Next up: Carcillo and Co.


OK, so the Rangers beat a lousy team and a lousy goalie in a game they kind of needed. Next up: You know who.

The question is this: Are the two points too valuable for anybody to be running around trying to pick a fight that Daniel Carcillo won’t want to fight? I mean, do you think he’s going to fight Jody Shelley if he doesn’t have to? And does Shelley risk an instigator, or any sort of penalty that puts the Rangers short-handed just to mete out deserved justice (for an incident for which Shelley wasn’t even around)?

So maybe the Rangers will have to forget about Carcillo unless the game gets one-sided. Or  unless Marian Gaborik challenges him, then he’ll be licking his chops again (that’s what he said last time). It’s possible that Carcillo will welcome it, but if he is inclined to decline, the Rangers might have to forget about him. And forget about running the Flyers’ better players.

And this is exactly why the Rangers needed to take care of this the moment it happened.

Some thoughts on last night:

1) I didn’t see the whole game, but from what I saw, I agree with John Tortorella. I didn’t think they were particularly great 5-on-5. Plus Moose Hedberg gave up a dreadful goal (Prospal’s slapper), then a fluke goal (the deflection on Del Zotto’s shot — the kind of deflection that usually ends up in the Rangers net).

2) Mike Keenan must be reading this blog. He talked about how defensemen “can’t leave their feet” in an odd-man situation. Thank you. And you’re welcome.

3) It’s a joke that a big-league team in Manhattan has that kind of radio deal. The Rangers were bumped from 1050, which is bad enough, to a station that’s impossible to hear. I was in middle-lower Westchester and couldn’t hear a single word. Yet I heard the Bulls game and a Western junior league playoff game, and some far-away college hoops games on my car radio. If the Rangers’ owners could be embarrassed, this would be embarrassing.

4) Did you see how Jamie Langenbrunner reacted when one of the Penguins slashed Kovalchuk last night? He went right after the guy, tackled him through the bench door, and fought him on the Penguins bench. Is that what a captain is supposed to look like?

5) Tomorrow’s game is 3 p.m., and on MSG. Don’t forget to move your clocks tonight.

I’m at another basketball double-header today with Josh, 26. This time it’s at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Very cool place. I haven’t been here since Coach K (yes, the Duke coach, and I’m not about to attempt to spell it) coached at Army. He was no celebrity back then. I remember sitting in his office after a game, just me and him. I’m sure he doesn’t remember that.

I am going to the game at MSG tomorrow. Unless something happens. And why have I come to expect something to happen?

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  1. The White Plains Batman on

    I’m the one with the hairy chest.

    Stuart-Anisimov’s doing fine. He’s learning and getting better every game and if he ends the season with 12-13 goals, that’s cool. The stronger and more seasoned he gets, the better he’ll get.

    And go after Carcillo. They have Michael Leighton in goal. It’s worth it.

  2. Keenanneedsyourhelp on

    Love the blog, but point #2 — Keenan gets his thoughts from this blog. Safe to assume that was tongue-in-cheek? Or do you really think nobody else outside of this blog knows that defensemen shouldn’t leave their feet? How many Stanley cup winners are blogging and posting here?

  3. AH, West Point. Did their hockey camp twice when I was a kid. I have seen lots of hockey and football games there. Inexpensive entertainment. Army always lost, but it was fun. Now that I live in NC, I remember having more fun at Army hockey games than I have ever had at a Hurricanes game. Hockey in Carolina just isn’t right.

  4. dshea19 , I went to the Ranger/Hurricane game back in Dec. Carolina fans are too friendly. I was prepared for the usual hostility on the road, but the canes fans were so friendly I thought something was wrong – LOL
    But the arena is great.

  5. So what do the rangers have to do to get anything at all positive said about them?

    Was drury on the ice for the carcillo thing? Um no…what did you want him to do- jump over the boards and maul him? It’s been discussed at legnth that dan g made a mistake, we really need to kill drury for that one?

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    March 13th, 2010 at 12:20 pm
    Love the blog, but point #2—Keenan gets his thoughts from this blog. Safe to assume that was tongue-in-cheek? Or do you really think nobody else outside of this blog knows that defensemen shouldn’t leave their feet? How many Stanley cup winners are blogging and posting here?

    Cool your jets, we won’t tell anyone that you’re here.

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I see Sather (Fly line) has joined us today… all we need is Da(rre)n Girardi and our Rangers employed contingent will be fully represented.

  8. >>So what do the rangers have to do to get anything at all positive said about them?

    How about they start winning on a consistent basis during the regular season, then get past the second round of the playoffs? Yeah, I think that might do it.

  9. ill actually agree here with FLY LINE. im usually quick to jump on pizza boy but a) he wasnt on the ice at that time against Philly, and did you really want to see him tackling Carcillo? we blamed Brashear for not doing about it, we blamed Dubinsky, enough…. b) yesterday I thought Drury showed some leadership by telling Dubinsky to STFU. c) i dont expect anything major tomorrow in terms of fights. i really thought there would be something so i was considering going to the game, but I just dont think its worth it. avery will play tomorrow no doubt, try to stir it up with Richards, but i doubt anything will evolve.

