Big night in ‘Lanta (updated)


I can’t even imagine what this place is going to be like if the Rangers don’t start winning soon. Yesterday we fired the coach and traded the goalie! The goalie who is the reason why they’re in sniffing distance of a playoff spot, who pretty much acts as the team captain, who along with Marian Gaborik is one of two legit top-shelf players on the roster.

I don’t get that. I also don’t buy this idea that the Rangers need to be further torn apart — i.e. trading Lundqvist and any young-ish players of value — in order to start over. I think that makes this team worse now, and worse in the immediate future, and potentially much worse, if those draft picks/prospects you might get in trading Lundqvist and Callahan and Dubinsky and Staal, et al, don’t then turn into stars themselves. I always point to the Islanders post-1993.

Anyway, the Rangers aren’t out of it, but in order to get the nine or 10 wins they might need in these final 15 games they’re going to need to win three or four in a row sooner or later (sooner). I don’t believe in Must Games with that much time left, but this is as close as it gets to a Must Game.

Let’s not forget that in less than two weeks, they start a six-game road trip. So tonight in Atlanta,against a team in the race, with the Rangers having rested in their hotel in Atlanta while the Thrashers were playing on the road last night, is enormous.

Me, I just found out my PC’s fixed, but I won’t have time to pick it up until Monday. I’m headed for a basketball quadruple-header and then home to catch Rangers in 60. Hopefully I’ll remember to put up a pregame thread.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 12 NOON: Per Steve Zipay, Sean Avery will be scratched tonight. Interesting. I thought he was benched for the third period in Jersey the other night. Don’t know what it is this time, and I don’t mind a player being held accountable (finally!). But why is it always the same few player(s)? Avery has been a sad shadow of the player he was after he came back late last season. No doubt. But what about some of the other guys who regularly botch up, go through the motions, or act sometimes as if they’d rather be somewhere else?

Also, it appears 97-year-old Chris Chelios will play for the Thrashers tonight.

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  1. Doodie – Absolutely right, bad teams do not win the Cup and this is a bad team.

    Greg – You are misunderstanding the point. This team can’t win it all now and hoping to improve for the future is not a bad thing or make anyone a fair weather fan because we realize that. I would rather move up a few spots in the draft than fantasize on how we can avoid a whipping from the Caps in the first round.

    There is too much anything that needs to happen in the playoffs to reasonably think that anything can happen for this team. And that much anything can happen has never happened for the Rangers in the 40+ years I have been following them.

  2. Doodie Machetto on


    CT, actually, I think the Kings would jump at a deal for Lundqvist. Bernier and Quick are both OK, but neither of them is or will be a world beater. But it’s for that same reason a trade to LA wouldn’t work. It’s not worth trading LQ unless you are getting a blue chip goaltending prospect as part of the return.

    Really, the only teams I think a deal might work with are the Blues, the Caps, the Bruins, the Blackhawks, and the Predators.

    Not that one would ever be made. Just saying those are the only possible dance partners. Detroit, Ottawa, and Montreal seem to have the goaltending chops, but don’t have the prospects to make the deal work. Minnesota has Harding, but they wouldn’t want Henrik since they have Backstrom too.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Greg: there’s no denying that a goaltender is important (although it can be won without one that is a star) to winning the Cup, but no team with just a goaltender has ever won it. And that’s what the Rangers are.

  4. FLY LINE-

    WOW really….lisin in or prucha? very interesting i called torts out yesterday to step it up a notch and bench some other members besides the R&R tango…..should be someinteresting post game comments if AVES really gets benched…

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, to be clear, I’m not advocating they trade Lundqvist. No GM would pay the price he is worth.

    But I’ll tell you what this shows me: the Rangers desperately need to draft some goaltending in two or three years.

  6. wow meant to say OR VOROS not prucha-lol! lisin and voros are associated with the word PRUCHA’d way too often!

  7. They can use a few don maloney’s along the boards and in front of the net. There play along the boards especially in the offensive zone is poor. I know they have Grechin (spelling?) and Byers and Weise and Dupont in the minors but they really need these guys to develop quickly.

    And one slick-stick handling number 1 center would be nice.

    And one three point shooter!

  8. Doodie, would that be a Lundqvist for Bernier/Quick straight up (which I don’t think that’s what you meant)? Of course Lundqvist would be an upgarde. Even if it was Lundqvist for one of those two + a first round pick it’s still a great deal for LA since that 1st round pick would be probably last 5 of the 1st round.

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time for Tampa!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Thats right Adam. Buffalo was shafted as well that year.

    Doodie, A crappy team with two Olmpics silver medalist with 1 broze finn and a guy who hurt to play fer his country…and a goalie who lost and wants to win even more. Doent sound as crappy as you make it.


    Chelios scores on the powerplay to tie the game … then scores a shorthanded late in the third to win it for ATL

  11. What’s wrong with you guys? is it simple ignorance or is it a complex drug addiction? Trade Lundqvist. Yeah ok. because a Franchise goalie is a problem. Because you don’t build your team from the net out. Because while you’re crying and moaning about how awful our drafts have been you don’t wanna say any more then “Sather got lucky with Lundqvist”. WAKE UP. a goalies like this are few and far between and you wanna get rid of a guy who has been a vezina finalist almost every year, has won 30 games for you every year until this one, and is probably the ONLY reason this team has made it to the post season the last 3 years let alone won a playoff game…why? because his glove hand is weak? because he isn’t perfect or similar enough to some other goalie you must compare him to? Keep playing GM from behind your keyboards. it’s real healthy.

    Why don’t you go talk to a Flyers fan about how tradeable a goalie like Lundqvist is. Or go talk to Islander fans about how they aren’t in denial about their franchise goalie. You know, the one who’s signed for the next 30 some odd years and has virtually an entire lower body made or surgical plastic and steel?

    Oh wait! I’m sorry, I forgot. Lundqvist is 29 now. He’s passing him prime and we need a center. oh, i’m sure someones gonna defeat this arguement now that these facts are out in the open. Not like goalies like him play til theyre almost 40.

    btw- we’ll blow this game tonight. Atlanta plays better in the clutch. This Rangers team has a pre lock out feel to it. Wouldn’t be suprised if they don’t give us even a glimmer of hope from here on in.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    No, Bernier and Quick aren’t good enough prospects to make dealing LQ there ever work, no matter what the rest of the return is.

    Bad teams have come close but have never succeeded. They lose because they’re bad.

