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I’ve seen about 30 or so basketball games the last month as part of my,  you know, real job. And something occurred to me between hoops games, while watching the Rangers last night.

If I were their coach, I’d take them to a basketball court and show them how to play a zone defense. How you keep the opponent with the rock on the outside, force him to take long shots. How you don’t go diving out at him, taking yourself completely out of position, trying to block a pass inside. If you defend inside, the ball stays outside. I’ve seen teams with very limited size and skill do this very effectively.

Now I know hockey’s a different animal, and defending the pass is much more difficult — it is a little disc, rather than a pumpkin, after all — but the same theory can apply. You give up the long, bad-angle shot, and let your goaltender have that, and defend/box out the opponent down low. Once you go sliding to ice, if the puck gets by you, your goalie is going to have a ton of problems.

Might even find himself on the bench in another loss.

So we saw two more goals last night scored while Dan Girardi is sliding out of the picture, one of them off his stick. Granted, his partner had another brutal game … again, you live with Michael Del Zotto’s mistakes now, because he’s going to go through this eventually, so it might as well be this year. But trying to do too much only exaggerates Del Zotto’s mistakes.

Other thoughts:

1) Mark Fraser, who coughed up the puck on the Brandon Prust goal — looked as if he knew Prust was coming — was stapled to the bench after that. Accountability.

2) Was it just me, or was Sean Avery also sitting out most of the third period?

3) Do the Rangers ever kill a Wade Redden penalty?

4) Redden got knocked down on that silly 3-on-1, slow-motion goal, and it could have been interference. The mistake was Ryan Callahan trying to thread a cross-ice pass with Redden in deep.

5) The Rangers scored three goals, but I didn’t think they created a lot of offense. They got the Prust goal on a gift. Erik Christensen scored a terrific goal (or a lousy one, depending on your view, because I think it was Kovalchuk who just waved at him in the high slot). Other than that, they forechecked sporadically, kept offensive-zone possession occasionally. This against a team that had been struggling and, honestly, didn’t play a great game either.

6) I know John Tortorella just wants to get his top line going, but I don’t know if saying that over and over again helps them. And, really, it’s one top-line player.

7) That was obviously Jody Shelley’s best game as a Ranger. They will need him to play that way these last 15.

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  1. CARPED !
    This team has so many problems. In my opinion Sather is the biggest. It wasn’t that long ago that we were all so excited because we won 7 games in a row. But I guess reality has set in. I’m so effin disappointed in this season. Someone said earlier we need a GM with vision, how true. Look at the great job Don Maloney is doing with the Coyotes. Sad to say we ain’t going nowhere with Sather in charge.
    BUT, I’d still love it if we made the playoffs !

  2. Also Carp’ed:

    Again, the Rangers are not an old team. As of the other week, given the roster, they had an average age of like 27.2 which was slightly younger than the Islanders.
    The problem is that the old or young, they don’t have the high level talent. Most of their talent is under 30 though (Gaborik, Lundqvist, Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal and Del Zotto).
    I think when it comes down to it I don’t really see how a younger and hungrier rookie would be any worse than Redden or Rozi. It’s not like those two are consistently making savvy veteran plays anyway.
    But because they aren’t going to have a complete fire sale they are probably going to be just good enough to not sink to the lottery level.

  3. just keeping the seat warm for you Izzy!!!

    good points Rick! Accountability on this team only affects certain guys, we all know that. By carrying 6 dmen for 90% of the season, how do you hold your dmen accountable for their horrendous play when there’s noone to replace them in the lineup? Rozsi sat out 2 periods and Redden 2 games. Girardi, nothing as far as I can remember. He screamed at MDZ and gave him a timeout, but he came right back for the 3rd in that game. And why does this team only forecheck “on occassion”? Its a basic fundamental. OY!!

  4. Carp, you’re dead on about the defense. And Larry Brooks is dead on that Torts hasn’t gotten this team to buy what he’s selling or even to respond when he’s fuming. Sather and Dolan may be to blame for the big picture woes, but for a coach with so much swagger, Torts has been a bust, and a meek one at that.

  5. Good stuff Carp. Love the basketball comparison because it definitely applies. If you have a team that’s killing you inside off the dribble, you go zone and push them to the perimeter. In hockey terms, that always applies. Unfortunately, on our soft as Hostess/Carvel team, it doesn’t.

  6. banj,he said new post after i’d already posted here! hehehe, poor izzy must still be asnooze!

    LMAO derek, thanks for backing me up on the carvelness of the team!

  7. True, forcing the attacking team the outside helps but at some point you have to engage them to re-gain possession of the puck. Otherwise your D becomes like the bumpers you see on a pinball machine that knock the puck into your own net.

    Also, the Rangers routinely get outworked in their own side along the boards and that allows teams to keep plays alive, then a worn down defense opens up and allows the play to eventually flow into high scoring areas.

  8. Scott

    RE your concern of how far out the Rangers draft selection position is, keep one thing in mind. It’s not always where you pick from – but who does the picking.

    Remember,Mike Bossy went to the Isles in the 22 round….but of course the picker was Bill Torrey – not slo mo, no clue Slats

    i’m cracking up. Nergal! where do they come up with this stuff! actually, i’m quite the opposite ;-)

  10. My condolences, Carp. 30 basketball games in the last month?!?! I’m extremely proud to say that I’ve made it 39 years without ever watching a full basketball game!

  11. Slo Mo Slats, fran, thanks for your contribution to the nickname list!

    sigh. does anyone ever think Torts will just walk off the bench one day and not come back for the rest of the game? Sometimes he looks like TortsVesuvius out there. I wonder what blood pressure meds he’s on.

    Banj, at the college hockey game the other day, whenever the other team got called for a penalty, the pep band yelled out “FEEL SHAME”. is that something making it’s way to NHL arenas??

  12. Carp, is your ‘season in review’ post going to be titled “SIFTING THROUGH THE WRECKAGE” ?

  13. ThisYearsModel on

    We are in great shape, don’t you think? A player discarded by 3 teams, and waived is our #1 center. Sean Avery is a shell of his former self, thanks to the way he has been handled. A coach that scrambles lines every 10 minutes. Then there are the R&R boy$ and Captain Clutch. Finally, a GM for life who is not ever held accountable for the outcome.

  14. Linda – love the title you’ve proposed for the season finale post, because that is EXACTLY what it is going to be unfortunately. This season has been a disaster.

  15. this team is lifeless.

    the entire roster might as well be comprised of robots because NO one on this team plays with any heart. they’re lifeless out there and i think it’s incredibly disturbing considering that this team needs points down the stretch just to sneak into the playoffs.

    There’s still no accountability. and after all of tort’s talk of accountability, it’s going to be interesting if this losing streak continues and the rangers play themselves out of playoff contention. honestly, if that happens, what does this team have to lose by sending redden to the minors now and bringing up potter or sanguinetti to play out the few remaining games on the schedule. redden won’t be here next year anyway. might as well move him to hartford now…

    Truth be told, it’s going to be four or five years before the rangers will even sniff making any kind of run in the playoffs. even for that to happen, the kids like stepan, kreider, werek, horak, etc will all have to exceed their developmental expectations. sather is going to have to wheel and deal like crazy at the draft. we need some serious blue-chip prospects and right now we have zero that are anywhere near cracking the lineup. this team, as it’s currently constructed, doesn’t really have anyone that looks like they’re going to break out with a career year. our division keeps getting better and i’m tired of being patient.

    give me something to be excited about, sather.

  16. i could only stomach about 4 minutes of the game before i changed the channel. the giveaways were so bad, i wondered if the team were hanging the coach out to dry.

  17. wow really? basketball comparison? might as well bring in some fishing experts from ESPN to have a post or two….

  18. LI, i think we all expected ‘growing pains’ with our rookies and were willing to deal with that. The problem became our VETS making just as many mistakes, no true MENTOR for the young guys to learn from, lack of team wide accountability, no true system or line combos that stay together for more than a game if we’re lucky. It’s a bunch of pinto parts trying to power a corvette. GRRRRR

  19. Angry Whopper on

    I was sitting up top at the Pebble last night and left the game after the 2nd period (and I have never in my life left any hockey game early)

    – way too many long cross-ice passes, none of which worked.

    – I was willing to give Redden the benefit of the doubt for this season, but I am done with this dude. He skates around contact, throws blind passes around the boards to no-one, and doesnt know when to pinch. He needs to be demoted now, and let Potter or whoever get some NHL games

    – why cant a guy with 4 french names beat a guy with 2 girls names?

    I sat throught a similar 8-5 drubbing last year, and never had the feeling that I had last night, they gave up.

    seasons over.

  20. I think it gets real, real ugly here….lose tomorrow 3-2 or something, get blown out against philly on sunday and maybe split the home and home with the habs and blues coming to town during the week…the three straight home games couldnt come at a worse time- we are going to press and press and its gonna get real ugly, the 6 game road trip at the end of the season might be the best thing for these mofos if somehow they squeeze into the playoffs but the only thing im hoping for now is to get grachev, bobby s, and PA some NHL ice time if it gets REAL ugly here…..

