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From the Rangers:

March 14, 2010 – New York Rangers 3, Philadelphia Flyers 1 (Game #69, Home #36)
·         The Rangers defeated the Philadelphia Flyers, 3-1, today at Madison Square Garden, tallying three straight goals after trailing 1-0 early in the first period.
·         New York has registered a point in seven of their last nine contests, posting a record of 5-2-2 (12 pts.) over the span, and are 2-0-2 in their last four games at MSG.
·         The Blueshirts are now 31-29-9 (69 pts.) on the season, including a 15-15-6 (36 pts.) mark at home.  The Rangers improved to 6-0-1 in afternoon games this season.
·         The Rangers power play converted one-of-five (9:30) opportunities, and has now registered six goals in 21 attempts over the last six games (28.6%) and 10-of-29 over the last seven games at MSG (34.5%).
·         Sean Avery notched two goals and posted a plus-two rating in his return to the lineup after not dressing in Friday’s 5-2 win at Atlanta.  Avery has now registered six points (four goals and two assists) in his last seven games, including four points (three goals and one assist) in the last four home games.
·         Henrik Lundqvist made 17 saves to improve to 28-23-8 on the season, including a 14-14-6 mark at MSG.  He is now 6-2-2 (14 pts.) with a 2.39 goals against average and a .940 save percentage in his last 10 games.
·         Rangers Captain Chris Drury tallied two assists and tied for the team-high with four hits in 20:38 of icetime.  Drury has recorded four assists, including three on the power play, in the last two games, and has registered five points (three goals and two assists) in the last six games at MSG.
·         Defenseman Michal Rozsival notched the game-winning goal, on the power play, at 4:54 of the second period, and finished with four hits in a team-high 24:20 of icetime.  Rozsival has now recorded four points (two goals and two assists) in the last four home games.
·         Erik Christensen tallied two assists, including one on Rozsival’s game-winning power play goal, registered a plus-two rating and won 10-of-11 faceoffs (91%).  Christensen has registered eight points (three goals and five assists) in the last eight games, including five points (two goals and three assists) in the last four games at MSG.
·         Defenseman Dan Girardi notched one assist to extend his assist-streak to three games (three assists), and registered a team-high four blocked shots in 22:18 of icetime.
·         Wade Redden registered one assist and a plus-two rating, and has now posted a plus or even rating in 10 of the last 11 contests (plus-seven).
·         The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Mar. 15, is 11:00 a.m. at the MSG Training Center.
·         The Rangers continue their three-game homestand on Tuesday, Mar. 16, when they will face-off against the Montreal Canadiens at Madison Square Garden (7:30 p.m.), in an Original Six matchup; the game will be televised live on Versus and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
John Tortorella on today’s game… “It was probably one of our better team games.  In the discipline part of it, in the neutral zone, away from the puck as far as taking away from their speed.  We played hard.  Everybody pitched in and we found a way to play a pretty hockey game.”
Chris Drury on playing with a sense of urgency… “Definitely sensed it just going into Atlanta after the New Jersey one. These are desperate times for us. Obviously every game is a big game and now we have to regroup and get ready for a real good Montréal team that is one of the hottest teams in the League.”
Henrik Lundqvist on the playoff race… “I think the key for us is not to look too far ahead.  We know we have to win a lot of games, but we have to break it down one game at a time.  Playoffs have started early for us.  The last two games have been really good…focused, energy, special teams and especially the power play.”

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  1. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on



    doing well, mrs wicky’s bd so she is having a great day especially with the rangers win. As far as carcillo, I think prust and shelley do make a bit of a difference.

  2. MDZ’s best game so far – sign of better days to come?

    The return of the real Avery – long overdue – will he stay around, or will his listless twin start playing again?

    Dubinsky beat-down of Richards – priceless!

    The home and home final two games should be something to watch – if the right Ranger team decides to show up.

  3. A very, very late correction from an earlier post:

    “How can they say that the Rangers lead the all-time series vs. the Flyers.
    That means that the Flyers record against the Rangers is
    149-103, with some of those 103 coming in OT or shootout.
    What a dumb stat to put up before the game…”

    No, the 37 is not OT losses, it’s ties, which existed in the NHL for the first 25 years these teams played each other. So they’re about even. The Flyers have won 109 against the Rangers, the Rangers have won 106 against te Flyers – make it 107 now.

  4. >>Do u guys think OV should get suspended?

    You know, if Ovechkin gets suspended, I’ll make sure to not renew my Centre Ice package next season. That hit didn’t even deserve a two minute minor, let alone a game misconduct. The league owes him an apology as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Missed the game but plan to catch some highlights. Glad to see Avery have a strong game and Dubi crack Richards up.

    Carp- Lower Westchester is a mess. Trees and power lines down all over New Rochelle and Mamamroneck. Parts of Larchmont haven’t had power since around 6 last night. Hope everything worked out for you.

  6. I’ve grown weary of those who would try to convince me that Tortorella is an astute and knowledgeable tactical (bench) coach.

    To me is but a mouthy fraud, who really shows no formidable
    traits whatever. I suggest his recent movements. (was he trying to “shame” AVERY” ?

    His benching of of the better lights game in and game out this season?

    But let’s not focus totally on what he does…let’s examine what he doesn’t do.

    He never benches Redden ( any more that is.)And I ask there a single more worthless player game after game than Redden? And yet despite his listless casual movements on ice, and his appearance routinely on PP’s and PKs, and his PP play with that dainty wrist shot that he throws in there, so soft and slow you can see the nicks on the puck enroute, and pushing against people who come near him in his own end,and game after game Redden shows as having as much or more ice time than anyone else,and who is daily shown up by a 19 year old who sets an example of playing spirited defence, while the “ambler” goes about his routine sashaying around with no real input to positive action. He also happens to be among the least injured players on the team ( largely because he rarely goes in harm’s way). It’s one thing to have Sather giving this guy a preposterous contract, but does that necessitate Redden playing as much as he does, and in critical situations?

    And the exclamation point of course is Avery’s afternoon..
    I could not help myself..I laughed out loud at those goals, and overall play of the prodigal son.

    no – in my eyes “Torts” is a big mouthed fraud operating under false colors. I for one will be glad to see the end of him here.

    ( I also was surprised to see Roszival finally uncork a HARD slap shot ( which he does about once every leap year). Congrats to the man.

  7. Fran, have to totally agree on your takes on Tortorella and Redden. What’s your thoughts on captain clutch I just can’t stand him any more even with improvements.

  8. I think you’re looking way too much on the surface with Torts and Redden. Redden was benched for 2 (or was it 3?) games earlier this year. I think his hands are tied by uncle glennie and jimmy, since Redden doesn’t see as much ice time in recent games (hes averaging something like 16 minutes per game in march)

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wow, Ovie destroyed Campbell with a push from the side! The guy’s just a beast, no it doesn’t deserve a suspension. It barely deserved a minor.