  13. How about the ’06 Canes? Without Cam Ward doing what he did they wouldn’t have gone anywhere.

  14. Doodie Machetto on


    Greg: Olympic medals? Really? That’s the weakest argument you could ever make that this team is any good. First, they can win all the medals they want, they were playing on different teams. Second, Callahan and Drury were PK specialists for America. Third, none of our defensmen even went to the Olympics. Fourth, you point to a guy that got hurt and a guy that lost as reasons that our team is good?

    Face it. This team is not good. It happens when you have bad management.

  15. BTW that wasn’t directed at any one person directly just based on the details in this blog entry.

    I mean look, Sathers not going anywhere so let’s get back to being realistic about this summer. If they fall deeper into this hole theyre in it’s gonna benefit us. Hopefully we can pull a decent draft pick and with the salary that’ll be shed from Jokinen and a couple others departing, we’ll have a chunk of money that should atleast be able to get us a center that can give us a legit #1 line and not just a #1 line winger for next year. From there they’ll have to weed out the trash as best as possible. We can hope for upgrades on D but there’s no telling what’s gonna happen with Redden and the other moron.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, are you kidding? The 06 Canes were a GREAT team. Goaltending was the only question mark they had going into the playoffs. Ward catching fire is what put them over the top but that team was a REALLY good team, from top to bottom.

  17. NYRanger4Life on

    I’ll be at the game Sunday. Sec 209, row B. A kid in front of me the other day (he was no older than 12) had a FIRE SATHER sign. Not sure how we smuggled it in, but I plan on trying to bring one in.

    Avery isnt the problem here. It’s the GM and, i’m going to say it, the coach. I subscribed to theory of giving torts a full year to whip these guys in to shape, but, we seem to be regressing. NO accountability. No continuity. Nothing. It’s definitely not an easy time to be a rangers fan.

  18. The Hurricanes were 2nd in the Eastern conference by 1 point that season. Staal and Stillman were 1 and 2 in points that year in the playoffs.

  19. billybleedsblue on

    If we all make fun of old man Chelios all day, we all know what’s going to happen tonight. He will turn 189!

  20. Doodie- sorry man, as I said I wasn’t directing anything.

    Realistically though, what’s going to help get this team closer to being elite? Do they sign Marleau? dump Dubinsky to move up in the draft? Part ways with guys like Boyle, Lisin, and Voros and give some time to guys like Grachev (bust?) or some other guys who prove themselves worthy of it by next camp?

    We should try to start discussing life WITH Sather and reality in tact before we all start getting nasty with each other.

  21. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Yeah can everyone shut up about the retarded idea of trading Lundqvist?

    Stupid, Will never happen, end of story.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Laugh all you want about his age, but “Old Man Chelios” is definitely better than 2 of our defensemen and probably better than 2 others.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Can we get Leetch or Graves behind the bench in Hartford? Start teaching them to coach so eventually they can take the reigns of the big club?

  24. Avery has been a shadow of what he used to be because he was on a short leash. Still is. He lost his edge and now can’t find it. He now is used to playing a different kind of game, the one he isn’t very effective at. He was always pretty bad in his own zone. It’s just more obvious at the moment because he isn’t doing anything else. Not all is his fault. The coach, the refs and the media to an extent. I hope he isn’t done. But he might be under Torts.

  25. Marleau is only worth it if they can shed more than just Jokinen’s annaual cap hit – one of the R&R boys – since they’d be left over with very little if you assume that Marleau is going to cost about $6MM. Unless Sather tries to be “creative” and signs him to a Marian Hossa type deal, which would have him playing into his 40’s.

  26. So what do you think happens with Avery then? Does anyone take him in a trade or does he get waived? I think he might be hated just enough around the league in clubhouses that the Rangers are his only option in the NHL.

  27. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Tortz is done in my book. What happened, did Avery twitter himself in the locker room? Let’s hold someone else accountable.

  28. billybleedsblue on

    Wasn’t Mike Richter the most intelligent? How ’bout him or will he be too busy some day running for a political office? Then the question is does he have a long lost twin, or even a body-double that we can have just stand around? Or how about a cardboard cut-out of Messier, Graves, Leetch, AND Richter that we could put behind the bench and just like move it around every once in a while, you know, immitating some sort of life?
    Speaking of some sort of life, why scratch Avery in tonight’s game? Is he hurt (physically)? Doesn’t he have the fire we need to win games like this?

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery just isn’t that good. Never has been. He had one really hot stretch when they first traded for him back in ’07. Ever since he got his contract in Dallas he’s been just plain bad.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    CT, the Rangers were his only option last year after the Dallas incident. I hate that we’re stuck with him for another 2 years.

  31. Richter is a partner in a private equity firm/venture capital firm. Maybe if he hits it really big he can buy the Rangers. Or Cablevision and put the Dolans out on their sorry rear ends.

  32. Aves is having a bad year. That’s all there is to it. I think that everyone expected a little more from him, but he hasn’t done much.

    It’s probably a one game thing, just to send a message to him. Actions speak louder than words, so maybe he’ll get the message and contribute down the stretch.

    I hope not, cause i want a top 5 pick.

    Time is running out Gregory, my boy!!!

  33. LOL doodie ya beat me to the comment about Chelios. I’d take him over Redden. now and probably 2 years from now.

    Rangers4life- I’m not one of the people who believes Redden’s going anywhere. The only way it happens is if someone wants to trade albatrose for albatrose (ie Souray) or Dolan gives a direct order that he wants the guy off the team and in Hartford(not likely).

    ps- something tells me that we’re eventually going to see Messier in Sather’s seat. When that happens I think we’ll see Graves and maybe Leetch more involved with this organization. Perhaps even in a coaching role. I feel like it’s our 94 guys that will haunt us forever. Tho the likes of Lowe and *braces* Glen Anderson probably won’t be too far behind.

  34. billybleedsblue on

    I’m not saying he should play 18 minutes, but sending him out there with say dubi and callahan every now and again to try to make something happen or draw a penalty? Or work the puck deep and force a draw? Ugh, is that such a stretch? Are things really this bad?

  35. Right Doodie, there was only one team willing to claim him on waivers. And I still think that would be the case today.

    I think a lot of the league has also learned to ignore him. He doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt on any calls either on fouls that he commits or fouls committed against him, thus his effectiveness has diminished severely.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    I really hope Messier doesn’t end up in the GM’s chair. That happens only if Sather abdicates his throne to just be team president. In which case, Messier will just be his puppet and it will only serve to tarnish Messier’s legacy. I don’t want to remember Messier for inept management.

  37. why is avery sitting they should sit dubinsky to teach him a lesson. he has to bring it every game and sadly he does not.