  21. and can we relax with larry brooks-the guy was running renney out of town last year now he is praising him, jeez man talk about monday morning QB bu–

    and i realize i am not that smart of a person but whats the exact point of his article this AM, torts is bad coach because he wanted the team to take a bus together to the local away arenas?? he is sick of the pretty boy behavior with the limos these guys get-well put ur f– money where ur mouth is and put someone up in the garden nose bleeds with me besides Voros or Lisin or the infamous R&R combo, sit captain clutch in his street clothes or prospal or jokinen or avery or anisimov or girardi or dubi

  22. Not making any excuses or anything, but didn’t MDZ get hooked 2x (once on the PP that led to a breakaway for the Devs on the non-call) and another time when MDZ looped around the net and whomever hooked his hands and he coughed up the puck? How about when Gilroy got taken down similarly? Even Chico (the biggest idiot color guy on TV, hands down…he’s just plain STOOPID) said, “Good job by Gilroy to stay on his feet and only lose his balance a little.” That was a f-ing trip.

    Again this is not why the Rangers lost, but does anyone see just ridic inconsistency by the zebras? I mean shortly thereafter Redden is called for a hook that was no different than any of the two on MDZ.

  23. Carp,

    Season is toast. Let’s be honest. Philly and Boston are in and Rangers are not getting the 8th spot.

    1) Redden cannot be back next year. Send to Hartford, Siberia, Harrison High, but he cannot be playing for NYR.

    2) Need to obtain a crease clearing D man in the off-season.

    3) Have not been too impressed with Tortorella. No consistency with lines, benchings, ice time. You are right that he is probably their best coach since Keenan, but that is not saying much. He will probably get one more season, but if Sather is not back then he won’t.

    4) Sather needs to be urged to retire after the season. He had his chances – time to move on.

    5) Avery and Torts will never co-exist. One has to go and it will be impossible to trade Avery.

    Your comments?

  24. It would be great if they lost their next game in regulation. Trashers need those two points, and I’m really pulling for them. It would be great if they can somehow sneak in, just to spite that greedy douche Kovalchuk.

    Also, i want the Bolts to make it, but i don’t think that will happen. What ever, i just want them to get ahead of us.

  25. I was lucky enough to be at class during the game last night. These games are hell. But we do have some bright spots. MDZ and AA still are rookies and still have a lot of potential. So yeah, seasons over for us, hopefully and we are one year closer to getting rid of bad contracts.

  26. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    again they need to go 10-5 in the last games to even have a chance

    Does anyone realistically think that is at all possible?

    Not this lifelong Rnager fan

    Onyl news I want to hear before the summer is Sather has Died, been fired or retired. His choice, I’d be fine with any.

  27. The Rangers never do what you want them to do. Watch them win 15 straight and screw up their draft position.

  28. What is amazing to me is that it’s 15 games to go and the players still have no idea about each other’s tendencies. No clue. None of them can anticipate who is going to be his line partner next shift, let alone where to pass, adjust to his speed etc.

  29. jokinen was pathetic. he had an open net and could not bury it, he deflected in a NJ goal, and he is just a dog of a competitor. just ask Calgary, Phoenix, and Fla, they all have endured his crappy efforts. goodbye to him this summer.

    Redden will be buried in hartford, rosival will be traded, and they wish they could get rid of Drury, but that will not happen unfortunately

    and if they do not make the playoffs, which now looks likely, I would expect sather to move upstairs for a puppet replacement as GM, and I expect that Torts will be gone due to his screaming not being good for young players which the Rangers are trying to bring toward being the keys of the team eventually

    meanwhile goofy grin gomez will be in the playoffs with that mediocre montreal team. what a slap that is. shows how bad the rangers have been this year

  30. I know we all hated Malik, but I’d take him in a heartbeat over Redden. What a lazy bum the guy is. Has he ever heard of a hit? Has he ever heard of a slap shot? How many 23 mph wristers is he gonna shoot from the point? He has quickly become my all-time most hated Ranger, unless you count Sather as a Ranger, which I don’t.

    Pretty funny to hear Fire Sather chants at MSG South, though.

  31. Rick, it was ‘false advertisting’ they kept saying Friday and Saturday, the man got tix for Saturday, but Stanley was only there Friday. He was pissed, mostly because i think he thought i was going to be mad at him for not getting Friday tix. I told him he has to take me to Toronto.

  32. Ya know as much as we would love to push a button and get our way with this team, it’s just not going to happen.

    -You can have as many rallies outside MSG as you want- Sather is an icon to Dolan who’s not a hockey guy and therefore Sather is there til he wants to give up the job.

    – Sather isn’t about to send a player he wanted on this team to Hartford and pay him 6 million dollars for the next 4 years. Unless Something drastic happens, Redden will be here. It sucks but so do a lot of things about this team.

    – Torts isn’t to blame for the way things have panned out. He hasn’t been perfect, but no coach is. If he had a roster capable of doing more then winning in dribs and drabs, not all of you guys who have a problem with him would have something to say. Does he handle Avery right? No. but Renney did and that didn’t exactly take us to the promise land either. I don’t understand some of the decisions he makes either. However, if and when he gets the kind of roster he wants/we need- we’ll be better off with him then some Sather lacky.

    And on a side note, I think it’s extra sad (no offense Caro ya know I’m a fan) when the team’s beat writer understands what has to be fixed better then the team’s actual personel.

  33. Most people were screamin for Torts to save the rangers.
    Torts maybe a nasty guy and a good coach but it is more of the same from my seat.


    Why not ? Del Z was a good pick, I’m comfortable with the Kreider pick, i loved the Cherry pick, despite the end result, and Sangs, eh, who knows.

    I’d rather take a shot at drafting a potential star/superstar over getting embarrassed by Ovechkin, Crosby, or the Devils.

  35. I got Carped like the best of em.

    # One Ranger Love March 11th, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Oh boys, have we no faith? No will to make the playoffs anymore? I am sorry, I can’t agree with yall on these points you’ve been making today. I agree, the Rangers need to continue rebuilding, but why sacrifice a chance at the cup, be it along shot if so. Making the playoffs IS everything. You never know what can happen in the playoffs anymore. Time has taught me that. If the Rangers could make it into the playoffs maybe their inconsistency would end? Maybe Torts would let um play and they’d gel. And of course Lundqvist play out of his mind. But I feel, as I did when we had Jagr, that if we can make into in to the playoffs, Lundqvist and now Gabby could lead us to the promised land.

    It is still a struggle to make the playoffs yet, but it isn’t out of our grasp yet. But a six game road trip left to play makes it difficult. Who knows tho, sometimes roadtrips can be good for teams.

    Ever the optimist.

  36. the Rangers need to depend more on their young players next season, make it a transitional, development year. for that they need to get a coach who can help develop those young players. Torts is NOT that guy. his ranting and benching and out-of-control emotional outbursts are NOT good for young players. Del Z was great at the beginning of the season, but he has regressed. as have several kids

    sather must go as the first order of business. then the needed change in emphasis can occur.

  37. LI, if not the first one, maybe “PICKING THE CARCASS”

    Sally, a nice cheddar please!

  38. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Has anyone else noticed that since righ tbefore the olympic break, HAnk had that new mask with the three swedish red crowns on it, then switched to the basically all white one he’s weaarig now?

    If I were him, and all hockey players are superstitious, I’d go back to the other helmet.

    Plus Im not really a fan of the deign of it, kind of blah

    Auld’s new one sounds awesome

    I guess he’s planning on staying a Ranger next season?

  39. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    And Im sorry but I would definitely give Torts one more full season

    But MAKE him carry 7 Dmen next year, I still dont understand his logic in carrying 6? No accountability if one is sucking (ahem ahem REDDEN!!)

  40. I have completely given up on this team for this season and I wouldn’t watch another game if it weren’t for having tickets to the 24th vs the isles which I’m bringing my girlfriend to for her 1st game in MSG!!!

  41. only the METS can have a guy start the season on the dl because of a thyroid problem. What, he can’t take synthroid? Ilb, you’re the go to guy on this. I know it took a while for them to regulate my moms rx, but she had hers removed. Oy, sorry for the baseball tangent guys. I think Glenmar Minather runs the mets.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Sather isn’t going anywhere, Redden isn’t going anywhere, and this team isn’t going anywhere.

  43. Patrick, let me be the first to say sorry for the loss on your girl’s first Rangers game. :-)

  44. hey Carp

    interesting observation about team defense.
    maybe you should put in a resume fir
    an assistant coach.

    you know, if dolan likes you, you have a job for life!!

  45. haha The only reason Torts wouldn’t be here next year is if Sather feels the players didn’t buy into what Torts was preaching. However, I feel they need to give him another year and go from there.

  46. no way. if they don’t make the playoffs, they will not be able to sell tickets for next season with the motto, “more of the same next year”

    they will HAVE TO make changes, even if that only means cosmetic change such as putting a sather puppet in the GM job.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    I hate the people that say “Make it to the playoffs, anything can happen!”

    No. That’s not true. Bad teams don’t win the Stanley Cup. The lowest team to ever win a cup was the ’95 Devils, who were 9th overall in the league standings. That was a team that basically was one of two double-OT games away from going to the final the year before. Add in that it was a shortened season and you don’t know if they would have actually finished that low had there been a whole season.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, if they make the playoffs, it just gives Dolan another excuse to keep hiking up ticket prices.

    Not that he won’t raise them anyway, but the raise will probably be less.

  49. the oilers made it “interesting” that one year against the hurricane as did the ducks during JSG mvp playoff year in a losing cause.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying that low-ranked teams haven’t come close, but in the end, they get outgunned because they just aren’t good enough.