  10. Wow, Mike Krzyzewski, Bobby Knight, Vince Lombardi, Bill Parcells – West Point has had some great coaches pass through their doors.

    But they’ve had even better men than that.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B
    March 13th, 2010 at 9:38 am
    Yea guys, let’s trade Lundqvist for Hedberg!!!


    hes only twice as good as good a shedberg. he gave up 2 while hedverg gave up 4. i think we could get a 6th rounder out of it. slats is very shrewd with trades.;)

  12. keenan, congratulations for unravelling my joke.

    The Langenbrunner comment was a general comment about leadership … nothing to do with the Carcillo-Gaborik game.

  13. carp- i think everyone here got the joke except him. im guessing he changed his name so nobody could pin the tail on the retard. i notice whenever somebody picks apart your post its always somebody weve never seen here before.

  14. oh ok, sorry for the misunderstanding Carp. had to wake up at 6 am on a Saturday to drive the kid for SAT so a bit off right now.

  15. So true Grab.

    Anyone see that Union-Quinnipiac game go 5 OTs last night? Longest game in NCAA D1 history, Quinnipiac winning. Remember the Flyers-penguins 5 OT game? I remember waking up like 2:30 AM or so, about to roll back to sleep, when I hear the TV is still playing the game (I fell asleep during), I assumed ESPN (those broadcasts destroyed VS) was replaying it when I rubbed my eyes and saw 5OT, so I did get to see Primeau score the winner. Good times in Junior high haha

  16. Imagine sitting through eight periods of Beninati if a Versus playoff game went that long. What could be better?

    Woo hoo! Clocks forward, so only a four-hour time difference for me for the next two weeks.

  17. I just watched most of the game again thanks to the wonderful wash out of a weekend we have upon us and i definitly agree that we did not look that great at even strength…The “average structure” lacked the typical backchecking and hank bailed us out early with a few key saves. The PP really was its usual self as well- i mean drury made a good play on gabbys goal and then we scored the 2nd basically on a 5 on 3.

    Captain Clutch makes a horrendous over commitment in the D zone after we were caught 5 ON 3 on the penalty kill. Afinogenov had a partial breakaway early in the game thank to girardi cheating in the neutral zone.

    So basically the “structure” did not change much but the puck bounces were on our side for one night.

    And why bother playing lisin if your going to play him with shelley? If your going to give lisin 8 minutes of time and move prust up to play w/ captain clut$c$$h then you should definitely play Voros on the 4th line.

  18. Yeah Carp…all you ever write about is how crap is really a crap…and how piss is really a piss… people really get ticked off by it! Can’t you at least for once write about some bullsh!t like “crap isn’t really a crap but a marmalade” so people start to really like you? Is it that crosby hard? geeezzz

  19. I’m not sure if Carp’s Langenbrunner/captain message was a dig at Drury or not, but if the shoe fits…

    I’m as disappointed with Drury’s contribution to the team as any other fan, but Jesus Effing Christ, Drury played great last night so can we give the guy a break for a few hours?

    He had two assists on the power play, did a hell of a job on the penalty kill (as usual), kicked ass on faceoffs for a change, and (I could be wrong, but) IIRC wasn’t on the ice for any of the Thrashers’ goals.

    Oh, and Drury made damn sure to go across the ice and have a good word with Dubinsky after #17 was very, very close to giving the Thrashers a completely unnecessary power play (or getting his ass kicked by Boulton). Carp, THAT’s what captains do–they don’t go crazy and get into fights… especially not on a team that acquired Shelley and Prust in midseason deals. (The Devils just don’t have anybody that’s particularly good at this)

  20. My posts are mostly supportive and in favor of carp- so not sure if you think i never post or am unfair or whatever grabachev, but not overly concerned. I tried to post a couple of things yesterday that showed a year ago the different tone of this board, but it got caught in the filter. Anyway I just think its the wrong time to dig at Drury after he played well, showed leadership, etc etc.

    Half the people here root for the rangers to lose so they can get the 5th pick (a pipe dream) and the other half nitpicks and critisizes a ton. I still enjoy the talk though, haha

  21. Also, personally, I would challenge the team…tell them listen we are going to kick the snot out of carcillo, and whatever penalty happens becuase of that its on drury/cally/duby/boyle and whomever else is killing penalties to get the job done- think its a great opportunity for a jumpstart

  22. Drury made a very good play on the gabby goal i will give you all that. But to say he played well on the PK last night???? Watch the thrashers first PP goal again…also the team has given up PP goals in 7 of the last 9 i believe how many times has the captain been on the ice for those goals…the captain plays on the 3rd line or 4th line, the coach realizes he is not that good im sorry but this guy doesnt deserve a break at all

  23. Come on he played well once against a crap team, for $7 mil-plus he better play well against the Thrashers. I’m not gonna kill him but I’m not gonna have a friggin parade for him either.

    btw the Thrashers started that whole Dubi thing, he was only sticking up for himself, good for him I say.

