you haven’t seen the news.

  43. Aahhh. . . Sorry misunderstood. I thought you just got the e-mail with no ticket, which happens when it’s not sent right. It might be a blessing in disguise. We’re about do to stink up the Garden ice.

  44. Is it in your spam folder?

    Was the ticket sent as a file (PDF)? Can you brother print it out and give it to you at the game?

  45. From the Rangers game notes:

    TV: Versus
    7:30 p.m. – Rangers vs. Canadiens
    Broadcasters: *Dave Strader* (Play-By-Play), Joe Micheletti (Analyst), Bob Harwood (In-Game Reporter)

    Strader?! Versus has the chance to use its return to the homes of millions of Americans to showcase its best talent but Beninati is left at home? What are they thinking?

    Harwood’s lengthy-yet-meaningless questions are not enough to fill the void.

  46. hope Rangers get 7th, then they will meet either the Debbies or Pens

    a win tonight, plus a win in the game in hand on Mtl, would potentially put the Rangers just one pt behind Mtl for 7th

  47. Hey Doodie,

    Is your brother a season ticket holder? If so, then I know for a fact if he contacts his ticket rep, the tickets can be emailed again.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    No, it’s our father that’s the season ticket holder. We are splitting the tickets like 7 ways with a few other people. I’ve spoken to them and they said to wait a while and then have my father call if I still don’t get them and they will hold the ticket at the season subscriber area.

  49. Looking at the remainder of the Ranger’s schedule, not that hard. If they can’t make the playoffs with their very beatable schedule, I hope season tickets become available!

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    OK, squared away. I called as my dad and they are going to have the ticket for me at the season subscriber window.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Smalls, unless they offer to move us to a different section next season, our tickets will definitely be available.

  52. Rangers win it 4-3 in OT… finally. Feel good… scratch that… Feel better than I have in how we are playing than I have all year. Loved seeing Avery on his game on Sunday.


  54. give me Joe B anyday over that pos Emrick, with his “knifes the puck, shovel shot, runs him into the ditch” garbage, and his nerdy yet smarmy high pitched voice and telephone book play by play monotony

  55. It pains me to have to post this as I’d like to be respected here after tonight.

    I’ll be pulling hard for the boys and keeping track on my phone but God help me, I wont be able to watch because of these damn concert tickets I bought for my fiance back in January..to go see…Carrie Underwood. *shakes head*

    I’m sorry guys. you can bash me in 3..2..1

  56. It pains me to have to post this as I’d like to be respected here after tonight.

    I’ll be pulling hard for the boys and keeping track on my phone but God help me, I wont be able to watch because of these damn concert tickets I bought for my fiance back in January..to go see…Carrie Underwood. *shakes head*

    I’m sorry guys. you can bash me in 3..2..1

  57. You guys rule. Thanks for the well-wishes. Electricity is back, which means water, too. Still no TV/cable/internet/phone. But that should come by Thursday!

    I can piggyback off a neighbor’s wireless sometimes (like now) since he’s back up and running. So hope to have a game thread for you around 7.

    Don’t drink and drive on your iPhone.

  58. Blueshirt in Paris,

    That is too funny coming from a Flyers fan. Yeah the Flyers are all boy scouts and the Rangers all belong in Slap Shot!


  59. Can’t watch the game because I’ll be playing. Time to take over that eighth spot and don’t give it up.

    Carrie Underwood? Dude! You better tell the g/f that she owes you, big time.

  60. Dunno James Carrie Underwood is absolutely gorgeous – Still Rangers game wins…

    plus I’m sure you scored some points with the fiance.

  61. Glad you’re doing well Carp, did you get any water? North Jersey is an absolute mess. I know a couple people who are in shelters b/c their houses have been destroyed. They just showed an overhead of my town on the news, sickening.

  62. James, I have to go see Daughtry at Prudential on Sunday for the g/f…luckily I won’t miss the Ranger game

  63. lol thanks for taking mercy on me guys. and Thank God for DVR.

    Carp- glad you have power back. lmao@ Carrie > Beninanti

  64. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Where’s noonan?
    I want to know how this hit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp-pLY1W-Gs by Avery on Paetsch is NOT a penalty, but the Ovechkin is? The difference, I notice, is that Campbell expects to get hit (sees Ovie coming) while Paetsch has no idea.