  51. okay,
    throwing this up for discussion since we seem to be on a
    toss Torts outta here mentality lately.

    there’s been a lot of talk among hockey commentators about
    how well AHL coaches are doing once they’ve moved up to NHL level. that they have a different approach to players, that they have worked with a number of the younger players and they point out success by Joe Sacco of Colorado and several others.
    i know Hartford isn’t lighting it up at the moment but
    what are the thoughts of Ken Gernander as coach…..?
    too soon or…?

  52. Thanks Linda but it should still be fun with the loser isle fans that will be there….

  53. oh i hear ya. but there have been numerous 8th seeded teams that have come and gone. you do have a chance but its very slim.

    the year the flames beat the canadiens was i think the last time that a true underdog won the cup that didnt “have a chance”

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Bylsma and Sacco had solid NHL careers. Boudreau had some NHL experience but was coaching in the minors for YEARS before being brought up to coach the Capitals.

    Ken Gernander has 12 NHL games and has coached only 1 full year in the AHL. He can wait.

  55. you guys would have Ken Gernander out of here in a month.

    jim, they’ve been selling out with that motto since 1997.

    jpg, I like the job for life part. but I’d have to buy skates.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    The Flames were the President’s Trophy winner that year. How could you consider them an underdog?

  57. that Flames team was a lot better than this team.

    going back to the coach … IT DOESN’T MATTER who the coach is if this is the talent he’s going to have. If it was Renney, if it was Gernander, if it was Bowman or Keenan or Brooks (Herb, or Larry) or Tortorella or Muckler. It doesn’t matter if this is his roster.

    Nobody has ever won anything with one first-line player. Ever. In any sport a any level. Look it up.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, you missed your boat. With Renney in charge, all you needed was a purple/pink tie and absolutely no concept of how to run an effective power play. Oh, also, if you could put in a good word for Wade Redden, that wouldn’t hurt.

  59. billybleedsblue on

    Whoever “Sather’s WrapUp” is had me rofling in the last blog. My gut tells me that it’s actually Carp posting, but I may be mistaken. Anyways,

    Thank you everyone for these great and therapudic posts. Getting through a Rangers season has been difficult for me for some years now, and stopping by here is a great way of coping with these Broadway Bums. As for these great plans that we all have for the team, the time must come when we accept the fact that the organization will continue business as usual. That’s right, the future holds more of the same, and I’m pretty sure there isn’t some hockey fairy that’s going to wave her magic hockey stick-shaped wand at this team and have it change from the top-down, with cascades of sparks of change and youth enveloping the team and organization, transforming this sad excuse for a team into a contender, and this into an incredibly long run-on sentence.
    Yes, it’s good that we come here to vent like this. Afterall, it’s all we really have left now. Through the pain and misery of what remains of this failing Rangers season, know that the Rangers season isn’t over my friends. The Rangers season is right here.

  60. billybleedsblue on

    “you don’t mean fire the coach and have the GM go behind the bench, do you?”

    “then go into the playoffs on a losing streak and get swept in the first round?”

    Carp, that sounds awfully familiar. Hmmm. 1989 anyone? And wasn’t Bergeron suppossed to be good in the playoffs? Ha. I was at the Garden for Richter’s first NHL game, sitting in the blueseats.

  61. billybleedsblue on

    I recall in that game, there were several pigeons flying around the garden. The chant was “S*** ON ESPO!”

  62. yeah, Doodie
    i didn’t think Gernander was a head coach for very long. and yes, i was in too much of a rush to check….
    didn’t know how much assistant coaching experience he had, if any.
    i’ll do what i should have done in the first place
    and broaden the idea to ANY AHL coach. not specifically Gernander…….now, ideally it seems that it’s an AHL coach who is with the NHL club and knows the players…

    i’m not calling for Tortorella to be fired.
    while i liked the Safe Is Death idea at the beginning of the season, linking the idea of defense with a strong forecheck to keep it out of our end,
    i really don’t understand how the coaching staff hasn’t adapted better to what we have on hand.
    besides juggling lines for lack of chemistry, it seems as if much of the time there isn’t a system in place.
    you look at some teams and they can blindly pass the puck because they know a team mate will be there. that’s rare with us.

  63. Blaming Torts isn’t right. He has one elite goaltender, one true first line player. Two second liners, 4 third line players and the rest is 4th liners. One borderline 1st pair d-man, one 19 yr old future offensive stud, 2 second pair, and 2 6-7 d-men. Stanley Cup my foot.

  64. I told everyone on the maven blog last year that they were better off with Renney and staff instead of Torts. He is a good coach but not for this team. This team will never improve until Glen Sh**thead is gone. And how long before Henrik asks to be moved because he is getting frustrated here?

  65. LI RangerFan on

    The problem I have with Tortorella is the preaching of “accountability” since training camp and *NOTHING* other than a few minor, insignificant instances where that has actually happened. We all (myself included) got sucked into the excitement of the “safe is death” philosophy.

  66. That Oilers team was a hell of a lot better than this team. They had the leadership, and heart. This team has none of that.

    This team only has Gabby and Hank, and Gabby doesn’t have the forwards to back him up, and Hank doesn’t have the D to back him up.

  67. “Nobody has ever won anything with one first-line player. Ever. In any sport a any level. Look it up.”

    You’re wrong. The Jets won Super Bowl 3 with Joe Namath and nobody else. That must be what happened because I never hear about anybody else on that team except for him.

    BTW, Carp keep preaching. I don’t have a problem with Torts except for the fact that he seems to have certain players as his scapegoats while letting others pass.

    The biggest problem is that getting rid of the dead wood is impossible because of their contracts.

    They turned over almost half the roster this season and replaced mediocre players with more mediocre players. So, where is the reason for optimism? Who really thinks that this coming off season will be any different than all the others?

  68. Jokinan is lazy now I understand why the people in calgary didn’t like him. I hope they dont resign him.

    Rangers roster is so weak. They have one 1st line player (Gaborik), two good 2nd line player and one of them is 35 years old (prospal, dubinsky). They have a 7 million dollar penalty killer and a really soft defense.

    They have so many holes to fill in the offseason and the gm is not capable of doing that.

  69. Something is not right here. The players don’t want to win enough. While I did see flashes of brilliance in last nights game. I did not see any of the heart, grit, and determination it takes to make it into the playoffs and go somewere. I know we have young players, but young players can be motivated too.

    Ive seen this team play with determination. One game that comes to mind is a game vs islanders earlier in the season. Rangers played the most complete game ive seen this year.

    So…Maybe its torts not motivating correctly, maybe its the players not responding to torts, or maybe the players are slackers and not playing to their potential. I realize there are intangibles involved, but this team has not been showing up.

  70. Lemmy is God on

    Forgive me if this has been posted and/or beat to death…But…

    The lowest point total by an 8th place team, in the east, since the lockout, is 92. Twice – Isles ’06-07 & TB ’05-’06.

    That’s 25pts the NYR would have to record over the next, and last, 15 games. The most points they’ve gathered over a 15-game span this year is 19. That’s including a 7-game winning streak back in October.

    That’s when they were playing their best hockey (imo). They’re playing about their worst hockey now. It doesn’t take a skeptic to realize this season is all but over. Just a realist.

    Sorry to piss on your parade.

    Carry on.

  71. LI RangerFan on

    X-Check – you’re wrong about the ’68 Jets. They had a number of “first-line” players in the lineup. Matt Snell, Emerson Boozer, Don Maynard, Gerry Philbin, John Schmitt, etc.

  72. LI RangerFan on

    … and no, your “sarcasm” did not come across in your post. If I read it differently than you intended, than I am sorry for the mis-interpretation.

  73. torts reform on

    Del Z, Gilroy, and AA were better at the start of the season than the end. that is an indictment of Torts. he should not be back if you want a young Ranger team in the future to develop and grow

  74. LI, i think you just missed what he said, it was quite funny. Almost like the whole Crosby thing.

    Is there any industry out there who is not forcing people down everyone’s throats?? ARGH.

  75. LI RangerFan on

    Linda – thanks; yeah, guess I missed it… Maybe I shouldn’t be posting while trying to work – too many distractions. C-:

  76. torts reform on

    Roy Sommer has been the Sharks AHL coach for many years. he has developed many good young players. I would rather see him get the job than Gernander.

  77. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Thsi year actualyl mgiht be ther first time that 7th and 8th seed int eh eastern conference will NTO need 90 plus points

    Read a few places there estimating 8th will need minimum of 87. Pretty sad, the LEASTERN conference is so bad.

    And can anyone,a nd I mena ANYONe answer me this:

    Why, with 15 games left, IS THER NO EXTRA DMAN from HArtford up here?

    Redden sucks so bad, let him ride the pine if your not ogign to send him to hartford, but for shirsts sake, get POtter or Heikinen up here to shove some people around while pansy ass redden stick checks

    It makes jstu zero sense to me and is the most irritating thing about Torts decision this season

  78. Lemmy is God on

    Let’s say 87pts… they need 20pts in the last 15 games. Still, the best 15-game span they put up this year was 19pts. Still not enough.

  79. Bring back Prucha on

    First two games back from the Olympic break, Rangers 1-0-1 with 8 goals scored. Next 3 games, Rangers 0-2-1 with 4 goals scored. The difference? Enver Lisin baby!!!!!!

  80. let’s face it. sather’s blunder in picking Huge Wussyman when numerous great players were available was a death blow to this org

  81. Man we are in a ranger Crisis yet again of epic proportions !

    But here is something to get you away from the painful reality of Ranger hockey of today, Future Ranger Hockey !