  10. steve- dru has been great lately. hes contributing on the pp like he should be, and playing good on the pk. if he played like this the rest of the way here id be happy with him. hes actually hitting people now. redden on the other hand just doesnt look like he gives a shit. he hates torts, vice versa, and he gets to watch rozy do what he should be doing. that was a great shot btw by rozy. i dont like these guys anymore than i did before, but im happy they at least are showing up for the games now. just like jagr did. i dont liek it. i think if u cant give a full effort even at 33 like dru and rozy are, then dont waste our time. but everybody on this team at one point or another including our hero last night, takes games off. i just think that the captain especially should have been doing this since day 1 in october. i dont wanna make this post too long but i havent posted a novel in awhile for my buddy ilb. haha. what i dont get, is with a shot like rozys, and even reddenhas a good shot when used, it is hardly seen out there. that shot was like a suter blast or whoever shot it thru the net for canada. also, i just saw the duby fight. cmon, yea he hit him while he was down. theyre about evenly matched but hes using my tactics. i do fight dirty. i love pummeling when they get hit and fall down, but still, good for duby. dont care whether it was “honorable” or not, combover boy did good. i wish there was a better fight though. like shelly-cote and prust-carcissy

  11. true- ovie is a beast yes, but hes not too bright. he shouldve realized after the gm meeting that unofficially they would be enforcing to a degree that new rule. even if it was just a minor. garauntee you he does that to gabby orstaal, hank, or dz, we would all be on him for a suspension. he may not have hit him in the head but he hit him from behind and while he was turning lowering his head. maybe i just dont like that he goes overboard sometimes with his overzealous celebrations and his mock stick salute on our home ice, but the jagr hit, i had no problem with. this one was a little over the top with throwing him out, but he shouldve realized stuff like that is gonna be called more now.

  12. I gotta wonder, if Cindy Crosby did what OV did, does he get suspended??

    Hey Carp, tried going from New Ro to Anthony’s Sports Pub in Harrison Saturday night and it took me over 30 minutes, dodging all the downed trees & power lines. Hope you are fairing better. Friends of mine, 1 mile away in New Ro, still don’t have power

  13. From Brooks:

    Torts on “Ryan” Cote: “I wish he had played more. He’s a non-factor. . . . That’s no disrespect to him.”

    Exactly. I was laughing at the Flyers announcers praising Cote for not “changing his game” after being scratched for the last three months. As if he has an alternative game to switch to.

    Not sure why Brooks seems to think Dubi lost to Richards in their previous fight. I was at that game and thought Richards got a scoring draw at best.

  14. Now is not the time to be dissing on Redden and Drury. Both have played very good since the Olympic break. In fact, Redden has probably had his best 10 game stretch since we got him. However, Redden still does not belong anywhere near the PP. Drury hasn’t scored much but the criticism on him has been way too over the top. Drury does all the little things every night. And no, I don’t care how much money he makes. If Sather wants to throw money at me,I would take it, too. The Rangers don’t play the style that Buffalo played when he scored a lot thus the expectation should be different. I 100% agree that he has scored less than what his lowered expectation should be.

    As far as Tortorella – give the man a chance. He inherited a bad team and they turned over 75% of the roster in one summer and got mostly just different names of the same-type players (Lisin-Zherdev, Betts-Boyle, Naslund-Prospal)and I’m not sure their better because of it. They still don’t have enough of the pieces in place to be able to play his uptempo forecheck system. MDZ is the only D-man that can rush the puck. Gilroy has not lived up to his offensive expectations which has been a huge blow to the plan coming into the season. I’m confident that Gilroy will improve offensively with experience. Either the coach has to change his style (which makes him a bad hire) or Sather needs to get the right players for that style (which is probably still the plan in their eyes). Right or wrong, it takes time to makeover a team’s style. It’s like the Knicks – Walsh and D’Antoni should correctly not be judged until the results of next season when it’s truly their team.

  15. NYRanger4Life on

    Repost – I’m selling my two tickets (Section 209 Row B – Seats 1 & 2) for Tuesdays game vs Montreal. Seats are located right next to Radio broadcast team…great seats.

    I’m selling them for face value. If you’re interested pls email me at

  16. Interesting thing about the game: Flyers dressed the most physical squad expecting the fireworks. And yet, the Rangers at least equaled them physically and some more. Carcillo was a bit timid. I think that’s a difference comparing to the beginning of 2009. Prust, Shelley etc do make a difference. Still, it’s sad that MDZ is our most physical d-man.

  17. ilbzo- girardi also was pretty physical yesterday. i think the whole team was up a notch. some of them even went to 11!!! not redden though. he was a 5. but thats better than a 4. and why cant rozy shoot like that more often??? doesnt he realize that he has the hardest shot on the team?? i remeber not but 2 years ago he had 10 and then 13 goal seasons consecutively. idk what took him so long but damn if he takes shots like that every pp hes gonna score alot more. give dru credit for screening. aves 2nd goal was weak as ever, but he deserved it. played one of his best games. was that him who hit the post at the end? i missed some of the game so i watched the archive. they didnt show or say anything about it

  18. Morning all!

    Watched the replay of the game after being at my sister’s all afternoon. They seemed a tad timid in the first, then picked it up big time in the second and third. Great game from Avery- he showed Torts, eh? He’s just gotta keep it up for the rest of the season. MDZ is going to be our best Dman within two years- both offensively and defensively. I love that he’s not afraid to throw the body. Dubi kicking Richards arse? Awesomecakes to the nth degree.

    My checklist from yesterday- Carcillo didn’t get his just desserts, but he was a non-factor all afternoon so I’ll take it as a wash. Goals from Dubi and/or Cally- nada, but Dubi more than made up for it with his smackdown of Richards. A win= CHECK. That’s what I wanted the most, so a very happy clam :)

  19. I don’t understand fans that can’t even savor a win for 24 hours before complaining. Yes, this is the same team that is on the outside of the playoffs, but they won. Enjoy it while it lasts because it might not last very long.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    “Not sure why Brooks seems to think Dubi lost to Richards in their previous fight. I was at that game and thought Richards got a scoring draw at best.”

    Because Richards gave him a beat down. I think yesterday was the first time I’ve seen Dubinsky not get his ass handed to him. It certainly was the first time I saw him win.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    I bet Chicago is most pissed that the Campbell injury didn’t happen BEFORE the trade deadline. Guaranteed they pick up some goaltending if they had the cap space from Campbell’s contract.

  22. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    I would love to know what Dubi said to Richards when he stood over him after beating him down…. those are the priceless moments in hockey!!

    I wish there was a DVD of hockey smack talk and fights….

  23. Doodie- I think that Dubi and Richards have fought three times over the years. The first time Richards spanked him, the second time was more of a draw even though Richards got the win and yesterday was a clear win by Dubi.

    I could be wrong though…

  24. It’s enough to know that Dubi is willing to drop them and can win some here and there. Richards did it because he is a good captain and wanted to make a point when his team lost the game. Was great to see his butt kicked, those beatings go a long way…

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I disagree with Richards’ decision. It wasn’t like there was 30 seconds left. There was about 3:45 to go. His team had just scored two late third period goals in their last game. You have to try and win it. If he was a guy like Carcillo who won’t be playing in those final moments, fine, but Richards is one of their best players and he took himself out of the game to settle a personal score. They still had a chance to win, however slim, at that point in the game and instead of helping his team by being on the ice, he did the selfish thing by fighting Dubinsky.