  38. BTW- on Accountability:

    Does anyone else here feel like maybe the lack of holding people accountable has to do with Sather at this point? I mean let’s face facts. Renney preached it. Was limited in how he enforced it. Torts basically lives by it. Yet he seems to have limits as well.

    Maybe the lack of chemistry and the possibility of a weak locker room are valid points, but have nothing to do with the coach. Maybe our lovely GM is the real problem in that aspect too. I mean, in a situation where the room is divided, is it out of the question to think that it got that way because certain players get held accountable while others are deemed “untouchable” no matter the offense? If that or something similar has happened, is it out of the question to say those players are being protected then someone higher up the Torts?

  39. I think Graves is being used in the best way possible for a guy like him. I don’t know if you can teach his style of play. Either you have the stones to stand in front of the net and get abused or you don’t.

    Leetch is the same issue at the opposite end of spectrum. When you have the type of natural skill like he did, you either have it or you don’t.

  40. Torts has run out of options. The move is as much to get the teams attention as it is to get one player to engage. Who else is going to sit? Redden, so what….been there done that, no effect. Drury? Not now, too late for that. A fourth liner…who cares?
    Avery may be the only guy that can get Torts some bang for the buck, without sacrificing a player that gets meaningful minutes. Besides, odds are Avery comes back after one game in the sky box with more fury and passion.

  41. Doodie- I didn’t want to remember Mess for inept PLAY but they brought him back for ’round 2′. I couldn’t provide you a link, or a shred of evidence, but I’ve had people tell me that certain people related to Messier full blown admit that it’s been discussed by Sather and Messier and that a “take over” month and year have allegedly been discussed. Now it’s probably horse crap, like all other stuff that isn’t backed up in black and white, but if it isn’t we have problems. Especially if Messier is going in with an old school attitude and using Sather as a mentor.

  42. My Mom's Tougher than Girardi on

    so let me get this right.. were going to scratch the only guy who knows how to stick up for his teammates?? One of the few players on the team who has his teammates back i.e.(Gaborik in philly) yet were going to keep redden, rozsival, drury, girardi, and jokinen who have shown no pulse throught out the year??


  43. Won't Make Playoffs on

    This is altogether unsurprising. As I said last season, this team wouldn’t have made the playoffs if Gomez doesn’t injure Miller. If Miller plays in that game in the Garden last season, Buffalo wins and we miss the playoffs. Just like we’re going to this season.

    And the worst part is, I don’t even see a glimmer on the horizon. As long as Sather is here, he’ll continue spending in free agency and holding back the players in the pipeline. We’re doomed to 7th-11th place finishes for the next three seasons.

  44. TORTORELLA is the biggest loser ever asscoiated with this team. The quicker they get rid of him the better off we’ll be.

  45. three forwards skipped the skate today. Gaborik which is understandable, Jokinen (gone after this year) and nose picker. why is he playing again tonight if he does not care. he makes me want to throw up, mr holdout because i’m so good.

  46. True Blue 23 on

    so seems like most people on here would rather want to see their team fail… it is what it is at this point so why not go to the garden and just cheer for them. The home games even at the start of the season wre pathetic (crowd wise). You have people at 100’and 200′ on buss. meetings who dont wanna get bothered with hockey and 300’s and 400’s who “boo” for 2 periods…all the NHL arenas ive been to I have not seen home team treated that way…dont get me wrong im just as frustrated as everyone is on this blog but its not gaby’s or hanks or callahans fault that GM is a scumbag…..

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Maybe Torterella realized the only player who actually cared was Avery, and that mentality jeopardizes their pursuit of a top 5 pick.

  48. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And Hank cares too… but in all seriousness, how are Drury, Rozi, and Girardi NEVER scratched?! These guys have been the most disappointing this season and they are never accountable! Maybe it is the GM on the earphone of Torts (“Avery out, Drury gets extra time tonight…slats out”).

  49. nose picker March 12th, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    why is avery sitting they should sit dubinsky to teach him a lesson. he has to bring it every game and sadly he does not.


    wtf are you talking about? Dubinsky has been playing very well since the Olympic break. The kid has 4 points since then which include 3 goals! He also leads the team with 5 GWG

  50. Czechthemout!!!! on

    I an very disapointed with Torts! This move has now pushed me into the fire torts side. I think he is mostly all talk and little action!

  51. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time for Tampa!!! " … says Greg L. on

    OHH GAWD !!! Wont make the playoffs go whine some more .
    Booohooo !! Sure you dont see a glimer of hope cuz according to alot of people , we are doomed. If were soo doomed then why are we just vent and pout,cry,whine and bicker? ahh umm does sounds good though !! Its ok to feel all gloomy cuz we are getting close to the end of the season. Least you don’t have a bet with Orr , having him wallow in happyness . Dam time is running out!!

    Go Rangers!!!!!

  52. cccp so he is so great that he can skip the skate. he thinks he’s another gaborik or jagr. he’s not. sit his a$$ down and play avery

  53. Maybe Dubinsky looked and saw a player that has never scored more than 20 goals in a season and figured he could get $4MM a year. Or a player that’s never scored more than 70 points and get a $35MM contract with a full NMC.

    Players are going to maximize their value whenever they can. It’s entertainment for us(well in theory, maybe the Rangers aren’t quite so entertaining), business for them.

    Do people honestly believe that a player with a short term contract that is right around the league average salary is handcuffing the franchise that much?

  54. Mayben I have lost my perspective regarding the Ranger Hockey fan. (I go back a long long way with them ( late l940’s))
    but I find difficulty seeing a rush of enthusiasm for season
    tickets next fall, once it becomes apparent that this same defensive group ( with a couple of exceptions) will return.

  55. True Blue 23 on

    nose picker , with avery or without avery it doesnt matter. sitting down gaborik makes a difference. Sitting down Callahan makes a difference…who cares? seriously? Just because he never shuts up and the camera is always on him doesnt mean he is the next best thing at the garden….

  56. CTBlueshirt

    Do people honestly believe that a player with a short term contract that is right around the league average salary is handcuffing the franchise that much?


    aha… just like people believe that trading Hank will solve all of our problems. Same mentality…

  57. “One of the few players on the team who has his teammates back i.e.(Gaborik in philly)”

    Really??? What did Dubi do?? He yelled at Carcillo, whoaaa. he really had his teammates back.

    Voros, and Avery had Gabby’s back. Everyone else just looked, and yelled. Nobody did anything. At the very least they couldn’t even score any goals.

    Dubi is a wimp. He was scared to drop the gloves with Crybaby, cause he knew he’d have to answer to tougher guys. I don’t blame him, it’s not like there’s anyone on the team that can defend him.