  24. Carcillo thing will sort itself out. I don’t think Carcillo will back off from fighting, so I don’t believe the instigator will be necessary. We need two points. And get the punk. In that order.

    Keenanneedsyourhelp- I saw a pretty cheap sense of humor sold around Union Square the other day. Go get it. I’m sure it’s a knock off. But much, much better than the one you have now.

  25. I’m fine with Captain Dru. I think because of all the money he makes people are expecting 30+ goals. He’s not that kind of a hockey player. I’m sure when he was offered all that money he didn’t say no thanks, I’m not worth it.

  26. I happened to disagree with most of you on Dubinsky. Dubi did the right thing. And the captain shouldn’t teach his young gun to back off. This team is too soft as it is. And we were up by two goals by then.

  27. Carp – it’s posts like this one that make this blog a required read. Spot-on and candid analysis without an agenda. Thanks for your time in keeping the site going.

  28. Tony, Cote hasn’t been in their lineup forever. So Carcillo is their main fighter. If he backs down from Shelley- the message will be clear without fighting. He knows it’s coming…

  29. And Orr ended up giving the Flyers a 4-minute PP because Carcillo wanted no part of him. That’s why, unless the score gets out of hand in either direction (Who am I kidding? One direction…), it’s pretty worthless trying to get after Carcillo. Especially since Philly has a strong PP.

    We’ve all seen how teams and players get bent out of shape trying to exact some sort of revenge on Avery, working in the Rangers’ favour, so why let someone in the same mould do the same to you? So, unfortunate as it is, Carcillo may well get through this game unscathed.

  30. Carcillo is a punk & will get what’s coming to him, sooner or later. I think the 2 points are more important. But it would be great to get both – 2 points & a Carcillo beat down.

  31. wow hartnell scores with 2 min to play than pronger with 3 seconds left? jeez philly is coming into town pumped up after a nice comeback win damn

  32. Good afternoon all! Missed most of the late night fun, but here’s a quick thought on something I did catch….Grabby, thanks for setting White Plains Batman straight…we don’t punch kitten here! :)

    Carp’s at the game tomorrow! Yay.

    And speaking of deals, how about the fact that the Devils/Pens were on MSG2 last night. WTF?

  33. Hey Carp- just ordered your Mess book on Amazon- I read the Klein book and was a little weirded out by the Bure inuendos and the driver chapter… your book was written before the Bure stuff…any idea what that guy was talking about? I found it extremely strange how he danced around the “rumors” but never went into it.

  34. I don’t blame him. Chuck Norris wants no part of Colton Orr.


    Did you guys know that Chuck Norris is 70 years old! whoa…

  35. In fact why even fight the guy,just someone give him a nice elbow while in the corner, that will drop him to his knees,then hell wannna fight then we take him out.

  36. the only chance the rangers have is Mtl. the habs have played more games. a win over Mtl, plus a win in the game in hand on them, would put the rangers just one pt behind mtl with about 10 games left.

  37. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Call Brashear up, show him the McSorley video. Brashear won’t play another game in the NHL, two problems solved.

  38. Torts is the ultimate say one thing do another coach. he says he wants Avery to get more involved, but when he takes penalties by playing on the edge, then Torts throws a fit on the bench and goes negative. so which is it Torts? do you want him to be an agitator, or do you want the pansied Torts version of Avery who treads carefully and is just an invisible spectator

  39. I haven’t really been a fan of Avery’s, but I have to agree that Torts hasn’t handled him well. If he wants Avery to be “engaged” and be a pest and all that then he has to accept the fact that there will be a couple of stupid penalties to go with it.

    I think at this point Avery doesn’t know what to do – be a pest or play it safe.

  40. I’ll admit I’m a little confused with the Avery situation. We knew what he was when we signed him. Why think we can change him. I give him credit for taking the high road an being a healthy scratch. I think we need Avery to be Avery !

  41. Another late response as I catch up: Batman, I loved 7 Willow St.! A crying shame that place closed. I once saw David Byrne there…awesome night. Do you really live in White Plains?

  42. Tony, but if you recall, the coach didn’t want THAT Avery. And the GM said the coach would learn to love him. Maybe it was a mistake to bring him back at the same time they hired this coach.

    And I’m not ready to lay the whole thing at the coach’s feet, but Avery’s been awful most of the season, with some great games mixed in. Another enigma.

  43. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And I’m not ready to lay the whole thing at the coach’s feet, but Avery’s been awful most of the season, with some great games mixed in. Another enigma.
    Although, that’s a few more games than a certain clutch player.