    Getting the beating he took served him right.

  26. Did ya notice that the Flyers just stood around and watched as their Captain got pummeled by Dubi?


    Any comments in Philly about this?

  27. It was good to see Dubi not only win the fight, but actually look like a decent fighter while doing it. He’s come a LONG way since he started in the league, when he was clueless for the most part. Someone’s been teaching him and it’s taking, which bodes well for the team.

    Dubi was smart about it, too and he said so in his comments afterwards. Something along the lines of ‘he asked if I wanted to go, I wasn’t sure at it first, then realized, hey, if he wants to take himself off the ice for the remainder of the game, I’m willing to make that tradeoff’. As much as I love Dubi, I’ll take getting Richards OFF the ice much more than having Dubi playing.

  28. The game was essentially over. The Flyers couldn’t generate much of anything, they were even losing most of the physical battles. Frustration kicked in, Richards was sure he could win this fight. He got dominated, turned out to be a bad decision all the way. He is still young and he needs to learn. Richards is a good all around player, but he needs to stop his dirty shots.

  29. We’re just rooting for the Bruins to lose. Where’s CR9, he could definitely provide us some great tales of what’s wrong with Boston. Starting with the Boston Massacre.

  30. I’m going against Boston, not rooting for NJ :). But don’t expect any favors from them..

  31. >>Did ya notice that the Flyers just stood around and watched as their Captain got
    >>pummeled by Dubi?

    There’s really nothing there! It was a fair fight between two evenly matched players. It wasn’t a situation where our goon was destroying their skilled guy – à la Carcillo on Gaborik.

  32. Hockeyman Rangers on

    My only complaint about yesterday’s game, was there was not enough desperation when we had a power play with about 5 minutes left in the game. I was sure it was going to come back and haunt us. It just didn’t look they were trying hard enough on the PP. It could be just me??? But then Ave’s got the job done with only a few minutes left anyway. I am glad we got the win, as I have said b/f I live in somewhat off the Flyers area and no one has said a word yet. But if they would have won I would be hearing it. So if we win I just keep my mouth shut unless they something first.
    Oh and Linda we were off a couple of games with Avery making some goals.

  33. Playoffs have started early for us.
    Playoffs have started early for us.
    Playoffs have started early for us.
    Playoffs have started early for us.
    Playoffs have started early for us.

    Anyone tired of this annual line?

  34. Sally- Thank you for the fight highlight! I didn’t think Dubinsky did too bad against him in October and he certainly took last night’s decision.

    More importantly, the Rangers got the job done. Let’s see how they play from here. Really all we can do. I for one don’t think they’re going to sqeak into the playoffs. They’re just too inconsistent.

    As for the people complaining after a win- I feel ya. If you’re concentrating on the full picture it kinda sucks the fun outa winning games like this. It’s pretty apparent after the way the season’s been going that they aren’t going to sudddenly clean up their game and turn themselves into a contender.

  35. Can’t really complain about the effort yesterday- although some still are, haha. Avery doesn’t suck apparently and have to give Torts some credit for his performance yesterday, don’t you? Let’s go Debbies tonight and start to make some hay. Still plenty of time left for a run-

  36. Salty, it wasn’t too long ago that we were well out of the playoff picture whenever mid-March rolled around. I’ll happily take the ‘early playoff games’ over that scenario, wouldn’t you?

  37. Grabby- I had left the Messier book at work- here is the strange passage I was referring to-

    “But in the absence of a stated reason for Bure’s desire to leave, a story involving Messier arose that, like others about him, acquired the status of urban legend. According to this tale, Bure and Messier had had a falling out during a sexual situation- some versions have the situation involving a woman, others do not, one that so outraged Bure that he supposedly went to management the next day and demanded a trade. It was the kind of story that has the I-absolutely-swear-it’s-true, I-have-a-good-friend-who-hear-it-from-someone-on-the=-Canucks are of authority- except that there seems to be no evidence for it.”

    He then goes on to say that a Bure biogrpaher dismisseds the story and that Bure/Mess were fine playing together in New York…but if you are writing a Mess book why would you just throw that rumor in there? Weird, right?

  38. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on


    LOL. I’ll root for any team that helps us win or get a higher draft pick (depending on situation). In this case, if it was beneficial for us, which it was against Montreal the other night, I would root for Boston…

    Only because they have (knock on wood) 0 chance of winning the Cup.


    I had the best dream last night. I was stranded on an island with Lundqvist and a fictional Swedish blonde gf, and *JAROMIR* and his actual GF.


  39. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    The NHL needs to get those types of hits out of the game.

    OV has to held responsible.

  40. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    I dont know why a lot of Rangers fan on here have a problem with Dubi.

    So he held out for more money, so what?

    So he is out of position and looks lost sometimes.

    He’ll learn with age and coaching and a better team around him.

    At least he shows fire and is willing to get his hands dirty.

    And he’s HOT!

  41. ILB

    It’s his 3rd major penalty of the year. Regardless of whether it was the right call or not, they have to review it.

    Don’t know if he’ll get suspended, but i wouldn’t be surprised if they hand him a one game ban, just so they can avoid an uproar from the non-stars of the league.

  42. ilb you do have a point, because i remember when we played buffalo 2 years agp and avery nailed paetsch almost the same way ovy did.

  43. CR- You scare me with your declarations of hotness for certain players. Mostly because I’m 99.8 percent sure that you are a guy and while I have no issue with that, it’s kinda strange to see on a sports blog.

    Now if it’s Linda or Sally or Laurel or any of the other ladies around here,myself included, I’m not worried at all. ;)

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Didn’t look particularly dirty to me. He definitely boarded the guy but it didn’t look particularly ferocious.

    The major and misconduct seem like enough to me.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Mickey, who cares if CR declares a player to be hot, regardless of his/her sex?

  46. JB, did you just call Dubi a goon? Lmao i loved that!!

    Hockeyman, my illness messed with my psychic abilities! Aves played a smart, effective game yesterday, and it paid off HUGELY!!

  47. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on




    I will. I just have to join fb AGAIN! I gave up after having my latest account suspended!

    I still have to send pics of my husky, shiba inu and chihuahua to laurel, but I get lazy.

    Oh, how will I ever forgive myself. By looking at pictures of the most gorgeous man on the planet, JAROMIR!!!!!

  48. Doodie, Honestly, I really don’t care if anyone declares anyone hot. I have guy friends that are gay, guy friends that are straight, and the same holds true for my female fans. Just seems a tad out of place on a sports blog to me-that’s all. I have NO issues with anyone liking anyone else for any reason. My modus operandi on that is that as long as the respective persons is happy, that is all that matters.

  49. And CR- BTW, I NEVER meant to offend you with what I said. All it was, was a casual, off-hand observation. I really don’t care if you think any one player is hot or not.

  50. Salty, it wasn’t too long ago that we were well out of the playoff picture whenever mid-March rolled around. I’ll happily take the ‘early playoff games’ over that scenario, wouldn’t you?


    No, not really. Seems like this is the case for the last 3 seasons. I’m sick of it. It should not be a struggle every season…and it also DISGUSTS ME to no end that this team seems to only start caring at the end of the season when the gun is to their head. Every season. This would not be an issue if they didn’t piss away countless games earlier in the season.