    I can’t wait for that Philly game. Everyone’s gonna be so disappointed. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a boring non-physical game, or we just get bullied.

  58. Tortorella benches Avery…One of only a handful of players he has the balls to bench.

    And Mr. Tortorella…that’s one tiny pair of peanuts you’ve got.

    Hell with Tortorella. Loud mouth punk who’s been found out to be a pretty shitty coach. Christ, I bet a peewee coach could teach this team more about HOW TO PLAY THE GAME than Tortorella who spends his days thinking up snappy comebacks in his press conferences while shouting “We gotta be better! So…Be better!”

    This franchise has become a laughingstock once again.

    Not saying Avery is our savior, but I’ll be damned if there’s another player on the team who cares more about PLAYING for the team than Avery.

    Tortorella is a joke. No different than a little punk on a playground who thinks yelling the loudest and acting tough will cover up the fact that he’s a pussy.

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery sucks. He is a non-factor defensively. He is a turnover machine offensively. He draws no penalties. He does not fight. Why all the man-love for Avery? He has done absolutely NOTHING in his return to the Rangers.

    Dubinsky definitely needs to be sat for lazy play, but if this is just a roster move to get Lisin in instead of Avery, I can’t say that I disagree. Avery has been a non-factor all season.

    “But Avery will stand up for his teammates!” That’s why Prust and Shelly are in the lineup. Especially Prust. At least he will throw down. Not “I don’t want to mess up my manicure” Avery.

  60. True Blue 23 on

    “Tortorella is a joke. No different than a little punk on a playground who thinks yelling the loudest and acting tough will cover up the fact that he’s a pussy.”

    thats how I feel about avery….

  61. Yeah Doodie, you’re right.

    Aves does a few things, but he is horribly inconsistent. He’s always been bad defensively, but been decent offensively, but he’s just not the same guy.

    Doesn’t matter, since we’re paying half price and all. Lucky us.

    This isn’t a big deal to me.

  62. My Mom's Tougher than Girardi on

    orr, i was talking about avery in philly not dubinsky… Dubinsky is another one who showed be shown the bench like the other guys i mentioned above

  63. True Blue 23 on

    on top of it all with all the goal scoring issues do we really need shelley,prust and avery in the line up at the same time?

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    I like Prust. I am not shy to say it. He is the new wave of a true enforcer in the NHL. Middleweight players that can skate and throw hits are what the “enforcer” role is evolving into. Heavyweights like Brashear, Shelly, and Orr are a dying breed because all they can do is fight each other. Middleweights like Prust are fast enough that they can hit a star player.

    Eventually, the enforcer role will be erased, replaced by guys like Carcillo and Clarkson: guys that fight but can still definitely play.

  65. billybleedsblue on

    Avery is seventh in goals, scoring, and shots on the team. You don’t have to like the s.o.b. but why cut off your nose to spite your face?

  66. Got no problem with Prust. Got no problem with Avery either when he’s “on”, but he hasn’t been “on” a whole lot this season. I mean he didn’t even really try to start anything against the Devils of all teams the other night. Is Torts slipping crushed up Prozac in his water bottle?

  67. Olga Folkyerself on

    Dolan is not selling the team
    Can’t get rid of Sather.
    Garden selling out- team is good enough for Dolan
    Messier to be new GM
    Capped out with a losing team
    Trade deadline passed with no changes
    Won’t dump Tortorella yet
    Keenan waiting in the wings
    Playoffs highly doubtful
    No one in Hartford to bring up
    Not bad enough to have top five pick
    Draft picks are lousy anyway
    Players just going through the motions
    Can’t trade Lundqvist. (Stupid move)
    Can’t get rid of Redden
    Can’t move Drury
    Can’t move Rozival
    Jokinen UFA
    Prospal UFA
    Rangers in ninth place and losing

    This fish stinks from the head down to the tail.
    Nothing to do now but sit back and enjoy the ride.
    And pick a new team to watch after April 11th.

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    “Avery is seventh in goals, scoring, and shots on the team.”

    I think that’s one of the largest indictment’s of this team’s talent that I have ever seen.

    Although to be fair, the numbers are misleading. Christensen and Kotalik are both scoring at a higher pace but haven’t played as many games in NY.

    I assume you counted Jokinen’s numbers from Calgary. If you didn’t, he is not putting the puck into the net much, but is really racking up the assists.

  69. 7th on almost any team in scoring isn’t that big of an accomplishment. I looked at some of the other teams in the conference and 7th place scorers are typically around 30 points (Caps are an exception but they are #1 in scoring).

  70. billybleedsblue on

    sorry, Avery 8th in goals scored. still scary though isn’t it? only 1 player with more than 20 goals, and the Rangers 25th in league with 2.55 goals a game. not to mention a powerplay that’s ranked 15th with 18.4%. but don’t let that fool you, the bottom is at 14.7 PHX. With numbers like that how can anyone afford to not go to practice even if only to work on the man-advantage?

  71. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Something is missing in the psyche of this club. I know it has a couple of gaping holes. I understand the weakness and strengths. Pointing fingers at individual performances is easy and sometimes necessary. But, I had an even more encompassing thought.

    This team has no Identity.

    It seems to me that the lines are comprised of individuals trying to make an impression on their own. Its like they are skating on assignment with little flow to their play and even less awareness of the opposition. I have never playeed anything more advanced than pond hockey, but I always knew who My responsibility was and Where they were on the ice.
    They need some event to bond over. Some kind of pull your head out of your kiester and look in the mirror. I thought for a moment that Gaborik hurt would have done that but it was short lived. Are they mentaly tough or mentaly protective. lookin out for #1… It’s sad because you can see how badly a few of the players want to win, want to play for our beloved club. Voros for example is not just a paycheck. He should play untill his heart explodes. I wonder how a line with Voros Callahan and Avery would fare…

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    ” I wonder how a line with Voros Callahan and Avery would fare…”

    Terrible because Voros is not an NHL quality player, Avery is a turnover machine/defensive liability, and Callahan isn’t good enough to be a whole line by himself.

  73. Lisin is in as per La Grecca. Here are the lines for tonight:

    12 20 10
    17 42 24
    8 23 26
    81 22 45
    Torts said he may move lisen and prust


    Carp, it must pay to work for LoHud. I had the very same virus on my laptop. I called the Geek Squad and was told 5 – 10 business days! Where did you take it? I’ll keep it in mind for next time.

    I think Hank is a keeper. Playing for this team must make him second guess every move he makes because he knows that one goal surrendered by him can lose the game. With that additional stress, how can he relax and play on instinct? Slats needs to get some goal scorers and take some pressure off the D and the goalie.