  44. I really have nothing to say about the Carcillo thing. If he tries to have his way I want these guys like Shelley and Prust to stand up for their teammates. If he’s behaving (highly unlikely) then worry about the two points.

    This whole scenario sucks. It’s a day to day thing right now. I’d rather have a better draft pick but it’s hard to sit there and watch them win (even against a team made of dung) and not wanna be like ‘cmon get hot and win 10 in a row so you’re the hottest team going into the playoffs’.

  45. Agreed on writing most of it for him Carp…I thnk he referenced you about 3,000 times. Would have been a good book if you knew nothng about mess, but didn’t get you in deep. Looking forward to yours- read the beginning of “The Look” chapter on amazon and was mad there weren’t more pages available!

    He had a weird passage that Bure skipped a whole season and rumors were it had to do with something that happened in a club with Messier…extremely strange I’ll try to find the passage-

  46. I will be at the game as well Carp section 411. One thing I know is that at Casino night the Rangers promised “Carcillo would get his.”

    Could be them just talking but I got a feeling it’s gonna go down.

    The Clark Gillies breaks Ed Hospodar’s Face Game : Rangers vs. Islanders 12/30/81

    Everybody remembers the fight, but the Rangers won a great game !

  47. Grabby, thought I was included in the picking apart of Carp’s post, which I sort of did with my Drury defense, haha-

  48. Mouth, on so many levels for me, personally, that was the best video you ever shared!! Oh, the many memories….:)

    FYI, I met Barry Beck once. You should see him in a tux. Great night!

  49. no prob fly. im also curious what you mean when u said bure skipped a season due to an incident in a club with messier. did mess get drunk and try to whip his ass or what?

  50. I’m not really sure- the guy who wrote the book mentioned in passing that Bure sat out a full season do to personal reasons- and there were rumors of something that happened in a club…i don’t have the book on me but it was extremely strange how he made that remark and then didnt dig deeper.

  51. so who gets prucha’d tomrorow, im assuming lisin goes back to the rafters (even though he had no chance to impress torts by playing with shelley)…and then does avery go back to the third line or did torts like prust’s play enough to let him stay on the 3rd line?

  52. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on


    He’s my Aves! I’ll fight you for him! ;) And those sexy glasses he wears!

    Why poor Aves? Is he sitting out again tomorrow?

  53. aves better be in tommorow. hes gotta play better though honestly, and not just because its the flyers were playing. wanna see him contribute offensively too. he is a 4 million dollar player, but imagine if we had payed him the full amount? hed be just another bad signing by sather at this point. i know sather signed these guys, but isnt it partly the players fault for playing like crap? i know they cant live up to the contracts, but these guys like dru and redden werent this bad anywhere else. length of term is the killer here. at least aves is only being paid half by usand rozy is gone in a year maybe less. redden will not last either but i cant understand if we had dz and sangs being groomed for the pp point man job, why was reddenb given 6 years? thats the killer right there. 2 years max and we wouldnt even have to worry about him by now.

  54. Bring back Prucha on

    I see a pattern starting here. Enver Lisin plays, the Rangers score goals, the Rangers win games. SO tomorrow is the perfect time to sit him and put Avery back in the lineup right? FML

  55. The White Plains Batman on

    Blogmama, David Byrne rocks can’t wait for his new album with Fatboy Slim with a different female vocalist on each song about the First Lady of the Philippines from back when.

    I miss both 7 Willow and the Capital Theater being active; both big parts of my Middle School and HS years in the mid/late 90s. It’s funny, in some ways HS really ended for me the second Lindros beat Messier to that puck in Game 5 I think it was. My last two years there were useless.

    I don’t live in WP but spent a lot of time growing up there and my friends and I thought it would be funny if White Plains out of all places had a protector, hence the name.

  56. Lev-

    good question-are you rooting for two playoff games at MSG then i guess root for the bruins

    are you hoping Sather gets fired and want a higher draft pick then root root for a bruins ShootOut WIN!

  57. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on


    It’s already been discussed. No, I am a heterosexual male who appreciates male beauty, generally in sports.


  58. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    If the Bruins win, then the Canadiens will have 2 more GP than us and only be up 3 points I think.

    No overtime, Jybtes!!

    I want Henrik to put us on his back and carry us to a Cup!

  59. CR9 – you just happen to flaunt your appreciation of male beauty a bit much

    Mama – Did BB shoot the puck?

    I didn’t really ask that

  60. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It’s already been discussed. No, I am a heterosexual male who appreciates male beauty, generally in sports.

    Joe Micheletti or Sean Avery, WHO ARE YOU?!

  61. Olga Folkyerself on

    “I want Henrik to put us on his back and carry us to a Cup!”


    Lundqvist Collapses; Suffers Grade 4 Hernia

    Playoff Picture Still Zero

  62. >>I want Henrik to put us on his back and carry us to a Cup!

    Lundqvist will more likely end up with a broken back than with the Stanley Cup.