  51. CR, hilarious as always.

    Doodie, i dont know if it got lost in all the craziness of last week but best of luck to you in the new job! I am sure you will have much success.

  52. They are just ruining the game, the hockey night live guys had some pretty good points…I agree with dano, just let the players police themselves and 95% of the head shots will stop!!


    He is the new whipping boy for the NHL. They are making Cindy into the “angel” & AO in the “devil”. Good vs. Evil is what they are setting the stage for!!

    Yet Richards & Cooke go unpunished!!! BS!!!

  54. That hit wasn’t nearly as bad as what Cooke did. AO plays with brains and balls. I highly doubt he was trying to injure a random dman at that point of an interconference game for whatever reason. It’s unfortunate that Campbell got hurt the way he did but there was no intent to injure there. He caught him off guard.

  55. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on


    Not offended I am comfortable recognizing men such as Jaromir as GORGEOUS! The only reason I do not see it as out of place on the blog is because there are ladies here that can also appreciate the hotness of the players.


    I also wish you the best of luck in your new job. Don’t put up with any crap from Bostonians! ;)

  56. wicky, totally agree with you. in their effort to wussify the game and try to attract the casual fan, they’ve actually created the head hunter. They took the manliness out, and put the coward in. Get rid of the instigator.

  57. banning east west hits and “blindside” hits is just stupid, players will just learn to always have their head turned the other way, slowly but surely if this keeps up, the NHL will turn this into a non contact league….STUPID!!!!! Players need to be taught at a young age to keep their heads up and ALWAYS be aware of their surroundings!

  58. Linda
    I love you!!!

    the richards and ovi hits were hockey hits with bad results and that is all, the cooke hit should have been a suspension, but savard should have been paying attention instead of admiring!

  59. if you don’t want to get hurt, play a picnic game like baseball or some other leisure activity, not hockey!

  60. Please mid ice east west hits are fine. Open ice hits are fine. These players are throwing their shoulders, forearms & elbows into players jaws & faces.

    Instigator rule should be abolished!!

  61. guys, if you happen to click on the link i gave you, do NOT click on the link inside the story to view photos! PLEASE, for the love of God, do NOT click on the photos in the story!!

  62. MAKO, I thought Avery was the devil. AO will become the anti-christ. And Pronger is Lucifer. With Cindy, of course, being Jesus Christ.

    *gags myself with those analogies*

  63. Injury is part of the game – we all know that. But when someone KNOWS what they are about to do to anotheR player is a different story. Similarly, they should get rid of the “interference” penalty that doesn’t allow checking away from the puck.

    Btw if it was you, your son or even daugher getting cracked in the head that resulted in a concussion. I’m sure you’d change your opinion. Concussions aren’t fun. I’ve had 1 from playing.

  64. CR- Cool then. Just wanted to make sure. :) And you can count me in amongst those ladies who will argue the Rangers are one of the best looking teams in the league, LOL.

  65. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Part of the Rangers organizational philosophy should be to mandate all players taking karate lessons, or a related discipline, during the off-season. Dubi sure has come a long way, but why do things the hard way? A martial arts discipline, once learned, will translate into a much better all-around hockey player and hockey team, and that, more than winning an isolated fight here or there, is the bottom line.

  66. I wish the team could play like that most nights and we wouldn’t be struggling to make the playoffs….Worth the price of admission to see ANYONE beat the snot out of Richards, that punk.

  67. Mako, they need to look into the properties of the elbow padding also. someone had mentioned the other day that these guys pretty much wear body armour, and that the impact from the elbow pads could also be causing more severe injury. NOONE should be elbowing anyone in the head area anyway, and, for all the guys here who have been watching hockey a lot longer than I have (1978) were elbow injuries that common that they need this type of protection?

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks for the well wishes. I start next week and imagine that I will not be around very much thereafter.

    I’m trying to get my fill of you boneheads now.

  69. mako
    i agree on the interference penalty as well. I’ve had 12 concussions, and I understood the risk everytime before I went out and got another one, I probably wouldn’t have got any if I was doing underwater basket weaving or something. I understand that is a risk in a contact sport! Granted, they get easier and easier to get as you go (unfortunately), but in a collision sport, injuries happen, even dirty ones.

  70. sorry Laurel. astonishing, isn’t it???

    Doodie, what kind of schedule will you be on? You WILL be able to join us for games, right??

  71. Doodie – upon further review of the previous Richards/Dubi fight as posted up there, I stand by my initial thought that Dubi edged it. I’m aware that he got pounded in his first few NHL fights, but not that one.

    And in that game, he really should’ve turned Richards down because it was 4-0 Rangers early in the game and Richards was trying to spark his team. Ended up with the Rangers hanging on 4-3.

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll be on a schedule that doesn’t have a definitive starting point or ending one. So that means on some days, I may not even be available for games.

  73. We all know it’s a dangerous sport. Nothing says it has to be injury free. The fact of the matter is that they continue to lack structure (no I didn’t steal that term from Torts)and organization when it comes to disciplinary action in this league. They handle things on a case by case basis instead of just setting rules that aren’t broad and abstract.

    I dont know who heard Mark Recchi the other day talk about the Cooke hit but he was right, if Crosby took that hit to the head, Cooke wouldn’t be around right now. And that isn’t right. Stature shouldn’t have anything to do with right or wrong.

    Now I don’t personally think AO was trying to hurt Campbell. And I actually believe him when he said he was just trying to push him off the puck. But again, if the league sees it as a play that should be punishable, then so be it. But if they deal out a serious punishment after that Cooke hit, they’ll look like the fools they are.

    Whether it’s AO, Crosby, Cooke, Avery, or even Datsyuk – it shouldn’t matter. They need to clean up the way they deal with these things.

  74. I don’t, it looked liked Ovie went in straight from the red line with the intention to hit him, nothing wrong with wanting to make contact but the hit started and ended with Ovie using his hands as the primary body part to deliver it.

  75. Just finished watching the game… What can I say? It was a great game! Avery was great and deserves all the praise… he got Philties going mad all game long! lol Torts should scratch Avery every other game…we’ll get performances like that from Sean more often!

    And screw Carcillo and the rest of that stupid Philly team! We outplayed and outmuscled theme…we won the game…and Dubis knocking Richards face in was a cherry on top! So it was a bigger gain than going after lowlife Carcillo.

    Can Marc Staal hit the net for once already? Damn…he’s been playing hockey for how long? And still can’t hit the net? I bet he leads the league in missed shots.

    Btw, did any of you seen this article? Ian Laperriere on Avery and “Avery, Avery” chants by the fans.

    “Those people are getting fooled by his act,” said Flyers winger Ian Laperriere, an ex-Ranger who played with Avery in Los Angeles from 2002-04. “I know he is the worst teammate I’ve played with. And I know (the Rangers) feel the same way. That’s all I’m going to say.”

    I gotta say… Laperriere isn’t very bright… since 2004 Avery’s been all over the league including anger management! So yeah…lets still talk about how bad of a teammate Avery was SIX years ago! Dumbass…

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " why do we wait til the gun is to our heads?!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 is sizzle-hot!!