    I’m with Tony in AZ. I want to make the playoffs and prolong the agony.

  75. BTW does it bother anyone else that we play 7 centermen on 4 lines? and yet the position we need to fill most is CENTER?

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    I love that Anisimov is moving up the depth chart. He’s too good to play with dregs like Avery and Lisin.

  77. Hey all, I have not been on much. I have been off on the first week of my two week spring break vacation and I have been assuming the role of one Michael Keaten in Mr. Mom. Good times, but man, the luxury of the computer is not what it is when I am at work, ha.

    We need a win, BAD! Doesn’t matter how we get it, who scores, who fights,……it just matters that we get two points. Tonight is a winnable game if there ever was one. I really hope they can pull it off tonight, because this team has made me very depressed lately.

    Let’s Go Rangers! Prove most of us wrong here and go on a tear. Please!

  78. Been swamped at work today…

    Trading Hank?! You’re all nuts for thinking that, IMO.

    Any prayer they can win tonight?

    And Chelios is playing. I swear that man is a zombie or a vampire or SOMETHING.

  79. Who Needs Lohan on

    Man, when you think about it, we are probably better than maybe 5 other NHL teams, and that may be a stretch. When you look at it that way, we are overachievers…..go NYR!

  80. True Blue 23 on

    bottom line we need another scorer to compete past 1st round of the playoffs…if you look at the “elite” teams all do have 2 or 3 scorers (Pens,Caps and yes Devils)… that being said if the core of this team stays and we add Kovalchuk caliper player its not all THAT bad…

  81. billybleedsblue on

    pp average is slightly above the overall average of teams. still doesn’t change the fact they couldn’t get a shot on goal against the devils on the pp. and it’s something that can be worked on, that’s the thing that kills me. Caps lead league with 25.6%, league average % at 18.08. NYR at 18.4%

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    Really bad teams can skew it. What’s the median percentage? That’s probably a bit fairer.

    Also, let’s be clear on something. If I had the choice of this team finishing 8th-10th, I choose 8th. But If I have the choice of this team finishing 8th in the East or 26th overall, I take 26th in a heartbeat.

  83. Huh? some of you were talking trading the real Ranger core yesterday? Why? THEY WOULD STILL BE STUCK WITH REDDEN AND CO.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Some saw this team was going to play exactly like they are playing. Some are hoping that for once we tank and instead of trading the core for players/ draft picks, they would keep the core and draft the picks! I’d rather be carpy for awhile and ride out the bad contracts then build an actual team.

  84. TheMessiah94 on

    Man, I can’t even imagine what this board is going to look like if we lose tonight!!

  85. Anybody else get the feeling that Larry Brooks is beginning to sharpen his knives for Torts? Something he’s probably been waiting a long time to do?

  86. I’m not blaming players anymore. This coach needs to be held responsible. These pathetic in-game benchings and scratches are obviously serving no purpose. Jody Shelley is supposed to be a solution? Keeping Gaborik off the power play will make it better? The list goes on of players Tortorella is destroying. Even Gaborik and Lundqvist are struggling under this coach. Desperate moves by a desperate, immature coach. It seems more apparent every game that Tortorella has no idea what he is doing, and hopes that bluster and intimidation will win games.

  87. When Sean Avery is the mature, thoughtful person in the scenario, you have to wonder how crazy Tortorella really is?

  88. Who Needs Lohan on

    kc, seriously?!?! Look at our roster, especially our 6 d-men. Then look at the rest of the NHL rosters. If you can honestly tell me that we are one of the best 16 teams, I would love to hear how. When you realize how wrong you are, please come back here and apologize for your ignorance. Thank you!

  89. The Puck, I took it to a local computer guy. Had a bad experience with Geek Squad once.

    Lisin is in per LaGreca? How about Zipay had it this morning, and we had it from him at noon.

    Chelios is old enough to be Josh’s grandfather.

  90. Who needs Lohan — Have you watched the NHL over the years? Did you notice how the Capitals and the Penguins were out of the playoffs until they fired their coaches and hired Boudreau and Bylsma? Who are all these amazing defensemen that instantly make a team successful? Who are the great defensemen on the Caps? Phoenix has amazing defense? Really? The Rangers are plummeting fast, and it’s pretty easy to see Tortorella is the one responsible. Do you see a system? Do you see a plan? What you should be seeing are players who are told to play different styles every game. Players who are supposed to have “jam” and “be engaged”. That is supposed to be coaching?

  91. True Blue 23 on

    “Uncle Paul” we have 5 other players who can be just as useless as Avery has been…not to say that he is a problem but in all honesty he is not a difference maker either….

  92. Maybe Tort’s prucha’d Aves because he fianally paid his $10,000 superbowl bet he owes to Vally from 2yrs ago and Tort’s isn’t a Vally fan, ya think or Avery’s back on the junk and they don’t like rushing him to the ER in the middle of the night.

  93. Hey Boneheads-
    A little help.

    My sis and Brother in law are bringing me to the tuesday game – i guess we can skate on the ice prior.

    I have skates, Sis and BIL don’t.

    I’m guessing MSG won’t have skates on hand (to rent or otherwise) right?

    Figured I’d ask here (as someone will know) before I send them out to find skates.

  94. Who Needs Lohan on

    I see a team handicapped by 3 awful contracts. Thats what I see. I see a team that never clears out the front of their net. Thats what I see. I see a team that has 1 first line player maybe a 2nd line player and a bunch of 3rd and 4th liners. Thats what I see. I honestly think this squad as constructed has overachieved and that anyone who thinks otherwise is out of their mind. You are a fan, you want your time to win, but you arent being realistic.

    If you told me this team would be in the 9 slot with 15 games remaining I would have grabbed your pen out of your hands so fast to sign on that dotted line. Sorry, its true……

  95. You have to bring your own skates. You actually think Dolan would help out season ticket holders…………

  96. kc, you’re using teams who’s 3rd lines would be the 1st line for the Rangers.

    Even in Torts’s case, in Tampa he had two Number 1 centers, the NHL leading scorer and MVP on the wing, a premier puck moving D and the ‘Bulin Wall when he was good enough to earn that nickname.

    Torts hasn’t done the best of jobs, but he can’t spin yarn into gold.

    You switch Byslma and Torts and you’d still have the Rangers as a bubble team for the playoffs.

  97. Tonight you have a killer game to play. I’m even gonna watch it. Don’t forget that you’re playing against 2 former devils. Bergfors and Oduya. Should be an interesting game. Scratching Avery is a mistake IMO.