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Prust we Trust!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Good win , GREAT WIN , time to do the dance and waltz all over Philthy Philly tommorow. Our team plays like retards half the time and I can only take this whole playoff strive thing One day at a time.

    Jarda!! Jarda!!! Jarda!!

  64. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Joe Micheletti is not a Rangers fan, so I’m not him.

    I wish I could be Sean Avery, but not fortunate enough to be.

    Aside from my pessimism regarding Boston, I happen to be an eternal optimist.

    There is no one player on any of my NY teams that I am desperate to see hoist the trophy than Henrik. The day he does will be a DREAM COME TRUE.

    I guess I flaunt my appreciation a bit much, but how can anybody complain when the NY teams have/had some of the most beautiful men in the world. i.e. Jaromir, Henrik, Jeter.

    If anyone had the opportunity to have one night with Henrik or Megan Fox, who would it be? For me, it would be a tough choice.

  65. I know this is not a popular position to take, but there is nothing that I see in Lisin that I find unacceptable, and any small mishaps he may have could well be attributed to the scarcity of ice time that he sees. I feel than any competent and well tuned coach should be able to bring out more from him than Tortorella seems to have ever tried to do.

  66. fran: I was just having that Lisin conversation with a Habs fan buddy of mine on Friday. Frankly, I’d much rather have him in the line-up than this season’s version of Avery.

  67. ok cr9- its time. i think you have to come out to the blog. its gonna be ok. we will all accept you for you. cmon gay, er i mean guy. just say it, and get it over with.

  68. Chris from Buffalo on

    Did anyone see Kovalchuk just stand there as the Fishsticks took a 4-2 lead over the Devils shorthanded?

  69. i am glad to see some lisin fans out there…we all know he has wonderful skating ability and has a decent amount of skill…i agree torts gave him some time with gaborik at the beginning of the year and did not produce that much but im not ready to give up on this kid yet……dont prucha him tomorrow torts! prucha someone else!

  70. Well I can hold my tongue no longer. Even though the Rangers won last night they barely hung on. I hate Tortorella he has everyone so nervous to make a mistake that’s all they do. Structure starts with coach he hasn’t had any set lines all year. He is way too emotional he should take some valium. I hate Sather you can’t bench Roszival or Redden when you only have 6 defensemen. That also makes life tough for Gilroy and DelZotto learning from two morons. Then that burns out Girardi and Stahl. I hate that Sather signed Drury to such a large contract especially with a NTC. What in that man’s history lead him to beleive he was worth the the money he was signed for? If you could hope for him to repeat his best year he was not worth 7 million a year. Most of all I hate Drury because we are atuck with him forever. No one else wants him. He is the worst captain we have had. He makes ridiculous rookie mistakes. You don’t pass along the blueline unless there is no chance for the opposition to get it so what does he do just that and the result a 2 man break the other way and 4 Rangers inside the blueline. Finally I hate how this team plays defense stick checks, backing up and very little checking the man with puck. Don’t they watch what the other teams do to them when they get the puck? They are not going to make the playoffs and if they do just how far could they go?

  71. Did anyone see what was posted on thedarkranger’s blog? About how the ef could Avery be scratched?

    How bout cus the guy doesn’t score barely at all, is prone to takin stupid penalties, and half the time you don’t even notice him out there.

    Plus, what can you say? He was scratched and they won! He shouldn’t play again. Torts should roll same lines next game.

  72. Torts said today (yesterday?), per Gross

    ““This team is focused on trying to play the best it can be and try to get two points,” Tortorella said. “A lack of discipline one way or another where you sit in the box, where they have a really good power play – I’ll just speak for our team – it can’t happen. It can’t happen. We are just focused on trying to be the best we can be tomorrow afternoon and find a way to beat this club.”

    So…I’m not sure anything will really happen unless the game is out of hand

  73. Blueshirt in Paris on

    My prediction is there will be no fights, no revenge, no standing up for the team…unless the Rangers blow it open (which as we know is most likely, not likely.)

    Granted the team had lacked toughness before the Proust and Shelly acquisition…but it also lacked team toughness, and that falls on Torts and to some degree Drury. Players are too afraid to land in the doghouse, a coach should allow the team to be tough. But it’s not entirely his fault, if they had been playing better, we would not be walking this tightrope.

    Read Rodents latest post on this subject, hits it on the head. And yes, most of us hate Drury too.

  74. you may be right about that B.I.P,but im praying someone punches that trailer park mouth breathers white trash mustache,right off his frakking face.

  75. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Yeah, so am I!!! And with day light savings I’m only 5 hours ahead so I get to watch this live!

  76. If youse could have it one or the other,which would you choose?
    Rangers win big on the score board? or the Rangers goon it up and get big wins in the fights?

  77. Check out the video on of Ladd smoking “JoeDirt” Carcillo last bad he lived.kidding,i need him to take a shift or 2 today so Gabby can get a rematch.