    Ethan Werek the Rangers second round pick in the 2009 draft joins us tonight on Blueshirt Banter Radio

    All the details to listen are here

  82. Carp
    You’re right. No coach is going to win with this talent (or lack thereof). But with few exceptions, they don’t show up, don’t play 60 minutes, don’t battle, don’t hit, don’t fight when it’s called for, don’t stick up for each other, coast around like it’s an ice show, etc, etc. Definitely a lack of leadership, grit, character. But DEFINITELY a bad job by the coach too. With this mediocre talent, you got to judge the coach by the effort every night, not necissarily by the results. So Torts gets a failing grade in my book.
    I would never advocate giving a coach only one full year to make a difference but in this case, I think his act is worn out. Not sure that a second year is going to be any better.

  83. bull dog line on

    how old do all of you think Hank will be by the time the Rangers are cup contenders? Kreider, Stepan, Grachev etc, when are they going to come to the rescue. I know you all think it is a bad idea because he is an elite goalie, but the fastest way to start the rebuild, is to trade Hank in the off season. Hope Chicago falls in the playoffs because of goaltending, and they come knocking on the door for Hank. they are loaded with talented young players, and you take Huet off there hands to play goal for the Rangers.

  84. bull dog line on

    besides the obvious guys that need to leave( Redden, and Rozsival)I think there are quite a few others that need to be shown the door. Girardi, Avery, Prospal, Jokinen,Voros, Lisin, Shelley,and Christensen, all need to be removed from the roster, and I would not invest a big contract on Staal. he is a second pair at best.

  85. We have become the laughing stock of the league. Looking back to 2006, I thought we would be much better by now. What a shame………..What an embarrasement.

  86. Looks like we just gotta suffer through the rest of this season and hope they do the right thing and bury/trade some bad contracts. I mean what else can be done? They aren’t trading Lundqvist unless he demands it, either, and I think it would be a bad idea anyway.

    btw, Joe Namath is one of the most overrated QBs ever. Phil Simms had a much better career and isn’t in the Hall. Namath is living off something he said in 1969.

  87. bull dog, Chicago has to unload a ton of contracts while taking back little to no salary in return. Unless they’re willing that trade with Huet includes one of Toews/Kane/Hossa/Keith/Seabrook or 2 of Sharp/Byfuglien/Versteeg it would be counterproductive of them to take on Henrik’s salary or unload that much talent just to upgrade in goaltending.

    What would be interesting to see is if they have the cojones to waive Brian Campbell in order to instantly clear up cap space. Maybe Sather would take a clue and do the same with Redden?

  88. bull dog line on

    Khabibulin, Fleury, Ward, Osgood, just a few of the goalies that have won cups, and been to the finals. I would think most of us feel Hank is better than those guys. you really do not need the elite goalie as much to day, it is more about elite front line talent. as good as Hank is, the Rangers are never going to win with him if they don’t get top end talent. and if the Rangers are waiting on there touted prospects, by the time there ready, hank won’t be anymore. they need to test the market on him.

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hank the Tank!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Lunqvist and a few dumb non calls. The one call should have been tripping . How can our team get ANY momentum when Hank the Tank is always letting in soft goals? Hank is wayy to easy to pull to one side and fake out. He at time is awsome but come on!!! This thing aint over yet and ORR dont be counting yer losses cuz If our crappy goalie gets hot , no one will stop us.

  90. RealMikey, the same reason they’ve been playing with 22 all year. They are so backed up against the cap. Plus, who would they bring up? They obviously don’t feel Potter or the others are better than the six they have.

    GCBlue and others, I disagree. I think most of the guys on the team really do care and really do play hard most of the time. There are a few who set the bad example by gliding early in games, or taking shortcuts in the D-zone, or lazily turning over the puck at one blue line or the other. And some who try to do too much all the time. And that’s enough to drag down an entire team, especially one so fragile and lacking in skill.

  91. LI, Charlie’s post went over my head, too, but then again, you could fit how much I care about football in a hockey puck.

    billy, I can vouch for Carp, he ain’t Uncle Glennie.

    My sadness continues.

    So, if we lose Hank then, who do we get? Unless I’ve missed something here, I haven’t read abut any reasonable signing proposals……

  92. If it involved waiving Redden or Rozi that would help. But because Chicago screwed up their RFAs last year and signed them basically to UFA $ that massively blows the Rangers cap situation as well.

  93. LI RangerFan on

    Blogmama – thanks for at least confirming my side; glad to see it wasn’t just me. I second your sadness…

  94. bull dog line on

    as many of you have stated, the Rangers are in cap hell. I do not see any way out if this, unless they are willing to cash in some chips. they have one player in Hank, who has a lot of value. and one other, who in my opinion is losing value fast Staal. finding trading partners for these 2 players can speed things up, and get the Rangers out the muck.

  95. billybleedsblue on

    Blogmama, I believe it. I just have this impression of carp that he is clever enough to come up with such insanity! haha, that post is still making me happy. Truth is it probably couldn’t be carp anyways because it’s such a stretch and would not be considered journalism. lol, man, this site is what i need right now to cope with this disaster of a team/organization (if you want to call it that). it’s nice to know such true fans are out there. LINDA, thanks for the kind words, I feel such participation should be encouraged and you make me feel welcome.
    how about some links to clips and whatnot that would make a downtrodden NYR fan feel a little better? Anyone? I know you’re out there…anyways…

  96. “…….and really do play hard most of the time.”

    Carp, that’s my point. When you’re stuck with this level of talent, playing hard MOST of the time doesn’t cut it. Coach has to find a way to get them to play for him for 60 minutes.
    Dubi can have a great game, but coast on one play and not backcheck and there’s a goal. Anisimov, same thing. Avery can play a smart for 50 minutes and look like an amateur give-away-machine in the other 10. Callahan, Drury, they’ve all done it. Even Gabby. This team does’nt have the firepower up front to make up for “most of the time” effort.

    Maybe I’m wrong. Sure it’s on the players. They’re pros, they have pride, they get paid a ton of money. But I think a lot of it is on the coach. I think his style and antics make it hard for a mediocre team to play for him, other than in spurts. And since a major roster overhaul is not in the cards, maybe this ain’t the guy. Just saying.

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d rather just waive Redden, trade Rozsi, and bench Drury until he retires.

  98. Trading Staal at his current salary doesn’t alleviate the cap situation.

    I think you’d see them waive Redden or Rozi before you see them trade Lundqvist. That would be one of the few times where the Rangers foolish priority of putting stars on the ice rather than a competent overall team would might work in their favor.

  99. Not that it could or would ever happen, because if it does you might as well tear the whole thing down and start over and you guys would never, ever put up with a mess twice as bad as this one … but what exactly do you think you could get for Lundqvist?

  100. bull dog line on

    I would not trade Staal for cap relief, I would try to trade him for value. same with Hank, it would not be about cap relief, it would be about the return, talent.

  101. bull dog line on

    1 top line player, 1 top pair Dman, 1 top prospect, and 1 serviceable goalie.

  102. bull dog line on

    and how much bigger a mess could it become. the way they are built right now, the best they are ever going to do is finish 7th or 8th. what are they going to do, go free agent, or wait for prospects. if they go free agent than you don’t trade Hank, but if you are waiting for prospects, then trading Hank makes sense. and remember how well they do with free agents.

  103. billybleedsblue on

    bench Drury ’til he retires, lolz. That’s a good one. While the Rangers have made some now apparent mistakes in this field, this is hardly a solution to the problem, imho. The idea of benching Drury is just ridiculous. What, and he’s wearing the “C” and he’s benched? Or, you strip him of the “C” and then spite him on the bench? I hope this comment was made just to make the point that it’s NOT WORKING. Just like naming JJ captain RIGHT BEFORE signing Shanny. BLUNDER. Didn’t work. A lazy captain that lacked the leadership to participate in shootouts. And Drury, who apparently lacks the leadership to affect every game like a true captain needs to. Ugh.
    Additionally, the most coherent argument I’ve heard ’round here, and just recently, is to make Hank captain and move the “A” through a pool of the top players, based on merit, including “O” and “D.” I know I’m desperate. But aren’t we all?

  104. But if Staal is losing value like you think he is, then what kind of return would you expect for him?

  105. billybleedsblue on

    Carp. Lundqvist is as a part, greater than any ‘whole’ the Rangers could acquire for him right now. You would think there would be several players in a move with Hank involved. Why not focus on trying to build a D around an elite goaltender? Sacrificing him for some top C or whatever sniper and change they could get would expose the lack of Defense even further. Scary to even think about…

  106. If I were rebuilding a team, i would put together a team that can get me the 1st overall pick.

    So, my top line would be Shelley-Betts-Orr, haha.

    But, if it were my choice, I’d trade Gabby over Hank.

    Solid goaltending is hard to come by. I don’t think Ocho Cinco, or Auld can get the job done.

  107. bull dog line on

    thats fair. even with that, he probably has value around the league right now.

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    LQ’s price: first round pick, one top prospect that is already playing, one prospect that isn’t playing, one solid player, serviceable goaltender.

    Something similar to the Kovalchuk trade, but slightly more.

  109. For Lundqvist I’d accept nothing less than a player that has scored at least 25-30 goals on multiple occasions that won’t be a UFA any time in the next 3 years, plus a top 4 D and high end draft pick.

    For instance if Dallas came calling I’d tell them negotiations start at Louie Eriksson, Stephane Robidas and their 1st round pick (or James Neal/Jamie Benn).