  98. Chris, I think all of the regular beat writers are ready to heat up Torts’ seat. He has been crude and disrespectful to all of them, and when you do that, you lose all your benefit of the doubt. They will go after him like no other Rangers coach in recent memory.

    That said, all the analysis of the poor job he’s done, all this crap about chemistry and heart and psyche and identity is garbage. This team’s problem is its roster and the lack of talent on it, and the salary cap that has it handcuffed. There’s no way you can say how good or bad a coach Tortorella might be with a different roster. But he’s not getting one.

  99. Every team in the NHL is handicapped by contracts. Every owner in the NHL wanted this stupid salary cap system, and now they are all stuck with it.
    Young players need to be developed. Zetterberg and Datsyuk were developed — they didn’t start out on the number one line. Who are all the first line stars on the Devils besides Parise? Which defensemen on the Devils weren’t available to every other team? The Rangers are certainly not an all star team, but must they be worse than Boston or Montreal? Or Ottawa? Or Phoenix? Or Nashville?

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    “Who are all these amazing defensemen that instantly make a team successful?”

    Capitals: Mike Green, Brian Pothier, and Cristobal Huet (not a defenseman, but an important defensive addition).

    Boudreau took the team over after 21 games. Mike Green was a rookie getting his legs under him and then he got better as the season progressed. Pothier was hurt for the first half of the season. Huet was acquired at the deadline and went 11-2. Oh, and they added Federov. Boudreau’s numbers were a bit inflated.

    Penguins: Sergei Gonchar.

    Bylsma took over just as Sergei Gonchar returned to the lineup. Getting the team’s #1 defenseman and PP QB back tends to help your team be better. He also got Chris Kunitz and Bill Guerin to work with at the trade deadline.

    Not saying that these guys weren’t better coaches than their predecessors (Especially Bylsma) but there were extenuating circumstances for each.

  101. Mike Green is not a good defenseman. He is a great scorer. The Caps don’t play defense.

  102. Who Needs Lohan on

    kc, you forgot about the best player on the team, kovalchuk.

    and carp, you and I are on the exact same page. The one that talks about a mediocre(at best) team with no room to improve because they pay 3 average (not even close to it) players star money. You know that page right?

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    Devils have a lot of quality players actually, and if you say they don’t, you’re lying to yourself. And just because Lou is one of the greatest GMs of all time and knows how to build a roster doesn’t mean Torts is a bad coach because Sather is one of the worst.

    Boston is a solid squad. It’s basically the same team that won the President’s trophy last year, minus Phil Kessel. I don’t think you can say that’s a bad team, but they haven’t gotten good goaltending and have had bad injury problems. Otherwise, they would probably be first in their division.

    Montreal I’ll give you. The Rangers should be better than Montreal.

    Ottawa is another really good team. Look at their top two lines. Even Michalek instead of Heatley, they are a solid team that jsut needed to find its rhythm and get consistent goaltending, and they have.

    Phoenix is another team that people think should be bad for some reason. They have a surprisingly strong defense. Bryzgalov being really good doesn’t hurt either.

    Nashville has one of the top defense corps in the league. Shea Weber, Ryan Suter, Dan Hamhuis, Kevin Klein. Not shabby at all. Every single one of those guys is better than all of our defensemen except Staal, and with the exception of Klein, they are better than Staal too. Although if Staal would ever actually throw the body he would be better than Hamhuis.

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    Messiah, I was talking about when they took over from their predecessors.

    kc, he doesn’t play defense but neither did the Capitals. Green’s scoring sparked their PP and allowed the Caps to just run and gun and not worry about how terrible Theodore was. Once they got good goaltending from Huet they went on an 11-2 run to end the season.

  105. I always wonder how Atlanta ever got a team, they don’t even sell out baseball playoff games! What made them think they’d show up for hockey?

    No use crying over Avery, he’s been invisible anyway. Give Lisin more ice, it isn’t like anyone else is doing anything. At least he’ll go to the net here and there.

  106. Sorry but how does benching a guy that gets 10 minutes ice time preach accountability? Try benching one of your overpaid defenseman that get 20 a night

  107. Holy yikes! I’ve been swamped at work and am just catching up. As you can imagine, I’m not happy with tonight’s prucha choices.

    And just to be clear, DO NOT trade Hank. Ridiculous!

    I think if we lose tonight this place may scare me too much to join.

  108. Atlanta has a history of having NHL there. Calgary Flames were the Atlanta Flames. They figured if they can get a winng team there, they would sell seats. Pens and Hawks were on the verge of folding at one point, and now rank one of the highest attendances in the league. Canadian teams dont transilate in to full buildings. Winnipeg Jets and Qubec Nordiques couldnt fill seats in smaller arenas.

    Moral of the story is, if you want to fill seats, you have to win. That doesnt apply to MSG for some reason.

  109. Who Needs Lohan on

    anyone know what channel tonights game is on for comcast new jersey. Takes me a period to find the damn thing most times….

  110. They were there only 8 years, not much of a history. They failed there once and they still went back to Atlanta. Look at Toronto. That team has sucked ever since the lockout and they sell out every game. That’s why people want those poorly performing southern teams in Canada.

  111. MSG+2 in Monmouth is 51. Otherwise just look at your local TV Guide station when the game begins.

  112. billybleedsblue on

    Rangers taking a back seat to Knicks coverage on tv and radio is nothing new. How about the devils game the other night? the devils coverage was on the msg station, and the rangers coverage was put on channel 99 (westchester cable) because of the knicks being on too. the picture quality on channel 99 was terrible, but I put up with it based on the alternatives.

  113. Every time I go to MSG the place is filled with guys in suits and slicked back hair with hot girlfriends. Last game I was at the guy next to me was asking me players names and offsides rules. He bought me free beers tho for my help :)

    I think the # of NHL teams needs to be decreased substantially. Get better players on the teams and make the games more competitive so they are exciting and legit to watch.

  114. Shor.. The place they are pushing for is Hamilton. Its a city similar to how Pittsburgh was in the 80’s. Toronto is a mystery how they sell out that place. But then again, your other choices for sports is Blue Jays and Raptors. Toronto is a big city who loves hockey. Sometimes if a city loves the game they will fill it no matter what. Chicago loves baseball and the Cubs are always full. Knicks are having trouble and that is (usually) a decent crowd.
    A lot of it has to do with the competition you have. LA Dodgers are not good and its always full. Oakland Raiders are, well, we all know that answer….
    There are some cities that will sell seats no matter what. But that doesnt apply to all sports in all cities

  115. Sorry Carp. Lost the info in the shuffle while seeing a few people talk about Voros and such. Didn’t mean to La Grecca you :-(

  116. Move another team into the French speaking region of Canada, put another team in British Columbia and Bring back the Whalers !!!