  78. Good game morning, everyone!
    Hate Don Cherry, but he was spot on about the league totally making mistake about not suspending Cooke. So now it’s open season. They also mentioned what some of us said before, how swiftly the league created Avery rule.

  79. ilb – call me a sceptic (or just call me CR9…) but I think Cherry only spoke out about that because he’s a big Savard fan and he plays for the Bruins. He’d never normally call for a suspension on a hit like that. Completely agree with him though, which is making me feel all confused inside…

    Did you see Milbury later on? I’m sure I read earlier in the week that he didn’t have a problem with the Cooke hit. Now he claims he was “sickened” by it?

  80. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    “lb – call me a sceptic (or just call me CR9…) but I think Cherry only spoke out about that because he’s a big Savard fan and he plays for the Bruins. He’d never normally call for a suspension on a hit like that. Completely agree with him though, which is making me feel all confused inside…”

    LMAO at your first line!

    Did not hear any of the Cherry stuff, but not surprised.

    He is the most arrogant hypocritical pig in all of hockey.

    Surprise, surprise ;)

    Cherry, while he is Canadien, is the scummiest of Bostonians.

  81. I blame the league for Cooke even being in the league. If it wasn’t for expansion, Cooke and Co wouldn’t have enough talent to play in NHL. The dilution of real talent allows cuch players to play here. Well, guess what, his name is on Stanley Cup. Disgrace.

  82. Cherry is an epitome of a redneck. Hate the guy. But I’ll give him his due when he is saying the right thing. Adittedly, it doesn’t happen very often.

    CR9- between me and you, that Boston thing is really getting old.

  83. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Prust we Trust!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Score some goals and then goon it up. Rangers are beefier this time around . Guys like Girardi have a chance to reddem himself. This game will get ugly. Dirty , Nasty and some good old fashion NHL94 blood.

  84. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on


    I barely mention Boston anymore.

    Is there something wrong with calling Cherry what he is?

  85. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Honestly, I do not want a blow out. I want them to work hard and fight. Concentrate on good D but score enough goals to win. And a few ass kickings given out along the way.

  86. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    I cannot believe (I actually can believe) how much uproar there has been over this Cooke hit.

    There have been hundreds of worse hits in the NHL in the past year, and this is getting so much play.


    I think you all should know the answer.

  87. I have a feeling that Torts doesn’t want them to do anything with Carcillo. Until, and if the game is out of hands either way. So don’t expect anything right away. I hope he properly addresses the issue, you can’t deny it exists.

  88. The White Plains Batman on

    Cooke started this beef with us fans when he went after Anisimov. That was dirty and he left his feet.

    As for Carcillo, as I said, if they don’t want to fight him, push him, spear him, trip him, give him Ulf Samuelson facials after the play, make his life today ABSOLUTWLY miserable and hopefully he does a Kovalchuk on Avery.

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Prust we Trust!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CR9 , I saw the Matt Cooke hit and looked the other way. It was cheap and dirty. A shoulder to the head is not a penalty. Your right about all the uproar because hits like Brashear on Betts and other nasty deeds have been committed on NHL ice. Marty McSorley /Brashear and the famous Burtuzzi mugging . Didn’t Chris Simion crosscheck lumber to the face of Holloweg? Holloweg had his bad choices as well.

    The fact is , hockey is and will always be a “goon” sport.
    Skating that fast and hitting the boards is un heard of in ANY sport. Maybe Raquet ball. When you sign up for NHL hockey , you better check yer Teeth at the door alond with yer scattered brains and dislocated hips. Skating that fast only makes the body wanna cramp up and pull a groin.

    What Cooke did was mean spirited and goonish but by all means . It wont he be the last case in a sport that thrives on Speed ,Skill ,Finese,Toughness and the ability to block a frozen puck comming at you 100 mph.

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Prust we Trust!!! " … says Greg L. on

    TYPO , What Cooke did was mean spirited and goonish but by all means . He wont be the last case in a sport that thrives on Speed ,Skill ,Finese,Toughness and the ability to block a frozen puck comming at you 100 mph.

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " This is OUR building , Flyers BEWARE!!! " … says Greg L. on

    GO SHELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    2 PTS


    2 PTS


    2 PTS


    2 PTS


  92. Stat pack: This game kicks off a four-game road trip for the Flyers. … The Rangers have converted 5 of 16 power-play attempts in the last five games. … ….The Rangers currently lead the NHL with 1,958 hits.

    From the matchtup page.

    Doesnt seem like they should lead the league, does it?

  93. NYRanger4Life on

    Stat should read: Rangers lead the league with 1,958 of the SOFTEST hits. More like shoves. When was the last time someone delivered a bone crunching hit? Paging Marc Staal??

    I am selling my two tickets to Tuesdays gm against Montreal. My seats are Section 209 Row B. Great seats. Could be a pivotal game if the Rangers can somehow win today…

    Email me at lpresser23 @ gmail if youre interested. I can have the tickets fedex’d overnight for tues am delivery.