  110. True Blue 23 on

    i think hank was the last one not to be thrown under the bus…. until now. im not a biggest fan of his but I deff. would not want to trade him…

  111. billybleedsblue on

    wow. i really don’t like the idea of giving up hank with a defensive system that doesn’t WORK. so you get a 40 goal scorer at best and a top D at best but that does not a team make and there is a better chance to build a system around protection and forechecking…wow, frightening.

  112. Doodie: are you on crack? something similar to the Kovalchuk trade? Atlanta got hosed on the Kovalchuk trade. We would need a lot more than what New Jersey gave them.

  113. CT: are you nuts? Stephane Robidas? He is a 5’9 smurf who’ll get run out of town a month after he arrives. You call that your stud D men? This is too funny.

  114. billybleedsblue on

    and give up all hope in the defensive zone? we all saw the run and gun against pitt…even adding kovalchuk won’t be enough for that especially without an elite goalie between the pipes. PLAY DEFENSE FIRST AND (FORE)CHECK (EFFECTIVELY) FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! lolz

  115. bull dog line on

    what is winning in the NHL today? it’s the teams with the goal scorers. Pitt, and Wash in the east. which is where the Rangers reside. even the Devils, the trapping Devils have seen the light. Kovalchuk, Parise and others.

  116. billybleedsblue on

    and depend on plays like christentians’ goal against broudeur last night? i dont think so…

  117. Robidas is a 2nd pair guy. At the very least I’d rather have him logging 22-24 mins a game than Rozi or Redden. The upside of the trade is getting Eriksson and their top pick or Neal/Benn. Dallas isn’t going to give all of their top players at each position.

  118. Tanking for ping pong balls! Carolina is HOT!! right now. Bottom 4 is in sight. If the fishsticks can get it together Bottom 3. Rest Hank, Play Auld.

  119. billybleedsblue on

    Fwah, ahhhhhhhh, some sense in the mix. It’s been done before. Let’s lose the games. Bring up the guys that need a taste of what it’s like to lose. Let’s see how low it can take us. What else is there?

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    Similar but more. And they didn’t get hosed. Bergfors is awesome. Oduya is a solid D-man, Cormier is supposed to be a blue chip prospect, and they got a first round pick. All for a guy that isn’t even under contract.

    I’m not saying what I would take for LQ, just what other GMs would pay.

  121. I think it’s tough to call out Torts for accountability and then the very next bullet ask if Avery was benched, no?

    in agreement on all other points though

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    yeah bulldogline? You know the Devils barely have more goals than the Rangers, right? Same goes for Buffalo. Boston has less. Atlanta has a lot more and they’re in the same boat as the Rangers.

    It’s not how many you score, it’s that everynight you score at least one more than you let in. Period.

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    Fly Line, I think the point he is trying to make is that there are A LOT of guys who should have been benched at points this season that weren’t, but instead, he focuses on Avery.

  124. billybleedsblue on

    man, i’m sorry, but parise isn’t enough. not with that waining moon of a goalkeeper Martin. Let’s see how far that goes… the Debbies’ success is in their ability to shut down their oppenents ability to gain any momentum on offense by forcing teams to the outside and beating them on the boards, which is backed-up by a now “has-been” in Brodeur. Hello, Defense! Look what they did with a 2 goal lead last night. Anyways, don’t sell Hank. It’s just ridiculous to even think about…unless there’s an intact 1st or 2nd scoring line that will guarentee 40 + 20 + 20…and how could that ever happen. Play D. For the love of all that’s good, learn how to protect your elite goalie, and take it from there, off the boards, if you have to.

  125. bull dog, it could get a lot worse. they could be what the islanders have been since 1993, and if they trade Lundqvist that is what they will be.

    they’re not getting that much for Lundqvist. Most teams have a top goalie, or at least a good enough goalie. It would take a team that is very close to winning it all but has no goalie. How many of those are there?

    Do you think Chicago would give up that much for Lundqvist. I don’t.

  126. And, with all due respect to Lundqvist, who is right there in the large group of top goalies in the league, it’s not like his fingers are filled with rings.

  127. Carp, but they could be with the right guys in front of him. ;-)

    welcome billy.

    we could trade this guy and that guy, but the fact remains, there are still people in place who need to be gone, and there is no system wide plan. For those in the know, does the Pack play the same helter skelter way the big club does? We all made fun of Renney’s Line generator last season, but Torts does the same thing. No cohesion.

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    Top 5 teams that are close but need goaltending:

    1) Chicago
    2) Washington
    3) LA
    4) Ottawa
    5) Philly

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    Torts keeps his lines together much more than Renney. At least with Torts, I usually know who is playing with who. Renney was a new set every game, except Prucha who was scratched, and Sjostrom-Betts-Orr on the 4th.

  130. LMAO doodie, you’re correct on that! Didnt he have Jokinen with Gabby and Prospal to start last night and then went back to EC? I’m sick, so I may be ‘misremembering’.

  131. I’ve been extremely disappointed with the performance and attitude of Torts, regardless of the construction of the roster – whether you liked Renney’s methods or results, at least you could see the team had been coached into something, which doesn’t seem the case much of this year.

    However, the *only* way it would be acceptable for Torts to leave is if it is a new GM making the decision. No GM in any sport has earned the right to make five or six coaching appointments in a tenure unless he has brought at least some semblance of success during that period. His list of crimes is obviously long, but running through so many coaches (whether due to bad choices or supplying inadequate playing resources) is possibly the biggest indictment of a failing regime a GM can have.

  132. You can’t blame Torts for having a poor team, but you gotta ask is he helping? I really don’t think these guys are buying what he’s selling. That includes the big stars. The goaltender and the goal scorer included. I think him, Drury, and Cally have an understanding, but it’s quite obvious that a lot of the rest are not onside. The things the guy says in public to the press, ect., is bad enough. It’s hard to imagine what he would say behind closed doors. Some of these guys have big egos, and that sort of stuff would not sit well with a lot of them. That is not to say these guys don’t need a good salty talking to. I also agree there are guys that don’t deserve to be there. This is not a good team, but it’s better than they have been lately. I say Torts has failed miserably.

  133. Orr…..if you want a real psycho, I’m sure Pittsburg would part with Matt Cook right about now.

  134. Missed most of the day, busy at work. You made my day, needless to say. We are trading Hank again, LMAO. Never ending story. We could, I guess, especially if Dolan has serious plans to compete in CHL.

  135. Linda, you are ‘misremembering’ because none of the players from yesterday’s game would have any recollection who exactly they played with, let alone last week..

  136. i was just reading something by brooks… lemme go copy it for ya ilb

    here it is:

    Olli Jokinen opened last night between Gaborik and Vinny Prospal marking the first time that line had been intact since Jokinen’s first game with the Rangers, Feb. 2, in Los Angeles. By the time the game had concluded, Jokinen, who was not especially engaged in his own end, had moved all over, as had essentially every forward. Combinations changed by the shift.

    Yet coach John Tortorella talked as if mystified that the team had lost its, “structure.”

  137. That’s exactly my point, Linda. How are the players supposed to learn each other’s tendencies? The plays oftentimes should be made based upon other player’s speed, size, length of the stick even. The puck is placed into open space, pending your partner’s arrival. Well, it takes totally different time for Gaborik and Prospal to arrive, for example.

  138. The real problem is not that these Rangers don’t believe in themselves — it’s that most of them suck. This team was finished on Day 1 for the same reason it’s been finished that way for years. The Rangers simply carry too many mediocre players. Journeyman, has-beens and never-wills. We get excited about young guys, because of their potential. But most of them end up being bad.

    Sometimes teams that seem like a cobbling together of junk are just that.

    Yes, Gabby and Hank are good. Though Hank is still soft and has bad streaks and Gabby is breakable.

  139. hoping its a two day thing! the man wants to take me to the shooting range tomorrow, i’ve never been.

  140. Miami Pimp:

    I don’t know about that photo. Seems like Redden is taking on a lot of accountability.

  141. Back in the day some lines stayed together for years. They even had nick names. Most were very good through out their entire time together. Back then Coaches tended to stay put with a line, and give them a chance to jell. I don’t know whether their thinking was right or wrong, and I don’t expect to see that again, but I would like to see a line stay for more than ten minutes. Old fashion or not, I think guys have to play together for a while to know where each other are going be, or what each other are going to do.

  142. Hockeymon, i think most of us would agree with you. I always thought that’s how you built chemistry among your forwards, by them getting comfortable with their linemates and pretty much having that ‘esp’, knowing where each other were going to be and all. I know, with the turnover we have on a yearly basis, its hard, but keep guys together for training camp and 10-15 games, if nothing, then see what you can do. but changing every other shift…grr its frustrating!

  143. Linda…. that is the one major issue I have had with the last two coaches. They both were constantly throwing together lines. How can you win like that?

  144. The defense stinks, except for Stall. Clean house. This is the same lame, weak defense play we’ve seen for a couple years now. These guys don’t play physical enough for the NHL. How about Gilroy never playing the puck? Or Delz’s long passes to nowhere? Why didn’t we go for some real D at the deadline? I see a team full of offense. The trouble is they always have to be on the defensive because we are so weak at D. Slather needs to rebuild the D. Torts needs to set lines and stay with them. All the changing is doing no good. 1.Gabby, Prospal, Jokinen. 2.Drury, Cally, Dube. 3.Christenson, Avery, Shelly. Those are three explosive lines if they are given a chance. And these guys are tough. Tougher than all the Defense, except Stall. We are losing because of poor Defense, plain and simple…….