  77. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    “March 15th, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    Cr9 is sizzle-hot!!”

    YES! HE IS!! There’s so many things I could think of doing to his (insert word)! Kaka as well!

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Avery 's back!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo ORR , HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!! EVER since we made that bet…the Rangers haven’t lost!!!! Whooooohoooooo dont ya feel it!!???

    Laurel , awsome way to back up Carp !!! Nice to see ya didnt pull a giradi and bail on our superstar. Thanks Momma !!!

  79. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Jagr never should have chopped off that mullet!

    With that mullet, he was perfection personified. Ah, who am I kidding. He still is!

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Avery 's back!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , we both love Jarda!!! How much is his rookie card fetching now a days? Maybe after that OV hit it went down in price?

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Avery 's back!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , HAHAHAHAA don’t ya know ya never win when ya bet me!!
    Im the Master beter!! …umm strike that , doesn’t sound too good :|

  82. Very deep, thoughtful ( journalistically speaking) assessment of mr. Lapierriere, mama :)

  83. Greg, that might be true, but i don’t think the Habs or Bruins lost either, ha, and *we’re” chasing *them*.

    I just hope the Flyers get on a losing streak so they miss the playoffs. I’d love to see those losers heads held so low it looks like they’re going down on themselves. Hate the Flowers!!

  84. Who Needs Lohan on

    Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but Cooke did the exact same thing to Animisov earlier in the season. He has a history of cheap shots like that one on Savard.

  85. Who Needs Lohan on

    Same exact spot on the ice….and he got 2 games for it. The only difference was that he extended his elbow. Both were equally dirty with intent to injure in my opinion.

  86. Thanks Greg! It’s always my pleasure, and I got to use Sweet 16 in the proper way :)

    ilb, it took a lot of time and effort to come up with that, but you guys are worth it.

    Mickey, that do would be a lot worse if it was crawling down his neck….

  87. guess my post 2 days ago about Torts giving Avery the freedom to be Avery was prophetic.

    he can only be a huge factor if you let him do his thing, take the occasional penalty, take the bad with the good. that is Avery. he must be given the leash to do his instigator, agitator thing.

    iow, if you throw a fit every time he gets a bad penalty, then you will have a soft, uninvolved, ineffective Avery. it was more Torts fault than Avery that he was in a funk because he was being strangled with Torts dumb attempts to rein him in and sanitize him. bad coaching move. and yesterday proves it. and the Rangers record with and without Avery over several seasons proves it.

    the job of a coach is to get the most out of his players, and to put them in a position to succeed. not to be the nanny scold when the bad boy is doing what makes him effective and helps the team overall. sure, sometimes it backfires but more often it lifts the Rangers

    besides, Torts does not want anyone to stop him from his bad boy rantings and fit throwing. and he sometimes goes over the line, like last season in Wash. so look in the mirror Torts before you start punishing over the top behavior. if it works for you, then don’t stifle it when it is working for a player.

  88. billybleedsblue on

    two games suspension for the hit to the head of Anisimov. two games for the hit on Carolina forward Scott Walker on Jan. 20, 2009.

    Last season’s Eastern Conference finals knee-to-knee hit on Erik Cole…no suspension. Now, a check to former-Ranger Savard’s head most likely ending his season. No suspension.
    About the check, I realize that i’ve seen it in slow-motion and all, but I still think there was enough time for him to make the right decision. Just because there’s a chance to knock a guy out, that doesn’t mean you take it. It seems to me he knew what he was doing, and if you’re targeting a guy’s head, isn’t that intent to injure?

  89. i just read it “quilting time” and thought to myself…”wow, mama also quilts…she’s a full package!” :P

    …watch her “laurel” in


  90. Who Needs Lohan on

    There is no question billy that he was trying to injure savard. I have no problem with the hard stand up hit even when the opponent’s head is down. I have a big big problem with two types of hits. One is this one, where the player has no way of seeing the coming hit since it is on his blind side. The other is when the offensive player is already engaged and is being guided behind the net. Thats when some cheap shop artist comes from the other side with a ton of momentum. Those are real dangerous, and I am starting to think that it should be penalized similar to an chop block in football. Anisimov got blasted with one of these a couple of weeks ago. Man that guy needs to pick the head up, no?

  91. …and how’s Savard missing games is not the same? Him missing games also hits Boston hard and jeopardizes their chances to make the playoffs. Or is it because the NHL chose the Blackhawks to get to Stanley Cup finals this year? Blackhawks are the new Penguins? lol

  92. That’s why I think this league is a joke. They wanted to clean that part of the game- late, dangerous hits near the boards. So I understand the decision. I don’t agree with it, but understand. Especially since he sustained those season ending injuries. But if Ovechkin deserves 2 games suspension then Cooke needs to be castrated.


    They suspended someone, but not the guy who ended the season of a Bruin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unfairness towards the Boston team!

    Cherish this moment, we may never see it again.

  94. Holy Carp, I just checked – I’m now getting Versus on Direct TV ! Channel 603 !
    Now I can watch tomorrows game
    AND, it’s 78 degrees in AZ !

  95. screw Directv. yeah, it is putting versus back on, BUT, they are putting it on a sports tier that you will have to pay extra to get. an extra $13 per month if it is on the sports pack tier.

    it used to be part of the regular package, but now it will cost plenty

    that is exactly what Versus said all along, that directv was trying to make subscribers pay extra for it. Directv denied it all along, several times to me, but now we see that Versus was telling the truth all along, and that directv was lying from the beginning about the dispute.

  96. This may be stretching but…

    Washington plays Florida tomorrow…now without Ovechkin…Campbell’s son is on Florida…

  97. Wicky, I just read your post. Nobody wants to wussify this sport. And the physical part of hockey is as attractive as any other parts. And injuries will happen, including concussions. And there is a fine line that everyone needs to take into consideration. But there is a big difference when the injury is inflicted to unsuspected person. I’m sure you all remember that glorious fight between Orr and Fedoruk. Todd looked pretty bad when he was on the ice, did he not? Have you ever wondered how he recovered pretty fast and continued to play? And, yet Beuk could never fully recover from that sucker punch from behind? Well, there is a huge difference in the extend of head injuries sustained when our brain can anticipate it, even at the very last moment. I hate bringing up the whole medical lecture on that, but suffice to say that our brain(and other body parts)makes multiple adjustments on physical, psychological and biochemical levels. And no matter how careful one is, unless you have eyes on the back of your head, there is no way you can avoid that hit.

  98. LOL @ tinted windows!

    Imagine the family and relatives came outside to go bury whoever was inside that car and find that the car is missing?

    “…and on a third hour he arose from the dead and drove away!” lol

  99. C’mon, someone has to buy my theory here of Campbell suspending Ovie for the game against his son’s team!

  100. bull dog line on

    have to disagree with all on the ovechkin suspension. those kind of hits are the most dangerous, where the player is near but not at the boards, and he has his back turned. bad injuries can happen with those hits, and that was a pretty dirty hit.