  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " This is OUR building , Flyers BEWARE!!! " … says Greg L. on

    If Drury only would have …. ( this is for you Cr9)

    * NEW YORK (AP) -Jaromir Jagr seized the moment. Brendan Shanahan captured the night.
    “I don’t think you could have scripted it any better,” New York coach Tom Renney said Thursday after his two superstars led the Rangers to a season-opening 5-2 victory over the Washington Capitals.
    Just moments after being officially introduced as team captain, Jagr delivered a moment that predecessor Mark Messier would have been proud of. He needed just 29 seconds to net his first goal of the season and send the Rangers on the winning track.
    Shanahan did him one better, scoring twice in his Rangers debut to become the 15th player with 600 NHL goals.
    Wearing the “C” that Messier made famous, Jagr burst up ice during his first shift and scored on the initial shot of the hockey year.
    The 24th captain in Rangers history was swarmed by teammates as Madison Square Garden rocked. Chants of “M-V-P” rained down on Jagr, who finished second for the award last season.
    “That first shift, what he did is he told everyone in the NHL he is the captain of the Rangers,” said Shanahan.
    quote before the season
    “I’ve never been that guy who wanted to die to be the captain,” Jagr said. “I want to help differently. To me it doesn’t matter. You guys are still going to blame me anyway if something goes wrong whether I’m captain or not.”

  95. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Thanks Greg.

    What is so upsetting to me about the uproar is, if this happened to a Ranger (which it has in the past i.e. Betts), there would not be a big deal.

    But the hypocrisy sets in when the uproar is made ONLY BECAUSE it is a BRUIN.

    When Betts got hit last year, I read an article from Washington Post I think, from Sally Jenkins, calling the Rangers whiners and that those hits take place in hockey.

    The exact opposite reaction of what is going on currently with the Cooke hit.

    I did feel bad for Savard to begin with, and I should feel bad for him, but after the hypocrisy (and mainly seeing Rangers fans defend a Bruin), I am sort of glad this happened, and I hope the rest of his career has been altered because of it.

  96. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Greg, what on earth are you talking about? Of course Drury can do that? He has actually…
    No one at Madison Square Garden last night was surprised that the puck found Chris Drury at the biggest moment of the season opener.
    Drury, the Rangers’ new center, was standing alone in front of Florida goaltender Tomas Vokoun midway through the third period when the rebound of a third Rangers shot popped right to him, and he snapped the puck into the net.

    The goal gave the Rangers the lead, and they would storm to win, 5-2.

    As Buffalo’s star last season, Drury’s tying goal with 7.7 seconds left in Game 5 of a second-round series ultimately doomed the Rangers.
    His new team could not be happier to have him.
    “It’s the first thing I thought about,” Coach Tom Renney said. “Now it’s our turn.”

    Whether it is the Rangers’ turn to make a run deep into the playoffs — led by Drury and stocked with talent — is a long way from being answered. But they solved their first riddle spectacularly.

    Despite a goal on their first shift when a pass from Drury bounced off the skates of Florida center *Olli Jokinen* and right to defenseman Michal Rozsival, who scored 37 seconds into the game, the Rangers struggled through the first two periods.

    Drury’s goal came with 11:14 left, after shots by Malik and Jaromir Jagr left him a third rebound. The Garden announcer had not even announced Drury’s goal when forward Ryan Callahan snared a turnover in front of the Florida net and fired a wrist shot under the crossbar 12 seconds later to make the score 4-2.

    When Drury’s goal was finally announced, the crowd stood and roared for their new star, who said he had dreamed as a kid growing up in *Trumbull, Conn.,* of playing for the Rangers.

    And also in signature fashion, Drury dished off much of the praise to his linemates, Jagr and Martin Straka.

    “I was in the right place at the right time,” Drury said. “It was a good forecheck by Marty, Jags had a good turnaround quick shot and Vokoun has to sprawl to make a save. I’m out there with two of the best players in the league right now. It’s nice to be out there with them.”

    The comeback took a Rangers-wide effort to assimilate their new players. Not only was Drury playing his first game, but center Scott Gomez, the former Devil, was feeling his way with his linemates Brendan Shanahan and Sean Avery. The rookie Brandon Dubinsky was centering a third line, and the rookie defenseman Marc Staal was playing his first N.H.L. game.

    “I’m happy that even if we didn’t play well, we win the hockey game,” Jagr said. “That’s a positive. I still think we’ve got a long way to go and every line can play a lot better than we did tonight. That’s a good sign.”

