Sweet 16! (for real)


Hey all, Laurel filling in for post-game thread while poor Carp is digging out his cars, driveway and house, in the dark, with no food I assume, or water. Man, I feel so bad for him! And he traveled just to post here for you all! That’s why blogfather rules. I’m here in my warm, well-lit apartment, with wasted water due to a kitchen leak. No fair. Carp, we’re all with you here.

So, on to business. I missed most of the game so can’t give full analysis, but I did catch most of Aves’ stellar Aveness. Here’s one thing I think is funny. This story on Rangers site is all about my man, yet the picture is of Rozi. Yes, he got the PP, but huh?

Sorry, no post game notes/quotes yet, but Greg challenged me to put up a new thread, so here you go!

And thanks to MAKO, for this link to the Torts presser.

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  1. del zotto can hit. he really can throw some checks….

    for the future gilroy needs to get much stronger on the puck.

    gaborik had a few silly passes in his own zone today, else not may trunover in there own zone…..

  2. i think i need to lay off the zyrtec and get cough expectorant right now… damn steam did NOT help! grr

    Mako, youtube said it hadnt processed yet. Going to try again

  3. for some reason i cant see it mako.

    ilb, thanks, you’re da bomb.

    Structure, would that be Laurel or Mike?

  4. maybe its just me mako, i’ll keep trying but it keeps sayin the same thing..

    what were his greatest lines from it?

  5. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    feel better

    how are you and mrs ilb doing?

    I think auld, shelley, and prust are must resignings!!

    Boyle played a heck of a game and props to both dubi for his beatdown of richards and torts for putting avery on the ice to try for a trick!!

  6. holy cow jpg, i watched that self defense stuff on BIOGRAPHY channel the other night! good stuff!

  7. hey Linda
    LOTS of vitamin C. i haven’t been 100% throughout 2010 but i haven’t gone done with a major sinus infection or flu bug either. (now, if i can just figure out some way of dealing with sinus headaches because they are really causing pain and getting me down….)

    not only was it nice to see Aves out there for a possible hat trick but i noticed that Anisimov was out there at the very end as well. now, if he could just get a little O into his game (and remember to cover the man coming down the slot….)

  8. We are great, Wicky. You?

    Carcillo was a bit timid today, eh? Isn’t it funny that they put Cote in today? He han’t played for so long I think he forgot how to skate. All of a sudden the Rangers are not as soft. And again, Boyle is starting to play up to his size.

  9. oh yeah,
    Linda get well………and when i’m talking lots of Vitamin C. somewhere around 2,000 to 3,000 mg

  10. jpg

    yeah it was nice to see AA out there. AA will keep getting better & better. Anyone know how Grachev is doing?

  11. AA and MDZ need to get some more meat on their bones for next season, make it harder to move them off the puck, and, especially in MDZ’s case, throw some bomb hits! Looking forward to seeing how they progress. Gilroy has kinda be under the radar lately. I wonder if he’d be better off at forward?

  12. same here. check in later. i need to focus on getting something done here.
    but first!!

    i think for many here, we can live with the screw ups of the kids. more angry at the vets playing waaaaaaay below expectations.

    speaking of Gilroy, any thoughts? is it a learning curve because he turned into a dman while in college or due to his defensive partner or…? he shows some offensive force every so often and then disappears……..unless it’s a matter of coaches getting on his case to concentrate more on our end of the ice.

  13. Avery was very effective today. It’s about time he has been invisable for a while now.

  14. At the game atmosphere a little lax. Good guys Rosi,Avery,Mdz,Dubi,Staal not great Vin and Gabby. Cally a little invisible and Hank look a little shaky and what’s with him handling the puck? Get in the net for heaven sake. Prust didn’t light it up either. shelley was yapping all day, no takers. good win a bit boring for a rival flyer game.Hatnell is a dirt bag and nice to see their captain get his ass kicked

  15. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    doing well, mrs wicky’s bd so she is having a great day especially with the rangers win. As far as carcillo, I think prust and shelley do make a bit of a difference.

  16. Hi all, – came across this website inadvertently when drifting across the net this evening, and delighted that i did! I do like the design and colours, but I have to say that I’m having trouble when it loads. I’m using SeaMonkey 1 web browser for mac, and the top panel wouldn’t lineup as it should be. i’m sure I have used an identical design on a client’s site, but the menu seems fine on mine. I suspect the problem is at this end & I reckon that it’s time to swap!

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