  101. ovechkin is a repeat offender, he should be suspended more than 2 games

    Cooke not being suspended is so ridiculous. it was clear intent to injure. and now the new rule they just passed has not yet gone into effect, thus it is open season from now until they put it into effect

  102. I don’t have any special package on Direct TV and I am now getting Versus!!! NICE~~~~~~~ :) Gonna save loads by not having to go to the bar to see the game!!

  103. NYRGuy March 15th, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    C’mon, someone has to buy my theory here of Campbell suspending Ovie for the game against his son’s team!”

    I’d buy it if the Panthers were any closer to the playoff hunt.

    Who knows? Maybe Colly thinks that they are not that far back.

  104. The only thing that tastes sweeter than beating down those pansy faceshield fighting Flyboiz is beating the Penguins following a Crosby dive.

    What a game. If our D plays nearly this good the rest of the way there is no way we don’t make it to the playoffs. Hoping for a miracle revenge round against the Caps. I’m growing to hate them as much as the others.

    Avery responded so well to the benching. DUBI BEATS DOWN FACESHIELD BOY!


  105. I’m surprised you guys missed this…Even though we all love to hate on Crosby but this was straight up dirty play that deserves banishment from the league forever! I don’t think Downie got any suspension for this…at least not yet.

    Fugging bizarre league!

    Steve Downie hit on Sydney Crosby Twisto Flex leg Tampa Lightning game 3/14/10

  106. playoffs bruin for rangers on

    3-0 devils. bruins are primed to drop out, Rangers will make playoffs if they beat Mtl. book it, Danno

  107. WOW CCCP, that has absolutely NO PLACE in the league! I am no fan of Crosby’s, but wow, you just cannot do that and get away with it. Cheap,dirty, intent to injure play by someone who doesnt belong in the league.

  108. seth (the REAL ONE) on

    finally devils helping us out!!!! for 40 more minutes i guess i can root for them

    huge game tomorrow, unfortunately i expect to see a decent amount of hab fans in the arena, hopefully we come in energized and repeat the home performance we had against gomez and co the last time they came to town!! LETS GO BOYS GET ON A STREAK!

  109. Olga Folkyerself on

    I agree with Ovie’s suspension, but he should have blindsided Campbell in the head. Apparently, those are free and legal.

  110. Olga Folkyerself on

    A reporter asked Heather Mills why they had to check her leg and she said “I’m stumped…”

  111. i really hope they throw the book at AO8. screw his cheap kneeing and boarding CRAP that’s much worse than the Richards or Cooke open ice hits. Malice aforethought AND more dangerous.

  112. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Pushing is not a suspendeable play, sorry. Watch the youtube hilight, Campbell goes to get the puck, sees OV bearing down on him. OV leans on Campbell as he releases the puck to the right and because Campbell loses his edge (as he’s avoiding the hit) it breaks his clavicle. NOT a boarding, Campbell SAW Ovechkin, Campbell turned into the hit and put himself in a vulnerable position. Many of times a guy will see someone lining him up for a hit, turn his back and shoulder, and it is NOT called boarding because the player put themselves into a vulnerable position. Campbell did just that and you can’t suspend another player simply for shoving a defensmen who should’ve received a hit, but instead, made an unwise turn to avoid it. Campbell is the reason this was a damaging hit, not Ovechkin.

  113. [i]”Pushing is not a suspendeable play, sorry.”[/i]

    I do agree players need to brace themselves more for plays like boarding but there is no excuse for what Ovechkin did. I’ve seen the replays I don’t need to read the rest of your longwinded play-by-play post.

    Pushing someone’s face from behind into the boards in the NHL is a suspendable play, sorry ;) look up “boarding”

    AO8 = SUSPENDED (repeat offender)

  114. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    I am certainly not disagreeing with your clinical opinion. I also agree that some hits can not be helped regardless. That being said there are always going to be cheap shots, just human nature and the way it is. If cooke throws that hit and before he is off the ice he is getting lambasted by 2 or 3 bruins, those hits would be far fewer. I think the NHL is going about this all the wrong way, guys gain more speed now because of the “interference” penalty. Guys learn that they can draw penalties by putting themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards, then everyone freaks out when a hit like dupuis’ happens. The NHL is trying to make it “safer” and are just getting guys hurt in new and different ways. Let the players police themselves on the ice (not saying no officials at all), the true malicious hits will start to disappear, but accidents will always happens. Concussions affect different people in different ways and are not good any way you slice it regardless!

  115. honestly my biggest gripe with the instigator rule is that it is not EVER enforced for players that throw CLEAN HITS and have to defend themselves. worst rule in the league.

  116. absolutely right. a boarding penalty results from ANY manner of causing a player to violently be propelled into the boards. and injury resulting from that boarding can be a major and can be reviewed for supplementary discipline.

  117. Agree with you, Wicky. I think too that referees should’ve been peeling 2 or 3 guys off that scumbag Cooke.

    I was trying to look at that take down by Downie, though. I was trying to separate myself from the feeling that he is a dirty punk and give him the benefit of the doubt. Do you guys think it was an intentional play to go after Crosby’s knee? It could’ve ended his career. I can’t answer that with good certainty. Anyone?

  118. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Pushing someone’s face from behind into the boards in the NHL is a suspendable play, sorry ;) look up “boarding”
    He didn’t push his face and not from behind. He was going for a shoulder to shoulder hit! Campbell is the one putting himself in a vulnerable spot but leaning to the left and avoiding what would have been a hit pushing him straight into the boards! Campbell LOOKS at Ovechkin, then gets the puck, dishes away, and tries to vear around the net to get away from the hit. It is far from a defenseless hit from behind.

  119. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    A hit from behind is only deemed so when the player is hit without any inclination that he will be hit, young man. Campbell looks right at Ovechkin. What are you watching, you blind goat.

  120. 08’s numbers were literally facing Soupy’s numbers before contact. That’s boarding, fella. And I wish he got more games. He will next time.

  121. Did you see how fast they were skating and how quickly Soupy got rid of the puck (not talking about possession)?


  122. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Have you ever watched hockey before? Anyone who looks at a player lining them up for a hit and then turns their back, is not drawing a penalty for hitting from behind! I don’t care that Campbell’s numbers were facing the boards, he looked at Ovech and turned his back! Not a hit from behind, not even a boarding.

  123. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Go ahead, use caps. i’m surprised you didn’t use more periods, because you seem to have yours.

  124. Screw it i’m not lowering myself to going over play by play with a man that has devoted a shrine to Ovechkin. That’s clear video evidence and if you think that’s clean we have nothing to talk about.

  125. I watch and play hockey. Your boy got suspended. Gee why doesn’t Malkin get suspended for slew footing or Crysob ever get it for diving? They must all be after your boy Ovechkin who knees, charges, and leaves his feet like superman! THE REPEAT OFFENDER! LOLZ @ defending that cheapshot you never played the game obviously.

  126. Bruins now have just one game in hand, and 1 pt lead

    tomorrow’s win over Mtl will put Rangers in the driver’s seat

  127. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I don’t need to defend myself to you, i’m sure you’ll be sharpening my skates in a few years.

    I’m not saying the guy doesn’t make dirty plays, he does. As to that one being dirty, no, it wasn’t. Euro’s will always get suspended and ban’d from the game before Sidney Crosby, you’re only helping my argument. And Lemieux is so far up Bettman/Campbell’s colons it doesn’t matter how dirty guys like Cooke and Malkin are, they are clearly favored by the NHL officials.