  117. And it doesn’t apply to Atlanta. It was a mistake to put a team there. Winning doesn’t always translate to sellouts, look at the Devils all those years. You have to have a local populace who cares about hockey, simple as.

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    The only place pushing for Hamilton is Hamilton. the NHL has opposed a franchise there because it would eat into the markets for Toronto and Buffalo.

    That’s basically why Ballsillie couldn’t buy a franchise.

  119. Carp, when it comes down to it though you’ve got a coach that sat well with beat corps like Renney and one cantankerous SOB in Torts and you get the same results in the post-Jagr era. Not saying that absolves either coach of blame, but then the focus has to be on the players on the ice and the man responsible for putting them there.

    The Rangers players get an unbelievable free pass in the press compared to the baseball and football teams in NY. I understand that those sports get more ink anyway, but it’s amazing how clean the Rangers players come out at the end of a putrid season like this one. It might get mentioned that Drury has been a disappointment, but it seems like ARod or Eli or David Wright take more flak for one bad game than any Ranger takes for an entire season.

    This alludes to a discussion mentioned before on the blog about how players wilt under the spotlight and its associated pressures of playing in NY. This isn’t Montreal or Toronto where photos of the players enjoying the nightlife get front page attention in the tabloids. If anything I think a lot of these players get insulated from the wrath of the NY press.

  120. Shor.. Very true about Atlanta. Not sure they had many choices. Atlanta had an arena alredy in place. It was worth a shot.
    Devils will start to increase its following. The Meadowlands was not fun to drive to 40 times a year. Now with the mass transit available, it will increase with the next cup. Its not easy competing for fans in an area with 3 other high capacity fan bases. Rangers, Flyers, and Islanders.

    Atlanta probably wont succeed, which may be why Kovi turned down $100 Million. Probably thought they would fold trying to pay him and then get nothing after 3 years.

  121. Can't Spare a Square on

    For Union Comcast…MSG2 is usually on channel 18…the TV Guide channel.

  122. Who Needs Lohan on

    maybe you couldnt spare a square but you may have saved me some time searching for this game

  123. I would think the Devils attendance is substantially better than the Isles for the past decade or so.

  124. I dont know the stats, but the meadowlands was always empty. Even the Nets who went to the finals back to back years couldnt sell out. Thats why they should have tried The Rock before committing to Brooklyn. Nets better pray 6x a day that this move by the Knicks to free up cap space doesnt bring them to a finals in the next 4 years. It will send them in to bankruptcy fast. Nobody in NY is gonna start going to a BK Nets game if the Knicks get hot.

  125. Shor.. LOL… Im hoping for it every year, and yes, I’m defenately hoping its before you guys. Problem is, when Lou retires, its gonna be interesting how they draft.

  126. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d go to the Nets in Brooklyn, regardless of what the Knicks do. I can only stand Dolan so far.

  127. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time for Tampa!!! " … says Greg L. on

    New Jersey sucks. Lou Lamorelliohead drafted Gomez. Any moron can play for NJ. Its not the GM drafting gems or making great trades.

    Its the system ,flat out and years of Marty making sure it works to pad his stats. If Lou was so good Doodie then how come they got rid of so much for a useless , USELESS Kovalchuk as a mere rental who will wreck the team. Heck , even Bobby Holik FLOURISHED IN NJ , making his “stock” rise to a fake amount that us Rangers who were fools ,gobbled up. Like Gomez , another sham developed by NJ.

  128. Absolutely! Newark, would be easier to go to. Plus they can build off the fan base that they had. They need a big season fast. And NO they are not getting Lebron cause Jay Z is his friend. Dolan isnt getting him either. Odds are heavy that Cleveland re-signes him. Its a matter of a complete collapse for the Cavs if they lose him. They’ll figure out something. Although, the Knicks are the front runners in that race. That move they made put them in to serious contention. They can tell him “pick a player you want to play with, and he’s yours, just sign here”
    I would love it if they signed him. But it seems too good to be true.

  129. Zzzz… Do you remember the 2003 draft well? You need a reminder???? Also, Gomez was pretty good in NJ.

  130. I’m with Doodie on his thinking re: Lebron to the NYK. If Lebron went to the Knicks that would probably line Dolan’s pockets so much that it wouldn’t matter if the Rangers made the playoffs or not and that would stifle


  131. Hm, part of my post got cut off.

    * that would stifle any chances of the team getting better because Sather would be given the job for life.

  132. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time for Tampa!!! " … says Greg L. on

    RickM2 , not to be rude but it is stated in my last post why Gomez was good in NJ.

  133. Wasnt so much the Defensive system. That would be something Marty would benefit from. But it can only help a little bit on goal scoring, or in Gomez’s case, assists. Gionta was the reason Gomez did well. Thats why Montreal reunited them. Hoping to get that duo back. Problem is, Carey Price will ruin any momentum that Montreal can muster up

  134. Carp,

    have fun at your basketball games. good luck writing it. although, i imagine that, at this point, you have it down quite well.

    as for yesterday, just want to put down for the record
    i’m not for firing Tortorella but
    just for discussion sake i brought about thoughts that if he were replaced would an AHL coach work for us just as it did for others.

    as far as trading Henrik……not happy with some of his positioning but ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!?

    as for Chelios, he might be the most in shape 97 year old around. there was some hockey show a year or two ago where it follows players during the off-season and showed his regimen. he’s probably in better shape than many of the players on our team. now, we’ll see for sure tonight if he still has the legs.

  135. Ricky, I couldn’t tell if you were implying they had good attendance or not, but just to clarify, the Raiders stadium is empty.

  136. NYRGuy.. They only started to tank attendance in 2006. Prior to that, they were in the top 6 of the league for years.

  137. Olga Folkyerself on

    I hate New Jersey, but 3 Cups and 1 other trip to the finals isn’t too bad for Lou Lam. What did you get from Sather in nine years? Two playoff series wins…

    Lamorillo gets rid of the players that Sather picks up. He drafts well, uses his players in their prime and dumps them (to Sather) when they are done or too expensive. When you say NJ sucks, what does that make Sather’s Rangers?

  138. Ricky, I think people are finally starting to realize what a joke they are (I’m a Raiders fan BTW)

  139. I’m glad Avery took the high road in being benched…maybe he knows that his time may be coming to an end as long as Torts is there…

    At this point in the season, just let him loose. What the hell can it hurt??