  145. Bring back Prucha on

    I don’t understand this blog sometimes. Everyone cries and complains that no one tries or cares or forechecks and then in the same breath rants about trading Cally, Dubinsky, Lisin and Christensen. They are not the problem with this team. The unmovables are the problem. IMO, Cally Dubby Lisin and Christensen are great for what they are, role players. But we expect them to be more. Thats unfair. If this team could be rid or Drury, Redden and Rosival, that would free up nearley 17 mil in cap space. Trade Hank? What a joke. We have an elite goalie, we have a bunch of good if not real good role players, we just lack those few elite players, and we can’t sign any with all that money tied up in mediocrity. And like Carp says, you’re not winning anything in this league with one superstar.

  146. some stability in the lines, and in the system would be appreciated. as we’ve said hundreds of times this season, obviously the roster as now composed cannot play Torts system, but he never tweaked the system to fit the players he does have. Hopefully some smart, common sense moves are made this offseason, and maybe next season we’ll be better than this.

  147. We need a TB win, a Florida win, an Atlanta win, a Carolina win, and an Islanders win tonight. Lets make is happen, Taylor Hall here we come!

  148. change, just for the sake of change, is USELESS without a plan, without common sense behind it. Say Rozsi is traded over the summer, so a good portion of his money goes to Staal. We’re stuck with Puddin’s cap hit, we’re stuck with Drury until the end of his contract unless he falls in love with making pizza and retires. The Redden situation is sticky…does Sather admit the major blunder and banish him to Hartford, or are we stuck with another season with a guy who should be wearing an orange jersey with DOT stamped on the chest?

  149. Ranger Fans all know the problem is Sather. Sather has been the rangers gm for 10 years and has done nothing. Every year he turns over the team. The problem is Dolan the owner because this fat lard is clueless and he loves Sather. This will go on and on and on until Sather finally retires and leaves this organization. When that happens who knows, unfortunately not soon enough.

  150. Yeah, who knows maybe next year or the year after, we’ll be a competitive team that has a shot at going far, but the one thing we’re missing is a goalie.

    And then we’ll all try to kill Slats for trading Hank.

    Doesn’t matter what happens in the future, we shouldn’t consider trading Hank unless the package is outstanding.

  151. ilb, it’s still at the geek doctor. thanks for asking.

    Linda, feel better. be careful with a gun in your hand if you’re a little woozy. lol.

  152. absolutely Rick! If I am not feeling 100%, I will NOT go. I’m no fool! When i finally do go, i’ll be picture Sather and Dolan as the targets! HEAD SHOTS GALORE!

  153. It starts from the top down, ownership is awful, GM is lost, coach is too angry and has no patience. Defense is one problem, but DZ, Gilroy, and Staal will grow into good players. Team just cant score. Afraid we are wasting the best years of the Kings career. We are going to wake up 5 years from now and he will be gone with nothing to show for it. Dolan please clean house and sell the team

  154. I hate to talk about trading LQ after a loss like last night and he might do us a favor in killing Redden with his bare hands, he has less use for him then we do. But Bulldog and myself have been saying for months the quickest way to get better is trading him. But I believe he can serve 2 purposes in a trade, send a bad contract with him and get talent back, he’s worth a lot to Chicago or Philly. Philly has cap issues so it’s hard to give them 2 big contracts, but I said before we got Prust and before the INCIDENT send Redden and LQ for Carsillo,Carter and Colburn. Let them cut Redden. He get you a whole lot more than Kovly, because of the UFA status. Hank serves no purpose on the NYR other than selling playoff tix early to be refunded much later so Dolan gets more $. Other than that his career here will be really sad for us and him.

  155. bull dog line on

    I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel with the Rangers. free agent signings have not worked, prospects are still far away and they are just that, prospects. this team will be the same for years this way. 7th place 8th place, never a contender for the cup. they have 6 assets worth anything. Hank, Gabby MDZ, Staal, Calli, and Dubi. making trades involving some of theses guys would be the fastest way to change the look of this team.

  156. Bring Pucha Back you say we have a elite goalie and really good roll players. All we need is a few elite players like that is a easy fix. A few elite players we have NO Talent on the Elite level. Role player on our 94 team which had to go to 2 game 7’s were Tik,Noonan,MacT,Nemchinov,Gilbert,Hardy,Wells,Matteau,Larmer even Kovly to some extent, with having our superstars play like superstars. We are light years from anywhere near TALENT. Blow up the whole thing the bigger the better or at least clear as much CAP space so Messier can ruin the money he will inherit on bad choices for bad reasons.

  157. bull dog line on

    you are correct!
    they may need to get worse to get better. staying the same is not acceptable.

  158. Trading Hank may not be as bad as a lot of people think. If Sather gets a good offer. It could turn out well. If johnson becomes the goaltender they think he will be, and thats a big if. There are trades that could be made that could help big time, the trader has to be on top of the situation. there lies the problem. I don’t have a lot of confidence in Mr. Sather.

  159. Gee, I had thought Hedberg would make a great replacement for Sather, until I read his post above. Forget it. Bring on Mess.

  160. >>We need a TB win, a Florida win, an Atlanta win, a Carolina win, and an Islanders win

    And Boston, and Montreal… And, they all can be three point games too.

    It’s rather pointless now to keep rooting for this team to win a playoff spot.

  161. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Good basketball analogy, better than meets the eye, in fact. The major problem with basketball generating so many untenable results is that the reward for scoring on an outside shot is disproportionately favorable, relative to the distance/difficulty of the shot, and relative to the measley two point reward for actually demonstrating the skill of PENETRATING THE DEFENSE. Imagine, if in hockey, a goal counted two points if the shot originated from, say, 20-feet or more from the crease? Ridiculous, you say? Hell, in effect that is what basketball does, and it is nothing more than a pick-up playground hustle, as a result.

    Any ballhog can put up a three-point shot from medium range when his team is trailing on the scoreboard. But of course they do it, too, when they are leading on the scoreboard. I think an old playground game of H-O-R-S-E is more dramatic and interesting than the imposter-rules sport of basketball. My sympathy for anyone who HAS to attend a glut of basketball games, each season. That is earning your pay.

    Hockey has its inequities, too, but a disproportionate value attached to the distance of a scoring shot is not one of them.

  162. bull dog line

    trade your mama,
    you don’t have the guts to say who you really are!


    It’s me, Beer Me! :)

    I say, let’s party like its 2003-2004 season! Woohooo what fun that was!

  163. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    By the way, those old MSG game films of the colorful, and successful Knicks teams of the ’70’s are fascinating to watch. It is thrilling, beyond words, to see the old two-point basket games, and the uniforms look so streamined and sharp. The world before all the junk hucksters took over – got to love it!

  164. Pete what passed last week was our chance to clear Cap space so we not only won’t make the playoffs this yr. we probably don;t have a shot next yr either unless like bulldog says Chicago goes out early because of their goalie. And i’m sorry if you went out and bought that $250 LQ jersey but people aint taking our junk without taking some assests as well. Remember the pom-pom guys just 3 days ago saying don’t give up were just 1 pt out. We have the Talent of a 20 place team in this league, they can do something about it or they can just tinker and a whole bunch of complainers on this board just want to tinker because some of our players are nice guys or they have their posters on their walls give me a break. The NYR is = to bad hockey any way you slice it. 18yrs of tickets no more of my money until they really do something about it.

  165. BTW I like Hank more than all of you guys put together that’s why I say send him off. Did you see his face last night? Poor guy can’t put up with much more of that. Try to argue with that! lol

  166. BTW I like Hank more than all of you guys put together


    are you sure about that? Cuz i like Hank more than you, more than anyone put together, PLUS more than Hank likes himself (if that one even possible!)!

  167. the “need to get worse to get better” theory is a decent one … which is why they should have sold off Prospal and Jokinen at the deadline.

    But if you sell of the goalie who keeps you afloat and don’t get good return (see Islanders: Luongo) it will set you back for years. So if you get one decent player and a first-round pick that doesn’t become a star, and prospects who don’t become stars, you’re worse off for a longer period of time.

    Trading Lundqvist makes no sense to me. Plus, as I said earlier, there aren’t many teams who would be willing to give up a lot to upgrade their goaltending.

  168. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    If this team had a philosophy, it could and should begin with NEVER appointing a free agent/mercenary as team captain. He is here for a reason – MONEY, and has no pride in the organization, as he didnt’ grow up in hockey, here, and will be moving on, soon as he can entertain better offers.

    Also, it is a SLAP at Rangers organization players that some professional sports prostitute can come in here, be overpaid, and treated like he has a leader’s attitude when he has a horse manure attitude and will not even take the body, block shots, or muck it up in the corner’s, game after game. We have a Greenwich Village Friday night back-alley pansy at our helm. Good work, Sather-Torts, whoever pushed for it.

    Chicago gave the ‘C’ to one of their kid, organizational stars, a year ago. How is he and how are they doing? See, unlike the Rangers, they have GUTS and will take a shot when the potential payoff to the team is big.

  169. Trade Lundqvist TO PHILLY???? Yeah that’ll make everything better. Trade a franchise goalie to a divisional rival so he can destroy us for 10 years. Please wear a helmet when you think from now on.