    Now get back to that zamboni and cut me some fresh ice.

  128. Olga Folkyerself on

    Is this the five minute argument or were you two thinking of signing up for the whole course?

  129. “He didn’t push his face and not from behind. He was going for a shoulder to shoulder hit!”

    Key here is “He was going for a shoulder hit!”……

    But he didn’t hit him with his shoulder did he? He shoved him face first into boards…….

  130. apparently true phans knows how to sharpen skates. maybe you can sharpen my sweet new Grafs one day ;)

  131. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I can’t sit here all day and argue over something we won’t see eye to eye on, ever. My point is that Campbell puts himself in a position to fly off his feet by the hit. Ovechkin didn’t blind-side him, cross-check him, or even hit him by surprise. Until this hit, these were the components of a boarding and/or hitting from behind. This hit changed everything! Until now, a hit to a player who turned his back to an offending player coming to hit him was NOT ruled a penalty. It just changed.

  132. So now players shouldn’t go for the puck and just brace themselves for hits? Why don’t you advocate touchup icing?

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought it was a boarding penalty. The misconduct was more than enough punishment.

    You can read the rule there. It was a violent board that caused an injury. There’s grounds for the major and game misconduct. I don’t think there was an intent to injure.

    Does he have past boarding majors? If so, then the suspension could have been automatic. But otherwise, I don’t feel it was deserved.

    Noonan, it wasn’t a cheapshot, but it wasn’t a clean hit. There is a distinction between a dirty hit and a cheap shot.

  134. “Noonan, it wasn’t a cheapshot, but it wasn’t a clean hit. There is a distinction between a dirty hit and a cheap shot.”

    you’re going to split hairs over this?

  135. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If any hit to a player in a vulnerable position, regardless of whether he knows he’s about to be hit or not, is going to be called every time then you will see no-touch icing incorporated into the game. You could argue that the massive hits on icing plays are unsportsmanlike or roughing (because the player knows the play is about to be blown dead). What can you call the Ovechkin play, perhaps you can call it unsporstmanlike or intent to injure? I think intent to injure needs a greater ‘intent’ if Cooke isn’t getting it for his hit on Savard. A push isn’t roughing. So what do you call it given the way the game is called today? Well, nothing, and that’s why the game will change over the next 3-6 years with more protection of ALL players in vulnerable positions.

  136. truefans: a simple “yes” or “no” would have sufficed. I honestly can’t read all that you’ve lost your credibility.

  137. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    There is an enormous amount of judgment involved in the application of this rule by the Referees. The onus is on the player (or goalkeeper) applying the check to ensure his opponent is not in a vulnerable position and if so, he must avoid the contact. However, there is also a responsibility on the player with the puck to avoid placing himself in a dangerous and vulnerable position. This balance must be considered by the Referees when applying this rule.
    Any unnecessary contact with a player playing the puck on an obvious “icing” or “off-side” play which results in that player being knocked into the boards is “boarding” and must be penalized as such. In other instances where there is no contact with the boards, it should be treated as “charging.”

    Campbell LOOKS RIGHT AT Ovechkin, before he even touches the puck! He turns to his left, leaning in, putting himself off balance and in a vulnerable spot. By all traditional officiating, that is NOT a boarding. Again, the interpretation of the rule has and will start changing based on that one hit.

  138. for the last time look up “boarding”.

    or… is this a conspiracy theory to get you? everyone is wrong except you, right? that’s not crazy or anything…

  139. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    My post (above the dots) is the defintion, don’t put the qtip so deep in your ears.

  140. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    In particular, *However, there is also a responsibility on the player with the puck to avoid placing himself in a dangerous and vulnerable position. This balance must be considered by the Referees when applying this rule.* use to mean that a guy who turns his back to a hitter was to blame for his own injuries.

  141. “Campbell LOOKS RIGHT AT Ovechkin, before he even touches the puck!”

    Players usually do that before they risk getting shoved from behind face first into the boards.

  142. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I was wrong 3 years ago when I said the Rangers were dumb for signing Drury and Gomez… i’m “always” wrong to someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’m pretty sure you were one of those people fighting me then (along with your buddy rmant).

  143. and now you resort to yo momma jokes after defending such a dirty hit. sad, really

    second to last work freak ;)

  144. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It was a vicious hit. It wasn’t a cheap shot. I don’t believe there was any intent to injure either and I don’t think Ovechkin expects Campbell to put himself in a position to get hurt. Simple as that, but the league can suspend him because they have to start cracking down on someone with the latest public outcry. And with that, i’m done.

  145. Olga Folkyerself on

    That was more than five minutes. I’m going to have to charge for the full argument.

  146. dooodie, it does NOT have to be prior boarding incidents, all it has to be is prior discipline review incidents of ANY kind to warrant further punishment. repeat offender in the NHL means prior incidents, not necessarily the same type of penalty.

  147. Why can’t yall just make peace and get along, with the hugging and the crying and the story telling. – Bill Cosby.

  148. Thought it should have been a double minor and that’s it- when they tossed him I thought it was bs and now 2 more games? Jeez- I hate Millbury, but he’s right- let’s all go and play squash instead of hockey if that is what is going to happen.

    Good job Devs, next 3 games will define the last part of our season. Huge 6 days coming up-

  149. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ovechkin pushed a player into the boards, resulting in injury. Boarding. It was deemed serious enough to warrant a 5 minute boarding penalty and game misconduct. Ovechkin is a repeat offender. 2 games suspension.


    Move along….

  150. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    i think no touch icing is also a bad idea. The two worst hits I have seen all season in order…boyle and his slew foot in the olympics and then cooke (i might put the leg take down on crosby above cooke, but i need to look at it again to be sure). Slew footing and take downs are waaaaaayyy more premeditated and dangerous than anything else in my book!

  151. Olga Folkyerself on

    Who were the 50 people that voted the Rangers as the big winners on trade deadline day?

    Is it blind loyalty or do you just vote for “Rangers” without even reading the question?

    Sather NOT screwing up isn’t to be confused with “winning”.

    49 of you are crazy. I think one just accidentally hit the wrong button, giving all of you culpable deniability.

  152. have to agree with on

    and the winner is noonan. the other guy does not know what the hell he is talking bout

  153. ovie does alot of good for the game and his physicality is just part of his personality. hes the total package lex luger. i love the guys enthusiasm for the game. he does go overboard sometimes. it wasnt a hit like cooke did at all, but he more or less deserved what he got in the game, nothing more. the suspension is, like i said a result of the league just having a meeting over hits that injure other players, and even if he didnt destroy the guy, he does that to gabby or dz or worst of all our star d man redden, then we dont even have to argue it. i would rather see him get hit like that kneee on knee he gave to gonchar last playoffs. let him watch his team try to win without one of their best players. better payback

  154. watup ilbzo. with boston likely out due to their “vezina’ goalie playing like valley and their top center out, it looks like another 1st round tease again. what else is new. boston meanwhile will pick up 2 better draft picks than us, while in a few years, they will be on top and we will be fighting for a 1st round exit yet again. happy days huh. wonder how “hard” CR will take it? lol

  155. Rask is good…once they clear the salary of Thomas, give Rask a better deal, re-sign Chara, sign a few good offensive players…they’ll be good again, they just need to dump Thomas

  156. When we all get exercised about rules and penalties, keep in mind that one long standing penalty that has been a part of the NHL for years and years…has gone by the wayside…it is simply never called any longer. Some of you younger folks may not have ever heard of this, but it was a penalty called “Charging”. It may be officially still carried on the books ( look it up), but when is the last time you’ve ever seen it assessed?