  140. The Joke is Mel Kiper. Why in the world did they sign Jamarcus Russell to $61 million, $32 million guaranteed for that crap? Come on. That’s robbery. He can’t even throw a screen pass!!

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    Lou has drafted EXTREMELY well, and that system you deride is what he has built. He put all of the pieces in place for that system to work and continues to replenish it and modify it as the game evolves. There’s a reason he is in the HOF and BY FAR the longest tenured GM in hockey. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the longest tenured GM in all of professional sports right now.

    Here are players Lou has drafted:

    Shanahan (87), Guerin (89), Brodeur (90), Niedermayer (91), Rolston (91), Jason Smith (92), Brylin (92), Yelle (92), Brendan Morrison (93), Elias (94), Souray (94), Steve Sullivan (94), Petr Sykora (95), Colin White (96), Gomez (98), Gionta (98), Paul Martin (00), Parise (03), Zajac (04), Bergfors (05).

    Not a bad list.

  142. I’d rather not talk about it Ricky…Does anyone know who the best MLS team is? I would love to become a fan of them…I want one of my times to win a championship before I’m 100 years old

  143. NYRGuy..
    apparently a team called “Real Salt Lake” (same name as the team from Madrid) Maybe you can give it a shot?

  144. Hmm…sounds good to me!

    I think the Red Bulls are opening Giants Stadium, I can check that out…

  145. Yeah Carp, a new one in Harrison…I sware I saw an add when passing the Stadium that said they were opening it

  146. Boudreau is making Schultz a healthy scratch…he’s +37…apparently he’s resting players down the stretch

  147. Good evening all!

    NYRGuy, a very smart source of mine seems to believe that Aves will be in on Sunday, so his prucha’ing tonight might not be such a bad thing (tho I am sad). We hopefully go on to take the next two, hopefully make the playoffs, live to see more hockey and kill each other here, so it’s all good.

    The kill each other here part of that sentence was me, not my smart friend :)

  148. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    If we are not going to win, the Rangers might as well collect hot players!

    That means no trading Henrik!!!! Or getting rid of Avery!!!

  149. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    What do you think happened to this team after Jagr was gone?

    Our hotness factor went WAY DOWN and now we are not even a playoff team!

  150. TORTS-so u shake it up with aves lets shake it up w/ the PP a lil…..give staal a lil ice time, give lisin a chance, hey let boyle sit in front of the net and screen the goalie!

  151. I read & check this blog multiple times a day as I miss not being in the NYC but do not post often.

    This team is not making the playoffs and has a but-load of work to do to be contending for real. Handicapped by bad contracts and cap hits it will be a long haul. I appreciated not mortgaging young talent and picks at the deadline but we are crippled by the likes of Captain not-so-clutch, Roszival and Dredden…

    Hoping for some decent hockey tonight and the rest of the stretch and looking forward to baseball’s Opening Day.

    Would love to join the FB group – can someone please remind me how I get there?

    Thanks to all the “regulars” for providing insightful, fun content to distract me at work. A big thanks to Carp for all his work!

  152. CR9.. I disagree with your name. That kid had it coming to him. The result was unintentional.

  153. Thanks ilb! I say keep going!

    CR9, if you dump Aves, then you’re dumping a “hot player” :) Geez!

    ORR, he will always be funny, and tho I haven’t met her, from what I hear, I’ll take Hil (if he won’t take me!) over Cuth anyday….trade up I’d say.

  154. Shaps, welcome! We’d love to have you join the FB group! I’m just an officer though, Linda is the chief admin who approves all bonehead FB members.

    Linda, are you getting this? Shaps, ask to join (I think you can do that) and I’m sure you’ll get OK’d (you’re not a troll, right :)

  155. It’s really ironic. No Renney, no playoffs. Torts who has serious personal issues can’t motivate a team that is slighly better than last year. Why the hell is Avery being benched.??? It’s a good thing our genius leader doesn’t coach Little League. The poor kids would turn out to be really screwed up adults or commit suicide. Read Brooks article in yesterday’s Post about how petty this coach has gotten with this team. IT’S NEVER ABOUT HIM.

  156. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time for Tampa!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I think Shaps need some blog time before he/she is a FB member. Could be an imposter posing as a person wanting to get “in” to screw everything up. I may be paraniod but it should take a few weeks or so Shaps. Sorry.

  157. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time for Tampa!!! " … says Greg L. on

    BTW Shapes ” This team is not making the playoffs” as you said. This probally isnt anyway showing support you being new and all.Kinda cheeky fer a noobie. Sounds like a Devils fan or something.

  158. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time for Tampa!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHA ORR , WE FIRED RENNEY!!! So we Do have a chance!!!

  159. If y’all want me to post mmore to prove my allegiance, happy to do so…
    Been a lifer since my pops took me to my first hockey game in 1980, the 9-1 drubbing of team usa to the ussr – was hooked since.
    grew up in queens, bleeding red & blue. thanks again to pops, went to many a game before being a season ticket holder from 2000-2003 (sec 418) before relocating to the dc area.
    my pops created a monster, didn’t help that he was a lawyer that did some work for brian mullen and ron greschner back in the day – in fact, carol alt was at my bar mitzvah (back when she meant something to the modeling world).
    happy to prove my worth and post a bit more often. you can take the boy out of ny but not the ny out of the boy…
    LGR toniite!

  160. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time for Tampa!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Not too shabby ,Shaps. Nice resume .Linda will read it over and get back to you.

  161. The White Plains Batman on

    I really don’t mind Avery being scratched tonight. He’s been bad this year and isn’t that good in general. If he didn’t come back next year I wouldn’t shed a tear.

    I’d rather give Dale Weisse a chance to learn how to agitate at the NHL level than this guy. Maybe Avery should stop being a guest DJ for Fuse and go work on skating so he isn’t offsides every other shift.

  162. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time for Tampa!!! " … says Greg L. on

    screw you ORR!! In a Brett”the Hitman” Hart’s voice.

  163. ZzZz – happy to do what it takes,can I assure you I am no troll…just finally got the cojones to join the party and speak my mind. can not watch this team much anymore with its disfunction, lack of passion and any discipline (which blame falls to Torts). over the past few seasons, despite knowing they may not win it all, i have always had hope – not this year. this team is a freaggin’ mess!

  164. I may be late to the party so I apologize, but have you guys heard this???

    Daniel Carcillo was handed a 10-minute misconduct midway through the third period of Thursday’s game for shoving linesman Greg Devorski.

    He did it on purpose!! He’s scared!

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