  170. Carp there are teams out therewho will give for a goalie like LQ. I don’t want a prospect or pick infact let’s send a pick add with a garbage guy, bigger the better in riddin yourself of these guys. I do agree we should have dump Vinny and Ollie at the deadline. Now we get nothing for them just stupid. Ollie btw playing for a new contract pretty good effort last night imagine if we sign this guy,what a effort he would give hun? Is it me or does he give you the creeps in hockey terms, I wouldn’t go near him with a 10ft pole. Good trade to get him though because it again CLEAR some CAP

  171. bull dog line on

    they were 1 point out of the playoffs at the deadline. trading those 2 guys would have been a tough sell. I agree though, probably should have been done.

  172. Shoryken I would trade your mother to Philly if it was going to help us get better in the long run. Never mind LQ, helmets are for sissy just ask Savard.

  173. I bet you Lou would be happy to take him across the river. Then ucle daddy could retire quietly…Geez, guys, listen to yourself..

    It is well documented by John Tortarella; the veteran Rangers have shown that they have a tendency to feel they have entitlement rights around their playing time, work ethic, and about their perceived roles on the ice.I have to agree with the coach. The performance at NJ on March 10th 2010,showed what a lack of urgency that exists from the veterans on the Rangers. The vets did not leave it on the ice. They played just enough. It is despicable. And I will never forget it as a Ranger fan. It was not the first time this happened this year with these vets. Jokinen played his ass off. He was not here earlier in the season.

  175. Seriously I could not stomach LQ being a Flyer. I hate them more than the Dev/Isles combined. But if he went maybe I could give up this addiction of watching NYR garbage hockey, the fans deserve so much better, in every way. Good for MOM having the NTC she deserves it, you should have got one I heard she’s ready to ship you out.

  176. XLJ
    March 11th, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    Rangers roster is so weak. They have one 1st line player (Gaborik), two good 2nd line player and one of them is 35 years old (prospal, dubinsky

    dubinsky 35 points on march 11th is a 2nd line player. can i have some of what you’re smoking please

  177. We now have a 16% chance for the playoffs. Someone’s due to get hot on this team, oh yea all of them are due.

  178. Hot? In order for them to get in from 16% the whole team will have to be carping fire for the next month.

  179. In my last post I basically said that making trades can be a good thing. In this NHL today you have to be crafty, the day of the big clean house trades are over. I am still a firm believer of building a team. Bring guys up through the system, but it’s a slow process, even slower when the GM sets you back years with stupid signings. I also realise the young guys will make a lot of mistakes, so that does not bother me so much. What does bother me though is that this team does not come to play every game. They don’t work hard enough to win. They quit, they glide around they avoid contact. That is what bothers me to no end. They play a good game(something they don’t often do) and lose I’m fine with it. I realise there are problems there, lack of talent being one, but I can’t stand watching them get out work game after game.

  180. The only way i trade Henry to Chicago is if we get both Toews AND Kane..and then both sign 7 year contract extensions for around league minimum in good spirit that Sather will spend the cap room wisely.

  181. Here’s the problem — Tortorella has no idea what he’s doing.
    He talks — a lot — and yells — a lot — but what is he saying? He spouts different things all the time, blames different players all the time. One day Gaborik is supposed to concentrate on scoring, the next day he is criticized for not back checking.
    Is the talent level really that much worse than every other team, or is there a serious problem with the “system” and the coach. The players are just lost with this coach. It seems like Tortorella is spending a lot of time focusing on deflecting criticism away from himself. He gets that from Sather.

  182. To all of you out there who think that Hank isn’t that good and/or should be traded:

    Just think for a minute about how good he would be if he had some high quality tough defensemen playing in front of him. He’d own the Vezina for years.

    Get some decent defense and Hank will carry the Rangers.

  183. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    If you people are crazy enough to trade Lundqvist, then trade him to Chicago. That way I can watch the Black Hawks win a couple Cups and come back to the Rangers after I read in the headlines that Sather has finally dropped dead.

  184. Tortorella needs to be fired. He’s totally lost this team. Funny thing is, by his expressions he doesn’t seem to give a crap. At least Renney treated all players like men and fairly. Never used a caste system. I hope they lose every game until they ditch the bastard. There is still time to turn this around.

  185. yeah, Renney is treating his edm cellar dwellers like the girly men they are.

    Renney is a loser, plain and simple, and this edm year proves it just like his stint in Vanc years ago where he got fired by the players for his total incompetence

  186. Poor Hank… his ass was probably itching all day today with all this silly “trade him” talk… IF i was EVER going to trade Hank (which i think is one of the dumbest ideas one can think of) i would only trade him to one of the Original Six team. I like Izzy’s idea of sending Hank to Chicago because 1) I like that city 2) Blackhawks got crap load of talent, and 3) that would give me a real reason to root for another team.

    I find it hard to root for any other team but the Rangers… I don’t know… I just don’t get as excited.

  187. there is little accountability, the gm and coach must go……..bringing in 10 new players each season is bs……..

  188. I haven’t read all 250 entries, so I apologize if I’m being redundant here, but those of you who want to trade Hank are extremely hockey-challenged!!! What wins in the playoffs? Hot goaltending!!! Pits. & Wash. have several top flight goal scorers and can get by with sub-standard goalies, but hot goaltending wins Cups!!! What has Wash or Philly doing in the past playoffs? Losing out in the end!!! What will a sniper or a harding hitting D-man do for this team w/out Hank? Nada, nothing, zilch, zero!!! We will continue losing!! You start with a top flight goalie, like we have, and build out!! And as has been written here ad nauseum, with Sather running the Show, WE WILL NOT WIN!! So keep your best player and stop this nonsense about trading him for 6 players that won’t help us win

  189. Doodie Machetto on

    To be fair about all of the “trade Lundqvist” talk, it was merely just an open discussion of what his trade value would be. I don’t think anyone realistically wants him to be traded.

  190. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Putting this season aside, why couldnt Sather do this in the offseason:

    Keep on the team
    Goalies: Hank-Auld (1 year deal for 800,000 to 1 mil)
    Dmen: Staal, Del Z, Gilroy
    Forwards: Gabby, Drury, Cally, Dubi, Avery, Anisimov, Boyle.

    Possible resignings: Prospal & Christensen (IF there price is reasonable)

    Girardi let walk in FA, Redden waived, traded or sent to Hartford, Rosi Traded, Brashear stays in Hartford, Voros, Lisin, Prust, Shelley, Jokinen, gone

    That leaves us with a max player count at 14 and money to spend

    The players that remain above are a very decent core group who are all here past next season.
    Drury cant be moved so you accept it and play him where he can succeed (thrid line center, PK specialist)

    The we go out and get: D men, & some wingers.
    Have tha auditions from Hartford, and its a a whol new ball game.

    Does that make sense to you guys and gals?

    But of course it all hinges on Redden being waived or demoted, SAther admitting he was wrong. etc

    So until the head of the snake is chopped off, it prob wont happen

  191. As I said yesterday, I don’t think the Rangers would not trade Lundqvist because they fully understand the value of a top 5 goalie, I think they won’t trade him because of his value to the Rangers “brand”.

    That being said, does having a hot goalie help you win in the playoffs? Of course it does. But it’s still a team game and even if it’s a given that Lundqvist allowed them to steal a few games last year, that still wasn’t enough to push them past the Caps.

    The idea behind trading him would be that the value on his return would more than offset the presumable downgrade they’d take in the net.

  192. Doodie

    I actually believe that there are few “customers” on here that really want Hank to be traded so we can get a 30 goal scorer and a top 4 d-man and still be left with Sather and donut as a goalie. Because apparently according to those few… you DONT need a goalie to win in this league.

  193. Doodie, agree with CCCP. There are some people who truly believe that’s the way to go, as sad as it may sound. There are also some that just like to bring anything for argument’s sake. The last one is ok, I think.

  194. Good morning all! So, will tonight be the start to a good weekend, or not? I’m hoping for door number one.

    Hey, CCCP, what you said: “I find it hard to root for any other team but the Rangers… I don’t know… I just don’t get as excited.”

    I am with you.

  195. Doodie Machetto on

    The problem with dealing Hank is there is no way you can get the proper return unless youre getting a top prospect goaltender as part of the return package.

    Take Washington for instance. They’ve got Varlamov, but that team is built to win right now. They could mortgage their goaltending future (as well as some of their playing future) for the run at the Cup now.

    Other lesser examples:

    Tuuka Rask, Annti Niemi, Steve Mason, Jimmy Howard, Jonathan Quick, Josh Harding, Jaro Halak, Pekka Rinne, and Brian Elliot.

    And that would just be part of a much larger package (like the Kovalchuk trade, but probably with another pick too). Teams wouldn’t give up that much. So the bottom line is there can never be the right return on him.

  196. Doodie, would you take either Varlamov or Neuvirth packaged with another one of the Caps top prospects (Alzner, Carlson)?

    Or an even bigger trade of like Lundqvist+Del Zotto/Staal or 1st round pick for Backstrom + Varlamov/Neuvirth?

  197. Doodie Machetto on

    Just because I’m bored, here are three possible deals with St. Louis:

    1) Chris Mason, one of T.J. Oshie/David Perron/Patrik Berglund, Barret Jackman, a first, a conditional, and a top prospect (I’m not investigating their prospects).

    2) Chris Mason, one of David Backes/Alex Steen/Andy McDonald, Roman Polak, a first, a conditional, and a top prospect.

    3) Chris Mason, Erik Johnson, and B.J. Crombeen

  198. Doodie Machetto on

    CT, I was looking over the Capitals lineup and I don’t see how a deal there can get done. Their young guys are all so good that a deal just can’t be done.