  157. First round exit?

    The way things ARE going to pan out, we will play Dirty Jersey in the first round……….

    Rangers know how to play under pressure, they have done it the past three years. YOU GUYS ACTUALLY THINK JERSEY IS GOING TO BEAT US?????

    Have some optimism guys, the Rangers are back in the swing of things.

  158. “Who were the 50 people that voted the Rangers as the big winners on trade deadline day?”

    I probably would have voted Phoenix but I think the Rangers are winners.

    They didn’t give up any young talent and got Jokinen (who needs to step up) while dumping Kotalik AND Party Boy in the process. That frees up a ton of cap space.

    The only guy we could have moved for anything decent was probably Prospal but I doubt the price was right. Plus he’s a good guy and it’d send the wrong message to the kids to tank the season. And I want Prospal back!

  159. “Did you guys read Phillys take on the Dubi fight?”

    LOL @ Flyboiz fans crying about Dubi giving Richards an extra shot or two. Maybe he shouldn’t have kept trying to get back up? And not instigate fights with a face shield?

    “The Avery – Paetsch hit. That one looked way worse than the Ovy hit to be honest.”

    That’s a clean shoulder to shoulder hit, bro. And a beautiful play I remember that like it was yesterday.

  160. NYRanger4Life on

    The kicker about the Philly article was that if you scrolled down, the writer uses the term RESPECT when referencing the carcillo v gaborik fight.

    He says something along the lines of Carcillo respecting Gaborik enough not to hit him a few extra times when he was down.

    I hate philly.

  161. Ha, the Flyers want to talk about obeying the fighting code? Says the team that condoned Carcillo singling out Gaborik.

  162. Doodie Machetto on

    In all fairness, Gaborik dropped the gloves first. Is Carcillo supposed to turtle just because it was a star player? I thought he handled that fight extremely well by not PUMMELING him endlessly.

    But Carcillo cheapshotting Bradley certainly wasn’t part of “the code.” Also, he has a video of him fighting Rivet, and he DRILLS Rivet when Rivet is on his knees. So, it’s all just Philly homerism.

    Just like us saying Carcillo was wrong to fight Gaborik is homerism on our part. Gaborik CLEARLY drops his right glove first. Blame Girardi for not taking the third man in penalty.

  163. Good morning all! I for one was in awe by the respect Carcillo showed Gabby. What was that guy smoking when he wrote that laughable piece?

    I’m guessing Carp may still be having tech issues post-storm (I know he still doesn’t have electricity). If anyone wants a clean slate, let me know.

  164. Totally agreed on Girardi, Doodie. He should have taken the third man in penalty. I just wonder, if like the rest of the team, he’s so afraid of getting screamed at by Torts,coupled with the third man, that he actually just froze and blanked out. I’m not absolving him in the least bit, just speculating after the face.

    Gaborik’s not blameless there at all, either. He stood up for himself, when clearly no one else was going to. Props to him for it. And Carcillo DID hold up a little bit.

  165. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    First off F&CK Philly
    They actually complain about being dirty? Yeah I forogt RIchards isnt one of the dirtiest players int he league.

    Ovechkin- Deserved the Suspension, three time repeat offender. Now jsut enforce the rule LEAGEU WIDE and stop favoring the star players and we’ll be fine (Im talking to you Crybaby And Frankenmalkin)

    Now lets go Beat some Hab ass and wipe the floor with them

    Teams I HATE in Order of hatred:

    LEs Crabs
    Phish Sticks


  166. Doodie Machetto on

    As for the Ovechkin suspension, it’s his third game misconduct. Rules clearly state that’s an automatic two game suspension.

  167. Doodie- don’t think that is correct. The rules, I believe stipulate different categories of misconduct and 3 general misconducts result in 1 game suspension, not 2-

  168. Heh. Last time the Habs were at the Garden, I was there and the Rangers spanked them. Great game, great times. I want another game like that. Except I won’t be there, lol.

  169. Tony, I’m upstate(Albany area) so not really sure what the weather would be like next week in the city. But, if I were you and used to 80 degree weather by now, I’d bring the long sleeved shirts. Can never really predict the weather in the Northeast in March, any way, always gotta be prepared.

  170. the night man on

    re: the Philly fight article. Something about the dirtiest team in the whole sport for decades on end complaining about “cheap shots” is definitely something else. Do Philly fans really not see their team for what they are, a bunch of classless cheap shot artists, regardless of the coach or roster at the time?

  171. Doodie Machetto on

    Fly line:

    42.6 Fines and Suspensions – Any player or goalkeeper who incurs a total of two (2) game misconducts under Rule 42 and/or Rule 44, in either Regular season or Play-offs, shall be suspended automatically for the next game of his team. For each subsequent game misconduct penalty the automatic suspension shall be increased by one game.

    When a major penalty is imposed under this rule, an automatic fine of one hundred dollars ($100) shall be imposed.

    If deemed appropriate, supplementary discipline can be applied by the Commissioner at his discretion (refer to Rule 29).

    Rule 44 is checking from behind. But, since one of them was for a knee, it should have only been a 1 game automatic for his second game misconduct under those rules.

    Although I did just see an article while researching what his prior two misconducts were for that suggests the first one would have come off his current record under rule 23.5.

    So, I retract my statement about his auto-suspension based on that.

  172. LMAO at the word “respect” coming out from the Flyers. Pure definition of oxymoron. Or moron without oxy lol.

    I actually did feel that Dubinsky could’ve held back a bit when Richards was on his knees, but I think Richards wanted to throw some too…Anyway, it’ll be two interesting games to end the season.

  173. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, especially if the Rangers fall out of the race by then. They’ll be out for blood.

  174. this is what I’m seeing-

    23.3 Fines and Suspensions – General Category – In regular League games, any player or goalkeeper who incurs a total of three (3) game misconduct penalties in the “General Category” and exclusive of other designated categories, shall be suspended for the next League game of his team. For each subsequent game misconduct penalty, the automatic suspension shall be increased by one game. For each suspension of a player or goalkeeper, his Club shall be fined one thousand dollars ($1,000).

  175. Doodie Machetto on

    Right, but two of his misconducts aren’t in the general category. They are under Rule 42 for boarding. I think the key phrase in the rule you’re looking at is this:

    “exclusive of other designated categories”

    They are in the boarding and hitting from behind category of rules 42 and 44.

    However, rule 23.5 states that if a player has a game misconduct under rule 42 or 44 and plays 41 consecutive game without receiving a major under those rules, the first one comes off of his current record. The game against Chicago was game 42 after the Kaleta boarding.

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