  97. call me septic greg, but i think we should tank. in the toilet. lol. that was great greg. the first game of the season. what happened during those games where he “took shifts” or even nights off. its a wonder we made it in the 06-07, because without avery, we wouldnt have. and if hes gonna say i’ll get blamed anyway, then why wouldnt he take it the year before? he didnt want the pressure even though it wouldve been on him anyway or so he said. only when we had shanny come in, he took the c. and made sure he was going to be paid the highest if he was going to be the top guy on the team. but after his comments about saving himself for a playoff that wasnt gauranteed, i think he screwed himself and no matter how skilled you are, you say something like that, and with his declining stats, its understandable that sather wasnt gonna give him 8 mill just so he can be the highest paid player

  98. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " This is OUR building , Flyers BEWARE!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ohhh Cr9 , that’s probally not a good thing to say or think about his carreer. Don’t let Boston get you down cuz around here no one gives a shit about Boston,NJ,Philthy Philly,Azzlanders or the Sabres(ok Sally does). So don’t worry about Boston getting this , Boston getting that. This aint baseball and last ive looked BOSTON has never one a Cup. OK OK they won before but ditched thier chances when they let Joe Thorton go. All Boston has to go on in hockey is …the old times when Bobby Orr was around and maybe Don Cherry’s videos still promote Boston, and Cam neely .BIG DEAL. No one cares about Boston around here cuz they SUCK . Only time Boston gets reconition is when you talk about ’em. I think Boston as being an Original 6 ,thats all.

  99. If +/- is a bad stat, the hitting stats can’t be far behind. It’s pretty clear the Rangers aren’t even close to being the most physical team in the league, but I think they’ve been towards the top of that team stat ever since the lockout. Callahan and Girardi are usually among the league leaders individually – they might make a lot of body contact, but heavy hitters they ain’t.

    It’s obviously a subjective stat, so varies wildly from rink to rink. If it’s people on the Rangers payroll doing the numbers at MSG, then surely it’s counter-productive anyway? Inflated numbers might look good in the media notes, but they’ll get used by agents as a comparable in contract negotiations and arbitrations against the club. Which I thought was the reason the NHL stopped officially publishing the stat for a few years a while back.

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " This is OUR building , Flyers BEWARE!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ahhh touche’ True fans . Drury’s clutch is un deniable the clutchest clutch player in clutch history. How could I ever disagree with that.

    Mike , umm Jagr is what we all wanted in a leader. Show up at Playoff time.When Jagr “saves himself for the playoffs” he means he doesnt emotionally want to get all wound up and wore out from the season. By saving himself , he was being Realistic Mike. Jagr’s skill out weighed EVERYONES on the Rangers and a 60 percent Jagr is better then a 100 percent Drury. Jagr was smart and if he need to take some nights off, so be it. He is no ordinary talent.No Ranger has EVER scored as much as Jagr in one season. Jagr even said he wasnt the protyipical Captain. He was named captain cuz of all the players on the Rangers , he cared the MOST. Thus , hes our captain.

  101. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    I know I shouldnt, and I dont even mean it anyway, but seeing all these Rangers fans defend them is disgusting.

  102. It’s a shame Chciago’s front office screwed up that team with the salary cap for the future. I don’t know if this season is there only chance to win, but the West is so tough that if they lose most of their secondary scoring it will be tough for them.

  103. It’s officially my birthday! No more being a twenty-something anymore. I think that could be a good thing…

    I want the Rangers to give me TWO presents for my birthday. One: I hope Carcillo gets his ass kicked today by either Shelley or maybe Prust. Two: I want a win. I don’t care how and I don’t care by how many, I just want a win.

    A goal or two by Dubi and/or Cally would be nice, too, but I figure that’s stretching it.

    I won’t be able to see the game as I’ll be at my sister’s. I’m DVRing it though, hope they make it worth my while.

  104. Ovie with a hit from behind on Campbell into the boards, puck is 10 feet away from the play. I bet the NHL gives him the Matt Cooke treatment.

  105. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Happy Birthday Mickey.

    Maybe you’ll be getting a Rangers Stanley Cup this year!

    You never know!

  106. Dirty hit by OV, he tried to go from a side though… 5 min, game misconduct. OV is done for this game.

  107. With all that offensive power, Chicago could only manage one goal on a five minute major power play? Oh and, that goal came during a 5v3.

  108. CTB, ilb and CR- Thanks! I’d say I’m celebrating today, but I did all that LAST Saturday night, lol. Gonna keep it lowkey today.

    CR- From your keyboard to God’s ears! :)

  109. Not to speak ill of Campbell since he was just on the receiving end of a brutal hit, but I’d like to see the Hawks win the Cup and then waive Brian Campbell. Just maybe a GM that signed a player to an bloated contract will get the hint.

  110. Two non-conference teams with the playoffs all but in their pocket fighting after the buzzer like it’s the last day of the season and they both need points to get into the post-season. Wonder what it’s like to have a team like that?

  111. You would think with an $8MM/yr contract Crosby could afford to buy hi parents a new dryer.

  112. >>Wonder what it’s like to have a team like that?

    But we have “STRUCTURE” now, CTBlueshirt!

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