    Someone else mentioned it was a great point. The league is very inconsistent on these types of hits.

  65. True Fans, the discipline in this league is a joke…how will the players know what they can and can’t do when certain people get suspended for something but other don’t for the same thing. It’s a joke.

    I must say, Roger Goodell has done a great job with the NFL…we need someone like him

  66. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “The Avery – Paetsch hit. That one looked way worse than the Ovy hit to be honest.”
    That’s a clean shoulder to shoulder hit, bro. And a beautiful play I remember that like it was yesterday.

    This proves you’re one of the biggest know-nothing hypocrites. The Avery hit is NOT a shoulder on shoulder, gets Paetsch right in the numbers and Paetsch has no idea he’s about to get hit (while Campbell tries to avoid it).

    I hate dumb people, noonan. Don’t waste our time anymore.

  67. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Yea, NYRguy,
    We had a huge waste of time debate over it last night. The league is very inconsistent on calling these types of hits, but I expect them to come to an agreement soon as players are bigger and faster. The one thing i really dislike about the Ovechkin hit is that Campbell looks Ovechkin right in the face before he gets the puck and makes a play, he KNOWS Ovechkin is about to run him over and then he puts himself in a bad spot but turning his back and leaning in (to sneak around the net) but Ovie gets him as he’s off balance. This, up until this year, was almost rarely if ever called a penalty unless it was on an icing whistle or offsides.

  68. Yeah I saw all that yesterday True Fans lol…I like what Boudreau said…the hit didn’t hurt Campbell, the boards did.

    It really makes no sense how Ovie gets one and Cooke doesn’t. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me. Cooke is going to get destroyed when they play next (Thursday I believe)?

  69. You guys are unreal. James gets a pass on Carrie Underwood but I got ripped for missing a game for The Boss. I’m glad you’r all nice to your women, but yeesh!

    I think James is just hoping to spot the fiance! is he playing tonight???

  70. Great to see you back in battle Rick!! How Chateau de Carp is 100% for you soon!

    no beninati, is this Christmas in March?

  71. argh, HOPE not how!! Doodie, I hope your ticket situation works out and you get to see the game!! Hope all you guys who are going tonight have a great time, and that they win for all of us!

  72. BANJ

    Shoryuken was right. :)

    Centralnyj Sportivnyj Klub Armii (in proper Russian with English letters)

    CSKA Moscow moves on while Chelsea goes home! Well..at least one of my teams are in!

  73. CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!

    What a goal by Eto’o!

    I just cannot stand John Terry!!!

    Feel bad for Droggy, he should not have been sent off.

  74. Kevin Fox Fart on

    True Fans- Shut Up before I Kick You In The Uterus. I’d like to see your face as I ram you into the boards, you’d piss your Spongebob undies.

  75. Hey, I’m in too.. for the game, that is.
    Did I miss anything?
    Carp, great to see you almost back no normal life.

    Linda, you “sound” better.

    Interesting statement about Underwood being better than Ebanati (Russian version, CCCP gets it :)). That’s what being without the electricity does to you, Carp. Do you need a second opinion on this one?

  76. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Oh man, the psycho no-name blog bully. Real tough, big guy!
    No and nope… nice try.

  77. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I hope all your luxury items like electricity, internet, and such are up and running by now. Are you in CT or Westchester? Missed you Sunday, we came by for the hello, and lo and behold no Carp.

    Rangers heating up, as there playoffs have started. Win tonight, become a Carolina fan (like a NJ fan last night), and if thing break right all of a sudden we control our destiny for the playoffs. Imagine if we get to the number 7 spot, you think the Devils want to be the 2 ? No way.

  78. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Kevin Fox Fart
    March 16th, 2010 at 6:39 pm
    True Fans- Shut Up before I Kick You In The Uterus. I’d like to see your face as I ram you into the boards, you’d piss your Spongebob undies.

    I love winning debates, this is what happens. Reminds me of all the lip flapping of beer me, LI joe, rmant, and noonan from 3 and 4 years ago… oh sweet vindication, three years later and they’re still wrong. KFF is probably rmant.

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