  199. Doodie Machetto on

    Not that any of my Blues deals would get done either. So, in that case, let me think of some Capitals scenarios

  200. Choice 3. Finally healthy, and admittedly never having really seen him play over a stretch of multiple games, Johnson looks like he’s going to be a stud.

    I’d also look for a trade with Nashville centered around Suter.

  201. You wonder if the Caps crash and burn in the playoffs this year whether they’ll get pressured to move one of their guys for a “proven winner”. Basically if they become like the Sharks of the East. I think out of their thoroughbreds, Semin would be the one to go.

  202. Come on man, can we at least hold off the trade talks until our season is completely over?

    Right now, I am not counting them out. For the Rangers to make the playoffs is not an impossibility. They have countless games remaining against teams they are chasing in the standings. A mini streak here will plunge them right back into playoff contention.

  203. Doodie Machetto on

    Possible trades with Washington (I don’t like Neuvirth):

    1) Varlamov, Backstrom, and Morrison. We also send Dubinsky, Anisimov, or a 2nd round pick the other way in this deal, preferably not Anisimov.

    2) Varlamov, Fehr, Morrison, a first, and one of Carlson/Alzner (preferably Carlson since he played with Del Zotto).

    3) Varlamov, Laich/Fleischman, Jeff Schultz, a first, and either Carlson/Alzner or Osala/Wilson/Bouchard and a conditional pick (at least a 3rd, 2nd if they make it through the 2nd round, 1st if they win the cup).

  204. Doodie Machetto on

    He saw what happened to his father. No way would he be dumb enough to make the same mistake.

  205. Doodie Machetto on

    One Ranger Love, I don’t think they should actually trade Lundqvist. No way will another team pay a return that’s worth the deal.

    As for a “mini streak,” that won’t be good enough for them. All of the teams that are ahead of the Rangers have games in hand. The Rangers need to win at least 10 of their last 15, and even then, they could use some help from Boston or Montreal going on a losing streak. Stick a fork in em.

  206. i think if wash doesnt win it this year and they still have issues with goaltending, hank could really get us alot. backstrom,varlamov,some propect, maybe hooks laich too.

  207. bull dog line on

    while trading Hank is not a popular idea here. for the most part those disagreeing with the idea have well thought out reasons for not trading him, and have ideas of there own on what they would do to fix the Rangers. you are not one of those people, the best you have is, we don’t think you need a goalie to win, and a comment about a donut goalie. weak!

  208. Doodie Machetto on

    Just to give you an example of how far out of it the Rangers are, just to get into 8th place, they would have to go at least 2-0-1 in their next three and Boston would have to lose its next four in regulation, and then we would get in based on a tiebreaker.

    This team is done.

    Someone else post today! I’m so bored!

  209. Wow Kenny Albert is a mongoloid D sucker who either knows nothing about this sport or is putting on a great act. His face looks like he got lightheaded from sniffing his fathers crusty panties.

    and is it me or does Nuevirth sound like a form of birth control?

  210. doodie machiatto- i like your caps trades. they have so much offensive talent it could be worth dealing hank, but we have hardly any depth in goaltending, we could be great offensivly, but then be kickin ourselves in the azz for not having hank in net. especially with our d. i think hank will never be traded unless its on his terms, meaning he wants out. even if it seems like he is fed up right now, the seasons over and this years draft could be the most important one in slats history here. hes gotta get us a kid who is not going to play in rusia, or is going to college for 2-3 years. we need to make this one count. i would honestly trade any player on our roster, and prospects over hank right now. thats why i think if we do good in this draft, 2 years down the road, when we have grachev,stepan,kreider,werek, kundratek, hagelin, zarley zalapski or whatever his name is all or some making the roster plus whoever we pick in this draft, hank would be our vet goalie to get us even near a cup.

  211. bull dog line on

    for the record,
    I do not want to trade Hank, I just think that trading him could be a good way to turn over the roster, and add some much needed talent. I want to trade Staal. he is a very overrated player.

  212. salty-yes neuvirth does doesnt he. hes from the czech republic i think and probably isnt gonna make it in wash, and thats kinda sad if he cant make it with their goaltending issues. i dont want no part of him.

  213. Again bull dog, what are you going to trade him for? If he’s overrated then are you going to get? Another 15 goal scoring 3rd liner?

  214. That is one of the lamest interviews I’ve ever read. It’s more like a prepared press release. And he didn’t answer the first question. awful.

  215. bull dog line

    I got to the blog late last night and wasn’t gonna start chewing the same fat everyone chewed on all day yesterday… The reason why I said “you don’t need a goalie to win” point, is to underline what YOU have been saying yesterday and every time you come on here… that is your main argument and all you ever talk about is trading Lundqvist.

  216. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tank Hank?!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Well it seems people want change ( Managers/coaches ) but want to hold onto the only piece of Value we have.
    Hank is worth lots. He value playing for NY has to go down next year..then the next.. Only way Hank is worth MORE next year is if he carries us into the playoffs and wins it all.
    You guys wanna keep Hank?


    Do ya? The you better start cherring for a win TONIGHT cuz if we keep him and he fails , his stock will drop ,his confidence will drop and god forbid he has a bad year next year. Hank won a gold years and years ago. He is still an elite goalie but if he fails this year , we fail.

    Dumping King hendrik to The Kings for drat picks and prospects could be a great idea. Where else would a King go?I say if we DO NOT make the playoffs and hover around the bottom 7 – 8 , we trade Hank at the draft to “trade up” to go for Taylor Hall. The trade would include other players and salaries but any team getting Hank would have to part with youth. Hank is going no where in NY if all you guys are right about Sather .His fustrations show that maybe he needs a change in senery.

    Only way we make the playoffs and win it all , if Hank Plays like hes is capable of and stands on his head.
    Lets start with a win tonight!!

  217. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tank Hank?!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Doodie , ease up . You said yesterday that ya cant stand how people think if ya get into the playoffs anything can happen.You disagree with that fine. I say , yeah you get in , anything can happen , yes it can.Believe,understand it,live it buddy.

    Stick a fork in ’em cuz thier done? Get a grip dude …I sure hope I dont see you cheering when they start winning.

  218. Doodie Machetto on

    No, I’m putting in my two weeks. But it’s awfully hard to be motivated to do work when there’s no fear of being fired.

    Grabachev, that’s why I said Varlamov had to be included in those deals. He’s about as solid as a goaltending prospect can be. He should pan out to be a very good goaltender.

    Trades 2 and 3 basically have the blueprint to rebuild our defensive corps very quickly while giving us a boost at forward.

    I should have been clear that the Morrison I was talking about was Shoane, not Brendan.

    Trade 2 brings Fehr, a solid, young, power forward, Morrison, a steady 2nd pairing defenseman with good size, Carlson/Alzner, blue chip defensive prospects who are almost NHL ready, and a first rounder.

    Trade 3 brings Laich or Fleishman, a quick offensive boost, Schultz, who is huge and could be a monster, the first rounder, and either the top defensive prospects, or a solid offensive prospect and another pick.

    Trade 1 is a straight up: better goaltender-lesser center for better center-lesser goaltender.

  219. Greg, the Kings have two decent goalies on their team already in Quick and Bernier. They don’t need Lundqvist. If anything they’re in a better position to trade on their goalies than almost any other team in the NHL. I don’t think they need a whole lot to start challenging the heavyweights in the West for years to come.

    The entire league knows that Lundqvist is the biggest reason why the Rangers aren’t dead last in the league. His stock would drop if his GAA shot up by 0.50 GAA or his save percentage dropped a number of points.

    Any GM would realize that the Rangers record is indicative of the team that plays in front of Lundqvist, not the player himself.

  220. Doodie Machetto on

    Greg: there is something that can’t happen. They can’t win the cup. Worst team that ever won the cup was the 9th over Devils in 95. That was a team that had missed the cup finals the past year by two double OT losses.

    Bottom line is bad teams don’t win the cup. Period. And make no mistakes about it: this is a bad team.

  221. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tank Hank?!!! " … says Greg L. on

    What is the main ingredient for winning the stanley Cup? What position has carried his team and won the CONN SMYTHE even when his team has lost the cup ?

  222. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tank Hank?!!! " … says Greg L. on

    BTW the Devils suck , we had won the cup in ’94 and if it wasnt for that stuiped shorten season , we would have captured it again , even with out Keenen . Rangers got shafted in 1995.

  223. Doodie – Absolutely right, bad teams do not win the Cup and this is a bad team.

    Greg – You are misunderstanding the point. This team can’t win and hoping to improve for the future is not a bad thing or make anyone a fair weather fan. I would rather move up a few spots in the draft than fantasize on how we can avoid a whipping from the Caps in the first round.

    There is too much anything that needs to happen in the playoffs to reasonably think that anything can happen for this team. And that much anything can happen has never happened for the Rangers in the 40+ years I have been following them.

  224. Doodie Machetto on

    CT, actually, I think the Kings would jump at a deal for Lundqvist. Bernier and Quick are both OK, but neither of them is or will be a world beater. But it’s for that same reason a trade to LA wouldn’t work. It’s not worth trading LQ unless you are getting a blue chip goaltending prospect as part of the return.

    Really, the only teams I think a deal might work with are the Blues, the Caps, the Bruins, the Blackhawks, and the Predators.

    Not that one would ever be made. Just saying those are the only possible dance partners. Detroit, Ottawa, and Montreal seem to have the goaltending chops, but don’t have the prospects to make the deal work. Minnesota has Harding, but they wouldn’t want Henrik since they have Backstrom too.

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